The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 7, 1900 · Page 3
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1900
Page 3
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3 Gimbel Brothers Gimbel Brothers Gimbel . Brothers Gimbel Brothers. Gimbel .Brother MARKS BROS. MARKS BROS. MARKS BROS. THE PHILADELPHIA IKQUIBEE FRIDAY MORSTIKG, SEPTEMBER 7, 190O -I 1 A 4 PHILADELPHIA, Friday, September 7, 1900. Tomorrow -End- the Allison Stock The quickest buyers were Mr. Allison's friends. He dropped in several f TOII1 S06 OllGStlTIXt StXGCt times during the day, and gave his old customers such attention as they ' required. Simple good feeling no business in it for him. We bought the storeful of goods outright and they'll all be sold by tomorrow night if that tropical storm veers away. ui in ou uu- n.aiun.5 vi iiiuwi i wi.wi-. who ouppi ji ncavy wimrji uiiucj wcai sumc ui n iiiiyui leu, UI 1L MlIltrllLail-IIlaUe, allU to his now depleted line we add today eleven hundred and fifty-two pieces of Men V Winter Underwear, Made by Durham Hosiery Co. The trade term is camel's-hair merino, because this house uses the softest and most luxurious camel's-hair in mixture with wool or silk at its factory. But these garments are just luxurious, heavy merinos in tan or blue or gray. All sizes up to 50 inch shirts, and drawers that correspond. These varments have no seams thev are fashioned like the best hosierv. Regular Price, $2.50 & Garment Sale $2.25 a Suit Or we'll sell single garments at Si. 15. but we'd rather not the lot wouldn't come out even, and such values can't be duplicated. That's sure. Plenty of most everything today not all. Plenty of Star Shirts fancy with stiff bosom 55c for $1 kind and 75c for $1.50 kind. To quickly end the neckwear more of it is marked to 25c yet nobody could see the use of reducing it. To get three, four or five times your money's worth should be enough. Plenty of the collars and cuffs collars started at 6 for 30c ; 40c cuffs are 25c ; the finest collars are just half price. Isn't that all you care to know about it? The 6-for-30c collars include as well odd and soiled lots from our own stock. WALKING SKIRTS Your walking skirt must set as though it were tailored for you then it is fine; otherwise, a fright. Be you broad or narrow, the skirt must be so cut that it will be perfectly even around the foot. Some folks say we are luckiest at it; tailors say "how those people must watch and plan to get their stocks so fine." . $2.95 The Damrosch Skirt single or double-faced cloth. $3.95 Five-gore Walking Skirts of double-face cloth of the homespun family. $4.50 Same fabric; more work on the skirt $4.95 Still better. $5.90 Skirts of smooth-face black cheviot; seven gore; strapped seams; twelve rows of stitching at foot. All the skirts have inverted-pleat back. aetmd flOOT. FMt store. The Upholstery S&le The better we meet your wants, the more goods we'll sell. Isn't that incentive enough to make us do our best? You wouldn't have bought at regular prices any curtains and draperies during the first half of September. As it is, we are busier now than we ever were in any part of any September. It is the special values of a whole season diverted into this naturally dull month. You Siwe 2s. Fourth to a. Half And it is a very satisfactory and safe saving for the goods in color and effect are about the counterparts of the whole influx of new things. SO in. Tapestries, for furniture covering, 50c instead of 75c. All colors but not in each of the manv patterns. Five colorings of $1.25 Tapestry at 75c. Eight colorings of $1.50 Tapestry at Ji. Ten colorings of Satin Damask, $3 and $4 goods at $1.50 a yard. These will be sold before night. And five hundred Art Tapestry CurtoJns for single-door draperies or couch covers. Reversible. One dollar each. Odd pairs of L,axe Curtains reduced Nottingham Curtains 1 Irish Point Curtain.- Two pr. were S3. 