The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1934
Page 2
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HAGE are BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWi Il<\ivy/Heavy ihmgs Ovor His Lamcnl Goes Un As Land On Pilots Made Mistakes iiv JIM.MV niiN'.uin. N"i:.V Service Spurts Mriler NEW VOIiK-l:'.- .1 l)i'- <-:irly tn Ijriir.: UK- cr>in' lourl- O'lt n!!. b:i'. if 'is. t: !' >:*'vei. yruin men V.MO i in: '.iieir .'al' rn Hi.; iijamnmt cr:lii:ni:.- in pi/.nii iln' |K|| t n'. tli'.y hruv in i .nl> .'ensoii. l!;rre .•!!:• .'evi-i.i! mann'-ei': M'hcduVr: to r.o h;t<j iii'iiinniH!. Oil" of thr:e b:i; i', Jiiniiiy V.'ll.s. 11 taeblrp and m:.ii.e'e: !:n wil! cxerrl-' 1> rliind-i prr,fii<r]y e't i .'fason end:'. Hi-; l< \viil result fjinn '.li la>t Nov. ii-iii- pilot '::<• ir.'.-pibi' • i< :!u- Phils l.ii'ln ym.i! ill.' pn-.-ient ;i;- >iH-ddill M filet Ilia' 21 til. Philluiii-i Pinks maiiugeiwiu paru-rt v,ith i>ir Chuck Kielll. t!lf nnlv h.i!l plavi'l o:; ll.i! club, for n p.ux':l fir,m the Cubs tonsrthu: of Ki>:?i;;' Kleinhi'i-s, ilenr'3'ick anil a - Li ..::i leiiorlul lo Ir: l.'.-lv.,.cr. i"'j.rj|i ;;:i;' ci25.000. * * i The sale of Klein In the Cub= not only wrecked .Jiimny Wil.son'.s Lall eiurj and ki-ut (\lf nistiiim-i.- 1 nway from Ihi 1 Philh 1 jj:ul: hi <.'iove.s. bill ii aim pive lii: 1 Cul: Another pilot crying fn 111-, i:eer is Walter Johnson, friulnt.' Hull of (he Clevchml Indinns. liis attack o! Hie blues j.s b.'lii'-' (ausi.-d by llr: nn'.iis of one Hi'liry "Zeki-" P.oin.'ia. (!'.e suit who': making Al Sumimns Like a h.ick -•'at in tlie svattiM'r divi-ion of the Chicago While K >s. A couple of years :eio the Indians liad Bnmna :dl fe'iVed up t:ut thry dnilled around with him Toledo avd Dniir-.s. I'mull; east him !oov.'. '/,?'/.r has became Ihe Hoivl'vrr of the Km. His bi'-' b:H has I noJir.'d forth ivHh enoii'.'.li homers to 'put him union-.; llr leaders of ilvj American I.r:i"iir - nnd it's his yiar in 1:1-: lime! A trio of (.liier major leaam. mnnapcrs ar-> fnlffliin in (heir I::'ndkie5. They are Joe Cronin, of the. Eenatoi.'. Charley Grimm, or the Cuts, and Hill Terry, ol •foe's brhf h raiu.eii by the f;ct that ihe front u^ice "iradi-d 1*. Cr:osc Oo-illn to the n-iroil Ti:-"r.- :'.p|sc.nrs that that swap «as made .•"imply because the iiromineni- VLsagcd Rent didn't deliver so liandFomely In.lho world si-rirs ol )fiS3. His .2SO averaco didn't plcaso Clark Griffith al nil. The powers that be. thiukin: the Ooose. at 33. was washed up. promptly got rid of him for a younger guy. Judging bv his power with thel' 1 "' 1 "' willow with (he Timers fa far this 1 •' -"""''s year. Casliu is still very much a ball player. This may Lc hl-i last big year in baseball—but if Mickey Cochrane can gel one 1:01x1 year out of him. he'll make" the, FenMois rue Ihe day they parted ) Hoimels v, ilh the Krw Jersey i;entl.'man I Giant: DETROIT TIGERS FULL FROM TOP; COBS p BOC! Brownies Trounce .Coch rane's Men; Yankees Ben I Senators. ion Red Sox 8 to 2 at Boston.! Homers by Hlgglns and Flnney' counted innterlnlly in the victory. Kline, former Bostonlan, was the • winning pitcher relieving Cascar- i elln to down the Red Sox. Welch ! was the