The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—NO. 270 BLWHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AHKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI UlythevlUo Courier, BiythevUle Daily News, •>, vpiirrvil T v VPKAX'SA*! WI-'h\'i'^nA V r.'l-'HIM'.MlV .1 I' niytheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. __ HM " 1M "'''''• AhKAiSbAb, tt UI.M-.hDAl, 1-I.HIU.AKi -I, I. i . .',~'j '• HOIiffi EDITION I SINGLE COFJE8 FIVE .CENTS Babies? Nol I'oi Uu i Dempsies Tolls of Immediate for Proceeds of $15,-! OCO.COO Bond Sale. j ijTITl,. 1 -: HCCK. Fob. 1 iUPi—! The liou.^e reads und hi^liv.ays; ccmmltlcc will recommend arton- t;on o( the stnt? highway deparl- ir.enfs general appropriation bill.j wliieli ',vas tenipsrasily fjidetraekcd I in the hvver ehanibcr jjenciinf; submission cf a special iuvestigatln'j I committee's report on the stains of rend improvemrnt dislvict boivh, assumed by the slate lour . ycnii acjo. j .Tlie committee's decision to sup- j ]>ort tiie aimropriations wns reach-1 rd last niaiil at a mating address-' oil by Dwight H. BlackwcoJ. chair- : man of the slate biulnv;-.;- coiinnls- i Jicn. The liiRhv/ay cujniui.ssLun, i-h-iirman Iclci members '-f the. committee nscciea the S1G.OC-O.COO '. \vliirh was lealizrd from the sale 1 of fOiort time notes th? f:r&t of :a=! mcnlh. ond which is beins 1 'isle! on tli'pSFit i>i a New Yorl: bunk. Hhukwnod inf-nnrd the com-1 inittce Ihat the state !b !>ayhiE Ir. terost at the rate cf S1.8M pel 'l-\ on the money deposited in Now VorV.. and would con'.iue to tio s^ uiitil the in-::cy is anprop p'c'J !le also of tlie movicle Ko:'f. for approw.n-j Delay In Loop Levee Construction Indicated After, Inspection Trip Tuesday j Bui!dinn cf a three mile loo|) ] levee along Ihe Mtesi^ippi river at -, Barfield. which wjis |)lnnnwl ;o j start this spring probably will be : deferred 1'or anc ) *r year or two This was Indicated by Harry j Phni'r, St. Fraiiiris levee district, i rnclnepr, following an inspection! ct the levee and revetment work at | Barfiekt yesterday by members rfj (lie St. Fiancis levee board and' , Major Kerr of the U. S. Army ,:n- j ! Ameers oilice at Memphis. ; According to reports Major Kerr : and the levee boaul officials found tiic revetment, work and olil levee ! bi goad shape. Although, no dclln iic decision wa-; reached it Is tm^ derstood lltat the government engineer and members of the inspcc-1 ! tic-n party reganled p"stp:nment' 'of the proposed wcrk as favorable.! The proposed levee construction' i would have provided work for ap- 1 Look What They Koiind hi Texas 1HIRT! IT WARDEL | Jobless Whiles Seek lo Drive Negroes From Msisouri Farm Homes. WADDKI.I,. MO., Feb. f 1—As II result of n inlnlnlinv race ilot thai llareil here, thirty nun \\ere i arraigned In roinl here Mils nf- ' In noon (cr complicity in Inn ami (liuniiuiiig properly. The men were charged wil'i having moil dynamite, in blnsllni;' hourcs anil |>crsrmal cilecls oi| ncgrc families that hnd bi'en or-; devci 1 , by mcil) law to Irnve this; section. An automobile wns lie- j niulir.liecl when It found 1.1} be Ihe properly of a colored mini. Telephone lines iwrc ileslrnyrtl. i'eeltivj of a class of persons here! aRnlns^ Hie nrrjrjjM wlio have recently moved lulb the vicinity has been talniiH! Intensity (or siune time mid reached nn open break yislcrday when wholesale destruction of propel!y—belonging to nc- Indulwd in by group and some smaller groups Alt a Mistake About Blythcville Post Office VW me sorry. dt'.ir fili', but 11 was all :i minute. \W mi 1 .111 I'.'i' iT|»nt which whirli lt:e (."'HtrliT NL'US I'.ir* tii'J yi'si'.