The Hazleton Sentinel from Hazleton, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1885 · Page 4
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The Hazleton Sentinel from Hazleton, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1885
Page 4
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. Hazi.kton 'Sentinel, Wednesday Evening, Septembeh 23, 1885 Absolutely Pure. Tliih Powili-r never vunw. A marvel or piini. strength Biul wlioliwimrnw. Mure mi UUIU Ulf'l"l",' "J 1 , uiYAriUKirWiWDkH CO., 10U Wall htreet. New York. Index to Sew Advertisements. Grand Excursion. John C Hanover. L PC Ah A Ft AIRS. Brevities. Boarders wanted at Coffee House, lin The new Fall bonnet is beginning to worry the female mind. Eleven comity fairs were held in Pennsylvania last week. There will be neveial weddings in town next mouth. Astrakau bonnets are to be a fashionable novelty this winter. The pumpkin crop is a good one and pies will be plenty next mouth. The days for fixing up that "naughty" stove pipe are fast approaching. Smoke and chew Feigner i. Sous Miners' Extra, wholesale aud retail, at Wm. Schwartz's cigar store. Colored glass linger bowls are now considered bad form. White engraved lilass are the proper thing. Beef, veal, lamb, mutton, sausage, pork pudding and poultry received daily at Clark's grocery. 11 The diagram of reserved seats for "Alvin Joslin" is almost full, but there are still a few good seats left. Secure them early. fiet, the best, bottled direct at the brewery Best's Milwaukee Bohemian Beer. For sale only at the Central Hotel-'That tired feeling" from which you suffer so much, particularly in the moru-ing,is entirely thrown off by Hood's Sarsa-parilla. It is generally believed that a new depot to take the place of the one now-used at the East Penn J unction is in the course of erection at the Reading shops. -E. B. Byiugtou, the General Passeuger IIOKDl (ill tfi'HOOl. ItOUill. I' i'oe-ellli(i of Hie HeiciHur Meeting Meld l.iwt KxenliiK. The regular meeting of the borough school board was held iu the Pino street building last evening. All the members were present. The minute of the last regular meeting were read by the secretary and approved. Superintendent Haimau was present and made a report iu which the condition of the schools was stated to be very satisfactory. On motion the matter of districting the I schools wus left to the discretion of the ; superintendent' The president referred the matter of procuring lead pencil sharpeners to 'he building committee, with power to act. A Webster's unabridged dictionary, with j index, was ordeied to be procured for use J iu the Vine street building, j The superintendent was instructed to i notify the stationers of town what tablets 1 are in use and what kind to keep on hand. ! The question of closing the schools on ! Friday of this week was brought up and ! occasioned considerable discussion. It was finally decided to close the schools for the entire day and have the day made up at the end of the term. Mr. Deremer. chairman of the building committee, reported that the contract for furnishing supplies had been awarded to J. M. Williams, he oeiug the lowest bidder. A communication was received from a committee of teachers appointed at the last institute, relative to the length of the local teacher's institute. They thought three hours was long enough and that they should have some voice in the matter, especially since the law does not require them to attend institute a' all. After considerable discussion it was decided to allow the teachers to fix the time them selves. The application of Mrs. Mary A. Rogers to have her three children admitted to