The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1953
Page 8
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PAG« EIGHT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION MlalKim ;k»rf> ................. Me I clBi ret Hie .................... Iff 1 tlmM p«r Hue iwr «»r ........... He 3 tl»K (wr Hue p«t d»» .......... * .......... liar ptr i\j ......... (c M»»(h |M>r line . ......... We Couit.flre iitract Komi l« (1i« Hnr. *« nrtneil for (hrfe o> six limn »n<t •(or^fil Wfoi« riplntlon will k* fh.tfri! for th, ititrnhtr of tlmn thf «<< >prir>rr« .nrt iMJ.mmrnU n( kill •I'Xrifr. .. '. ; All classing mlTtrttjInc ropy «nh- m!tt*<! fey persons reitrHnj outside of Htj jniut be arcompsnIM Jif cash. male* msy he eajlly b« computed f/om th« «bOfe rahle. Ailrerlhlni; ordered for !•• •erllons UKe (he one time UMe. K« rr<i>on>]blllt; be l»ke> for more tliiiv one Incorrert Inieillon of my rt>»Uiei) art. All «ds ire reilrleied to their fn\f- «r etinlllrstton, sljle and (jpe. The C«nrler News reserrei the rlsht to edll •T rfjeet i.j »tf. X par r: merit for Rent Apartment for rrnt, 2023 Chtrkasaiv- ba. Phone 6702. ... . . l]5 ckl lit Unfum. 3 room «pl. cloi.e In. rh. «• ' . 15 rk tf Ntce apartment 2 blocks from business district. -1 rooms and hsth: aulo- mntlc hat water, piped In oil heftt. nl- tlr fan lor summer; gsraee ftnri ptor- aBP. 628 W. Ash Et.. ph, 3431. 1!3 pk 10 J rm. turn. »pt. rh. 3102. li3~pk JE '(ARK.) COUBTER NEWS- ' AIL kinds of building, pivLnlln*, r«- ftlrlnn. call fi9C9. 121J3 pk JjU K«frlgtrAlkon—Air Conditioning •MtlD£ i*r»lce. Call 69B6 or 40*4. . BROfT RVnuaJtRATION CO. Complete a»s Installation U*-efue 4^ EoiKtal O/ibunf Plumbing Supply » MtNDTE PHOTOBTATJC 81!RV- tCl. Q'STHEN'S STUDIO. 115 W MAIN. 12;4 ck t/ for Sa/e, Misc. Mode] A John Deere 1845 Mode!. 2 row and 7 piece eqnlpmrnl. Jolm l>Hcre trajJor. Notiry Kenneth Hurtictty, U17 "oily.' . i;a j>x 2 : 3 Pair imilos. E/r« Hnrnpton, lit. I. Ilox 333, ntyitipvllle. • ra jjfc 7 Cafe Equipment. Stfllnlr.^ Alee] U SIJHpC tOUlllirr, 20 RtOotK, I niHRtc C\lf.I Rfl-s ifvnj:* with grill, 1-3 wiinpnilrnpnl K«lv. sink, dkfihe.s, 1 grill. I'h, JJWQ T3 nk II 1 bed sprhiKs and ahimber kliiR mivt- ess, 1 rtresupr wlitt IRTKC mirror, 1 studio couch. 117 Chick. Ph. 3201. J 1 pk « 2 2 soat«rt Ford car and '14 14 ton el with extra ^>»- gpflr. Jack Alciip, 300 llth St. Contact Rt Fed Top Ciln. 1>1 |il< R 6 ncrcs of gtiniho land at Oycss, ArX. ^ room hoiisfi with stl out bulld- R, Electricity, for Information ff« Rny Johnson, Supbrvlior at FSA Rl ss. - in p x K 3 room turn. dpi. UtUUlrs turn. 2n!> W. Ky, Ph. 3200. |'3 pk 10 3 rm, fiirn, ftptt. -1D7 UHy. Imptlrc 517 S. Like. Ph. 3782. 1^2 pk 9 Bfttrr rlR** 3-room Vfirnlshed Apt. 702 W. Ash. $45 month, ph. Mr. Collins *' <5M. : 1|1 CX tf One unfurnished and one furnished apurtment In Boyen Apt. Adults only. Ph. 631R. iji ck S 2 fi4rn. 8pt5. Bath, hot water, Connie only. Reasonable. 1601 W, A*h Ph 2919- 12.11 pk l\l 'r 3'room (urn, Apt.- Electric kitchen. Private bath,, 1603 W. Ash. Ph. 3608. 12IM pfc 1|7 3 room Vinftirn apt. Ph. 30^3. _ 12131 C)C l|7 3 or A room apartments. Th, 2109. t 1271 pk 1(7 , 2 rm. f\irn, apt,,- rife, kltction, nna h*at. 108 W. Ky. Ph. 3100. IJ|30 |»J= V,f> Private furnlfilictl apt. Ph. RfilR, 1.M2 W, Ash. 12 23 pk l(C Apts, Ph; 6772 or 2920. pk 1|24 3 and. 4 room api*. wHh prlvoto hath Ph. 2660 days and 35S3 nights. 