The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 2, 1934
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Served by the United /'MM IB* DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHS ay AliK A NS A 8 A^ro^HEA^^R. ^ \-»-^ ™ ^3 j VOL, XXXI—NO. 30 Blythevlllc Holly News JUyUievllle CcurLer Mississippi Valley toiler lllyttievllle Herald _m.YTHI-;Vll,l.E, ARKANSAS. WKDXKSIUY. MAY •>, 103-1 KILLE yjvs** O SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS LAIN IN TUCKER FARM BR us 111 RESULTS OF DRUpPEH Return of Prohibition Predicted Unless Conditions Are .Improved. IVoclrr, Wealthy Scan Man, Dies WASHINGTON. M:iy 2 <UP> fc'c-nate wet and <lry leaders agreed | today that C(,nf!ii.lom result in' from repeal of Hie 18lh amendment were "intolerable" and Hint prohibition would rrlurn unlo.s (here was siiecdy improvement. Senator Walsh mem.. Mass.). leader in the fit'lis for repeal, warned that "Christian and religious people" would not "toll rate" existing conditions. He agieed with Fi'nalor \Villiani E. Borah /Ren.. Idaho) [1ml administration of new liquor laws was "disappointing" and predicted tlmt Borah's statement would "bo rclcrred to in the future as the first voice raised toward a new movement for prohibition." Demands Figures Botali demanded that Joseph Choatc, federal alcohol contiol commissioner, submit a report showing "what liquor taxes anil liquor profits really arc." He attacked repeal r.s a failure and said bootleggers were "dictating our laws with respect to taxes." "As one of th'se who nrge'I repeal. 11 Walsh said, "I have been disappointed also. "I want to warn those opposed to prohibition that Hie Christian and religious 1 people of this country will not tolerate tales of Irani liquors on Sunday." Senator Morris Shpppard iDem., Tex.) author of the 18:h amend-, said the only solution inforcemem of . "an eternal and •unchangeable bah "aaairisi ali liquor." Evpecls No Tax Cliancc WASHINGTON. May 2 (UP)- Prejilrtent Roosevelt (iocs not ex- peel any legislation at this session lor a icduction of taxes on liquor. II was indiealed at tin- While House today. Reciprocal Tariff Bill Wins Favorable Report WASHINGTON. M:iv 2 'Ul» — 'I'Dv >omue committee lo- i):iy voted a lavorablc H'litul 0:1 Hie admini.sir.uion'.s reciprocal lar- II! bill. Klvinu I'lvsldimt H<x«-v<-ll b.'Kid 1 ; lo iieKoluilc trade J:L;M( rim-tus with foreign nations. [France Decides to Let 1 Leon Trotzky Remain I I'AKIS. May 2 rUl'l — Leon I Tirjizky, reinsert entrunte hy every country in Europe and llnv ol 'America, will IJP allowed lo sliiy in Trance, lh.- i?ove] nmt-iil di-clil'*. Actual Kidnapers of Edward G. Brcmcr M.IV 2. (ur>)~Fvd- tc«| : ,y u-.ud new di>:!iii).i,.,) i:!,liiap!ns ol vin,: ,n si. I'aul to ,v p'.ir^ lor up;).-,.. . will iron. wl.spJolm Nab 4 in Bremer Kidnap Roundup' Expected in 24 Hours Sees With II CIMH.TSiiill |,|,[:ii, ... |-i(.|ltl lliu-s-l Met n-i.lilju ' , ||:<ililiral K-aiter. ih.n In' for .the Country s -- :Vi f-'i «i nu- iimm-i- Better hire Surplus Worker. S. Geneva Banks Want Gold ior U. S. Salary Checks Willium ('of.]K-r I'roctfr CINCINNATI, O., May 1. I 111') —William Cooj>er Procler, soap maniifacliin-r and philanthropist, died today at Holmes hospital of pneumonia, llu was 72. The wealthy chairman of Ihe board of the Procter and Gamble company died shortly before Ii a.m. at the hospital where for four days he had fought the disease. CiF.NEVA, May 2. (UP)—Local banks refused further loans to j employes of the United States gov- ie:onsent aKainst their pay checks tcday. pending assurances frotn \Va.shintiton thai Ihe government hiti-iuLs to pav on a goW uasis. ' Spnnp Flowers Under California Snow Blanket SAN FRANCISCO, May 2. (UP) —The snow storm which covered May (lowers in the mountainous rtxions of California left its heaviest blanket today In the I.osson Pink and the Tnhoe City regions. Al Tahoe City on the Nevada line it measured 10 inches. Eight inches fell at Slrawbeny and Relief. Farmers welcomed the snow as April was one of the months on record. O.miir NVsis Wuslllnglun (.'nrrrsijtmdent , -lit. l!