-uliiy of an $80.000 ;ui- thcri/tll;m inr n fedeial buil.l- his ill niytln>vllli>. Hf's]Kindmj; lo a tel<'i<rtini ul Inquiry lor fi'rtlUT particular;! A. K. Collier. Washington newspaperman who Have the Courier New.s tin' nn v.'hii 1 '.'. yp.iU-idiiy'ii news Hem wns b.i 1 ;- i-cl. rxpl-Alnvtl iipuUvellcally Iliat lie bail inailir 11 mislnkc. [hut ForrcM. City, not Ulvlhrvill? was to receive tile $flTi,0fl0. Only Eight Members Oppose Proposal (or Beue- iil of Drouth Viclims. UTTLE ROCK. Feb. 4. (UP)—A bill designed lo further relieve Ar- kmiMis drouth sutTercrs by cxlend- Inij the lime tor paying taxes from April 10 lo October 10, witfioutpen- iilly. nnd oiithorlzlnR Ihe' state auditor lo call on collectors; al any time for funds In thu lallcrfi hands, wns passed In Ihe lower 'Jiouse of Ihe general assembly today by a vote of &l to S. _-t When the measure, whlcfffwas offered by Representatives Hall nnd Unllock, and reconnncnde' the committee on judiciary, was called tor a third reading and passage. It "Blue" Simmons Arrcslecl WI>S "If- b >' w "™ oppostttoh from _. ..... a snmll group led by Representative 111 IcXQS .Charged With Mason. Ouachlla counly, and John'----- sioii, Johnson county. ; : Opponents of thc bill maintained 1 thnt such an extension of time for )(uvt , CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. Feb. •! paying taxes would disrupt: the cn- •••' —Officers from this city are ex- tire system of collecting slate and lously. n/i i i i i i ii lY'lU'ClCr Ot U. J. rlaynCS. ! told Intervle«'ei3"-'lii I Sl _ frauc i, |.-.vee" board, C. us tO'cau- ] criggtr of Armorel anit \\ r . '"IT (ico-ce's bill which would in- . Tee fjlm star told inter 1 (•I'tt.h-i lire - pivjpor S cent tnx on : Sevc Orleans ihat sl:e pi a CEs-iine to 7 cents, for thr pur-: tinue her •MM'of creating a special fund for . ste.idily to re-railv road cons'.rucllon and for; Jcck arc shown here, as :hey p:s:3 !'jVajoT'lCeVand Engineer "Plnrrl F;,, n ,io,, Pnrnnrati n n the relief of street and bridge :m- [ together in one chair in a New Or- j CI1 t ] lc ii: sl)e clion trip. riliailtt ^ ^otputrtil U 1. | Pronosal Exceclcd Today to 7 cents, for thr pur-: tinue her carcar in the talk!?,- ton j Armstrcn.' Crnlghead county r- \ \ .• L C ,1 ' ' ' •' '- •" raise ?. family. Site and I m , mV)er or the b-.arci.accornnnnlcdil'inal Action D>' Senate On "iiT.v:me:it diitrict?. The measure previously had re- i ceiveii the endorsement nj che Ar- kansus County Jiidgrs Assiclatlon. leans Jiotel. Ksmphis Pastors Will Appeal Diehl Decision, i MEMPHIS. Fen. 4. (UP>—Effovt=; i Two Negroes Bound Over j Tho wu appropriating si.5oo.ono 1 r n I'nrr onil Pnvn Tli o f i c' to furnish capital stock for a?ri- ior nog ana i^orn iHt.a» iCllllul . al credlt corporations win i probably be ready for Governor Nathaniel Coggins and Johnj Pflrn! .)vs signature tonight, Sem- iims, negroes, were bound over tor R A Nc | sonp w ho has taken to await the action of the grand nn active interest in the measure. or I Cor Is First of Several to. Rr Sent Here for Drouth i Suffc rcrs. of Memphis P^'tivs 13 cust Clnvl"! K. Dlchl. president ... . SeiithBTFicvn, s co-cducatimiil ca!- i l»r; v;ve. will b: c.'.iriecl to a hi'h- ; er "jMv o{ the Presbyterian church. : si'okeVmen for the Memphis Pa;- j terT A^-:ci;iaUcn said today. ! Tre se>:oal which severed dlrec.' : the H D j^, nn(| othcr m[nin! , : >: , me Sfrm afflUa'.inn with the cliurch v:n;n :'. i companies of Salina, Kans., was — moved here, is he.ivilv financed l % " '• b.