The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1936
Page 4
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VAGE Potto THE BLYTHEVlbLB COURIER NKWS THIS COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R, BAI3COCK, Editor H. W. HAINES. Advertising Manager Bole National Advertising neprcsentattvw: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New Vork, Ohlc«ffoT Detroit, Bt. Louis, Dallas. Kausns City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered BS second class matter at the post office rit BIylhcvillc, Arkansas, under «ci of Congress, October 0, 1917. Served oy the Unire<j press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By earlier 111 tlic Cliy'or BlvHieylUe, 15c p«r Wfck, or ?6.50 per year. Iji advnnct. . '' ' By mat!, within u radius ot 60 mrtM, 13.00 per year,'$1.50 for six nionllis, 15o for three months; by man" hi postal zones two to 6lx, Inclusive, I6.SO per year; In zone's seven and eight, >10.00 per year, payable In advance. Success AjHtii From Politics Once in :i great while a project manages lo rise nbovo the level 'of partisan n I (ticks simply he- CAUKC of ita sheei 1 success. Sucli ap- peai-s to'hc lire -story of Die CCC. , At least, inililic opinion a.s reflected in a recent rial ion-wide poll pointed lo the CCC as <m agency of universal good. Significantly, Republicans alitl Democrats alike endorsed llic work of the Civilian Conservation Corps, alul ui-ged -that it be conliimed. The criticisms of labor, the charges of "militarism" and "rcffimenlnlion" that, once .. battered this New Deal agency, now are pretty well withdrawn. In their place lias developed a generally sincere recognition of the CCC, not only for what it lias done for American youth, but for what it has done toward conservation of Amn-k-an resources. Nol.SoBad * Severe drouth coiulilions, in the' opinion of many, presage a .serious situation with respect to"'(be national grain crops, especially wheat. There is no (Icnyiiif the fact Lliat adverse wcalher conditions have «f- fecled (lie wheat yield in the Uniled States, particularly in t li e Spring wheat stales of the Northwest. But the 'situation is-not HO bail as some would lead us to believe. The yyinlcv wheat .crop.' has been little aileded. Uy this time it has been mostly harvested, with (he yield estimated at'528,000,000 bushels, or more than the yield from bulb the • Winter and Spring wheat crops in 1933 of 1!)3J. Despite the drouth the Spring \\hoat crop will .yield, according to private estimates, not less Iban J30,- 000,000 bushels, or a total wheat yield for the Uniled States of 050,000,000 bushels. This about equals our dn- mrstic requirements, to say nothing of the carry-over of about 125,000,000^ Therefore, there appears to be no justification for the dire predictions that have been emanating from calamity howlers. The country appears still able lo lake care of itself in one of its essential food requirements. People confuse individual heredity with race heredity. Individual heredity is a r.eientilic reality, but to speak of " race heredity- L, nonsense. -Prof. Frank Boas. Columbia' University. ' _IZ1 BLYTIIBV1LLE, (ARK.) COUMJBR NEWS OUT OUR WAY A Bad tidbit In All Cotunries The Ilidusll'ial and social jil-ograni of the Soviet Union are moving well ahead of schedule these days, according to one Commissar Gregory K. Onl- joiiikito, but the commissar is a bit worried just the same. He's afraid thai the Soviet workers are going to become overconfident and tend to "rest on their laurels." As a matter of fact, l\lr. Ordjonikidnc (old workers recently, the Soviet program ii'Uisl KO a long way before it catches up with the American system. Well, we could have told him that