11!29 cfc IT Nicfr Bteam hen ted'4 rm. fnrn. npt.. all electric kitchen. Clcisd In. Ph. 4432. UJ2& ck tl 3 unfurri. hpt. 112 K Ohortr. Apply In back-to Mrs. Rider. J1J2Q pic 1J20 A3 .KodihTi™ 4MS. rooni fur. apt. Phfl"350S or * 1114 C k tf •MotJera apt, S lootna and bnth. ntw- ly decorited, good furniture, g'ns eqtilp- »«nt Ph 3373 F. Simon O b 21 ck tl Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up p^er week. Bedrooms |4'qp single. 114 West Ash Ph.-,2833 - 8|4 ck tf 2 rooms (urn. Hot and ' colU wiUer, Private entrance, t^ j>!ock Kro^cis. Ph. 4660-At,307 N*. 1st., Rlso one' lnry<>. IroiH room, 'kitchen hrlrtlcpti. !!z pk It) Services MOVING AND HAULING Closed van trucks, safe and dependable. Experienced help. Ph. 8923 or S292. W. W,' BeeXham. 12J13 pk 1|13 GAS SERVICE Licensed nnd-honnca. Hrjnnt. Lftw- *on and other ranjor brflnds hcflting equipment. Sales. lastAlUtloni. «crr- ice. Easy torms. : BERRY ALLEN • Plumhlnp A: HcRttnR Cn. t ' I - ' fh. 2204 ll]20 ck tf GAS EQUIPAIENT and plumbing Installed* ; ,br bonded fitters. Cash or easy terms.- E.G. ROBINSON LRR, CO. . 12!lo' ck IflO Ou»ranieed piano tumns and re- P«lr. Clll:5071 flaj. 20S9 nlsht» 51« t< oiiEft Trailer. 6?c Vera rcrgnson nt rwr ol 50« S. Franklin. Slop «t Nn-Wn Laundry from 7 a.m. to 4 |>.m. 12131 rk RunininRr. Chrap : Dreiucfl, coals and cliltdrcns clothes. 100 E, Bycnniore. ' ' 1230 ]>k MB Bahy brc-f. corn frd, [or dtiop frrrxfi. Al nil limes. I'll. 2871. . 12.11 Jik IjlS Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade y o 11 r old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers leans ( /2 down, balance in tbe fall Formerly Arnold & Gaines. Ph. 6337 ; Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRfSON & SON FUUN1TUKE CO. 517 \V. Ash l>h. 255!J 8|2 ck tf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. ' lit W Wtlnul Phnnp 33« Plenty of Parking Space for Sale NIM-, Hre Proof Sntcs. Wt. 2^5 IDS, pOMl.Ma to pick the comrjlnntfori At factory prlco. Ft. paid.' $65. I'll, ^097. '. -.--.- j l 2 Pk 12 For Sale or Trade 11)52 Commander StiKtebAker 5 pas- sengcr coupJe. Overdrive and heater C.OOO nctiml miles. 115 W. Mnln. 1[3 pk 10 HP; H Equtpmcnt and Irftllnr. le. Write Ho.t C-ll. % Courier .2-OLJerut»r Reruily Shop, mitiplptcly quipped. loomed In DM]. Wrllo 703 llrtnton HI., Texarkana, TPxa.i. or phone 4054 collect. " 12-29 pfc I[5 Fire ,t UurpUr proof s*tt»- *ny size. Milt rtoors, banX locXs etc. Al] carry 'ndeiMltera latalcs Soli! on rnsy ternm, -mnl] down payment with order ni-et 12 month* for balance FrelRht prepuld CATTLE Severn! yoiniR (mils. Aprs from K to 2[> itipnttis. Hood htood HUP.":, mostly EUccrimerp niid nnndntlcr llrccdlni;. fi or 10 rnrUtyTor service, For sfllo very vonnbly. 1 might. KC\\ n few heifers nnrt brcrt rows. Everything Is rcg!Mer- E. O. AUAMS I3<W N. 6lh SI.. Blvthevlllc. Ark. Ph, 336S IJl pk 2|3 Used rpIrtKcrator. 1 * J63.5 ell A£ While. Ph.' 0096. und »ip Hnl- 11[19 ck tt 3 bcdcootn housft, t^«wly tlecorivlctl. 2 tits. Shade and fruit tree*. H500. Ph, 2566. ^ ..12130 pk 1;6 Attention Farmers: BIG, BIG BARGAINS! 