The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE: TWO BUTHEVILLR. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY -i, io;U. I County Wnrl Baptist Work Explains Expert Play Workers Meet at i * l Luxora Churcli! I Handicap Test series, Mr. Wcrk an- .' 1 nounccd these cards: Sc;i!h: * I » Spades. A. J. 9, 4; Hearts A 80' f in Weekly Bridge Broadcast S^^WA'S^' J O J. 1; Diamonds, K, J, 10,0 5 2- Society Calendar Thursday Mrs. Chester R. Nabors Is having th« Aywon Bridge club Mrs. W. C. Higglnson is hostess to the Young Matrons Bridge club. The Mid-week Bridge club Is being entertained by Mrs. M. O. Usrey. Mrs. Joe Kleban Is entertaining tiie Jewish Ladles Aid society. Mrs. M. Filzsimmons is- having the Thursday Rook club. Friday Miss Irene Crowder Is having the Night Bridge club. Mrs. M. Fitzsimmons is having a bridge party. The Ladies Bible,class of the First Methodist church will meet nt the home, of Mrs. W. A. Sllck- mcri at 1:30 o'clock.' The.Kappa Alpha Phi will he.''.; a dance (it the .Woman's club. The American Legion Auxiliary is meeting at the home o( Mrs. F.. M. .McCall.'rtth Mrs, L. .V. Wise also' as hostess.- Mrs. Crawford Is having the FidellsJSunday school class of the First Baptist church meet nt her home, ,. , . :Mrs. Joe D. H-ilOach is entertaining the Wednesday Bridge club. There will be n slory hour at the Library at 10:30 o'clock. OF iw'C-Ry \viDTii /--"DAI nvtcy c:r! i>J c-vtcv cc i ! Have Rook Party Mrs. ;J. B. Critz and Mrs. Fred Warren were hostesses to the Tuesday Rook Club and a number of guests this week at ihc- Warren home. It was a Valentine party . with red carnations decorating the two rooms arranged for the seven tables- R«l table markers. Ir. n .; shaped score pads snd Val'-:'iii' tallies also emphasized the liol'.-iii,. ;ln the delicious refreshments of pressed chicken, hot rolls, white i fruit cake, candles and coffee there was also a touch of red. . 'Besides the club members which Includes a new member, Mrs. P. E. Cooleyj there were present: Mes- damc-s S. P. Martin, H. M. Alkln- sori, Margaret H. Minor, Herman Cross, N. B- Menard. J. Mell Brooks, 'Ntm Bred, Emma Biirncy, H. N. Ware jr., Carl Nles, Doyle Henderson, B. 'A. Lynch, W. I. ' Dentin, C. O. Smith, Monte Sanders, M. Fitzsimmons, J. H. Elkins and Miss Fannie Mae Bin ford ol Brownsville, Tcnn., who is the houreguest of Mrs. E. M. Terry. .* • • BlytheviUe People Attend Grand Opera - . BlVthDVlile niusic. jovers will bb represented ht'the operas 10 be heard In Memphis February 13 and 14 by about 20 people. As a prelude foi-thc hearing of the four operas at the Memphis auditorium Mrs. Oeorgo M. Lee Is chairman of a committee which , is making arrangements for the event. She is assisted by Ernest Jonis. In meetings of the Woman's LUXORA, Ark. — Monday the| Three outstanding New York Mississippi County Baptist Work-1 Bridge authorities as well &s nn ers Association met in the First jexiwrl from Denver, Colorado, par- BitsofNcwsl, Mostly Personal , , I Baptist church here (or an all day|ttdpat«l In the Eleventh of Mll- I scssloii.. The house was called to! ton 'a. Work's Radio Bridge Games order by Rev. P. B. Langley, coun- ] broadcast