The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Two ce'nls a word /or first Insertion and one cent a word lor each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. I'hone 306 OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, blyf.ieville. 20-CK-TF s. $ s s ? REAL GUARANTEED I DSED CARS ! rOKIi—Sport Coupe, Rumble Seat,] 1628 Model A, Excellent running condition — $150. S50.00 cash, S1G iKr month. I KSSLX—Forclor, late "Kl \ Model. Looks nice and runs | gocd—S75. S30 cabli, S20 per month. WHIPPET—Couch, late '28 Model;, Paint, Upholster ?, Motor and! Tires Good — .S1C5. $55 cash, S17.50 per month. ! Oilier Models—Curs, Trucks, i Trailers—Convenient Terms, , PHILLIPS MOTOR' COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers I'hone S11-S10-777 S S S S $ $ i III:HE TODAY Tn lii-rp life from B'» wln * t° n ilull \\\ llrd Thrn»li. li'«a. IMA- n Junliir Country <.'lulf. II wni lo lir t-icluilvr—no tmrfnl», no linlifr», |uil thp "youjiRtr •el." ArroTilin^l) r;inK«T. «lio»e In I Tier itn» u riihiltlrr and «Jjn»e altji- mutlitr. Ibc fiiriiHT I'llll. VAN IH)()II.\. \\n* bulli (venllhj rind In- cuilni'iil, pun-htiird ilic SI ill llu->li rnrm. a Hi-iu-r* "act trlih an ulJ li.:ii>,r, mid rriiuidrlrd It. luii> It i-il Tlirimli CJruc IIA 111* tll'l.l.UUAV. • JHUIIB nrltut "liu tint hulirtlut; around Ibe rnuiiiry. Aiinu-lril Ijy rilHKcr. hi- nsri-fd in KIII> nml |i:ilnl |iuilr»Ha and il«ro- <it:ili- Ilif m-« vluli hint**. Tlir TnltJirr. niniU- Him ib*'' B"™"in- ILTJ "' "" nd hr nillil I' isho ftlll lovcil Glugcr. nml Ilkcti ' Mill Hush ftrst vatc. l!ul It anybody lliouglil for one iiiluute thai slie vvsa goliis; to spend the sunnier 0111 there \viilllni; on a lot of foreigners lliey "had another think con.lnu/' She wouldn'1 live with them licrscll • and she was not «i!llriK 10 sishjutl j tho itilld-iiiaiincrcil lleiinj 1 to their Influence. i CiliiBur. a wise clrl for ncr years. I look Jenliy llrnily hy tho hand and ; led licr (iiilclly »«ay I" n cwil spot ! fu the \voncls. wlu'j'e they Fai down on a fallen IDS in talk tilings over "Jenky. my deaicst II not m> only frleud," Uinser Ijesan. fl there wcio loaib iu the tiluo eyi "I krniw just how you foel and don't Manic you n 1)11. I don't ex pect you lo live with thoso men, , to f-'AI.I.U.MI. I'nr ilKmir unii hi- cnulj L-Li Inn TulllM-ri tul I n Lin , (he riiurnltii; iif Ihe l he re arrive*) nl the nut ii nt- Itnllnn jouih •rrtucd on urmy. IJMlr % »:LI a lumlcJnti, .mil mult* rinik. Ami IU:MIO t . UMIY lie riiuU «ln^; • ri-iiivcl. CdUld nut conic. i:id come In faU i.i[uce. lo niiArlYc* useful, Rind 10 r i be E r bun riJ, GI n i; t r and 1 wouldn't, let you 1C you wanted to, "Wo didn't ask thorn out here, ;uic) we don't luU'inl to keep tliera, Uut as lony as they have cotuo and i have to pay their way back, we want to use tlicm ionlHlit—Just lo imt tilings over with a sort of o baJt£. Tomorrow lliey shrill £0 right suatfilit. liack where they fceloug. You wouldn't lonvo me In tiuch a jam on such an Important occasion, would you, darling?" we Vir.i. For uoUitng. "He says I!cn Ii one of tho most ncasing