The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1938
Page 5
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[ KNIT IN cins Manager Hamilton Brings Team Here For First Time This Season BY J. p. FK1ENI) All square in lliclr first ten Biiwes, iviniilac and losing live, (be niythevlile oianls relumed from Jonesboro last night after Iheir 3-1 victory and prepared open a four-game homo star i,. , • Manager Thorpe Hamilton ami!.. al ' n ' c "torn viewed Ihc dou his cellar dwelling Newport Cardinals are due nuclei 1 the ares at Walker f-.irk lotiight and Wednesday night. Thursday :ind Friday iiifihls Hie cliints play host (o Manager Elmer KircholT, erstwhile Urtcolii chieftain, and his Bates, ville White Sox, H will mark Ihc first appearance of both teams for Hie current campaign. Tcnlghl |, ;1 s been designated as "Lnillffi Night" ivbcn the feminine funs will again be the BUCM.S of Uic club. Last week more than 200 look advantage of the offer of free ad- nilllancc and were rewarded wllli a well pitched came by Clyde "Sivof Heed, Ihc Cllanls winning, J-if. Mryraii to filth Tall and gangling Lewis,Meyran. right handcr, lias been designated to do tlio" mound chores by Manager Hcrechell Bobo. Meyran. a product of New York City sandlots an:l who stands four iiiclira over the ;ix foot mark, has pitched good and bad ball. He started against, . Canitlicrsvillc in the second same cf the season and wn.s knoeXcd 0111 ot (be box. Then a few days lalcr lie relieved W. V. "Lofty" Alexander in M-p flfth liming against. Jones-1 bora and hurled magnificently Ibc' remainder of the way. nciniitling bill IhiTc hits and on runs. In the last game vvltli carutliersviHe he again went lo the rescue of "Lefty" but didn't fare so well. A tendency (o \vildncxi has been his failing. But Bobo has plenty of confidence in the big fellow expects him to come Uivoligh and make a valuable huiler. In the midst o: a losing streak, the Redbir.1 leader has been forced to call on his pilcber.s so regularly there is no definite way to clcter- flusselj Mny, wlio H|>|:cnrcd In 59 games last year; Donald TiatUiwr, In nddlllon lo Ihc popular manager. Ttiorpc Hamilton, all wldi the chib In '37, Outfielder Released Bobo nimouiiccd last night Ihc release of Joe Curran, left (icldei. Ilio Minos Mills, Pa., youlli, secured through the baseball school at Baton Rouge, was an excellent fielder and (lie fastest of (lie squad but couldn't Ml. He .secured only two hits in seven games. Hairy Keldman and Hill Von Alineii.' pitchers by trade, hut able fielder:; and fair blllws, will nil In for tin- lime being. An outfielder Is due the latter part of the month when his school in out. The sus)>cnsion of Ante! (The Battler) Arajjon. Giant catcher, for his fight wllli Leon "Red" Kaslcr, . Canitheisvllle pitcher, is up am! I Ihc (iciy receiver will be behind blc header from Hie stinids at Jonesboro, Sunday. Tlic game will slarl promptly at 8 p. in. Probable balling orders: filylhcvllle JLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Cllnl Brown p,ot in ncvcn of the (list 11 comes ployed by tlio While Sox, ami picked up one of Ilicm himself M'ltli a Uvo-bnsc lill. « f » ivjuit Deliver ul Oi.'i-c Ciis CramlRll yciu'ji PAGE FIV» « was deadly accimile in nis punch- on last Octol »r jui ho Iclt with a r.hovl left hoo!; bclnB fed over -M often. "!le lias a brand-new ~"- v " *•" .,""-• at,u mini,; ii u righL-h:iii:] dvivp lo liie'solar t:ig reputation fpf hiinsell in lin- pli-siis <iellvcrcO li^ide a left iwok 1,1,1,,,, .