«4, M:A Sirvire, Ii cd from ! ClllCit<(l),{ handled 111]]',(ill! ...«.n-y. ;|.IU «!,., .|i|,.,. „!!„.,. lhL , n uiidr-r ar.'i-.'.l on r-.n:.piiiii'y rharx-' '. in Ihc (MM, mnvrniiH-hi sleuths I liirinil _ elf-ills in,,;,,,| captine ,,| j A nr.l u half-down i.ikis wore made -ly on Uic C'hXHi'ii north .side WASIUNOTON— The misery! u!;ui :i sea r-h for Alvin Karpls and milieus is Ihe burden ol lung. I Arthur liarkrr. n:imcd by Ally. | lean Harry Hopkins. \ |On. Homer H. CummliiKs a s iho | Hopkins is charged with" 'keep-.'men who loul: Hinni'i 1 Irom an -?x- t! RooTvcll's promise lhat "no-'elusive Si. Paul residential .street New York Cotton NEW YORK, Afay 2. (UP) ton cto-sc-d very steady. Col- May Jurj- Del'. Dec. Jan. Mar. 10iO 1070 1070 open high low 1088 ICB7 1081 1105 1112 1097 1115 1123 HUB 1120 1129 1115 11,13 1130 1121 1082n close 10U5 1110 112^ 1128 113U Spots closed quiet nl 1100. up 25. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 2. (UP)— Stimtilaled by improved Sees Better Prospect for Settlement of Drainage Debt Problem.^'-" •- Elation at passage yesterday by the senate of the Sumncrs municipal debl readjustment bill was j expressed by Clifton H. Scott, president of Ihe -National Drainage. Levee and Trrl-.jalion association, in a telegram to the Courier Mews. The prospect of definile relief from Impossible debt burdens for Ihe owners of land in Drainage District n and other similarly situated drainage and levee districts has been materially brightened, according to Mr. Ecolt. who has devol'al much ofTorlJn behalf of Ihe Sumnei-s bill. His telegram follows: "Our forces are very much elated over the passage ol the Stunners bankruptcy or debt readjustment bill. Ii. R. 5950. which the tenale pnssed today (Tuesday) by a vole of 45 lo 23. This bill sets up machinery that will kc?p minority from blocking or preventing oar.s fioin being closed lhat have I Former Justice Named I I'lii T* • • r* Little Prairie Constable body will slarvc." He is responsible for Ihe existence ol 4.100.; 00 Anrrkan families now on n- liei; 200.000 more Inmllles than were on Ihe rolls when Roosevr-ll v,'as inaugurated, and u jieuk for all lime. He pin 4.000.0CU imemp'.oyeu ixrrsons at work under CWA ai-u llien demobilized them. Two "im- ixitsibli-" tasks. He has handled S2,000,OCO,COi). Mow he is grnppiing with Ihr i,v-l: ol fitting 2.0UO.OCO CWA workers inlo a new emergency work system. So you might think Ihe wlich Hopkins mind would 1>3 conci;i- Iraled on the immediate tas'r.. It isn't. Kr.pkinf, d:r.-c;or of the Fe<!tr..l Emergency Relief Adminiv'.at^cu. looks ahead. For ycais lo e.oir.3. millions of people are going lo rv- dryest I Quire assistance if lliey nre to Ivive ' a decent living, Only full naliotial recovery -nil reveal how many men and v. omnii are to become "surplus labor 1 Guesses run from two to tn.i tr.h- Bttler' : Dicil for Millions Hcpkins Ihinks they CARUTirERSV^LLE, Mo. — By ilioii'-.oT'theVountji court, Hollls •H Baird. former justice of tlie peace, was appointed constable ol Little Prairie township to take the olllce formerly occupied by Herbert Sinilli. who has been forced lo resign due to prolonged illness. A. (Coblcr) Elliott was appointed lo nil the oiticu ot justice vacated by Baird. Shortly after he w.ns placed in office iiaird issued a warning that (]llst , he was starting an Immediate (lf ,. sfflll „„ . campaign to cl"an up all boot-' legging in his bailiwick. "I do not think it fair to saloon owners who now pay the license ffes as prescribed by law lo have Ihis oullawed