losing moundsman. The Drowns beat ihe Detroit Timers and dropped tiiem from tl TUESDAY, MAY 1, 193-j was clearly outclassed by Myer] Mvers took the first and last fsllj The Interlude was furnished who' Vonllne won a foil in shott ordf. by buttins Myers uboul the shoul ders and arms for iibout 10 tlmd and falling on lop of the supcrlc It) a I mini. '•_ In the main go Ralph Smlll'.' The Chicago Cubs defeated the P.itsbiireh Pirates at jesd-rday. The Yankees .sailed huiiii' In Ironi of tlie Nats with Cliiirlit Huffing In [lie hem role, j piU'liinif and hilling (lie Yanks to victory. | The Cubs used a squeeze play to 'ii'in the Pirates. Tlie play came 1:1 Ihe lain innhii;. Guy Uush was j 'lie wiuniin: pitcher. relieving | .lulni-r In (lie seventh Inning. l-'r<-in-li was the laser. Uubby Hart- liiit in:idi- hLs fifili homer of ihe lilt safey. gelling 13 hits tine and John Elliott over an op- going to the mat'on wu Sinl 1 I poneni calied Charlie Harry in won the second by applyinp thl |tliree mat performances ut Ihe airplane spin in his unusual sivlu aimory last night. .Instead of swinging Diem fast.'an$ The sup]x>sed "grudge" match furious and letting them p] bclwcen Elliott and Roy Welch, through Hie ropes or oihcrwi-3 probably Ihe best of the Shikey Smith lets them down and slis o'* circuit showmen, failed lo develop. to l> wil h a double loe ho!d lo pai' Welch d!d 1101 pul in liis appear- i llis f '»». IJoolcy sent word dow', he couldn't come back after IK second fall and ii was all ovii Two Un<lel'eal(!<l Soft Ball Teams To Meet Tonijflit 'ance mid announcement was made jtlinl he was .suffering from p'.o- Promoters elaim- Two iindefealed teams will clash ,cU llicy were unaware of Welch's t In the Ihsi came on toiilglil'.s soft condition in time for announce- ' Indianapolis has erecled a b-ontf ball card at Haley Field when j incut lo have been made before! marker on ihe lawn of ih» foriml Homu'ls. B. Hrrs And Holrliiis Loud The Ci'lis and Prmlhrrs are :;ul- in« a fas! pare in 111 1 .' senior md juniei- b'e s' ilivi.sion of the 'li-.'h school :;olt lull league. The Honr.fus :;ic li-adini: and imdcfeat- •d in tiie si'iiinr division of the rlrls play nr.d Ih" H. IJees and Hotclnis are dijlir.; well in Ihe .nniur ilivislon. The Cubs have won .six and 'nsi l\vo f'iv a prrrenlarie of .75(J •md the Panthers have a himilar The Ennnets have won live •amr; and .sii!!i.r< d i:nt a defeal. mmm IliHlci-rs Shut Out The lirooklyn Drxigers were shut •nit by the New York Giants al Mew Yovk with Fitzsimmons ad- ininihleiiiiK tlie white ush. Five hits were made off Fity-slmmons' delivery and lu by the Ginnl bal- lii.s. NTunsjo as ihe losing Jiurlcr. 'I'lie IMiillics defeated the Boston Uraves j to ^ at Philadelphia. Tlie ^ame went 10 innings. Ruble's single drove in Battell with the winning rim. Allen had a perfect day at bat with three singles and a double. Hcillcy was the winning and Uarriitt, tlie losing pitcliers. •I'he Yankees polisher! off tlie Senators 7 to t. Ruffing; gave the 11 hits but managed lo |— iliiiid tlie scoring down. The Sen- [atois got to him for runs in the Carl Trcmninc. who once wn.s I : "- st - liflh and .sixth. Rassell was an out.standinp; riog atlraclion in -J"-' losil "< WashliiBtnn ])itcher nl- I Cleveland, is down and out and j thankful lo ^nii> admittance lo tonlKhl it Ls understood. Play begins al .::iO o'clock. -^N c^ir TP Four of eaeli five sets of twins born ar? of combination. [lie brother-sister canvass. Vontine, who has failed to show anything in performances In other towns in this section but had one meeting with Roy Welch here that gave him some sort of a rating, j iiKon. .Liberty Ca.