Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona on November 9, 1987 · Page 18
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona · Page 18

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1987
Page 18
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br Arizona TJailn Slur Tucson, Monday, November 9, 1987 MOVIE TIMES U.S. teen emblazons Beatles on family barn CHARDON, Ohio (AP) Teenager Jenny Strumbly has introduced a new twist to the American tradition of painting advertisements on barns. She painted her favorite music group, the Beatles, on the side of her family's barn. While her classmates may be fans of U2 and Bon Jovi, Jenny, 17, has taken a liking to the music of the Beatles. The 10-by-25-foot painting is based on a photograph inside the Beatles' album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," which was released 20 years ago. "It was a challenge," said Jenny. "I had to constantly go up and down (scaffolding) to compare and check proportion." She painted the drawing color by color, completing the project in 1 y2 , weeks during the summer. (Check with theaters for time changes) AMC CAMPBELL PLAZA (326 7500) "Death Wish IV" (R) 5:15, 7:30, 9:45. "Fatal Beauty" (R) 5, 7:15, 9:30. "The Hidden" (R) 5:30, 7:45, 9:55. AMC CINEWORLD 4 (745-6059) "Stakeout" (R) 2, 5, 7:30, 9-55 '"The Sicilian" (R) 7: 15, 9:30. "The Pick-up Artist" (PG-13) 2:30,5:30,7:45,9:55. "Can't Buy Me Love" (PG-13) 2:15,5:15,7:30,9:45. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (G) 2:30, 5:30. AMC EL CON 6 (881-1696) "Russkies" (PG) 2:15, 5, 7:15, 9-45 '"Suspect" (R) 2, 5, 7:30, 9:55. "Hiding Out" (PG-13) 2:30, 5:15, 7:30,9:45. "Princess Bride" (PG) 2:15, 5:15, 7:15, 9:30. "Less Than Zero" (R) 2, 5:30, i 7 45 9 55 1 ' '"The Hidden" (R) 2:30, 5:30, ' 7:45.9:55. AMC ORACLE VIEW 4 (888-4099) "Suspect" (R) 2:30, 5:45, 8:15. "Less Than Zero" (R) 2:15, 6, 8:15. "Like Father Like Son" (PG-13) 2:30, 5:45,8. "Hello Again" (PG) 2:15, 6:15, 8:30. AMC SHOWCASE (326 2425) "Personal Services" (R) 5:30, 7:45. "Prince of Darkness" (R) 5:45, 8. AMC VALENCIA VISTA (746-1823) "Can't Buy Me Love" (PG-13) 6, 8:30. "La Bamba" (PG-13) 5:30, 8. "Someone to Watch Over Me" (R) 8:45. "Stakeout" (R) 5:45, 8:15. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (G) 5: 1 5, 7. NEW LOFT (624-4981) "Ping Pong" (NR) 7:30, 9:20. Mann BUENA VISTA (747-1886) "Fatal Attraction" (R) 11:45 a.m., 2:15,4:30, 7:15,9:45. "Fatal Beauty" (R) 1 1:45 a.m., 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30. Mann PARK MALL (747-0487) "Stakeout" (R) 1, 5:25, 9:55. "No Way Out" (R) 3: 10, 7:40. "Someone to Watch Over Me" (R) 1:30, 5:30, 9:20. "Surrender" (PG) 3:30, 7:30. "Death Wish IV (R) 1, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 10. "Made in Heaven" (PG) 1,3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 10. Plltt CATALINA (881-0616) "Hiding Out" (PG-13) 5, 7, 9. Plitt CROSSROADS (327-7067) "Baby Boom" (PG) noon, 2:30, 5, 7:30, 10. "Hello Again" (R) 1, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 10. "Princess Bride" (PG) 12:30, 2:45, 5, 7:15,9:30. "Jean de Florette" (PG) noon, 2:15,4:45, 7:20, 9:50. "Dancers" (PG) 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7,9:15. Plitt EL DORADO (745-6241) "Like Father Like Son" (PG-13) 5, 7:15,9:15. "Dirty Dancing" (PG-13) 4:45, 7.9. Plitt FOOTHILLS (742 6174) "Dirty Dancing" (PG-13) 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:35, 9:40. "Russkies" (PG) 12:50, 3, 5:05, 7:10. 9:15. "Made in Heaven" (PG) 1,3:10, 5:15, 7:25,9:35. "Fatal Attraction" (R) 2, 4:30, 7, 9:25. DRIVE-INS APACHE (De Anza) (746-3286) "Killing Time" (R) 7, 11; "Inner-space" (PG) 8:58. "Beverly Hills Cop II" (R) 7:06, 1 1:03; "Predator" (R) 9:13. DE ANZA (De Anza) (745-2240) "Hello Again" (PG) 7, 10:35; "Adventures in Babysitting" (PG-13) 8:51. "Fatal Beauty" (R) 7, 10:52; "Running Scared" (R) 9. "Born in East LA." (R) 7, 10:33; "La Bamba" (PG-13) 8:40. "Near Dark" (R) 7, 10:44; "The Principal" (R) 8:50. TUCSON FIVE (624 9305) "The Hidden" (R) 7, 10:25; "Hellraiser" (R) 8:50. "Prince of Darkness" (R) 7, 1 0:45; "Stakeout" (R) 8:50. "Death