„„,„„, *,,. „.,. „:„..... llc |._,,,„,, | t ,,. ,, <[.„.„ Ho M)0ols R ' like ho shool-i fii:; RUII, inirt lie's jamn hunter, j "P'.'lmirilntj't; blccklnx and conn A LOT OF FISH Not eamed Die for (he iilckiiumi 1 so nutlly doclorin'i contents. Ail l-'iomm Giants. "Doc." up so many)ii coking bix game nne was an-1 "K'JlmieiliiK's blcck Krhuivo I'oto, (cling war; of Ihe olhcr old and niprrhuivo I'oto! (cling \vu:> of Oroiind relief worker. i!e u:n rii.sllv A relief pitcher ha:-, lo have'way hum lii conlrol Ihe niinnle he steps into H'Uiy Tlionns. Ihe box. fie has (o warm up in a hurry, and be at his best fru;,, "If k highest, order. 'iit | U ,, vev y \ Wln - ..;( 0 j) . He illy Wifrnied Up Hie lirst time since Hie bs-ginnin-. Kcmslimc:; reliefj fc a name wllli the baiivslJ. . ,«*ch i " "t 7 <nui a couple of IxUlsj ' '* |J M us"'-, m I;UM, on Ihe bailer. Th?y must deliver! li;1 <i a warm-up (IB! at on:c. 'they can't lool around, sloppivl .Iclinn, Uisko his DIOKO some best relief pitcher:, are who have a real curve or varianl. Dclpli Liumc. lor [billle with Paulino In 1029 Hint ins has been r-o aellve prior In fad, he never hnr. it Mure he before ln;k- , 3b Harris. lb. Gunnnii, if O'Brien, c. Mabry, cf Lanek. if Hamilton, 2|> Henipliilt or P Swockard, woods, a:> Bobo. 3D Trambaok, rr Jiu'k.son, el Anigol). t: Harrington, 1'j I'Vldman. It Dvorak, :;:; Meyran. p The PAYOFF -... P.iullun. Always a ye:n\ wrnie- llmr.-, a longer period of Idleness - --.,... - wa « l>fl)!nd him wlieii lie slnrled. inslance. with his shavp-bvraklnR ' lr vv ' 1i; V "' ;1 S'. Ihr same as hv was low curve, and III ncll anil "5"lnst 'itioina:;. l-ald. liiqnc was invaluable' . ' >! '•>"'" l«sl«l 12 rounds and jHiil in bis last wovicl champion Cllant;; of fome fast hill pitcliers good relief artists. Connir yeur— nilli ,|, = 1933 make Mack ''"hmellng two years HBP. . i "'" tilkln '! Into consideration fllcl ""'' Max will b 33 o" v. ,1,1,01.1. i,uiiiiii: nnicK . —I" 1 come:; tip for (hr second employed Bob GIT.TO lo advuilarc p ' mlon ' l)Ul stl1 ' 1 do not believe In Ihc role late in ' \ya. but ihn t!ic Negro will last half us loiv; i-urve ballsrs are belter lined lor ^ ltc> (l ' 1 ' " U! llrsl ll| ne. the Job. They make bitter:; lilt 1 " &: ' lll! "' l '"« >">•'; been given a Into I lie dirl-::cl im ilot.