The Pacific Commercial Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii on October 29, 1863 · Page 2
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The Pacific Commercial Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 2

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1863
Page 2
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r C O XVXXV? S R C I A I . THURSDAY, OCTOBER Z. 11- Thebtrk Emilft Satninj. which touched at this port on "-Bad ay tut. kfi aa a frw fan Francises paptn, ith dates from J epC 22 s OO. She a:Scl aain ou :the faBuwin, dy for Shanfhae. . Wr were very arreely irprijed by tie arrival oo the 27:h of the tark Comtt. wirb tle o-alls aad a full ear?o, bavin lett Cw stays afW the . The euuinercia? news by h-r show Yry liitJe varlauoo in lb' n.rWrH. Mi mt. MTvuer Merrill, uadf r dale ' October h, write: Market for island pc duce are unehanqid. Sugars best in fir demand, at 13c. t&llle ; dirk and tnyhiun, dull a: 7jc. ic Rice, duli at &jc & i :c. MoIsm. dull, 17e. 3 20c Far.f us, 13Jc. 5 14c. Dry Ldc, 13o. S;-i jc, dry s-lud do., 10c. tO JOjc. Salt, f 12 3 f 1 1 50. Coffe 5oc- MrtWt C. W. Erxik & Co under dat-Cf Oct. 10, advie: "' Sales cf II twaiiaa produce have Ifii fo'lowi; Pric 00 talcs ex. Corner, a: I51c.".t- one prominent da!r. J00 haj Ilaw.uian. 100 ft. -yi. it aa-fion, 4 0 0 5 Si. do do. At privai C. ;. 7c "fc.xca 1X! fcaUs in UjtmI, lie. "fcvacr Honolulu Refltd:: Co.. 2c. " .7c MoLa-iSt rditry plantation 13c C -'1-)c--Cort rfock sma.l and firm. Cu) ic 31 'e. - Scca .-' at mutnxiu: 2i0 kg t" 1 Makee's, Lihue, 110 ffl iW 44 75 kegs No- 1 Han. 1'iooer. Ac, $ IS) 4 4.. tk-r'o. 1 Brewer. $ tii'i. iUJ kegs No. 1 mdim fcre-r and Honnsing. f 7 42 7 At private aide: SJS k'H No. 1 Priuecvb'X He- llj 300 kegs Metcaif :rt. SJc 10c." New Yoa fioco MaT. The tte ifoJd at the Utett dale, Oct. 10. 147. TliC an:e cirr-spt-n'its write: From Netr Vortr, we have repir r.f er.rrjrurd advance in j.'ruiion r.f poM, T!ow quoted at 147. Ill tinortainty of iu fat ar movements U wy great. Many attribute its rie to the Uct ef oor export t'ji month summing i.p only one-Ch of i what they were during a corretponiin r-?riod lat sraou, whil nor iaiprrts conttr.ue m Urge as hereto jre. The demand j tot sterling ex Thajige aai specie for shipment. t supply this de- , Bcieucy U cUimed as the iegitojate c m-t "K ;he receat advaiic 1 io gobl. and tcr.y who r thrir operations upon this bypoth- ire sanjra-.rte mnvfix to operate Urtiy, and the Ttry ai.-tiv. ' tly resulting, tends atiil further to incite arid citeriully al- oiotaiiuri. fcoane rvea predict a return to rate current - winter. This uncertainty materially tffu sales of all ex- cluag. and marsins f ten per cent. re rvt uiueual. as the risk of flucttiation. while draft are in transit, becomes tice?&a-ri'y great to porchaera and Loidrrs of billi." Our San Francici tetter embodies much it ten-sting coruwer-jial cei, ixt found rlsewl ere. We har it reported that telegraphic dt-pa'xhe? announce a cntis.derable rise in the price of oil and bone in Ner York. This Is quite jr-ibaUe, ss thee article- Cuctu tte in value in thai BMrt very much a gold does. AVhaier have arrived freely during the pi.t wet V, with continued frocd reports. The California, at Lahaina, the Bt veitsel from the Gchotsk, i an exception. be hrirg a poor act-ount from thence. V.XC M4Kr.c We lit-ar 4 Sterlinp exrhn,: taken up at 5il. to the dollar eiaJ to a pretnium of about li -r cent. ftr coin. The attempt in tht Uit Poyntiia "to Ldl the poe tliat lays the fiJden egg by ermnring the Honoirlu rcrrrh.-w.u and capitalists' (where are the latter to be f.iun.-. ) with a combi-nation to injure the whaling fleet by withholding Secie, is per-f-ctly riIiclfm. Kvery one knows there iwver was a time when money anl cailal was more absorbed in whr !ch-m-, an 1 when the roerclMnts had es dinaitd ftr exchange, or when specie was krs atrandant Ifre. TLe Holyarttiu'' attack looks like an attempt to i'lj-ire hAh the fl ?-t ai d the merchants themselves. ArK B EDt'ORO OIL MARKET Jug. 51- Oil There is some inquiry fr J'l-frtn. but mesial- are limited. The transactions for the wrek iitelu le sa;i- of25i brls. at $1 47, nl 45 hrt. hlofiginy to tirn kit:Wh. at f I 45 per galton. Also. 10U brls. intVrior at $1 40 prr gallon. Whale is in tootlerate demand, with sait s of VSl brls. a 6Sc. ir gal. for manufacturing. Import of perm and Whale Oil and Whal:l-iie into the Uni-tnl rUt-i. perm, bris. Wh brl. Bn. Ifc. From Jan. 1 to AuttJt 31... 4 J 544 4:.V5 31S,xod Same time last year 33.350 b:il,15 Ship MniU. For Sa Tmxsrwca i-t Comet. ?ept. POIIT or KOMOLULU. H. I. ARRIVALS. Oct.23 Sch Kamol, XVllhur. fr..m Lahainaanl Kahului, with wheat, floor, rnzr. hidn, 7 cabin 12 deck par. 24 Am wh bark Pacing U.e, 1 bim out. rrorn Arctic, ith 11iO wh, tfiOOO in-, iwa.n; hO sp, Ifaj.) h. i!.JX bne. voyage. Anchoret I outside. Entered p.rt next tl-r. 25 Sch Moikeiki, Naehi, fnn Lahaina at:tl Kahclui, with wheat. nxiUses ami 2 pat. 2V Sch KaUroa, frn I-rts on Hawaii, with 445 kegs sugar, aH mu. do, 5 hides. 1 keg outter, 4 pass. 2-1 Am hark Emily Manning, Fellow. 2 ilay frro Saa Franr.iscilJ en route for Ciiimt. Anchored ocl-.UIe. Saileti next dny. 28 Steamer Annie- I jiirie, Marehant, fm windward ptrti, with 175 bi;s cwiTee, it! bis wool, 1 rsks .diooks. iO casks and head . a r 'lbs leather, lot furniture, 1 pkg hony. 1 d . Itutter, 10 brls beef. 16 sheep, 6 hogs. MMiO iri40)r-!4. i cabin, 5iJ tb-ck (ass. 2ft Haw wh brig Kt 1 Ua. Cogan, fn in Arctic, with 600 wh. lo,Ort bne. season; 70 wh, 205m hue. voyage. 