The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
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Served by the United Press HE »UR THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 1.78 Blythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Daily News _Biytheyjlle Herald, Mississippi Volley Leader. VTHKVII.U.:, ARKANSAS. SATURDAY, OOTOBKK 11, !<);«) SINGLE COPIES PIVB.CENT8 EARCH FOR PERRY TURNS ELSEWHERE Report 1,000 Soldiers Lost In Wreck 1,500 Yard Fall Down Pre- cinice Reported Rebels Claim Advances. SAO PAULO. BRAZIL, Oct. 11. •OP)—Ail unconfirmed report today said a train carrying 1,000 federal ircops to Santos had bcsn derailed Crimes a Gossip, Wife Claims in Suit CANTON, O., Oct. 11. (UP) — Charging he had gossiped atom her in her home town of Minerva. O.. Mrs. niirlefeh Grimes, wife or Ihe St. Louis Cardinals baseball' pitcher, filed suit for divorce to- . day in common pleas court. i She also charged extreme cruel- : ey. j Mrs. Grimes said in addition t- I gossiping about her her husband | associated with other women who | wrote him amorous letters on a curve and fell 1.500 yards 1 G . rirncs ™" denied a divirc-c last i ilr.wn a mountain side. (soring, the ruling judge censuring I Santos is on. the coast. 30 miles 11 ' 11 -' Pontiff for alleged indiffer-j sov'h of Sao Paulo, and ths route! e " ct ' ' cwar d his wife. The iouul r ' i:; over dangerous mountain p:ec- i lv;ls married in 1013 when Grimes i :p- r <"=. j was a member of the Birminghair ' I Southern association (earn. j CLAIMS FEDERALS ROUTED ..! IUO GKAN'DE DO SUL. Oct 11 j (UP)—Revolutionary headquarters' announced today that the -revolutionary army in Parana slate had battled Sap Paulo federal forces at Jacareziniio nrrl San Jose de K->!a;iiia. routing thousands of gov- •! crnnunt troops-. '• II was also announced rebel ; forces from Minas Geraes s'.atej were veadv to advance on Rio de Jnr:!ro while, fuc insurgent armies tc:3llB3 30.000 men are advancing en fc'ao Panic from the south. iff W. W. Shaver to maiiv 0'iR . Beach Combing in Florida } p (] D : : " '. ~^~~. .. ...'"i Ui Ui I i Sav Claims K.v.isgcralcil Candidate's Prohibition and Utilities Views Make Democrats of Them. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 11 (UP) — War to the finish was declared today between former Governor Pinchot. Republican candidate for zovernor, and a large section of the Pemislyvaniu Republican organization. Republican leaders of Philndcl- • phla hnve deserts! the parly cnii- . dlclate almost to thp last man lo j'support Ihe Democratic candidate I John M. llemphill. I Plnchot is dry ami favors stricter | control o! public ulilltcs. Hemp- I hill is for complete repeal of state I and federal prohibition, and lavors i retention of the present system of ! utilities regulation Both issua. are j outstanding but' Pinchot's utllili&s views have become the subject of chief attack In the developments of the lost hours. Heads cf utilities and atlier large •c and in •", Fla., is to hie to the beach to cony tlic real thlii B . Virginia llanseu', jwhiclThas Qaincd'ta'rsc proportions Deputy in Shootino fa^ i "J' 0 "'™/ 0 ^ 0110 '' Ilow I" «<* «!">' w «™ i" your hair, the simplest business organizations here <-}Jui} uijjiKjuilllg ^ase. Hung M ,lo, according to these comely combers at Fort Laiiderclale. jpitisburgh have joined th. :siv t.ianns l-.\nsgcrAlcu i r , j j-i.i., i.-> iu un: n, u.c- MI.-.H.II iu LUIIV uie leal uiiug, Virginia Jlanseil* : RIO DB JANEIRO. Oct. 11. (DPI ' Lna rgos will probablv be prefcrr- ! left, tielies time nnd tide to Interfere while Helen Rayp-.oiid .-•nlles i -The ministry of justice announc- ! ^ '"'/"I ^ , S1 ;7' 1!T w w - Shaver i the tc-MSOrial effects; * ed today federal troops in Santa u J ! . M . <lox ' Poinsctt C"un- -- - ty denutv sherifl. who is being'heir 1 1. in iail here pending thn outcom"! of injuries sustained bv Finas Mil- I Mean of near Manila, when he wi^ :roop. Cahterina and Rio Grande do Sul slates were fighting heroically against the advance of revolutionary foices from the south. . . -- "••The ministry also announced that ™; 1!1 thc hnck h >' Maddox Wcd- . revolutionists had been defeated at j" c ,Sr 5 - . . Bcrem, capital of Para stale, in Hi. [ , V' e ' M '«ISSIDI>I