-b.'c phy.'i ' !' OVi<1 ''""'-mmmil fa I wo years. Hi- Nu Time F l: , Slisliikcs I •' ;l hiivninv; desire to be (lie A relief pilclier has lo )illdi lo ,!' f( ''' lr l' ilfl1 (ll <~ licavywrlghl tvcry ballcr-.s srnl in udna .Ir.vviv lni '°" (1 - Uoluff tills loir; .sim-e be- liy IMKliy CSRAYSON .Sforls >Mi(cr, NKA Service Steady hands rushed fran Ihc! mill-pen long have phiyed import- tvcry bailer's sr:il In Kcliig iloivn hn line In the late innings. Kvcry call he pitches mcair; sometlnu". Few of llicni are wasted. A relief |iilc!;cr has (o lie .veil cuuipped [ihysically, iui (•> be ready he .must siK'iid considernble lime in Ihe bull-lien. He must be piiltciil. for Iliere isn't much 1:1'.k in wanning up f or | >0 reason r,l all. which Is Ihe case when um p;lclicr in (rouble yds out of Ihe jam himsvlf. A relief worker mull |;D ao'.'J lo liiroiv to bases. P<run,-,lly. I Ihouchl Oscar Vulj came an obsession with htm. "''clnncllnir has devoted the past j»'t> (o keeping In sliape. He Is more ambition:; today llian ho wa:, at (in. outset ot his care This is rare In men who have Mr,,, .<i> iiniiiy your! in ii,,. r \tvi. Init not Jjniirunl to tbosc who know fclnnel- 'I'akrs Ticket tin Mi\ M'IX differs iron, (ortncr chatn- pirn.i in every way, lie lived taic- i.lly while he was champion, and 1'as lived (lie s-mie way ever -;lncc llrainicr lhan most big Wlow's. he not. lived in n lc mesent. hid. Hint DlMttggio'ii nltualhn ls » Hal Indlclmenl of r-piinK (i-nliiins, but Joo himself, and otlicr plaiers us well, have slated mry don't nerd « «lx-H'cck session iiiKler Ihe sun lu ,, c i i,, ^ n . v <.erlalnly It uliould take; « bsll Player tit, longer to round Into form llian a collie football or '>a:-V.el1>iill player, who Is ready to R<> ni lliiTe weeks or less. Unless, rf roiirsc, you consider (lio fact ':" major Ica^iieir, lm older (linn 'he ccllcrjc boy:; and 1-AlTj', o,' rowso, is- of college «ru'. yc, )i u did nollilnj more limn ,'cMlf> lolist..<va in Ihe uilchcn of illf S!-:i l-coil Giotlo, l-jfoi'« hllllin a homer In |,| s n,. s( , ( | 3y W||J| (]w leni'ni' ", IllBnlu?BUt 'l'. al "«: 1'ls |>f Hi' 1 (iol.-lnims and stormed up 'o i.ceimd jilnce, ' Nut Si>wt«l |1|> Vet ', _I111I DfCorrevonl. the wn- "lifo.iKo hid who esiablhh- in the counin. in 5 i. f^\ K Kll'li, , , -"'" " " im ' » bad case ol itter. Tin- (Ur,covery l u;i bcfn 1,1,1.10 « •Mil. nms lar, has failed w '•'• '" Nortlnvestern for n m ' "round Uvnns wi^nc ubtjiij K^ f^Hi'^ MUiallon. Mcanwhlli-. foiij-'or hh AHMIn hluli ^-i,,,,,! (fai , , linemen-have, alrendy I "litre Wlldcal.s. (UK! ||. his career. t;c '"iethlni; uf a laugh if !«' called upon lo ,|,, r .. woul-.l hr> ihcy will •one Acquires R*re Book OBERLIN, O, (UP)-Tho Oaerlln College llbrai-y has &c<rulr*d a i- otc nrst edition of SamUol Oohnson's ,„,„ ,, •• "• '» !i «ld Ih.-if wj!;!| i,™". 1 " 1 ' > " >1 '° u " ; «"'«'ont ciiw In a .slur halfback'^ cnmr "' C Humor ha;; it tlml tJeCorl'evoiH !"•'> pin his slBiiiilurc (o n WE taselwll contract Instead of ,: tor louchdovviK In I en. The Si Harry Scilgcwlck, Tofolito, Caiiadu, :.porlsman, went allshlii' in Ihe Paimco river, neat' Tarn- Pico, Mexico,, anil Ilils is \vlml ho Inndcri, A world vecorii no less, The luific turpon mounted Hluiigsidt! (he smiling unglcr weighed 2-17 jwunds and measured 1 feet 5>'j Inches, bcntlnj! Ihc old mark by approximately five pounds. , steadiness whirl! corni 1 * only experience. thanks to relief pitching (l, ; ,i j,ns been .superior to Unit