The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1934
Page 6
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SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEW,-, y, 1 Heavy llanos Ovor Ilis Lament Goo:; Un As I' an Land On Pilots Wlu Made Mistakes HY JIMMY nov.Min, Ni:\ Serrire Spurts Writi-r NEW YORK- -!lV LI b:'. tiU'lv brin? the CIMIH to\u!* < .•."t-lu.'ini!. but if :ix nr K nyn v.iio liii'ir r diarr-.ond CMl'irii:'' !<j ):n:i ri-; 1h"y h.m* in eiu yum; HI ilie di [Si*. 1 [* 11 I ira.'.cn, l!H M-hrrluM One »[ !'. .liiiiiiiy to r.o i:'.iu ni'jiiiiiin^. Vack>ti->p and m;,ii:r lie, will r-ximv elands prnfii-'h- r i; 1 .' pi!';t: iheral;: 1 I!:, Phil !:•! !-,iym.i - pITSl'Ilt .'(asijn i-tif!. 1 -. Ii:; i',11 . L h> ddiiv v.ill reMill frt'in Oit 1 fin'l ilia 1 la't N'nv. L'l th- Ph.duri:, • Phils' irauauur.t-nl paii'd '.uih <ur Chuck Kl'in. the only lull playi'i or; ll.e rlii!). foi' a p'nv.'l froi Ihe Cub 1 : <-<;nsr.t!ll|! of Kn-'i:i: Klr-inlian.s, ITendric'r: and a . :t'.u iriJOltnl lo Ij i l.'.tv.-i-!'n S"S.r<; I a:;; 1 C125.MO. The ra!e of Klein to (!:<• Culr- lint only v.reckrd Jimmy WIlKjn'. 1 tall club and keTK the clixlcuiei.-' r.wny from tliL 1 Phils' in diovcs. biii ii ,i|!»i eavo '.hi- Cul; a i^nnanl -vvimiin. 1 p'mrh. Annliier pt!o', (rviM'~ 'n his l;wr is Waller Jnhiron. Sitlini; Hull of the Clevi-laiid l:idit.:is I!is atuirk of the l:lm-s is ijuini 1 caused bv th 1 ; aiitirs of <mi- Ileiuy "Zike" I!o:ina. ih. 1 i-cnt whn 1 .- rcal in thi' s-j;:t:iii'.' (livi'ion <>! Ihe Chica;:o White !i\\. A coii|)li> of ycm.s :e;o tin- Indians iiad P.OMiua nil :eu-.d t:p I:«t th:-y dallied avreu»l wilh him f.nrilllil 1 ; hi'ii o'tl lo New Orli-an 1 . Toledo ai-d Daili'i. and finally cast him low. /.rki 1 has ln-c-niir the Hov.'l'.xn of the Ros. His hit bat has 1 ocu'. r d fi:rth siltli enoii'.di liomn. 1 ; to 'put hi'ii ainti!i:; th' I*?£ii!crs of Oi'. 1 Ainerk-an l.eayut 1 and it's liis ru;t year in bh lime! A trio of o'hfr iiKi>jr leacu'.- manopers ar" Miittiin? in their liaudkles. They are Joe Crnnin. of thi; Kenat'jis. Cliark-y Oriinm. of the Cuts, and Bill Terry, o! Ins Giants. .foe's bri-rf is c;m:.rd by the fact that the front nllice traded Goose Goslin In [he D-trtiil Ti'-fis for Johnny Sirme la?! wiincr. Ii :ip|M;ar.s Ihal thai swa]) w.i.s tnaii 11 Simply because the promincnt- vwniicd Runt iliilti't deliver so hamtecmely in. Ihe world srrirs ol 1033. His .251) averse didn't please Panniers. MoniK 1 And ! DETROIT TIGERS rounce Rrovvnies T: . nine's iMen; Yankees Beat Senators. ton Red Sox 6 to 2 at Boston Homers by Hlgglns and Plntiey' counted materially In the victory. Kline, former Bostonlan, was tlie' winning pitcher relieving Cascar- i clla to down ihe Red Sox. Welch Mas the losing moundsman. i The Drowns teat ihe Detroit '• Tigers and diopped them from the ! first place jxrri-li. The score was 7 ' to V The Drowns got to Schoolboy liowe for three runs In the first inniiiR and hit ihe offerings i of Hoi-'.'.elt. who followed him ! fieely. Andrews went the route i for Hie winners. Every man in ] Ihe Drown line-up except NILS TD IPPEAR ON TUESDAY, MAY 1, 193j| I u-as clearly outclassed by Mye Mvers took the first anil lost fall-,' The Interlude was furnished whc. : 'Vonllne won a fall in short ordr by milling Myers about the shout ders nnd arms for about 10 ti m( l and falling on top of the superk" Wins Over Unknown; Myers and Smith Are Also Winners ^ matman, In the main so who promoters .say Ralph Smitlt is a Jacksoij ar of physlci, Tl:ivl<l n™.l^.- The Chicago Cubs defeated the P.uMjiirKli Pirates at yi-.