Tuesday from sta'.ion ty (ntsslcnnry, • and the devotional j WMC. The New Yorkers were Ely service was conducted by llcv. E. ] Culb^rtson, editor of The Bridge j z. Ncwsomc, pastor of the Second , World, Ralph J. Leibendcrler, and Baptist church, BlyUieville. '111? roll \ias called by Rev. P. WIIE SAMOAIS ot MEN SHOWN A8OVS WAVE- STRIPtS OP ' \ ORANGE-, YEUOW v' ANOWHITC-. . - -*' : • BEACH PAJAMAS' : ABOVE- ARE OF NAW-BLUE AND WHITE FIANWL'UM STRIPES'THAT • -GCAPUATE-III SIZE ©MTHE-IEFTISA DIAGOUALIV STRIPED SWEATER IN 3ROWM, . IT IS.WORN WITH A 8ROWW 8ERET AMD : SKIRT. - 'MWED'BLUE-AND ' WWTEr STRJPPf O ' ' RI660W FORMSTHEr - COSTUME- SHOVW W :•" 'THERIGHT. : . Murray Phllllpb, of Sikcslon,-.Mo.,! B. Langley and the following altnitled to bushwss here yeslcr- churches reported: Wilson, Osce- day. Alexander has returned from ii brief visit In Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. Iv M. Terry have as their guest their nice.;, Mhs Fntniic Mnc Blnford, of Brownsville, Tcnn. Claude Pctrln, of Osceola, attended to business hero yesterday.. S. E. 1'erXs, of El Dorado, lias arrived to make his home wilh' his daughter Mrs. Atkinson. T. c. Gallcgly Is returning U Ills home In Corning today after several days stay wilh Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lcnll. Mr. anil Mrs. Buford .Jen'ki o!n, Luxora, Burdette, Mrst and Second churches of Blytlievllle and Fairfleld. 'Hie mcrnlng sermon was deliver-'?] cd by Jlev. C. E. Welch, pastor of First church of Osceoln, his sub- E. C. Shepard, with Mrs. Lewis Todhunter of Denver, Colorado. .Their hands were: Mr. Culbsrt- s'on, dealer, South: Spades. A, Q 10, 7, 0, 5; Hearts. A, 1, 5, 4; Diamonds, 3, 2; .Clubs, 4. Mrs. Tcd- hunfer, West: Spades, 4, 3; Hearts, J. 1; Diamonds, K, J, 10 0 5 2 1 i Clubs, 9. ' ' ' er. Mr. Culbertson was certain in; I South Is playing a No Trump de- Trey was a singleton and therefore Mr. Shepard, in the East, must hove held four Hearls originally; and after the first Heart tilck claration lat Contract tlirea No Trumps). West leads I-: tile first trick the G of Clubs; NOL-th |:lay; the 0; and East the Kin; of C'ubj. must have been left with the Qiie°n ' Question 13. Which Club ,-houla T- .._ n «. . . . . ~4>»-l,.t Q™,,1|. ,,!„,, ^,, Tl,ic l.-inf3 Jack-8. Declarer had to take thrci Heart tricks to make his game. He could do this only by the subtle play he developed. To trick eleven he led the 5 of Hearts from closed hand Mrs Tcdhimler, West, discarded the 8 of Diamonds; Dummy played the D of Hearts; and Mr. Shepard South play on this trick? Question 20. When Ssath obtains the lead, which suit shculd he ?,?ad? East, won with the Jack. jj r |i Walker. Lone Oak Itctnx Mr. ami Mrs. £:by liod^o room Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Bud ject was, "The Second Coming or Christ". The afternoon program was rendered as follows: Devotional, R3v P. B. Kinsolvlng of Ltixora; "The Mr. Culbertson, Soutli, opened and Dummy's 10 the next. If the! "'Slit with Helen Ashab:.r>n?i'. Duly of the Church to tile Asso- lhc anclion-wllh one Spade.. Mrs. »<<iiinn" n™ K .1 unrwll. Bur-! Todhunter, West, said tv,-o Clubs: elation", Rev. B. J. Harwell, Bur delte; address, "The Heritage ol iiunter, West, said two Clubs; . Leibendcrfer, North, Uo Spades . 