2t Sch (hid Fellow, Johnson, from rt. on Kauai, with 275 bags rice. 55 brls beer, 5 I rls tallow, - tons sandal wood, CO pass. 2811 I French V corvette I .a t'ordehere, 3i guns, 32 days from CalUo. 27 Am bark "'met. Smith. 17 d y San Francisco with mdse and pass to "'iloox, Richards JE Co. 27 Sch Flannah. from Kauai, with Grew.d. 27 Sch Jear.nette. fin l ilo;ia, with lumber. 23 Ua" brig chlehorT. Hanx-ton. 45 tl.iys fr-iin SitUa, with mdse to II Hackfeld 4: Co. DKPAKTIRES. ct. 22 Sch Emm-t P.ooke. Bash, for Hilo. 11 Sch Moiwahiu. Kuheana, for liana 'ei. 2J Sch Warwick. Bull, for Mob kai. 3 Sch Nettie Merrill, Wetherby, for rhaina and Ma- kee's Land'ng. 2 Sch Kamehameh IV. Clark, ft Ma iko. 24 Am ship Asa Eldridg.-, Coleman, for Ilowhnds Island. 25 3cli Kamoi, Wilbur, for I-ahaina ar.d Kahului. 7 St.r.imer An- i Laurie, Marclrtnt. f...- windward ports. 21 Sen Mr.ikeiki. Nl.i. f,r Iliaina a id Kahului. -7 Sch Old Feiiow, Johnson, f r ports .n Kami. 27 Sch Kalama, for Ketuhou, Hawaii. VKssKhS IX I'HKT-OCT. 2D. II1F MV corvette La C.JideUi-n-. Am bark Comet. Smith. Bremen ship El-ua, Bremer. Am ship Kaduga. Ko. Am bark Helen Mar. Leshoti. Bremen bark ticorg a li-lwig. IIa-h!- ;.. .Mis tiri Morning star, Ueit tt. Rum brig Shclekofl. Hanson. Bceamer Kiiauca, Mctiregnr. W HLkR--4. ' f hip Reindeer, Raynr. Hirvest, Loveland. tleo How land, Jon-rs ) Champion, Worth. Bark Nile, Fiih. Fanny, Bliren. I.agotla, Pierce. I Pacific, Rose. r B-rk I'earl Hull. Catherine, Phillips. Itmgim, Felbohr. Barn -table, Browusou. Tamerlane. Gray. i ! ( ovn gton. Jenks. Brig Koboi, Cogan. Vrssrls Kiprrtril from Foriu I'oi-i. Am ship IleraH of the Mi-ming. Williais. would leave San Krn-ijco (.ictober 12h to 15th for taker's I -land will touch here rn route. i A tu brig Jackson. Hempntead. woujt leave San Francisco about H-t.-b.-r i hourly exj-eid Aia bark Young Hector. hadwirk. wouh ileavr San Francisco hout Octnlir '.V, with reneral nulix- M Wilcox, Kicltard Co. Kas ship Anne .Mary would l.av.- San Fr. rxisco aUmt Oct. 17, omter charter to tual oil. t. C. A. WVliams Jt Co. Am ship John Jay, Letter, would leave Nn Francisco October J5th t .'loth f.jv Shsnghae to touch at Honolulu. Knj bark Ilphin. would leave Pernamluj aliout Aug 15, with the cargo -f the Sam'l Robt rts..n, tl Wdcox, Richards Jt Co. Sch Manuokawai, Bent, frm the Maro;i-as Islamls Iue in all tXtoter. f Am ship Clara Morse w.ul I leave Pu-t-t "-ir.und early in Sept. for Chin. will touch at Honolulu foij men. Eng.hipKin Lrr. Conlis. wiuld b-avj I'ugit Sonnd abiut Sept. 15. for France will t -uch at II n l.iiu fi.r men. Hsw khip ll Hawaii siltt from New V-Uonl June "7 with general m J.r to Kichanls Ac . " ' ong nark Jolun, hnbt-rs. ib d fno Itr. m n July I general rotl-ic to MeilK-rs .v Co. ' r it It vniornca. way. ai.M from Ittr-t.-ii Au.nil cargo of geueral mlse. with I EXPORTS. c medicine! 1 brl lhacco. 1 bat"' 1 bx cll'"S. 1 PASSENGER. fceugx. C h.'hnlm. (i Brsntoo. Frora Jiaf Fsaicisco per Cornet. O-tober -7 ( , ..... Lams W Bush. II P. Bond. C lerbv, Q W Ldaml Br w l:U.nd. Dr K W W.I, 3Irs C A Hot per. Miss A W Iho-Jl Z4'" hr-k. Mi MarU-a Cooke. Joseph Cooke, MrF Abhott, Cap Wm Stotr, Capt S II WhiteUes and wife, Mrs 3 i-hr. aa.1 4 ehiidrm, dr Ii;nd and two children. Mrs More-head and two children. I'r J Tennerd. O i H .wlard. M'Cor-r -n. t Mf 'arris.!. C rhomp-on. I. Wiliw n "3. MEMORAM). XT Br:j A'ooa. Cfn. rejws F:rt entered the Arctx Oon Aa?i.t , aid cru.sed there principa ly- louud the weather generally bad, but wbIrt p'.enUfuU Took the first ho. bead Auxnst 11, Lat. 71, 20, X., Io:igr. 174,CO, W. faw rcost wha!rs in Lat. 71 . 30. to 73 .00, Lorg. 174:,50, to 17i 3 , 30. about AufniKl 1?. Tok our Ut whale Septeml-cr 5, Lat. 71 c , li. Look- 175. Left Arctic on the 10:h cf S-p-trrohi-r. Left at Tlover Bay SptcHr 2: (Wan, lOI tri. oil; Cac.i:la. 1700 brls.; Zoe, 350 brh; Victoria, 230 bri. Captain UruxBiuerhoop M kiil! by natives March 30. Purir.g the wlnU-r lost five seaun-n with scurvy, ar.d three with dieae of tne breatt all natives of the Hawaiian IiUn.N. The brig l-f: Ilo.-.olalu on the 21 June, 155.2. ur.der c-mroarid of Catt. L- Urumiaerhoop, Nwnd on a whahoff a&d traiics expedition, ar.d w.i: provHed with every neceeity f.r SorJi- On the 234 of Setttni'-er shipped cur catch, coniisting cfilout 100 brlt., acid 9n:.e trsle, iy hrg Victoria, to Honolulu fr-m St. Lwrer.ce Ey, which place we ha 1 elec'.ed fur -ur wintering tition; we a'..-) srn: down I y the Victoria 0 Hawaiian seamen and one boat-steenrr, who hvl only shipped for the s-itctner raon, leaving "lur crrw to the t.umUr -f 20 in all, officers and tu-n. From the lit to the loth Noveroir, 1-J-32, saw plenty cf whales but cnu'.i not get near them, on account of heavy galrs and purrae ice, and on the 24th November, with a strong N.W. pale, the veel ff-te in solid. On November 1, 162, an Eiquimoux. nixned Capatchoa, who had stayed already three days o board with u. during a e-cfe l-can.e alarmed about his houe ard family, and iviihed to be put on sborr. which at that tiro it was impossible for us to comply with without enda'igtrnis the live of a whole hoat'screw; we t-.M him to wait auoiher day, to which femed to resign himself, but while we were at eupj.rr. he j-jraj-ed ovtrtxiard and tried to Rain the shore by Bwimmir.g, a: w:t carried down by the purrae ice. On the 5Ui Nuveui-lr, h-n the was over, the t.iua'.zr.aox carue on boarj, and laii the bUi-.e of the man's drown:i g to the captain; ar.d u-.t u2ic;er.tly s;eain5 their Iat;,-uap-?. we could only with dittculty expUtu to tl.ttn how it occurred. We were a fur-wards t.:n warned by scioe tf th-r Ksciuimaux thit the frieniis if the droornrd man it-tended t'j taie U.e Capuin's life, or even the vesaei. and we were much 'n our ituhrd in the!iir; after some time all Hrniul. howtvi-r, t be ft.rputten, and we traded with th-m on the most fjienrlly terms. On the 20th of : Man:h. 1S53, the Caput u waa invited by the chit f, who fjrn- ! " the vejsei with deer, to coma to hi place an 1 select wt at j he wanted, as he hail i:en cglc. The ctita:n, ectn.g cf treachery, went, cr.minp ner the chief s houe, he wan shut y an arr jw, and af:erwrd killrd by npeurs; th captain hred j his revolver twice, but it kidii ine?