The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MAY 6, 1949 BLYTHEVTULE (AKK.) CUUK1ER NETTS TAGB KfNE liiteres Weatherman Aids Farmers First Spring Crop Of Alfalfa is Cut; Much Cotton Planted this sun Mississippi Count >' f armors wee' "Jinitie hay" while the .shone, according to Count) A Keith Bilbrey. And ho meant thai for f miners this week b lull scale alfalfa cutting operations. The harvesting of the first spring alfalfa <-ro]> began in .some areas as early as two weeks ago bul general harvesting -j;an this week and Mr. nilbroy reported that if the weather continues favorable- for few more days most Ml of the alfalfa in this section of the county will have been cut. Ruins over the past weekend aided crops of the county considerably, Mr. Bilbrey said. In the lo, in and sandy areas of the county crops are coming up nicely giving the fanners an opportunity to plow be- lore KHISS a nc! weeds set Rood holds Planting 80 Per frill CompTcIri! Planting of the 1919 crop was re- A&jted about 80 per cent complete *f!th a few areas still witnessing considerable difficulty with cloddy soil, These nreiis are in the heavier soil sections to make the ground workable. In these ureas, Mr. Bilbrey stated, additional rains are needed in order to complete the planting and lo get good stands in the heavier soil areas where planting Is already under way or completed. Mr. Bilbtcy stated that early In- j dicatlons are that there will be an increase In coilon acreage over most of North Hi5N)s.sippl County this year. 4-H Girls House To Be Erected At University irn.E ROCK. May 8—fllV-C. Hninlllon Mosc-.s said yeslerdny (he .spring of 1050 would be the niosl favorable? lime lo build the proposed 4-H girl.s donniiory at tlie University ol Arkansas. The Arkansas Power and Lii Company president lold the stale Home nemonstrutiun clubs Council here that a drop In unihlini: cost? \vns anticipated by ll)nl time. Moses is business chairman of the campaign to buiid the house at the University for former rural club Sirls. The rural club women in Arkansas reached their $130,000 Koal at tin cud of a 10-year campaign last fal However. Moses said that skyrocket ing buildini; costs resulted In ai increased building estimate of ?1GO, 0(10. Removing of Vent Covers Aids in Termite Control Dog Lifts Food Blockade In Berlin Payment to Indian Hyderbad Nizam Now Being Fixed NEW DELHI—(/Pi—The Nizam of Hyderabad, once reputed the world's richest man. ts being shorn of his private landed property In return for a fixed privy pnrse. His 7.000 square mile of private j aup.atcs had been yielding him an [ ^jnual income of 30,000,000 rupees i$9,000.000). These were brought under direct government management in return for an annual privy purse of 5 million rupees. The Nizam's privy purse, fixed at S million rupees after the police action of mld : September, has now been Increased to 10 million rupees. This Includes what formerly used to be paid from tiie state treasury to his two sons and their wives. The government, of Hyderabad Is at present drafting rules for taking over 20,000 square miles of private estates owned by a handful of Muslim and Hindu landlords inside the state. The government proposes to pay them annual pensions, to be decreased by stages every year. Payment of a lump sum compensation would amount to a colossal figure. Compared with what the Indian princes receive, the Nizam is still well-off. Two maharajahs receive each one-fourth of what the Nizam is given. They are the Mnha- rajahs of Gwallor and Baroda, each receiving 2.500.000 rupees per year. [ "The rest get considerably less. Sardi Vallabhbhal Patel, states minister, explained In tile legislative assembly the rules poverning the fixntion" of privy purses for the , rulers. "As a general rule, he said, "privy purses were calculated on Removing Ihe covering from the | vents in the foundation around the house will help