8 were led, Dummy's 10 would win! Alma Needliam intm Fri, and Declarer'^ Ace would lake the! (Iav "Sht at Gosnell will: l:.r par- . . . ongne Bapjlst-s". Rev. D. H. Heard, puslor and Mr.^ Shepard. E:^ three Clubs. : wilh 40 | lollorS] At progressive cr 6 |vei) " ..... "" " of F '''st church. Jcnesboro. 1 Mr. Culbertson. - ...... " »••*.!. jjuiui 1.1 . UIUMU..1, (--- ---- --------- • ----- - i.. i - i_ i «iii who moved to Luxora eight montu^. Dv. J. N. Muilmy and Rev. A. lh " e S , pa(i ^' wl ) lch ' l , c ' d "* b:<J - crowd enjoyed the party - v "'- »»" Mrs. Jac!: Emery, . . . . . . , , - ..... ago, have relumed here to .make IT. Willis of Jniiesboro Baptist col-! owning the play. Mrs. Todhunt- Jn O . lc ] Duplicate, ihcre '.scnld have been j Wednesday nighr. an additional 125 points for game I Mrs - P.earUr.3 Toinlir.rcn ar.d their home. Mrs. Jenkins Iras' gone to Memphis for several .weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. Frank Smith jr. • Mrs. Roy Head is at the Memphis Poleclinfc for several days re-. celvlng treatment. Mr. Head,'who! lege were present aud both gave Interesting talks on the work being done in the college. I Miss Hazel Walker spei-.t Friday : er. West, led the Kins ol Clubs, to; j n i,i s analysis of tre play, Mi- i nl eht with Mrs. O. A. Erecta. which Mr. Culbertson played the5: Work said: "it is rarely that we 1 Mlss Jewell Maxwell v.-.-,. from North, the dummy hand. Mr.' sec a hand developed as brilliantly ! <imner suest of Miss Elmn Havdln," Keiser News Shepard, East, played the 3, and i as the one just played. When Mrs. (Declarer the 4 from closed hand. 1 Tcdhunlar led a Heart, to trick two, ' Mr. Siiepard played his lowest Club as a discouragement card; he felt took her down Saturday, returned: Relatives of Mrs. Bob Robinson jit might te better for Mrs. Tod- Sundny. Qmar Lutes was a visitor Memphis during the weekend. Mr. Culbertson could mark that .'.?ad as a singleton and place Mr. Sunday. Mrs. Carrie Miller ol Gosnell spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Herman McLeod. Shepard's Hearts. He hart lost rae * Irs -. Bu ! ;k Tomllnson of Blythe- Ifroin Lake City were her guests i hunter to switch her suit, it v:as Club trick and knew he must lose ; ^' iUo was th ? guest of Mr. and Mrs. in ; over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Crockett of Richard and^ Z Jlcdel have re-1 Osccola spent Saturday night and ' "~ '' : -•—- " - Sunday with Mrs. J. T. Wilson and family. Mr. Joe Mounts was called to from Memphis where spent a short time. Mrs. R. S. Harris and daughter. Miss Ola Bob, and Miss Miuy Roney motored to New Mad: ill. Mo., yesterday for a brief vi.-it witli Miss Sue Shelby, who formrr- I ly lived here. Miss SlvMby is sloiv- | ly improving following an nines;. ; H. Saphian is altending to biu-:- I ness in St. Louis. Dr. A. M. Wiishbnrn was a . Mncon, Oa,, on account of the dentil of his iincte the past week. Mrs. Charlin Ford left Sunday morning for Florida where she will remain until her heaKa is restored. Mesdames Joe Mounts, John . Watts. Misses Mary Fuust. Knlc visitor in Osccola lust night'. I Cox and Kcuhr.ui Watts were Ely- . . Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Phillips -wore I Ihcvilic shoppers Saturday. visitors In nc urn, Carutnc Minne Bel, Shaw spent Fri- evident to Mr. Shepard that De- • one Diamond. Therefore to make I J -^ V L Tomlinson, Sunday. clarcr had an auimciance of trumps, I game his Spade finest must sue- Bufurd Jarratt, Misses Eunice so forcing could not. injure his ceed and he must develop the hand, and Mr. Shepard was quite Hearts so as to lose only one trick sure that Declarer would ruff a s°c- j > n that suit. If North should ylay ond Club. Mr. Shepard would have been perfectly suited by a Diamond lead from his partner; or a Heart the 0 of heart;, on this trick, Mr. tl:.; 8-spol, have llio Shepard could play force the Ace, and WAS not liable to be seriously harm- i Queen-Jack in reserve. If N'orth " " ful. Influenced by her partner's discouraging play of the Trey ol should play the 9. East could play the Jack, and have the Qiwcn-8-2 over North's King-10-(j. To win ...... Clubs, Mrs. Todhunter led her sin- i lhls ' rlck in the North nand w ? s gleton Heart to trick two, hoping I f s - c " U ° J '", , ftl " :l lruln " fi "- Bernice Jarratt spent Saturday night with their aunt and un- r!e. Mr. ad Mrs. R. L. Hawkins of Half Moon. Samuel O'Neal of Ekron was the Ruest of Freddie Hodge, Wednesday night. Miss Alma Neetlhain was the supper guest of Miss Mavo:"!in'j Davis, Sunday evening. The Gosncll and L"ne Gck basketball teams played At Lone Oak Lor:.? O.ik boys wr.n 2 to 0 that M, Shepard had the Ace 'and j «™^™£^ ^*«\^ ' whi " «« ^ team, Uci their score- Queen, or at least the Ace, to give her one rull. Declarer, after stti r vlllc for tlie weekend. Mrs. J. H. Morrison i is In Joncs- boro this week visiting her daur,h- er, Mrs. R:ilph N. Sloan, and Dr. Sloan. Oscar Hnrdaway lias returned I day night in Osceola with her sis- 1 tcr. Mrs. Rose. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Weldman of Blytheville .spent Sunday wilh tlic (alters parents, Mr. and" Mrs. C. L. Nichols. - ! "" ._ p vrf the ffin E l I 113 )™ tnc King from a week's business points of Texas. of Hearts from Dummy. East ilayed the Deuce. He appreciated that, his partner's lead probably was a singleton, and it seemed test trip to Lo\ve Pace and Cassie Clayton ; of Wilson visited In Keiser Sun- Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Moor;.| daJ 'Mists' Ch^ne Robins™ S,;;;: 1 ™ «" *"' f" * m ! ° f shine Adams and Mary Frances i Osccola attended church 'here Sun- Stacy will motor to Slmwnoo'-to- da >'- - ... . . night for llif-basketball game-''lx-- Mr - and Mrs - E - w - W fl t s °» S P C1U f.vecn the Earlc Cardinals nnclMiie lho week-end In Deering. Mo., vu- "Entre 1 No'.is club." Mrs. Thur-i man Clemens was hostess this] week. i A sewing basket was th; prize awarded Miss Katherine Lasvlcr for the high score prize. Tlie hostess served an appetizing salad with sandwiches mid coffee after the curd games. Mrs. W. Owen Blue will enter- club, the Junior Music club and in j tain the group for the second par- programs given in high school assemblies the stories of