counlv ' sh-i-iT north I stn tod la s', night that he u-ouM "Col. Celho de Souza has defeat- : "'' cal ' oul a »'arnint against Mailed revolutionists at Belcm. capital!, tocllly l>«» b -™y on a major as- ot Para, and is reorganizing bis re- i SO " 1L chnre - FOR OEflF Columbia Arrives at . Croyden Airport Today ^' Olrl " e jmrLy ' 5 ramlula " 1 rorGOV " powerful slnglo political innuence in the state, resigned as Republican commlttecman to be tree to Ralph Thomas O'Nell, a lawyer of Knew Perry Was 'Nmiy' Local Ac- <|tiainiaiK!eSays "I illiln't fall [or Perry. I knew 111' wus niitiy nil time," snys Mrs. Myrtle c;nrr, another nc(|unlntniicc Ot C.coi-|(i' W. E. I'civy, alleged murderer »iul bigamist. wYio Is [.ought inc. Mrs Cloff. wlio lives nt the Cu/.y riximlni,' liouse. talked Freely Jcdny of the mini who has vlsll.'il here several limes recently. r is REPORTED SEN If' Authorities Also Following Tips From Corning and Alabama Points. Saying that she first knew Perry • In I'J2S) when she was operating tlw < Convinced that George "Jlggs." rcDiiitii^ house she recounted how. j Perry, wanted by Wisconsin author - iil that lime, he appeared to have I'ties for the alleged murder of his ' "" ' ™it ad bride, Mrs. Cora Bell lackelt, and as the bigamous hus- .ind of several other living wives, tome money. "Ho was well dress | od and looked nke only he had ft cataract on one eye which was noticeable. His rummers were O.K. bul lie sure acted goofy Sometimes." She continued the interview by baying lliat she never hud n dote wlih him bul luid talked with him frequently while he was at liar rcomlng house.' "The last time he was here he wns down anil out but lie paid what he owed n:e. He didn't have. any clothes and slept in Ills car lone night to save room rent." Mrs. Goff snys thai Perry prc- tentletl lo be a member ol u family of moans. Despite his ciddncss he didn't Impress her ns a murderer or bigamist and she expressed surprise at his having been churged with (he murder of his wife near Eagle River, Wls. "Didn't look like he wns brave enough lo kill any- bcdy." , ... ,„ ... . ,, , , B'on. He was elected at the Boston since W. W. Atterbury, president of clmv( . n ,] 0n to sllccml Cmnmaudc-r the Pennslyvanla railroad, he most| o L rjalcnhnmcr of Arkansas. A In the meantime, Milli gicn." (he announcement said. i.. m lllc meantime, Millienn. wh-w "All federal units in Minas Gc- ! "•'" desnaired of bv rrhwiri-iiv r.ics state, central region, where! "" lle r "'^ <™chp;l the Blvth" Mate troops revolted, remain loyal I . v ' lie "osmtnl. was rroorlert lo 1 lo the republic. "Military operations continue -successful at the most important pohus in the south. .letter ttxlav and to have a chime" i for rccOVCTV. ' Milllcan was ?hnt in thn b^rk h" ' Mnddos- whrn th« Ppins^M denutv , . _ , . . i "Hemnled to arref'- Millienn n«f«r •T.en Almada and Col. Pitta, who t M!U!i | P T] , c rtM] ,, v vvho are organizing volunteers, have en-' from renanlnin Pnin^if ^. n ,,., IfetMi thousands in the Sao Paulo » ltn Minib in Mi.«l«lnni rnumv f-> region and l.sCO troops of pain-! _, t |p mp t the ir-o S ' ,,-i ( i, n 'c,'t L ,. ' ois are opera I In" in the interior of •„,„, , nid „„ ^ mM Millfc .; f. the stale. ;vpnrl>inrt fo -a ami. "The son of President Washing- I . Ion Luis has joined the third in- \ fa " lr >'- j "Reports that Rio de Janeiro has bren eiidangereri ore absurd am' | false. The capital region is entlr?- | ly calm." i fr»-Rf.I<> of Science ** Sa^ino- Frances McGann CHICAGO. Ort. 11 (jj P) _ F ,. a ,,. f'rniscr Oiilcrctl South '. has lived for three Wfeks u-'Thoit* WASHINGTON., OoS. H (UP) —j nrluallv brealhinir. m s cnnvinrcri The cruiser Pcnracola at Norlolk : to-!av dm ren'm of m-dleine and wns ordered today to proceed at j sr-ienr.? in which she expect; in once lo Guantanamo. Cuba, and. r.nenrt her life is "somehow aHri to nwait cspcctcil crders (o proceed: inpijr." to Frazil to protect American lives which may be endangered by revolution. 11 encased in the roffin-]ik« ''-•Drinker resnirator thnt has h"»« for ni"vc than 30 davs Tt was matlr clear at the state Miss McGami wns renorted «t«a'lilv of t r ., nr r, v ine and plivsicians nrediri- s) , e „.„„,,, hp mrcA of infnlltil , rtrpardr.'