the Soldiers' orphans' school was presented and the signatures of the officers of the board affixed. Mr. Eby called the attention of the board to the case of the young son of Edward Turnbach, the victim of the recent hazing. He thought it proper for the board to make a thorough investigation of the matter and have the guilty parties punished. Superintendent Harmau was called upon aud stated the circumstances of the case. It has always been the custom among the boys of the high school, he said, to "initiate" new scholars, but they never had done any thing cruel. Young Turnbach was caught and bumped against a tree. The next day a number of the boys formed a gauutlet and made the new scholars run through it. After each one had passed through he took his place at the end of the line aud helped pummel those who followed. T" u i . .. i .nerefore bach came last and ioy stated to Mr. I'eiMOim lii'lett.v Aleiitioimd F. I'. .limits of Scranlon, is iu (own on a 1 i siuers trip, A. ., of Catasauqua, paid his many friends her a visit this morning. N, R Johnson, of Seybertsville, culled on friends in town yesterday afternoon. Wib o.i Grover speut yesterday iu town among friends aud returned to his home in Hobbie last evening. Kepulilknu DUti'let Committee. The Fourth legislative District Republican Com mil tee will meet iu the parlors of the Central Hotel here ou Tuesday morning, Sept. at 11 o'clock, for the purpose of reorganization and the election of a chairman and secretary for the en-suiug year. It is earnestly requested that there be a full attendance of members. W. F. Adams, Chairman. UKAM) AKM V OAV. ItaselmU l'lekuB. Uu Friday afternoon at four o'clock the Hazletou and Mt. Carmel clubs will play their second game this season. Game will be called promptly at 4 o'clock. Admission to the grounds, 2.1 cents, children 15 cents, grand stand, 10 cents, The proceeds of the game will be donated entirely to the G. A. R. A meeting of the baseball club will be held to-morrow evening in the ofrk-e of C. W. Kline. Esq. A full attendance is requested. lp the Hudson. The first grand excursion of Camps 108 and 261, P. O. S. of A., to New York and Newburg, will take place on Saturday of this week. The truiu will leave Audeuried in the morning. From New York the excursionists will be taken up tht beautiful Hudsou river ou the elegaut steamer Richard Stockton. Many points of historic and romantic interest will be visited including the tomb of General Grant, West Point, Fort Lee, the famous Palisades, etc. The excursion will be the grandest of the season and all should take advantage of the opportunity to go. trut thu Liirt (if it TI" h ,i.. - n tunning througl -received a blow in tl,e th.?eli sickened him aud made him dizy. That night lie felt unwell ide feel and ... 1 . : 1 .... f,.rl,: 1 .. , . Ageu,, uas issuer a" vver uchets s)oke t(J , . . . j . , . did not think it anything serious aud sent him to school agaiu the uext day. In the afternoon he became so sick in school that he had to be excused. He went home aud the doctor was called aud prescribed for him. He took cold, however, aud congestion of the lungs followed, with which he has aim been dangerously ill. Mr. Harman thought it was a question as to who struck the blow. The boy whom Turnbach says struck the blow denies it and says he was not iu the line. Mr. Harman further stated that as soon as he heard of the matter he severely reprimanded the boys and told them there must be no more hazing, under pain of expulsion. He thought there was no intention to inflict serious injury. Mr. Eby thought the boy must have been pretty badly and cruelly abused aud insiBieu on an investigation, which was coucurred iu by the other members. Superintendent Harman and Principal Mussell-man were thereupon instructed to summon the boys before them and ascertain the names of all who were engaged in the hazing, after which the board will take action iu the matter. The following bills were presented and ordered paid: A. S. Barnes A Co., books, f :' j Ginn Co., " 2.V2II I owperthwnite 4 lu." 10.00 I. Appletoti A Co- supplies. 