50 pr., now $3.25 for lot Two pr. were $2.50 pr., now $2.50 for lot. One pr. were $5 pr., now $2.50. Early comers fare best. Two pr.were $10 pr., now $12 for the lot-Two pr.were $15 pr., now S1B.50 for the lot One pr.were $8.50 pr. now $4. Fourth floor. GOLF The "best" outfittings maybe that means Dunn clubs for you, or Vardon model, or maybe the Tom Morris. , We've all the favored kinds, and your favorite for sure. Here's a list many of the articles from the Bridgeport Gun Implement Company B. G. I. Dunn one-piece Golf Clubs, $3.50 each. B. G. I. Socket Clubs, $2.50 each. B. G. I. Vardon Model, $2 each. B. G. I. Iron Clubs, $1.50 each. Tom Morris Golf Clubs (made in St. Andrews, Scotland), Drivers and Brassies, $2.50 each. Tom Morris Iron Clubs, $2.50 each. Willie Tucker Drivers and Brassies, $2.50 and $2 each. Vardon Drivers and Brassies, $2.50 each. Vardon Iron Clubs, $2 each. St. Andrews Golf Clubs, $1.50 each. Spalding Golf Clubs, $1.50 and $1 each. 100 Spalding Golf Clubs, $1 and $1.50, reduced to 75c and $1. Caddy Bags, $1 to $10. Golf Balls of all kinds from $2 to $4 a dozen Rubber Neck Tees, Hole Rims, Direction Flags, Marking Discs. Golf courses laid out free of charge. Fourth floor. CHINA September Price. No, we don't mean just that, for September has nothing to do with it we simply diverted all the very fine bargains of the -season to this month, which naturally is busy or hopeless, just as the weather turns. We've made it sure and good. The economy is yours. Dinner Sets At $6.75 American Porcelain Dinner Sets of 100 pieces, with soup tureen and three meat platters; pretty underglaze border decorations. Real value $10. At $11.50 English Porcelain Dinner Sets of highest grade, 100 pieces with tureen. Dainty thistle-border decoration in pink with gold edges. Regular price $16. At $18 Finest Austrian China Dinner Sets; artistic shapes ' and decoration, with filigree gold border. Regular value S25. Toilet Sets At $5 Twelve-piece Sets with jar, three choice floral decorations in natural colors, with clouded gold rims. Regular value $6.50. Decorated Plate." ; At 50o each China Plates, 9 inches in diameter, with double color and filigree gold bands and rose garlands between. Real value $L At 75c each Nine-inch China Plates with Watteau centers and colored borders overlaid with filigree gold. . , Walter Pitcher. At 25c Three-pint Pitchers, nicely embossed in rich blended colors. Worth 40c Cup. and Platte. At lOc English Tea Cups, and Plates in breakfast and dinner size, with rich old styles flow-blue decoration. Real values from $1.65 to S2.50 a dozen. Teplitz Figures Dainty new forms and colorings, with gold luster, at prices a full half less than usual. $1, $1.50, $2 and $3. Placques Terra Cotta Wall Placques, with reproductions of celebrated paintings; German subjects; at most surprising prices Placques, 7 inches in diameter, at 25c. Placques, IO54 inches in diameter, at 50c. Placques. 15 inches in diameter, at $1. French China Placques, fancy shape, 11 by 12 inches, hand painted, at half regular value. Price $2. Glass Vase At 50c Bohemian Glass Vases, 14 inches high, with raised gold decoration. Real Value 75C Basement. SHOES MenV and Boys' M211V $3.50 Shoes at $1.90. An entirely new lot Vici Kid, black and russet; Russia calf and patent leather. Welted and stitched soles; good toe shapes; all lengths and all widths. ; , : Boys' Shoes, sizes 1 1 to 54 black and russet $1 a pair, which is just hadf price. Men s and tsoys 1 ennis bhoes at 25c. v -Second floor. Market street. NOTIONS BOYS SCHOOL SUITS Double-breasted Suits for boys of 7 to 16 $2.50 and $3.50 values at $2. Double-breasted Suits, heavy enough for winter wear values $3.50 to $6. Prices J2.50 and $3.50. Ready when the store opens. Maybe two hundred Washable Suit. are left for ages 3 to 15. At nine o'clock this morning these will go on sale &t 25c. And at the same hour, Wzvshzkble Knee Pants at 10c. Third floor. ". . . ; ... . ' Photographic Cycle Jr. Camera with view finder, double plate holder Z by 34, complete outfit containing everything necessary for developing, printing and mounting pictures, S3-90. Tray covers, lOc. Zinc Washing Box and Drying Rack combined, $1. Darkroom Oil Lamps, 40c, 50c and 60c Tripods, nickel trimmed, $1.50. Passe Partout Outfits, 25c. Passe Partout binding, not gummed lOc, Gummed, 15c for 5 yard roll. Photographer's Paste, 5c, lOc and 15c per jar. Squegee Rollers, 4 in., 20c, 6 ia, 25c. AdjustableFinders forBrownie camera 25c. There's a dark room here with running water for the free use of amateurs. Fourth floor. Dear me ! home again and almost impossible to find pins, needles, buttons and the little sewiag-room needfuls. Start afresh. John J. Clark's Cotton. 