The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1938
Page 4
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FOtJft BLYTHEVILLG (ARK.f COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher . • J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, EdKor SAMUEL P. NOHKIS, Advertising Manajcr Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Daisies, Tnc, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every AStevnoosi Except Sunday Entered as second class nutter at (lie- post iiffico at BlylhcvJlIc, Arkansas, under net at Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by Die United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In Hie Ctly of BlythevllJe, 15c per week, or 65o per tnonlli. By mail, within a radius of SO miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, Y5o for three months; by mail in ixatsl zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones seven and elcht, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. A New Confession .of Impotence Vim ciin gut an iclwi of Hit: 'I"'' 1 ' 1 ' luml of tliinkiug Hint ilcHiicnilc'tiw'!''*' .resort to by nolidiij; Unit u Lwium; <>f Nations commission is now formally considering • llic crcnlioii ol' ncul.rut zones in wurtimu for the urolrclion ol children. , This |>ro|Ji«iUi)M, iitlvanieil by ;i well- meaning dek'gitlioji from Kumsiniii, would have .-111011 nciilnil xoiios established whenever war broke out. Hy international 'agreement, the zones would not bo bomljcd, sprayed by poison g;t«, or visited by any 'other of Hie distinguishing fenturcji of civli/ed warfare. To these '/.ones would IJG moved, en masse, all the children from the potential battle areas of the warring countries. Now the practical objections to (his arc .so niiiny and so obvious that il is hardly necessary lo nienlion them. The really .significant tln'mr is that (iie more fact that the proposal was made indicates how desperate (he human race is growing under the spur of it's own failure to become civili/ed, and how fuxxy its thinking is under such circumstances. No man who jiretends lo be civilized can look on the. bombing of cities, Ihe wholesale destruction ol' non-coin- < batants, Iho indiscriminate attacks on densely-populated districts, without; feeling (he most profumid horror. ' -Rut to suggest, by (he way of CHIT, (hat we elaborately erect neutral zones and transport children to them by the hundreds of thousands is s lo confess our utter impotence to solve a problem which we ourselves created. • For the way to stop this hunw, after all; is simple: slop bombing cities. No child was ever killed by a bomb thai hit an infantry platoon, an airport, a dockyard, an arsenal, a foil, a barracks or a battleship. Children are killed only whin I be generals send (heir bombers out to at•tack the districts where (he children live. It is not expecting i w m uch of lh<- generals to ask lhal lliey iighl soldiers instead of chikYen. Afl.iT all, their descent inlo barbarism bas not. even llu: saving excuse of practicality; MO war and no battle. li;i.