The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1946
Page 8
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Kef Hen, Ships LeiorBlini <B2J«ly 1 t» Dntroy nfcfciy,.Hisirork Craft JK JOSEPH L. MYUJt SWf Now How About Yours? Maj J3 TUP)—Key. men and in Operations Crossroads embirked j today on the last sea lap of ther I 4,130-mile voyag* from California to Bikini. Atah *• w*wre they will fit the ^UxWc" bomb's < pb»er to destroy na*aVcr»ft' / Among the target snipe that sleuned wesUard.oul of Pearl Harcor towavd possible doom was the 30-year-old Battleship 1 Nevada, ornnge-pniiited "aiming point" for the first test, and several of lita hear neighbors in the guinea pig fleet which: has been .-increased lo 77 ships. Boriib ballistic exerts attached to joint Ar\»y-Navy task force one \vere ilying-to the Marshall Islands : to intensify then; efforts '.o mnke certain that'the air drop set for July 1 would b a :as accurate . s> men and machines can mate it. Never before in all .history have fctence and. the military asked so much information from one bomb. From the air burst Army air forces expect to ^Btftiit which they can determine ."boinWng prob'abll- itics"^-£fae -'ftunij?ejr. .^of.,bombs, and kind of'WBriiW-ng required to' destroy a ttt&SHrfgfSeViof tn« new atomic weapon. • To-*obtaln such data in the prc.- atomjj age, th«" air forces dropped thouSnds of live" .TNT bombs. At BLYTBEVItLE (AfcH) COURIER NEWS • SUNDAY SCHOOL UBSON* Finding a New Sense of Values Scripture: I.ukr lZ:lt-t»; 18:21-30; 19:1-1» MY WILLIAM K. fill.ROY, n. D. commandments 'from Ills youth. He THURSDAY, MAY 23, 194«' After receiving award of Philadelphia high school, Connie Mack nutbernplis baseball for Dick Adnir, who pitched no-hit, no-run- :• same for sciiolastic team, Manager of Athletics soon hopes-to!' . liivo vounnslci' autpKroph contract. . . ' Three characters appear in the Scripture passages assigned for his lesson, and they all Illustrate the matter of values. Two of them tailed because they lavished Iheir trust and iilieeaoii on t ne things they postfissed; the oilier found happiness, salvation, and the de-curs L satisfaction by renouncing everything to become the friend and cll.-ciple of Christ, The first of these men was the Miccessful fanner, whose crops so uvurflowcd Ills barns that he was planning 4 to p.ull. them down anU build greater'.structures. There was' no haqn in that. Hut.^apparently, he was going to keep vft\ these things for himself; and there was harm in that. lie had no intention of Ijelng "rich toward Ood," or of serving Ills fellow men. That was his moral mistake. Dill hf made a great economic blunder us well. Successful though he was, he left out of his calculation the most important thing of all—f!ls wn life The farmer wasn't necessarily :i :ul trmn, or damned, except for cir-ccntcrcdness. He was an eco- lomic fool, and therefore a spirit- lal fool, In not realizing how littl ils possessions were worlh in view f the uncertainly or his life. The second man was the rial young ruler, the young man whori Bifein* they will drop one. Ane! at'Bikini more than 1000 'technicians *th more thanl -7,000' Instruments will ask the: Mornb thousands of questions abouf its unearthly heat, Hgrrl, blast^amj radiation. . So-^obert'Dorfr-.ftni New Yorl; City *aivilian bomb ballistic expert ed for Kwajalein Sunday. The-parade of task fiice ships j^' /A OOGS i-ith'Adi!! M Bl S andy and I LUiTlbe TiTien \ fl iff members aboard. I r-» i i i 4 i Block Market out of Pearl this flagship wit other key staff Also sailing today were the USS Wharton, carrying Rear Adm. T. A. solbcrg and 400 others charged with target ship preparations and salvage, and the Whiting, carrying USS Kenneth scientists under Dr. R. A. Sawyer, director of Instrumentation fir the operation. Four submarines and two destroyers also sailed today. Meanwhile, the addition of three , landing crafl, tanks to the target wcekibegan -to" practice with 'dum- inrray increased the number o[ tar- my ^bmbs. They held a dress re- get ships from 74 to 77. Major lieaiisil.->gKesteWaj'. ; --.