~!i-«l:iy. Tlie Yankees .sailed home In front of Ihe HaLs witli Charlie Duffing In the hem role,! pltchijit; :nul liltiinij the Yanks to ' .Itiory. j The Cubs used a squeeze play to '.eat the Pirates. The play cnme 1:1 ilu- lath innmi!. Ouy Bush was | 'On- ulimlni; pitcher, relieving | |.Julner In Ihe seventh inning. ' J'':rnrh '.s'a.s th pitcher hit In all. safey. getllni; 13 lilts failed to come biiel '"'•"« I'llnl fall. ]Jo:ey won Hi , nalph Sinlih won over Davld «!„ ' of ^^^t the ! Dooley, Ray Myers over Ous Von- flying scissors on his Two Soil Hall Teams To Mod Tonight tine and John lionem called iual stylij iott over an op- solng to the mat on ton Charlie Barry in won the second by applyhJ t J three mat pcrfoimances at the airplane suin In his •' armory last night. ,i I1!lea( , of' Tlie supjxjsed "anidijc" match furious an between Elliott and Hoy Welch, through the probably Ihe best of the Sinkey Smith lets them 'down and sits o :! circuit showmen, falied to develop. lo l> W'ith a double toe hold in yalf swinging Uiem fast an) ml lulling them pi lie rojies or oihcrwiP^ Two undefeated teams will clash I Welch did not put in his nppcar- ' ance and aniiutmcemeni wa.s made that he was suffering from ptomaine poisoning. Promoters claim- ii ed they were unaware of Welch's er Cabby li-irt- ""' r "'' sl eamc °" lo »>Kht's soft condition in time for announce- neil made his fiflh homer of the' l)il " ciml at ! ' ale " ™ d wlle » i mmt lo h <"'e been made before .<-aain. i!;';?, ny ; Oloucrs niul R - D-i <»<> fans had paid Iheh-money and Tne Ki. Louis Cardinals snapped '""'" " ',111 nI iheir batting da/e and unded the offering of Cincinnati hnrt-rs for a lu to u [himiph '.'"" ' Ml il Hi. Louis. lim-lclL'h Orimes Ini.-l- !^,,., A'^'is^-Missourl Power "d balls ]>a.M only two batu-is lull his fall. IJooley seni, word dow'j r.e couldn't come back ntte second fall and it soon. was Hi? all ovi* -. v, ^ ^j.u^L..> njivi iv. LJ. i i.iv unu puiu Liieu money anu chi-s and company get together, entered tlie armory. The exiKcted n ihp second lialf of the dou- meelin^ of Elliou. local wrestler We header Haynes Men's Shop and Ihe Ark-Mo team. R|X)nsored and Welch, head man of the Sinkey actors, had been one of the attractions of the card division Jl'ih fclifli)! i.oft ball Irrrjni-. The lonm:!.s an 1 Ii adnl 1 .! anil unilefeal- •'1 in Ihc s-eliinr division of the •irl- play and tlu- i!. Ui-cs and folrhas arc duinn \u-ll in the iinioi division. The Cubs have won .six and i:sr two fra- a )k-rrfn[at'<! of .750 ind the i'andii'i.s liave a similar nark. The JJonuei. 1 : ha-.i 1 won limes [iiul .siijru'd not a defeat. The. !;. H-! 1 . 1 -. and Holclias have ll'T '.-ii-lrrrs :ind our Inss .Sl-ill'lirr 11 : at I lie cluse of i;iilnrs "riday uvro: ys' Srniiir i'r:im \v I. T IVI i; 2 o .inn n 3 n ,f,7n -i 4 n .so:i i 7 Hoys' .Imnnr W U 2 :> n -i -i •? rifc Carl Tremalne. who once an nii!;,l!>mllni' riiiu attraction in I ir. • p j Cleveland. Is down and out ami lOlllCrS till 111 LiiUnCjihankfnl lo «ain admittance lo At Birmingham; Brill- u II g!a, 1 "" 0I ! l | llb ^;ij.;i 1 ' n i; mAcTooi ' c ' '' s WiniiiiKJ llnrlei Seaud.ils thicks .. tninhlrr*. Team inth.-vs .. .linx Duds c'u'i-ni.s i (lirts- Si-ninr .1111 \v Clark GrifTilh at all. The powers that be. thinkini; Ihe Goose, at ^3, was washed ii|i. promptly pot. rid of him for a younger guy. Judging bv his power wilh the willow wiih ihe Tii-crs ?o far tlii' year. CoMin is still very much a ball player. This may le his last u!g year in baseball-bin if Mickey Coclirane can pet cue t;ood year on! of him. he'll make the Senalois rue tliL 1 day Ihcv parted | lioiinrlj; 5 0 with I he-New Jersey s'"'iil!'nianl f! ' :1 " !K '' ' farmer. Chr.rlny flriinm. while elaled over the fact that he acquired Klnin from Ihe Phillies, is somewhat morose over n deal engineered in IS3'2 that sent Hack Wilson to the Dodders. Las', year Griiinn was all smiles. But with i Sjiiliires Wii.'on a^ain hiitins his Mr Id,- and bninb.ti'ili!i-< pavemen;.'