The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN 13LYTIIEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS , THURSDAY, Good Newspaper Shun Subsidies Newsprint Controls Not Heeded; Publisher Hits Cartel Theory NEW VOSK. April 24. (UP)—A good .newspaper stands on its ov/n feet and has no need for govcrii- ir|$nt subsidy, W. G. Chandler, Sjripps-'Howiird newspaper executive, and president of the American Newspaper Publishers Associi- tlQri, told the publishers at their annual meeting yesterday. "Newspapers discontinue piibltai- tip^i .when their o\vners and operators fall to serve or interest t?ic'f PMblic," Chandler added. "Tii c public, «-liicli bays the j?a- pef, votes on its continued exis- tcrjco ever}' day, every week, every montli." pJiaudicr said that it was hfs bejiet that a newspaper must stand or fall on Its OVVH mcrils. "Elimination ot the unlit is n major factor in tljc virility of tho American pref-s. The people of the United Slates arc voluntarily buying more nev:s^ap?rs at higher prices P" 1 ' crpy than iti any previous 1'par In our history." ' Chandler said most publishers could do even better it sufficient npwsprint were available. 'Hp attacked the. theory, however, expressed by some persons, that n return to federal control of printing oapcr was needed because ^ "trust or cartel controls nett'sorinc prorinctiott and price, probably in combination with big ctt\' publishers anrl chain newspaper operators.'' Chandler said tirese critics <i!so charge big city publishers and chains with freezing out mdcpoji- deiit one-city publishers. "This condition Is serious, it (rue," )i e snjil. ''Tjicre is a lack of facts to support the charge. There are no exact ilgjnres on the mortality rate of nowppapers, large or small, sin:c •th e last government census 1 of 1WO. Tlie mnjir casualty 1ms been the Bhiladolphia-Camrton publisher, for reasons other than newsprint, insofar as statistics arc available, newspapers of thc> United States cqntinu e to fmiction efficiently In public ' service despite Rreatly in- c'feaspd costs for payroll and paper. Hpwpver, there can be no puar- nntce of succe*^ fnr present day or prospective publishers." Show Miss Truman's Voice >ares Weil He Missecl Her So 295 Missing Week After Explosions TEXAS CITY, Tex.. April 24. lUP) . ; —lU'chuiuitiiii) wniK nmi tin.- s'j.iL'in J ' for Hi:: ljndl".s "f M5 |)L'r.i,iii.; niKs- sion \vi'i'i- expecfL'd to be lushed L 2-J, 10-J7 / today after ttic icinovii) ol n'.l lu- lluimrmblc materials from the city's 1 waterfront. Officials directing the vccondtruc- lion of Hie .stricken city snM they liellovetl the "'cwifctiint rumors of more explosions a»U lire:;'' \vmild t end and that more workers \vouHI cnVv the nrcn to wm-k. The death toll today .itoui at •J3S. v;ilh public safety oCIiciuls «,tinn.liiii: lh:U the llnal count of '•".••A;II,S would muiib-'r 570. Williiiin Harbour, ol Washington. D. C.. und his svifi?, Olive, were very close together. After she rticd in 1944, time dirt not sollen the pain ol her loss, as it (iocs for inosl people, l-'or almost three years he brooded in blnek loneliness. Then, recently, he wont to Itocl; Crcch cemetery and killed himself on his wile's grave. Ambulance uUuiidujits arc sliown removing his tiecly. wliicli 'Was reflected in a 'lightening mi' and in visual I Beryl Davis." erratic movements on an oscillograph. "Shn demonstrated Dealer rc- The three voices, Nestcr explained, were pill ill f(|[iiwi!ei)l. ileciixl levels imil weighed ayninst nil nur-j luxation in the lower and middle I ma! iulerlci-omv in 1111 clfort to registers \vlilch was i-ompanvblc to achieve an eijual basis lor jucl;-, l.xpi'n]! the ease and naturalness of the I incut. j l))c r;»re trained voices ol Mon'.v Pairtcc and' "Speaking lor myself, and \vltli- effects on men. out meters," he said, "If Miss Trtt man would learn to relax, sn would !uve a t'ood voice. I think sl'.c tried to cct ahead too last." woik reveals that xenon has narcoti COTTON SEED Saved from Breeders' Foundation Seed DP&L74 Delinted & Treated i Germination Average 96% only a few tons on hand FLEEMAN GIN CO. Manila, Arkansas or Call Fred Flccman, 2923 (NEW YORK, April 2-J. (UP) — Margaret Truman's voice has been tgpnd to be «s good ns tlial of » metropolitan opera soprano and a popular radio .songslrpjss, l>»i- 5)10 sVipulrt learn to relax when she sings, a leaclinf sound engineer said yesterday. j Stephen Nestcr,-dircltor ot the DiioUme Sound Labonltoiics ,s'ai<l thp voices of Mis s 'Truman, the iNCct's Mona Paulce and English radio and musical comedy slai ISeryl Davis \vcreH-T-.'il throiiRh .(Sfjfie!; j>f.. s:lcpt!