termite damage durhiK the warm weather season. Termites, like ants, live together in great colonies, usually beneath the surface of the soil, according to County Agent Keith Bilbrey. They thrive in warm, damn locations, which is one reason they are so often found under houses with continuous outside foundations. TIM mile damage may weaken I ho entire structure and make major epairs necessary. Opening foundation venLs lets In air and light. This makes It cooler and drier under the house, and greatly cuts down lermile actlvity. If houses must be treated for termites. Mr. Bilbrey said, home owners should, by all means, use a licensed operator. Termite exterminators are required by the Slate Pianl Board to purchase a state license. After having a house treated he explained, the home owner should then rci>ort the extct minators name to the State Plant Board and request thai a check of the work be made. A list of licensed exterminators of Mississippi County Is on fil at the County Agent's office aloni with bulletins on termite control Mr. Bilbrey said. "Cora." scven-wcck-old lion cub in the Hcilln MX>, huddles closely to the protective side of a female foxpr. The boxer has lake nlhe role of foster monther and has nui-srd "Cora" since her birth, lifting the [ood ockarte imiwscd by her mother. "Com" is Ihe offspring of the zoos ulinn" and "Bussi."—iAP Wirepholo.i partnership, Plaintiff vs. JOHN HKNUY BARNES, Defendant NO'1'K.'K HP S.M.K NolK'O Ls hereby given Ihnl I.Wil- liam llcrrymnn. Sheriff ot Mississippi Counly. Arkansas, will, on the 10th da yof May, 104D, between the- hours of him 1 o'clock In thp forenoon and three o'clock In the afl- ei noon of said date, offt'r for sale, at nubile outcry, to the hlithrsl bidder for cash or oil a credit of Uiree months, at Ihe smith door of the Courthouse In the Clly of Ulythe- vllle, the lolljwing personal pixip- ei ly. lo-wll: Quo Kill Plymouth automobile, tudor sedan, nui- roon color. Mo. 1048 license No, 8<ia-m The purchaser \\lll be required lo KIVP bond wilti vood MH'urity for tin 1 pin-mi'Ui of I In- purchase price, llv security lo be approved by nu'. lo- gi'thcr with imt' [rom the date of suit- al Ihe rulo ol six per centum tor itiinum. This sale will be made by virlue of it Judgment am! order ol sale idcicd by the above cmirl on Ihe 27th day of .lunuary. 1040, In favor ol the Plaintiffs IVB;UIIS( snlrt Defendant, Witness my huud this 5th day of May, 1949. Wm. Berryinun Sheriff 5-li-W A 1948 survey showed SI per cent of Aminlcan housewives still roll their uwn pie ccusl. Koreans nrc said lo have developed movable metal lyix: 50 years tx'Iiire (iiitcnbcrs printed I lie illblc. Gnrsrm city. Nov., with lew thu 2,500 population, Is the smallest stale cnpital In the United St«t«. Look at them all- the basis of 13 per cent, on the firs 100,000 rupees of the slate revenues: 10 per cent on the next 400,000 ru pees and 7 ] i per cent on the re mainder, subject lo a maximum o one million rupees per year." Abou a dozen of India's 600 princes ge this maximum. Read Courier News Want Ads. FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 Incb to 4» inch, pin in or reen furred Also Concrete Building Blnck» chrap er than lumbri foi hams chicken Houses, pump houses tenant nouses, too) sheds We dnliTCi Call us for free estimate phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO YOU'RE INVITED To See For Yourself That the New Ferguson Tractor Is Best! \Ve welcome the opportunity fo place our New Ferguson Tractor in a competitive field demonstration wilh any and all 2-,'l" plow-rated tractors. So ask for a demonstration ... let us prove to you what the Ferguson Tractor can do; Genuine Ferguson MOWING MACHINE PARTS NOW IN STOCK! JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. 