200 yaids, lc sp. Geo. Clark's O. N. T., 200 yards, 5c spool, 50c dozen. J. O. King's Basting Cotton, 50c doz. Large spool Basting Cotton, lOc doz. Patent Finish Thread, lc spool, lOc doz. Embroidery Silk, 3-yd. pool. 8c doz. Button Hole Twist, 10 Is., lc spooL 50-yd. Sewing Silk, 3c spool, 2 for 5c Hand Sewing Silk, 2c spool. Crochet Silk, 3c spooL Cutter's oz. Spool Silk, black and white, 45c spool, $4.50 doz. Boys' Suspenders, lOc pair. Dress Shields. Nos. 3 anu 4,8c pair,OOc doz. American-made Pins, 2 papers, 3c Best Brass Pins, 4c paper. Needle-Point Pins, 150 paper, 5c paper. Pin books, containing black, white and colored glass-headed Pins; small Safety OPins, 5c Black Pins, lc box. Needle Books, containing four papers of needles, bodkins and belt pins, 4c Darning Cotton on cards, 4c dozen. O.N.T. Darning Cotton, 2 lorSc, 25c doz. Strawberry and Tomato Cushions, 4c each. Patent Hooks and Eyes. 5c card, O for 14c Fancy Silk Elastic, lOc strip. Kid Curlers, 8c dozen. Aluminum Thimbles. 3c each. Crimped Hair Pins, all sizes, 3c paper. Wood Hair Pin Cabinets, 5c each. Women's Satin-Belt Hose Supporters, SOc pair. Satety Pins, 3 sizes, 3c dozen. House Furnishings Wednesday was biggest day of the sale which started ten days before. We'll confess that stores of the Gimbel class possess a certain great advantage your confidence. How we work to get it and, keep it. 1 hat s all. 65c 2-qt. Coffee Pots, 35c. - . 90c 5-qt Coffee Pots, 50c 20c 10-in. Pie Plates, 12c 75c 10-qt Lipped Preserving Kettles, 40c 90c 12-qt. Lipped Preserving Kettles, 50c $1.00 14-qt.Lipped Preserving Kettles.esc $1.85 18-qt. Lipped Preserving Kettles, $1.10. 30c Wash Basins, 15c 65c Large size Cullender, 40c 28c 2-qt Pudding Pans, 12c 30c 3-qt. Pudding Pans, 15c. 33c 4-qt. Pudding Pans, 18c 35c 5-qt. Pudding Pans, 20c. 85c 14-qt Dish Pans, 45c. SL15 21-qt, Dish Pans, 65c. 15c Drinking Cups, lOc 13c Dover Egg Beaters, large size, 15c Fruit Jar Funnels with screw cap, cannot tilt, lOc Match Scratchers, 3c. Hand Saws, 20c. Brass Moulding Hooks, 5o doz. ; Wire Coat Hangers, 3c. , "Enterprise Meat Choppers,No.2,$1.25 (de monstration in basement ) 22-in. Imported Oblong Trays, Japanned oak, decorated in black, $1.00 from SL20. 24 in., $1.20 from $1.40. 16 in. Tin Ham Boiler, 30c. Tin Coffee Boilers, 4 qt, copper bottom, 25c Cycle Rotary Flour Sifter, 7c Wire Steak Broilers, good quality, 8c Sheet Iron Roast Pans.lOxie, 20c "Save-All Candle Sticks, 4c Uapanned Flour Dredge 3c , Blacking Brush with Dauber, 25c Fine Clothes Brushes, ail Bristles, 40c Folding Clothes Horse40 ft. drying space, 40c. Kitchen Chairs, 35c $22.50 Eclipse Gas Range, with water back, four top burners, two ovens and broiler, now $15. Basement. Knabe Behr Bros. Kroeger iano.r Market St. GIMBEJ BROTHERS Ninth St. WHY SUFFER? $1.98 futhof A remarkable offer to pet yon acquainted with lift in our new and convenient Dental Farlora. Our 20 yean' experience in Southern Philadelphia in a tuffUrtent guarantee that our work will be fully gunrnnteeti. GOLDCKOWNS..., 3.fiO KKIDGK WOKK.. 2.00 per Tooth GOLD FILL1NO 75c bILVEK FILLING . SOc PAtNLJSSS EXTRACTION FREE Dr. M. B. SMITH DENTIST 3t N. W. Corner 13th and Market Streets 1333 South Broad 1512 South 10th The grand Jury retnrned a true indictment agalnat Sarah K. Kenkner yesterday, charging her with the murder of her aon, William Gallagher, aged 26 years. a,1 Alr. 110.1 I Jf 111 1 1 LV AND REPENT AT LEISURE is an old adage. When applied to a piano purchaser it is still useful, as your Piano is a part of your household. Many buyers rush out in haste to get a piano without considering its real merits. We would suggest first of all ascertain where the piano you are about purchasing was made. If mapu-factured along the banks of a river or on marshy grounds the action and keys will in time become loose and rattling. Cheap out of town factory sites are usually selected for economy's sake, but Pianos made after that fashion, whether in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Massachusetts will in time prove a poor investment. Our Factories at 1249-51-53-55 N. 27th and 2623-25-27-29-31-33-35-37 Stiles