diameters lie over met in his life. Tliey'vo [Inured out two moro good garden plots aud are going lo spado tliem nu the first tlihiB Mcndny. They've raado out list at beiiuo (or you lo hrluK lie's very fund of birds, says n lot of birds around bring a house ,;ood luck, aud lio'a eotus to build iihd Iioi!sc3 In the woniln fur then lo inako their ncbt.s. lle'K going tn calch fresh Ssli for mo every da> If 1 want It. "Cilnscr. yon Just wouldn't he llcvo that foreigners LiUo that could ihluk ot so many nice tilings in do." « • • ujwr—they're going back to Chi •*-* c.igo tomorrow." "Well, I don't think they nre." said Jenky faintly. "Thoy want to stny around a Tr'cek or two to llnd tho lime to pick up a good farm cheap, lie's got money In tlio Lank. Mr. lloiilto. and he's dead set on most tlaUsrlnfi. They ?e!ccle<t lliclr Mile • Idi noisy enthusiasm. nn;J lo dccorato tlicui each :wrordii. his fancy bcforo they hnd bcci itio [trcinl&cs 1^0 minutes. 'uifii'Io cliOi:0 the room o n!iwest corner hociiuj-t! h cuin iiia.,.lj-J n view of [la- driveway uini lie ll'KL'il to sco uco;)le coinlns in iwlnfi oiu. Ho put n crudnx »vor II!K ^uiall tublo anil u (rmucd (i r apli ol his mollicr—uikcn nt While City—nlwvo Lils hod. Ami un 2 to her lhat snmo ftflcnirusi ^ IKT lo solid him lar^c (ilcUiies. whltilt uiion tkuir K-- urovcil to bu of Kn li'iuial ii'U cxelush'cly. hrLlliiim luhu- Kin;ili3 of aiigots In ncllim. itouh In louncjn nuil one of UnO ... ... nloul His buainess. l.llllo Angclu rcH-elvod them will •M^lii. covered his \vnlU niul JH fur uioro. nr»d . uddtJ juxl ibe rlnlit luui-h r, Inir K»1>V JACKSO.N lie- Itiink Knit Ultik'vp wnulrt n r li:in(is full Kllh lUciu, . niL Jfli.SM. HiTf liu cUili. liccau U» tinvu FOR SALE—A nice loi and house out on East Davis ofl of pave- j ment. will make a nice home_ See i j M Williams, owner, 42o East Davis. 31P-KA roil RENT 1 APARTMENT—and oillce for rent.j February 1st. ingram Building, | stc or unoiie, I. E. Parkhurst. | 29C-K-TPJ FOR RENT—G room house, nil \ Chickasa^'i).-., aiso -* room house. Modem. Rent reasonable. Phone 12-1. _ 28P-K4 L OFFICE rooms for rent, cheap, ns | low (is S5.QO per month. Hubbard Hardwaro Co. '2C-K7 STORE BUILDING for rent, cheap. Located next deer lo Huutaid Karcluarc Co. Hubbard Hardware CO. 2C-K1 AU\V t;U 0,\ W1TJI THE STO1LI CHAl'TKK XVIU J7l)I>Y lauBhed a Ilitle. "Ginger's ^ KOI a swell dlgestloi. all right.' be said as they rcluviied to tl^ taUle. "buE iT she can assimllaio tlie mouthful Rtio UH'oIf ibis lime Gtie'5 even better than 1 think she is." Gluser hearil tUe last remark "Js'o woman's bolter ilian anybody thinks she Is ond moat ot us areifi BO Kooil." ehe said smartly*. "It's dumb lo bo as good as ihat." Uinser and Bard bail driven out to Mill Rush early that morning. arriving some 30 minutes after Iry Ford delivered the toroisn Invasion, and Ginger found herself face to face with her first doiueslic insurrection. Jenky said It was too much. She was sorry, she admitted thai J ENKY was always wilting lo compromise. She snld she \voir1rt stand anytliint; lor CJInger's snke for one :ilgbt only, and when (!ln- ger dasticd off with Ward to do tlie last of her tielaterl crrQ!Ld=i stio felt pretty easy In her owti mind. When Uicy returned lo Mill Kusti at four o'clock fur a last hidi.i'cliwL of Ihlngs In general, U was to lltirl lhat nn nrnnzlng revolution licil taken place. Jenky was lylnp In n bainmncli ou the aliady sltlo of [lie *idu iMitli. ffidi Ucnltn handing tier a fup !