™- ' target ships already at Hiklnl '- . ciii\E as consuRaht to TAsk Force One,find Col. R. Preston, bombing analysis authority, ,are flying ».o KwaJSlein r«here'"A v AP 'fliers las'. i- learned that new prob- elude th e Japanese battleship Nu- lems^JiRcT'aris'eii at Kwajalein. Bi- 'gato mid light cruiser Sakawa. kinl'jg- Marshall . Island riclfthbov I The Battleship New York .soiled xvlieii tlie AAJ* is stationed. Dorf- lf rom p enr i Harbor May 10. follow- thc pnd Preston earlier had plan- l|recl lo Bikini aboard — . ..„.- ...-tlriley, flagship of Vice Aclmr W.'-H;' P. Blandy. commaml- er c* joint -/Task. Force One. . • It rt-as decided at a staff meeting S'-'feSffiJayi ago, hoSever, that thcy'lia'd Uetter fly to Bikini with a sttifov'ef at Kwajalein. H was un- derstWKt ' "that • no - hav" opei cd by the battleships Arkansas and Pennsylvania and the cruisers Sail ;Lnke city and Pensacola on May 2 'as troubled about the question of. ternnl life, and Jesus Invited him o leave- till and follow Him. But Hie young man went away orrowful, thinking more or his real possessions. He, too, was stray in Ills senee of values. He las gone down In history as the unknown young man who missed he greatest and most glorious thing hat could have happened to him. Ho, loo, turned lo his worldly sses-sium. and who knows bir- ivhal he. like Ihe fanner, had Htil'j ime to enjoy them? For he, toa, .as subject lo death. From these we turn lo a third man, also - presumably rich. He wns a publican, or tax-gatherer: H« paid for the privilege of canceling .lie law's In a country dominated 3y Rome, and lie had the chance of grabbing a great deal for himself by extorlion. Had he taken what belonged to others? Or, finding himself In office thai offered many grafting opportunities and temptations, hud he hem scrupulously honest? We do not know. But we do know thai Zacchacus longed to see wh-n lie came to Jericho, and that, being small of statue, ho climbed a tree lo make sure he'd get a good view. And wo know that Jesus became his Gucs!, and that Zacchaeus said that if Jnion Labor Organizers lush Bomb Plant Workers OAK RIDGE. Tenn,, May 22. (U.P.) — sprawling Oak Ridge alomlc bomb plant today became Ihe first testing ro\ind of twin Ip and API. drives to rtcrult 1,000.000 new 'Southern members. Both labor groups had kept wartime pledges to President Roosevelt not to attempt unionization of work PIS at Oak Ridge because ot security reasons, but today the 35,000 to 40.COO workers al the plant were bein^ wooed fervently by both organizations. Both the CIO aijd API. have set up recruiting offices inside the piojctt and are distributing lilera- turc and contacting workers. Although they may not enter actual production areas, large. staffs of organizers are on hand to catch the workers during (heir off-duty time. Arkansas Map Prepared As Aid to Tourists LITTLE ROCK, May 23. (UP) — The Arkansas-Resources and Development Commission today is dls- lijoullng a new tourist map of the slate just off the press. Compiled by publicity director Glenn A. Green, the map places particular emphasis on Arkansas' historical sites, 'fish-laden streams, fabled Ozark and Ouachita mountains and Hot Springs National Park. rr-slorc him four-fold. Zacchacus had found salvation ami a right sense of values. Deatti could not lake away what he had discovered. Read Courier Newt Want Adj. Baby Chhki $4.M to fU.M per 1*0. 3 days to 4 wtwfcs ot*—Al Store Ferds and SappUe*. WANTKI) Far and shelled Corn—All grides. One kunhtl >p - U»U - Whemt - iferkey - Alfalfa Hay Mul Poultry of all kinds. Pay top market prices. Elevator Feed Store N. 4th Broadway at RK Crossing J. J. Field. Mgr. E/5SM . Join the Refrigerator Service Club (Two Service Calls a Year $1) !ci!iiir.s to Electric Appli uncos Fully (Guaranteed SLYTHEViLLE SALES CO. \Vhere Courtesy is Not u Memory) K. Main St. I'hone 3GIG Je.sus loved, who had kept the lie had wronged any man he \vould MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 22. IUP) —A special squad of OPA invcsll- jators Is being organized to probe umber black market ojjeriitions in this area, Malcomb B. Stewart, dis rtet OPA director, revealed today Stewarl said 10 agents would In- vestlsate the situation "from the source of the lumber to Ihe construction jot." "The lumber -situation is getting out of hand." Stewart s»id. "We will go Clear down to the backwoovl:; sawmill operator. Most of the lumber Is coming from these litllc mills anyway." FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE mtiSM OR ANY DENVER (UP Chamber She reix>rtcd Ihc cal prisoned for a month in the wa3 perfection 1st'' gonl the of a nelghix!rlhg"h6U5e !