The Pacific Commercial Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii on September 1, 1877 · Page 2
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The Pacific Commercial Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 2

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1877
Page 2
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FRIO AT. AVOVST 31. 1877- W here but a aing'e arrival from broad to note since our laat-lhe Am bk II W Almj from Ban rancisco on the Win. The deirtnres been-27lli. H B M's 8 Albatro-. for Vic toria. B C. and schr Giovanni Apiani, for Fanning', and W -ah in I on Islands, for a load of cocoannt oil for Mr Chaa Looi 28th. Mo- itor. for Humboldt. The bsrkentine W II Deits, bj C Brewer k Co, tail to morrow for San Francisco with part cargo of taland produce. The bark H W Almy, by Caatle & Cooke i op for San Tranciaco to bare dispatch. Th P M Co steamer City of Sydney U due from the Sooth on the 11th. The English ship Madura, en route for the guano islands, with sheep for the Kanaka Ranch, is now supposed to be four. teen day oat from San Francisco, and due any moment, watt date to the 18lh of August. FORT Or HONOLULU. H. X. ARRIVALS. Ang. 25 Am bk Helen W Almy, Widdonaon, lfl day from San Francisco. 26 Sen r Nettie Merrill. Crane, from Lahaina, Maul, 28 Schr Ka Moi. Wilbur, from Kahului, Maui. 27 Schr Fairy Queen, Pent, from Hanalei, Kauai. f-i rhr Annie. Kalua. from YVailua, KauaL 27 Schr Manuokawai. Pake, from Nawiliwili, KauaL 27 Schr Kekauloohl, Malaihi, from Hanalei. Kauai 28 Schr Mile Morris, Kealohanni. from Molokai. 29 Schr Pueokabi, Clarke, from Maliko, Maui. 29 Schr Warwick. John Bull, from Lanai. 30 Schr Pauahi, Iiopu, from Hilo, Hawaii. OEPA KTDRES. Aug. rrfUmr Likelike. Marchant. for Maal ic Hawaii. 27 H B M's sloop Albatross, Com Bice, for Victoria. 27 Haw schr Gioranni Apiani, veea, tor tannings and Washington liianoa. 28 Am bktne Monitor, E meson, for Humboldt. 28 Schr Ka Moi, Reynolds, for Kahului, Maul. 23 Schr Manuokawai. Pake, for Nawiliwili, Kauai. 29 Schr Mile Morris, Kealohanni, for Molokai. 29 Schr Nettie Merrill, Crane, for Lahaina, Maui. 26 Schr Annie, Kalua, for Kona Sc. Kan, 11 await Pchr Fair Queen. Peni. for Kohala. Hawaii. 31 Schr Warwick, John Boll, for Kalaupapa, Molokai. VESSELS IN PORT. lIBCHANTMIIt. Am schr C M Ward. Haw bk Courier. Ahlborn, loading. Am bk Harriet N Carteton, Harkness, discharging. Brit sh Abeooa, Grosart, discharging. Am bktne Wm H Deitz, Endicott, discharging. TahKian schr A lata. Chapman. Am bk Helen W Almy, Widdonaon, discharging. WHALSB. Am wh bk Hunter, Holt. MEMORANDA. RcroaTor Am k Uclck W almt, Widdonsow, Mas tkb Left San Francisco August Oth. Had light W and NW wind to lat 29 20', long 134. 2t W, then light NB wind the remainder of the passage. Made the Ialtnd of Maul on the morning of the 25th, and anchored off Honolulu the same evening. IMPORTS. Faow Sax Faaaciaco Per Helen W Almy, Ang 25: 800 mats rice, 531 bod la pickets, 1000 ft lumber, 6000 posts, 20 cords firewood, and 1416 pkgs general mdse. PASSENGERS. Fern San Fbjxcisco Per Helen W Almy, Aug 25: E F Eaoa, K Bast ler, and 29 Chinamen. Faoss Lamina Per Nettie Merrill, Aug 26-. W M Gibsom Kia Nahaolulua. Faoa Kahcliii Per Kamoi, Aug 26: W H Bailey, W O Smith, C W Gray, Charles N Arnold and wife, G Armstrong, Miss Alice west ana zu aecc. s-ab WmnwiiD Pots Per Likelike. An 27: Her Maj esty Queen Kapiolani, H R H Bath Keelikolani , His KxJno M Kapena, His Ex Jno O Dominia, Hons II M Whitney, E O Hall, S G Wilder, wife and 3 children, Mr Kapooloku, Mrs Kahalenoulu. Miss Robinson, Mrs Noble, P C Jones, wife and child. Sam Parker and wife. J Wabioeaua, C E Bancroft, Her II Bingham and wife. Miss Kate Haley, Capt Mclntyre and 2 daughters. Ur J wignl ana wue, u mewecae ana wiie, msj u W Macfsrlane, S L Austin, II N Green well, D Kaukiu and t- a f MX Un.n..r If.. 1 if ln..aW n A IT n insoo, F 8 Mellis, J W Armitage, Miss Ada Van Winkle. Mrs Van Winkle, W 11 Cornwelt, wile, nurse ana X children, ueo firsr. P Onfencelc Mrs Kanewa. J 8 Kukahiko. J N Kaiaika- rba,F Nathaniel, Esther Nathaniel, Miss H 8 J add, Mr Kicharusoa, nanuiia, 11 ti vt imams, on 1 x vaviB, mrs it n Fhtner. Mrs Ashmann. Aleooa. Akana. Miss Haunani Judd. C Taylor, Mtea E Napoleon Mrs Kamaka, J Meek, Cbas N Ar nold, J K Mil 11. u tticcara, vv u omiin, vr u uaney ana w'fe. Mrs T U Hobron. Mrs 8 Kipi. D W Glorer. G 8 Bond, J W Gay, G Armstrong, R A Lyman, Miss Widemann, D Ran kin. Mim A Baokin, 11 Lornwen, inos namaniei, inos Hicks, Wiiiia Hardy, Miss Jennie Ifates, Dr Amshew, and and about M aecx. Fob Kahclci PerKamol, Aug 28: Mrs Wilbur and child, Capt Wilbur and 3 others. Foa Lahaisa Per Nettie Merrill, Aug 