7.20 L. V. R. R. Co.. - a,., John Itto. repairs. The bill of Benjamin Haunch for repairs to buildings, amounting to 22p.fi2, was referred to the building committee and if found correct an order for the amount was directed to 1 drawn in his fatnr. After tran.-Kctii.g some other unimportant business, ou motion the board adjourned. use of limited tickey fiailroad on the LeUvriii club has very kindly do-ird 25 to Robisou Post to help defray the expenses of Grand Army Day, and the Post has tendered them a resolution of thanks. All the ministers of the various denominations are respectfully invited to take seats on the speakers' stand at the unveiling ceremonies ou the afternoon of the 2ith. inst., by request of the General Commander of the G. A. R. Early ou Sunday morning Edward Winter, entered the house of William Bleick, iu Bethlehem, aud tired a pistol ball into the head of the latter, indicting slight injuries. Winters is a lunatic, and states that he took this means of waking Bleick up. We are closiug out a lot of children's Kilt aud other suits for ages of 4 to ti years at cost, as we do not intend keeping these good in the future. We open today a great job in Brocade and plain aud Brocade silk velvets iu all desirable shades. LAibEKBi bN. Smith t Deisuoth. The Mauch Chunk Time says: "On Sunday two Englishmen, guest.- at the Mansion House, 'did' the Switchback. Ou their return, after making the 'Homestretch' in 2:54, one of them said: 'Why. bless nie heyes! you know! The blarsted wagon jess fluked through the hair, buntil hi couldn't breathe, you know'. Hit beat haunythiu' for speed we ave hin Hengiaud, don't you know. II ay Fever fiprcifie. I found it specific for Hay Fever. For ten years I have been a great sufferer from August yib till frost. Ely's Cream Balm is the only preventative I have ever found. Frank B. Aim-worth, of F. B. Ainsworth t Co- Publisher. Iiiuiaiiapoii-Ind. 3anglm Kessler's Defense and Keveiige. Sidney Kessler, the ex-treasurer of North amptou county against whom the County Commissioners have received evidence of fraud, and have instituted proceedings to open his accounts, will be defended by as strong lawyers as the county affords. It is understood that he will prosecute a number of people for conspiracy to cause his downfall. He says further that he will show up the illegal fee-taking in the coun ty, against which Republicans have been clamoring for so mauy years. If Kessler follows this plan iu revenge for the actions instituted against him it will result in chaugiug the political complexion of the county, which is now 3500 Detuof-110" Republicans, having just electe1" judKe-are rif ror development- Birt - Anniversary. Yester'W was "e thirty -fifth auuiver-sttrj. of the birth of A. J. Swalm, the well-known merchant of this place. In the eveuiug he was visited at his handsouie resideuce on North Laurel street by a number of his employes J. M. Swalm, W. H. Fertig aud wife, John B. Nichols aud wife, Frank Eroh aud wife, W. T. Williams and wife, W. B. Kline and Lewis Bilner. The party presented Mr. Swalm with an elegant bronze ink-staud, gold pen and holder, ruler and paper cutter, in token ot their esteem for him and their appreciation of him as a kind