kind of competition." Mr. Baird .said, "anil I intend doing my best lo cra.v' all boollcg- Bing in my township." foreign already been approved, and those markets and Washington reports that will be approved by Hi- ttiai the administration was adopt- I drainage, levee and irri -ation diving a conservative attitude toward I ision uf the R. p. c. ° business, the collon market turned upward today, closing with gains exceeding 75 cents a bale on tht: local exchange. open high low close May July Oct. ncc. Jan. Mar. 1075 103-1 1098 1110 1122 1120 1075 1003 1100 1116 1122 1129 1015 1080 1094 110S 1112 112D 1075 1090 1105 1110 1121 Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, May 2. (UP)— Heavy selling came inlo the stock market near the close today, forcing prices down one lo more than four points. A. T. nnd T 1H Anaconda Copper 15 Beth. Steel 38 Chrysler 45 Cilies Service .• ; 27-8 Coca Cola 117 1-4 Gen. Am. Tank 8 39 Gen. Electric 20 7-8 Gen. Motors 35 1-2 Int. Harvester 38 1-2 Mid-West Utilities 1-4 Montgomery Ward 27 1-4 N. Y. Central 29 7-8 Packard 41-2 i'liil. Petroleum 18 liadio 81-4 Simmons Beds 18 St. L.-San Fran 33-4 Stan. N. J 43 1-4 Texas Co 25 1-4 U. S. Steel 46 1-8 S. Sincuing 114 •This measure -will expedite the onus lo districts more llian any could happen other thing at this lime. The additional 850.- CCO.OOO for the refinancing of drainage, levee and irrigation dis lions. There wcr? two fore the depression. got Death Claims Aged Resident of Steele STEELE. Mo.—Services were held Friday for Mrs. Mailie Moore Hastings. 71. one of the earliest settlers of (his viclr.ily. She was torn at Decatur. Tenn.. January 1. 1803. She was married to J. E. Moore October 1. 1879. Tu this • union were born seve nchildren. of tthom five survive. They are Walter W. Moore of Poitghkeepsie. Ark., J. I.. Moore. Mrs. w. M. Phlnnner. Mrs E. M. Iricls was voted favorably last, Fiurke and Mrs. Lutln-r Ellison, week by the senate and will b; voted on in a few days in Ihe house. In oilier words, with the additional $50.000.000. making a total of sino.OOQ.OCO. and with the passage of the Stunners b.uik- ruplcy bill, the farmers niiliin these districts can lake a nsvvj lease on life, as this form of I legislation will make it possible for lliem lo keep their lands and i carry on." . Dislrict 17 has already obtained approval of an R. p. c.' loan suf- (icicnl to relirc its bonded debt at approximately 30 cents on tlu- dollar. Adoption of the Sumners ] bill, under which two-thirds ol the bondholders may force ncceyt- all. prove the pros- liecl for t!u> plan's all of Sleele. Afler Ihe death of Mr. Moore she was married to Mr. Hastings, who also survives h?r. "lousy d?al" and can't be handled that way In the -future. "No one knows how manv ct those folks will be 'left over,' " Hopkins said as he slouched down behind his desk, and lit a ctan'l "But I can't se= them petthn th? necessary assistance through mere relief. This is just a broom-and- We can do a lot but we shouldn't try lo pretend (hat relief work is recovery. "We are going to have lo make readjustments. I don'l mean lo oifer n pioxram. Lul Ihcsc arc Ihr kinds of tlunfrs |>cople must be "There'll be many o!d |n-op!c. They will need s-curily. aisd old ai;c. pensions could take care of that. "Lots of people are on our rolls because of illness. They wouldn't be If we hud sickness insurance, Insurance for Jobless "A flock of people normally will be out of work from lime to lime, but presumably able lo gel back on the job. Unemployment insurance would lak-j c.irc ol them. "A large number of others will appear as permanently displaced— j r-\ \v. stranded iwpulalions. They Insph^ president l!nn Congress Group \V o n I cl Exchange Suni!i:s Commodities for White Metal WASHINGTON. May 2. (UP)— A ii'w anuronch u> Ihe silver