-.ctuly. 'f he reo: t clre I our atuution to that s:de,and though this occurred at aiiistance I of five miie from the veee!, we could s;e by our k'9. i whole country bring coveted a ith siiow, tLat an tffrnr was ;o- j injr on; the vessel at that time, hoivtver, being crowded with i Lxuituaux. we could not send any help to the captain, as we I did uot know whether an attack on the veiel w.ii ciitein. luted I by them. Wed:sMtchert inmif friendly Kuiinaux to the plnce, who reported that they could not f:ud the captain, but believed i that h; had bct-n killed; two days aftrwnU wc recovered Ins clothes, but could not learn what had become of his body, not- ! withstanding that off, red every reward to the Esquimaux U ! recover the same. The three men, Ranau, Ilakou and Wajmi, j blood relations of the drwnwl man, who, as we learned, h id c uiiuittrd the murder, had struck down their huts immediately, and wand- red ntf, and we Cuuld not lay bold of them. The K-qu-maux thru assured us that now all wa (M.-ttlfd according to their cutoiQot man fT man, and thai they would n-t molest .tny one '1 u-, which roin:e they faillifully'kri't. Th -iiief sent us alio the deer the captain had Ix.uht, ai:d we iceeived . coii.-iderabie trnde from them afterwards. ' Though well provided with every r.ecet"ity aiiinit scurvv, we lst five IlawaiiaiiH by this scourge, and three ty other di-9t-jis; the whole crew, Hawaiian at weil M fnreiztier, had freh meatr", potattw-s and preserved vegetables all the winter, and none f the w hite crew died: the trouble with the Hawaiian, however, a!i that they w-uld m-t take any, and though otteti compelled by force, by Captain and ofticer?, to lave their berths, th-y would crouch down attain on deck, and ! by no ingenuity coi 11 rvn be prevaileil uhui to stand up. We I hired tdeigh f-r them friii the Kcquiiiiiiitx, and had them ; taken about on hre. and to the villa' u here, if not watched, ; they would lay down iiHin. No can, a well in regnrd to finl ) as to treatment, was fpared: but owing to tiie lethargy anil ' unik anlineMs of th'-'e men we were unable to sate th'-ui- i After the death of Capt. Itruiuinerh-p, Die f:rrt mate, K. ('. g.o, Ox.k charge of the vesei. -XT Hiip California, Clt-velan.l, :.t Lithatna, with 300 brls. 1 whale oil, 2000 11s. bone, season, from the tK'hotsk Sea, ren.rts . the following vesselo: August 15 UercuK-s, 400 brls.; Milton, j COO brls ; Comet. -JoO brii. Sept. 1, N. It.. 15J brl. J ept. 10 Ma.achuettt, 30O brls.; Isaac How land, 700 brU.; I Hilluian, 000 brls.; Gov. Troup. 400 brls.; Hart. i osnol 1. iiO i ! bri.; Mt Walla toil, clean; Cicero, 30u lrls.; ltolurt Towns. i (KnglislO 50J brls.; (ien. Williams, 2o0 brls. Sept. 12 Jirt-h I j Swift, 300 brls; Oregon an 1 ich'joiu-r, 300 bris.; lorence, 4.'0 j . LarrcN. MAkUIL'I), ', S) Llotii Wal-II I -In IIoiio)u!u. Oct-.ler 2C. by Hev. Mr. Her mann, K. B. Lloyd, Esq., of Hawaii, to Mi.-s Kate U'alh, of this city. v IIKI). MiTHKWs Sept, 13 at West Middhtou, Washington Co. Pa., ."anniei .tiainewa, rj., ageu is, laim-r oi .tirs. C il. Jxfwer.-, of this c:ty. Lkwkks A u il -it 3, lrowne-l at Shanghae, Samu--I were , agetl 33 years, brother of C 11. l-ewers. E.-., of this city. THE PACIFIC Commercial Advertiser. TIIURSDA Y. 20. fjctler from San Francisco. FBOM OUR OWN COKKESroNDKNT. Per C met. San I'kaxcico, Oct. 10; 18G3. Mr last per D-tring ou the 221 ult., gave you the market to thit dute, fihce which the arriviil of the Comet bringi us islan J dates to the 10th ult. Until this arrival 64 ljyu intervene-1, between intelligence from jour isl'ttnl home to this. JTagnus hiatus hand fucilis ileflm-lus. After those interesdcl in the i!atlld foun-1 that no revolution h i l occurred, that .Mr. Wjllie quietly rusticating at Prince-ville, that .Mr. Iloj-kios was Minister of Foreign Relations ad interim, that Air. Damon had preached a lhauksgiving Sermon, and that His Lordship Thomas Honolulu had purchased the residence of the late Charles Brewer, mining stocks recovered their firmness on Montgomery Street, nn-1 the emigration towards the llecse Kiver District resumed its activity. ?i-a'-wing of Reese Kiver, a gentleman who has jut con:e in fr-tn there, says he itHssed 4oy wagons in the distance of 70 miles, and as he had an eye. to the fair, he says there were 7-women iii the crowd, ruh'uig ouwar-i. Verily the migratory wave which f r so many years has tecn moving ouward with the cry of Westward, ho !" having met the waters of the P.ici- fic, now r'.-lKjund.s in its eagerness for new I tml-, ;tn I I ait-ward it moves, to Cll up that uuinhabited space which lies between the Sierra Neva la aud the western limits of the Western Suites." San Francisco and Sandwich Islands Port Statistics lor nine months ending Sept. 30, 1803. Having l lowed my horn a little, just a little, on the increase of our beloved kui-cu try, as the American native born Dutchmen call this Republic, I will touch upou a subject which will more especially interest the residents cf Honolulu, viz., the statistics of trade as recently published, for the past nine mouths. The-'e can be relied upon, as they are the data upon which Custom House duties have been paid : mpoRts. Coff-.c, S5.;S h-. I Rice, 151.037 lbs. Corn ST J racks. Sail 4S11 eacks. Sugar. 