29: J C Glade, W M Gibson, Kia Nahaolelua. MARRIED. McCoaaisToa Forrsa. At Halawa. Molokai, Aaz 19th. by the BeTerend Father Uamien, Ui'ch hcuobbistok to Mrs M Li rorrca. Jr uarenpon papers pieasecopy. Co5cxdbcm3 What balked the Russians, on their march to Stambool ? Why, the balkin (Bal kan) Passes ! What did the Russians find to their cost to be of the cream of the Turkish armj in Armenia T The Kurds ! What are Hippodrome donkeja ? Cirque-asses ! Letter from Hani. Makawao, Aug. 23, 1877. To the Editor of Uie Pacific Commercial Advertiser: There is nothing here that agitates the publio palse bat the desire that the Telegraph should ba published at a matter of kitlory. Mr. C. H. Dickey has just completed a line of telegraph from his place at Uaiku, to his store in Makawao a distance of about five miles. The first telegram, " God tave the King! " was sent over the wire on the 23d of Jaly, 1877. Mr Dickey has succeeded in making arrangements to continue the line to Wailuku, and it is sincerely hoped there will be enough live men to be found there to ran the wire over the mountain to Lahaina. That being accomplished, tho government will certainly lay a cable across the channel to Molokai, and from there to Honolulu. It is unnecessary to enumerate the thousand and one ways in which it would be beneficial to the whole country. Now that there are many foreigners coming here as laborers, suvd many more expected, and no means of defense - here in ease of an attack of the potato bags " or Cockroaches." it might be for oar own safety and the public good to have some means of getting in- teligence to the Capital as soon as possible. Speak ing of Cockroaches reminds me that not long ago, lady found one of those fellows helping himself to the contents of her sugar bowl, and in the excite ment of the moment struck him on the tail end of bis head with a rolling pin. I believe the Coroner's jary said it was a fit of appoplexy. Induced by a too liberal indulgence of nnadalterated erystaliged saccharine matter ! How ever, all that we the people care to know is, that it was a Jit application of a oaasa that produced the desired effect. That the telegraph is a success, may be demon strated by the following fact if it is a fact. One Thomas (doubling Thomas) who left the land of wooden nutmegs in the innocent days of bis youth. walked into the Makawao store, and after looking carefully at the battery, (keeping at a safe distance) asked Mr. Wallace the store keeper if the telegraph was in working condition. And being answered in the afirmative, said he would take a drink of Nectar Cream and go home. Bat instead of going home, he took quite another direction, and went to Haiku. Sashing into the store there, he asked Mr. Dickey ' Can you make me believe that anyone at Makawao can tell what 70a say over that wire?" I think I can ; at least I am willing to try and convince you." ' Well, you jast ask Mr. Wallace if I was in his store this morning, and what did I bay ?' In an instant the answer came Yes, he was bare and bought a drink of Nectar Cream, and did'at pay for it." "It a lie !" thundered Thomas, in tones that made the building shake equal to a third class earthquake. ' It's a lie ; I did pay or it, but the f-legraph is a fact by Japiter! I have seen the whale and haadled him, I have seen the white cockatoo, bat I have never seen any thing equal to this ! This thing mast b pat in the paper ma a matter of history !" And as ha wiped the perspiration from his brow with the rim of his hat, be declared if he knew that Gumpy that writes to the paper from Makawao. be would have him tend a notice of the telegraph to the Advkbtiser to ba published as a matter of History t So there you are, Thorna. Yours lympathetically, Grarr. THE PACIFIC Okmtmeraal Mbcr tiscr. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 1. Is alluding again to the Chinese question, we shall premise by eajing that common sense adopts the opinion that the world is made for mankind, and that every individual man and woman should have a perfect right to go and reside upon whatever point on the outside of this planet be or she fancies most. But, wherever a man or woman lives, be or she has need to eat, drink, elee", and wear some clothes ; and all this costs money. There are also other animal instincts likely to be felt, at least in youthful and vigorous age. The man or woman, who travels from borne to a foreign land, may want a wife or husband, too. Now, at the outset, a most natural question suggests itself; bow are you going to live, when you get where you want to go ? Rich folks may answer, at once : on my money, which I fetch with me from home. With these rich folks, we have