> ' tea I'letro hart brewed cxprusaly for her. llu greeted Ginger with c broad Binlte. "Xo'.v you lot her rosl. being n farmer. 1 haven't lind such a good time In yearn. Oi:c of them Is hrln^lni; me tea or fioniclhlitg every 10 minutes, ond pnsslitc me shnwls and v:tiac-tiot. "They won't let tno turn my hand over lo do any work, and lliey \vnll on llcmiy ns If he were a prince. Benny says lie hasn'i lind so miiclt fun since ttic other tilinda went baclt to the Home." "And how about ihclr In flucnce—" "(linger, lliose men nre so polite and so iibltaint; they couldn't have .. Lad Intlucnco over a tly. l)o yon i renieinljer (lioao 12 Lotties ot home ; canned grape Juice that Kddy's 1 mother sent uaY Well, Mr. I'ictro Uc-'.ik Ii ;ui'l put it all In a Inrrel ; v, ith :i lllllu siiyur aud a cake ol . yvu>i, r.mj he's Kolns <o make me t . ?ointj nl til^ regnlfir iintlvu grfipe IJulM. Mr. Uenlio snya it Is very for l ho dificslioti, and be warned her. "Don't go talUlnfi ami : lhl:ii:j? ri1 ttkc ll/> et her all Hied o;it." I ''"lull ^ctllcd It. of course. (Singer He drew the light Rcart closer ,l:ncw It In n. mliiulc. I'mlnly the about Jenky's thin thouldera. ;iorriL-n element was tn the ascc-^- "' " "Don'i you go catching cold now," ency. he said solicitously, and went away. ! Ginger sat dovrn on the lop step and stared and stared. "Ginger," Jenky confessed hum TF/ITFt Jofe dc \'ivrc ami the Jun lur Cuunlry Club off sinuiluinc isly lo ED auarlciou;; lily, her faco suffused with blushes, llllisyer was prL-tty wet! saMsftcd. On "you can't really say they're lie.iiu- Monday triorning. Ben and Jen)ty ens. A kinder aud more considerate Urcoks worf 1 obliged lo return lo set ot men I never saw In all i:iy tcwu, as school waa still In se^lon. lire. And if lhat Mr. nenito «T.F-aml lo Ginger's surprised - 1 -"- 1 " . . sn/thlng hut n foreisnfr, I s he'd 1« a perfect gentleman. . p.T[ IJtnky was entlrply Fntlsfici) to learn Ik- llie rr-anngeniont of Mill Hi:s!i . - wants to buy a far in yut, here and j the three Italians, who were care- he's invited Ikn and me to Pi'cndifi:! lo consult ber njion nil moot all our summers with him and put 'subjects and why catered lo her ill-"l'llO choso the room on iliu fiuiol, Incufcil us U w ; is fum-i-si trotn itio iklve. from i!ic leiuna courts, swlii^a and Ixtilronm. Hid decorations were snni'lo. .is beraiuc une of hla simple ia?U'b A large bntlle :md a i^lriRS seciiu >l BUltirlent Inr lilni In tho ujy <•( luilot ncco:-~orlc3. and Mi only interest In nrt was a [in r Hal It y lor motion-picture s!nrs. whuse Rva[ms tie clipped Trntu the re^o- yravure section of Sutniaj pnyers and pasted on the waits. Ht-nlto selected tho muin mi the southeast corner hccausc