problem was advanced by mem- of the senate silver bloc lo- as a menus of forcing a vole I lie controversial money ques- ore (ho eirl of the present -lnii ot congress. l-rnroiiragcd by indications ' that Pirsldent Iloorcvcll v;ns willing lo accept a oro^rain for limited silver purchasing, senate silvcrllcs iMl liirthi-r While House con- f( roncrs Ihis week. Junior Elmer Thomas CDfm., Okln.) announced .he would introduce n silver amendment to' tile bill which Drovides lor loans tn small industries. a vole on the amcnrtmcnt would IM> nccesEnrv before the bill f-'f cnuld be acted upon. Thomas' new proposal' Is for n prom-am of sellim; surplus Indus- (rial products abroad for silver. II wpiild I'ompiire l(i the Dies bill for fie sn'» of agricultural proJ- ucts for silver. I TUCSON. Arl*.. May 2. <UI>>— t HcrnuV Kubli-.s. wealthy grand-' lullicr ill June Rotitcs, 0. was be- Ili-ved HiuillliiH a M.JIIIII loilay lo miikc a gi'cuml irlp inlo (lie Mexican sltiU- uf Soniiru lo negotiate the nirl's ruleiLW from kldnapnii. The chilli hns Ivi-n held captive •.luce a week ano today. Wllhln 2-1 horns Itoua-s was ex- pi-clul to lemv for Ihe border with jK'.UU) lansiim money. The United I're.w was infonncd by a eldsc friend of Ihe runelier Lhnt In- liojwo lo pay over tin; oney at n -secret lendrauus in elui-ii lor Intonnallon dL-;elo:,iiij Birl's wlUTi'ii!)um.s .believed t.i In ur near 'Hicson. Form«r Polish Officer Held in France as Spy I'AIilS. M:iy 2 iUP>—Another spy ease in l-'ranre was revcnlrd lodav when secret ynlic?. anrounced officially they had ar-1 reste<l as a any c;eor«c Sybcrt, a former Pol ! sh colonel, now al- legertlv a member of tile CliTumo spy service. He tried lo establish relation's wilh hi«h French officers, police raid, offering to lend Ihcin money but really attempting to [mrchasc military documents. SnliiMnn of Hie St. Paul kid. iMI>liLg of Huitker h'Jward (J lliL-niL-r la clalinoii nilli arres In Chicago of tlieae fotir tuen ciiflrgecl wkth coasplracy lu liainlling part or Hie (200.000 KHIrOili. Al t»|) 19 JOlin J. "Ucidb" Mel.auglLlhi. ono-tlme Clik'u^n |iollik-al leader, wlto, U. S. Rgeiiin any. coureased !iiuidlln K J53.000; left center, liia sou. Julia. Jr.. and rlclit ci-tilur, VVIIIIuiu Vliller. Hclow, I'l.ll Delaney, ftarteacler. SHBI PRISON Life Termer Had I-ong Record; of Bank Robberies'* Behind Him. ;«•'.. Services Will Be Held at F irst Presbyter! an Church Thursday. Mis. Minnie Houston Crane, 62, vifu- of C. J. Crane, died at'the 'ninlly home Inst night' following i brief Illnccs. She luul been suf- ferine from high blood pressure for nn extended |>erloil and had a serious illness a monih ago. She lad 'apparently recovered but be- cimie critically sick again Sunday. Funeral services will be held at, the First Presbyterian church Thursday afternoon, 3 o'clock, with tlic Rev. Stuart 11. Salmon, pastor, officiating, and burial will be made at Elm wood cemetery. A number of out of town people will attend the services. Pallbearers will lie: S. E. Vail, STATK'PHISON FARM, Tucker, /Uk., May 2 (UP)—Cllftijn Ilnr- becfc, 20, notorious hunk roliber,. u'.der , l :u i n'.i.iKe of lite lor murder, was shot and killed here lodny by prison guurds us lit lUU-mpled • lo escape. . • --; Hurbcck, whose criminal bu-eer j Legan at (lie atn ot 10 when he i was sentenced to the Oklahonia-J refoi rnulory for robbery, wni; captured In Hot Springs, N. M., in ; Februnry o( this year and return-- cd lo Paris. Ark., to face trail for : murder. ' Killer uf Daik Cashlrr Marl>:ck was charged with par- . ticipalln^ In Ihe murder of Dolph ^ Outhrlc, cnshicr of the Bank of;] 1'aris. Guthrle was falnlly wound- : cd when Harbeck. his brother, • Eilgciie, utid Johnny Wilson, all" I sentenced to the stale ponlten- [ ttary, held up nnd robtcd the bank of 59,000. =; i . After scrvhiB three months ! .'ln ihc Oklahoma stats reformatory' : | for robbery, Harteck escaped. Four ;l years later. In 1920, li« was .sen- -| tenced to four years hi Arkansas . ppnitcntlnry ' for uiirglniy and' Brand larceny. In 1930. he was-: ictenscd on IndcflnUe furlough. : Two years Inter Ilarbeck was arrested as a suspect in ths IULT- - dcr of Delmore Brown nt Van i Duren but ho was not convicted,-- I-ist year he was arrested In Little : COLLECT LUILE W: H. Easley, J. Nick Thomas, Dixie Crawford, L. D. Chamblin *f(A Zol B. Hnrrlion.. ... Mrs!