and generous employer. After spending several hours very pleasantly the party left for their respective homes leaving behind them wishes for many happy returns of their employer's natal day. Ad Kvlipse of the Moon. The eclipse of the moon to-night, beginning shortly after midnight, will be watched with especial interest. As it is almost total and happens within one day of the full moon, there will be an unusually fine sight. If it is a cleat night the heavens will be well worth watching, even to an amateur. The eclipse has an increased interest iu scientific circles, as attempts will be made at Columbia College, New York, under the charge of Professor Reea, and elsewhere by other as- tronomeri to obtain a mora intimate acquaintance with the new star or stars in the nebula of Andromeda. The new arrival is expected to shine out more dis-tinctlyjfruro the surrounding blackness which will be even greater than on those nights when, as it is popularly said, "there is no moon at all." Arraiiifeiiieut Matle (or Its Olisei VRiiee -IHalinirtilshed Visitors. The observance of Grand Army Day and unveiling of the Soldiers' monument here on Friday will be the grandest event iu Him hititnl'V of mil hm'illiull. T!M 1Ht.llHr. 1 iug of veterans will be the largest ever held iu this portion of the State, over forty Posts having consented to be present, each with a membership not less than 100. The grand parade will be participated in by this large number of veterans, with civic societies and associations, bauds, drum corps, etc., numbering over 8000. It is expected that fully 20,000 visitors will be in town. General E. S. Osborne, of Wilkes-Barre, is to be Chief Marshal, with a long list of aids. General Osborne was here yesterday surveying the route of the parade which will include all the principal streets of town. The following distinguished men will be present aud take part in the ceremonies: Ex-Goveruor Curtin; Col. A. K. Mc-Clure; General James A. Beaver; General A. Pardee, Jr.; General R. B. Beath, Past National Commander; Austin Curtin, Department Commander; F. J. Amsden, J. V. Department Commander; Thomas J. Stewart, A. A. G.; H. G. Williams. A.Q.M.; T. F. Malouey, Inspector General; S. M. Tiiukle, Medical Director; J. M. Vanderslice Past Department Commander; C. F. Hull, Past Dep't Commander; Corporal Tanner, Past Dep't Commander of New York; (.bill W. Hazzard, Past Dep't Commander; John Taylor, National A. Q. M; Hon. Samuel J. Randall; General Gobiu; General W. W. H. Davis; General J. Irwin Gregg; Col. Sellers; Col. W. J. Scott; Capt. 3. V. Miller; Capt. J. P. Brooks; P. Lacy Goddard, In spuctor General of Pennsylvania; Ex-Governor Henry H. Hoyt; Mayor Smith, of Philadelphia; Judge Woodward; J. V.Horn; Charles Sigfried; M. M. Brobst; H. Stanley Goodwin, General Sup't of the Lehigh Valley railroad: James Donnelly, Sup't of the N. Y. Division, L. V. R. R.; W. C. Alderson, of the L. V. R. R.; W. C. Morris, Jr.; L. R. Fortescue; Thomas H. Kay. Arrangements have been completed for reception aud entertainment of these guests by our prominent citizens. We are glad to note the very general preparations that are being made for the elaborate decoration of the town in every part with nags, bunting aud evergreens. On Broad street a number of large arches reaching from one side of the stre to the other will be erected. The unveiling of the n"iU,uelt wi" take place in the afterno--1- In tbe evening a grand camp f wil1 be held- The- large tent in w-1 tliis.will be held arrived this mor.