.nt the sole function the cruiser would be (o take Americans wl;o«e lives might be, , pl , r!> , vsis within a f( , w d • endangered. Thera iire no other! American naval vessels in Brazilian waters and the Peimeola is theini o • only ship bcins; ordent! to stand !'«n Services by for ".is duty. | fa j ames Steele, Mo. Youth Faces Preliminary Trial for Woman's Death Next Week. CKOYDEN AIRDROME. Oct. 11 (Ul'i—The moncplane. Milumbli arrived at Crsydci: Airdrome, com- pleiing tho second stage of her ilii :it from Harbor Grace tctlny. She landed at 3:55; P. M., or 9:55 A. M.. Central Standard lime. The preliminary hearing for Ml!=s A. Hclly. 21 year old deaf and dumb youth of Steele, Mo., charged with murder following an auto- ! mobile accident last Saturday night when Mrs. Anna Brumley, 71, was killed, was continued until next Friday when brought up at Caruth- ersrille Friday. At the request of the defendant the hearing was continued, according to O. E. HooHer. prosecuting attorney. The youth, in jail since his arrest Monday, was released on Col. Milton A. McRae Dies After Operation I.AJOLLA, Cnl., Ocl. 11. (UP>Col. Milton A. McRae, one of the founders of tile old Scrlpps-McHae newspaper league and for years leader in American journalism. . veteran of hnrd nghtliig overseas, he has been prominent in Legion alTalrs for years. Boswcll McMillan, Who ........ ________ . . died suddenly today in the Scrlpps I M an .:«,l j ..,.:»„ Memorial hospital here. LHdltltCI LUf.llIc hosplt: Col McRae underwent an oppra- Jcsiah Marvel Succumbs to Heart Attack at His Home in Delaware. the charge of first degree.murder may be changed Mr. Hooker stating today that the affidavit may be amended after further investigation of he case. The aged woman was instantly killed by Holly's car which is alleged to hnve teft the highway and gone Into a ditch when the tragedy occurred Press reports ray that Holly claims to have been blinded by approaching lights ami thai tvj did nol know he had struck any- ! WILMINGTON, DEL.. Ocl. ll|l ast . siali H. Marvel, president , at Ins home near here sud-; 1 tlon last Tuesday for what was (thought to hnve been cancer of the ' colon and up to the time of his dealh physicians enlertained hopes for his recovery. The publisher spent a restless night Thursday but by noon had regained conscious- i ness. It was known lie had readied the crisis of his Illness and hopes he would rally were held to the services will, be held . , _„,-.,, _ . ------ — , T — ...... *• ' ' — ~— — * ruiLLiai itri VII.LS v-m • uc in. in bond of SoOO. It is possible lhat • cf he American Bar Association, | MorKinv morning nl s an Diego al- wi n b e laker in the latter -clly will be next Saturday with the American Bar Association at j burial there that day. •ts nice-ling in Chicago a weeks ago. ; Death was attributed to a heatljNeW York State Starts Prison Classification attack. Marvel was a candidate, for thn Dtmccratlc senatorial noiii-1 inaiion nt the stale Democratic i convention here lost month. He I AUBURN N Y., (UP>— A uni- was dsfilited by former senator | Iorm classification of inmates of Hc w »s 64 years! Ncw york Rlatl , pl -j sc ,ns, to be used one until after he went into the , ditch. eld Victim of Tragedy. ARKADELPHIA, Ark.— Utswcll McMillan, 23. attorney of this city, died at B::)0 o'clock, last night In a hospital here following an np- craticn Thursday for the rcaioval of a bloo:! clot on his brain which resulted from a blow suffered when lle Intervened in a disagreement over a business transaction between his cousin. Dougald McMillan Jr., one of his law partners. Retires From Board ol Trustees of Girls' Collegi He Founded in 1894. \ • ....... DLACKSTONE. Va.. Oct. II. tUP —Resignation of Bishop Jiunc- Cunnon jr., Methodist Episcopn Church South, as president of the board of Iruslces of Rlackstone college, girls' Institution, lias been accepted by the trustees, President W. n Gates told the United Press today. Uishop Cannon was replaced immediately by N. T. Angle, Rockj Mount, Va., business man. The bishop founded lilackslonc college in 18!H and was president of It for many years. President Gates and trustees of the college refused to disclose Bishop Cannon's reason for resign...... Seek Bishop's Son LOS