or (he oilier outfits. Cick Cofliiian already has pulled! NKW YOi!! fcnr gaiiifs out of Ihe lire for (he ' ?l> McC;; "'ney insists dial lie speaks mine -wlicsc turn i I. is for Jiul. .since Msi-flnill Frcinpli|ll..l|ir former Giant, has not. for a couple of days, and then rapped from (he hilltop for his second low of Hie sekson. (here is a straii" possibility that lie will pet the nod ' from Hamil.ton. Hcmphili WBS especially effective against Ins former males last year. He started four limes against them and received credit for victories in all. He fiuis'.i- «l in all but cue and dtd not permit more 'than oiie run ( 0 be tcor- rd in three of the contests. He finished the season with ll victories ;>nd 7 defeats anrt turned In the second best earned run recc-iJ. l.anek A Cardinal Another former Blythcvillc prr- foniicr is a member of the Nc\v- l»rl uroiip. He is Curl ixinck, rig!:!, lleldrr. Lanck will he remembered as U:c youngster who had a streak of bad luck last year that, probably robbed him of a berth wllli Ili'r (jiants. He ccntnictccl a severe CB--T of shin splints and was released: Jusl before file ECUSOII opened l:o hiteli-hikeri from hi:; liomc in Uochc.stcr. N. Y.. to play and made connections with Newport, as Ihc lunil roster was already filled. Other familiar face* in li;e Ordinal lineup include (Jlavence Harris, the best, fielding first baseman for two years: George "Mule" O'Brien, bnrlry catcher; Tlioma:; Mabry. cenlcrlleldcr. who has worn Hie spangles of Csccola and 1'ara- son\d; PiteJicis Howard Sweekard, NEW YORK. 10.—William the Giants/- savin? a »;une for (he srcat Carl Hubbell. among others. Jack' Rureell |] !IM imrrird from IP tnll-pet, (o crack liis curve in four contests for l|,c Cute. He was the winner in two of them. Mace -Brown has been called in half dozen limes by (be Pirates, and holds hvo decisions ever the Cuts and one over Ihc Cardinals. Qood relief pitchiii!; is a prime requisite to even such ptiwcr' - icl juggernauts as the Yankees oflhe'Tnst 1927 era, >vhc had Wiley Moore and his sinker. The Hupport Hifle:; now have Johnny Murphy. truth, and nothing \vlic:i lie w.: ll • more formidable Schmcliiu: will h: Mian rvrr in his relurn Ift-rniiiKi match v.ilii ,]nc I, -mis Barrow al Yankee Stadiuai. June 22. Professor McCarney I; n o w ;; Eti'.melinK as well a.s anylwjy. 'F-ie. prcfessor was close! / ii:«o':liilcd v.-lili Schmelina us c.--iii:iii:iviir from' 1823 -to 13;<3, itidiBivc. Tiic or , . Clo'senian ol Fistlana :(cvc Dudas slopped by Schmelin the other afternoon in burg ty way O f ivarming man np. "ASBinst. U-,::la:;, 'rjrnrlin?':, Ham- f_; cr . May'cc Jee I]iMa«gio is an exrep- (jonal athlctc-ouc In a million who mi, g 0 out IJicre aflcr a IOIIL- witiler cf inactivity am) poiuul"'i<» ball over the wnll the ilr;;l lime filcpa to the plule. ...^ At any rate, tnille a few baseball' observers are whi.spcrinjr. Dial mi= a Joit'fe r '*•*.* "•& i > tan Franciscan is makint: of s[:rlnp (raining. Ihe avcraje ,.., ,,,, Bul . t uol . soiitli lor a .six-week p.