2.057.195 ib. Pulu, 2273 bales. Md. Jt Syrup,... 40,653 galls. In relation to I'ulu, quite a lively squib came off in relation to it, in last week's Alt.i. I attach it to this for publication if you do not find it too lengthy. I saw the fortification, and inspecting the bales saw plainly stamped upon it the name of my quondam associate and successor in effice under the old Pulu regime of A. Harris t Co., Jas. C. King. Success to the trade that is erecting fortificAtious in our most traveled and busy thorough-fares, at a cost of only -0 cents per pound to the purchaser. Within the past two days. I notice that the height of the fortificitiou has materially lessened, and some of the imtnenr-e blocks of which it was composed, laying near, marked for Ileeie Kiver. Shipping Its Tonnage, Freight Values, and Comparison with two Previous Years. i r.K10HT YALCCS. lsol. J6.;io0 30,4 J9 t-s.ha;k "nwMr.1. Vc-self. Tons. ...15 SG55 ...II 17' t'l TW RD. ...Id . . . C t67 1S6J. 5J5.500 19.400 Sandwich I'and-,... fociety, 1S03. esels. l.l 1-' 9 6 Tons. 4J35 4102 909 Sandwich Inlands, J-cii-ty Isljnd',... Sandwich Inlands.. .-cicty Islands.... The Iargem freight list was that of the Comet, viz, $2700, and the smallest that of the schooner Olivia, S450. The quickest passage to this port was by the Cornet in 14 d iys, an 1 the longest, bj the Yankee :o '20 day, (whi.-h latter circumstance, you, Mr Editor, doubtless recollect.) The quickest paw-age from the Society Islands was in 31 days, and the longest in 51 days. I have given the tonn&ge etatis-tica of the Society Islands, as they may beef interest, to mark the comparison between the bister group. Market Report. The following is tny compilation of the prices of the leading Hawaiian Staples. Sales are reported as follows, io Sugar Hawaiian remains in favor, but the bulk of the sales has been under the hammer. Sept. '2 2d, 250 tbls., according to quality and grade, within the racge cf 8 to 10c. At private sale 140 this. Choice at 11 to lljc. Sept. 'Jeth, ICO hlf bbls. ex Comtt, (S 11c. Oct. 8th, At auction, McRuer i Merrill sold liberally at prices thought to be low by the purchasers. Nearly all offered was disposed of ; to the trade, conuisting cf 1100 kegs, &c. 10 45; TOO dark. 73 to 8Ac Oct. 9th, At private sale, 125 i kezs Princeville, at advanced rates. I notice Mr. : Wjllie hi a crown in the steucil-plate cf the Prince-f viile Plantation, which must have beeu cut from the likeness of that on the Government House gate. But perhaps I am mistaken, and he means it as the repre-oentaiion of the Scotch caps worn by the Bonnet Laird cf Hazeldeau. Weil, Well," it is a good trade mark auy-how. Rick Sales Sept. '2Mh, at auction, of 10.000 lbs. in bugs, at 6c. Oct. &th, 603 bags, S4 60 (3 5 Lb per 100 lbs. Salt Sales of Coarse, S12 50 2 $13 per ton. Dairy Sl'J S19 2b per tou. Coffee Private advices from Valparaiso of Aug. 17th, state that the, en route to this port with a cargo of Coffee from Rio, to Jas. Patrick A: Co., had dischnrged, and the Coffee much daniagej. Another letter sys the damage will araount t one-htlf the cargo, which will have to 1trsold in that marLet for account underwriter, -ales of Kor.a at auction, 30 jc. Pl LU Siles of last importation at 20c. This satisfactory price could uot be maintained, should the article go from the control of one house. Held as it has been for the past four months since the transaction in jcur place between largest gatherers and exporters, it maintains the figure quoted by me, and a fortification twice as large as Schreiher's on Sansome, would pot atTect the price. But let it go into divided hamlsand down crimes the price quicker than Fort Puu would undfr the 200 jKiu: ders of General Quarto Gilmore at Charl-atou. Don't you think Pint" us, instead of Qaarin wculd hive been a better name f-r nn Artilierv General ? Vessels Their Movements. Since the Darin;, no ve?sel has lei t here, to stop at Honolulu. To-day the Tunjore has been cleared by C. Y. Brocks & Co. and the Comet by McRuer & Merrill. The ILillie J.icLson, Capt. D. Hempsted, is ou the berth to have sailed positively yesterday. Flint, Peabody & Co. have laid on the berth the ship Herald of the JWornins;, for Honolulu. Her ultimate destination is Baker's Islnt.d, for Guano. I am told that the Younq Hector is to follow the Com et in 10 days or a fortnight. Mr. C. A. Williams, who is now here, is negotiating the charter cf an English bottom to load Guano. The Trieste at your place alxiut two years since, from whence she took a Guano charter, arrived to-day with sugar fr.-ui Cuba. She met with very heavy weather, and was obliged to throw part of her cargo overboard, and it is suposvd the balance will have to sold on I'liderwriters account. As the cargo reached about 900,000 lb., almost half of the enti -e nine lu S .udwich I.