not one word more to say, except, perhaps, to remark passingly that they are pretty sure to meet with a very hearty welcome wherever they go as long as their money lasts. At present, our remarks are in regard to people who leave borne for a foreign land, bringing nothing with them save their labor. It is plain to us, that such people cannot complain if they are not welcomed in places where the labor market is overstocked already. Nor can they be surprised if, by the fact of their own arrival causing a glut in the labor market and a consequent fall in the price of labor, the old bands of the place display a feeling of dislike for the new-comers, sometimes culminating in hatred and overt acts of personal violence as recently in California. It, furthermore, the new-comers are of one sex, say the male sex and young men, it is only in keeping with human nature to find them addressing themselves to the women ol tne locality wnere they settle, either honorably or dishonorably; and it can astonish no one if this course gives rise to jealousies and contentions with the young men of the place. Under all circumstances, then, we think that when young people emigrate from their own country to a foreign land, without any other means of supporting themselves on their arrival than their manual labor, it is quite rea sonable that the people of tho country where they come to settle, should be allowed to ask some questions concerning the character of the new arrivals, before admitting them into their midst. We pasa over their religious condition because any pagan, like Saul, may, in one day, or nour, or minute, oy tne miracle 01 uoa s grace, become a Paul. But, in the case of im migrants, the very first question wbicb should be raised is : are they young, and, if so, are they single or mated ? The condition of the country where they arrive may render it desirable, nay necessary to admit only single females, or married couples. In eucb a case, the arrival of large numbers of single young men is very pernicious. Among our neignoors ot uanior-nia, there appears to be a glut in the labor market, and the working hands there are indig nant at the influx of Chinese laborers. Here, in Hawaii nei. there is an urgent demand for laborers on the plantations ; but there is also a vast disproportion between the sexes, the males beinz considerably in the excess. We notice that the press of San Francisco is congratulat vaz tne cuduc tnere on tneir gooa iuck in getting a chance of being rid of their Chinese, a AV bv an exodus of the undesirable element to Hawaii nei. In our last issue, we expressed an uneouivocal oDimon on the 6ubiect. It is mon- strous to admit young men by hundreds here, no matter of what nationality, without making A W some provision to equalize the ratio of the sexes If these single young Chinamen are allowed to land in hundreds on these shores, then it be comes the bounden duty of the government, at once, to introduce at least an equal numoer 01 Chinawomen, and enforce the rigor of the law regarding good morals in this country. We can see no other remedy for this monstrous and unnatural state of things, and we again press the matter on the notice of Government. In another column will be found an interest ing, as wen as amusing letter trom a corres pondent at Makawao, East Maui, which conveys to as the news that the experiment has been successfully made to introduce the electric tele graph into Hawaii nei. Already, five miles of wire are in working order; the first message despatched by the wire was very apropos: God save the King !" So far, this is a private under taking, the wire having been put up by Mr. C. H. Dickey, to enable bim to communicate in stantaneously from his dwelling-house at Haiku, with his place of business at Makawao over the above mentioned distance. Too much praise can not be bestowed on tbat enterprising gentleman, and his assistant, whose names deserve to be handed down as the real pioneers of electric tele graph in Hawaii nei. We are struck by the importance of this in cident; . an example has thus been set by a private individual to the government, which our intelli gent Ministry should decide to follow up without unnecessary loss of time, as the letter of our correspondent suggests. It is needless to expatiate on the numberless advantages of tele graphic communication between the capital of a country and its outlying divisions and remote centres of population. The insular condition of the territories composing this kingdom has placed the natural barrier of the ocean between one division and another of its superficial extent. iviouern science nas discovered fortunately a means of instantaneously overcoming this natural