the oi>eras are being told and the records played. Among those who plan to atlcnil from here are: Mrs George M. Lee, Ernest Jones, Mrs. B. A. Lynch, Mrs. P. Q. Rorie, Mrs. J. E. Critz, Miss Hudic Moon Buntln, Mr. and Mrs. Rives Allen, Miss Has Club Mrs. W. L, Horncr was the guest of Mrs. Hunter C. Sims Tuesday afternoon when slie also entertained members of the Tuesday Contract club. Hosiery, the club prize, wen! to Mrs. M. A. Isaacs and the giicsl Luxora Society—Personal Baiclwyn, Miss., team. Harvey Morris attended to. business in Osccola today. .• -h- ,. :Mr. ..and • Mrs. i Stanley Hinwcls land family. -arc moving -today', to I Lenchville after hnviiif; resitol here two years. They- me returning to their former home. I Mr. and Mrs. M. A. fcincs hnvc ! us their guests today Mrs. Frank Highfill and Mrs. George Ilemp- hill. ol Kciinctt. Mo. ; Mrs. Walter Rojvmthal went : to ..Mrs. Olds of Paris, Tennessee is I visiting friends here Hits week. | Memphis today for n M. c. Critter, who has been i!i visit - fcr several 'months. Is Improving. Mrs. Edward Silliman returned' Monday from Hughes, Ark.. wh?re she spent a week as the guest of j Mrs. Bliss Yanccy. days Ltone Callicutt, Miss Lula Scott,! received o ric-cV. of -" Miss Monta Hughes. Miss Mary i Tho hcslrss r (.{ r ,, S ! 1C(1 tn[ . c j,,>., Enima Hcoc", LeVcvgne Hood, Hur-j ninvecis , v i t(1 . v dollHmis riv-.,.- I Mosby, Miss Adah Bunavant, ' Mrs. Klliolt Williams is able lo 1)0 up after having been confined to her bid for some time with a i fractured limb. Mrs. S. V. Fr,i::ier and son, Bobc wore visitofs in Luxora, Sun-j The eighth i;rar!p gave a class Ekran News Notes. Mr. Tom Norton and; family pas as their guests, Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Oils Wooldridgc and family itins Mr. and Mrs. A Anchlin ..Misses Delia Kav and Irene Col- kdgc attended the basketball tournament' at Blylheville 'Saturday- ' ' " " , ;\lr. and Mrs. W. A. Woolen of Memphis visited Mr. and Mrs. C. "After North won the third trick '' with the 9 'of trumps, he boldly led • " La °"" L " the Deuce to the next trick, hoping |' a nd expecting that the King' would drop ana that his Jack o[. Spades would be an entry. It ( Mr. Fredie Hodge and M^s Nor- Smilh were married Sunday. to him to kesp his Queen-Jack-8 | turned out tnat wav (m . Shepard's i togelher over nummy's 10,9,0 rath-| g had not been a false card), under than to start a signal by playing the 8. Declarer played the 4. To trick three Declarer led Dummy's 9 of Spades, Ens; followed M-itli the 8, Declarer with the 7, and West wilh the Trey. Declarer continued from Dummy with the the rest of the play developed pas-! ily, Declarer being able to exhaust) Mr. Shepard's Diamonds and Clubs so as to force him to lead a Heart at trick twelve." The contract bidding of this hand, under the Common Sense ILL WORKER BENEFITED Picked Up After Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound of Spades, Easl dropped the King, | System would be: South L,,,, , ....... Declarer ptayeri the Ace, and Wesi I Spades; West pass; North three Sllli: '"ill .intl got si the 4, the last adverse Spade. Mr.! Spades; and Ih.m whether South Culbcrtsori