-ug and will be erected this evening. Shortness of the Cranberry Crop. That almost indispensable adjunct to game dishes the cranberry is a short crop. Among the great New Jersey bogs in Burlington and Ocean counties, the fruit is badly scalded and the yield will not be over 20 per cent of the average. The picking is now at its height, giving employment to hundreds of men, women and children, to whom 50 cents a bushel is paid. The bulk of the hands are Italians It is thought that the coming holidays will dawn npou a greater scarcity of this favorite berry than known for years ago and prices such as make it a luxury. - Persons wlio are irnsl litiy will find Dr. Ken-imhIj 'h Favorite Iteu.iMlv ju t about the Mietliciue-they iieed wlieii they iiihhI a inedieine at all. The ten !! willed follow that aw are full of ilan-Wis whied do not threaten youuwr men and women. Tills ireuinitii'U kvis In the system, wutly exiwU impurities mel prevent the outcropping of disease the seedit of whieli may Iihvo been sown in earlier life. Why not live out all your days in health and strength, Mothkhh! SloiHKlisl! tioTiuitN!!'-Are you jistm bed al nitsh aud broken of your rest by a sick child biifleriiiK aud i-ryinn with the excruciating pain of outtiiiK teeth? If so, go at once and Wt a bottle of Mis. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. It will relieve the poor little sufferer iinmediHlcly depeud upon it; Uiere is no mistake about it There is not a mot hoi ou earth who hits ever used it, who w ill not tell you at once that it will re (filiate the bowels, lind give rest to the mother, anil relief and health to the child, oieratiiiK like magic. It is iierfcctly mite to use in all cases, mul pleasant Ui the taU, and is the prmcription of one of the oldest ami best female physicians and nurses in the Uaiui States, bold everywhere 25 cents a bottle. New Advertitutmtnts. ru .lit vert im mi-ntr.. Boston Store. During the past week we have opened 64; cases of new FALL AND WINTER financial MARKLE BROS. & CO.. APl'bV TO lllsepfit F OK KENT.-A STOKE ROOM. Spaids Bros. VY'ANTKll. -HOARD IN PRIVATE FAMILY by married couple. Apply at this othec. iMseptlt S.1 , SMITH & CO., Wholesale anil rebiij dealer in Tobacco and Cigars. Siiecialty in the LADY JANE, S. C, and DII'LO MA l lliAKS.CUi 4septly AHKTfKH. etc.. South Wyoming street. LADIES! CONFERENC E OF DKMIK'RATt. With Hanoveh s Tailor System you can cut Dresses to tit, without oral instructions. Dros -makers pronounce it perfect. Price for Synt"m Book anil Double Tracing Wheel, $ti.!i0. TO INTRODUCE. A System, Hook and Wheel will be sent on receipt of $1.00. Address, JOHN (.'. HANOVER, Cincinnati, 0. UP THE HUDSON. FIRST GRAND EXCURSION of CAMPS 108 AND 201, P. 0. 8. of A., t.i XEH YORK AND NEfHSUHO, Via. the popular LF.HKiH VALLEY RAILROAD and the large and elegant steamer, UK 11-ARD STOC KTON, SATURDAY, SFPT. 26th, 1885. To those who desire to spend a really pleasant day, we commend this exeuision up the "Rhine of America." Refreshments can be luul en the train and steamer. THE THAIS WI1X SUN AS FOLLOWS : I.F.AVE. FAKF.. At'UENKlKD 3.i5 A. M. $3.25 JK.ANESVII.LE HAO " . H.-Jt) Kkavf.u Meadow 3.50 " .. a.lo Weaiheuly 4.IKI " .. 'J.oo Penn Haven J.UU . y.yo Mauch Chunk i.W " j.75 Arriving at Jersey City at 8.50 A. M. Returning will leave Jersey City at 7.00 1'. M. This promises to lie the most pleasant exrursioii of the season. DON'T MISS IT. EeTickets for sale by memliers of the i am p aud at all stations. Dry Goods, BANKERS Among such an immense lot there must certainly be some bargains. Below we append a few of the many which we know are such: 5000 yards double fold cashmere at 12 1-2 cts. 2000 yards all-wool shaker flannel at 25c 500 pairs all wool 10 pound blankets at 5. j 300 pairs double j white blankets at 95c. ! 