lnueh. Hut his wanting against national overconlidence is a thing other lands than Russia might take to heart. We stilVered from .something of that kirn! ourselves, back in J!)2!t, hlid when the inevitable deflation came, it came hard. Overconlidence is just as dangerous as the depression psychosis which many have suffered since 192!). Yes, the commissar knows what he's talking about. Tcirai and Ca/.orl The issues of lhe 1030 Kiibenmlorlal Campaign are more terribly caucused than i-vrr In flic memory of The Star's wilier, and Ihat covers 1-1 years of political comment in Arkansas. Hut there arc at least two candidate.'; for whom we shall -show- no mercy—Tcrral and CnviorL. It was Terml, you recollect, who. when u, 0 runners had pledged their land lo Duild lij,.|, ; wnys for nil the people, and uljoul uwu V :ne facing default and bankruptcy, lulu n, C m they could eel no rcllcf-"Vou have made yodi bed, now yo and lie down on It." A stupid sifticmcm from „ st i, |)ld ,, mn There is all the dim-rencc In the world between men who muke notes for their private b'ulu, and men who ihnkc notes for a improvement -such as ronds or .streets ! l Was " ln >cllt <"> lhe government. In work out n compromise and .™imi ol , „,, tllt< 0|( , (j|t! _ Inct highway dcbl, back there In 1821! M-ir- llneiui saw n, c i^ne. Tcrral did nol-aml TIT- ral was smashed. He should sluy surahcd i U24 he entered ami won a secret prrfcrc-n- ''"1 Wmary" conducled by Ihc Ku Kli.x K | IM> '"""" lo " : '""-' ck «, 15 ,„ „ , sor 'onal material back there 1,, m4 My own S y m ,, :lUll[ , s we|U (o MBrt , in 24 paved the way (or h, S election In 19.0. A ma,, O f iroura e e, he did n (hl , >n American ..pollllw-he went U ow,, to clefeu W.MnB the rcu KIUX Klnn ,„ 1DM '° bc * ^ «:t,:ir pic wmiui """"* «-•«-' -3 And ti, c people did. in I02S. two years hie,- 'Key rna.c MarllnrtB lhclr BWcn ^ !lIi """• The : people may do , ueer Uljl , 8s ft( , —Hope Star. I' It is to be complete, collective security rt».l be combined with general di si , rmam ent. — Iienner Leon Blum, of F ra ii cc A greal nation ls bl , nt ,„ , hc no polnic.1 fa |, h _ lt te bl , m , a Jhe moderation. -Raymond Moley I'm going to sec ns much as I possibly can ot anything within roac]l so as , Q know atoui things I have ,,ot seen and do not know about —Mrs. Franklin Uooscvclt. MONDAY, JULY 13, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark have dinner with IIH. This is l»J_Ciux' how mad lhe wife — ; — ; —• HH^ CURIOUS WORLD By William A 3500 LB. AGTOMOBfL-El TRAVELING ONLV 15 AMLES PER,' HOUR., HAS MORE MOMENTUM THAN A so-POUND SHELL FIRED AT A VEL.OCITV OR 3000 FEET PER SECOND/ IIKUIX HHlll; TODAY CI.Atm: I'OMHMC »!•(» onl lo ilrlvi- III II,,. tiidrl>•>!,„„„ | n I,, | lonu . Ivtt lirr liy JUT I-LT<-I,|H<J um-li- I.TJlAX I-O.SDICIC. Clnlri- U tr r - t"k (o dt-Hik- vvljclliiT l«> jiuirrj- MClv J1AV.M, lo wMm «he ovvrn mom-,. Shi. nlso hone-* lo find n vnlimljlc nnil iiiy.slt-rlniix Ji>uel uimi-il I,)- IIIT urirlr nnil Iirllcvcd to IIP I.Mi]p,i In il,,. hoiup. HIT c-nr Is u-ri-rkcil l,j- n ln K ni-roM HID rniul. I'AT jMflAX, nn Did frh-nil, nnd 1IOH STHI:|,1; Jouiitf rilKlncfr, nrrlve on Ihc K-PIII. . nnd ink-f Clnlri. (o thr in o n n I u I n Tint,**- ivlu-rr KII SI'HATT m>,l 1,1» •«!,(,.,, SIISIU, nn> *lu. i-;m.