ANGELES, Cnl.. Oct. (UP)— Mfij. Richard M. Cannon son of Bishop James Cannon Jr. and Lciov Powell, member of the)of the Methodist Episcopal Church firm of Powell & Son, which op- • South, today was sought by tlcpu- i?ratcs a garage. Young McMillan was (isi»elaMt! I brul ! ty sheriffs on a charge of passing in connection with the his father. J. IT. McMillan, his uncles, Dougald and Dave McMillan and cousin. Dougald McMillan, Jr. in Ihe Inw firm of McMillan. He is a member of one of Ihe most prominent families in this section. LeRoy Powell, who Is alleged to | promotion of n boys' school The checks allegedly were givei various firms In San B.ernardin 1 and Los Angeles counties. National Dairy Show Opens at St. Louis Nebraska Studies Problem of Road Aid as a basis for a report of Gov. ] have I Roosevelt's special committee in- | blow, vMtigatlng prisons and prison con- I his home here. B-swell eitlwr was been rr-spotisih> is prostrated v.:ih fcr the crief at dill 3ns. is under way. j struck with a fist or ficw against rvf n Two Trainmen Killed in Crossing Accident Funeral services are to be held in Jnncsboro tomorrow affprn-n nt 2:30 D. in. al the Catholic church f"r Jamcr t^smeister. son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Lrsmeisler of lhal r « , • fedcral higmvay a!d f S5000000 of the St. Louis urena swung open in lhc 11Mt biennhim Ls calledT LINCOLN. Neb. (UP)—The prob- inspected Auburn prison recently, lem of Nebraska to meet addition- |Hc said inmates will be classified Dr. Victor Branham, firs!, deputy ! n pair of scales, witnesses s.iy. slate commissioner of correction, j Powell has no', bivn arrested and it is reported the dead man's family considers his dealh purely an died in St. Louis Thurs- REYNOLDS. NEB.. Oct. 11 (UPI . " " lrs - —Tv.a trainmen were instantly > r • v '' ho killed early today when the en-:" 11 *'nine of -a. Burlington passenger . Thr decrascrt wns known here. I train overturned near here after stikin? an automobile stalled on the (racks. During the h.ivin? visited friends in this city on various occasions. He attended the .Joncsboro public schools and Tl:e dead were H. H. Longqulst, lvils a Populsr member of Ihe j today for tlic national dairy show which Tor eight days will attract thousands of farmers her?, due to such attractions as 1.400 pedigreed cattle, thousands of hens with ege laying records, and champion saddle horses. ; wlll lotal Among the unusual features are pnntion to contents to select the champion dairy maid of America, the best looking baby, a butter churning the attention of Governor Arlh.r ... - .. w^.^u.i/i mtllldl as to fhcther they should be k?p'. in their cells, housed In dormltor- les or rorm type cells, used on pris- -------- , Weaver by State Engineer Roy i on farms or rood camps, or assigri- Cochran in the highway depart- 1 ed t Industrial ment's budget request. accident. The disagreement and injury to McMillan occurred Wednesday night. Boswell collapsed at his meet c-icnnium, j e to Nebraska j State appro- j federal fund= home after tho scuffle ocr.irrcd. i Specialists were called in but a during- the present biennium was $2,095.644. of which $1.931,430 was fireman. . . , and W. R. Hanameir. Vi'mrer set there. He ls survived bv his p;irent-s and Both were, from Mymore. i He ls survived Neb. The bodies were taken from 'a number cf brothers and sisters. beneath the overturned locomotive. ----- champion, and a milk maid who > xhe appropriation can milk longer than any of her | ance rccclvc( i from expended during the first year. ~" for mntnten- auto wins Mental Research Fund Says Women's Dress Is Best for Health CHICAGO, Oct. 11 (UP)—Men should wear dressPS. Prof. Albert Buclicm of the University of Illinois college of medlchv? advises. "We men, under our garments." he said, "are practically always living in a trrplcal climate. Women's clothing Is much more rcn?onab!,?. •There are two ways would -uesest to improve our clothes. Either it would be made more rrcns nnd consist possibly of one layer, or It- could \x worn very Ksely." North Little Rock Pair Held in Shooting Case LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 11 (UP) — ^leld in Jail here (odny in conncc- it'nn wlih the death of Rov Jones 28, whoso bodv wos found in