500 Ea-sf Main ni.vllicvillc Phone £171 lo "the poorest peasattt-s rid nil ihasc who are disabled." The new huv .says owners of .small nd medium (arms who can afford some payment slmH have cductiotw ranging from 15 lo TO olish Peasants Get ocio/f'zec/ Medicine WARSAW. Poland—iVTi—Poland's )ciali7« J medicine program h is ecu broadened t° include all thii atirji'.s 15,000,000 peasant.";, :J iir(ianu'nl, which long OKO auth- z,cd 1 rei 1 medical services for tfkei. 1 ,, adopted new aranLceinfi till types i undersigned has filed w.lh the Coin- I nn'-ssitmer of Revetuies I he Slntt- of Aikansn.s for --ermit to .sell and dtspeufic .vinous or spirituous for IjevcniRt* al retail oti tlie premise P dc.sct ibed H,I Mm tins Wl key Stoic, 112 W. M:\in, Ulythcvillc. Arkansas . Applk'nlloii is for per nil lo he issued for opci'iiUon ix'KUHiinK on legislation I the 1st dny of July, lfl-13. nnd lo ex- of tnedic;il ! pU'e oti Ihc ^0 day nf .hinr. 1950, -if <.; til Hntord Mmiin I Notice of Filing of A|i|ilk'nliun ! for Liquor I'crmLt ' Notice is hereby given Hut Ihc [ undersigned has filed with the Comer cent on hospital charges. , „ . t . mls-sioner of Hevcnn.s of the Stnte Members o/ production coopera- \ { Arknnsns for pcrm , L Ul sol| Evml ive.-i ws'.l pay only 20 percent. Par- lisas for permit, lo sell j vinous or spirituous atnent was told that Poland's hos- j - uors for bcvcrilKC nt retail nn (he Hal yprvLceJi had rapidly improved |H - cmLsPJ . ( |,. sc ribed a,-> 17 W. 2nd St., nice the end o! the war. There now I Lenchville Ark re 100 COO hospital beds in nil j Application ls ror pcrm i[ to be 'obna. 'riuj: IlKiirc in to be boosted | ]iS>sl , ct| fo[ . Ol , ern tion bcninnlng on Ihc 1 dny of July, 1919- and to expire on the 30 day of Junn, IflSt). \nothcr 60.000 within the next years. The present ratio is 41 beds per 10,000 Inhabitants—twii'fi many fi.s bo fore t l^e \va r. The nulishau-nl. ol health ccntcr.s al-io doubled. R. A. ChildreJvS Notice of Filing nl Application For I.lquor Permit Notice i.s hcicby gi v e» I "at the IN TI1K CIRCUIT COURT FOR THK C1 ; ICKASAW»A DISTRICT OF Mississirn t;ou\TY, ARKANSAS U. \V. MOORE and LESLIE; MOOKE, doing bvusinas-s H.S MOORE BROTHERS STORK. ONE STOP STORE SUPPLIES Make us your headquarters fqj Purina Chows, Sanitation Products and other chick and poultry supplies...everything you need fo grow vigorous chick*. Sff US FOR YOUR BABY CHICKS Chicka that are vigorous anct husky — from inspected, high-producing flocks . . . that's the kind we're selling. Place your order now so you can goi them v/hen you're ready. 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I.asl year 10 Arknn.sns owners—people you know—saved SS.I57 on !lic firsl chopping iiloncl Clicck Hi i.s lisl of people who have used (he Bvcrsman Cotton (,'hoppcr. W. E. WALLACE Bljlhevllle, Ark. J. W. RAYDER Blyllievlllc, ArV. W. M. OBERST T«rrcll, Ark. CLYDE BUNCH Blvlhcvillr, Ark. CHARLES BROGDON Bl.vtlicvlllr, Ark. • CHARLES COLEMAN <),sre,ola. Ark. • W. R. BROWN .Manila. Ark. • NOBLE GILL Drll. Ark. • MRS. BRAXTON GILL Manila. Ark. • HOWARD PERKINS Manila. Ark. THIS IS THE WAY IT WORKS: Tin 1 ICvi'i'siiiiin C hopper will fil un any tractor. You jusl mount the Chopper nn Ihe tractor in place oT your cullivatinj; tools . . . Ihcn drive Ihe Iraclor jnsl as in The Chopper works like a hand line. Revolving cutters mimiiled al an nn^'le to the row slice through it and chop clean . . . plants and weed irrowlh chopped are fnkcn out of (he rows and placed between them where they can be turned' by the next vullivaliim. ICacb cultei- is automatically Ranged to the ri>;lil depth of cut on its row so Ihcrc will b« no misses in low places, no culling too deep on hij, r h places. So. whether you need a 2 or 'l-row si/.c, come in lo Delta Implements this week and Icl ns show you exactly how the new Kvcrsman Cotton Chopper can save money for von. ' 1 ( AT Limited Supply Available—Please Place Your Order Now 3/2 $OUTH2»PST. *4 J PHONE863 I V

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