- (Jrurie, who' was'bom 'at' Woodvilie, Tenn., came here 27 years ayo nnd since that time has become widely known. She was an ardent worker in the First Presbyterian church In which Mr. Crane has long been nn officer. Besides her husband she is survived by two daughters, Miss Kate Ciane of Verona.'New Jersey, who arrived this nftenioon. and Mrs. Louise Crane Hiler of here, nnd one son, Charlcton. of riaqucmlne, Ln.. who arrived Jills morning. Anotltcr son, Houston, died several years ago after having been nn Invalid for many years from an accident, sustained while skating. Cobb Undertaking company Is in charge of arrangements. Schafz Nominated for Labor Complaints Board schemes having to do with l.ind— ] subsistence projects, in dcrentml-' ized industries, local and rurnl public works and building of things Schalz of Helena, vlcc- of the Chicago Mill and Lumber Corporation and former manager of the company's plant here, was nominated for member- I Liquidator of Manila and Leachvillc Institutions Reports. Collection of capital slock assessments against stockholders In Hie defunct Bank of Manila has been slov,-. the March 31 quarterly report ol S. G. Lockliait. deputy bank commissioner, filed in chancery co'.irt here, reveals. The statemrnt shows only $2,05> i ship on the southern labor com- I not properly the function of private, p!ahl , s ^ard of Ihe Lumber Codi m »,' S !^:.',.,,- „-_ - .... J AiUhoritv. as representative of Ihi Only Two Known Dead in May Day Troubles LONDON'. May 2. (UP)—Two j ance of such a settlement by I will materially improve the "]••-acceptance. British Library Given men In killed all Ihe world were known May Day demonstrations —a Cuban soldier who shot himself wilh Ills tear gas rifle in Havana and n worker killed In a stieel fight at Caqusle. Spain. It was one of the niosi peaceful May Days in years. ance nt Ihc Slier of Memphis. J. T. Aliern of Cariithcrsvllle. and J. H. Cullom of Wilson. Mrs. Minard Pfeffer j Oil Code and Farm Loan Inquiries Are Sought WASHINGTON-. May 2. (UP>Congressional dissatisfaction with various phases of the new deal for Industry sought World's Smallest Meanwhile, Hopkins says, th whole immediate emphasis ot the New Deal program is to pel- [x-oplc back inlo private industry as quickly as possible. You ought to know Hopkins. He is one of a tiny group whom disciples of Ihc New Deal hcroize in a class with Secretary of Acricu'ture Wallace. He's MlgMy Fighter Idea!lf/;c, practical, sympathetic, energetic. hard-boiled. shrowd. boyish, sentimental, frank, cvnical, informal — however contradictory some of these adjectives si"in, I they're all necessary In descri'jinj Hopkins. miles of here. He fights so hard that he cani Mrs. Pffffer was born at Dyers(bulldoze the loneliest politicians!burg. Tain., but had lived in nd succeed sensationally In keep- j Missouri since the age of 14. collccletl on an assessment against capital stock of 515,000. leaving S12.950 uncolleclcd. Better results. „ _ ,. -, ' >c liavp been obtained in collcctlor E-g Cas,- Manufacturei-s nssocla- i „, ,,, ! , ( , ss1m . 11(s on cnp i tn , 5tock In ion. at n mee.mj! al Memphis; ,„,. ,,,, r , mcl ,,, ink of Lcacllvi jeslerday. Among those in attend-; anot]lcr rcpnrt by Mr _ Locklu nicelini; were A. H. j , vho hns c i ): , r g c of liquidation of i both batitis. shows. A total ol . Sli.710 has been collected against j holders of S15.000 stock In the l.iachville Institution, leaving $8.