Streets, were especially selected for their high and dry positions. We manufacture as a piano as is made in this country, and our standing offer of $10,000.00 for a better Instrument was made years ago and is now more prominent than ever before. Notwithstanding the above facts, our prices are less than is usually asked for very inferior pianos. We will sell you on easy trrm if you so desire. We hare abundance of other makes of pianos in stork and at prices that will relieTe yon of the monotony of travelling from one store to another in quest of a bargain. THE CUNNINGHAM PIANO 1 105 Chestnut Street. co. SPECIAL COMMISSION MAY BE SENT TO CHINA Acting State Secretary Hill, Ex-Senator Edmunds, of Vermont, and John W. Foster May Constitute Its Membership Special to The Inquirer. THE INQUIRER BCREAtT. 1410-12 G Street. N. W. WASHINGTON, Sept. G. President McKinley is seriously considering the appointment of a commission to go to China and act for the United States in ascertaining the extent of the responsibility of the Chinese Government for the attempts to destroy the foreign legations in Pekin and for the killing of foreigners and the destruction of property. The proposed commission will also act in fixing indemnity and in bringing about a restoration of .1 stable government. The need of a commission is said to have been brought to the front by the intended recall cf W. W. Rockhill, the special envoy sent by the President, who is alleged to have so far forgotten his position as to have declared that the blame for the entire siege of the legations rests upon the Empress Dowager. It was discussed fully at the last Cabinet meeting, according to an official, and it was the opinion of the authorities that no report which Mr. Rockhill might write fixing the responsibility for the outrages could carry the slightest weight, since he is reported as having publicly expressed his convictions even before he reached Pekin. While the firm denial made officially by Mr. Rockhill may have the effect of clearing him of the charges, the authorities are inclined to believe that he was at fault. They declare that his usefulness has been impaired, and they favor a commission. Already, it is understood, Acting Secre-try Hill, of the State Department, has been asked to head the proposed commission. The other members decided upon, according to the report, are ex-Senator Edmunds, of Vermont, and John W. Foster, ex-Secretary of State. The commission, in the event of the threatened trouble between Russia and the other powers in regard to continued occupation of Pekin, will be instructed, according to a State Department official, to demand that United States trocjw, which may be withdrawn to Tien Tsin, are to remain on Chinese soil by stipulation and not as invaders. It will also be demanded that sruarantees be given against the recurrence of the outrages, and that assurances be given of order and protection for foreigners throughout the provinces of the empire. Reparation by indemnity will be arranged for the injuries to foreigners and their property. c. W. c. LATEST PEKIN CABLES VERY CHEERFUL IN" TONE War Department Makes Public Those From Chaffee and Barry WASHINGTON, Sept. 6. The War Department to-day received the following cablegrams from China: "TAKU, China (no date). "Adjutant-General, Washington : "PEKIN, 28. The officers and soldiers of the China relief expedition send thanks to the President and Secretary of War for their messages of congratulation. Formal entry of the palace grounds was made today at 8 o'clock, a salute of twenty-one guns being fired at the south and north gates. Troops of all nations participated. The United State wu represented by a bat- talion 350 strong, composed of details from each organization present at taking of city. The palace was vacant, with the exception of about 30O servants. '"General Barry leaves for Manila today. The Danish cable, Shanghai to Xaku, is open for business. We can connect with our wire. CHAFFEE." "TAKU, China (no date). "Adjutant-General, Washington : "All -quiet in Pekin. Supplies have been promptly unloaded. They will be forwarded when dispositions are determined. All supplies have been received. "The troops will be provided with comfortables in the winter. There has been no communication with Chinese officials after August LS. "James H. Wilson, brigadier-general of Volunteers, goes to Pekin to-night. Rockhill is at Shanghai.