(i£ sound tests last, : month" after Miss Truman's radio ? appcarancc. '.'''Based on ,• the results of tlic test- 1 ; '.and without involving lona ! f|uali(-y or the cntotiannf factor,' he-said, "Margaret Truman's vf abbO 'up well in her middle register by comparison." - 'But. he added,' ''her JiJeJr'ncr ( veins tension was evident throuah- J oijl." • [ '^BS elimmatlnR all sound and | transformins it into cJcclriCii] im-' nijes," Ncstcr said, "we still no;- jced' a high nervous condition Coolair. Plus Cooling You flick a switch and -1 cooling breeze comes flooding IJiroiial) every room In your home! Frc.'.h, healthful outside air is drawn in thrnugh doors and window.? and up through an attractive ceiling grille or automatic shutter into a suction box in the attic. The POOLAIU FAN, mounted in the iox, blows the air outdoors again through attic exhaust openings. See the COOLAIR FAN in our . store; you'll want it for yonr home. Terms can bo arranged. But don't wait, hot weather is just around the cornerl Coolair ... Mode in the South For Southern Climatcf at vour future NOW ? ATTENTION FARMERS You Can Now Get 100' < Coverage On Your Crops Against Hcil Sfonnsl This may b<! a yc:tr of Ivrstvy liuil slonn.s. \Vi' rc|»ri'st.'i)t and with lliu liiKlH-st. ratinj-':. Spuciiii ix-iu'csc-ulativo will lj« in IJIyllu'villi! c.ntl vi- cinily for a liuiiU-d liiuo lo lain! ;i|i|)lieiitii>ii^. Call, write or phone NOW Voi- |vui'lictilar.s—No <ibli:.',atii)ii! UNITED INSURANCE AGENCf A. V. nU'.THH'.U. MiintiKci- Over (iiiiir<('s .Jewelry St«ro I'honc 51 (J "lOvt'i-ythiiiK In li\sui-unce" ''For Work Done Right" Cold Storage for Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ *onr Boarcc of I'KTKOLEUM ^ble Scrjlno 1'ROOUCTS O/flce " Kit at CherrT J UST ptuisc u iiior.ictit on any corner of (lie snmrlcst street in town. W-ait till you sec this glcaming «ril(e hcnrinj* tlo\vn on you — tlicse lon}« fender lines sweeping past — this trim rear bumper (lushing its fnrewell. That's not jusl the new '47 Huick you're seeing, hut the tip-oil on tomorrow as far as car styling is concerned. Here's the Ionf5, low, sweeping look designers even now are striving to equal. Here's the broad beam that tells of plenty-room, the proud bearing that spells power and ability and steady road-wise going. We're not saying you'll match this flashing action elsewhere — lUiick's frugal Fireball combustion principle luvcinllMRYJ. MflOK, MufucilNctworl-, MonJoyicr.tlfti.fcys and Aceuritc cylinder finish give us pretfy much of u corner on Unit. And not everywhere will you find the fluid stride, the ever-easy comfort of soft, HuiCbil springing on all four wheels. Only Ikiick, after all, can be all a Unick is. Bui here's the way the smartest cars will dress themselves — for a long while to come. Here's a high-styled high stepper that will keep you among the first-in-fashion for years and years. That being so-why hesitate? There's no smarter slep you can take to mnUe your dollar count and cut your waiting to the minimum — than to get your order in now. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC I -*c '•* i*', Ail debtoi'H to Uiu cstato of l')i: C. C. Stevens may x "*' pay tltcir accounts a( HtiMiarcl Fni'tiilui'c Cotnpruiy X . . . books will lie Jit-M open Ihci't 1 unliJ ;ilJ acconuls >• arc cleared. Please pay promptly, aa \vt: would liko > to settle estate as soon as possible. Mrs. C. C. Stevens SIMPSQM'S STATE LSME CAFE Under ?ilim<iscrvn!nl oC SI a nicy Keller ». Curb Service — Oiien 24 Hows Fresh Seafood Steaks — Chicken — Chops — Bar-b-que ;.' ••:•;.; Hot Biscuits Truck Drivers Welcome HOT SHOWERS LOUHGING LET US FILL YOUR C/.R WJTH QUALfTY GAS — WHILE YOU EAT! ONLY BUICK HAS * AIRfOU fINDERS * FfREB/Ul POWFR — lion, valve in hcod Ur a ; n !,I. - * SUICOIt SPRINGING ^^ Buick-ttcvclopcd oil coil Iprin ^^ ing lor peipcrual smodthnc t© (ind "panlKcrgnll ' ririo. * FlIItWEIGHT PISTONS * sacwr ZONE BODY * PERMt-FIRM SItERING * BROADflH WHEEtS /L THESE * FULL-LINGJH TORQUE-TUBE OKIVf prolccti moviny [Jarfi, flivci t/ovcling. * 5TEPON PARKING BR/,KE * DStentX SEAT CUSHIONS * CURL.AROUNO BC/AIPERS t *ACCUSIT[ CYLINDER BORING — imoolhv.oi (torn Ihe noil onrl on engine Ihaf ">!ayi young." * MINI SMART MOOflS * BODV BY FISHER Walnut and Broadway cl Service- Emblem above is icms t!\.u our mcclianics arc International-Trniiu.-il in tne btsc and latest nict!ro<is :uui practices. It means td.u \ve use ^ social International etjuipint-n,- for tc.siintj, rewiring, reconditioning and proving.. It means hat tbc truck parts NYC install arc prccision- J-'inecred International Parts. It means, above that your trucks —any makes or models —are Me Out iced here with skill and c.ire -,,-, ,h, oi'Sf, -to : Rttvt S' VL ' 'he best possible service at lowest cosllk AO\i\<5\t^iC> ^M c . ^^ t -\io cuv.-tuic uo\v for a ser\ice-d.\te—anything from a "~atiou job to a complete program of pro- nuiintcnaticc. i IMPLEMENTS Inc. Phone 863

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