--)i Grocers and 11. D. |tlte fans had paid their money rind i' !f) me of ihe twenty-third presidei; The Kl l.ouis Cardlii'il.s sn'ipiieil "" e '"' s nlul co '"l lan y « ct lot'etlier. entered the armory. The expected' cf 'hit United States. IJenjaml :i of their baltlnsj ciai-e jmd '" lhl> wcon<l half of ihe dou- meeting of Elliott, local wrestler. | """''son. ix.iindi'd the offerings of Cincln-| blc ' llpalil ' r Hnynes Men's Shop and Welch, head man of the Sin-' HUM limk-rs for a IrfioU triumph ld I!R ' Ark - Mo '™'». sixinsored key actors, had been one of the: •n Kl i/mis liurli-i-'h Orimes lurl-I bv 1 '"-' Arkansns-Mlssmirl Power attractions of the .scheduled card.: id balls pasi only iwo buller.s but co "'t> ! '' lv nni1 ">c Farmers liank'As it was Elliolt clearly outclassed! «ns given credit for the victory Trust company 'will meet. Both 'his opponent, who though uppar-: SUnit WHS the losing hurler V l ™ ms wcrc lwilt< -'n last week buliently possessini; plenty of power i Uuvis liil for Hie, circuit ' ' ll!lve bct '" streiisthened for games liardly knew hts way about on the Don't Forr/et Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 797 rind HolrMns )iavc ;it the clusu of Fliday wi I'eitm Cubs .... Scandals Chicks .. Tram t'erms Srninr W I. T ii :> o r, :i o ,| ,1 o i i o .Innior W I. T i; 2 o S L] II •i n 7 o ncarl Winiiiiit/ Huricr Only une Soulhmi lenjjm^ game was played yesterday with the Nashville Viils trnundng the. Hir- mingliam Haunts. The rcore was 8 to 5. ichbourc'K triple in the fifth Mnrtcd tin 1 rally ituil tied the score for- the Vols and he .scored In llu- eighth on Prather's double, 'hbutn^, i'talher and \\'eis hit for four bases. Hrllllieail was the. winning mid Shoaf tin; losing |;iieher. The IJtlle I7ock Truvelci-s nnd Chat[unoo=.'n lookouts were .sched- d lo play yesterday but their i;anie \vns riiincd out. STANDINGS Brill- ''"''" c II " 11 lhua '- • • • M " ore 1s Dim ., etalllt ,,,,, b ,,,. L , tal | lmmc SnilTHKICN w. fumer. Charley I Cardinals Grimm, while elated j Cat - s over Hi; fact that he acquired I Klein from the Phillies, is some- i'l' what morose over n deal env'In-.B. *'i'i's ... cercd in 1D32 that sent Hack \Vil-IHotehas ... fon lo Hie Dodgers. Last year R. Winiis . Grimm was all smiles. Bui willil Spitfires ... Wllron a^ain hiiting his stride and bomb.ifdin; paveim-nls outside Ilic fences of tall parks with iiome I runs, the banjo-plnying Dulr-unnn! .slrums an 'intii-o nine, i Terry i.s another who is sail— allliuii^li the >l:t'i!dinc of • s.iliy! fluid is net biou s hl on by his own UKillT ll.lXl) 1 1 CirlV .luniur XV 1. T IVI !i 0 0 1 noil i 4 1 0 .Will I New Ora'iins 8 3 1 .'JSti' Chauanooiia u :t 1 .250 i Nashville 0 Memphis 7 W 1. T IVt lUrinliiBlunn 7 3 1 0 .150 Atlanta 5 :! 