< yi-l been won by the bombing ,,f children. f',y continuing (he practice, all generals con- .vicl themselves of nnlilness lo inlinbil a c'h'ilized world. And unless we can think of something belter than neutral v.onc.s, we convict ourselves along with them. Publication in (lib column of editorials from other newspapers docs not necessarily uienn endorsement but Is an acknowledgment ot interest In the subjects discussed. The Pension Burden Rises Two years iijjo, the Kociul Hctiirlly Board published :i Iniliel on old-;iyc usiii.slaiicc which Itc- i;nii thus: "The number of people in Iliis comi- (ry tin years of a|;c or chirr who lire unable tn Mi|i|Kirl (licinsclm is known to be well over « million; it may run lo pcrhii|.vi 3,000,000." It now turns out dial, even Ilir npprr limit mentioned M:I» n. i;ro.';s niHlev-i'stinr.ilo. For Hie. Social Security lioiiril has. just completed anil published tlic result;; of n comprehensive survey showing I lie number of ilr]:ciulcnl persons over (jr, in Ihc country to lie 5.070.000. or lit! per cent of the lolal number in Hint ;u;r uroup, 'Ihc icinnimlci' ol the 7,8)ii,ooo |HT»OII» (Jf> years old ami,over uru sclf-siiM:ilnhi[;. through cither currrnl cuinfniis, properly mill savings oi 1 occupational pensions. Of (lie . r i.C70.CCO who :nv dependent, :),-180.0<W ilrrivp Ilirlr primal)' .support from relnllvcs ;md friends. CioveniMcnl anil private j>roi;rniii.<i nl aid lo (lie nurd, in suul out of iiisliliilioiw, ;nul including Federal uld-nuc assistance, ciir« tor thi;' rciiinintug l.MO.OUO. Thus, allhoiiuh (lie rcdcrul lawiloosnot:specify thai cliildron who are .able lo do so siiull sii|>porl tticir indigent parents, and iiltlicugh only a part o( the stales liuvp MuUilcs (o this elfccl, in nclinil practice '70 per cent of the dependent persons over to in the country arc being ciunl for )jy their cliiMrcii or other rclntlvcs. On (his point, the survey merely observes. noii-coinniU.tnlly, "'lliere Is widespread belief Hint sovcmuiail tlioiild not impinge upon (hu Irniiilicns o: family responsibility for the need.' 11. is iKTlincnt lo coiiiixirc Iho average fttwn- lion over the Dulled Slntcs. as pictured in HiU iT|ioii, with Hie Kilunlion in MLssoiiri. Wlicreiis over (he country ns a whole, only about :!0 p:r Cent ot the persons of eligible age receive ulil- HUe assistance iiaymonls. the number in Missouri. ;is of April .1, \vn:; 'ly.G per cent. H is cunerally asrcixi that tlic 1115(1 rniKi h- Missouri—the .second highest in the counlry— has been caused by admission to the mils ot many' persons \vllh children able to snp|iorl. Hicin. .Missouri is the tenth richest Mult: in Ihc Union. :iiul the ralio of ehlldren tiblc to cnro for tlicir pa rente should be somewhat lii^lier I him tlio-nverauc for (he country us n whole. In the'absence ai cither ;i Klalc or a l-edn:il law on Iliis poinl. reiiaiieo imisl be placed on the cxdusion ot iiliiKelers by nilniiiii.slralii'e means, it V toal of actual need is required for atlmlfslon to llic rolls, 115 the law contnnpliilr.s. It will milomultcaUy exclude wlio art bc- i»K comfovtubly cared for by rclnllves. With (he number of potc-nllona! •••pmsloiirrs" now shown to lie twice the early osthnalcs, il devolves en Ihc Federal Social Security Hoard lo demand of Ihc stale aulhorilics Ihc B rarr and diligence In examining rlninis lor old- age iLvislanw. Hail (here hrcn ctoKrr supervision and slrlclcr ciiforceiiicnt of .slandanl.s frcm Wnshinsloii from Die- brfiniinlst. sucli wholc;;alc j;atldins of Ilir rolls as has litkcn lilacc in Missouri :iu,| okliihoiini would never have been ]io. v :iil)le. --SU Uxiis I'osl-Disnlcli. IViipIc a I. hiniir dou'l. M-cm l» IM- : t , and so hurried.--einy Halt*, la, of jH 'IViin.. ni his lirsl 111]) to Ncv. York. 