isolation, and the submarine cable enables man to communicate with lands which the sea separates by its billows. The channels between the several islands of the Hawaiian group are not very wide, the broadest, that between Oahu and Eauai being no more than eighty miles; while the channel between Kauai and Niihau is only thirteen miles wide. Then, between Oahu and Molokai, the channel is twentyrfive miles ; between Molokai and Maui, the width of the channel is ten miles ; between Maui and Lanai, the narrowest breadth of the channel is only nine miles ; and between Maui and Hajfi, the width of the channel is thirty miles. So tbat, to establish electro-telegraphic communication between Oahu and the islands of the windward group, only sixty-five miles of electric cable is required in three divisions, of twenty-five, ten and thirty miles length respectively ; to which add nine miles more of cable to take in Lanai, and thus the submarine communication between the capital and the windward group, would re quire about seventy-four miles of cable, or per haps a few miles more, owing to the possible difficulties of laying a cable between the nearest points of each of the respective islands. Again, the communication between Oahu and the lee ward group, would necessitate no more than ninety-three miles of submarine cable, taking in Niihau. So tbat no more than one hundred and fifty-seven miles or thereabouts, of cable is required to establish submarine telegraphic com munication between the island whereon stands ! the Hawaiian metropolis with the residence of! the Court, and all the other inhabited islands or the groirp to the leeward and to the windward. When wo cuneider the enormous l.Dgtii of eeveral of tt.e cables at present resting on the bed of old ocean, the united length of all the separate bits of submarine cable which we would require for our i&ter-island electro-telegraphic communication dwindles into insignificance. But, on the other hand, the condition of our exchequer, as compared with that of other more populous nations, very naturally reminds us that the laying down of even these bits of submarine cables would be a heavy drain on our resources. Great rivers, it should be remembered, take their rise from small streams, and a beginning might be made with the twenty-five or thirty miles of cable required to unite Oahu with Maui, our next neighbor as our Maui correspondent very sensibly suggests. It must not be forgotten that these cables are calculated to pay very handsomely, and we have no doubt that the yearly receipts would return a high rate of interest on the first cost. We think, then, that our Ministry can not do better than to give the question of inter-island electro-telegraphic communication some serious attention, now that they have so successfully and efficiently set on foot an improved system of steam communication between the several islands of the Hawaiian Kingdom. We notice one or two very sensible remarks from the pen of our Makawao correspondent. Although all the subjects of King Kalakaua are as we hope peaceably disposed, there is reason to take into consideration at least the possibility that the influx of foreigners in great numbers may hereafter lead to disturbances and even riots, sueh as have occurred in other countries. Some such idea suggested itself to us, when we penned our remarks lately, about the advisability of government owning at some time hereafter not very remote a little war-steamer remarks which our local contemporary with bis usual stolidity could neither understand nor let pass without an idiotic bray, seemingly being especially incensed because we observed that even one little war-steamer would add prestige to our nascent Hawaiian Kingdom, which every enlightened man sympathetically regards as a happy Christian experiment, triumphantly contrasting with the condition of other races and nationalities of red or brown races that may be readily instanced. But, without giving further importance to the petulant sneers of an individual who possibly may lay his own short comings to the charge of his ungrateful coun- j try," we are struck at the coincidence that simultaneously almost with our remarks, the isolated and unprotected situation of planters and other settlers upon the other Islands of the Kingdom is pressing itself upon the attention of the thinking part of their populations. To maintain the cause of law and order, is, as every body understands, the duty of a good and stroDg government ; and bow can a government be Baid to be in a position to support the local authorities, which lacks the means of transporting Bay, even fifty soldiers to the scene of a disturbance, except by the casual