1949 Model Fiirmall "C" Tractor'wilh new Cultivator — A-l Contlilion. Used Two row "II" anil "ill" Traclor Planiers. Farmall "C" Traclor wifh Cullivafor, and Planter 1950 Model. Squadron hitch for Traclor Stalk Ciiflcr. F-20 Farmall Tracfor wilh four row Cultivator. 1950 Model Farmall "C" Tractor with Cultivator, (wo bottom Plow and two row Planter and Disk. 194S Model "WC" Allis Chalmers Tractor with two row Ciilfivator. 1913 6'/ 2 ' Disk Harrow. 1951 Model Heavy Duly Blount.'Disk Harrow — Nearly new blades. 191S Mode) Ford Traclor SN wiih Iwo row Fronl end Cultivator - 2 bottom Plow, 2 row liusler and Heavy Duly Pick Up Disk. I9!9 Model '/ 2 Ion CMC pick Up Truck. 19-19 hvo !on Chevrolet Truck short wheel has*. 1917 Model KB-1 International Pick-Up Truck- stake body; good (ires, 2 new. 1919 Model Sludcbaker Pick Up Truck — As is. 312 South 2nd BlythevilU PHILLIPS GUARANTEED 51 FORD V-8 A <J-»«or Custom cyjiiiH- peri wilh Overdrive, Radio and Hc;ilcr, A won- derfiil buy in a late model Kor'd V-8. 51 CHEVROLET Slylcline 2-])fK)r wilh Healer. You'll want lo drive if when you see if . . . you'll buy ii al a low, low price! 1950 FORD V-8, l-Door Custom widi Overdrive, Railin and Heafer. 1'riced lo move quick! Hurry! 1849 FORD V-8 Club Coupe. A dandy automobile wilh good Rarfio and and Heater, A Real Buy! 19;19 FOKD Pick-Up Truck. Il's a "/ 2 -Ton Truck that Will give you miles and miles of good service. 48 FORD V-8 Super Deluxe 2-Dnijr, has nice maroon finish and good Kadio mid Heafer. You'll like il! 4*9 PICK-UP 11)19 FOKI) , 'li/ 2 -Ton Pick-Up Truck with M !•'(. !!ed. You'll he surprised al the LOW, LOW price. • ompany 300 Broadwoy phone 4453 BRUCE RITCHEY, Used Car & Truck Mana 9 er i SALESMEN • Cecil Conncll* Lester Godwin « Wade Simpson 40 acres jjoud laiul. l'';iruiiill H. Tractor and Equipment. GEORGEM. LEE 120 \V. JIain Ph. 6961 Ph. 3303 . 1(5 ck 12 Notice, Red Clay, OraVc] «nd Dirt, IK 6226. 12'30 ok. t'30 For Safe, Real Estate Sm'nlMioine on two lots—3 large JIG !5; runn:.-; s.r.d b^'.h. i^lOO. Mrs. Joe hnilkji. HroJccr, 6I.1H. : Ija pk 7 FOR SALE i\lO(lern 6-room, and bniltfiolose to Catholic School and Church on West Ash St. 3 bedrooms, gus hcnl, ;lai'ijc glassed in back porch, attic, gai-ajre and storeroom. Large lot, \vilh nice. 4-room house and bath on the rear which will make a big part of tl\e monthly (Ktymenls. Price only ?9,150. ^3,250 cnsh, niayUe less, will handle, or will take in smaller house or equity as part .paymaul. This house is in good condition. See or call JOHNNY MARR Ph. -1111 or 259G 12[23 ck tr Farm Land 85 acres njixcd laud on Rood road 2 miles southwest Holland, Mo. 2 gooVl houses, 1 barn. Price $2.10 per acre. .Will carry ?125 loan. Possession at lime of sale. 80 acres near Paragould. GS acres in cultivation on good gravel road, 2 good houses, 1 barn. Price i?G500. Small loan. Jack Marsh Ph. 9605-Officc Ph. 2720-Rfes. 12 ! 31 pk 115 For Hent 2 hulWlnus on West Main, size 12 x SO e.ich. oraburn. Supply, phone '3208. • . i;s pk 12 , Fu rnish ed' House, two rooms, bath and kitchenette with electric hot water and stove..Oil heat. ' Geo. J!. Lee 1.20 W. Main Ph. 3393 or G9G1 1]3 ck 10 •1 room hoit5G nnrt hftth" Near n«w hlt;h school. Ph. 627Q. i|i pk S 2 room hoiisc without bath, In'prTtle AiJ(Ulloj). 410 per month. .See l/nllctl 'tisiirnnre Anffticy. In R rimi BM«. P!i.