-- - "Telegraphic communication with Pekin and Tjien Tain ia bad. The extreme heat is ended. All conditions are satisfactory. I go to Nagasaki to-morrow and will take the first transport to Manila. BARRY." General Barry goes to Manila to assume the duties of chief of staff to General MacArthur. The State Department also made the following announcement to-day: "A telegram has been received from Minister Conger dated Pekin, September 1, stating that a military parade passed through the imperial palace on that day and that eunuchs and servants were the only occupants." MARINES WITHDRAWN FROM PORT OF AM0Y Peaceful Condition of Southern China Made Such Action Advisable Special to The Inquirer. WASHINGTON, Sept. 6. As a result of the supression of the disorders which occurred at Amojv and the probability of the Viceroy of the province being able to prevent a recurrence, the Japanese and British governments have taken steps to withdraw their marines from that point. Acting Secretary Hill made this statement to-day: "A telegram from Consul General Goodnow announces the simultaneous withdrawal of all marines from Amoy on Friday." The authorities are very much gratified over the return of peace at Amoy, not only because it brought about the withdrawal of marines but because it demonstrated the purpose of the southern viceroys to stand by their promises and maintain order in Southern China. FRANCE THE ONLY NATION TO INDORSE RUSSIAN PLAN I All Others Believe That Troops Should Not Leave Pekin WASHINGTON, Stpt. 6. The latest expression as to the attitude, of the powers on the evacuation of Pekin comes from the United States Ambassador at Paris, General Horace Porter, who has advNed the c.nthorities here that the attitude of the French Government is favorable to the position taken by Russia. Almcst simultaneously with this dispatch from General Porter came another from the' American Charge d'Affaires at Berlin, giving the attitude of Germany on Russia's proposal. This, in substance, states that Germany, while anxious to avoid any friction between the powers, regards the conditions at Pekin such as to require the continued presence of German forces there. Neither General Porter nor Mr. Jackson gives the- text of the answers, but only the substance of the positions taken by the two eovernments. Thee two highlv important communications bring the Chinese negotiations to a" very advanced stage, though they are not yet concluded, as all of the answers are not yet in. The German and French answers, however, clearly indicate the alignment of the powers. It is generally accepted that Germany's attitude in favor of remaining at Pekin will be concurred in by Italy and Austria, as these two countries act with Germany on political questions of a general nature. As to the purposes of Great Britain, there is an absolute lack of official information, though httle doubt is entertained that since Germany has taki.i the initiative, Great Britain will follow suit in favor of remaining at Pekin. The position of Japan likewise is lacking in definiteness, although it is believed in the best posted quarters that if other nations remain at Pekin Japan will deem it expedient to remain there also. It would seem from this that France is the only government to give concurrence to the Russian proposition. German Troops Land at Shanghai SHANGHAI, Sept. 6.-The first battalion of German troops landed here tolay from the steamer Batavia. The foreign Consuls and detachments of French and Russian troops received them and escorted them to camp, the bands playing German airs. DETECTIVE MAKES IMPORTANT ARREST Police Think They Have Man Who Has Robbed Prothonotary Special to The Inquirer. HAKRISBUKO, Pa.. Sept. 6. Detective Walters to-night arrested Charles Brijrht-bill in Prothonotary Diffenlerfers office, in the Court House. Money has been missed for six months, but no clue to the thief could be obtained. Not less than $400- was taken. County Detective Walters was notified -and to-night concealed himself in the efflce. He had not long to wait. Urijrhtbill. it is said, entered through the