assistance of a trading steamer, which may be off to Kauai, when an additional force is required in Hawaii, or vice versa. It must be remembered that this country is soon likely to be filled with East India coolies," as they are called and these fellows are not always lambs, to say nothing of the every day increasing numbers of Chinese, who are also flocking to Hawaii nei, and are certainly not entitled to the character of pet lambs, no more than the coolies. We can understand, then, the anxiety of reflecting men, like our Makawao correspondent, who most reasonably think that immediate communication between the seat of government and the other Islands of the Kingdom, is becoming each day more and more desirable, even for peace and protection's sake. Besides electro-telegraphic communication now so desirable and even necess ary, we are of opinion that government will find ere long, when called upon to maintain law and order amongst the mixed population of the not distant future, that the little war- steamer of which we spoke, will become a matter of indispensable necessity, even putting out of the question the prestige of the Hawaiian King dom, at which our petulant contemporary essays tosfaeer so unmeaningly and with such bad taste for a " Hawaiian born." The Hawaiian Hotel. In accordance with previous notice given , the lease of the Hotel for five years from the 1st Inst, was pat np at public auction at Aliiolani Ilouse at noon on Thursday last, and resulted in Mr. A. Herbert, the late lessee, becoming the purchaser, for the sum of $2,850 per annum, exclusive of the price of retail wine and spirit and billiard licenses. The terms of sale, as propounded by the chief cleric of the Interior Department, who acted as auctioneer on behalf of the Minister, were as follows : the purchaser to take with the lease of the premises the furniture and fixtures of the late lessee, (Mr. Her bert) at the appraised valuation of $9,000, and to pay therefor in ninety days, and also the furni ture, etc. belonging to government, on which easy terms of payment would be allowed. These terms were objected to by the single bidder against Mr. Herbert, who offered $3,500 if the terms could be modified, which the Minister declined to do. Since the sale, we have heard much comment on the street, very generally stronely condemnatory of the course pursued by the Minister (or we may more properly say the Cabinet) in this matter, and we have been at some pains to ascertain the views which have prevailed in Ministerial circles. We learn that the leasee fMr. ITerrierM oia; i, - , vtHtuivvt ILJBfc the government, in re-arrangine the letting of th TT.a.l . . . - uoiei, was equitably bound to have regard to his interests therein. That his original contract was not a simple lease, but a species of partnership, by which be furnished one-half the house and tru.v in trade was to run the place for five years at his own risk, and to build np and develope and m"e remuireraiive, " possible, the Hotel businp. That he was entitled to expect either a continuance of his contract or an amicable adjustment of the mutual interests concerned, whereby he need not be subjected to unnecessary loss. That in develoo- mg tne Dusiness ne nad acquired an equitable right in woaiever tnacDUSinees might prove to be worth to others. That he had not put his property in the concern at the start with any understanding mai ne was liable to be sold out unconditionally at the end of five years by his partner. That in iew of his struggles and risk in carrying on the place in its earlyyears, and from its non-financial suc cess so that he was poorer for embarking in it at all and from other general considerations, he felt himself entitled to an equal, if not better chance than others in the disposition of a lease. That therefore, if government insisted on putting up the house at auction, he claimed that his share of the partnership property should be appraised, and made part of the sale. These, we understand, are in brief the consider. its recent action in the matter of the lease of the Buuua nuiuu ug muuencea ine rovercment in uotei. Ikcesdiaby Attempt. About 4 o'clock this morn ing, Capt. Harrison, the stevedore, going down to wards the steamship wharf, discovered afire bum- ng quite briskly amorjg some rubbish just mauka of the wharf gate. It had made anch Drcrr8 when discovered tbat the bottom edge of the dock fence was burned. Had there boen & breeze last niohi like the night previous, the wharf and shed would have gone. There need a better watch about the docks. FOR SALE CHEAP. ,EHVO SECOND-HAND BILI.I A RD TABLES. ieiAFp.y at the Keanrant of JA3 H. ILEg, Fort 8treet. Improved Order of Red