The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 15
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_TI[raSi)AY, APRIL 24, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat, yet UL. lot comtcutlr. m- Mmilmnui Ohiffi „_ sot 1 liuiu'inr Una ™'isc £ tmu-a tier Uuo pBr d»» '_ I'jc 3 times iier Hue ^wr day ~ 9. u limes IJL'J- lUe jjflr day """" ?c 1- times per Hue vor Jay 1_ oc Mouth iicr line 00c Count five average «-ords to Ilia lfu«. AJ oiiK'icJ for three or sis times nuil Bto.nir,. before expiration will be chare"••• uimilJtr ot times tho ad oS. adjustment o[ Mil made. irjf.U',] T7J i>erso;;e reslilltix outsiilo of the city must bo arccimi>aiik',i by casli. Rates n,-iy be C3:;lly couiu.tlcd (ri>m ilia' above AilvertlslnR onler for Irregular lusur- Uo.'is lakes i(je one lime rate, No reKjjouslbility utll be tEkOQ for more than o»a Incorrect tnsertloa of auy ilMHlflcd ad. So/e »A)JY CHICKS V!"i.<lrii|,l,i A fix;:, [, .I....M.. .inly u Al'.i li^ *alk i,, r-trifrat cut,i,,..Is. llnMi.T C"l!>[.r. ,;>,,r:<. I'll..1 rfrl .llrn 3|r,.fk'l( I'RYKRS SI. Raised in brood- cr. Abraham's Poultry House, roar Abraham's Cafp, ncxf to American Legion Field on S. Hwy. 01 3-28-ck-U <:,m,,., ,„<.,! in.], i! „„,, j., 11>r ,„,,„ ], r ,,,.,|. '•'. *'.! II,T Illyllu'rill,. Ilin <'»• L'lL' HAUY CI IV,.Ml ...rtili.-.! fl.,,.1,, p.,.,1 >:"•>,1 1.H..V.. [•,>-:,.111 linl llii MnrlilMB Si.LI' I 30, .10 & 52 Kiillon Norse clfclvii! healers Jirc now availahlc iit I'lanlers Hardware Co. Ask for installed prifes. Klcnicnts urn avail- alile for any power lint's. 4-21-rk-U For Salt BLYTHI3VILLR (ARK.) COUKlKli M.;U\S POWER LAWN MOWKKS. Soe (he hist word in a power lawn mower — the Pathfinder — (he one th:t( cuts lo any height and under any conditions. Ulylhevillc Machine Shop. -l-lVi-ek-lf Krcsh river catfish. Phoiu; 3570. Hoi) Cuimin^liiim •J27 Lilly. '1-18-1.K-2:-; H.-als I'ililil ii'i'.'i \Vall[,;'iJ.'i. r r V s','!n'''''" > '' i in i-k..-,:i..> For Rent i'ilrouiiK. UltllirvUie n,,|,| Ilin Main. I'liono 0.',2, Mrs, <.-ui»'iiii.ii> Ili'-lrniiiii. IHPII |ir, f.-rro.l. KI7 CJii. 1 !;. Mo/e He/.o Wanted NAI.fcSMAX - MAN WITH ,i.M IIITHIV - As.. 21 n, us. N',, ,.,vv1,,i^ .. M .,. r i..,,,... • Wanted Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hi way G1. J'hone 37SS. 3-27-pk"-4-27 Will pay lOc for cojiies of Courier News of Friday, April IS, brought to I lie office. .1-22-dh-fi Wanted to Rent —LlJl^l^ I or !i room unfurnished . house. Phone .'1309. 'l-23-dh-t.l • o.v'.i.iii In,,1^,- ill LTonrl |-.'|,:,ir. \vcll I Ii,,-:,t,,l H you :ir,- i,l tb.' .nnlt.-t f,.r i ; . 1 I,,,,,,,. ,-,.,. Dij<. 1-nri-i} In H'M. | I'.MIM 1..VXIW r.c; AIT,'- :: 1 ! iuil,.« fr.ii.i a K -f,o.l |C«\TI i,, Si-,, ('..ilnly. M.I. Hi> lira,..! i,,,,l u.,,,,1 iiii|,ri>vi'i,ii,hU. 