The McHenry Plaindealer from McHenry, Illinois on May 13, 1948 · Page 2
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The McHenry Plaindealer from McHenry, Illinois · Page 2

McHenry, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1948
Page 2
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.'1 t: :Tgi Two" : ', yETERAN '. , Bernard xunker, DROWNS J 21, . son oi Mr. and Mm Ben Yunker. former Elinn residents, drowned in White Bear lake in Minnesota last week. Bernard was a veteran of World War II and saw considerable -action in Japan theatre of war. He was a member of the Good Shepard church. , Tn Magnolia State "By Valor and Arms" la the motto of Mississippi. The official flower la tha magnolia and the state bird the mockingbird. First ffbeatar , Light ' On December I. 1881, the first Edison theater lighting plant start. I cu operation in m ojjuu uicaure, Boston. ' y . ,. ...Jl --;. Not Without Water! Allowing birds to be without water, evenfor a few hours and especially in hot weather, la the most serious thing that xan' happen from the standpoint of growth, production and general health of flocks. ' Subscribe for The Flalndealer NOTICE FREUND'S DAIRY BAR - will be y6pen daily from 8 am. to 9 p. m. Dairy Products Malted Milk Ice Cream FREUND'S DAIRY, Rt 1, McHenry Richmond Road Famous Tenant - "In the history class of a New York school x the teacher was discussing the life of George Washington. She called the attention of the children to a 'picture of Mount Vernon in their history books. "That," she jald, "la the house in which George Washington uvea." One Of 'the boys looked at the teacher "questioningly. f; . ..; J'What floor " he asked. . First Lighting Plant Thomas A. Edison opened the first electric lighting plant in the United States, the Pearl street station in New York, September 4, 1882. Original equipment consisted Af six " jumbo" dynamos, each lighting 800 incandescent lamps. Six miles of wire enclosed in pipe were laid un derground prior to the station! opening. Within 14 months the com pany had 508 customers using 12,732 electric lights. About this time Edison was granted a patent on a chemv ical meter he invented to measure the , electricity used by his cus- THE McnENRiPLAllTDEALEJ Thursday, May ,13, 1SU aSJSBSBBSBJ Wonderful Woman . By RUTH K. KENT ffljt SPRINGGKOV 3 -Minute , Fiction - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbmi mbmmmi famman mmm tamers. . ; I i, 1 Yes, we're glad to say it's true. Most I' ill ill' pretty promptly. . J jll Once again, Illinois Bell can invite . I 1 1 v you'to use Long Distance. We think V j-j Jll vou'll liVre the serrice. It's eettine I f j ' rllMir: . r , , , i i 1 hi o i IDeuer aay m aay. - ' ' i U I1 1 SSE&v IIIIMDK l' 1 Iff Ur ff g BELL TELEPHONE ' I I 'I I Mill "1 f -, t f ! PUBLIC illCTlIl I " ' a as er ' u ar . u u vy. u u & ......V-r--- ; ' . f - 1 " ; MAY 14 - .-. 1, t " ; 7:30 P.M. . : Building Trades Home 1 t " y - i ' . (Wattles Subdivision) X V ; , 903 Center Street . ' McHenrv, 111. X A V . ' ' 10 per cent down. I . ' '' 40 per cent within ten days and before occupying home. X Balance as soon as title can be delivered. ' ' A' NN STANTON watched her hus,: r band newspaper for signs of annoyance after she told him. Yes, he was lowering it slowly . , . his handsome face frowning. "What did you do that for?" Ann buttered her toast. "Why not? I always took Elsie Olson to lunch when she was your secretary." Harry sumed his coffee. "But lsie was . . . well . , ." Ann leaned back in her chair Yes, Elsie; was 38 and wore cotton stockings.. Tess Barclay, the new secretary, was 20 and Harry could tuck her in his pocket. Ann re membered when Elsie Olson resigned and tiie boss hired Tess for Harry. "Sunny little girl taking El-sie'axplace,' he'd announced. "No biggerhan a minute." - tbi tike J. Ht'd tiruggtd. 'Didn't uotict." and that wss ubn Ann look wmrnmg. Harry was Q, and after seven years of marriage maybe he was getting a little tired . - maybe of her. Ann had seen the little new girl one day when she stopped in the office to seeiHarry. . It was a few days later when she announced at breakfast, "I'm taking Miss Barclay to lunch today." , A NN walked into the Mayfalr ahead of time. She, sat studying; the wall paper. Yes . . . things were working out right. That young lady would have to answer some questions. Nice - subtle questions, of course. Tess came right on time. Ann held out her hand. "Sit down, Tess," she smiled, "Everyone calls you that, don't they?" Tess sat primly. "Yes, Mrs. Stanton." "It was good of you to come," Ann said, "I'm sure you had something more interesting to do." Tess picked up a fork 'and turned it over and over. I . . . was supposed to do something else," she said, "But . . . I'm glad yOu asked me. I've . . . been wondering bow I could tali to you." Ann's senses pricked up." "You did? Was' there something special you wanted to say?" Tess twisted her napkin. "I . . don't know how to begin. Mrs. Stan ton, I . . .1 want to talk about Mr. Stanton. But . . . maybe' you won't understand." Ann braced herself. "I'll try to understand."1. The big blue eyes looked into Ann's . . . begged, "Is . . . does Mr. Stanton have good health?" 