- J;0 imrollccted. c U' I i n i E:l[ '' 1 ^"^ '"' s Declared one dlv- Ot IVIlCOla Is Uead Idend. The Bank of Manila, clos- —=— cd November 10. 1331, paid a 15 per cenl dividend of $4,955 in PTEKI E. Mo.-Perviccs were held Sunday for Mrs. Esler Nail Pfcflcr. 44. wife of Minard PMIcr. win died at her home at Micola, four LONDON" (UP)—The Bodleian Library at Oxford, the home of many priceless manuscripts and gems of literature, has. by the (,1ft of an American poet, Henry n. Chamberlain, obtained possession of what, is regarded as the small- U. May July Miiy July Chicaao Wheat o\xti high low close "nricullure and expression today in investigations took in Ihe wcrld Ti'ic on h . oll5c , commluo "' The book, which is one-quarter i nc oil code administration, mi- ] of a: ' " February of thus year. Tlie Leach- villo ir.s'itulion. closed November 17. 1930. pakl a 10 per cent dlrt- nr-nd of $C.-i95 March 10, 1931. 01 SW.G17 in total claims allowed by the defunct Bank of Manila. S12.007 has been extinguished Rock for on bond. burglary Harbeck and was arroste'd i later nt Port Smith, as a s aspect ; as Slenderness Cited Aid to. Longevity PHILADELPHIA (UP) — If you keep your slomnch under control and your figure slim after you are 35. there Is only one chance in COO that you will die of heart disease, according lo Dr. Charles Howard Miner. Dr. Miner, formerly state secretary of health, discussed the lelalion between weight and heart troubles at a meeting of the Philadelphia Heart association. "We know of nolliliij thai \vlli restore a dis:ascd artery or heart muscle to Us original condition." he said. "Hence, our slogan must be 'prevention' and not. 'cure'. "fie moderate in all things, and esp-cially In the use of tea. collee and alcohol. Do your work under . Slale^ b'ahk' at Charleston. He "was captured again In 'May, 1D33, along with Eugene Hnrbeck nnd Johnny Wilson and charged with the robbery of tlie Paris bank, during the holdup of which Oulhrlc was fntally wounded. Escaped (o \fw Mexico On the eve 'of his trial In Au- gusla last year for the murder of' Guthrle, Harbeck escaped from the Logan county Jail. He was captured lust February In New Mexico and. returned to face Irifll. He was sentenced to life. Hnrbeck was identified as one of the robbers of the First National bank of Mansfield in December. 1033. In which S7CO was stolen. . He also was Identified as one of the robbers who held up the bank at Midland of $700 nnd /as one of the robbers of Ihe Bank- of Plumervlllc In January of this year In which 4150 was stolen.. iltli sible. "Hut most of all. watch figure. Everyone over the age Attempt to Oust Long Is Revived in Senate WASHINGTON, May 2 (UP) — An attempt lo oust Louisiana's two Democratic senators, lluey P. Ion<: and John II. Overtoil, was carried before n senate committee today wilh charges that both wera gullly of fraud In Overtoil's election. Overtoil attended the hearing of the senate privileges and elections committee. Long was absent. Samuel T. Ansell, counsel for Mrs. Hilda Phclps Hammond and (he women's committee of Louisiana, made a lengthy argument, lie charged tbtli Long and 35 should be distinctly underweight to avoid heart allmenis." 79 1-B 79 1-8 77 1-2 77 7-8 78 76 Ti-8 . . ing politics out o( relief! He wnrks'vas married to Mr. PfefTr-r April <by paymcnls. set-offs and other JO hard lhat he has twice collapsed, 9. 1310. She was the mother of means. Ol S101.129 in general claims allowed against the Bank of LcachKlIe. S05.94G hns teen paid ofT m various ways. Mr. Lo.