. ou^ide tin 1 1 fences of tall park. 1 : wilh home' runs, ihe banjo-playing nutcliinnn f.triims an occasional 'in;ll.:o tun,-. Terry Is another who is sad - althmish Ih- shMiilin? of-.sally fluid is net brought on bv his own mi^ake. The mislakc was one of lh" fe-v made by -the late John McGraw when he uas aciive driver of ll-.e Giants' ship of fa (on pickirt up a younssler Only one Souiliirn Ira^ne RIIIIIC was played yesierdny with the Nashvllb 1 Vn!s (roiinrins; tlie liir- iiiini;hani Unions. The mm 1 was II (o :,. . lilehbourK's triplr in Ihe fiflh Jiv<! slarlcil ilie ruiiy Hint [h-,1 the .score for (he Vois nnd he scored in the ei;,-hih on I'ralher'.s double. nU'hlinin-K. I'ralher and Wi-is hit fur fanr bases. Ilrillheari was the winnlii 1 ' and Shoaf the ]:itflicr. The I.ilde Rock Travelers and I Cluillanoo-a I.ookonls were sclied-! tiled to play yesterday but Ihclr Kaine was rained out. nml tl!tl| ' L '' K f»'i- of Ihe. family tree I'lnylng lodny—Joe. of the Oimits: Gene, of ihe Cards: John of the Rette; Randy, of the Braves, and Austin, of Ihe Phillies Wisconsin's crew under Mike Murphy. Is working out strenuously for a schedule that lists only one meel . . . and last year Mike didn't have a race on his bill of fare. . . . They say Arky Vaughn. Pirates' shortstop. Is golnir lo become one of tlie game's greatest hitters lusini; 1 ' ' ' "'"' llis ln!cnt ls f'tircly due ":i'> the coaching of Honus Wanner. WILS given credit for the victory. Stunt was the losing hurler. V. Uavi.s hit for the. circuit. Milliners Shut Out 'I'he Brooklyn Dodgers were shut •mi by the New York Giants at New York wilh Fil/slmmons ml- iiiinislcrln'R Iliu white aah. Five hils were made off Fiigslimnoas' dc-livi.iy and lu by Ihe Giant balms. Mimgo as Ihe losing hurler. Tlio Phillies defeated the Uoslon liraves 5 10 4 at Philadelphia. The Same went 10 Innings. Ruble's single drove in Bartell with the v;in- ninit run. Alien had a ix?rfeci day a 1 , bat »-i[h three sinylcs and a double. Ilolley was the winnina • and Harrctt the losinij pitchers. I The Yankees polished off Ihe I Senators 7 to -I. Huffing yavc the -Si II hits but managed lo lliuld Ihe scorin-j down. The Scn- jalurs got ;o him lor runs in the w(is j:us!. filth and sixlh. Russell was •lie loslns; Washington pilclier al- ll:i)i![;h the Nats used three Iiurl- tis. Ruffinu's homer in (he ninth cinched the gnme for the Yanks. The Chicago White Sox defealed '.hi' Cleveland Indians 20 lo 10 al Chicago. The So\ ixiimdcd 0111 m hils and made them good for as many runs and l\vo more. The Indians used five pitchers in an effort lo halt the Chicago hltiius; ar.d Dean was the only one who had any luck. Jones was'the winning hnr!rr. Homers ere common Uoinira. Sismnons. Hayes, Chamberlain. Morrlai'aiay.. shea • and Vosjink hlitlnir lor ihe circuit. Tlie Ailiieiics won over tile JUos- scheduled company nnd the Farmers Bank'As It was Elliott clearly outclassed Trust company 'will meet. Both 'his opponent, who though appar- tpiims were beaten last week but'cutty possessing plenty of j'wwcr have been strengthened for yames hardly knew his way abom'on the tonMu it is understood. Play bc-gins at. ,r30 o'clock. Four of each five sets of twins born are of combination. the brother-sister canvass. Vomine, who lias failed to show anything in perforinances In other towns in this section but had one. meeting with Roy Welch here that I gave him some sort of a rating, j ___ Indianapolis has erected a bron/.y marker on the lawn of ih» f,,rmc2 Home of (lie Hventy-ihird preslden- otheunited a,,,,,, ncnj an , H Foryet Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 797 . s "»>i-' sluike. 