Wng- jncr's car bv ShcrifT U. A. Cook a' j Calo. a suburb of LUtle Rack. .Tones'was shot through the honri and was dead when discovere-" Wagner and LMIIOTS were in th- car vith the tiead man when th' sheriff and bis aides arrived at Ca- 6DX - ' '''•*" fees for the present biennium \vo^ This milk maid marathon will le morc than $1,280.000 of which $1 -, cne of the chief features of tho j 2 «.000 was spent thc first year.! ! show. f 0! . (he next two years $2,200,000 j is requested. | Stocks Close Lower — — • at End o5 Day's Sales i Carry V.ctims of R-101 i to Grave at Cardington LONDON, Oct. 11 (UP)—A fun. eraJ train bearing 48 victims of the R-101 disaster left Euston sta- tlcr today for Cardington where the bodies, will bo burled In a I common grave. I The grave has bcon rcpared at a si»t over which the giant dirigible passed 30 seconds afler leaving Its mooring mast on the flight to India. EL PASO, Tex.. (UP)—The nest day after Dr. B. O. Thrasher made his will he committed suicide- The will bequeathed $10.000 to the University of Texas for research work on mental disc?s,«s. FOOTBALL NEW YORK, Oct. 11. (Up) — declined one to five points in the short session today, bringing to a close one of the most hoc- tic weeks since the great break last : autumn. i The rccps^icn today was orderly. At the outset the list wns irregularly higher. Steel and other lenders met some support for a time but alter steel touched 151 selling proved loo heavy for the ccnstruct- forces and the market sank to where the nr had pluneed int" a ditch. Bolh Wagner and lymon» : Md i-flVerc J^TirK was itvHft* n I 1 ""*- 1 ! shot In T srii'mr tt-ilh'wi™. Sales f ° T the snort Msslon to -'n «t ,L «i w ""'\"r o.-- t a!cd 1.121.700 shares cxcelusive of drwr«tt B ' iD - wiiichaod -i''^»« IFSIIM - Bwinst 9o °' 37 ° j shiirrs in the se.vloii a we<j« ago. WEATHER ARKANSAS— increasing cloudl- ne.«s tonight and Sunday. Showers In cast and central portions. First Period Peiui. 7, Virginia 0, Harvard 14, Springfblri 0, First Half t Yale 7. Georgia 6. Duke 0, Davidson 0. Minnesota 0 SlanfTd 0. West Virginia 6. W A L 7. Tenn. 14, oic Miss 0. Florida. 0, Auburn 0. Noire Dam.? 13. Navy 0 Northwestern 19. Ohio StateO. Army 25. Swarthmore 0. Princeton 0, Drown 0. Wisconsin o. Chicago 0. Third Period C.irnrgle Tech 25, Georgia Tech McMillan graduated fvor.i Arka- Slays Brother, Attempts Suicide, Fearing Insanity IIUNTL.EY, ILL. Oct. 11 (UP) — Tortured by a fear of insanity, Julius A. Hake. 30, a prosperous farmer, shot his brother to death, fired iii»n passing motorists for hours, and when> police came to arrest him attempted .suicide early tcday. He was taken lo a hospital In Elgin with a bullet, in his brain. Physicians said lie was dying. Hake regained consciousness long enough to tell hospital ,il- terdants he killed his brother Oeurge,.25, because "George wanted to drain my brain." * Tho farmer formerly wus confined lo the Elgin state hospital but , llliei- (ailed to return .to this city, where Ills car was found yesterday, s ejpcclcd by officers lust night, r else eluded local authorities af- cr slipping Into Blytheville,. the ixlenslvc search for the "modern iluebeard" swung to other cities in ho south where he is known .to lave friends. Corn)ng and Hot Springs In Arkansas ond points in Alabama were on the lookout for- ""erry today. The search for Perry, which hart, extended over the entire middle vest, centered here yesterday when officers working on a clue furnished jy St. Louis and Milwaukee au- ihorllics. discovered a car. that Perry had been driving In a private garage here. License plates on :he car showed that the license had been Issued to Mrs. Hackett, his Wisconsin.victim, and an automobile club card bearlnc (he name of "Mrs. Cora Belle Hackett' was found by officers In the machine, as well ss a Chicago Reported Stcn Here E. B. Lyman. manager -/of the Blythevillo Cotton Oil Company, reported lo Sheriff Shaver lost night that l:a had seen Perry on Division street, apparently trying ' t/> "thumb" .a ride In the direction of Memphis. Officers Mowed lip (lie tip, but without result, and others who saw the man Lyman is txliov- ed- or-havfr-hilcerv .far- P«tSi-l»li«v6^,. he was mistaken In his identified- - tlon. At the time J]/; saw