-khart and his assistant, Nathan ivutsch, who have charge of liqni(!.i:icn ol several banks, are paid £-"> each monthly out of fiiu;!.! of ''iirh bat.k for their service-;. Incidental expenses are •rxtra. at his desk and nearly always looks ] J ts children, two of whom preced- tlr;d. " led her in di\ilh. Four sons, Lee Correspondents are fond of him! Edward, Min.itd. Jr.. Ehvood and because he kids them aloni and I Austin survive. She also leaves speaks quite frankly at the Kim, Chicafto Corn oi>en high low c 44 1-4 45 7-8 44 1-8 < 41 1-2 48 1-2 47 by hoiis emembcrs. I were made that the oil Charges code ad| ministration was in the hands of ;Wg producers and that (he _ 1 — • -i..ii Ml III LUllli IIIL i . >•> .i-4 A. was favoring 'Republicans I8 1-U appointments. F. C. in width. H Is a translation Inlo Enjlisti verso of parts of Ihe Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and was printed by Ihe Commonweallh Press at Worcester. Mass time. Ills most characteristic wordi is "lousy." The informal lulur.- ot!. i I her mother and a sister. ,.' .«VU,J . 1 iJt; IILIUKJKII IIJUIl. UL!p. a Hopkins press conference ii in-j rifled $6 IOF Failure dicnted by his reaction to the ques lion of what ho thought about Dr.j Win. | "Oh, my gawd! to Buy City Auto Tag said Hopkins in| Roy Baker was fined six dollars disgust. "Ncrts! Maybe If Nick Al- for or-eratlnj a car without pay- trock quits the Washington base-. Ing city license in immlcipil court tall team thcrc'd be- a job for tlie yslcrday afternoon bi't paymen 1 doctor there." • « • He practices rigid personal econ- rnctir« Slrlcl liconomy (Continued on Fas? 3) tf the fine was suspended today. Joe IJombalaskl was dollars for failure ta dog lax. Boy Dies of Appendicitis STFTFII E. Mo.—Services were held fined pay until i here Sunday nor. 14. .--on WhllllCT. five city D. for Walter L. Wliil- of Mr. and Mrs. P. who died Saturday nervous pressure as pos- overton committed fraudulent acU in obtaining the lattcr's election, all. watch your African Dietrich Draws Fire of Natal Officials LADYSMITH. Natal (UP) — A siring of beads and a short kilt pass as the hcijlit of feminine finery for most youiijj Zulu girls. But a dusky. 18-year-old admirer of Marlrne Dietrich, appeared on a busy Ladysmith street in the lon^'trousers one? affected by Garbo's German rival. The young Zulu belle was fined S1.25. and now the National Party en the Rand has decided that tt Is Immoral for women to appear In public in shorts or slacks. H has asked for police cctiou ajainst wcmcn wearing th?rn. Modern Poultry Methods May Be Banned in Britain LONDON (UP) — Modern egg produclion methods may be banned In Britain on the grounds of cruelly. The hen today Is being developed into an egg machine, and Ihe "battery" system of poullry farming is arousing widespread controversy. This system Involves con- fincm:m of the hens as soon as ihc egg-lajltig age Is reached, In a Email cage, where Just enough room is provided to allow it to turn around. Here It spends th« rest of its life, Ihe length of which LS limited by the laying capacity of the hen. As soon as its eg^ production falls below ihe economic figure It. Is discarded Freeze Aided Maple Sujar CHARDON, O. (UP)-A sudden shift of temperature to the beloA-- frcezing point, after farmers WEATHER had j was ' thought warm spring wcathe _ definitely here, brought maple i sugar producers $50,000 of ap]x-i;:licitis. Durlal was made additional sap because at cemetery, ("freeze." worth of of the ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, warmer in west and central por- lions tonight. Thurtday cloudy, local thi:ndersho\vcrs In west and central portions. Memphis olid Vicinity— Fair to- i;l;ht. Thursday cloudy, possible i hcv,\rs. The maximum temperature, here jesterday was 78, minimum 53, clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weather ohserreri

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