The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 10, 1038 Alcalra?. "Sludent Body" Is iiavd Boiled Bui Discipline Is Slricl BLYTTOVII.LK (ARK.) COURII.5U NEWS .'ilioiu Hie lOtli clay, wlicti tlie striker sho tnke him u n. lyiti IKIJI | i\u<,li uic ,iMit\" j *~^ __ •» JT « Y T • ivs slyns of weakening, guards I Sil 11\7 IVl fl K P Q rl 1 f ilin over lo "C" block, and I ^""J iTi«n.^O lilt llic prison doctor comes along with' \i\7Jfl-, fMrvf K/\o C\-n nlmvil three feet of rubber liibiiifi j •' HH V>IUUlCb \jH mid » mess of milk nntl ejjg.s he li.'is mixed. He mnkea the pntlenl ssviillow the lubtru;. iincl leeds him ( Ihrnurjii n funnel. Hunger strikers witnessing .vtcli (i feediiu: finve' been known to break their fust nl- j most !mmi. ( ||;iio)y in the tmxl. old-' Oue L!0!)-[ioiii!il |!u:iril, during n liiui'Jry slrik<-. was dared by u ^< iidrr jji-isoiwr to .step ln.Md,.' (hi'.'U. lluviii.. nervi: nnd weight on. liis .side, this uiiiird :icte))U-d t!u- niuuuioji. [ji f.-icl, Jui .stepped into '•> bi'iuilifiil Ml hook, Hie marks of •.'.iiieli lie curried lor quint a while. 'I"in. 1 fciiiml rcedi-c<l tr.e next dny ;i co])y or a Ixnik by ;,n ex-pui'llisi entitled "I'm u Hncker for u l.cli Hook." A riirii.iKi »cc!;jei;t hapjinicd very Win :ilU-rv.;ir<l. This Mime piUoufi- , T1I W: ' :; bi-ini; laljcji io die ilmi.'prtm.'i, the Spaniards discovered '-The> " l!l1 °* ily ''"""K' 1 - '"-• stumbled i,ii ' ">•; top .stepaiHl (,.]] r,j| Uio lo 11 le IKJUOIJI. Tin: This is the second «f UIITI' .sl/jrjt.s on "Guarding A!<-atr.-i«," written by Cupl. A. It. Archer, furmi-r muni un "The K<ick." UV CAITAIN ,i. It. AKCHKIt (runner fiuji-,] ;,| Ali-llni-/. I' Copyil!jli(. 1MB, NBA Serviee. Ine. I : W SAN FRANCISCO, Mi|v fl.-Wben i ' 1 the Spaniards discovered "The 1 ' nock", 400 years rign. UK y enUi-il it . Alcalracts. frotn the hordes of' pelicans roosting on Ihe rocks. They ! built a fortress, with <lark dim-1 Ki-ojt.-j >;t'n«illi it. Traces of the' loi tress and moM of the duni/eons* lire still there. ' I Daylijjhl new penetrates to' these dungeons, and rat.s KI-OW linijo and nerce. A blanket spread on llie| damp door, no Ktm'l.ition bin a bucket. ;i imp or water and some bread. The prisoner' doesn't want nnrcli of this. Only .sliyhtly better fire the little isolation cells of concrete and steel A iinrrmi- ending ndmitx air but little liRht. A blanket for the iloor, bread and water to eat mid drink A man who (jot toush with guards could be handcuffed, and a little (ear ens coiilud be fed into the cell with him. n could linppen. In other words, Alcatrnz has the means for breaking the toughest prisoner. There Isn't much trouble because the situation is .so hopeless •\toit most prisoners realize it Laundry Is Trouble Spot Most of the trouble Hint does ap- iwr starts in the laundry. Tlie prisoners know tlmt if they can tic up production Iliere, Iney can cause (he prison management "all sorts of trouble, and of course they like lo do that whenever they caii in such a way as not to bring it back upon themselves. Emery dust In n bearing, a sharp knife on the canvas rolls ot an ironer. or a bit of steel iu some gears. And then (he laundry