next led ihe Deuce • of I should bid four or pas^ would • be | Diamonds from the South hand; j doubtful. His bid of two -'would • West played the 4, Dummy the 10, i have shown the full strength of his , L. Nichols Sunday afternoon. Miss Bonila Bruce who is in training! at. the Blytheville hospital visltet! her mother here Sunday. Little Julia Ann Cook is improving alter an illness of several days. oi Burdette. Mrs. W. L. Frank and children spent Monday and Tuesday in Bly- thDville wilh Mrs. Clamic Steward. Mr. W. H. Payne and family Luxora Mission Union Holds Meeting Tuesday LUXCWA, Ark.—Tuesday after- noun the Baptist W. M. U. met in the home of Mrs. B. O. Wilkins, wn.s opened by sing- Divine", followed by ficnel Moslsy. Miss Auan uunaMtm. ,,,, £p cfl wi:; b b „ a . ld ( -• •- •••.•«• • ^ •••• b-- .. .. »-.-« movcll to yarbro. Tuesday. Miss Selma L«ntz, Mrs : -Clmrles E. cofrtc nit} at ,hc I gh spl roi gyn , ms ,-| c Manilum was the Martin, Mrs. Edgar Borum. Mrs.j ... 11S , 11(ii1 5 " !K! "- C.smes were en- ( ,. s-los Trunmell Fri- W. J. Pollard.-and Mrs. Samuel F. c|ul , K nt,rt-.,nnl K** lllrolI S»<='" "'= evening ^-« Mrs - fa ' 1;ls Tiammell. Fri I vluu r.iiicri.tinvci TtlPV u'fiv pl'inpmnrri ln> 11'nii- ^"j • Noms. ; . . . ! Members of tl:o Tuesday club S,,,, M,-. 15 ,X y ' U " ^!i5S May Mangum was the _ , .. . . / i anil one guest. Mrs. Marvin Rob- _. ' ' guest of Mrs. {lamp Austin, Fri- Dtlphuns Study/ ! imon. were entcrlaincti bv Mi's. J. clarc »™ Villmcr ol B.ytncvnic dn .^^Painur, ,,._.., F. Lcnti last evening for'a bridge ™* U ™™™""'™*'-^ Holten earner has a hadly Dclphians i Flemish palmers were studied by members of' the Delphian chapter in a'•'meeting at the Hotel Noble today with Mrs. G. O. Caudlll as leader. i ami one guest. Mrs. Marvin Rcb- j inson. were entertainer! by Mi's. J. F. Lcnti lust evening for a bridge dinner. Alter (l:o appetizing two course menu, tccvcil with a Valentine j motif prominent, contract bridge In 'a business session, presided! was Pjnyccl. Mrs. Bernard Gowh over by the president. Mrs James! won tnc prize, a cooky jar. and B Clark, Jt'vras voted to give well • Ml-s - Robins3n received perfume, knovn pictures as prizes in the- contest among Mississippi county I f -'^. 01 u '"' school students iporsored by this! ^ he ' B1 class of Junior ugh organization under tha supervision: « h °ol lias elected llir^c officers of Miss'Winnie Virgil Turner,! f ° r thc S' Mr: Lnvclio Dcalte. prcs- county supervisor. 1 Wcnt: N -™ c >' c ^ n ' McCaiilcy. vice - After the leader's resume of the j DrK " «>'l: *>** Burns, sccrclary: theme these topics were discussed:, JDc ^ alcs - "easmer: Vivian Chap"Influences In the Development ol j niwv ^iro""' Painting North of l>.t Al;:s" and The moltD is -E &.[i:.irc" with "Tne Van Bytij, John nnd Hu- the red rose for tlic f,o-.\er snrt the bcrt," Mrs. Jam:s B. Cl-'k; "Other' colors are red, -.vlilic and blue. 15th Century Rcmish eainters and i A Comparison of Memlir.J ar.d Ihe 1 Fi.