1 1 759 Knmvllle 5 j 2 i 3:1 , I.itlle liock * Pet. '.nis .500 .545 .538 .500 .500 Alt .3 OS and there's live of the family tree Maying today—Jri G Reds; Handy, of Ihe RiiU'es. ami Austin, of tlie Pliillii's.. the Nat-s used three hurl- tis. Uuffiny's homer In the nintli '-inched Ihe eamc for the Yanks. The Chicago White Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians 20 to 10 at Chicago. 'I'he Kox pounded out ID I'laying loday—Jne, of the. Qianl-s: <''iicago. Ihe Kox pounded oui 11 Gene, of tl-.e Cards: John of the i hUs nnd mMte them good lor a: ny runs and two more. The In-., W|s . I'hiins UMxl five pitchers in an ef- consin's crew under Mike Mnrrmy,. J ' 1 '" ''" ll ll11 ' Cliicago liilting is working out sirenuously for a' i" Hl Dl ' nn was tllc on 'y- one who schedule that lists only one meel ', '""' nny '" cl: - Jollc ' s wns'thc vrln- . . . nnd last year Mike didn't.. " !nB lnirl< -''- Homers ere common, have a nice on las bill of fare. """"'"• Simmons. Hayes, Clinin. They say Arky Vauyhn, l>ir- ntes' sliiiri.t.10]), i.s going in become one of the pmie's greatest hitters . . . mill his talent is entirely due. to the roticlilng of Ilonus Wanner, who was some shakes as a elouter himself. GOLF ^N^ Ru A r l. Kran-r ! Cliicnpi .. JMeiv York l!(X<ton ... I Pittsburgh NATIONAL l.K.UiUK W. I,. ByArtKrenz h'vookK,, / ,Sl IJMIIS PliiliHlelphia Cincinunli 10 a a r S . -1 3 :i Caiii|iaij;nli[,' Against Crime EAST ST. LOUIS. III. (Ul'i-In a campaign against crime, members of the 'at. (Jlair County !>u- lice Oiricevs Association adojiied a icfiillitliiu asking Hie stak- !e:!is- lalure lu pass :v law nliowln-: the nrresl of .suspecls anil holding them 21) hours witiioul a warrant. • •/>• Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, I0-25c Nile 6 :•!!•>. I3-35c liordaganiy., Shea • and Vosinlk hitiiiur for tlie circuit. Tlie Athletics won over the nos- PURINA OMOLENE Now Cheaper Than Oats or Corn flood old Otnolenc for .your mules is Hit biKKest harjiiiin in town . . . Startcna is the best feed von CPU Ket for your chicks . . . Lay (Iliow will make your hens lay a lot of eygs . . . Cow Cho\v nmkes nrolitalilc milk . . . 1'iiriiui Fig iiiul IIoK Chow puts on the pounds of pork i|iiickur iind trheapcr. Come in mid (jet your lujfRest' bargain in feed in a gond long time. CASH FEED STORE Across Street From Olil I'ostnfTK-e A.MI-:I:K-A\ I.KAC.I'K \v. i.. he had S75.003 N-'w York .. IX-lrui! Cleveland .. Wa.sliinslon Ptxsion Si. l.nuis ... Plnl.uirlpliiii C,'hicai:n .... . . - " ~- — - ,iLi\»iii II.I.^LJ t.N 1 l:(ES S\\lNd ~ ... ; AT WAIST I.EVKI. The mistake was one of the fe-.v j N() , ,„„„ ,,,e clulihead gels lo made by the late John MrGra'-v: vvll: ,, is nVA . A ,)„, hitliuu m;imi. when he. was active driver of the. n; . until Ihc hands have" <iixipp,-l Giants ship of fate. Ltitle Nap-jl-' to about waist Imcl. should Ihe con piekMl up a younsster named jr^lii ], ; ,nil enter into the shut. Leu Kcencfkc from Indianapolis.. A t this point- in Ihc swim- Ihe Jehu paid l^Kf) kopecs for Leu- : and leir.on. There was a story circulated at! the time that T:rry and Koenccke! had 7.