The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 3, 1949
Page 14
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FACE FOURTEEN BLVTHEV1LLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, I94» THi NATION TODAY— Truman Proposal for Arming West Europe Gives Signal for Another Parade to Wasfi/ngton Br James Marlow WASHINGTON, Aug. 3. (fly-H's when »'c get ituo Uie £oKign Held th»t th« Mr. Big Parade really begins in Washington. It President Truman asks to approve a foreign program he's worked out, you can sit In Topeka and call tne shot.s. His first team—the State Department. Army, ambassadors and so on—beats It up to congress to plug for the program. Thews nothing strange about* that. Congress would want to hear Iheir say-so, whether or not they wanted to go. It would be strange, though, it one of the team crossed up his bos*, Mr. Truman, and tore one of the programs to pieces. You don't see that happen often. And there's 3 good reason for that, Most of the team probably helped him put the program together In the first place. So the members of the team march up to the capito) day after nesses, would draw up bills for the House and Senate to vote fin. Right there a little nunpus started. Arms? The Senate Armed Knv- ire Committee thought it oilBlll. to handle the hearing- But it goes right to the heart of our foreign relations. So the SHiiue's Foreign RplatUins Committee thought it ought to handle the hcarinss. Joint Hearing Arranged The two proud committees finally .lew building or extensive repairs on the present building. To meet the requirements of these school needs a tax levy of 30 mills will be necessary. Therefore, the Board of Directors are submitting those proposals to the patrons of the district at ihe annual school election which will be held September 27, 1843. Given tills the 26th day of July 1919. Board of Directors, r. A. Bom-land. President Mamieiing Tories, Secretary 1 27-83-10 day, nod their heads "yes." speak , fo]VI , ( j ll]ls 0]1(1 ])v umtlm , ,iiem- their pieces, get their pictures tak- U elv( , s imo „ L . ol ,;i,j m . ri t ,, mm i U( 'C en, and go tack to work. ' It's the forfign program which always seems to bring out the biggest boys in Washington. Take the arms-for-Kurope program. Mr. Truman dropped that into Congress 1 basket July 25 and »sktd I°r $1.450,000,000 to pay (or it. This was pretty hot, The Parade Starts That arms program had been one of the most talked-of things In ! Washington for months. Everyone j knew Mr. Truman was getting ready io hand it to Congress. It ^as just a matter of when. ' And it became clear before the messga* reached congress at all that there'd be some opposition to it. The arguments ran like this: INFORMATION HEAO-M.ij.- Gen. Floyd L. Parks, nbovo, now deputy commander in the Pacific, will succeed the late Maj.- Gen. Vernon E. PriU:hnr<I as chief of the Army Public Information Division. Genera! Parks served as informntion chief from 194G until August, 1948. Mr. Truman was asking too much money [or It; or he shouldn't have too much authority in using the money; or there shouldn't be such p program at alL- So Mr. Truman was going to have a bit of light on his hands to get It through. There'd have to be hearings before the congressional committees for the hearings on thi.s one program alone. They began to get ready for the hearings. Hut the Vlou^e Foreign Affairs Committee beat the Senate's combined committee by suiting 1 hearings of its own first. Once more the big parade moved up to the bill to put in a plug ior Mr. Truman's program and one by one the following testified before (lie Hou^e com 'ittee or sent a .statement to it: First, Secvelnvy ot State Ache.soiv, then Secretary "of Defense Johnson; then Gen. omar N. Bradley, army chief of staff; W. Averell Harrjman, loving ambassador for I lie Marshal! plan in Europe; Lewis Douglas, ambassador to Britain; Henry P. Giady, ambassador to Greece. General George c. Marshall, former secretary of state, was asked to testify by the committee and he did. in favor of ihe plan. And ye:terclay Acheson and Johnson l>egan repeating their rounds