piles up on the dock as it comes in from the Army transports, the Presidio and Angel island. Of laundry strikers are thrown into solitary confinement and given only bread and water. They yell and shout at the guards until they are hoarse. Then per- i:nps some RO on n hunger strike. That n all right for the first dnv. Iinlnps thr "cconcl or .third. Bui rrisdii's UKLiiiy "T:ic Hock" :ici|Hiir-d by the Ui:itinl Slates in IXI'i us (mil, ol th:; ci/axiu] lorlllichiinns proteellng Hie bay -and tin.- city, fn addition' Ki ihi! <i!:l dungKwis aiul foiLs, Ihere was an abundance of line, vigorous [leas, inunv of whose di-sfendant.s .art- in evidi-mv even today. J ''In 1 ancient cannon placed dur- m:; this period to eoiujjiaiid Hie bay in every direction still stand silently in tiiej,- embrasures in the waits that border the paths and walks of -The Rock." In 1SCB, the fort was used to hold piisoners, and in 19(;o u was mn . vcMnd into u rest camp for cou- •f-lescent .soldiers from tlie Philip. pine campaign. In 1001 it became the United Manila Society — Personal Mrs. Jnmes Moore, who has been confined In (he lllythevlllc hospital, has been returned home nnd Is said lo be Improving. Mr. and Mrs. Cieorge Sleele. left, tills H-eek for WyeM/R>, Ky., where Mr. .Sleele Is employed with i\ enn- Mriictlnn company. J. 1,, Illnckshfre has relumed t» his home In I'oUnnl, nfter n two Weeks visit with Ills sister, Mrs, A. •I Uurlon mid. other relatives. Mrs. A, I'Ymller fs .spending n while with her daughter. Mrs. Hen Rnyili'r of IndlimniHtlis, Hut. She plans to return to Miinll:i Ihe latter part of next week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Foster, Mr. MIX) Mrs. Clyde 1',-irker nnd children have gone to lieiilou Harbor, Midi., where they will be employed. J nines Vun/nnl, returned last, week from .South liciul, Ind., when: he hus been employed. I-'loyd Silencer, who was taken to a hospital In Jonestoro Sulur- iiiTvous breakdown. His condition Scoiit^Ncws Roys Girls l. Touay is known as No. (>8, and it is he one which Al Capone. Machine inn Kelly, and similar one-time ii.'Wlc enemies now call home. ili-ons: Cell Unit This building is t.he strongest unit in tlie American prison svs- eni. mid under the able direction if Sanford Bales, former federal director of prisons, it lias become .-; near escape-proof as any prison •\ the world. The cells are in four stacks. uree tiers high. The livo center Hacks are made np of 336 maxi- tuun security cells. On either side ire 252 minimum security cells. iitirds in Ihe interior of the cell ,-iuse command the cell blocks day nil night, armed with s.-nvecl-olf 'loigims and automatic pistols. . Back of the cell bouse, in the hie buildiiiK, are tl.