|nkvr« nnil l)A\ DVL- ).AS K HIP J.lri-il HIIII,.' A MraiiKc M-rlrs u( rvrnln lif- Rlna. Till' wiilrhdoK Is ,1,,,(. rhilre M-i'.t n i-iirlou* iirrnw rjirvvj IIH I IK- <vnll of n linlrnom unit fol- lim-k II lo ihv rtiiiolii. The l:im» nn!ii-lr»fc liulli'l. |.;|, Siirnii 'j|," [i;il>i-niH. Itnlj MurlN for tin- vll- ,UK<- iinil U found Ni-rlously | n _ JumJ. llAXXAII, Clnlrr'n limi«c*rr|irr, nrrli'ps, IVil, lr.vI,i K |,, „„!,.,. „,,, mini- Kh:in Nln-rt! hi- Js ullru-Knl l>y mi iiinL-i>,i oLMitm^nl nnd falls. lirnrrt n Inpl'Inc luiisc nnd fol- .. '-v II. Xirk Itmini vntni-.s In ihr mountain luui\p. l.nli'r Clnlri: M-t-s hlni tnflii- KHN!L. In hix nl-ins nnd Llss ln-r. i'lnlrr Clio* SK.lIn lo Ini|.»lfe:ilp thp rimi rpllnr. sin- liruri n noKp IKltl. tt-nlni'il, runs n;> Ihc -sflilrs. MI\V i;o <>\ WITH Tin; STOHY CHAPTER X 'THE swift IwiliHhl of lhe inouii- lains \vas beginning lo fall as Claire gained the open air. Everything about her seemed normal and peaceful, and already she was beginning to feel ashamed of her frig'.it. She put down the empty lamp and walked resolutely through the aspen grove lo (he lool house. After securing a crowbar and n can of kerosene, she passed the open kitchen doov. Sire could sec Susie, moving about celling supper and talking lo Lhn Dallas who Slecle was hurt In an accident, too?" "Sure. I heard the Doc say he probably slipped and fell against something. It's easy to do on them pine needles." '"What's Miss Fosdick up here for, anyway?" "How should I know?" Susie's voice sounded sharp. Then she lusned with a coquettish smile. "Try one ot these fritters. If I do say so, as I shouldn't, I can sure make 'em." • * E waited a minule longer, but they did nol return to the subject, so she went on lo the cellar. Queer lhat Dan Dallas should be quiring Susie. She walked lo Ihc farther wall of the cellar, where she had heard the tapping sounds. Experimentally she struck the wall with (he crowbar. Almosl al once Ihere was a response, like a big pulse beating with horrible regularity back there in the darkness. Awkwardly s'i« began digging, and after several minutes had quite a sizeable hole. her hand through and toucb*4 him on lhe shoulder. Was n H corpse 01 had he Just 'dropped unconscious? She must go for help. Quickly Claire started to back out of the hole, when her attention was caught by another sound before her. * + * CHE stopped, listening and hol'd- ing the lamp ahead of her,to throw as long a light ray as possible. Something or somebody v/as certainly stirring on the other side ol the opening. Without Warning and for ( io second time since she came lo the ilouso of Long Shadows, (he lamp iii hpr hand shattered into bits. There was a sudden rumblmg, and then darkness closed about her. But nol for long. Almosl immediately from behind her an- olhcr circle of light swept Iho opening and there was a deafening report. Claire collapsed in a frightened heap. Then, finding sho was not hurt, she see Dan Dallas, flashlight in one naiid and a slill smoking revolver ,n lhe other. He leaped to her and drew her sack inlo the cellar, being careful to keep out of range of the hole. At last she was forced lo stop, and once more she pel her car igainsl the wall. Certainly Eome- iliing was stirring behind there. She must go on. t » * PLAIRK'S nervousness by this lime was beginning lo get (Ire best Of her, though she still worked on steadily. When nexl she slopped for breath, ''Hurt, Miss Fosdick?" "N-ho. I guess nol. Claire began. nut could hear she thought new sou ngnlnsl the wall. Like someone jrealhing heavily—or was it only icr own laboring lungs and xranding heart? Wearily she started in again, and the very next stroke thudded different sound. Claire vith slopped, hi fright )ead silence. ;Now Iho crowbar hro'ugh an opening. There could be no doubt about thai. After much effort she again and listened. was cullinn si>l by the table peeling potatoes. I l>roll ? hl lhc lilr np, for now Ihc 'opening was large enough lo put her own head through. Apparently she had cut inlo an- olhrr small tunnel. The air seemed fresh and ciiol. Piles of fresh dirt lay before her, and al one side a