The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 14
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f PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVIJ,I,E (ARK.) COURIER NRWS THURSDAY, APRIL 2<1. 1017 Red Cross Hayed By Texas Dentist Waterfront Blast Salvage Director (Charges Failures TEXAS CITY-, April 24. <UP) — Cril^cism of Red Cross nctivlllcs !» connection with the Texas City ciishstci 1 was mncle yesterday by an official placed in charge of salvage operations in the blast area. .The Red Cross activities wore described as "too little anrt too late" l)y Dr. Piutl Harris, a Houston dentist, who conducted salvage operations along the blasled waterfront where ship explosions anrt lires killed hundreds last Wrdncs- D'r. Harris charped there were day and Thursday, to arrange for the immediate pro- City when they were badly needed no .Red Cross officials in Texas ciirement of relief supplies. "I never die! see a Red Cross official," he said, ••nllho'.ish I looked for them everywhere." He cnvged the Red Cross failed to .bring blood plasma into the stricken city immediately after the blast when thousands required medical' attention. "We couldn't find any Red Cross officials, so I had an Army officer in Texas City call Fourth Army Headquarters 'in San Antonio)," he said. "The blood plasma was 1 sent by plane from Fon Sam Houston. 1 ' The Houston dentist also said the Red Cross failed in proper supervision of the many local volunteers who flocked lo Texas City from ' chapters throughout Texas. Close-Up of Ruins Taken from a boat 20fl-y:irds away, this picture snows ;;ic smoking ruins of the Monsanto Chcmtcal Plant Works. This is I he first view taken Iron 1 , tins angle and the closest general v j cw yct made. (Pli by Horn ere Tucker, NKA Tele-photo.) Jev/s Expected to Get Representation Before UN LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y.. April 24 (UP) — United Nations officials n 1 - ; \ n a ported today that a Jewish re- pi I'srnlalivo probably will he nl- 1'med to partiflpntc in official UN debate on the Pulestinc problem. The UN Oi-iieriil Assembly meets .special session Monday • to Copyright by Gwen Davenport; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. •' 'J'HJ-I STOIIY: :\fu-r n llfvtlint: of ilrir./.liiit; Uu- wnrhl. Mir irroiit nrl rriot Siij>lih> win K>vU ••miifM Immu to I la- liliU- >inlm- Whlinv »f liri Ii.I.-ri, :1 (,l Ii:inki>r. sho liml tlvnl ,-n m f.,ri- iiMy mi The Illvii-rn imlil flu- Miir. In her |i!irl.v nr<- VJHorlu Jenkins, her fir;iint - ilriiif-lit'T; p:tlntcr, unit -Sir Churl.-s Jliitl- EmUKlit . (lie ulit J'c.'ilicnly Iioust- <i.idfr<-y :>lmistirii!»£i>. «>m Is !lv- iiiK in :ni ohl m-turs' IIKTIIL-. Is on her conKclt-nrc. SliL- ivrllfM iif- tfrliiK lilnt a liniiu- ILEU! he m-- crpts, Slic <rll.s Msiri-H unit Sir •tTFTHEN docs become?-" ashed ; " Marcel. "In a few days. I suppose 1 should have told you sooner, hut X dreaded it so." | " Mnrccl lictjan taking his c-nsel dowiu "Whoever mfcels him ;il the train can tnkc me to the station The train which brings him also carries ino away." » "Don't be hasty," 5nirt Sii Charles. "That train's going novtV You surely dbrrl wnni lo go where jt*s'-colder, even 'lo escape Go'd- frey." _> _ , , ''Then'T take'it on its way bnclc.' • Sophie stood in the window wringing her hands. *'Mareel "What are you thinking of? Yo mustn't £o f after all. these years You stuck with mo before, all th time Godfrey and 1— " She stoppei prudiailly in order not to turn th knife in the wound and said, "Si Charles, ivo con put him in th back room on this floor." "fie can have my room," sai Marcel. "Don't, Marcel," she betrgcc **Please. There's no need for iha I 'was afraid you'd take it this \va> There's plenty of room for evcr> body." "My room \vi\l b& Gu"ir»ty as soc Bs J. am packed n g :\ i n." IVI arc said stubbornly. He bustled abou thcfiii^j up his things, nmitiTinj; If to- hhnsclf, "l\-i-])aj)r; I was olish to spend my life for "Mo, no!" inoaned Mndnmo. "Oil, is is even worse than I feared! r Charles, help me!" "There arc no homes fnr Old rlisls," Marcel went on, "like oclfrey's Hume fnr Old Actors. hsul a ])];K'e lo live, even in old a;;e. He was not thrown it by the very band that fed m—" Sophie hurst into tears and ishi'd from (lie studio. 