200 dozen ladies' all j wool hose, 25c. i j 10 pieces colored 'Lyons silk, 23 inches wide, $1.00. I ama v rn tilxlioa. The furuace is Iwing sarx-rseded mine ventilation bj the fan. and (iail Ai Navj is -u. planting all other baec air ony the miner. ID ! dant I'rirv f Anthrm ite i oal. The Reading Coal Company ba made ;n advace of from ten to tei.' v cents in the ,ric of anthracite oi for shir n.ent lioi.d in Cai4-s of thr IMaaare and -,- . . i onnt I lr. from Ll..slwtriiK.rt. 1 hrj meditate mjtk- i X1 , , , , ' 1 he Iu SHWaniok coantT fair opened ir.g funi.-r, .. .11 ci e, .,f c.1 UtrilUt Jrtrtdi,j SethMloa and a- for aU iL.i t- iti tr.e titsr future. attended by a law crod of exhibitor IIh l,.i.. ui tl, ii,r. Jd -iM --r. 1 he exhibits are all very The ,oiie. a !-e,d u, make fine and great interest is taken in the uc- trie ur.iU.inK'u-toiceof jir&ir cm of ti fir by the bu-iner men and which come frm tue s.o nave ued citizen of the counij generally. 4 hairiuaa Hrnerl and Candidate Day Meeting the County Leaders. A f pecial despatch from Maurb Chuck to the Philadelphia Timet of thi morning f.ay: Conrad B. Day. Democratic candidate for State Treasurer, Chairman ileDMrl aud f 137.000 in cash arrived here together thin I morning. Day aud lleiiel got off, the j 1 money vent on. aud the Democrats who ! vVehr. had gathered to meet them learned that it j Towamening -Paul Bock, Dennis Uay- C'arbon's Republican County Committee-. Immediately after the work of the Carbon County Republican Convention had been finished at Mauch Chunk ou Monday, the new county committee for the eiutning year wan formed. It is as follows: Audeuried Thomas C'unu. K. E. Stager. Beaver Meadow Harry Krwiu, W. B. Tweedle. Eaxt Mauch Chunk Jacob Grover, Nathan N'eifert. East Penn Jan. D. Balliet, Wilson Ebert. Franklin I-evi Horn, Robert Anthony, Jr. North Kidder W. F. htreeter, E. Buck lew. South Kidder- Paul Danuer, Joaiah . Kunkel. I Lanuford James Blackburn, William j Jones. Lauanne Not named. ; Lehigh Washington Ginder, i. W. Gab- j rin. Lehighton H. D. Ueydt, Thomas feei- ) fert. i Lower Towamensing Peter Conteiiba- j der, John Fenetermacher. Mahoning Nathan Bheinsmith, Jonas Gumbert. j Mauch Chunk, 1st Ward O. B. Sigley, T. F. Ayres. John Dink. Mauch Chunk, 2nd Ward- H. O. Fischer. W. H. DeHart. Nesijuehoning 8. StevenUm, T. H. Corby. Packer S. VV. Hudson, J. Jenkins. Parryville Joseph Peters. T. I. Monti. Penn Forest-A. Behrimt. Charles Tidd. Summit Hill Samuel McNeai, 8. A. Return Visit of the Favorite. H.AZI.K HALL, Friday Evening, Sept. 25th. Mr. G. AHrlilHich h:u the plea-sun? of jnm-for the becoLui time here the Kreuttft of nl! livibK com medians, Charles L Davis' WOKLD-ltKSOVVNKl) "ALVIN JOSLIN" COMEDY CO., AND CKI.KBIiATED Operatic Solo Orchestra, ONE PRICE. Norman, Mackie, . & Co., Cor, Broad and Laurel Sts. Interest paid on Savings Deposits. Dividends nnd Interest collected and Coupons cashed. Buy and sell Stocks and Bonds. Will also invest moneys for those wishing it, in Bonds and Mortgages, paying Five and Six per cent. We make these investments at very slight cost to patrons and will guarantee the papers in same as correct. Pension Checks cashed. Sioooo Challenge Band I HAZL ETON ; U(l(.1'bach & 10 NEW SCENE Y. I EH. V Iwo 1-AUiHS IN lMU MJNl 1-Masv Nkw Kkatuhk-s TuinKkahon.' ADViISHION-!iuand 75 crata. li--rvd tail 75 Genu. LHaKrain uow oa-u hi Jlinliic i.ovk "tore. Photographs at ajTrcvaskis Gallery, Cabinets, $3.00 per doz. Cards. $i.5o per dozen. Panels, $4.00 per dozen. Bedouirs, $5x0 per doz. CASINO RINK. H. TREVASKIS, Broad St., Photographer. H. OYER, 5.D. S. 1 , Graduate of Pennsylvania College of Deu-al burner j Philadelphia. ti i i 'I he mrin j' Hi! i t o' ill's j popular report have. .