-c mess hall nd kitchen, and the hospital on Dancing unclothed (except for a bubble) before a niglit club audience is nothing compired lo the apprehension of appearing Jully clothed (and very demurely, too) before a group ot Harvard freshmen—that's the opinion ot Sally Rand, shown above as she told (he Class ol 1!H1 "How lo Be Intelligent, Though Eduented." Sall.y tried on every dress in her wardrobe before choosing the chaste while gown in which she is pictured, the second floor. The vegetable room, bakery, print shop, refrigeration room, shower bath and clothing room are under the kitchen unit, Evw-y opening lo the outskle of tlie building is protected by bars of tool-proof steel. The roar entrance (o the cellblock leads to a walled enclosure used as the recreation yard. The prison laundry, woodworking plumbing and other workshops are reached through this yard, all of which is included in (he restricted area which is always under tin- lentinl gunfire. Rnta Courier » B ni, CHECK YOUB AUTOMOBILE WORRIES HEADQUARTERS "UMIIX llu- Program of fsi-ouihiit" v,-lll In' tin- theme of the linul meel- l»!f »1 Ihe Dor Kcoiit Ix-ailcr's Tralnlnx course nf the 1'MrM I'res- byteriim elutrch \Viihu'sil;»y idi'hl. Ill 7:00 o'clock, llel'ore (ho Ojienim; of the mer-1- liili. pri-sidcd over by Mai\-u>, I-.V- i-ard, sioiitnuiMcr, (tin M'nlor patrol lendi-r, ,1. A. I'lirkett, will lead ihir Kiojiji in playliiK mimes. "The Program ot .Scouting and How It Is Used" will be Hie s-ih- jcct used Wednesday ulvlit by Kuli- ert C Miinnili, dl-.tiici .'.rout cxr,-. tillvi- win) Is leai-hliv! lhi> coai-.e hen-. I'alrol llll't'dini'i will l,i- hrlil ;,t the conclusion ol Mr. Macnab'.s talk. At, this Ume. members will reiKirts, iiivpnri; slum "stunts dem- onstiailug any part ol s.-out law mill study u-iulwroot, fciiot.s. llnrlnn the iicxi]! perlml vi-hli-h will |H!!OM I (he jutrol stunts will be imsiin'.i-d nnd knot i;nnu>s u-lll be iilnyed. Vids ])erio<l will be concluded wlih n llr.i:-;:;. sons; cnplnji:, film l-.lsle nowors dlseussed "Wlmt Can lie UCIIK; to Increase llw> income" and l.eon Rings ji'iive a tidk on "How lo nnprovi- Ihe Farm." IJurhn: I be business meeting Hie iLlJi'-Aliu; tiiib i-iiplnjiis mude re- i:(iils: \v. 'I 1 . Morion, cutlim; I \Vnyne t'uvn, jilg; .laimli' Mac il'riult, KiiitlMitiii: (mil cannliin; Cinln n Wiilluee, iiiliilny; aiul Mary Hilcn Kciims. room liniirovi'- ifiiiit, A dijufjit.stidtioii O n cotton vi.iletiei ami i-lli|iiclli' and every- diiy was given hv l> V I.Ufllorh, ;.,-.. 1 |-,l:|||| coimtv ai'lldll- :i u.l Mrs. Curler visited Mr. nnd Mrs. l.onnie J'ljlow.s of near Cot- touwood Ferry Sunday, 'llicy were iieeoinpanled home by Mr. nnd Mrs. Raymond Carter, who Mvc hcen visitlin; in Tennessee lor the imsi few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Horner and Mr. and Mrs. Bill ilovner vlsilcd In Kiilherrord, Teiui., Sunday. Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs, Bill Horner pinn to remain there Tor two weeks visiting relatives and friends. Bill Di-oivn Irnnsndcr! business in frvinsiton, ill,, Sunday. Cecil Vassal- nnd Chick Wcln- stein left Saturday for Chicago, III., on, business. They pl:ln to return Tuesday. Roy Moore and Edward Heynnlds spent Sunday in Memphis. Mrs. Harden Meadows and daughters, Jimmie and Jimniln left Monday for nn extended visit In i Kokomo, Ind. Raymond Miller of Memphis, Tenn.. transacted business in Manila Monday. Mr. and Mrs. II. L. King and children vLsilcd in Mouclle. Ark,, Sunday. Miss Mildred Houl of Tucker-' man. Ark., is visiting Mr. nnd Mrs.' R. J. McKlnnon nnd Miss- Clnudta Hout of Manila. ' 4-Tt Chi I) Notes The likron !