the man in question Mr. Lyman had not seen, a newspaper with Perry's picture, but look particular notice of (he man because lie Denied unusually well dressed to be trying to borrow transportation. Later when he returned home nnd picked , up a he'recognized Perry's picture as thai of the man lie- had seen on the highway. Employes of the Standard Oil company station at Main and Division, where the man was seen, said they also noliccd him, but that while he bore some resemblance to plclurcs of Perry lliey did not believe he was the man sought. Seen Near Hot Springs United Press dispatches from Hot Springs today stated lhal Perry had been Identified through his picture as a motorist who stopped at a filling station near that city this morning. Hot Springs police were notified thai a man giving the name of Haskins stopped at a garage owned by C. P. Prince; Mis- j mark, Ark., 20 miles from Hot . Springs. Prince told police tho- j man changed his story twice while repairs were Ueing made on -his car. Officers are investigating the report. County, township and police officers kept close watch around Bly- thcvillc yesterday afternoon and last night as every place that Perry, who has been here often in the past three years, had been known to frequent was kept under close observation. It was the general opinion of officials today that Perry, on his way here from St. IjOiils. became aware delphia high school and .r.trnd°d I - ----- . Ouachila and the University nf 1 !i aU b = cn discharged as cured. lie was George was shot as he re turned fl * neighbori farm last survives him. Mrs. McMillan who iva^ lifforo! her marriage. Miss Lucille Me-: Nabb. made her home with her | parents here several years ago. i TTM entire family was well known , here anci active in church clrries. j I They moved to Arkadelphla n few ; years ago. I Thc victim of the unfortunate j tragedy was also a first cousin of | Mrs. P. Q. Rorie. wife of Hie pis- tor of the First Melhodis: clmrch ! of this city. \ arbrc In time (o see Julius fleeing. Long Illness Fatal to California Representative j WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 (UP)—j Rep. Charles Forrest Curry, dean of the Cslifcrnia contrcssioi'.sl delegation, died at his apartir.e; t here last night after an Illness el four years. He was 72. < Cop Too Chivalrous; Now He's in Hospital NEW YORK, Oct. 11. (UP>- Palrolmnn Michael Cnsamassi- ma, 26. was In a hospital today because his sense of chivalry proved a little stronger than his skull. He had an engagement with Mrs. Florence Donate. 24 a widow. They went for o ride In the patrolman's automobile and an argument started. In the end Casamassima confessed he was in tho wrong and stopped the machine, got out and offered Mrs. Donate his black jack, telhug her lo lake a frsc swing at htm. She did, with vigor and although the policeman had to be taken to the hospital they are friends again. of the search for him here and did not continue to this city but flecf to some other city. However, officers were still striving to check up on the Identity of n male passenger on a bus from St. Louis to Memphis which stopped here yesterday afternoon. Officers did not arrive at the bus station until after the bus had been In the city several minutes. The driver of the bus told authorities that when his passengers boarded thc bus after a slight respite during the stop here that a passenger, who had purchased a St. Louis to MemoMs ticket, failed to re-enter the bus. His description -tallied with that of Perry, officers say. with the exception that the passenger wore glasses. A check-up here failed to reveal any trace of the mlssln? passenger. Due Htrc Yesterday Miss Dorothy Davis and Mrs. Myrtle Gofl. local women, who were the objecls of Perry's affections and nmong the legion courte.d 6y the "modern fcluebeard" bolh admitted to officers that they had been court- . ed by Perry. Miss Davis admitted / that Perry was expected back here / from St. Louis this week. / I Perry left the automobile here/ / a private g»rage as security fo/ / SiSO loan from "Pink" Lultrcll/ / iWest Ash street. Luttrcll tf I •_ \ fleers yesterday that he r- i informed that Perry wou ' (Contlwwn en f*4*/

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