- r> '^ 2 - 12'lfl ck if 120 nrrcs of tnml. 10 miles noTltiwpst ot Illvllierlllc. This innil In Ifirntfd on Hrrivnl rrmcl Gun he dlpldrrl lino 80 nrrcs .V. 4n ncres. Day I'll. CC45 WltjJit Ph. 2680 Vnltoyllctd Ciin. x 'f. 12,'la ck t Oulr ScrTlca Stntlon for rent on South Hlgha-ny 61. Space for cafe. Srocery or used cars. No stock or equipment to buy. Ph. 3251. 12116 ck tl Modern en bins nnd Rpts. lx>st B<^y Courts. Couple.i only. Ph. 9031. ^_ , 11 [25 ck I|26 HIB I^iE Muln, 3200 IKI- feet In main building Reasonable renk Crxll 4flt2 nnslncss room. 400 W. Ash St.: available Ji\n. 10th. Cnll Dr. Keith or J M- •»oiitv.. 12127 nk 1|10 Fertile fnrm land, 70 acres Flat Lake vicinity about 5 mltcs north ol Blythe- vlllp. twite or wlra Mnrj- Titc-kcr Klnt:. -SiililistUn. Plft . 12:27 pk 1[2T Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection Ol.FNCOm HOTTL BTJ11JOINO 114 W Ash Rt. REAL ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS INSURANCE It Interesicrt In Buying or Bellini **» Noble Gill Agency Glcncoe «!(!«. Ph. 68C8 Wonfed to Rent 200 to .100 ncrps of poort (arm land. I hnre nlpnty of pocd cti'itpmrnt. nlso ran finance self rh, 2142. 12 13 cfc tr TOYS REDUCED CA/w UP TO 50% Shoulder Pads & Helmet, Reg. 3.98 1.98 Doll Beds, Reg. 1.59 98 e Many other toys at Big Reductions. Durkees Fancy Shredded Coconut, 4 01. pk. lOc Tangerine* . . . . Dozen 15e Red Delicious Applet . .,.,.,. ..,.,.,, . .dozen lOc Ofon S« - .,... . . each 2c PaperShell Pecans 5 u, s , 1,49 "We Specialize In Gift Baskets BLYTHEYILLE CURB MARKET 130E. MAIN ST. MONDAY, JAW. You Gan't Beat Our Used Tractors! Farmall's John Deere's and Ford Tractors — Ferguson Jack Robinson Implement Co. , Allen Hardin, Mgr. Blytheville, Arkansas'-— Phone 2371 Wanted to Buy We pay Inquest jirices lor pecans— we sell directly lo shcllpr anil earn' Dccans norl.Ii nil we fa aricr Hppjra. Thla innltM U |>n»«LI>le for us to glre you Hie lil«li- ««l J.rlira BI.YTHKVII.I.II CURB MARKET 11 25 ck 11 We will f\j CASH ror jour old fa- «Rlf6. carneraA-ana leiisea for pnrU O'STKN'S STUDIO. 115 Went Ulln 1214 ck tl Notice For exr-m trrvlrc. Oil stoves floor furiinws. wnti-r pump or softner. Cull 6.149 any lime. - j; 3 pk 2|3 To MooAe r/id^e ini'mbers: Our deepest appreciation for a'Meiry Christmas The Wallons. ]2: 3!) plt ir 6 BDMISTBR RADIO AND TKI.KVISION RRl'AIH SHOP Call 9310. Al) IVork euaran- tee<l. . 12|17 pk'l]l7 : \Vc liny I'"ur & Pecans Illj-lier prlrra puld lor !nr an.l pecans. t,nll \ls l.tfore you sell. JQK HKH'1'KH'S OKOU. SO. 61. I'll. i632. lj;i(! pk 1J10 House moving and leveling. 2[> years exrcrlence. Phone S318. or HTlts nly- thevllle, IMll.i East MMn St. TOMMIE WRI.1.CHAHCE. ,12;il pk l|12 Private Rooms Nice room near town. J6. Mrs. Joe Shanks ph, 6138. 1^5 pn e Front hedrooin lor rent. Private en- Iruncc. Mi-ala ftvJillilltle. I'll 4660. 2 IlliK'kn Miilii.- 12:30 pk 1J6 WmnttJ, Mml* Boy counter help wanted. Apply In person to Krenm Kaslle. 113 ck tf Salesman Wanted SALESMAN WANTED for established route, EeUiiiR groceries and general merchandise. Advertised brnnrts. Territory In K.E. Ark and S. E, Mo. vicinity . of BlylhRvllle. Must have 'car. Sent! tiuallflcatlons and references first letter. Address p. o. Box SO>. Jom-s- boro. Ark. 1J3 ck 11 Female Help Wanted WOMEN line. Kew nV.6 money ready -ciit Ki-^y. pntrUubl*;. Molly w EtOllywO(Jtl -16, CR!!