front door and, unlocking- the door to the office of the Prothonotary, at once went to the money drawee. He tried to escape when Detective Walters approached him and managed to get into Court avenue, where a couple of shots from a revolver brought him to bay. He was taken to the county prison and held for trial. Several hundred persons witnessed the arrest, attracted by the shots of the officer. We had calls from d X 28 of Dr. Tarr's Patients of 1204 Chestnut St. yesterday. All went away satlvfied and olpawtl. Many new patienta are now ccmlnr. Bring your receipts with yon. We allow wbat has been, paid and finish up the work. Painless extracting, estimates and examination flee. No better dental work done. Alba Dentists' Main Office, 1002 and lOOe Market at. ;-liT --- -; ' - i - -- - --v-r . - ' As to Curtains and Draperies Whatever money can buy in these lines is here, and here cheapest. That is a strong, plain statement. And, like most strong, plain statements, it is true. If this store did not save you money, it would fail in one of its chief claims for attention. There are as pretty things as our in other stores; there are as heavy stocks in other stores. But there are no prices like ours on goods of equal quality, anywhere. This is "The Store of Real Economies," a prouder title no store ever bore. Real economies, mind you; neither the hollow bargains of mere newspaper talk, nor the fictitious cheapness of trash. Test. this by any of the items below, or by anything in the store on any day of the year. . All Curtains Purchased Here Will Be Hung Without Charge, Within City Limits A Third-Off Oil qT haUn eans a third Nottingham Curtains which" we?e aFSS far under the usual retail figures. There are 2500 pairs of these curtains in Brussels, Renaissance and Novelty patterns and effects. Even the cheapest have the overlooked edges that ensure long wear. The prices, new and old run like this 50c a pair, for 75c Curtains 75c a pair, for $1.25 Curtains 98c a pair, for $1.50 Curtains $1.48 a pair, for $2.25 Curtains $1.98 a pair, for $3.00 Curtains $2.50 a pair, for $3.75 Curtains Irish Point Curtains; x Really ssq bargains n . for that s the size of 1 nree Bargains. this special lot, but selling at three prices. Th curtains are particularly attractive in pattern, and made with the extra wide border and the buttonhole stitched edges that distinguish the good goods from the trashy imitations. Prices $3.98, $4.48 and $4.98 Selling elsewJiere at $5 to $6.50 a pair Half Prices on We have more than twenty vwj j cri ,1 thousand shades that we will WindOW Shades sell for half the prices thev are fairly worth. We bought out a factory, that's why. All are of the "oil opaque" sort, that is, the light, firm, swift-rolling goods in colors, and in the natural linen tint. All are mounted on spring rollers, and are sold complete, with fixtures, ready to put up. Some of these are plain, some are heavily ornamented with cording, some have the deep lace ends. The new prices are 15c, 18c, 25c, 29c, 38c (Regular Prices 25c to $1.25) Less than Half For Irish Point Sash Curtains Fiftv-five patterns in Irish Point Sash and Vestibule Cur tain stuff, and exceedingly pretty patterns thev are. The goods have double border and are new and fresh. If we could tell all Philadelphia curtain hunters just how pretty and cheap these goods were, the nearly 2000 yards we have would last about one minute. This is the best hint we can give, Price, 50c a Yard v Goods are selling regularly to-day Jor 75c, r and $r.2j) Another Shoe Chance Today Sold two-thirds of the Women's and Misses' Shoes advertised yesterday, but the remaining third gives a last chance to-day. Better come early, though. Aren't Shoes at a third and a quarter price worth hurrying a little for? Women's $5 and $6 Shoes for $1.50 Black glace kidskin and Russia calfskin. Hand-made Shoes in 'common-sense" toe. Flexible, elastic and easy as only a hand-made can be. Women's $2.50 to $4 Oxfords, for $1 Black kidskin, tan Vici kidskin, Russia calfskin. "Common-sense" and opera toe-shapes; low, Louis XV and opera heels. Splendid picking with never a chance to pick wrong. Misses' $3 Shoes for $1.29 Russia calfskin and tan glace kidskin. Hand-sewed Widths A to C, sizes 11 to 2. welts. Ready for School? If the scholar hasn't got all his tools yet, this list may have some valuable hints.' Even in these httle, inexpensive things, you will note the Marks characteristic of "cheaper than else where." There's nothing too small to make a bargain of. Double School Bags, with rings, 25c and 39c. Single Bags, 8c. Boys' Bags, 5c, 9c, 15 23c. isc Globes ot the World, o wire stand. Pencil Sharpeners, 3 for lc. Rulers, 2 for lc. Fountain Pens, filled. 