-ln^; ur.loiSed here today, and i that denomination, and Mem;:hi-: w in hp i!s ., eti in thc ...-,... .,17..- pa=tors indicated they would as< to drniilh victims of synod? of Tenn2s<ee. Mississippi . thrct:°h the local Red Alabama and Lom'=i?.ra 10 h:s r • c r=aiii/.a;ion. jury by Justice E. L. McKnUnt to i ( | t he Courier News over long ! \fcsterday en charges of grand lar-, dujiancc telephone last night, ceny. They were also fined SlOi TlH> bjn ^,1,.]! v \n help acli on charges of petit larceny. T:ie negroes are alleged to have solve the farm problem In Arkaasas by making available approximately M.- stolcn a hog from the Ben nugg rQMOO of additional crop prodnc Uarin early in January. later they- , ion cre( iu, passed the house of. I were arrested for the thstt of' representatives Monday aud was i as much In January.o! last year than It did in 1D31. according '.c the official v/ca^i:r obse'v er, Charles Phillips. Only 2.13 Inches of rain fell here l^st monlli white last, January there wns an unusually heavy rainfall, 1159 Inches r.avinj b?cn recorded. The past month's record Is very rare fcr winter months, a checkup reveals. Farmers Mho have started plowing report that the soil Is extremely dry. Drainage ditches nre dry or nearly so. a n heavy rnlns will be neressan before long to bring about, conditions suitable duction. for crop pro- GI-OUD of 18 Is Putting Buildings in Shape to; Receive Prisoners. 1CU H'K (j" IL it Will Hit IIULIUU i*. ... v,. i , — — ---- -. _ — T — r -." .tnre keeper. Mlor ;j«iilttMt .)itav'.! n '.? deat " ••• - n !?^V •'•-^'^ tnto scini-uriconscloiisne"s3*'triir"riiKn' Intee "iaai "" were'" Ifr'-a •iKSF'tsTT Inft later ictnrnlng and finding- critically injured. ! nim ulive and flrhis the weapon The plane crashed when the : ' dir-clly Into the face ot the pros- pilot, apparently confused by ' i tra'le man He was taken to a bright sunlight on the water, mts- Memphls hospital where lie died. Judged the landing surface. An the follow-liy dny. • explosion wrecked the craft "which The Injured man is purported i sank and trapped the men In the to have named his assailants be- i submerged cabin fr-m which only. fore dying and to have described, tour were able to escape, him. Accord ins to imcd simmons ofj James Stovall Drops Dead a! Number Nine men are yet ot large. Following thc crime posros ] Funeral services will be held to- charges against tee quiet-appearbr: The car is thc first of three cor president, whose popularity with loads of fordstnfTs which Red Cross alumnae, and students reached it'; headquarters have advised are en poak last nl?h! after the char."!', ro':::- tr P'ythcville. Another is a A carlonrl of "flour, Ihe gift of; several bushels of corn from the J favorably reported -by- the senate | ~ " "" " ' agricultural committee late yes- I tcrday. Senator Nelson said he aii- ' ticipatcd favorable action upon it: bv Ihe senate some time today. I "TWO meDSiircs, differing only in[ minor details, were introduced, oiiej the senate, and unless the uo j louses reach an immediate asrce- lent there may be some" slight de- Jay before Ihe bill Rors to the i governcr. J. Mcll Brooks, secretary E^S! TELLS BIS SIDE OF BUTLER TULIHi car of potatoes from Carboi'.dale, of Ihe Blytheville chamber of coni- i About 18 county convicts are comuc j a lc entire county In an. morrow afternoon at Number Nina '. working at the new county farm i c [j or f nm l the murderers whom It cemetery for James R. Stovall, 13, ! near Luxora this week preparing! WBS thought were hiding near thc , who