The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1949
Page 8
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f*Oft BIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 6, 1049 ( S « / '** I B -' > '- g nierest Army Worms Cause Damage South Half of County Suffers; Other Parts Of Arkansas Hit, Too An outbreak of army worms which is threatening damage to the oaUs, wheat and other small grain crops In south Mississippi County was reported yesterday by County Agent D. V, Maloch o' Osceoln. First, reports of the damaging army worms were received last Frl- dav, Mr. Maloch said, and a close check during the past week revealed that the worms are Increasing in number. Mr. Maloch stated that at present ] the outbreak of worms was not con- sideren severe but all indications 1 «re that die situation may set worse. So fur only a few fanners have found » necessary to poison, he said. The army worm. » caterpillar, feeds almost entirely on grass-type crops such as oats, wheat, and rye. Mr. Maloch explained, and can be extremely dan-iging it not controlled. The oat and wheat crops are the hardest hit by Ihe Intesiation In thai area, he said. Close Walch Is 1'nccd Neariv every larmer In the south halt of the county that has small grain crops has some arirty worms. Mr. Maloch said, bill only a lew cases are at present considered serious. Most oj the army worm infestations reported to tlie county • Rent are not In alarming numbers but he indicated much concern aver the situation and urged farmers to Veep a close watch on llicir fields. Mr. Maloch's office is rrcommcnrt- Inft Paris green baits as a poison for the worms. This tyiie of poison- Ing proved very satisfactory in numerous cases last year, he explained, and he urged the use o[ U again this year. While dusting Is sometimes used In the fighting of IVe insects. It in not recommended. Mr. Maloc-h aald. "Last year Paris green baits Ruve good results but we did tint hnve any luck with dusting." Entomologist Tours Fields Dr. Charles Lincoln. Extension .Service entomologist, warned Arkansas warmers earlier this week that army worms may march li highly destructive numbers through out. the stale. He recently scoutci fields in several eastern countie •nd reported several outbreaks thu .was already considered severe. During this tour he inspected i iields In Phillips. Prairie and Ark aiuuts Countle.s. Of the Held amined. nine were heavily infestet fire had light lo medium infcslalio and only one was apparently from the worms. ' Farmers experienced B rathe jevere outbreak of army worms las year, he The insects, came 01 wrong and did considerable dan ««e but the outbreak faded wlie the army worm's natural enemi mainly wasps and lies broiigt them under control. Dr. Lincoln warned that year's outbreak is [oo far adva for nalin-nl enemies to control, b Mated that they may reduce •everity. Some fields may be ready eontrol measures this weekend, said, while others won't be ready for about 10 days. 4-H Club Farm Home Program Gains Interest The number of Arkansas boys and girls enrolled in the National 4-H Home Grounds Heaiiliftcation Program annually has been stead My increasing, and the 19-W figure is expected to follow suit, according to the National Committee on Boys and Girls Club Work. On a national scale, enrollment has more than doubled in Ihe lust five years. 4-H Club membeis start out by Total Cost of President Truman s Social Security Plan Is Analyzed Read Courier News Want Ads. WASHINGTON -- What would, The., proposed social security taxe.-; 1'rc.sidenl Truman's social .security I would not be quite so low ax they proiiosals cost? Bslin cull. bit', there ejqjorts from the United States, which were $145.200.003 in 1046, Increased to $177^00,003 in 1017. with two-firths of the total going to Idtin-Amerlcan countries. The U. S. Department of Agriculture maintains a collection of approximately 8.500 varieties of wheat, from every country where wheat is grown. lies are diffi- existence an- olln-r govci nine-ill system that fur- ni.slK-.s some clues fen rough cornpa- risions. It Is tlie railroad retirement .sy.sUm. KniliYiiirt workers' retirement and imemnioym-nt insurance systems provide nil the benclit.s which tli'J and showing plans for improve- seem ill ccmparision to the railroad rctircmen'. lax. They would be levied on wages up to MOO a month (con.pared to $250 a month under the present law.) The lallroad retirement tax is levied on wages up to $300 a month. Benefits would be abon t!. The maximum monthly benefit a railroad man and adminislra'tion lias proposed to ex-| hi.s family can draw i.s $144 .The lend to mast of the rest of the new Old Age and Survivor's Social