1 ; a.s a dourer STANDINGS Cani[iaij;iilrf; Against Crime EAST KT. LOUIS, III. (W, - In a campaign nsainst crime, members of the st. Clair County Police Officers Association adopted a lefiilution asking the state U'i;is- liilinv li> pass n law alloain-' Ihe I arrest of suspects and hulding j Ihem arj hour.-; without a" wan. int. |Cardin:i!s Train U. Hecs 3 PURINA OMOLENE How Cheaper Than Oats or Corn noml old Omolene for your mules is Die biggest bargain in 1mvn . . . Slartcnn is the liest feed von can get for your chicks . . . I,:iy Chow will make your hens lity a lot of eggs . . . Cow Chow makes Di-ofitiilile milk . . . Purina Pig anil I [OK Chow puts on the pounds of jiork (Ftiicker and cheaper. Come in and get your biggest' bargain in feed in a good long time. CASH FEED STORE Across Street From Old I'ostofficc - Wine,, GOLF ^^^^ Ru Arl- l^ron-T itKiirr IIAXD SWTNC, AT WAIST I.KVI'.I. No! until I he clubhcad pets 10 what is called Ihe hlttiiu: roniou. iver of tl-.e.,,,. utM ,,„, t ,:inris have .ittle Napol-'to ,, ;>olll tt .. list i,,^,, f|lo , |]( | „-, it hand ruler into (lie shot. r, $75 000 and thoi:ghl he had lemon. Ths-re was a fiery circulated at the time lhai T-rry ai:cl Kccnecke hail v.'orketl rp a fo'.x! Ko'n^ckr .•con found hinuelf roin- down the river lo Jn>ry ci'.y ai-,1 lin- ally lo BiilTaio in ;h,< tr.n>a:-::n:i that brought Blondv Hya-i t 1 ) rc« York. When Len was iiiati 11' deal that .-cnl Sam !.<•' I:- to l!i Dcdgcrs for Lofty O' :u,<l i.,.fi-. Clnrk. another story nnde rounds Hint Bill 'was Koenci-kfl to Brooklyn for Kcaardleis of the report-. 1 :! ing between Terry and Kouic-cke. Ihis corner has an idea that Memphis Bill is just a bit sorry thai Koenccke Isn't doing his swell iiil-i r >'"t hand lie'.jK ling with the Dodgers for ihr.'a'-d thnr.igh. he Giants. " Uiaul three feet i i:hv har.ds move bu 1 ' Til- jiiwi-r for Sleeping I'lancs ja, nu. Mat) O f ST. LOUIS "(UP) - The first Uilied by t'hr- light h.n-.d "sleeping" planes are tcing Icstcd j here prcparatorv to beiusr ninrcri said. The Osage orange tree is strictly an American, with its center of distribution near' Ihe CMrk nioun- t.ilna; yet Its nearest relative is the creadfruit tree of the South T IYI n i.cwii \v. 0 .Sllil | New Orleans 8 Chattanooga 0 Mat. 2:30, I0-25c Nile GMT*. io-35c Chicago New York H<v-{(in l'illsrmrijl IliiKiklvn Si I.OIIL-; 4 . I.mii I'hiladi-Sphi Chlraia SW'THIIKN I.FAC.V'K Memphis at Knoxvllle. AHiinta al Mew Orleans. I.itili- Hock al Challanooi^a. at Rirmliifham. NATIONAL 1,EA(il!K lln-oklyit at Now York. at Philadelphia. Cl-.icaco al Pillsburgh. Cniclnn.iti at St. Louis. the club- cluulicail must more while a few inches AW.KICAN LEAGUE riiitadelphia at Boston. C'lo\viand at Chicago. . Louis at Detroit. New York at Washington. Orrman doctor lias concluded | -I For a Longer JJoneymoon NO ONE expects honeymoon days to go on forever. For you—or him- to get all-of-a-twitter every time you see each other would be asking just a little too much. . , . •<'" -r «Y«^v; But—beware the stodginess of growing too matter-of-fact—of always wearing "practical" clothes, of always doing the practical thing. A new and deliciously feminine negligee, a new dress bought just for of it, can set your own heart singing and get a word of appreciation from that serious fellow who pays the bills. So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let them take you on an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They teach the secrets_of the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health of inestimable,value. They take i—— the confidence of the famous dress author: i reed 120cr«. Atn-sw average one! in every 50 inuu!::rs. and only half. of the aueMs aie followed by con- i vicilons. : A lire has Ix-en found lo travel M.'ilS miles in catlierini; on.-; pouni! of honpv. " I L. G. MOSS Hiylhcville'a Cut-Ratc UNDERTAKER VVhyfay A Big Prict?

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