-,par -d m I expense and pains ir. reii ti:: 'the Casino up in an a: tractive jand pleasing manner, and icel j well sarKhed that their eli rts ; in this direction w !J ., et w in : general appn ;A b the pi. L ie. I 1 hey have also .v. cm cd the a r- vices during the coming m a- son of 1 Harleman. 1. B. ! Tweed!, J. U. Eadie. ( Weiwport L. E. Willis. B. K. Calton. j THKlll bHIHT THE XTATK. i Hoods tul.v claim of the r'j.rietr of ti- fcre medicine. I&dceJ- tL e c.i.u.? are t.d entirely on uat the -ei --as Huxd's S-rj r.o h&f u. i.e for teo. fU-d the at&i. J.;.t of it-rurine and il a fir. ifiift ir:X- teat f KeMriB. ocarnrii Um,-rr. i tfi c-ietra-k;.o-E Dr tL He6re as '.e I 4-t -f ve X b-rs.fie vractt cir.Du mr te f tct f I-f .e'i.I-5 Lig ltiT u. U .- ti,s d.iti:,i t-.r frtr jr ';-i:l ' -.ieri bj a niAri! -t.-rttnBe. ti. pirtiiii i atl la aa ,t u. taiire dj f S j f-:s i. Ia m&i r f tfc yRiaf lr? tAWria: a: ererej ialijard. -.:T-.r t r;.r at ti cvri 'yf ti. r--f -tiy e- iy t& frctt r4 a. is : -t t pCaa t-- c. i ti ; a-i w t?j f-ttirt Uizt;jrt ;ta a e, r. fjatV'tM-ai & ar-wwst. lai; dj w e.;4 t;. I f vt tit si4 ti. a.i-i f 4r (4 t K-.-i--: t .( iti La. t Jl Jrt trtijt t lie ! ila c-r I. Bu4 (4 i!, i! i axJ sfii was not a part of the campaign food, bat ! er" was in charge of PaTma,tr UU1. of the! "tberlj-nirf Iehigh Navigation ComjMinj. who on his uioutLlj trip had brought the riitor thu? far in hi private car. He offered Henrel nut of the trunk full provided be would ! Cmmmt rmrmcrnfU- , , m - 1 rs far HHtf Kdlaf . lift it off the car. lot a it contained near- , . t. . .- . . . . . ... ,, . I Tbe State kair opened at Philadelphia Ij half a ton of silver the committee loct ! ..,..,. ' i at 9 o clock this morning. There is tbe contribution. i , , , . . i Urge attendance and tbe fair promr-es to After d.DLr the reprerr-ntatives from ; Ter saeoefc'fuL The tiortj f.-urth ancoal lair of the ; the dierent counties invited to meet in j Ijrk P O VIU j of Wilkes Barr .Schojit J County Agricultural Society ' enferecce here scumbled in tbe MuL-na i yesterday setUed tbe case again kini f.w opened at rvrigborg yesterday. There House parlors. ity were present j ioU, tte revenne Uws. and paid balf u i large attendance and the nun.ber of including Chairman t-r and tate Com- - rota.' in every department greatly ei- mitteeman Btrber. of Carbon: Committee- Offioe over 8aviun Ru.k Builiiiuc. HuiMi. Pernios vrho 1.v tth to b mrartMi !,.,;.! besr-.ia BiOi'l 1 11 tir is no mW-r tt:i t.. i-4, 'rk dDe Ujui Dr,w t,) 11, t . r t . fvirsli fir it. 11. i is aio tf- i4 fiu t, t,-. U BMintli miMi for srf. 1 1 mi. or it mi- ; BitiM-nvl ire of 4a-E sin tM srv of.k-oi. O TlXTH 41 tuat of snr previoa rear. The t-r-n.m have rrrated a more Widespread interest in tb fair thn bas ever tfore bn i-'.;. f t Lilwris ;sns. Ir.e La.-? I'eir.-yiasia Evangelical LsTb-ersta sJ ye-tt-rd-iy at AtJarsd. ejected iiwtZ H- Helfrica. of A-t.:.r.d. R-v. T. C. H.i.Lrfr.ii.e'. t fU-feiijtg. a&d t. K. F&nke. f Iet4J.. d.r--rf t!ie jettj-..-g T&eo-icl !.. s.ary. Dr.Crad, of tr. .- r ' rrr. vl' .d S rOjt St U B prpl- ir to dii.g Tiitkgiviiig Day t.- tlie liar-iy ar tfee Lrt wf ct-i. t. it ws dfeitd by a large ej-rity. V'tw Cbmrcii. S-i.rg. was seleced tbe Kr fejSii-g tbe atit j Ld. E. S. K..ri- t-f (a-fsxt. wa -rjA.ed-u i I. ' uj. t4 ISevea Vsileyt. ;t-jJ f p;eaca. A (esveujal K.ase EetiXg w fee-.i az.d Htiii JeE.