'nine i:; li«) much coiuplacciit sloiiiiicli rub- fciiiB aimnis icliool innsidiins.—W. O. Mirssner. I nmsic diiiTlur i.f (hi' University of Kansas. OUR BOARDING HOUSE wil.h Major llooplc SIDE GtANCES By George Clark r^%» J ^^M klPl^feiil Lyf^Vji- 1 v 'i } / - ••* /< ' J &rf?A Ali^w*-- : i:Ac"; TUESDAY/MAY 10. 1938 time to even phone"—this was an the ship up, even if he was not •y- " •( > . '•' •' ^&r J ^ ;'' ,- ••'< •'•'• /' f / .: "15e (|iiii-l, everybody! If inv Imsbanrl Uiinks we have esf.s lie MOD'! come home." THIS CURIOUS WORLD B C! iam Ferguson //tc. SWORDFISH is - UNOFFICIAL. SPEED OF ALL THE RSHES, BLTT NO ONE EVER MAS SUCCEEDED//-~X IN / 1 77/w/Ms /<g) / inAT . EN'OLVEXi FRCW\ OF-- 3IKIDS' ANCIENT LiOS AfSkSBLES AI-J ALTITUC'E MOST yricntisl.-i are jnjrcwl llinl birds arc ilescciutant.s of re|itil«s. and a fnvoritc bit of ovic'ciKc lor'Ihc brlirf Is ihivfoxsil „( :lll -,, lr i ;m crealm-e. lire Archncojilrryx, a toothed, rcpUlc-likc bird Unit, lived ii: Ihc Jurassci period. 'IVo siiccinicns arc known ... one in the British Minciim, nnd one In Berlin, Ni;XT: When vnnihl your Miniisc anil SUIIM-I ucr ,,|. ,f %Von )iv( . (1 .,. llic Norlli t'lilc'.' The Family Doctor •. p»t. o«. SAY/ WHAT IS THIS—A MASQUERAPE? HERE YOU LEAVE ME STANDING OK) A CORWER FOR NEARLY AM HOUR AMD THEM S(-iOW UP POLLED OUT LIKE MOTHER HUBBARI?/ HONEST, GERTIE.^ TWOSE TWO CELL- AVATES OF MIM6 ROLLSP ME FOR MY CLOTHES AKJP THE OMLY THI WG T COULD GRAB THAT WOULD CIRCLE MY WAIST LlKIE WAS OKIE OF MRS. HOOPLS'S SWPTS / Among JNew-lioni Babies I)K MOKUIS IISIIIIUIN 1 . .f<Mfni3l uf ttic Anicrii-;in c;il As^iu-iiiliiiti, iinil i»r ri.i, the Itcullli Muslim' Since oulhre;ik.s oi cpldeinic cluir- rl:n) hitve cccnnxtl in ;i good nwtiy hoM)sliil unrsnrics ihroiiRliuiil lire I'oiinliy, Iicallii oDicer:; have Iwcn concerninR Uic'niH'lvcs inrllciilarly «ilh Ihc of iC(;Hliititig con-. ililiuns in hospitals in Mirh n \v:iy t!:jii r.ui'h inilhiTuks tn;iy not iH'i:nr in Hie fntiirr, It :-mus fiM\ly rrii.MMubli 1 (o 'ir- licli- |]i;il Ihr.sP r|jiflri)ilr:i ;irt* ;nl l>y the luuullint! ol llic in- tiinis nnd Ijy ronUicl nl sick l)ahie:>' livoviilc for Ihc birlhs uf Imbirs have available mirsmrs in which Inl.-inLs t!:nl, nvc Infectoil limy lie i.soliilcil, :io us (o IK' hcyund cini- larl. with oilier infimtu. Inilcoil liiere fcoms t« hu reason lo helicvc tlial in large iiosjiiljils Ihcre on^ht lo IK three nurseries available ..... one for infants that are well, otu- for tliosc (hat nvp Infccl- e:l. and Ihc Iliird for (Hose lhal have been cn but ;irc ncl yet infwifd. i\rraii(;cmcntK mast also !:<• nisKlt- in lii-spHnls for (he care of babies born prematurely. II is customary in larfic hoM)"aI:, lo lak<- Ihc baby from Ihc nui.-.ri. 1 . j '.vith well babies, and that, tl.r' to (he mother wnrn il is to reccivi: ] .nrrblr-ni i:> obviously DDC of Iho) ll-s lixxl. j.'roi'Mrd Hie. !i;ihy is boini: iiTvcnllcn ot contacts, rnlin- di- j led by l.i.c inothfr. In places fi DI iiidircr.i.. between the ruck I these balrie;; nrc carried on carriers chcid i'.iul the well one. j so that -several mimes may lake n : of the first .steps, ol r.imrmt, | niimbri of tellies at once down llic l'> mnkc certain Hint thu room j rmrldors. leavlni! them with thi: ich the child is torn bn as i mothers inri collecting them after in Ik locution Irom - looms in Hie ho> In n Infection miiy be pro.srnt. i'' 'if t.iip rules rMnhllsheo in '*• York cl'.y denuimls thru It,crc