piece of wood. Then she gave a start. Something black crumpled close lo the wall MENTIONED IN THE B(S<_£, IS BELIEVED ' TO HAVE BEEN A MUCILAGINOUS EXUDATION FROM THE STEMS OF A CERTAIN SPEC/ES OR TAMAR/s/</ ' GRACE'S A BIRD OF-THE SOUTH WES1" U.S., WAS DISCOVERED BV' OK. ELuorr COUES, AND NXVMEX5 F=DR His' SISTER, GRACE. even a large pimple in the car ; canal, lhc pain will be accentuated if one pulls on the oar or' presses on the ikin in front of' or behind lhc .car. Even moving of the jmvs. as In chewing, may exaggerate the pain. In some cases nothing may be visible from Ihc outside of' Ihc car. If, however, the doctor looks THE manna of the Israelites is identified as a saccharine substance called Moma Stnal Manna. The substance exndes from'the tark of the tamarisk, when the surface of the plant is mmc- tured by insects. H Is yellowish In color, and has a honey-like NliXT: Ho«- fnsl can a land snail travel? Cacse of Earache Can Be Determined Best on Examinaiion by Doctor «V »K. SIOKRIS Mrtitor, ,Io\,ri).il of llic Anirritnii Medical Asruratiou, and of Ily- KCia. the llrnllli Slnjaiinc An old Irish doctor once said that, there nrc.lwo types of drat- uc.vs— cnc due to wax in the cur mid curable, and Ihc other not due to wnx nnd not curable. . There also arc several kind; nl earache— the two main cln.v,r.-. liclng those clue to Infection inside Ihc car thai usually is carried from tire nose and throat. ;mci those resulting from other cause-. The average nun can EUCM .u the cause- of a stomachache or even at the cause ot a headache. bul he ran hardly guew the cause of an earache. This can he dinj- ncscd only by someone trained In examination of ears. Sometimes an earache Is caused by a boil or 1111 Infection in tin- canal which leads from !ho tx- Irrior down to Ihr eardrum There was a time when ix-opie used to carry carsooons in llirn pockcl.s, and would use th"m even in public for what they were supposed to be good for. nip car - *poon riifappearcd from iwlite society. however, long before the toothpick lost, caste. When a boil begins in the canal hat leads down to the eardrum i tissues around the boll swell. Smelling means '. and pressure, p.iin ' ' in the ear canal will a head, just as ii dots . w-hm tt C emes to 3 bniftj, and the swelling : Is relieved. With relief of the swelling, there will be relief from the pain. Whenever Iherc is a boil or Claire paused as their voices came to her. "Um," grunted Dan. "How do you c:;;)lain lhc cap with tiie blood marks?" "Say, you a;n* tryin' lo work up a murder mystery 'round here, are you? I never see such a scary crowd! lib probably banged his head on something or other and come in and got his oilier hat. It's gone oul of his room, anyway. I looked to see." "It is?" Dan glanced nn it hpri",""' 111 ° 11 *' 1 her, >voice sounded nuickiv -Tnrf S ' "" al nei strangely cracked and unnatural, quickly. And you figure Mr.| He did cot move, so she reached just below her. A man! Though covered with dirt he was so he looked hardly human. He was lying face down in lire .soft earth, quite motionless. Claire watched for a terrified moment, then spoke to •jhim, though herr >voice sounded Another close call. You aren't due to be shot, evidently." ills lone sounded relieved. Without Wailing for further explanation, vc crept back inlo lhe hole hi.; jun ready. ' ' Bui how Ihere ivas only si|.;nce Then Susie's irijtluencfl voice called from lhe sleps oulside "Dan! What is it?" Claire ran ID her and grasped lhe housekeeper's arm as she came down inlo the cellar Claire commanded lone' " 'Hush!" Iy. After wl:Lit seemed an endless wail. Dan crawled back. "Ilirgol away again." "!3ul he was on the floor—he dicii't move. I even touched