-][ club met. Mnn- lay, Mny il. when 15 club mem- "ii.s and two leaders v.cre pr-;s- nt. The pie.sidi'nl, Curl tfugeiic JiiiLcan. pn-sldi'd over the meel- i'H. 'ihn group wing "Home on he llanye- led by Mary Ullcii «3SOMM nusinj>; (hit Our New TiRES Miinsliuld Coiulyejir I'lrcslonc 251 OFF All Tires (inarantwti Arian Auto Parts 12S_li. Main !•( 0 ,;(! The pause that refreshes... makes housework Discuss Canning- Bwltfct Ant! Preparing Meals l',nin wuineii i,mi in cominii- Illtll", ill IHillli ;,ll',-,t:;-,lp|)i t-dUllly lii".'u:.-t-|| Hie I'.nmlll'j hmljjel Ilir (Hi'ii l.iinlli'.. :,i,i learned ubiiul iiiiiiii iniikin;! mid (he jiid'jIhH of cuke an;! bir:ii| when Miss (li-rtiudi- I-:, l.'imant, shiti. extrusion fooil s|M-!'lali; r t, ( '<iiidiii.'led special iriM'l- IlIKS l-'liilay u ml Katllnluy. ' • -he tuel. with Ml nit'inbcrs o[ llniKr n< fiion-tialiiin i-luhs iioiti l)>-'l, I'eny, Yailyio, tla-inell, 1/niL' <:,'k. Hall Mnan nnd Kknm In a m/'i'linx ill I)H. XViiitiiiit's club ,S:Unr- llt women from dubs ut lUiyiilon. f.'.'irinl, I'airvlciv, I'awhcen. lirown ' anil Manila, held Friday »[ l.each-1 vllli-e. Tills mrcUny, was a( Ihe new ' IIBIIII- economic,-; hill. ,' In pri'senlliw llu'eaniiin, biid-ii'1,1 Ml-c: Conmd i'iii|ili!isl/nl tbi> wlstloiiil of rniinliiK. iicciirdliii, lo (he bud(;el. which gives tlie iiinomd needed of each pnuiiiel lor ench nci-sim ot HIP liniillj' diirliHf one your, Tomnte: 1 :;, carrols, linel.s, si i Ing beans, butler beiuis, i-cirnheld pens, okra, .iK|>nriif!iis, triim, WHIP mixture, npi'k-uls, pears, ilitibml), plums, gniiK's, eherrlej, huekleterrles. fruit Juices, meats, iiresorvcs, jellies, dried flesh vwlnhlcs (corii and peas) and drlwi d-ulls, wcro llsled, \Vmii;ii], (in, lice.lies Cureers I'QHr WAYNK. |ml. nil') Mrs. Ciirollno'liinaii. Hut, Wayne, who luu; celebrated her UOth birth- d:iv. hcllevi", ihni. || M . p!n c e lor wonii-ii is in HID home, "i have never voted in my ||f ( .," „„,, wl [,| i 'anrl what's iiiori'. | uever will." ' j O])liit-ii piimllng in ||,, : j,.!,,,! i iwnvlnci' ol f.'Jihm Jm.s- Ix'en In-' I'lriiM-d. Tlie .liiiinncse lejjnrd ' "I* 1 is a pnilllnbli! crop unit en- PAGE THREE cowiixo Us cultivation by ctitllnf; Ilio pMduetloti tax fn" half. CAllt) OP THANKS We tire very grateful lo all who lave been so Ih'ougbtriil of us in' our bereavement, the drowning of Charles t.ce lloterson. The special kindnesses .shown by (lie Uev. I Kiiphu D, lieasley and tlie H«v, v. j M. .Sweet will ulv/ays be remc-inlicr- ! '''Ii Mrs. U'ora nolierson, wife. i Cliarle;; Unlpli rjobcrson, son. ! Mr. mid Mrs. [,. A. Koborson, ' imvenl.s. .li'sse Itobei-Mn, brolber. Me. nnd Mivt. jjlciimd Vnrijm, uncle and aunt, 1'93S Plymoulh Sedan ....................................... $195 """'! ^'lujie ............ K, t 'I'raili: 1931-ChevroJct Coupe ............................................ $89 H'lllS (Icillll .......... <illll|| 'I'd-,..! 1936 Chevrolet '/ a Ton Pick-Up ....................... $275 <'l'--tn .......... Low !M|leni>i> 1035 Chevrolet «/j Ton Truck ........................... $165 1936 G!M.TpX 5 Ton Truck .......................... $375 Ji'i'ir W. II., Slake limly. Itrul liny. LEE MOTOR SALES Jnc. (.'