'YY'ELLt So now Ann knew. And " this innbcent-lOoking young ster had figured all the angles. Even to Harry's health. No doubt Harry seemed pretty ! old to her and she. (by Mrs. 'Charles ' Fraund) Mrs.' Arthur Kattaer, Mrs. George W. May. Mrs. Edwarrf Slav. Mrs. Ray May, Mrs. ' L. L. Kagan and Mrs. Charles Preund attended a dub meeting; at. the home M Mrs. Nor-bert Klaus in Fox Lake on Thursday afternoon. A luncheon1 was served at, one o'clock and the afternoon was spent at cards. . Prize winners were Mrs,7Klu8, Mrs. Al Schmelteer, Mrs. Steve Schaefer and Mrs. Paul . Lewig. The club will meet next at ihe home of Mrs. Arthur Kattner .. Weekend sruests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peacock were Mr. and Mrf. Nathan Hoeffline of Muscatine,' Iowa. . Mrs. Hoegline is Mrs. Peacock's sister, Ada. On Sun day. Mr. and Mrs. I. Herberts of Burlington were dinner guests., Juniors and Seniors of Burton- Richmond high, school . enjoyed the rom at Hunter Golf Clubhouse at ichmond on Saturday niarht. The Andy Straub family of Chi cago spent Sunday with her mother Mrs. Berth Esh. Walter. Brown spent the weekend with home folks, at Stacyville, Iowa. Mrs. Brown and daughter. Pauline Ann,' 'returned'1 with him, havinfe spent the past week in Iowa, , I Mrs. Nick Freund. was pleasantly surprised on her birthday when ' a party of - friends g-athered . at her. home on Sunday night The evening was spent at cards and a tasty lunch was served. Those to make up this party were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyer, Mr.- and 'Mrs. Frantr !( U. Mra, Tony -Meyer, Mr. and Itn. George A. May, Mr. and Mrs. Ebaer Smith and children and Mr. mat Mrs. Vfrtrir Pronn1 inJ .l.IM- . McHenry. Miss Catherine Huff A cWan spent the weekend with her father. Mike Huff. j ,r- ' r -NOTICE- FOR ICE DELIVERY SERVICE CALL McHenry 406-W or 379 McHENRY ICE CO. v TORCHY KRAUSE 302 Park St McHenry, UHnois The pew secretary was Z0. and Harry could tuck her in his pocket. , wanted to be sure he. wouldn't turn senile the 'minute he caught him. Ann's ' voice was cold. "He' perfectly healthy." " . "... thought nurybt b was sick. That would excus bim, I moan ; .. -. Mr. Stanton's a nice mam but . Tess looked almost f right ened, "He's so impatient. I simply can't worn for him -any more. I make , mistakes, and be . . . really Mrs. Stanton be make- ma work at noon 4 fix ' them, hurt." Ob dear, I boper you aren't i "Hurt?" All" the budson the -walU paper seemed ,to . bttrsf into, bloom fdr Ann. She-rcould almost, smell their fragrancei Impulsively she put her. hand over the small one drumming -nervously .on . the table. "Of course I'm not hurt, my dear. You mustn't be either. Harry's been ac customed to Miss Olson . . i she was there years and years and was sort of a machine. Don't quit, Tess," Ann found herself begging, You i:an take it. And you'll have agood position. I'D walk back to the office with you when we finish." , Harry was puzzling over some in voices when nn and Tess came into the office, arm in arm. f'Here's your secretary to do tha(," Ann smiled. - 1 ' She slipped out! and smiled at the girls in the outer office, but was almost ashamed, to face them. Ann knew they would say, "That Mrs. Stanton is such a wonderful woman. Not the least bit 'jealous of Mr. Stanton's secretaries." Blca4 by WNU Features. , Attention, F.B.I. Ants are notorious kidnapers and tlunk nothing of raiding the nurseries of their neighboring ant hills. - Washing Gloves Many gloves of doeskin, capeskln, suede and pigskin wash beautifully In milk soapsuds and .lukewarm water.'' , d Complete- line "of. Lee's poultry FEEDY" by NICICMILLER'S McHENRY GARAGE MVBAM NO 'Jf SET "X Wuy jjtV CCIDENt THANKS YOO I TTO lyie 608 FRONT STREET " BECAUSE t TOO MVCARTD MCHENRY 6ARA61 FOR REWIRS. THEY DO A MARVELPUS JOB LOOKS LIKE rr JUST CAMEOUTOFTH N If 0amTA--Z?f, flCTDKY ROUTE 31 rBUT WCTTH' DDCTi-CHAR6E MB FOG FWIW WOT TH JV GIMME FOR J . B0MQN6 INTO HIS TRUCK X fCuirX' - Ck iyj ITU. LOCK PHONE 108-R Wit V- mm - - FDRD " 7 r.l TUST . A. M fl;Vit eneinpers &t Forces needed . . . .flight engineers -'VJrf wbfttis neeaea-vIa .rvice-checks to see nght. . X" V. - - J. maiA, IHIMlUav .. . . w--b it tnixes tnf f the best 3P. r vnu money, Decau of tius uxyjj - - . , JWeWWl , V- nT FactoryPP, for Fords, heip They re . oov vOtt'WucJ iwxsf eoru . ..n in ns. we service inc . Foxd "Home - the bargain. Brmgy Yow fti DMhr Imrlt r H Mm N M FrV Mm Skew, SiMfirr Inalmw NK tmrk. LuHnHnFar4 Thht, SamamrAtttrmna NtC-ihnrk. SiniijHf hr HiiWihlto BUSS MOTOR SALES 531 MAIN ST. PHONE 1 McHENRY, ILLINOIS

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