-lmd iui-tortatiou. it wdl rvtnovf quite; a " bear" from the market. Mc-Kuer Merrill sold the (itorijr H'ashinjtan, with an if" for 5.400. She was formerly a whaler. The John J-iy. 4H4 tons rejisier, built in New York in lS-li. was sld the game day for $-J,t0'. The Capuiin of the Samuel Robrrtton, from New Uetllurd .or ll-ino'ulu, writes under date July 23, that he has chartered the Br. 9h:p Uotphin for J5.70O to take the cargo of the .V. II. from PeriiauiOuco to Honolulu, the .V. li. having been condemned. First Whaler. On the 21 October, the whaleship Abigail, to McRuer A: Merrill, from the Arctic Ocean, has 1300 bbls. whale und 200 bbls. sperm oil, 15,000 lbs bone, and 1200 lbs ivory. Mr. A. P. Everett went down to the heads and boarded her. I didn't, but I learn that she reports the Hirveat, s a high horse, 10 whales 1?00 bbls.. 25,000 lbs. bone. Bully f-ir you. friend Iowsett. She rt'iMirts some island or other, but as I've lost the it- Hi. you will have to find it yourself. It is an islanil with two or three gkix to the end of the name, and no wonder it wrecked the tlttetru if she went ou it. .Petroleum or Coal Oil." The Whalers will have to dry up," the increase in the consumption of this article as an illuminator is enormous. The cause of its largo advtiuce in price in the Eastern states is not difficult to Le imigined, if one reads the following table : The exjiorti of this article fr.mi New York from January 1st to August 24. ISttiS, weiv l.'i.479. C77 gallons against 3.j2tj.slJ f.r the same peri-M la-t year, l iug an increase of nearly ten millions of gallons. From all other jHrts in the I'nded States, there were shipcd 6.010,150 gallons io lC-'J, and for the satne iteriod, lsOJ, l.S29,518 making the total exports from the 1 I'nited Slates since January 1st, 20,010,1 16 gallons ; in 1S62- ; 5,40V,411. I:::'AMTfI. ITIOS. 1SC2. S.HJ.'.OS :iv.4a- I,o7.'.lG 44,970 S7J00 From New York . . . It. .Men Philadelphia. Baltimore. . . , Portland..... . .pals. ir;.4T3.r.:- l.;'dV.77tf 4 .,X.'.616 7'S,571 "0S,443 Total gaW- J'hOHO.llt 5 4jH.4H showing a gain of o00 p-r cent, and this too in the face of the most gigantic rebellion that the record of hi.-tory can show. The importation into California for ihe past nine months, as sin wo by the Custom House 13ooks reaches the enormous amount of 321 bbls., 40,i)70 cases Coal Oil; G.S71 cases Kerosene; 200 ctsts Petroleum. These are ouly different names for the same thing. This oil has been found here neat-Santa Cruz, I learn that the Santa Cruz Petroleum Oil Works Compuiy last week elected a new board of Trustees, and tTat active operations will be short ly commenced, to bring the oil from the Petroleum Mills near that place into market. The services of Mr. Charles Peasley have been engaged, and contracts entered into for the purchase of the necessary articles to carry on the production of the oleaginous fluid. Mr. Peasley has had a large experience in the manufacture of Kerosene, and informs me that the crude oil obtained from the rock of the Hills, is equal to any Pennsylvania crude he ever worked. I occasionlly see Mr. N. L. Ingols, tne Secretary of this Company, and to hear him blow, you would think that California would soon be an exporter, instead of an importer. He says he recollects in 1850 aud 18o2 paying 12 ct., per lb. fur Chiii Barley and $45, per bbl. for Flour, and some of his friends' potatoes at 25 ctp. each per potato, (that is the time when his island friends ought to have got rich,) and now how changed are the port statistics. But Mr. Ingols always was, what I have frequently called him, a visionary 44 cuss." and there is not much reliance to be placed on his data. Loss of the Russian Corvette " Novick." This steamer, which you will recollect as being at Honolulu with Admiral Popoff, in 1S59 60 or 1S58-9 when Mr. Wjllie made a big speech, alluding to his having beeu originallj intended for Russian Diplomacy, &c, was lost on the 26th September, near Point Rejes. The U. S. Revenue Cutter Shubrick was tent to her as soon as the intelligence reached the city. When she arrived at the scene of the wreck, of the whole vessel only a small piece of the stem remained visible. All the movables were saved. Ooly one of the crew was lost a tailor drowned by the capsiziDg of one of the bonis between the shore and ship. The Shubrick brought 1G0 officers and men from the wrecked vessel to this city, an officer and fifteen men being left at Point Reyes to guard the tents, etc, etc The remains -f the JS'ocick were sold by .Messrs. McRuer & Merrill at public auction for $1,750 in gold. The wreck and everything on board except the officers personal property, the sails, charts, fltgs, aud nautical instruments, went to the buyer. Cards of thanks have been published, and a dinner party was given the other evening by the officers at the Stevenson House, to Collector Farwell, Capt. Scammon, aud others who were prominent in rendering assistance. Admiral Popotf is expected here with the rest of the squadron daily. The telegraph informs us thst 12 or 15 Russian men of. war are looked for in New York. The reason of these movements, is sai 1 to be anticipated rupture with John Bull on the Polish question, and the Czar does not intend the freezing up and blockading gmc of the Biltic and Black to be played ou him as it was on his father. Other Men-of-War in Port. II. M. C. Majesty's steam frigate Resolution is in port." She is the fi.ig ship of Sr. Don Louis Hernan-lez Pi'izon, commander of the I'iv5' Soualron There is another steam frigate looked for diily. It appears that the large Spanish fleet reported as bound for this port, has dwindled down to two Eteam frigates and a gunboat, and the gunboat is not com-icg. H. B. M. steam frigite Sutlej, Admiral King-come is in po.f, but sails to-morrcw for Maiailan, paui ma, ;;nd Honolulu, so I was informed by H. B. M. Con-ul. Mr. Booker, to day. The U. S. steam ship Lancaster, Admiral