-rlorl ol con irtitlomng. Most ot I he time UoV, •rearty to go on opening day. bug quite cftcn he hasn't vet foimd ],7f bitting eye, or taken the creak mil of his throwing arm. niMagjio ivDil-efi very, biirny mill the ,-Jan Franei:io . H«"ls during hit; holdout campaign with Coionel RupperL lie never wcnl? near si. Pclrrsburg. vet IHM leg I socn as the Yanks' "Just a matter of preji-irctlnnvs ll! '»l'H all," Boily explains' "When ' P'lcher throw,; one ete-lo ,nv j>t>!j m ii ical game tliryu tie u.;,}tl DccSrioincon U ° (la;i|; ' T " f ""' ilcn'l have Ihe .'ittiiil'njKlThnvi' '-Ul ,ny i-onlrnrs a:; ,jcip : | „.; PV( ,,._ '• Huilcli;!,-!; n Uod'.er. all rlghl S , IMnks rot OH. Slides MAUL A. Mont. (UP»~lhc hugt 8-fool books in n,e ,,cu met ofTne of Phillips ccmiLv V1 |1| ( i,,ice »; jl3 Mislead ol the tinikkiipci Tjio l;i;; books, weixhiti'i finm UO lo- 30C ponirl:; >v ll) be 'piire 1 u i flldluc (able:, that will roll ubcm i,,,. ,"• ,„•''"' ,- 1)c ' mil lllc b ooK^<'per to do all _h,^d-llltlll^^!ll.j 1,01k IvllllOMt iLMVlllj; his SPLlt: your Car Will Need New I'arls For Spring !>>,»',, ncgJeci, those .vtctll •ratlbs and minor delects that cic-tract. from the beauty and .serviceability til your car. Wo arc equipped to replace worn paris anrt to tlx up your car lo look like riss-. Ml Work none Hy Trained Meduimi-.s for Gas,. Oil, Grease and Iteal Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. A- Walnut I'liojic 8111 Before you pay above 1000 for a motor car- ~s-w >"0k ,i() ; ,l,oe,s finm n local shoe rnc oi-y im doubt Ihoiinht I hey !,«ti V'lli! ii haul until (ilcy tvk , { , ol , he shQ Cs . T |, ( .y WC rc nil for u* SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries HKJUKSr QUALITY GAiES MKT, t'lMIHB 83 " US IV. main dictionary cl 1775, The two larw volumes bear the inscription et tlio original o*ner: "William Fetter In Norwich, 27 November 17M." Auction Sale ON EVERY THURSDAY A. M. RAIN OR SHINE Bring us pur hogs and livestock and let us get you the best price. We Sell Anything at Auction Missco Corporation "I'liniu'r OwtiiHl, Cojilfollcrl, iiniJ Operated" On Old Chicago Alill Site On Highway 18 BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. GENERAL RiFRIGfR^TOR O .Mosri'KinM.i; nn.i. vci-r.i: ihai il,r. innif.r- Yrl, many ,!„ ,.„,. '|Vy. n.Hki: an V t\* • •x|ieinlilnrc wliich cmiilrs Minn toCadil. Kir, i|,,alilv, Ca'litlai; safely anilCailitLn- ]ircslign—Inil tail to smir'u ili»in. TIlis is il,itloi,l,l.'t]|y ,!,,.- lu a niiMiinlrr- blanding aa lu llic ( Oht of a new i,aSal| c . '!»•>• lliidk tlic jirici; must lie, In'^li. il'iticvcr, lln'.T i.,'i,ni llir.casr. Tin-si 1 . ;:!•: in-liiitHy Hrvt-ii tniiinr i-jir niunufarlnri-r* "liii liHVf; iriiiclclri ,-r.i.lii,'.' nKiri: ilia,, ;i n,.,v '«'»' I LaSiillc V-;t, ltcf(ir<:_vt;« iim-sf - imi-xi^ali'. ff MI-I i)c.\l car—conic iti am) look ul LnSulle. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. K. .Main Ill.vltieviJIc, ArJi, "" EASIEST TERMS is no better tme B» extra savings out Noto Available on enteruin at iess See this thriftiest of all . Vo« sa« on price, JEFRIGERATORS UBB FURNITURE CO.

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