/. Co.. pit 6 Wanted To borrow (I5.000.00 at 10% interest for ten years. Writ* Sox L-6, % Courier News. i 2 :24 pV 18 (hem ^^^ , but provides » H,, e placo lo r oLip MOLASSES &SULPHUR MAY If A €001 Tfct •••* CAR isovm Motor Tune-Up Adjucl point*. Cl«aii' air t)*M«r Tc«t toll Ti e ht«n head Adjust timing Clean tiatltrf terminals Test cpndenser Tisthten manifold* Adjust rarbnretor Check and adjwH vulta^* control Test b«U*r) *«i refill Cle*n fi»f* and adj«t gtf. . 4 • OkMfc .• Fr M •• 425 SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLIT CO. 301 Spokesman for Egypt CAIRO W>>_Egypt will hive an official'government spokesman [or the ftrsl time. According to present plans, the 'spokesr^i will receive official Information Jroi* variant minislrites and tranwnH H to UM public through ruwi oonferencej and official statements. H«porten wllj then be banned from the foreign ministry except by tppolnt- merit. WANTED TO EMPLOY 5 FORD SALESMEN We need 5 men to sell the High-preference New Ford Cars and Trucks and Fast-Selling Used Cars ami Trucks. Earn up to $700— ?800 per month. Inquiries Kept Strictly Confidential PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 4453 Blyth.vllle, Ark. THE QUEEN'S A DOLL—Anne SlraUon of London, examines a plaster figurine of Queen t:!i?.,ibc!h If, one of more lhan 550 different .souvenirs which will, be placed on sate during Coronation Year. Proixised souvenirs and novelties must receive the approval of the' Council of Industrial DesiRn, before they may be put on the market. Attention Farmers A. A. Hardy lias been appohilcd )o handle CROOKS qVAI.lTX COTTON SKEI) in lliis torritory. For the earliest. »nd twsl staple and turnout jou can't brnl Crooks Hi-brci Colton Sctd. However, we do hare many nihcr varieties snch as DP * I, 15. All seed Is stale certified, delintcrl and treated. We also have breeders certified in some seed. We also have » nice stoek of seed now In'qur warehouse. Any order, I»rje or small, will b« given prompt attention. Book your collon «cd now and have U delivered wrxn yon nerd 11. Whatever your seed needs arc, contact me »nd lei me hrlp you (o gel the very best seed at Ihe lowest poi»lb!e prict. A. A. HARDY 705 Clear Lak« Blythevill* Horner-Wilson Presents BIG VALUES! 1950 OLDSMOBILE "98" 7-Door. Rocket Km™. R.- < dio nnd Healer, WSW Tires ... really equip- MCM ped with .all the extras. A TERRIFIC Buy at IU9U 895 1949 CHEVROLET Pick-Up With D«lnx« t Cab, Heater and all around! 1350 FORD' Club Coupe wifh Radio i Heal- 1-f «Mtr tr, Overdrive, Good Tires . . : a clean car! . 1Z95 1950 PONTIAC 4-Door Chief lair, Two-Tone Hvrda Malic Drire, Radio and Heater. Very Clean Mr M A Horner-Wilson SPECIAL! 1509 1941 CHEVROLET 2-Door.. . . Com. In and HftC drive it ... it's a HORNER-WILSON Special. 135, 1951 CMC Pick-Up Truck has, heater and Is in excellent shap«. -A real Buy! 1095 1919 .MERCURY 2-Door equipped with Radio & Heater, has good tires and good motor. A Horner- MtJtr Wilson Christmas Special! »|™0 1950 OLDSMOBILE, Rotket Engine, ^v^ S , H ,.. Hydra-Mafic Drive, Radio and Heater Nic«M*Ail & Clean with good tires. .?..".."695 HORNER-WlLSON EAST— : MAIN Rocket Oldsmobil* — CMC Tracks Phone 2058 Us«d C»r Lot — Ph*M

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