7c. Fancy top Pencil Tablets, 250 and 300 pag'es, 3c each. Ten cent kind. Pencil Erasers, 2 for lc. Special prices given to store keepers. Little Prices on Little Needfuls These are more examples of the principle that nothing is too cheap to be made cheaper. These are things that never cost much, but why should. you pay even pennies more than you need to? Spring Collars, all sizes, always 15c, to-day lOc each. Boys' Shoulder Braces and Supporter combined, 19c pair; always 25c. Silk finished garter Elastic, all colors, 6c strip. Hair Pins, 4c for 144 pins.. 2-yard Corset Laces, 4c dozen. Safety Pins, 3c dozen, all sizes. 200-yard Spool Cotton, black, white and colors, 2c spool. Pure bristle Tooth Brushes, 10c, worth 15c. to 20c. Dress Shields, light weight and rubber lined, 10c pair, 3 for25c. 24-yd. Roll Tape, 8c roll. Non-Twisting Tape, 4c bundle of 6 pieces. All-bristles Florence Back Hair Brushes, lvc, worth 29c. Dressing Combs, rubber, horn and celluloid, 10c each, worth 15c to 20c. Bust Forms. Size 32 to 40. Price 44c each. Ideal Waist Lengthener. Gives you the long waist effect without changing your corset. Price 1 5c. Boys' Blouses and Waists Splendid assortment : doubt if any store sells so many of these as we do, and needs to carry so many kinds. Too many to tell, If your boy is aged between 3 years and 12 years, come in and see. Prices are 25c and 50c Boys' Hats All the styles of headgear that the small boy likes, in qualities equal even to what a small boy demands of them. School Caps, 18c, 19c, 25c, 50c. Tam-o'-Shanters, 25c and 50c. Rough Riders, 50c. Soft Hats, 50c and 98c. Derbv Hats, 98c and $1.48. Rubber Sheeting Manufacturers' Remnants, and of course at half prices. The guarantee as to quality has not been cut with the price. yard wide, 25c a y-J-xr tead of 40c. 1 yard wide. 35c a y, instead of 50c. IX yards wide; 45c instead of 60c. Silk Waists $1.98 and $2.50 Told about these yesterday: there . are enough left to miLc a reminder worth while to-day. There were " three , hundred and seventy-ve 'yesterday: there are only . a few dozen left, but we have filed up the sizes fairly well, and early comers will be glad of com- These are Taffeta Waists, most of them in new, Fall styles. Those are the $2.50 ones, and they , are goods marked at $4 and S5 in stores that say a good deal about "low prices." The balance are a few left from the Spring selling, and they were 63.75, S4.50 and $4.75. All marked at $1.98 now; not because they are any less pretty or less serviceable, but just because people are apt to think they are, being Spring styles. But the same people could scarcely distinguish the old from the new. Bargains, anyhow. XT MARKS BROS. Arch and Eighth Sts. BREEZY VISITOR Continued From First Page lotn nnocf licT liairp VwaTl cl lWl t AfaTlV of them, sweeping in a northwesterly di- 1 A 1 1 A i.1 rection, nave struct tne coa.t in me rc- m-t yt- tvo TJ off fit fl Tl A t Vl T Cr'A T1 Pf( off, so to speak, in an easterly direction. In this way the northern p'art of the United States has escaped the violence of tne nurricanes. Some Storm Data Thia vMr's storm originated in the Car ibbean Sea, several hundred miles south of Cuba. Its progress northward has been slow, but in many places the damage done lw it lias Vxen reoorted severe. There has been an unusual amount o' rain in Cuba and general devastation has been reportea from all parts of the island. In Southern Florida severe gales were reported on Wed nesday night, and in Jvey West and jupi-have bperi blown down. rendering all telegraph communication im possible. A general warning was sent out by the Weather Bureau at Washington to all maritime stations along the coast to avoid a repetition of the disasters that occurred in.lS!J3. Yesterday signals were displayed at stations as far