I'KOrOSKl) KUIlCiKT OF KXI'K.N'MITUKKR AM) TAX I.KVY I'OK SCHOOL VKAH HI'XilNNINC: JOI/V 1. M50 TO AND IXCMJDIXG JUNK 30, 1351 The Doard ol Directors of Brinkley School District No. 52 of Mississippi County, in compliance \vllh the requirements of Admcudmcnt 40 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, have prepared atid hereby make public a proposed budget of expenditures together with tin- tux levy a.s follows: General Control Instruction . Operation of Plant .... Maintenance of School plsnt 5CO.OO Auxiliaiy services 3300.00 Capital Outlay 2625.00 Debt Service 625.00 Fixed Chaiges 375.00 . $100.00 12.CCO.OO ,. HOO.OO Which, after hearing a lot o[ wit- ! of the Senate's combined committd Totnl . 20,025.00 This e-Uimau- includes the reUre- by testifying before a closed session I inent of nn indebtedness which would incurr by the building of a I'KOPOSKI) BUDGET OF KXPKND1TURES TOUKTIHIR WITH TAX I.KVV I-'OK FISCAL VKAIi KKCjINNING JULY I. IMO AST) INCLUDING 4UNK 30, I9M The Board of Directors of GO.S- iell School District No. 6 of Mte- >i.vsi|»|ii County. Arkansas, in compliance with the requirements of Amendment N'o. 40 to the,,Constitu- lion of the state ot Arkansas, adopted November 2, 1948. h:we irepaveri. approved, and hereby irmke public the proposed budget of expenriiltires together with the tax rate a.s loHows: Gener:,! Control. $200000, Instruction. S3C.417.00; Operation o! School Building. $4.500.00; Maintenance of .school plant ami cquip- m<iil s^ 000 00; Auxiliary" (including trairsjx>rtationl; $5.550.00; Capital Outlay. $2.71300; Fixed Charges. $1,650.00; Debt Service. $4.533.00. To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures lh< Board of Directors proposed a tax levy of 30 mills. This tax levy Includes the present continuing levy for the retirement of present Indebtedness, of 9 mills, and to provide for an adequate school program for the year 1950 and 1951 school term. If the alcove proposals fail, the whole school program will be. great- y curtailed and will mean a down- vard grading of your school. Your chool it what you make it. We can all give IL our support. Given Ink 27 day of July, IMS. Board of Directors, Gosnel) School District No. 6 of Mississippi County, Arkansas By ROKS Caldwell, President »nd G. R. Ledbetter, Secretary PROPOSED BUDGET Of KYPENim UKKS TOGETHER WITH TAX LEVY FOR FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, I9M TO AM) INCLUDING JUNE 30, 19il The Board of Directors of Armorel School District No. 9 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, in compliance with the requirements of Amendment No. 40 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, adopted November 2, 1948, have prepared, approved, and Hereby make public the proposed budget of expenditures together with the tax rale as follows: General Control. $800.00; Instruction, $37,000.00; Operation of school building, $1000; Maintenance of school plant and equipment, $!600; Auxiliary Agencies (including transportation), $10,000; Fixed Charges 'Insurance), $2100; Debt Service, $4600.00; Capital outlay. S50.COO. To provide for Vhe foregoing proposed budget of expenditures (he Board of Directors propous a Uz 1 levy of at mills. This lax levy Includes the present continuing levy for the retirement of the present Indebtedness. 14 mills of the above proposed lax levy of 29 milk is for a proposed bond Issue of $63,000, estimated to run 20 years, for the purpose of erecting and equipping new school buildings ajid making improvements and additions to presenl school buildings and refunding outstanding bonds, which will constitute a continuing annual levy until Ihe principal of and interest on the bonds are paid In full. Given this 27 day of July, 1949. Board of Directors, Armorel School District No. 9 ol Mississippi County, Arkansas By E. H. Hale, President and Arthur Vance, Secretary WANT USHT FLUFFY BISCUITS THAT MELT YOUR MOUTH rHT ^| .CUiTS 1 r IN ] >UTH ?J You'll get • (oo4 4e«1 when 70* come to MS for all y«ur home ap- pliance needs. "We lure every- thing fine In Ihe electrical Un*. 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