in every hospital two room.', im lii- liiilh of butlrs-ont! Inr :ill vhlcJi arc .noviwil and iiir n'lu-r for those which are iiifcc'lr-l. Tlii-rc i.s 11 rrgiiliilitin in ., 0 )i lc lo llic cllect lhal U,c icoiii n which Ihe child Is born, or die jdclhery room, lie In iiiHiicdi,\tc i conUicl with lhal iwrlion o! llic ils,ed for inollici.s. tho feeding is completed. In other plncc.s tl.o babies arc brought ititli- vkliui!ly lo ihcir mothers. .. labllslird rpRar<lini> Ihn MeiilmiU of;, lli;\l, nrc nsril lur water or for Iho infant's arlittdnl IIX. Means arc provided for slcrtli/- lnn all apixualus ami tnsinum-nis t'AST OJ'' CIIAHAC'iT.HS JACK IM DVXX— Leiulbfi ihc TTunteil ii> fly KOGKIl IIIIKCKXUR—hrroi be \VBHlri) lo (0,1 ||if Klnilujjtihi'rr, BBH Vli .MKl.liOSI'—w f n 11 h >• lildo^v; n],p troutrd Rugrr. HVKLVN I,A. I'AIKJK—Jarklr'» ntulher] jkkc tinntfit A KifU-Jn-Jqir. tf * * Yr«(crdn;i .Jnikli' In xluuurd In «ua IIOKrr ivllli lloryl 3lelra«i> lit Ihr Colony [Usluuruul. I'faru fclu- K-nllzr. Him Jlrrjl J« llticer'i '!?"*"•. Her mollirr ivnriu her ol difficultly, CHAPTEK VIII JACKIE knew dial her mollier J had not meant that she ought to try to slop Roger from making his stratosphere Irial flight'be- cause ci[ the danger anil risk involved. Evelyn did not know anything about lhal. But she did understand human nature. And Ihe danger involved when another woman came into the- picture, cspeciolly such an exceptionally attractive woman as Beryl Mel- 10SC. II was lioger ivlio phoned Jackie that next day to ask her to postpone her flying lesson once more. He fold Jackie that the plans for his flight were practically "in the bag." He seemed so steamed up aboul this that his conversation had been almost incoherent and decidedly sketchy. It was only afterwards thai .Jackie realized he liad not mentioned the fact that lie, too, had Kono into New York the day lie- lore. He had not said a word about having lunched al the Colony. Nol that she cared, Jackie told herself rather more emphatically than was necessary. Not that it was any business of hers where Tioger went m- with whom he lunched. Tlicir engagement was only a ruse, anyway. Several clays had passed and he had not called again. They were the longest, dreariest, days Jackie had ever known. Oh, the sun was shining brightly enough. Too brightly. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Perfect flying weather. Which, of course, was the only reason why Jackie sat around Ine house, waiting for the phone or Ihe doorbell to ring. She supposed when Roger gol time io give her another- lesson llic sky would start to rain cals and dogs. It was, enough to make iinyone Jccl low to have lo miss these heavenly sprint; days that should have been spent trying one's wings, in- slead of cramped vip indoors. * * * jj'JNALLY Jackie could not stand il anj' longer. She decided to drive out lo tlic Held, even (hough ru»:ei- had not given ;my signs of being alive, or of remembering the slightest dilTerencc ID Jicr, whether he was or nol. Which was rather a contradiction considering the way her hear! leaped into licr throat and her pulses storied racing madly the moment she saw him. He was standing liy Ihc side of a plane, n silver ship that Jackie did nol remember ever having seen at Hie (ield he-fore, talking with someone, H wasn't until she was within hailing distance — and hud made u •"mistake" ot calling his name — that Jackie realized