north as Norfolk. The hurricane signal consists of two red Hags, each with a black square in the centre. . Yesterday was one of the hottest September days experienced in a number oi vears. The minimum temperature was 73 degrees, at G A. M., an hour when most people were slumbering in blissful ignorance of the cool. The mercury reached il. u : 4- of i P Af ix-Vwn it rper- istered 90 degrees. High Winds and Heavy Seas SpwiM to The Inquirer. JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 6. For the past thee days heavy rain and wind storms have prevailed here, beins the forerunner of the usual September equinoctial Rale. In the southern, portions of the State and on the east coast the gale has been heavy. All along the east coast the sea Is rough with heavv surf. The present hurricane that is expected to fully materialize here to-morrow or Saturday is like the one that prevailed lost year in August. The Weather Bureau was crowded to-day with anxious inquirers, as many who had felt the severe effects of previous storms here wanted to know the worst at once. The wind is light to-night, but seems to be Increasing with violent dashes of rain. Heavy clouds roll overhead, and all indications or a bi storm are at hand. Many or the people at I'nblo have come up to the. city, fearing the effects of a big storm at that unprotected spot. . . THE BIG BLOW IS DUE TO-NIGHT Cuban Hurricane is Moving up the Coast and Warning Signals are Flying Special to The Inquirer. NORFOLK,' Va., Sept. 6. Northeast storm warning signals were to-night displayed from the Weather Bureau roof here. The warnings are now flj-ing from here to Cape Ilatteras. The biggest storm in a year is bowling along up the coast, increasing in intensity at every bound. The gale, which .originated in the tropics, and now known as the Cuban hurricane, is due here to-morrow night. Extensive preparations have been made hert? and along the coast to meet the hurri cane. Observer Gray was late this afternoon advised that the blow, which is described as a terrible one. was central over Southern Florida, where a fifty knot wind is blowing. The wind to-night along the North Carolina and Virginia coasts Is freshening. Shipping going South is advised to be cautious and word has letu sent to all life saving station for surf-men to exercise extreme vigilance in patrolling their beats. Diamond Sboais Lightship No. 6!, after a thorough overhauling, has taken her station. GREAT LAKES TOUR RAYMOND & WHITCOMD 1005 Chestnut St., Phila. NOTES OF THE COURTS The socw Hercules, which was recently attached under a libel filed by Jamea Gallafrber. the maccglng owner of the ateam tuffs Nellie ami Ittitlol. to muriT for towage alleged to be lu. was yesterday released upon the entry of $75o aet-nritr. in the United Statea Diatrict Court. Frederick Cook. . colored, pleaded guilty jen-terday before Judse I'ennypacker, in the Criminal eourt to tbe charge of assault and Imtrerv with intent to kill James Ferry, a Kaloonke"Dpr at Elerenth and Loeuat streets. Jiidce Fennyna-ker imposed a fine of SIO and two reals' imprisonment. LINES OF LOCAL NEWS A eoal wagon belonging to George B. Newton & Company, driren by Thomas Mc-Mabon. of 957 Frankford avenue, waa etniek and overturned by -a Gerroantown trolley car at Kiphtii and Spruce streets yesterday morning. Mi Mahon, who was Injured about tbe body, was taken to the Pennsylvania Hospital.' The accident caused considerable excitement and a numlier of ears were blocked. Through a typographical error, the address of Dr. James F. Berlot was printed on Wednesday as 30 North Eighth street, instead of 630 North Fifth atreet. t am a m i slaTlafr Our New Store jf Z4th and hederai streets is now open, where we will sell the same high-trade goods at the same low prices as at all our other stores. special Coffee Sale at all our stores for to-day and to-morrow only. SOc GOLDEN BLEND COFFEE iLalb 20c SPECIAL BLEND COFFEE 1 o alb The above are the two greatest coffee favorites in the City, and thousands of peopla are drinking them every day with perfect satisfaction. We want thousands mora to try them, and they will then know why so many people buy their coffee at oar stares. ROBtNSON&CRAWFORD

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