Bell, is at Mare Island and the Suranac lays off in the harbor. Marriage of Queen Victoria. Here is an item I select for the benefit of some of your English readers. It is from the Paris Press. The highest bit of gossip afloat, is that Queen Victoria is about to contract a second marriage with ex-King Ferdinand of Portacal he who. with characteristic Ouburg wisdotr, declined the Otncr cay tne prouer.a Slippery inroue oi u rrcve lie is uncle of the iate Prince Albert related cf family course, to King Leopold of Belgium, connected by marriage with Archduke Maximilian of Autria, t-mperor or .riextco mat is to oe, etc. As a set off to this, I have seen auother reporting her incaue, and another still, that sha meditated resigning her throne. Pnr.ce Alfred, the papers have it, is the favorite of rh Emilifh ne.iiiie. So w.s William IV, the Sailor K:ng, of George the 1 1 1's soi.s. '' Personal. rx Next to Queen Victoria's movements, those of old j Honoluiuans have the most interest to me. The Comet takes a large number of persons whose faces had become quite familiar to me on Montgomery Street. Mrs. Brewer, Capt. and Mrs. Mist and Dr. Morgan, were passengers homeward bound on the St- Louis which sailed the 8d. inst. Mr. and Mrs. Gregg and children left on the H acramento boat of the 14th en route for Carson City, where I learn that Mr. Gregg will establish himself in the practice tf law. Mr. R. A S. Wood leaves on the Oregon for Sm Antonio, Lower California, where he is Superintendent of the Bija California Silver Mine. San Antonio is oa the Gulf of California, 150 or 200 miles from Cape St. Lucas. This mine is verj highly spoken of.' Mr. G. II. Ingols has left for the S.ate Range District. 150 or 200 miles from Los Angeles, where he is superintendent ol the Robert - ramet Discovery Mine. Mr. Alfred Carter with him. Mr. Geo. G. Howe is rusticating among Seceshers and Copperheads at the Hot Springs. S.;in Luis Obispo, an. I I arj afrnid that G-iore is a little on the Copperhead proclivity as well. His health is much improved, aud Mr. Stm'l Dowsect must look for a big opposition in the Lumber trade wh--n he returns. Capt. Chad wick does not intend returning to the The gaiety of San Francisco mita so well his youthful disposition, that he prefers it to staid and sombre Honolulu. W. Frank Lul l, E?q., is Major in the California Militia, and at present doing duty as Commissary General on the staff of General Ell s at Camp Allen, in Alameda. That is just the duty and the post I should like, rrank received a high compliment for the in-lefatigahic d. sch tree of his arduous d-ities in this morning Alta. Messrs. N. L. Ingols and B F. Durham can be foun.i at the r desks any time during thu d.-iy, (when they are not absent.) at their respective pi. i :es of business on Sausome street. Mr. Geo. McConnell is in the printing office of the Minin.j Journal, as compositor. I sooner expected to see Mr. Potter over here than George, and 1 think he was about as much surprised himself. Mr. J.ihn Townsend leives fr Victoria with a theatrical corps, on Monday to delight the bulls of that ueitdiborh'tod with the legitimate. Lambert Beatty is pl-iying at M.iguir s in the Cnrsican Brothers, to allow a real ghot to be introduced. Apropos of Maguires. Miss Menken has been playing Mazeppa there. In the scene when she is bouni to the hors-, th; untamed steed." she is S'trne undressed. At one of the Restaurants about that time, on the nill of fare, a gentleman saw written a s.tlad a In Menken. On asking th meaning he was told, that it waa " plain fcalad without any drttxinrf." The gentleman caved. Opera Will you or wont you ? Chailej Derby returns ou the Comet. He takes a proposition from Bianchi, for the acceptance of jour lovers of music, as to whether he and Madame Bianchi, with a troupe of 27 artistes, will proceed to Honolulu to give jou a specimen of the grand opera, or not. They are great favorites here, and privately are very much reflected. I was at the Opera the other evening, at the representation of N'rnia. at which some new aspirants for operatic fame mole their drbut. Well, it was heavy. Bianchi had to relieve the hero, or the hisses of the audience would have blown him away, in the language of slang, " It was a most magnificent bilk."' I believe Bianchi has stopped at Honolulu. He told me that his recollection of the place was very pleasant. Scarcity of Works for Su?ar Culture. Having received by the Com ft a commission to purchase Wrays Sugar Planter for an island friend, I searched at all the stores. There is not a work ou sugar raising or suuar boiling, or sugar anything else, in San Francisco ; so if you want any for your trade, you w ill have to send to New York or Boston direct. Aspirants for Sugar honors please hike notice. A jew, o rivers. Jam Satis. TIIE UXIERSIXEI OWNERS OF TIIE Whaling and Trading brig KOHOLA " take this method of expressing their thanks to Captain Jenks, r.f bark Covington, Fehliier, of bark Braganza, 44 I'aly, of bark Martha, 44 Kose, of bark Pacific, 44 Gray, of bark Tamerlane, " Worth, of nhi Champion, " Sarvent, of whip Navy, Crosby, of ship Knropa, 4 HarlK-r. or ship Adeline. 44 Itedtield, of sch. Susan Abigail. foe their many acts of kindness, to the Captain, olhcers and crew of brig 44 Kohola." 3-iS-lt KB. IIOFFSCI1 LA KGKK A: ST A P E N I I'RST. FOR SAN FRANCISCO. The A 1 Clipper bark Ooxriet, Captain JAMF.S SMITH, Will sail for the above port On Saturday Nov. 7, For freight or passage, apply ta WILCOX, RICIIAKB4? Co., Ag.