It was clobi-st lo the deep woods, and I. tils windows ho conlil hear the ?! l:ig of birds and Ihe thittering ot w!ii£3. lie ranged the wood by the hour, returning with 4ina I!D\VCIS which tic Im.l r; up by ;tic ruiita ami nl to small Jflrs for his inblo and window. He mailo a •jv.'iuKhiK basket aud MlUd U w!t^ slips from liic llowcr fooxp.'i on '.lie parch lo hiing in his wliido'-. and never the <hy , that, jio did not carry up wl'.h mm a c'jrlnnsly marked stone, a fihcll. an arid stick or it cluster ot bright IV 03. "1 tike outdoor things." he said simply. "They seem so real." iKor reminded them r.yaln It was oui of t]i(j question for her lo pay them a salary, hill lhat long as they cared lo remain tor their hare living cxnenH-s and n dollar or iwo a weeh for money. lh°y were -more Minn welcome, nml wilh xl'5a \iicy < : lheniselvc.-3 er:tirc-lj .-uls'lc (To He; ConllntUx-lV WANTED DBS MOIXES la POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- chevy, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY— lady to travel \ulbout selling. , $18.00 weekly siKinuiUu. All ex-. | peuscs paid. Very rapid advaucc- ! mcr.t, permanent. Also nearby and i«im.™o^SSei. a^c^itl,e settlement of „ c M »'.r>- ^ appointmeii-i. 3P-K-l|a moderation of winter weatlv:.- - I conditions, believes C' D. Rcc:!. Sl f fc<1c-ral nietcoruloiji^t. Thn blizmrda \v!',ich which results leas has substanlblly the same ef- WANTED — Family Washings, j _ ____ Washed and ironed by compc -Man with truck. Apply j tent white woman. Mrs. Brown, Junk Dealers, opposite rTisco!70l S. Lake St. Station. A'uTOGREASIrIG :QUICK SERVICED "Gulf Service Station "Tliat T.ood Gulf Gasoline" Plione No. 4 Kcil Hall l!:irber Shop ^18 W. Main Williams & Damon, Prop. Felix Kyle, I-rcd Boyett, Guy Roycrs, Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. ] WAKNiNO OKUEIl ] CHANCERY COURT. CJIICKA- SAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIP- -I PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS 31 Equitable Building & Lean Associa- "| lion, Plnintlff, No. 4833 vs. | Reginald Sears, et al., Defendant. j The defendants. Reginald Sears, ; and Orcllo Sears are v.armd to .appear within thirty days in the ; court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint ol the plaintiff, Equitable Building & Loan Association. Dated Jan. 13, 1531. R. L. GAINES. Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Neill Re cell Atty. Ad Litem 13-20-27-3 -t- r..» n^,,,., 'monoxide poisoning - .„ RIG LUl UO rVIl in t , ]0 ( | ca[ll of hun( | r:( i5 of per- j feet ns nsnhyxintion-it replaces Winter's Blizzards Tl«.aghl He Was Caiuflhin H-EC» in the lungs ami weakens __L , BRIDGEPORT. Conn. CUP)—For UP)— \Vi:h i 33 years Joseph Uoualas lived with ! applied Icr United States dli/c-n- ' ship papers that he learned he was .1 native of R-adlng. Pa. After preparing the preliminary papers- : lie adbertisetl for infcrmation as to . I his exact birthplace. Relatives read the iiilverlisEiiient and informed 'liirab t'.:at he- WES not born in Cin- : ada as he supposed. wove ccr.i- mcn years ago are now a rarity. Reed said. Roe;! explained that .