Men. rgiHE Kl'G UL4 R COUNCILS OF IJAWA1IAN I Tribe No. 1. Improved Order of Red Men. be Leld on Friday ETening, at 7J o'clock. Wing ethren will meet a cordial reception. Place of meeting, in the UaU of the Knights of Pythia. Hotel Street. f gepl lm Per Order, JA8. F. NOBLE, C. of K. LESSONS OF THE HOUR. w M. X. ARMSTRONG. ESft.. WILL DELIVER A LECTURE upon the abore topic, Oi FRIDAY EVEN'G NEXT, At lite Lyceum. ' . Doors open at seven o'clock. isslon, JPifty Cents t COMMITTEE Y. M. C. ASSOCIATION. Ad it SUGAR LAND FOR SALE ! THE AHUPUAA OP PEAIII, H AMA- KUALOA, East Maui, will De cnere;i at. ruui, v- tion, if a sufficient upset price is guaranteed. THIS LAXD OAS AX AREA OF 2016 ACRES ! as per surrey, is well watered and a considerable portion of it is weil adapted for the cultiration of sugar cane. Apply to II. HACKFELD Co.. sepl 4t Agents for the heirs of the late L. H. Anthon. LIFE INSURANCE CLAIMS. riUlE UNDERSIGNED IS PREPARED TO 1 collect claims of policy holders against the SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE ANI ANNUITY CO. of New York. Claims should be sent in without delay, otherwise they may be barred. au 13 3t S. B. DOLE, Attorney at Law. TO RENT. rwiifK FIRE-PROOF STORE on Queen I. Street, lately occupied by C. S. Bartow sq., as an n tndinn Room. Possession given immediately. 1 Apply to mh4 W. C. PARK.K, WAIPUOLO UATTCr I I HOUSE I 1 PLEASANTLY LOCATED IN WAlALUA. Oahu. Is open to the traveling; public. Horses grained and fed with hay, or pastured. Saddle Horses procured at short notice, and on reasonable rates. TERMS : Board and Lodging per Day $2.00 SiDgle Meals 60 Lodging per Night 60 Board per Week, according to agreement. For further particulars apply to the undersigned, on the place. sel lm S. N. EMERSON. TBAK8LATIO!?. dtiojb: TJ" PROTESTING AGAINST THE NOTICE M of Mortgagee's Sale by C. 8. Bartow. Auctioneer, and Uecii llrowD, Attorney at law, wnicn appeared in the Kuokoa newspaper on Saturday, the 18th day of August, 1877, of three pieces of land situated at Uonaunau, South Kona, Hawaii, in a certain indenture of mortgage made on the 16th day of June, 1870, by Wm. E. Wright and Kmily K. Wright, (bis wife) to A. S. Cleghorn. Notice is hereby given that the said Mortgagee's Sale is not in accordance with the law, because the mortgage made by Wm. R. Wright and Kmily K. Wright, (bis wife) to A. 8. Cleghorn, was made under the law passed in 1858-5, and under tbat statute the Supreme Court only was authorized to grant an order of foreclosure and sale of mortgaged real estate on the petition of the holder of the mortgage to that effect at the expiration of the time mentioned in the mortgage. o Attorney at Law, or Auctioneer, has any legal right to give notice of and sell real estate held by any mortgage made uuder the law mentioned above. The undersigned hereby warns all persons who may Intend to buy the said pieces of land at the sale advertised for the 15th day of Sept. 1877, that it will be at their peril, as the sale is contrary to law. Notice is hereby given that the lands included in the above mortgage do not belong to Wm. K. right and Kmily K. Wright, (his wife) but belong to the undersigned, as all the title are in their names. THOMAS H. WRIGHT, WILLIAM J. WRIGHT. By their Attorney, GEO. B. KALAAUKANE. Honolulu, August 29tb, 1877. sel 2t PRESERVED MEATS. fJHE UNDERSIGNED ARE PREPARED M to furnish to the trade, in quantities to suit, a superior article of Hawaiian Preserved Meats, COMPRISING DRIED, SMOKED, AND OTHER STYLES OF PRESERVED BEEF! Prepared by a New Scientific Process by M. ECKART, at his Factory in Waimea, Hawaii. sel F. A. SCHAEFfcR A- CO. IMPORTER AND DEALER in WINES & SPIRITS, No. 5 Merchant Street, HAVING THO ROUGH Li V SYSTEMATIZED his Business, and lately added largely to his Stock, would call the attention of old friends and the public, to the Assortment of CHOICE LIQUORS AND- GENERAL MERCHANDISE, Enumerated below, which HE OFFERS FOR THE AEXT 90 DAYS AT- REDUCED PRICES CHAMPAGNES : Dry Tenenay, Eugene Cliquot, Bouzy Mosseaux, Ruinart, Pere and Fill, SiUery Mosseaux, Heldsieok fe Co. Ch. Farre, Montebello. (quarts and pints.) BRANDIES: Martell. Hennessy, Southern Vineyard Proprietors Co. De Laage, Fils ft Co. WHISKIES J. H Cutter, " O K," Kentucky Favorite, DuoTille, Extra Old Stock, u ts.,-. O F C " Soar Hash, Virginia Bye. GINS Schiedamsche Jenever, (In jogs) Key Brand, Old Tom Cordial, Cosmopolite. WINES : Cala. Bock, Sherry, Ginger, Sparkling Hock, Fort, Angelica, Muscat, Rhine, White. Claret, Australian, gaaterne. AI.ES Blood, Wolfe V Co , Jeffries, Tennent's, Kaiser, Ind Coope & Co., Foster's, McEwan's, A. M tiller's. (pints and quarts ) POUTERS Blood, Wolfe & Co.. McEwan's, Abbott's, (pts.and qls.) Jeffries. BITTJERS Verm a Blanco. Angostura, Schomberg, Bolter's, Ton Humboldt's, II ob tetter's, Pipifax, Orange. -ALSO- Curacoa, Maraschino, Vermouth, Absinthe, Decanter Cordials, Svraps, Schwedisb Punch, etc. AIu, Whalebone, Anchors, Chains BolJ Walrus Ivory, Davits, casks and Oil Barrels, Bocka, Iron Tanks, Wire Kipping, firewood. Camphor Wood Trunks, ' Yin-gar, ' 'in . irgmia riug looaeco, Batcher Knives, ' c'8Ji Harmoniums, Ac. Blockings. (sepl 3m) ATTENTION HOOKS ! ! mHB ANNUAL. ELECTION. OP OFPI- CKKS of Froirction Hook & Ladder Company, No. 1, will take place at their IlaU on M'jNDAl EVEN'tf NEXT. A full attendauce is particularly requests. ' Per Order, BAM'L. NOWLEIN, It . Secretary. . NOTICE. pro PRIRTil R. OP TUB HAWAIIAN imTKi. hrirm to announce to the nubile that on the 10th day of Beptember, or immediately alter the departure of the . . " . . V. - LJ.Al Will tl Australian Dteamer iot ou r 1 uuilu, ui ..... cloaed for repairs. Due notice will be giren of the re-opening. sel at NOTICE. J. II. WICKE, CABINET MAKER, Etc.. has removed to Alakea Street, below Hotel Street. an25 3t ALLEN & STAOKPOLE, KAWAIHAK HAWAII. WILL CONTINUE THE GENERAL MERCHANDISE and SHIPPING BUSINESS at th above port, where they are prepared to furnish the Justly celebrated Kawaihae Potatoes, and such other recruits as are required by whale ships, at the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms. (sepl ly) JOHN THOS. WATERHOUSE, IMPORTER AND DEALER IK GENERAL MERCHANDISE, sel Queen 8 tree t, Honolulu. ly C. BREWER & CO., COMMISSION AND SHIPPING MERCHANTS. (sel ly) Hawaiian Islands. Honolulu, Oahu, TO LET ! PREMISES ON FORT STREET, tAOp and commodious house, formerly occupied by w. U. ROSE, Esq. Has all the necessary oct-buildings and conveniences. For one year or more, on apputauuu iw w undersigned on the premises. au25 tf Q. W. MACY. OAHU COLLEGE. T HE NEXT SCHOOL TEAR WILL OPEN Wednesday, Sept. 5, 1877. There will be do change in tne present vorp m Applicants for admission will be examined ON MONDAY, 12 A. M. Persons desiring to enter as Boarders should apply as early as possible. AU letters of inquiry may be addressed to the President. AMA8A PRATT. jyU 8r President of Oahu College. NOTICE. milt? rvuF.RSir.NED WOULD INFORM M. his friends and the publio that he has a desk at the office of W. R. CA8TLE, Esq. aull lm GEO. H. McCONXSLL. BISHOP & CO., BANKERS, HONOLULU, HAWAIIAN ISLANDS DRAW EXCHANGE ON THE B1XK OF CALIFORNIA, SAX FRAXCISCO, AND THKIB AGCKTS IS New York, Boston, Tnri, Auckland, THE ORIENTAL BANK CORPORATION, LONDON, ABO THKIR BRAXCHK8 15 Hongkong, Sydney, and Melbourne, And Transact a General Banking Business. sp21 1 MTGflMYSiEflFOlIlil Just Received from San Francisco, BT LATE ARRIVALS. A Large and Handsome Assortment of PHOTOGRAPHIC GOODS, Such as Frames, Velvet Cases, Union Cases, sc. Also, A NEW STILE OF PHOTOGRAPHS ! Printed in Porcelain; Portraits in Alba Plates, A Style never before Introduced in Honolulu. I also beg to ssy that I am prepared to take Photographs from Lockets and produce a picture 17x20, a else which will be remembered by Honolulu people some years ago, made by Mr. Weed. Every facility will be found at my establishment to Take any and All Kinds of Pictures! Aided by the elements and the advantages of human ingenuity and enterprise. Give me a Call. au25 A. A. ITIOIVTAIVA. From HoHffkoilff DirCCt IX FORTY EIGHT DAYS. IW GOOES. IW GOODS ! NEW GOODS!! PER Barque ( Harriet N. Carlton Consisting in part or China Silk, Pongees, Pena, Best Velvet, of different colors; Crape and Crape Shawls, in colors; Grass Cloth, Grass Cloth Handkerchiefs, Gentlemen's White Linen Suits! Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Neck Ties for Ladies, Silk Embroidered Ties for Ladies, Embroidered Slippers Embroidered Press Goods, a Fine Asst. of Dressing Combs A FINE INVOICE OF JEWELRY Tiger Claw Bets, gold mounted; Bird's Head Sets, gold mounted; Coral Sets, gold mounted; I Tory Sets, gold mounted; 8ets of all Descriptions, silver mounted; Gents Stud Sets, silver mounted; Silver Bsskets, Napkin Bings, Work Tables, Stands, Card Tables, Tea Tables, Vases, a full line. F1XS FEATHER, IVORY, SilYDlLWOOD Jt PAPER A Full List of All Kinds of CHINESE & JAPANESE MANUFACTURES! And Porcelain Ware. MANILA ROPE, OF ALL SIZES; Calcutta Rice, Hoop Iron, Flre-proor lirick-, aaaa.ii a mo a no a 4 AIIAIITVI MAN I A H GARS. A 1 OUALITY ! IVIrtlXILrt OlUnilO, n I Vul,-,, 1 1 Matting, of all kinds; Teas, of choice qualities; Eatan Chairs, of all descriptions. The Ladies especially are invited to call and inspect our New Stock, vchich is novo being opened out. AFONC & ACHUCK, Nouanu Street. au25 