-nts it I). Line of Packets. CSS-2t WFLL P.irKKII AM) warranted in good order. Just received per Buss, brig Shelehojf, from s-itka, and for cale by II. 1IACKFKLB & Co. i3s- A FEW COPIES OF II A V ToKIO of CKEATION," I) EN'S OKA Aud Handel's Juias Macca'oicus, full score. ALsO A small choice selection of new Piano Forte Music. ALSO Music papers. For sale by SS3-lm A. S. CLKGHOKS. OREGON & CALIFORNIA APPLES! Just Received ex "Comet." And fjr tale by 3is-2t HOLLES Si. CO. ( At John Thomas AVatcrliuu-sc's Store, Q U E E N'S W 1 1 A R F , A FRESH ASSORTMENT OF GOODS irotn Lngland and the United States, via an Francisco. Atnoskeag Denims, Lailies Hats new styles. Moleskins, Fancy tnglish Print. Grey Domestics, "Hickory Stripes, Madapolianis, White Shirtings. Haniikerchiefs, Bishop's Lawns, Men's an.1 Boy's Hats an I Caps, Silk Umbrella, liar. Kod and Hoop iron. Bridle?, Galvanized Tubing, Saddles of all kinds, Bits. Spurs, Albrt Plate Fork., Albt-rt Plate Spoons, Jewelry, Bruthware. Whips. AxeB, Hardware. Coleman'9 Blue, Thread Plue and white. Glue, Fish-hooks, Gr-y Shirts, Cflin Furiiitiir. Shoe Thread, Fancy Woolen Shirts, Pant, Fancy Wools, San Francisco Small Cordage, With quite a Miscellaneous Ass-.rtmeiit suitable for this market. x- "JOHN THOMAS WATKKII JL'SK. Selling Off! Sing0iT! BY TIIK CASK Oil CASE ONLY, riUIE BEST LONDON BOTTLED ALE, JL Marzettl A: Son's brand, AIsopp's Ale, Jeffrey ir Son's Ale, in pints and quarts. Observe The Lon lon U.ttled is not like the Liverpool trash, but warranted THE BUST article in the market Pure Malt and Hop. ! -sS- JOHN THOMAS WATEKHOUSE. i At No. 10 Store, Fort St. 1 11 charge of J110 Il'ST ARRIVED Thoti. AVnterhouse, Jr. A Fresh Assortment oi Jl L-ddies' Gimcracks ! Ladies' Gimcracks!! With the mot f isl.ionable Hats in all creation, apply early. For choice. C'iM- J-OIN THOMAS WATLP.HOU 1:. CiiAiTANoocA and CHARLESTON. All eyes are now turned to these two strongholds one in possession of the rebels and the other held by the Union arms, but both likely to be bombarded during October by the besieging forces. In Harper's Weekly of Sept. 5. will be found a mapcf the vioinity of Chattanooga, which will bo serviceable just now for reference. The village and Union camps are commanded by Lookout Mountain, which is in possession of tbe rebels. Should they plant on it long range guns, capable of throwing shells 2i mtlea. as they probably have done, they may make the place Tery hot. Chattanooga is on the south bank of the Ten-neej-ee river, only a mile or two north of the Georgia state line, aud occupies the pass by which the river flows through the East leuueseee chain of mountains. if" Au interesting account of the Kohola's wintering in the Arctic, and the killing of ber Captain by the Iudiaus, will be fourjd iu our marine memoranda. Notice. I WILL. XOT UK RKSPOXSIBLE FOR anv debts contracted without mv written order. US-2t WM. BACLE. JUST RECEIVED ! 3?er 'Comet' SUPERIOR CLEAR LAKE CHEESE, " English Dairy Cheese, ' Steele's ' " W. W. 4 Cal. Smoked Bacon, " 44 Beef, 44 4 4 fresh Lard in tins. Cases Ruast Mutton in tine, 44 Beet' 44 44 Turkey in tins, Chicken 44 44 lrt sh Oysters, II. & B. in 2-lb. tins, 4 4 4 " steamed, 44 44 44 44 Mc-Murry's in 1-lb. tins 44 dried Peaches, 4 44 Plums, 44 44 Cherrief?, 44 44 California Onions, Boxes fresh Macearoni, 44 Vermicelli, 44 44 Corn Starch, 4 44 ground Ginger in glas, 44 4 4 44 Pepper, Cases 44 Green Corn, 44 French Green Peas in 1-lb. tins, 44 Sardines, 1-2 tins, 44 East India Chutnev, superior. Bags Table Salt, 20 lb."each. 100 1-2 sacks Golden Gate extra Flour, 50 sticks choice Oats, Fresh ilomony in 10-lb. bags, 44 Buckwheat Flour in 10-lb. For sale by bags, S. S VVIDGE. sfrffpe-m A F-w BOXES EXTRA FIXE JAPAN gVf Tea, 5 and 10 lbs. each, F-TMiA 25 1-2 chests medium Oolong Tea, 1-3-lb. yui tiers, 100 1-2 chests Pouchong Tea, 1-3-lb. papers. For sale by S. SAVIDGE. VKW KAWA1IIAE POTATOES. For sale by 38 S lui S. SAVIDQE. WIGHTMAN & HARDIE, SUCCESSORS TO FRAN K BAKER, 416 and 418 Clay Street, S a 11 i"H ncisco, IMPORTERS & DEALERS IN FOUEIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, lAIiPEJS. OIL CLOTHS, MITTLNGS. XJliolsit err Groods, P A I IS II A IV 1 I U & ! For fale iu quantities to suit. 3SS-3rn BLACKSMITHS' COAL! 13 L.ACKS.MITIIN CO AC. For Sale bv JS7-3in .1 ANION", GUP.EN & Co. GOODS ! IIAS RECEIVED FROM Boston, per KA1H GA. and offers fur s.-ll.- M l-.r,- .rlm...l . ,f SHELF HARDWARE, tM I.KK I C A R V E NT E R'S TOO I,S. I1KLMIKS. TWINE, Afti,ioultur,al Implements, Scc. oS7-3t REMOVAL ! CEO. W. VOLLUEV3, BOOK-BINDER ! I! AVIXC REMOVED BACK T TIIK OLD Mission Bindery, is now prepared to execute all orders fr binding ISooks, Pamphlets, Newspapers, Music, Old Hooks, Arc, &c. Orders from the other islands should be accompanied with particular directions as to the style, and if the work is to match volumes previously bound, a sample volume should be sent with the job. All orders l?ft at H. M. Whitney's Bookstore will receive prompt attention. 397-3in HONOLULU IKON "WORKS. s TEAM ENGINES. SUGAR MILL. BO I Le ers, Coolers, etc., made to order. Iron and Brass Cast ings made and Job Work executed -cVt tlie lioi'tesit Votiee. In order to meet the wants of the Hawaiian Inlands, the Proprietor of the Honolulu Iron Works has been induced to expend a large sum of money in erecting new and cosily Machinery, on such improved principles as to enable him to do work with unusual dispatch, in the best manner, and at most reasonable rates. No one now ne-.