-r;rVc>d rp a'feud. Kojneckr! ;oon found him?elf po in: down : the river lo Jersey Cily and fin-! ally to rsuffalo in Hie 1 lr.ins.iction' that brought Blondv Rv.i:i to Ne'.v York. ' ' When Len was marie par! of the (leal that ,scnl Sam Leslie lo ih- Dcdgci-s for Jflly O'Do-.i! and Lefiv Clark, nnolher story made ih- totmds that Bill 'was ;enditu Koenecke to Brooklyn for revenge. Kio.irdiess of the reported f.-i-l- ing bctv.-een Terrj- and Kocncrkc. Ihis corner ha.s tin Idea that Mem-. phis Bill is just a bit, sorry lhat | Kocnrcke Isn't doing his .swell hit-l/'^ 1 - 1 hand helps speed the club- tins willi the Dodgers for th^ j t:i ' ; " 1 irmnseh. lie clubhcad miLSt C'.ianls. | travel tlnce feel or more while .fie hards move but n lew inches. ! Thr power for Ihi.s action, known Slrcpinr I'lancs ja; Mi,, .snap of [lie urisli -' "-p. ST. Lours (UP) — The firs'. I plird by the right hand , . „ , , . .. "sleeping" planes are being te-stca j I " Oeiman doctor has concluded here preparatory to being' placed i One of tl-.e ivorM and vvlckrdeM! " lat '""'^S 1 ; makes life last loiis- In service over the American air-l'ilies m i);e « 0 'ld i^ Irkutsk Si-1 "' ncT eonviclions on 121 ways. The. planes, twin-motorei!'l-cria. where a.s manv as 500 imir-! K , 5?t " 10 ° yc;>rs old or ° 1<1cr: fundor biplanes, will have .sirij-'ers are commiiied rllly thl ' oc o( lhls milnbcr ""'" Today's Games SOl'TIIKKN I.KAOl'K Memphis at Knoxvllle. Atlanta at New Orleans, t.inli- Rock at ChatlanooRa. Nashville at Birmingham. XATIONAI. I.EA«U:K H«K>:slyn al New York. Ihfrtun at Philadelphia. Chieapo at Pittsburgh. Cir.clnnali nt St. LouK AMKltlCAN LEAGUE Philade!;ihia at Boston. Cleveland at Chicago. S!. l.ouis at Dclrolt. New York at Washington. similar lo those on trail'-'-, announcement said. The Osage orange tvcc is strictly an American, with its center of distribution near" the. Ozmk nioiin- trilns; yet Us nearest relative Is the breadfruit tree of Ihe South Seas. .' . i ihoi.fli its population does not exceed i:n.tXiO. Arresi.s average one'i In every 50 niiiulcvs and only halt' of the a: rests nre followed by con- vlct!ct:s. ' married. A bee has been found to travel' •i.1.77G miles in ynUtc-rinr; one pound of honey. L. G. MOSS Hlythcvillc's Cul-Ratc UNDERTAKER Why 1'ay A Big 1'rict? I'iinnnmint News ! Musical "I'l-tiinrr I "ilh Uing Crosby For a Longer J^oneymoon NO ONE expects honeymoon days to go on forever. For you—or him —to get all-of-a-twitter every time you see each other would be asking just a little too much. . . •'•* ' rfl ^*-; But—beware the stodginess of growing too matter-of-fact—of always wearing "practical" clothes, of always doing the practical thing. A new and deliriously feminine negligee, a new dress bought just for of it, can set your own heart singing and get a word of appreciation from that serious fellow who pays the bills. So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let them take you on an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They teach the secrets^of tlie great beauty specialists. _They give hints onjiealth of inestimable,value. They take yovTiivTo the confidence of the famous dress authorities of New York and Paris.

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