liul the ment. They learn to use flowers, plants, shrubs, tree* and Brasses In landscaping. "Before" mid "uftcr" photos are taken to show results. Sometimes mother und dad tend a hand in Ihe Job, nnd sharp Ihe .sal isfnclion of turning their farm home into a beauty s[X)t. For the TJlli ronsprutivp year. MLS. Charles R. W.lliircen of Chi- j I* C;IR:i is providing merit awards for ~ boys and Kills liavlnt! the inns! ont- slandhiK records of accomplishment in the project. County winners will receive a gold-filled medal of honor, and stale winner « 11-jewel g"M winch. Judged on a national basis. night state winners will tto to the National -1-8 Club Congress next full, all expenses paid. Billy Jean Johns of Newport was rme of the 1048 national winners, ;\lso having won state and Jackson county honors. Arkansas named :)0 additional county winners. The en- workevs. mil the propose* social security taxes would be bargain prices compared lo what Ihe railroad people pay. The administration P>a" > s to rai.w .social security taxes Iroin the present one per cent of payroll to one and one-half per cent this July. The lax would be raised to two | per ce:il on Jan. 1, 1950. A.s the tax paid both by the employer and employe, tills would make the totcil tax al CiH'h rate two, llnee and foul per cent. In Ihc railroad business. Ixitli cmployi' anil management now pay a lax of six per cent, of paymll. m.ikins a total of 12 per conl. In 1!1S2. tin- tax will be boosted to 614 per cent each. The railroad men believe there will no plenty o[ money to pay tin: hills without'additional taxes. They don't extHC for iiK'i.oy Security Insurance maximum would uc $150 iTIie present, maximum for Soda! Security Ls $85.1 A retiicd railroad employee, however, hits one very substantial advantage o\er .social security participants. If he wants to gel a Job paying any amount, of money outside tli' Kiilrnad industry to supplement his retirement annuity, he i can do so. i Under Ihe proposed .social scc- ! mliy amendments, a retired perso:) i cannot earn more than $50 a month ! in "tnploymenl of a lype covered by ltd a?,e Insurance and still draw ! his retirement benefit. I At present he c:inno! earn more than SH.O!) in covered employment). ; The railroad and new .social sec-] urity plan wovitd also provide dis- nbiiity insurance. to ask the government, i For the railroad folk, sickness Tlie government pays land unemployment compensation is Shelton Motor Co. 215 South 2nd I'hone tire program Is under tlie supervision of the Cooperative Extension Service. Temperamental Cow a Problem : or Agri Experts COLUMBUS. O.. May B-I/PV- liry husbandry men of Ohio ale University and the Ohio Apri- Itural F.xperimcnt Station had a oblem yesterday. II revolved about a cow—but It (isn't one of those simple prob- to keep | .separate. Management foots the en- credils I tire bill. Under the new social SP.C- wlio wcr; not in the i nrity Inw unemployment insurance would I'emnin a state obligation Sicklies 1 ' insurance, howr-ver, would be Included under the new bill. ins such ns getting the animal out I ™ad coni|>r.nies them nothing now except w:»r vet ei tins' relircnicnt equal to those armed forces. The social sci-nriiy plan, however. ; now proved, looks toward A lime, in live to 10 years, wtien it will be necessary eiliier to raise the K>CIR| M'i:urity luxes aljove two per cent or ltd a subsidy. One reasol tlial railroad taxes are so high is lhat railroad workers with 30 years' servile (an retire xvith full annuity benefits, although the system has been iii elicc, only 12 years. The?e workers P.el a lot more out of it thhn Ihcy pnl into II. The system took ov<r Ihe old railroad retirement plan, under which (lie rall- nu-ed pensions the silo or a hay loft. This was a entnl nffiiir. An Ohio fnriu wile po.set! robleni i]i a letter, to wit: "Dear Sirs: "IMcosc write allfl tell lue ivhnt on cnn do wllli a (tnmii cow tliat ins all tlie grass she can cat, all ne \vnter nhe wants lo drink, and bred. Hint just stands and buwls urt bawls until she is Just about to trive you nuts. She doesn't have a thing to bnwl about thnt I c:m sec." Until they look deeper into the nutter the scientists are reluctant lo Products which now cnn be marie Iroin wood include Run-powder, supnrs, alcohol." paper, food for livestock, rayon, cellophane. Imitation leather, mo!as.