-. wide sweep of unsettled prair;- offers a iK'rfect setting for a n!i<:- zard. Ev^iy grove ot tree=. auu each building. ho'.Yr-vcr, he pointed ou(, obstructs .the sweep of tho wind. ll-.e blood. JKi CLUB FIGHTS ROUEN, France. (UPI—A Norman jis ehib has be-cn organi7pd hero tn combat jazz and ragtime dancing and "the bad manners which accompany tile." Members must be 3G or over. Tile club will revive Norman folk dances and uopiilari/e old fashioned dance manners. WASHINGTON. "AND subject of a special study nou" by the He.iHh and Safety Branch ol j the rjovcrnir.cnl's Bureau of Miiu's. [ Jtme S^os and autr.muhiic tx-! _ _ ha . lst gasc . E _ vvhlch conlaln br?0 rOISOning j proportions of carbon monoxUe. : swell Lhe nation's accident toil. lUPi— Carton I Bureau experts paint out that ;hc until sprins. KMI'LOYKS ADOPT J1ONKEY MOORHEAD. Minn., lUP)—When the e:cc-.ric lights blink in local homes, residents mutter "Monkey Business." Tte chances arc Uiey arc risht. but power plant cmploy- L>S stand by Tony, gift, monkey ircin a traveling carnival, and he will make his home in Ihe plant Repaired FAY O.DAVIS I'lloiics 231 or '121 Cash Paid For I.ate llotlcl Used Cars W. T. JJAUNETT 117-110 East Main St. Phone 888 or 887 I.tiral and lonx dislnnrc lianlin;:. Special rates nn carload lols. Team for loral hauling V. It. WASHAM TRANSFER HOO CWckasawlvi I'hone SSI New York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 3 (UPi—Cot- ton closed steady. opni hish low Miir !IH3 10» May 1CC2 1070 J,,ly 1065 1094 oc; mo im \ DK | 1120 1131 Jan 1138 11330 1 Si»ls closed steady at 1050. up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW OHI.FANS. Feb. Cotton closed steady. cp:n high low 10S3 ion 1036 Mnv 1053 10V2 1561 Jlii'v 1037 1094 1C35 Oct '"I 1118 1UO Dec H32 1137 1132 Jan 1139 Spots closed steady at 1020. up 4. JACK Dlil.K UM'.istor Expert, is nc\v •.vi I .:i IL-. New and Used Radiators For All Cars Jiickson Aulo 1'arls 2020 \V. Main—I'liouc Cfi HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, 83c bu Shuck off. 86c per bu., in car lots. Cotton SLilfs Sales Co., Inc. Blylhivlltc, Aik. Phone 174 or LD 18CG. Coals Dresses Uemoddtd— Kvtr.vlhinK Clcanvd. UK-Nl- CI-KANKKS FOR TKAUK New or "Osed Automobiles City Propci ly. L. 1'O I'hone SSS ? EGFO=e OA.yu.sHr 1W.S WO?W1W«,SO I'D To FRECliLSS TIMS TO GITARANTKICI) TO WORK ?LtME$,VOD«JER THP/'EE IN fROMT O' VM 6WkC, ON THE ROOF, IM THE HMLS- Etoa WHERE. PLEhO FOR TROOPS; 4150,000,000 KO LONGER IS _ MOSTO TERRORS. -frlB BE GLEAMED CiFF MV WALKS LABOR (. ELEC-fRicrTV WILL PO l-f^ -BV AM RAISE V1ALK5 AUP LAV WIRE COILS UMDE-R SAME. ,-rHA-f YOU'RE -To CL£AW po I WILL SUPERVISE -Trie OTF -TH' [I WHAT )' -s{ oT? PIP VOL! ) LOSE ' A DIME ? / \^"^ VllM TOR A CldARf J!PJ/||_} AS wrfrl AM , I MERELV A swrfcM By Martin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HEMORSEI SU)\V I'OKES!" & eoT LOTS OP TIW.E... I WE'LL MAJe To FOR TW6 REST OP WE KIDS, seen'? B££Kl \1IAITN' H002. 1 .' BtFOBE. WHY W5T, OA.R •UOUND To THE . 030V! weu

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