dropped dead at his home on ; thc farm nnd buildings to receive; .,,,,'„,, „[ the crime. Trains were the C. C. Langstori iarrii in the i all county convicts late this week' lrat chcd ns were htKhways, but no Number Nine section this morn' or early "next week. i (rare cf them was had until Slier- t nSi Death was attributed to heart I County prisoners have been mov-1 nf Robertson was notified of thc . failure. I cd temporarily from the Osccola' presence of Simmons in Dallas j Tllc deceased is survived by I latl to Ihe Jail here to concentrate . w hcrc 1-; wns arrested on a charge j th rcc sonSi j. R., jr., Percy and the prisoners during the period; o[ :iu i r der. ~ -" — J - -•-—'-—• •"-, while the barracks at the farm are | : being made ready for occupancy, i z.i B. Harmon has as ; «,(. ] f HUP 15(I U .Drs. Rogers and Briscoe i Form Partnership Here Dr. U S. Briscoe and Dr. -M. .Rogers have formed a partnership I In veterinarian medicine. Until Dr. Briscoe. who is recuperating from i yet made no announcement re- carding his selection tor superln- - - -" final se- believcrt C G HfTl'V Will Sneak ! tendent, of the farm. Ths ^. U. neni) Will OpeaK. lcct , on , t L , generally Heve Tuesday i Will Dis- however, will be from three men. ; associated with (lie farm al this ( 11 .. Ijohn Stovtill atid a daughter, Mrs. i Mnporic Ramsy of Chandler, N. C. ! time. r:pre=eni,<Uive nssi.zned to this parti of Jackron.. c f ;i r i;riusas. was here lociay and' jr.. Mrs. Oiivr H. Coin Tain., rrrivod here today to as- 1K1S to meet this r.fternoon for si'mc her duties as laboratory . conferoiice with local relief work-, letler technician at tl;e Bh.thevillc hos- • ers O f Blvtlicvii.Ie. l.cp.chvilie, Man-! p;irt ,,,,-,, ,,. ^ , j , pital, which position was recently. Ua ttnd n:ll. [ Mussolini of Italy, vvhich led_to vacated by Dr. C. T. Morris. ' C. Q. Slh New Nazarene Church Nearing Completion The now Church of Ihe Naz.i- from Cornelius Vandertilt, ng upon his n ,e criticism of I , lve .j nave been "unwilling to take ad-1 MIJ ^ ^ ^_ ^ r ^ „ ' vantage of the fovcrnment seed : {^" D - Y!ic^.Mis?iss'i'i')?i'iiiid''cVitii?n- rene. beinj erected at the '. idiwi feed loans because of inabil- $ m collnl j cs diMrict rn Ihe Mid- of Second and Vine streets. nt!l b? | New Zealand Quake '1 oil | ar « ceDnr ' ^^ .^ 0 l5 weil knolvn Reaches 431 And Is in this vicinity, will be in charge ' ... ., . : of the practice and hospital. Steadily Mounting. • ! Many Arkansas Teachers ," ity to find means ot fiirnlsr, J for their farm tenants. ing BOMth's board of directors. completed within three wocl:s. AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Feb. 5. iThu'ralay) (UP)-Ti'.e extent of . " Ihe disaster caused by Tuesday's; FLASHES WIND BALKS CAMPBELL DAYTOXA BEACH. Fla., Feb. 4 (UP)— Captain Jl.iicolni Campbe", tn^lish anto racing driver, snppossi to hav.- that the rrq.;:s:tir.r,s jb?sn "the American friend. The Idler was forwarded by Van- record bec-iuse of a 40-mile nind The car a Gnv.iell rcr.d. Charles G. Henry, general man- The new edifice, of fram?. will cart hq ua ite was IndScoted today by i LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 4 tUP— ave a floor space of 3-1 by 5(1 feel ..^ n ^ sl rep:] ager of Ihe association, will be have a floor space of 3-1 by su teei (.