= e.s. lacquers, vanillin flavoring for ice cream, anil rubber tires. men. T\ic Social Security system has a parii'li-l problem. It is defined by the Advisory Council on Social Security. :iended by Sdwaid R. Stel- tiiiilis. Jr. "Under our recommendations, the lull rate of benefit* will be paid to those v.lio retire during the lirsr, two 01' three decades of operatio'i even Iliouuh they pay only a frnc- li,.n o' tin- «\st of (heir benefits. "In a set ial tiisurancc system, it would be inequitable to ask eithc- eni]il,>v*'rs or employes to [iiuince tlir entire cast of liabilities arising primarily because the acl had no! been passed earlier than it was. ••Hence, it is desirable for the Federal Government, as sponsor of Hie program, to assume at least part ol tnese aceurcd liabilities based on Ihe prior service of early retirant.^ A sovcriiment contribution would be a recognition of the Interest o[ the nation as a whole in the welfare ol the np.ed and the widow:; ami children." NOTICE OF FILINO OF AlTl.K'.VriON KOR LIQUOH I'RKMI'I' Notice is hereby given that Ihe undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas for permit to -sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 318 S. Division St.. niytheville. Application is for permit to lie issued for operation beginning on the 1st day o( July 19+9. and to expire on the 30 clay of June, IQ50. Virginia Johns 6-6-49 SAVE $ 174.50 on this Coolerafor Freezer This 15 cubic foot ''Family Ri/.e" Coolcnilnr Freezer lias been used less than .'10 days anil is really as Kood as new. Tlie regular price. SHI!).5(1—ntnv only ?U25. It's your chance lo pick up a bargain. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone 551 Blyrhcvillc The III nttllll!, loose oxl'oirt that does nut "hug the ankle" is made nug and rumrortable here. Finest work at reasonable eusl. H-fl LTSRS QUflLITY SHOC SHO RENTACAR Drive Anywher* You Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Sleep COOL this summer The SECRET of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service rtolhrrx-K Drug Co. PHONE 4151 No more sleepless nights wheri you have a Coolair Kan ! I-HA terms. Ask for installation estimate. NOW! BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. VV. II. Pc:ise .1. Wilsrm Henry Smith Highway 61 Phone HZ4 D'tbgenes Could Have Found His Man Here NEW BRUNSWICK. N.J.. ^. Wi—Diogenes, the cm.sty old Greek philfwopYier, searched all over place for an honest man. He should have gone to Rutgers University. A cri.sp dollar bill wa? pinned to • M1 Lo3i and found" notice on a campus bulletin boaid. The noticc repd: "Found in telephone both. please take." At last report, the dollar bill still there. Bill Asks Truman Home Become Historical Site JEFFERSON CITY, May 5. -.V The birthplace of President S. Truman would be honalit by Mi.>- TOiiri and made a historical Mir under a bill approved by Hou^e committee yesterday. Tlie home IF located ai Mo. The fommittee adapted smenriinp-nL which would r-r: prire the >iair ronUl fnr the hou-se and grounds ai 000. The mPaMirp now is in for Htni.SR action. OUR COMPLETE STOCK OF SPECIAL! Sherwin-Williams Paints Kent a Camera for Color Pictures The ideal way to remember speeinl nee as inn s. Also other types of cameras for rent. BARNEY'S PRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3«47 UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Gel Our Prices TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors • Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON Cltancr-Clothicr-Tailo KffP TRACTORS RUNNING SMOOTH WITH OUR EXPERT SERVICE GENUINE PARTS • 1(« Kor.l Traclor gels CHUM irnlimit mnititeiinnre nlltMitimi every dny it >vill deliver *u awful lot of «ork uefort u ncr ,^ „„ , )VCI |, n> ,| Bill Ilir lii,.c f«mcs, even lo , K,,r,l Trarlor; when It Hf«-1« » tup to the vl,,,,, „, p,,, i, in „!,.,,„. f()r cran<m ;,.^ y«>«rr ul. vcrlorniancc. When Hint time romc., JUM plume in. ' Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Allen Hardin, Mgr. S. Division Si. Phone 2171 PER CENT OFF! 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone 6328 Evenings Electronic That's Our Motto! We spare no eHorl In providing AH EXTKA everyday prescription service winch means extra COD venlence to vou FceJ tree to cat on vi? flt any Lime Prompt delivery service Phone 501 WOODS DRUG STORE PIANO TUNING lavf your piano tuned Ihe icrfe.ct way. Radio Repair AM-FM-Televisinn Everv .lol> Guaranteed Shc"l .Music — Radios — Kcconis — Everything In Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Tel. 81 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Constant growth of our business lias made it necessary lo increase our telephone laciltlies. This necessitated changing our number. Our lelc;>honc number is Think of An Apple 812 / ate one too! Kl'V HCTIVE Al'HIl, 12, 11)10 UNITED INSURAN< E AUENCY "The Friendly Insurance Service" First & Main — In8'«in Huilding We Insure Everything WE Make All Type LOANS

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