him," . Claire gasped. "On the lloor?" Dan turned and went back into the opening, "There's someone here. Can you hold lhe light for me while I make the opening large enough lo drag him through? Keep to one sido. .there was someone else in there too. Then, seeing'Susie, he told her threateningly, "Don't you dare make n move." Claire held the ejcclric torch while Dan dug with quick, strong movements. Then he reached . down ahd dragged lhe inert form • through the hole. Claire held her breath, while Siisic made queer hltle clucking noises in her throat as though she were half-dead with fright. Carefully Dallas lurried the man over on his back. Clairij : gave a gasping cry. "Pat—why it's Pat!" (To Be Continued) '''''' CHURCH EXCUSES - By G. W. Barbara:: Dear Aunt: Archibald • are says he find blocks very foolish to work for the, church like you do. He says ifj cd h, giving the ice cream social on the church lawn would do just Into the canal, he will swelling which partially the view to the eardrum. Under such circumstances, lhc j a little figuring you could sec doctor will apply antiseptic sub- ""I you have what he calls stances to stem the growth of the'"n'ch ado aboul nothing much et-rms, and hot applications to'You see you put in about three eliminate tenderness. When thc'dnys actal work; then each of boil comes to a head, he can you, if you let them help nut, In puncture il to expedite the re- at least one dollar each' to pav- nic.val of its contents and to fo '' ice cream; then alter all the bring about a more rapid cure. ( lla >'d work, you say vo« had to Remember that boils inside the! work another day clennina car, like boils elsewhere, begin and taking back all the where the skin has been broken you borrowed. Archibald says: it, • would be a lol les trouble if you had just donated the money to Stl "', t ' wilh ' bllt ° r C( " lrsc - '-5'o.» 01 irritated. This is particularly , -..—. w imi nautili IV true of boils on lhc back of lh« nerk which follow irritation by the rough cdje of a stiff collor Any manipulation of u w canal foi the removal of wax, inside the ear with hard instruments by those who do nol under- o uner- stand the delicate nature of lne<e lo do and then doinf it yourself. Ride With Stranger Profits Crippled Boy COGKSVILLETwk (UP)-Norman Julseth, H, i s a b] c to run jump and play baseball because he accepted a chance ride with a stranger about a year ago. Frank Lowry noticed him hob- Dung along the highway as spryly as a deformed foot would permit Lowry took the youth into his automobile, examined lib crippled foot and later arranged for a cor- cperatlon. It was the first treatment, among many uittcd. Announcements -IT.c Cuuncr ivews tins licen nu tnorlzcd lo mnkc formal announcement ot the lollowlng candidates for public office, jubjccl 'o the Democratic primary next Aueust 11: Fur RrnnsnitaMvc In Congress 2AL B. HAniUaoN For rroscculinc Attorney O. T. WARD BR0CE IV7 DENVER L. DUDLEY For Connljr .Tudjro VIIiUIL GREENE S. U GLADIRH promptly icfsurc. A boil « to fevhfre. head, it For Sheriff nnd Coltrrlor HALE JACKSON JOK R. DIM.AIUINTY For Coiinly Trr^.surcr ROLAND C1RKKS For Circuit Court clerk HUGH CRAIG For Re-Klcclton for 2nd Term For County Court clerk MISS CAREY WOODHUEN For re-election for second term For State Senator LUCIEN E. COLEMAN For Conniy KcprcscnUtlvo IVY W. CflAWFORD For Counly Asjcssor R. L. (BILLY) GAINES Ftr lle-elccllon to a 2nd For Ccnstablc, Chlckasawba Tomishlp HASS.V TAVL6R FRANK MCGF.EOOR E. M. EATON HE'S TM' GEARS 1M, HIS ONE-CYLINDER 1H1MK TANK SO HAMY TIMES, TRYIMG-TO FIND A "ROUTE TO AKS' IS-HOUR DAY T=OR THAT HOG CALL SOUNDS MIS BALANCE WHEEL i CELLS TX)N'tl

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