a second later Ilio person he was talking wild was Beryl Melrosc. Jackie would have gone on into the hangar, but Roger motioned tor lief to join them. "I want you to know Jiickie Duim, Mrs. Melrose," lie said, Hashing his engaging grin. "Jackie's one of my best .students; she's milty about ilyitig. And — " his grin broadened as he gave Jackie an open and knowing plans for a big and dance with wink, "incidentally Jackie and I i arc engaged." "'rilAT'S which she hoped was not lost on him—"Molhcr will expect you at our announcement party a wt/jk from next Friday." In spile of the fact that Jaclit; had (old her Ihey could not make any definite plans until after Roger's flight, Evelyn had gone ahead with her parly, a dinner over a hundred guesls. H would he bail enough anyway, but if Roger did nol show up, it would' be a farce. "Why don't you come, too?" Jackie asked on a sudden impulse, addressing Mrs. Melrosc. She would show Roger (hat she did nol care! "I'd like very much lo come," Beryl Melrosc returned promptly in her smooth, effortless way. Eicr dark eyes, lookin.; into Jackie's 1 , seemed, however, lo see through the younger girl's pretense. "It is indeed nice of you to invite me." "I am very glad !o know voii indeed," Beryl Melrosc said cordially, extending her ] 1; ind. .She was even more attractive than at distance. She had Ihc most beautiful big brown eyes Jackie had ever seen. Her skill was like a gardenia petal. But what Jackie noticed—and envied—mosl of all was her poise. For some reason Jaekie felt all hands and feel, as though she did not know what lo tray, cr how to act. Maybe it was because of Roger's remark about tlicir engagement. Jackie felt siie could have .-.lain him gladly for making it. Certainly lhal wink had nol been necessary. If Mrs. Mclrosc had seen il, what on earth would she think? * * * J?OGER seemed to have forgotten lhat he had promised to sec Iliis engagement business through to (he bitter cud and that they had agreed they must behave as though il were a reality before other people. "Sorry i haven't had liyic lo phone you," he said now, making mailers worse, instead of bolter. "Haven't had a minute, have vie, Beryl?" So it was "Beryl" already! They must have been spending ,a^ot of lime together. "I've been' busy myself," Jackie said glibly.' 'Busy doing nofliing. Which-hW Ijccti' Hit: hardest thing she had'• ever tried lo ilo. "Before I forget it, Roger—and in case you continue swell," lioger saiil heartily. But lie looked from one lo the other of them in a sort of puzzled masculine way. Perhaps- he felt (he undercurrent in Ihe air. "You'll be glad lo know," lie said lo Jackie, "lhal everything is hunky-dory—thanks to Beryl." His smile now was just for her. "I'm to make a few experimental trial flights for altitude first right here. Then Beryl and 1 will go out'to the coast—that's so I can have a tail-wind—and then for the night! I hope lo do 450 mile,,' at least. There'll he a sealed barograph installed, ot course, for recording. The seal will not be broken until 1 deliver it at Washington. Doesn't il sound pretty thrilling? Jackie? Aren't you pleased ,is punch?" ' II sounded as though everything was very definite. Entirely loo definite for anyone lo put a stop lo, even if lie wished. And Beryl Melrose was to accompany Roger to Ihc coast. While Jackie sat home—doing nothing. "II sounds good," Jaekie admitted, but try as- she might she could not make her voicc sound as though she really meant il now. "Of course pleased," she made another I'm at- Icmpl. What on earth was wrong with her? Anyone would Ihink she didn't want Roger lo have his big chance! "I think. it's wonderful,". Elit; cndeil, IJul sornevyhal. lamely,,,. ''•' . _ / II would have bceii, irj' unknown reason Beryl . Mclr placed on (lie bottle only when the • nurse wears sterilized rubber (jloiT. 