(u rejj-ts we? i--;i. Tie adsra- d sxd nii .f t&e :sUt 4.v depart-Sed. n.en Jobs Beard and A. G. Man. of ScnsjlkUl; W. P. Kiikendail. of L&zerae: Barae. of Lackawanna: Pratt, of Hi.nn in: Laveblrg and Eiweii. of Cotaaabia; Tir.gk-T. f jsbanna: Mckeaa. of Bradford, and Brennan. wf VAayne: Ei-ber.ators Craig and BroadLead. Editor Bactand l"rMK Ei"osgres an &k. Krpreeentatives Brj-t. lerc. C--eijy-.-ary kc-oer. PovtmAster C-aeiiy. Fik Beamtrk and a kaf dutea tEaer x-ranti Democrsbs. Major i. II. vttreL aaa- M. HasJy aad ary two ore o 'Art .si leaders prticif;ed. I be coaferer.e lasted two koars aad sear !y aJ -f reeeat eipreared IMif view, itade -ig?5. reports aad is jvimt. ls.w.i ta bmj aad reraJ cacijyn. 1 1, reuta were k-aJy at-fc-ry and gtaeral a; ; rtux wis ei- . pressed vf tie f jm of cajEpaig. of wtic tbei? toafereaces form a rt. Messrs. Day aad Herei wet.t f . . kt t J ;.4J2fTt, V.S TJ ,i. i - H. S. Pierce, of Scraat.. baa boagbt tbe Glecdowu Iron Works, at Danville, for flOL A few yean aaro tbe works were valued at f23tyaj. Mrs. James Lanigaa. of Pottsville and two dasghters visited a friend la Beading and wbiie gviig to tbe deput MoadAy night it was aoticed that bee keaj bad sar.k apua bet- souwider. Sbe m aat failing sbe was casgkt aaj carried uto a drag ;tore. ' was lead from feeart d:-ae. Her ta-Ui 1 was formerly aa eitrie eoal pefat-. Jadge Aretibaid, of Larkawa, kas decided tbat a coal e-perator ruxt b erjwvicted of vjiatia l previej ( tbe ciaae of tfce &e wiiaiag law rtt-:ig t far&traiag prxtf wtea deaLaaded ry Biaers aeereiy bcawr k refwa f provide props sawed tbe reat-ed least . Tie nperaiov oa trai fuirj for prop ad repaired t.e aiaer to saw ! ir.e-aa tbe r-- Mf.a tm take a red aet f wages a pay t&erft. and ectirr Mtifarti,iB aunu.ii. NEW BUSINESS ENTERPRISE. THOMAS HALL, Has f w1 a Wt 4-o- ii.-t l4:.i Tobacco Cigar Store TOBACCO, CIGARS and PIPES, I ''TANTALUS" 5c. Cigar. J. J. CASEY, .in txp.ri'' .ct d skating r:nr: expt.-rt. who vi;i h ive snie ''-nv nt. Mr. C .ss-n nounces that special aU-m;or, will if vivi-n t NEW BEGINNERS. n con ;ecti-Hi wu a'i th ; perfected arra t n.'-n s th' management .ii'.n:,:, tht y have c n i Military Band, li'iii i -::..ikt 111. 1:;.-!j':t lan-l5 r t i :i , a.u ind I f; .tit, i ri;:c A". z one I t.e .t;r. t ;h ? .r .ts K:!j v.ea'her h; s lyeun in ii ruteini' st, and i;-a ierc.'odi-:n iliau we hate Uen selling !or 'he past few months is in ;.rtiv d. mar:d. Our fall ami 1 :-totk ha arrived in l. i t and is row spread on our counters for public inspection. Suits in ev rv qu .lity of cloth, in tyl-s to suit every customer an; on I and ready to b sold. ( !vercoa:sf I ght, neavy and m-!ii.m, silk lined and other wi e, len and of medium ien Ji, we hae oi hand at ..rice, which nctually defy, fi.l con petition. I he 1 re -x t r ' ' . ei ther ha made overo, i; i ectssitj, and if joaare not already supplied v.itii on--, c .li on us at once. You won't ieret a visi;. U'n are rea ') and wiling to ac-coin.5 oe ti a 1 th t c rre and yia-ir,ie a ood 1st. Our ;'. U t fa:i to idve tatii o s" ilepartn.ent Ik i n If is ..s co np'ete as the men s, .i..l . e r hp ttluily the ti 1 r l 1 xainii.c cur b sy's ii t . t aw i.a'.blin'. Ix-i n called in. i Ley must retire for the wi ::t r. ( ..;r fh s och lias ar-iid A'-, are ii.iiij'd rapidly. I h y ate- of ti e htest t ie arid ti.shen to j-rfection. o u-an -aii'ine thtm. Ot:r L t and she depart-f cr.i i curn: lete. We offer to w.e reidii tiie the fin st lot of these eoJ;, tcr shown in Ha iet.n. Tly are mancfac-M.r u f r us, arm e have r.o ft- r-.Ui.m in wamutn'' ihem . r ; 1 ' ar,u en r.uve t fine :jod-i i.ieon h r.d a stock at t'.e sc. in t; to t a a vs' r b ts ani shoes whxh ., rti fmmen j tj err selves u .id n ,a.e i in outii-'e work ah ..T. I s us. Leading Clcthiers.

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