-d go to sf Francisco to fid orders, as 'he work can be executed at the Honolulu Iron Works as well, at as low rates, and with a3 much dispatch as it can be. at the former place. In the machine shop there are Bolt Cutting, I'lnniug and II envy llntlies. ,' In the blacksmith shop there is a powerful steam blast which enables us to do Heavy H lack sin it hi ST TERMS CASH. 3S7 TI10MA3 HUGHES. t NEW rMIIS WORK. WHICH GIVES A FULL M. and impartial History of the Crimean Invasion, Is the most remarkable book that has appeared from the Enelish press for many years, and iu its popularity, equals Macaulay's History of England. It will consist of two volumes, the first of which only is published. The second will be published during ISt'-l. A few .-oj.iea jut received and for sale. Prie 1.7."j. It. M. WHITNEY. will arrive from th coast. Amoug them : Clipp-r ship Herald of the Morning, to sail Oct- 15ta. Brig Hattie Jackson, about the same date. Bark Young Htctor, Chadw'ck, October 20th. British ship inm Mary, to anil Oct. 20th to 25th. The clipper and brig may arrive any moment, cne of them bringing a mail and passengers from th Panama steamer. 1 MELCHERS & CO., Importers mid Commission .llercliants. AOEXTS FOR TIIE HAMrKOW-BBEMCX FtBC IMSCIXXCI COMrAKT, Kaiwiki Sco a a Plistatiox, Tobst Sroaa Plaktatiox. Gcstat C. Mclcheus. J. D. WlCXE, F A. SciAcria, Bremen. Honolulu. Honolulu. 3S7-ly THE WELL KNOWN " E. KRULL, KAUAI. For Sale by Ed. Hoflsclilacgcr & Stapcnhorst. 309-61 M UMGJHOM 'IIADIH. TCS. BOSTON SUGAR CURED II A MS, Salt in boxes. Demijons Pearl Barley, .Nutmegs, Tapioca, Sago. Chocolate, Mace, P. & M. Yeast Powder, Lemon Syrup, Sage, Saleratus, Cream Tartar, Soda, Ginger, Cast-ia, Cayenne Pepper, Qr. boxes Codfish, 1-2 bbls. Pork. 1-4 bbls. Pork, Kits Mackerel, Dried Apples For sale by SS7-lm S. SAVIDGE, I J .A.Tr .A. I T.A 1ST SOAP FACTORY! BY Win. II. HUDDlt 7 ? LELEO ! HAVING RECEIVED A LARGE AND FULL stock of material, is prepared to supply bis customers and the public, with the bit Yrllovr, Iirowu und While SOAP. ALSO isorT v:ni oit hoap, In large or small quantities to suit. P. S. Soap grease always wanted. 3S7-ly fX. A. BUEDICK, IN REMOVING HIS BUSIN ESS to his new COOPKRAGE on the Keplanade, Fort street, takes this opportunity of retprn-ing his sincere thanks to his friends and ths public in general, for the support and patron-aee which they have been pleased to grant him for the past tea yeans ami hopes thai mtnsiwi to hast-ness and promptness in he execution of all orders intrnted to him, he will merit a continuance of their favors. 387-ly Scientific American for 18G4. PERSONS WISHING TO SECURE THIS valuable publication for the next year, should leave their ordeis at once, as the list niut be forw arded by the next mail. XT" No mechanic or planter can afford to be without this publication. Address II. M. WHITNEY. Tpublio convenience. H.I. STAMPED jfl'ElOPES. U. S. STAMPED LETTER ENVELOPES FOR the Inter-island and the American Mails, will hereafter he kept for sale at the Bookstore : lHt'r-iluiil En M-lopt-N. 3r, rnrli. or 33 for Amrrirnti En v Io-m, (.) 1 2c. rnrh. it tor A turr Envelope. Double, (loz.) 25c. each, or 5 lor t. The American Letter F'nvclopes will pay the entire pontage to any part of California or Oregon, or the Kasti-m States. No let.ers should he tor it out ol the kingdom without the full postage prepaid by stump. Persons ordering from the other itdandg, should stat- whether white or buff envelopes are preferred. 376-3m H. M. WHITNEY. NEW STATIONERY BLANK BOOKS OF ALL SIZES, Memorandum Books of every description. Black ami Blue Ink. Newspaper Files. Bill Files. Mucilnge, School and lyg Mates, and Slate Pencils, Ch.-s Men and Chess It.Mtrds, Jlas Paer M'eights, Quills and Steel Pens, Quill aod Ivory Tooth-picks, lead Pencils of choicest grades and kinds. Inkstands, plain and improved patterns. Twine, Bancroft's Map of California and Pacific Coast. PoKt Office Letter Scab s, Mathematical Instruments, Children's Alphabet Block and Toys. Drawing Paper of all siz"S and qualities. Improved Bulers of various patterns. Seal Press, Bristol Board. Tin Post-Ofll-e Letter Backs, Perforated Board, Metalic .Match Sites, Tin Fnvelope Racks, Portfolios letter and cap sizes", Steel Pens of every desirable pattern, Kyelet Machines, With other office Stationery. 3S7-1 m 11. m. irnrrxET. Altxj? of the Sand- wicli Islands. T1HE ONLV CORRECT MAP OF THESE Islands is that cf the V. S. Kxploring Expedition, published by the American Government. Kvery farmer who owns an acre of ground, every captain who commands a cohster, every traveler who wants to find correct names and distances, and every gentleman who desires to be posted up about the group, should possess a copy of it. a tew copies left, price $1.50 eadi. 3S6-3m For eale at the BOOKSTORE. U1 m iiiuj mm: Latest Parisian Shies of HATS! A Xew, Clioicc & Fasli-ioimblc Assortment. JUST RECEIVED AT A. S. CLECHORN'S Wholesale and Retail Store on the Wharf. AND Retail Establishment, Nuuanu Street. 3SMt r1HE UNDERSIGNED WILL PAY CASH JL for Cotton or Linen HAGS, delivered at his office, or will receive them hi payment for the kcohoa newspaper, at tlie following rates Whitb Kaos 3 cts. per lb. Colored Hags -i cts. per lb. All rags offered should be clean and free from dirt. Cotton To Arbive. Several veseels T intire UilUil no Cotton wilt also be purchased at tl e following rates : Cleaned cotton (free from seeds) 20 cts. per pound. L'ncleaned cotton (that with seeds) 6 cts. per pound. Either rags or cotton will be received from natives or other in pavuient'for the K 11 ok on newpiper. II. M. WHITNEY. cV

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