^ ^ reports of organized re-: c. M. Hirst, state superintendent of present and will fin an Illustrat- with an elevated floor. i llc! i orf . K which invaded the ruin- public Instruction, has announced c-d lecture, showing graphically The present pastor, the ru-v. A. ' cd " c iti cs O r the Hawk-is bay region.' ihat approximately 50 per cent ot ,nth approprla'.' - February 22. Other plans include U?e crect'.cn of a " ^evacuation w, order, ca, ;' FAIL TO FTX DBIG BEAR of this COTjr-athn'the breakdown^ «'^^p ^ 3 ^'_ ' K1MBERLING," Va'.TuPJ-i r-;. t r r" if i 1 include U?e crect'.cn of a pir=oi-.t; WlflOW 0; Tire Victim jusl east, of the new church btar ttcs and fear 01 authorities an epl- I OJ> 1LJU ll-ii[io»-"v. ,..!.. ...^- .,,-. . Jill-. ident he reported attsr a visit to; afternorn en charges of violating AN CAN HUNT PLT.SE OLYMPIA. V.'asli. <UP>-~Whr: a driver neijlrc's thc vh-rr 1 . w! .|; n f-rf frarc'nes fci' her purs?, arid he" i'.rs lr- cl results In '.^s c^- hlttliii? s tehph-r,e tn!;. the is nr. !iab>" to (Javii?!:^. t!'.: stc>. ! .» • - prtme cwn ruled. Jchn nnj Ntirx Cr.ii^ wcvc injured wh™ Mary Mc- 537-79C FlVT^a?-'? FoUMd JMussolIni In 1926 was dcscrlb:d b- '• n i • ) J ii . Butler at Pbhldelphla, caused corn- in Cashier s Accounts mcnt here. «'C national banking lam allc s edly misapplvlns 82 WOO of the Amcr!c»n funds. National Banks (UP1- CAUDBX. Ark.. Feb. ^ J. W. Jarr?it. fhiel bai in charjc ot the close; n>id planters Bark here, has an-. •inunerd a-i p.lleq"! Fhorla^.e a?- [ Gic?.iting iTT.TCO in thi acciimts • R>nnl'v Hanco:k. dsmily sheriff J. T. Kilclcbrcnd, cusiuer of the ' tt . n '. i,j, s been cinneetcd with the Arrives Aitcr Burial '" lhc Mrs. Julia Ma:t:?rEO:\. James Mastcrson, C3. vlctl fire at his Irme here Sunday night widow of'Mop, 0 },j c ctim of a ' ... " 1 fear 01 authorities an epi- mou af {00 . prlnls seen ta the would start unless tne in- slm . near K i m b 0r ]i n g creek habitants leave at once. brought out all the bear hunters In It was arranged to evacuate a.fWD Bland county. The bear, however, women and children Immediately. WRS ra t found. It is a rarity to find bsor tracks at this tim? of the which thc animals arrived here late yesterday. ^ - , *>r.iv IWKIV, rco. •* ictJ — Mo'rtS Back to LeachVllle : J am « MUtbew Mason. Jr, K PLAN' STATE CUOOK BUREAU . %fADISON, Wis. (UP)—Wlscon- Mrs. Mnstcrsoii was discovered MEMPHIS Feb 4 lUP) — 111 : sin crocks may have to con'.end' living ruar Jonesboro after off! hcn , th vvas blamcti bv the hus-1 n-jth a stats bureau [T Identifica- clals had practici'.ly e.ven up hope bma of Mrs Geor?e D! ,i :!VS- u i- tlon end dctecl i on ot criminals. Be- j ot flndln? relatives o the dead enlt , d t?Mhi , r p . n( j g'.,-!,,,^ of Ox- for e the present legislature Ed-' man and had interred the body et ^ unlvtrjity In E'.isUiul. w'.-,= jouins it will have considered a rtlcti this afternoon Ij'ilawinj a sui- i bill appropriating $50.000 for 191 '• Und 625.000 annually In succeedi.ij. WEATHER Maple Grove cemetery. S—Fair and ; colder In the north and central clde attempt earlier tofcr. '.and »5.000 annually In succeedl,?. ^ tons *"*#*• Thursday falr ' <r.n of (he Tennessee Enlsconal ! WHALE RIPS UP NET ' The young mother of three chil- 1 years for the establishment s 11 . According ti th« official westh»r Blshoi Co^dhiter went to the OCRACOKE ISLAND. N. C. (UP dren who taught Litln in the city maintenance of a bureau which .observer. chwl« Phillip, the mln ; u' n"'s stard tn- his own dr- -A 60-foot whale became cnt-in- schools before her marriage, was will keep records of criminals by |m«m temperature here yesterday siar.a in nis vn , sink-net a few miles off found in a lot tack o: her Ciame finger and palm measure— - -- was 39 degrees awl the maximum,

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