'l'l,i- i^ ri,'.',. ••<•:. !>i.n. .?:l.i».'i ' ,l.,w,i LIIVIIH.!:. Hi,,,., : t-,-l - r.'iil". Thi< i; ,.',,vil, I1i,> lli.T ,.r. T .-rtv IU1.-.1. fa. l.,,.|. fit, 1,11,1 Mil, pri,!«•«>-. ., ,-i,'.li I.I'IIIKI! CU.VV. HKAI.TV UKUT Kli'sS. SAl.KSM.VX xSPl'l' ;! -" :I llVvuv rlllW!-.^ .afcsl nuulcl self - service dlicn display Hussoman pinduco or dairy rrfrifjcr- ativl hox with mirrors (o reflefl double display ;inil fliioi'sconl liijlilK. This case is 1( fct'f lonij wil!( lower sli>r;i!ie. l'rifi( KC.OO.OO. J.thi-rly C;tsli Croccry. lilvllie'villc, Arii. .J-2-l-ch-2S FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Service • Expert RcpniiTi on Al! Radios • Complete Lino of Radios in Stook • We Pick Up and Deliver 324 E. Main !>:il!,,r. TK.. I We Guarantee RECAPPING tit with HawUinson Treads I Let Your NexJ Tires Be J GENERALS I Cosl More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. Dione 2201 J 1 EVERY MOVING PART OF, YOUR CAR IS THOROUGHLY CHECKED FOR POSSIBLE TROUBLE/ Car nood ropair? Of course we can fix il. Hut heller- still, we, can help avoid hi.; repair hills, !)>' servicintv .votir car l () prevent trouble. Sum- nu-r's nearly lievo, and hot weather will kick up prohleins, unless your car is conditioned, for il in advance. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Rlylhnville, Ark.—Tel. 453—;mr> For Hire Services SALK.SMAIS WANTKI) Rend Connor News Waul Ads. Local A I,onit Jllslancc Sfovi Oompotant H«lp «nd A ""IS i?. : '" nr " 1 ' Onntr.ct Hnull • aa Mlic. Keivlcej. HOB* Bcrrlce fe Rlc-«f« lo. 1'kona ZfiOJ. Famous Ncolitc Keels by Goodyear Sli-ii nil it, friciul ... if yin, wiint rr;il ri-ui'iir ciiinrort rttinl llinsr ulil .slini'S, llrlni: thi'iii U> \K mill save, llic jirici; of n uini' |i.iir ;it HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. JOHNS LIQUOR STORE All Your Favorite Brands < YKU.OWSTONE , SCIIKNLEY i ANCIKNT AGi: 4 KOS1CS I. W. IIAHIT.ll • oi.o r;iMx • OLD TAYLOR • IIDNTHK. • PAUL JONKS • CAI.VIiKT'.S y<nir r:ilrnn:isc Apprccialnl ACItOSS rtiOJI HIT'/. THKATKIl MONKY TO LOAN Do yo» iu-0,1 A loan to repnlr or rcinodi-17 N 0 down payment, no ni(irti;nge, no red l"l'e. I--MA approved rat« •>••'• Ask fo/ details. Muz '<<««», lUaltor, phone 20S4. 1-ynch Did*., Hlythefllfe. 9-li3-ck-t{ (1 e us for i, n tslimate be- lori' you hnvc your trnclor overhfiulrd. \\' c siied.'ili/.e "» Kli'.-itu fleaniiiK ami R. Kk't'd-ic mid iici-l- weldin,;. Russell Traclor Co. Hiwuy »l honih. Phone 2171. '•M-ck-tf . el us sharpon and repair yoirr lawn mower, regardless of liind or si/e. (!e( - v ..... ' s ready now, and "void I lie rush. We pick ,, p ini't deliver. lllyltieviile iilncliiiio Shop. 21 t ,S. 2nd '- nluuio 2S2K. 'I-IJ-di-lf Moiist- moving, roiiin!;ilioji repairs. Kxperic-need. Have ^«'e 1'i-ank Crochet I. :)'()() s. I'illl. ,I.R.,ilr.r;.o Lost ,r _nl.l. lly,-,. s,,,,M,,,| f., 171. ' ' '.