-ilcrnily Meets Van Eycks," Mrs. Otto Kochlitzky; j Plans for Ik.? anniversary dnnco "The. Painters of Antwerp," Mrs. | of llic Kappa Alpha I'hi iionorary Clarence Vlllmcr oi Biythcvillc 'IIS a Lnvor.i visitor. Miss Elir.abcth Spann relurncrt Monday from Tyronzn where fhe lias been visiting relatives for n lew days. B. O. Wilkins and Rev. Kinsolv- ins were business visitors at- Oscc- oln Tuesday. Miss Grace Maxwell nr Osccnla was tlic uuest Thwenll Sunday. Nicholscn. B It of Mrs. B. W. W. Cooper, D. M. sprained wrist and is confined lo his homo Ihis week. Ary and Ellic Nicholas, h.ul as their guests Thursday evening. Rufus Norton and Hollen and Homer earner. Mrs. Tom Smith, and Mr.-. John Ryan of Dearmon and Mrs. Ton 1 Norton and Mrs. Fred Mat-r-si of Kkron were quests of Mrs. 1'ovtcr and Mr. Shepard, East, won with the King of Diamonds—a false card, the object bc:ng to induce Declarer to finesse again in that suit. To trick six Mr. Shepard led the 8 of Clubs, Ins partners suit. Declarer ruffed with the 10 of Spades. West playod the Deuce and Dummy the G. Declarer then led the Trey ol Diamonds, West played the o, Dummy (lie Ace, and Eist the 9. Declarer continued Diamonds with Dummy's jack; East played the Queen; Declarer ruffed with the Queen of Spades; and West played the 0 of Diamonds. Declarer, at 'trick nine, led the 5 ci Spades from closed hand to put Dummy in hand, but wilh a partner able to assist Spades, the distribution of the hand was most satisfactory; EO South probably would bid four Spades. The Common Sense System would b.? the only one winch would permit South to bid two Spades originally, and therefore the only one that would shut out bids by West and East. It probably would be the only one that would produce a game bid by South Howevei-, the game bid would be disastrous in the hands of any but n master player. For the final two probleais in his ToT.-anila, 1'a.—"I was working in n .iretl ami luntloivn , that I wri^niljv only Sil pnunih.'i- a s n o. t w o V1 enough'to do my ivork. As Eoun as I began to take Lydia K. I'infc- linm's ^Vg^(.1blc Compounclj I b&- gan to pii:k uj). After bi-iug niar- /ietl for thirteen ycars^ I had a baby Iwy and fhe next year I liail an-' other boy who now weighs 37 iwunda' and is healthy as al>oar. The \ r cgcfablc Corn(Ki;inil hus- lic-ljK-ti me in 11 dozen ways nncl T hope others will try it too." —Mia. C. I!. Jonxsox. Webb &.rcet, R. D. =G, Towauda, I'cnnsylvaaia. H.' Ashmorc'alHi! 8 ™ 1 '" ™<**y »"™con danshtor. Mary Louist of Osccoial were Luxora visilirs, Sunday. ' Will!-? Howard siwut the MiiS o '- cnl "'clwrdson Thursday ovcniir.-. MLS- the meetiii! p"a'ver L by C Mrs. Landrum. Mrs. C. " cm . cl « MwJ1a " a '° pu . 1 "'"""'J h ; B. Wood president. Following tl.c|": c lcn(i . Wcbt discarded the 7 of -ccrc-ai'v : s report roatine b\isinessl Dl:lmGI! < ls ; Dummy played the Jack was 'conducted, after which the |°f Spades; and East discarded ihe j Roval Sirvicc lesson was rendered J OI J-H'OS. with Mrs. S. J. Smith, leader. The . Ueclarer next led from Dummy | subject was: "The Task ol Home Mission" and tiic following ladies very ably took, part: Mcsdamcs C. ^ B. Wood. B. O. Wilkins, G. C. Drivir. d. Hoivton, B. Terry, Clias. Corchran and John Corchran. 