^ fcade to -speed Dorl" " . an"*a.ncl'"preston forward had been chaserf by a dog. Whei Ramey, com- (set -free, the -kilty was "just r, fif.^he AAP task group and bones" but soon recovered in wfll 'drop the bomb, depart- n local- cat and dog hospital. •BTITIUMTIOIAL POULTRY FEEDS Commeri Dcnver A-ith ail eye on; Ihe younger generallon, hfts announced plans to construct a 40-acre airfield reserved for model planes only, and equipped with hnrd-surfoced runs, a control lower and n grandstand. S.J.COHEN Contiactoj- LYNCH BL06. BiyTHEVIU£Mfe f For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt for Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION K. M. Larkin 219 East Main St. Hilton A BLEND OF THREE VARIETIES BEST FOR CEYLON for fragrance SOUTHERN INDIA for flavor ... NORTHERN INDIA for color . . . Three varieties blended inlo one f\nf tea give you fuller flavor, richer color, more fragrance . . . never pale and tasteless when iced. GLAMOROUS PRINCESS PATTERN SILVERPUTED c TEASPOONS Get full details on FREE coupon at Kroger Stor*. 2™25 CIGARETTES All Popular Hramls Cartn. 10 Pkg>- 1 .71) V One Slice of Bread! During this emergency created by the shortage of » wheat, Hart's Bakery asks you to buy only the amount of bread you really need . . . never to waste it .... never to throw it away. You can keep bread fresh and moist days longer if you put it in the refrigerator—No special wrapping, just the regular Hart's wax wrapper—It will stay fresh and flavorful. VEGETABLE SHORTENING ( ! n 19 MXWELL HOUSE COFFEE , 34 KIDNEY BEANS Blue Boy Red N<». 2 Can 15 GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Si 29 CANK - Spare Stamps Nos 9 & HI Now Valid. 5 Lbs. QCi 03 SWEET PICKLES Heinx Chips 1 Vf Oz. .lar 22 CLUB ASST COOKIES 8 Oz Box 23 1. FRESHLY ROASTED 2. 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Puritan Deviled Ham 72 72 .22 .HI .22 .1.1 .10 .24 .12 .15 .20 .23 .2-3 .•13 .10 .12 14 .o;> ..11 .11 .11 .1^ .21 .13 .31 .11 Handy Wax Paper Superior Flat Wax Paper 5-Tie Red Bird Hrooms 89 Floor Qneen Rope Mops 5, Diamond Matches, (i for 2f 4 Lb. Ice Cream Salt 8 V-8 Cocktail, 18 .<>•/ 1 V-8 Cocktail, 4fi oz ;i Gerlxir's Baby Foods, 3 for 2 Hoi-Foot. 5W- I>1)T Insect Spray 30 12 M.. A. & H. Soda, 3 for 1 HI oz. 'Clabber Girl Raking Powder Wright's Silver Cream Polish 1 Ifi 07.. Van Camps Koans . . : 1 No. 2 Alice Spaghetti in Tom. Sauce .1 No. 2 A,u'lz Prieie C. C. C. Gent Corn .1 No. Larson's Veg-Ail l(i No. 2 School Day No. 2 Sv. Peas .. .16 Kotex 22 Old Dutch Cleanser, 2 for 15 C. C. lod. & F/R Salt .5 1 oz. C. C. Vanilla 25 32 oz. Kmbassy Peanut Bntlcr .... .5(1 2 Lb C. C:. Soda Crackers 32 I Lb. C. C. Graham Crackers 17 i/i I.I). Star Vienna Sausage Avalon Glass Cleaner MEAT BAKING HENS, fancy dressed, 3-5 Lb. Avg. Lb. 52c SAUSAGE, 1 Lb. Roll Lb. 39c FRANKS, Skinless Lb. 37c PORK KIDNEYS Lb. 17c BACK BONES Lb. 6c Smoked BRAUNSWEIGER, Lb. 39c ROSE FISH FILLETS Lb. 39c HADDOCK FILLETS Lb. 39c WHITING, H & G Skinned, Lb. 22c BUFFALO, Fresh Dressed Lb. 49c PRODUCE RED RIPK k SWEET—GUARANTEED WATERMELONS Lb. 5c FI.OH1HAS, SWEET ami JUICY ORANGES 8 Lb. Mesh Bag 59c NEW— MISSISSIPPI GKOWN— STKINGLKSS GREEN BEANS Lb. lOc U. S. NO. 1 SKI,ECTKI>—WASHED NEW RED POTATOES 10 Lbs. 49c RED RIPE SLICING QUALITY TOMATOES Lb. 19c CRISP—FIRM—CALIFORNIA ICEBERG , LETTUCE Lb. 12c CALIFORNIA . . . SWEET . . . DARK RED CHERRIES Lb. 49c TENDER . . . WELL FH.LF.D EARS GREEN CORN 3 Ears lOc FRESH . . . FULL OF MH.K COCOANUTS Lb. 15c Tender . . . Sweet . . . Well Filled Pods ENGLISH PEAS 2 Lbs. 25c KROGER PIGGLY WIGGiY \

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