. iV. <'. T Mi \',. Main Ol.nSMOHILKS Sales & St'rvia 1 I'hone .'529 REPLACE YOUR SMOOTH LAST year highway accidents cost (he lives of more than 40,000 inciij women ;nui children and nearly a million and a quarter more-were injured. More than 52,000 of these ileathsand injuries were caused directly l>y puncfures, blowouts and skidding WORN TIRES AND BE SAFE due to smooth, worn, unsafe tires. A recent survey discloses that 59 million tires now in use arc, or will become smooth this year. Do your part to make driving safer. Replace smooth tires on your car. Come in today and equip with Firestone Convoy Tires and save 25%. easier LET YOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER MAKE YOUR CARSAFE FOR SUMMER DRIVSNG M AKK just one stop for Magnolia SUMiMBHI/E Sci-vire and you can stop worrying aliout whelhcr or nnl your cnr is proleotcd for hot wather drivins. in addition (o hral-resistinR Mobil- nils ami iMohiljrrcnses and lonp;-mileagc your Friendly i\Ia»nolia Dealer makes a (borough inspection of ra- t.'iator, tiros, battery and chassis. Nothing is overlooked lo help you avoid (rouble. Drive in now at Iho .%„ of the Flyin s - Red Horse. Change Now fo Summer Grade When you spend hours in a hot kitchen, spend a minute for nn ice-cold Coca-Cola from your refrigerator. Enjoy uVimtise lhat refreshes...ami cools. Buy a handy six-bottle carton froin vour dealer. FIRESTONE CAN GIVE YOU SUCH A HIGH QUAIITY TIRE AT 'SUCH A NEW LOW PRICE '/ /? j A5CCC«4fil'ircsfoiie saves moiicVliycoiitrolliiig and securing rubber and cotton at the source and by more etTicicnt miiiuifacniriiig and distribution. Tlu-se saviiiRs make possible more exiro values at low prices: New High Quality-lMrst C h 0 i cc rubber ;m d selected cotton tliat conforms to Firestone's hi t! li standards and rigid specifie.iiiDiis. Long Mileage — Safe, silent tread desi fi ,i made of lough, slow ttc.irin({ nihhcr that assures long milcafic. Sturdy bars and n. Kge d notches lint «ive full protection against skidding. , Blowout Protection-Nine cxlra pounds of rubber are added to every 100 pounds of cord by the J-ircstone Itemed Gum.Dippi» B process. Every cord ii, every p y u saturated u'i.l, li ( ,,,id rubber which counteracts internal f friction and heat that ordinarily cause blowouts. Puncture Protection - Firestone's prueiuec! construction of two c^tra layers of Gum-Dippcd cords under the tread lliat protects auainsl punctures. Come in today, us put a sel of ibese large si:e, rugged, Ions wearing Firestone Convoy Tires on your car — remember, you save 25%, COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Phone 3f>6 Blvlheville BATTERIES *%£ tnc roi on "CHMOEOVEI" Ft:(E FIRESTONE SPARK PLUGS 65° t». FIRESTONE fl'JTO SAD!0 19" MOST HUES PER DOLLAR 4.50-20.. 4.50-21.. 4.75.19.. 5.00-19. 5.25-17.. 5.25-18.. 5.50-17.. 6.00-16.. 6.25-16.. Crook, am l M,:rg,net Listen to the Voice cj t'irtilone ft attiring fi Qrcbettr.i, untler Ihe tlimtim of Aljrtil V Time in rm ihe lircstoho Voice of ihe Farn> TUdio p n , Rram ,Ji cc <rael> Jc'ckTlu"^^!^'..^,?^'^' . r »(h and Walnut Phone S10

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