'She meeting was clnsed by singing. "Atr.erica" and the benediction was said by BOAT TKII' COST 12 CENT.S WTLLIAMSIIURC., The cost of a trip frcm Alexandria, Va., to Washington by boat—seven mile. half cents, acuordin written by James Jackson, a stu- wcek at Lexington, Tenn.. on busi-l Clay. Tip Manguni and Elir.i; l!ay. nc.^. I Kathleen Smith spent Sa'.-.irrtay Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Potter of Os- night with Ruth Weston. ccola were in Luxora Monday. ! Mr. Harvey Hargctt. liail :^ her B. O. Wilkins and Herman Spi- ccr wer:' business visitors in Osccola. Monday. T1-? P. T. A. bar.ketball team of O.'ccula played Mary nr.d Clco Maneuu-.. Redjdcnt. in the Theological Seminary •• guest the past week, her I.'.thcr, Mr. John Hareett of Btythf. iilc. Mr. and Mrs. Ellie Austin and barketball tcain of family and Mrs. Oda Uni-. of llic P. T. A. team Lone Oak, Mrs. F. K. Barlmi of Roselaml hews , Mr Povlcr SmiM . MissThdma Johr.stosi of Pan-i,.^' ,,,,. "c,-k e d •, euuld fRcnl Sunday with her «s- '^ hl , n )™,, I, trr. Mrs. Lily Rector. j" J Jl,. 1 ' 1 " 0 ""' Mr ' A nice crowd ,:nj:ncd the basket- Tom 6lmtl1 ' ball Rame between I'crry school Nur.ibn- Nine E. B. Dickey jr.; "A Study Of j fraternity lo lie given Friday niqht! of Luxora at Luxora gymnasium, I Clear Lake and Mrs. 11. C. M;iiv;uin Pictures,"'Mrs. Marion Williams in l were made at a ir.eetins Tuesday! Monday night. Osceola won H to i were guests of Mr. and Mr.-. I lamp v,-hicli "The Adoration of the-night al Ihe Hotel Noble. j 12 in a very interesting game. Lamb" and - pictures by tlw Van j Tills Iccal ctiapter was organized Eycks, Van der Weyrjen, Mending. '. a year ago. Since that lime r.usn- Massys and the Brueghel family erous sccial affairs Ime been were shown. • ' given. *...**. i • • • Officers Named : Talc-Carpcnlcr The new .officers of Ihe IB a: A marriage license was isf.icrt class 'of Junior high tchoc". ar':. ..-c.'-'.erday to Mrs. Minlc Caipenlrr ' Colin Douglas, priMrienf, Norr.i.:. a: a Mr. H. w. Talc, both uf Dell. Spec!:, vice president; .Lorraine | Austin, Sunday, j Willie oi , Dr ' Dt'annon ind Mrs. r , Stone MK-H: Snn and Dell. Friday. 1>11 won 0 lo 5.; (la5 ; ««'•• "'cii' <ia« s h:er. Mrs. bm- Mrs. Maud Evans and JCss! mct ll: '(«'l cf tv.enty Nine. Jessie Wdodsou and Lorcnc and^ Mrs ' "• c - Ma"Bnm had as her ^ueen; Declarer trumped will 5 of Spades; and \\KI plaved the' 10 Oof Clubs. Declarer had devel- Hie hand as he planned lo do from the moment the Trey of Hearts wns led by Mrs. Todhunt- Ililte.wn5trpn.cd7T.VoW- 111 18-14. was 12 and n pleasantly rids thfl ttytl "£Z££SZS? a • T ° A r,?,'r R H 0 r VV Thc Atl.Vcgclablc L e exclusive Fashioned f BROGUE Rich Black Russia Calf A'io Tati Mutltcville, Ark. n l-'airlax countcy. lo Edmund F. Slafler clter is now in the library of Wll- inm nnd Mary Co:cpe. tlic gift of llnrlcs II. Taylor of the Boston Globe. Slump Hits H'at Men's Clul BOSTON. _. .... _ depression lias h\t rven li:c United I States I'at Men's Club. At llic nn- mial meeting lure icccwly. 1'rcsi- (lenl Carl t: Sliaw repartcd a loss of ap]>roxlniately 3.600 rounds In menibcr.-hlp i\\:u. l:e .viitl, to Ihe reluctaiM-o of Miivr-pl'.imii r-ligiblrs to sj>cnd money fo: dues. Ache All Over from Colds?

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