it SUGAR r.lAGUINERY ! ! OUUHII illHWIIIIimiH T1IIE UNDERSIGNED HAS JUST BE. CEIVD per Mail from the celebrated GLASGOW IRON WORKS OF MESSES. MIELEES, TAIT & WATSON, Exact particulars of the cost of SUGAR MANUFACTURING PLANT Of seventeen different capacities ranging irtso Lba. Suxar lis lO Honrs at a Cai 270, a Flrst-clasa Vaeanna Pan Plant to make 12 Tans af Saga r ia lO Ilanra at a smt 4,470. delivered la Glnangovr. The undersigned are prepared to receive orders lor sueh tnschinery, and to arrange for freight on same to be shipped by a NEW IRON CLIPPER SHIP now building ia the Clyde of 1000 tons burden, to leave GLASGOW on or about the 15th of February next. N. B. Orders for all kinds or Machinery and other Earo-peo Merchandize to be shipped by the above vessel, should be sent to the undersigned during the month of September or not later than October 10th. Bate of freight arranged tor. aoS GREEN, MACFARLAKA ft CO. 1 II att ata V L. S. 1 Fill JjIMMK SAL FORT STREET STORE ! COMMENCING KLlH-air, GREATEST INDUCEMENTS OFFERED TO sikSKI PTimCMsikSERS. sel 21 rai goods, rany soses iiL 25, leghorn ?o.'s FORT STREET STORE Received per i n ii, ii inn OP Ladies Ladies' Ladies9 Misses' Misses' Boys' Under Ircssiiij Kid G loves, Pleated Bask and Skirts, Pi que -tV. B.The above, as well as a STAPLE Will bo Sold at tho Lowest Possiblo Rates. W- GRANT, Mannfjcr. au23 3t OIUCE IVZORE. TO THE PROMT! NEW GOODS o CO AT affk. V"A. o ss - ,o -a o o -a Bought at Sheriff and Auction Sales as these Goods were, disposal and will be ter jst s .a. :r AND c CD ONE PRICE WILL BE We Refer You to our Price List, AND SAY NO MORE! CO CD 10-1 Blfithed Sheeting per Yd. 4 Or. MIsslu Woolen Blanked, per pr. $3. CO. Qaeen Vlttorl Kid Cloves, per pr. $1. Men's Overshlrts, flue, SI. CO Nottingham Cortaln Lace, per yd. SOe. AND OTHER BARGAINS TOO UQ3FT TARRY- FOR HOLLISTER & lo. 68 IVnnann Street, - - CO., Ilonollln, r IMPORTERS DEALERS IN CHOICE L CIQaES, TOBACCO A BNUff. Also, Manufacturers of Mineral Waters, &c. aalS ly NOTICE. UNDERSIGNED. PROPRIETY I tndColIee Shops, hereby give notice that hf te, theywlllnot furnish M nam b I Clgr with a PROPRIETORS hereat- Cup of Tea or Coffee. AKONO, NA8AU, KWAN SWAT, ASWAN, NAM OAN. Honolulu, July 20, 1877. KITCTJWAY, 1MUMTAI. nno cures, NKKGEE, UOP WO. J28 6o Paints, Oils and JVails ! A SPECIAL. LINE OP American lead ri.M nfuta n1 aurjerior to anvthtnc In the Market. Three Brands and superior to anything In the Market, Two Brands, Guaranteed Perfectly Pure ! SCOTCH Lead & Zinc, very cheap Prasslan Bine, Persian and Chrome Green, TermlUoa, Tatent Dryer, Burnt and Raw Sclenni, Barnt and Raw Imaer, Vandyke Brawi, Bnrnt Scleana, Barnt rmber, and Vandyke Brawn, In Water, A ME LOT OF GRAINING C010RS ! Hubbuck's PAIJE BOILED OIL, ! Fine Tale Oil, St etch DAJk Oil, SOKegsIValli, ex Late Arrival. FOR SALE BT ul8lm WILDER & CO. AT- CILiIESG-EIOBLSAI Co.'s S3ESPT. 1st, 1877, THE- S DE j. SON S. GHA2VT, JTf nnxiffcr. AT Steamer Likclilte, I'liiiin: i smi ii mi i Clothing. Saqiies. Opcrsi SUmlvs. Gabriels. Unfiled. Blouses, &c. Large Selection of other kind of hM FAWCY DRY GOODS, ARE MEifilIMG a 5 a THE "J7 AT W n P n o ti they are at our sold without reserve. ;e cashi ASKED TITIIOUGIIOUT ! o 0 a 0 12.1 Marseilles Connterpanes, $3.00 French Corset, per pr. $1.00. Men's CaiUn, tide latic, pair, I j.SO Silk Bow with Erra Laee, tie. Flae Black Felt Hata, It. 50. NUMEROUS TO MENTION t IMOW is the TIME. eJusf ELecoivcd.! AXOTI,ER v8!2r TI,OSIC mtist Melbourne Preserved Meats, Comprised lo part as follows. Ox txnd Klieep TonjfiicH I EQliL TO Am P1TE DE 10 IS CBIS, Also Cases oft Roast Beef. Boiled Beef, Roast Mutton, Boiled Multoo, Irian Bte, Iloleh potch. Trtpe (plain). Tripe snd Onions, nanicot Halloo, 0 Cheek and Vegetables, Spiced Beef, SpUvd Mutton, Risoles (seasoned). Rump Steak SCesr, Collard rtead, Beef a la Model Soups, in 20 different varieties ! Comprising) - 0 Tall, Mulligatawny, Julienne, Becht de 11 er. Mock Turtle, Kidney, Prince of Wales, Pats d'ltalle, Mutton Brott, Qravy, Maecaionl, ate, ete. Extractum Carniisf (Prepared according to the directions of Baron Llebig ) This extract of meat, Is superior to any that Las ever been offered in Honolulu. These meats are preserved In vaeuo, snd are GUARANTEED to remain PKKrTCTLY aWKKT, for any length of time, In any climate. JuJti the thing for Picntcs, and Patties residing on tlit oilier Inlands. Island Orders respectfully solloiod and filled a) prices te defy competition. Order the Melbourne Meat Preserving Ce.1i Meats, and J on ean rely upon EVERT TIM being In perfect order. For sale only by miF.L St 11 US II. K Fori 9irei. ;

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