The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1946
Page 7
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TirURSDAY, MAY 23, 1946 BLYTREVILLE (ARK.) COURIBR NEWS State Department Backs Mac Arthur Atcheson's Trip to U. S. Brings Understanding Of General's Problems TOKYO. May 23. <UP>—High officials nt Gen. Douglas MncArtliur's headquarters said today they ure convinced the u. S Slate Department now Is back of the supreme commander in spirit as well :is name. This was welcomed l>y occupation officials who have felt in the )iast tliat Washington rtlti not always understand their "on the spot" problems. These observers agreed thai the close cooperation stems from George A(c:liesoirs recent trip In the United Slates, Atcheson is MncArthur's political advisor, ami since his return he has played an ever-increasing role In affairs here. There have been reports here that when Atcheson was In Washington It was agreed that the State Department would shoulder more responsibility for United Slates policy ,ln Japan. Atcheson's (tax-hand Information reportedly did much to swing tills decision. Observers here also agree if them ever WHS any rift between Miic- Arthiir and Atcheson—ns was reported and denied by both men- it has been replaced by close co- nneratlon.' Atcheson sits on the allied control council tor Japan as MacArthur's personal representative. His performance has plcnsed the .MI- "piremrj conminiider. according to high American officials who ars in "A position to know. Tension Greater in India Today Than Ever Before, Writer Says NEW YORK, May 23. (UP)—India Is no*' seething wit!) tension and discontent as It has at no other time during British rule, Indian author - newspaperman Krlshnalal Shridhttranl warned today in his Imok, "The Mahatma and the World" (Ducll, Sloan A; Prarcn). "Unity has become the watchword of Indian leaders, and the lack'of unity has become the most oft-repeated phrase in the mouths of British bureaucrats," Shiidhi- ranl. the author of "My India, My America," said. The Nationalists, he said, charse that "the British am fomenting religious, regional and class differences as never Ijcfore. "India is seething willi countless unacknowledged civil wars as a result." he added. See Unity Evaporating On the other hand, lip declared. British apologists assert that "the tenuous unity engendered by thc existence of a common enemy—the British—is evaporating In the thin air of a scramble for power, and the seeking of sectional interests." While the Hindu is I he most tolerant and catholic of religionists. Shridharani said, his social behavior ts one of exchisivencss. especially as indicated in thc Hindu ciiste system. But the case of the Moslem is diametrically different. Unlike I he Hindu. Shridharani said, (he Moslem is democratic socially, but "religiously lie Is highly exclusive, holding little hoi>e for the salvation of the non-Moslem unless he is converted to Islam." "Is Is out of such excluslvlstlc dcctrin Nail Ideology, had come t« mean, not '« place In the sun,' but all'the space in the sun." However, Bhrldharonl contended, differences in culture. •IthoviRh they may prove "shocking," are not dividing. "The thing that divided mankind In Irreconcilably group* Is the attitude of 'excluatveness.' And ex- luslveness U totalitarian mid monopolistic. It does not make for peace and uniierstausHng. We should be tolerant of eve'rythlng except tolerance," he said: Story of St. I.ouis ST. LOUIS, Mo. <UP)_A collection of pictures owned by the Missouri Historical Society nnd no-* 1 on display in Jefferson Memorial tells the story of St. Louis from H.s first dwelling Lnclcde in 17(54 standing n s ;i Midwestern metro- built by Pierre present fundamentally, that the Moslem League's proposal for Pakistan land independent slate wllhin a free Hindu Indla> springs," Phridharani said. "But it will be shortsighted tp assume that such tendencies of Islam affect Indin alone, and Hint they have no bearing on the world al large. A New Lcbensraum "For. in the theory of Pakistan, based upon Hie Icnel (hat the non- Islamic world is the abode of war. are lo be found all the rudiments Of a new lebensraiiin. which, in the Read Courier News Want Ada. Airman. Sends Check, tor $300 To Yugoslavia PirmBUROH IUPI—A check for *300 Is on it* way to Yugosla- vln to help, found »n orphanage nciir Podgardt-^the donation o[ a grateful American airman. Cnpt. Clark Kettennaii hopes his money will heln..repay thc debt he owes lo Yugoslav Partisans who sheltered him and .nine colleagues from pro-German "White Guards," Tile American bomber cr«w of which CHI>|. Fettermnn was a member was forced to imrachule Into Yugoslavia when their plane wns shot, down In April. 1944. The crew landed In a wooded nreft near PodgftTri. A group i,f "Wlilte Ounrds" attempted to capture them, but were beaten back by two groups of Partisans. Europeans Get < U. S. Medals for Aiding Airmen PARIS <UI»>—'nic United SU'tra Army Is in'cpuilng to gjvc coocr*t« evidence of Its gratitude to «pprox- lirmtely 48,000 EuroueHlit wiio rl&k- their lives during Ihu Cknn'Hn occupation In order lo l\ide Afl|eil Hlrmen who crashed or p»r»chuii'<l behind the enemy lines, 'Die American "Medal of Freedom" will be presented to »bout a third of these clandestine heroes, "long with parchment certificates signed by Oen. Elsenhower attesting lo their acts, others will tie awarded only the certificate while still others 'will receive letters 'of commendation, U. Col. R. H. Belt*, commandant of a spccinl Army detach- mrnl assigned to liiveitlgKte thr work of npiiroxtrniktely 60.00m rlHi)(terll]i 0 resistance workers, said their comblnrrt efforts were responsible for the safe return to HCt-ivi- duty of more Ihnn 5.000 Allied airmen shot down while on fighter and bomber missions over occupied Europe through their "underground railways." OI the +6.000 established caws deserving recognition there ale 25.000 Frenchmen. 8.009 Dutchmen, 12,000 nclRlans, 3<YI Dnne.s. 200 Czechs, 300 HunKaili'.ns and 100 Poles. Col. I!elt,s said Ills tnviwllgntors revealed |.hnl more than 3.000 of these workers were apprehended and deported by the Germans, of whom 400 died In enptlvlty. Fifty of (hem were shot by German firing squads. The U. S. has already paid Capt. Petterman ssld th c Parti- moro than '$250.000 to 'some 1.201 sans look the Americans lo Pod-' of |) 1( , SD • ' Karri, hid them .overnight and "spirited us nwny the next day." That night (he Germans .attacked the town with dive bombers and leveled it. . . "We liHVf, no l.riea how many pf .the Partisans sucrlflced their lives to give us our freedom." Capt. Petterman said. Of his crew, one was killed, another captured, atxl eight, were smuggled out of the country by the partisans; . people who gave mone.vj clothing or oilier material aid to fliers and who nre now In dire clr ciimstance.v Other funds have beeii set aside to pay evasion workers tir their survivors for loss of earnings durliiK thc lime they were In concentration camps or for disability nr Injury incurred while helping Allied .soldiers. Tliere have been only two Negro world heavyweight, boxing cham- Iplons—Joe I.ouls and Jack Johnson. 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