|i'/;j f ,|, ' : V/ Personal For Com|j/ete Protect/on Again* t All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoo Koto) Bldg. 124 W. Ash Si. ADIO I <\N1) 'J DAY DKItV'HJK ON ANY MAKK OIJ AIOIJK1, Ul-'- I.IADLI.; WOHKMANSllll'. PHONE 2642 W« Call Air and FRED CALLIHAH Ivlcclrlcal Appliance Co. Autlinrl-srtl Alnl»rul:i V.nilln Sali-s nil.) SIT vU'r lHi: Ktiilll! l-'lisl SI. I CULVERT 'PIPE"~~ of Copper Stocl \Vo i-ni-ry it iii slnrli In J'l". 15", I.S'" ami Z(" s(/rs. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. lliytlii'vilta, Arh. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Plume 2fl'l.'! 10M "Ma&eliTenGallons! You're, Not Going to Pull That Gag About Running Out of Gas!" Whollier it'i one 01 Ion gallons, you gel clean, fcnock-froo goi lioro—superior service tool A quick, cKlclenl chociful check-up on oil, lli«, cdrburaloi, onrj motor—all (or the price'of on* (or 10) galloni of gai. Foi^nappy motoring, drive in fcoro ficjtl . LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 't Wreckers Phono r\:ifi> 1'nnlin'ls ^7R ^4 Hr. Rrrvlce S'p11ii;rJJij|r Tires If you llvnl on lhi> innnii. y src Ilin (MiVtli 40 llini's l>i-li:l»liT lli:in yun now sre UK; moon. PRESCRSPTIOfS Fresh SlocU (Jiiar.'inlwd llcs( I'rlcca Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS KOVAL, SMITH, VOKONA ail.l ItI'MINOTON I'OltrAIU.H lit) N. KtlCOND ST, I'ilONP 31«3 (Evnry Triinsiictlon MUST BE BATISFACTOIIV) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Kvccpt Cuncer] DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic BH Muln, Hlylnrvlllij, Arlt., l'|,,, lc mt • Plaster • Stucco • Concrete Phone 3998 Let Our Phone 555 GSTON-WROTEN CO. Tune In Sunday at 4 p.m. o Serving This Section r 115 So. 3rd WaJnuf & Broadway Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone «1 and your order will Do 017 it's way i,, record ( | mc uur j.joral Arrnnucmcnts loll n complete story T ± FLOWER SHOP i'ii Am" * * crv ' cft We Deliver Anywhere __ _ 3 - Mp (M:lCl Wllllnm!i, ownrr Olcncon 1)1.1,. Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tiros and Tubes Puint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT T31 E. Main St. Phone 2122 ATTENTION FARMERS!! We have received our shipment of Hoosier-Crosf and Super-Crost Hybrids for immediate delivery. Arrange now io call for the corn you ordered. We suggest you purchase a sufficient quantify of seed corn as tho supply is limited. SEE US AT ONCE. Biyfheviile 1800 V/. Mom ean Corp. Phone 856 or 857 WMATCOES, HILDA ? 1 No.Tn/vr DOUBLE- ARE THEY PL'NISHING/ CKOSS!MS VOID LARD ? . r^m>£ COUPON IS DQ.VJS BY MERRttL RLOSSE7 WMATS PUNJlSHED IS MRS. SMITH'S

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