1 ;, or n;^:; n forceps for Ihc purpose. I In addilioii. it is required lhal! nil people altciidiiig the newborn infant, liavo frefinrnl physical examinations; thiil physicians who isit- mothers in w;;rds wear a lace: ni.'isl:. cap and cowii: that Ihu mother wcv.r a facn mask duriiit; ie lime wlicn she i.s feeding her baliy if din baby is taken back to lie nursery. 'Iliotc ,irc lypica! regulations vl'.icli do much lo prevent Ihc :prc.-ui of infection. The co-operation of iiitcllijjm!, people willi hc.-illli ofTiccrs, hospital mthorilies and with the medical profession will do much to prevent -imilar outbreaks in tin; future. animals, a fiieudiy young female Suiti: iloy nay l;o destroyed by local S.P.U.A. officials who have been trying lo remove n coaling of lar from its fur. , Children of tlin neighborhood in whk-h Ilif dog was found were blamed for the tnrrliiu, bill the actual culprit coulil nol be discovered. Authorities :;akl Ihc dog was about, 1 months old. Attempts to remove the tar with Ecap an.1 hot water proved unsuccessful. "This i:; Ihc lirsl case oi its kind ou record line," said James H. Cassidy. mannging director cf the E.P.C.A. "We raii'i, figure out, a. way lo remove (lie tar and save the animal's life." had iiol lalicn all Hie joy out of it. (To Be Continued) f A nn ouncemenis S.P.C.A, Fears Failure To Save Tarred Dog i SYKACUSfl::, N. Y. ( of nn extreme case ot cruelty to OUT OUR WAY Cur (iciinv. invcstc.'l at 6 per cent, simple in lhe year 333S B. C-. woul.l be worth aboul. $'2.:iO lcd:iy; liul. ha:l it. been invcr.tcd sit, 5 per cent, compound interest-, il. would be valued at Ihc sUsgrrin!; ri5iirc of $1,320.21-2. plus 90 ciphers! » •Ilie Courier News Decn authorized to make formal announcement of the following candidates for public office, subject to tba Democratic primary August 9. For County Treasurer B. L. (BILLY) OAINES tor Sheriff and Collector HALK JACKSON (For Re-election) County Court Clerk T. W. POTTEP. For County Tax Assessor \V. W. (BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART l ; ur County and Proobstc Judge DOYLE HENDERSON S. L. GLADISH (Vor Hc-dectlon) For Circuit Court Cicrk HARVEY MORR.IS For County Representative* W. W. FOWLER Ir. II. MJTRY ' WOODROVV IIUTTOM 1 Head Courier News Want Adi By j. K. Williams usrcl in conncclion with liic care . of llic babies. Iu some plaits it. i:, cunsideicsl ' SiUfliciciit fw li.c nmw ( 0 wush : i Ihc hands with plenty of soap mid i water before pulling a nipple on In iiuttl cities liicre ii nuw a re- a boUle. wheicus other phiccs have qulrcmcut that hospitals which i the rule that a nipple may uc : / THAT'S ALL Vv/e've eor-- AlR. \WOM'T STAV 1M 'EM? FOUR BLOWOUTS IN TWO MILES-- X'M GOING TO EXPERIMENT T HOT'S A MEW ONE OM ME — PUTT IN' SIDE CURTAINS IM A FOLDIM' THEM UP ISN'T SO ' GOOP FOR. S IMITATION 6L*\SS--1 CAN 7ELL YOU THAT' WHEN 17" KA\MS WEIL HAVE TO USE OUR. CLOTHES SIDE CURTAINS/ BORN THIRTY VEA.RS TOO SOOM

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