11 v:a s nFC- 1 css to o x f>t ;i E a 11' 'iii-cel Hint she ft'U sl^e niu-t ofTer home to Gudfrey. f rrcy lo live with us is csrryfng art 1 t t«l(l dislike too far. lh; must be : n;jtle to rocotisi(\er." "I doubt very much that he will leave," Sir Charles said frigidly, j ''After nil, he has threatened lo do so before." "Twice," Fa id Sophie. »"But Homed;]y he mi^ht, atul I could never rest if he were wandering on the face of tho oarth homeless and old, a man who has dedicated his whole life (o me—•" » O 4 7OUR heart is as bitf as the world, Suphie, and in Marcel's case I bch'ove your sentiments to be noble atul altogether admirable. Hut Godfrey li;is not dedicated study Palestine's future. Two Jewish oii^ini/ntum.s hrtvc asked permission to send their ivprcsfiiEa- ivc.s to (he assembly floor to courier arguments of the rive Aral. stales which aro UN incmhers. The inscription • on the Libert; Sell may also bt? found in Lev it ens 2&:1U of the Ulble. lie did lo you, the dastardly — :| Six? laid a baud on his arm. "It was nil so long ago, nothing like I bat in a I UTS now. Never mind. Let us not, She tlinnor that nii^ht, pnle and calm, Sophie Sir barlcs in the E-crvice panli-y. here he was putlmiv away the i^ina that Bridget and JjUlta had •nshcd, "Where can we talk?" arkod lie I)owed with rold iiolitonp--;; ixi said, "-Vhcrcvcr IMadami: vJshes." She stamper! tior foot. "Oh, Ftnp L, Sir Oiarlcsl You're bnlh of you ichaving abominably. Nuv/ come ut for ;\ \valU witli me v:lierc vc won't bo ovcrhoavd." lie bi>\vcd iU'^in JUK! reached for \is coat that hung on n book be- liiul the kitchen rtrtor. Tliuy went tut thrnngb the breakfast rnnm nto (he ilov.'cr ynrdon and duv;n pleaded with a gentle pressure of her finders. "Marcel must be made tn I'L'c-oiisidcr. Will you help me? Please!" He Ftrugslod with liimseU for a inng moment and then said stilTly, "Very well." She relaxed, sighing in relief. "Ab! Thuu in the morning you will get the souih room ready for Godfrey." "Suphk', 11 he said, "this is your house. You have every right to spend your own husband's money on whom you i-liuose. I, however, do not intend to wait oil Godfrey Mansbridgo." "Oh, Sir Charles!" "As I say, if yi»« \vish him here for j^ome obscure purpose of your own, that is your a Hair. I shall mil. wait on him. I did it for *> whole 5CLiEon when I played Morsfi to his Aubrey Tniujurray- and the For Limifcd Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium si/c uml hirse lr:u:(s. No «vlr;is. L'ull rt'iKiymenl imvi- fcgc. SICK US l-'OIl QT!ICK SEHVICK ON FHA LOANS For lluihllns" or Itcinirin^. ALsrt Auto Truck and Tractor I,o;ius. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over 's .Icvvt-lry Store i'.villf, Arii. STRIKE THE EARTH BETWEEN A/OO/V AND MlDN/GHrf TOOSE COUIN& IN BETWEEN AMDNI6HTANDTHE FOLLOWING NOON WOULD HAVE TO APPROACH THE EARTH AGA/NSr THE CURRENTOF ITS ATMOSPHERE AS IT TRAVELS AROUND THE SUN, AND THE FRICTION BURNS AWiT OF THEM UP BEFORE THEY LAND. T. 1.1 REG U. 5 PAT. Off. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 01 at Slale Lino Phone KlyCicvilte 714 Lei Us Hel;> You— STOP DRINKING Tliere is no medical remedy for drink . . . but we c;\n help you resist its innucnce'l No cost U you —only co-operation. Jl'ST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous llox 87^—IJlylhevillc, Aik. ARE BELIEVED TO CROSS THE ATLANTIC TO SUBSTANTIATE THE V BELIEF, TUNA IN THE A\ED|T£RRANEAN HAVE BEEN FOUND WITH AMERICAN PISH HOOKS IMBEDDED IN THEIR FINS* NEXT: Were all dinosaurs of colo&sal sUe? he path to the shore. . , , , . "Sir Chai-lcs," Snpliio l)0r;nn. "I nin ", sml ""- v .'",',"" l l;1Knv h " w to -im appraliiiR In YOU fur vour lielji ll ^' at s'-'rvanis. as n Iriciul IU-"-irtlk"-s" (if v.,ur Hx'y liiiew cncli other so well. pcrsonnl Jcciinu fm- Cli-ari-f.y-n.irll 11 "-'' ""stress ami In.tlcr. that I suppose you liavc a ihjht'lo like j S'>i)luo n-coKiii/ccl niiw, in the or dislike \vhoiu you fhix^i-—v,,u ! Mansbrulac niaUer, Hie point Ijc- are in my house in yon-.- t-nnadty ! hich Sir Charles's stub- as bullcr nnd ns such arc nMux'd ! hornnc.^, like Hint oC nny well- In accept my guests \vilh the best Irninccl servant, would not yiolcl. She turtu'd about \vilh a slf;ll nncl \vcnl back to the house, '.lc- grace you c:m. But I need ymr help as n friend with rvluvce'. For same 'reason lie never liked Cc/'- frey, bn*. this decision in leave just bccair-;: I h;ive invited Ctoc*- *."Mnmeet to bo as u*"-".*:c,..i:'^ as either Sir Chnrles or M.~nc<'-'_ v ^To tie Continued), if*? Be Sure! INSURE . With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY ins North Second DIAL 2311 Lawnmowers . . . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week • Pontiacs e Fords • Chevrolets • Plymouths and others I'lacc your order Now for Immediate Delivery We I'ay Top Hollar for Clean Lai a Model Cms * BUD WtlSOJI AUTO SALES Phone 20.'!7 Cor. Franklin and Main SI. "But it's my first formal, mother, and 1 don't know how I i appear at my best—shall 1 be vivacious or sjtatuesque?" Arkansas State ['(anting Seed Grade'A'D. & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Tn-jilcd • New Sucks Purity 99.5 Gersrsmafrion 85% LIMITED C-JOfl PER SUPPLY ^luU TON Also Ogden and Royal Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas*^ WASH TUBES Under Control BY LESLIE TUKNEi For Complete Protection Qur Boardinq House with Maj. HoopleQut Our Way By J. R. Williams YOU CWI USPN01IZE AEE GE01VlKk5( ME hSNHST WV SV1LL.. HEAVIER... VOL) V NEVER... SOU ... ' JUDAS ?KIEST!\ IV! VOUR PlPoiV FOE- FOP-TV kMMUTES \ TODW,.. JUSV PsS I TO WEA.B. HEE_ DICTf-.TE. EEKD 1 * ? . TOWN! BUT S'Ol) /^,_ '—, r --^ .WPIT.KEL^^ _/" TOMISHTJ SWE TK&' HOERIE'^ C'JSPICiCM TViAT I WW NEVEIS. LEWE THIS HOUSE M.WE 1 . IEOMAEO WAS FURIOUS WHEN I REFUSED TO EXTEND HIS HOTE. AMD W.IEM 15 fcfRWO HE MM TRf .AND... t-z? _ " GET Hc£ INTO TME 6DW WITH TIKP RYT1KP Rcscue-imi Mnidcn V. T. HAMI.'N T> BEING TOR R-V^5C,'\ YOU TELL f\= «0t tO WORRY.' 5H-»- REDRtOER RtAL'-t WORK I -THifOG.' BUT FOR SHERIFF.' J WHAT CAM VS. 5T ^h"!/ v¥8 £ ~^^ : s|.^SC%OrT I '• V__S-O ' ^. V -.<» / u— -j&r^'f f ^>"\ i / ^^W?^i\^ •^4^£^Kte;^\\ -. • GUESS WO DROPPED A LITTLE VISIT LAST BET1V-— SOOC> OLD EGAD.' ALL 6& \\JELL ' T. BEAR AMV /OWOOH/ TMRCE AMP 5lV7V-Fi\F t'AVi.. A YEAR OF THIS K3R " DOU .'\C-t- AMD -VIS.TV- FIVE CCW'IS W.7RT". -THE FLOOR Ihi HiS KOOM AT HOME AMD THE BED ALMOST - U& THOUGHT OF US RtertT Willinsj; Kccruils ITS MOB Y ~n^ GREAT Vi P.5WE...I ] SPCOM. IT5 IT. B=LIE\E ?.:'.\™: ,.., BOKM THICTY VETAHO TO MICIIAICI, O'MAI.LKY ami Il YOU RE TELltHG WE THAT j' HE CAN TACKY DRUGGED HIMSELF I WAIK NOW, UP .OFF THE FLOOR ANO V GROWL BEANED PARROT WITH A BAT? WKV, THE KID CAN'T WALK.' PARROT. I'M USED N TO MURDERERS, BUT HOT VO1JR KIND—THAT THATS VVHER6 YOURE SMART. BECAUSE r HAVE TO TCU YOU THAT ANYTHING YOU SAY MAY BE USED AGAINST YOU.

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