Wish IV" (R) 7, 10:10: "American Ninja IV" (R) 8:45. "Fatal Attraction" (R) 7, 1 1:05; "Lethal Weapon" (R) 9: 15. "Hiding Out" (PG-13) 7, 10:30; "Ferris Bueller's Day Off' (R) 8:45. The rating guide below refers to the code symbols used in Tucson theater advertisements and conforms to the Motion Picture Code of Self-Regulation. Ratings apply to pictures released after July 1 , 1 984. G: General audiences; all ages admitted. PG: Parental guidance suggested; some material may not be suitable for children. PG-1 3: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance to children under 13; some material may be inappropriate for young children. R: Restricted; those under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian. X: No one under 1 7 admitted. Page Four Section B IT ft 71 vvn I Wall Grandy's HW 0 oi yum lusi coil k mm w w mm or a home-cookec Hungry? If you've got time for a burger, you've got time for a meal. You don't have to settle for a burger just because you're in a hurry. You can go to Grandy's for a homestyle meal in no time. A Grandy's meal starts with tender fresh chicken, tasty country fried steak, hickory-smoked ribs. Then we add your choice of vegetables, and our special made-from-scratch dinner rolls-a real meal, fast. We serve homestyle meals for breakfast, too: Scrambled eggs or hotcakes with steak, sausage, buttermilk biscuits and gravy. At Grandy's, you get a meal for about the same price as a burger and fries. And it's served just as fast. Try Grandy's. Our meals aren't like most fast food. And that's what you'll like best about them. j (11 If th thru " ' ' j8lwj y'.A-J J-g.Ty'L p ijijiiii inJii) mmmtmmmm mmimmmtmKtl w. lumlwm iiii.ff' ' ' E0Sjlj u h rfiVll V.Vl -HL . m; . . i s - T I "i-. . fit IIW . : , NOW WE'RE GLOVER o OLIVER'S GLEANERS Free pick up and delivery! We also accept competitor's coupons! vr CTITTC I OR PLAIN DRESSES I V I 1 frr $199 : $J49 I 112387 I I 112387 9mm I Coupon must accompany incoming ora'r" fPLAIN SHIRTS. SKIRtTI SWEATERS OR BLOUSES I I 112387 jPm I I 1 T I L GLOVER : m T-i w unnp 2605 . Bfdi- 1 Golf Links Harrison 5443 f Pinw 5639 E. Broodwoy 4777 E. SunriU7 X Coupon a pleat LXPires. X. H L. any , 123b wm mjrn inntu I 8701 E. SpMilmiy 7937 Orocl Id GfHn Vallty Locolions 3930W lrwd Gtnn Vollay Moll 3380 S till A 378 W Conlinanlal 34IJN. l!l Avi, MSI S. LoCoooJo OLIVER'S CLEANERS 8524 E. Broodwoy 3705 It. Compbell 1525 N. Wilmol 7000 E Tonque Varde 3720 W lnolood132 1996 E. Irvmgton Main Plant 300 E. 7 Si. 6336 N. Orinle Sp. C302 7131 E. 22nd Stun 5637 N Swot li. 2449 E 6 Strut 4049 N Rnmato Id LOCATIONS 624-0445 r Opens Wednesday Nov. 11, 1987 the new Broadway Store 7131 E. Broadway at Kolb K-MART BROADWAY KOLB Grandy's ABCO HOME DEPOT Dine In Drive thru Carrv Out 7131 E. Broadway Broadway and Kolb 296-3100 When you just can t wait for a home-cooked meal." OPEN DAILY 6:15 AM - 10:00 PM 1120 N. Oracle Road (South of Ihe Tucson Mall) 888-1457 The University of Arizona Foundation announces the inauguration of its first comprehensive capital campaign The CENTURY Capital Campaign A Commitment to Greatness The Century 11 Campaign seeks to raise S100 million to enhance all activities of the University of Arizona and to transform our outstanding university into one of the world's great institutions of higher learning With more than $35 million announced in the pacesetting campaign, the University is confident of achieving this goal. We also announce formation of the campaign's volunteer leadership in The Office of the Chair Fred T. Bok c VtMclt'llf R'iit'-R.'JvK Gmim Roy P. Drathman G'-immr fi.n P. liiimn K.ciiiv Dirk Brockcma.Jr. Chtm muM and Cl.O BtHM sr G'l'jviiilmn Karl tiler Oi.iimnm it the RwJ Cmk K Coidtion William A Isles. Jr. Tlif tsd's (7('tn;itiv Man ia Grand 'tt'S!it't!( Ru ha J Giiin.' ri'iniiiilii'n Pclcr Kicwit. Jr ,'it'tllc ( Hilliic'ift if- Kt'itti. uS Norman P. MtClrlland Chanman oj the Board .Slitntiv I; Itl Gim;nn Henry Koffler Pii-siJtii! The I 'iinriM( i .At icihui John R Norton C.lklltllUiil f- ( "fiO . R Sot ton C.ompan Donald N. Soldwcdel I'n-Mdcnl ck t n .VMNHiYIS. (tl Ja) C. Stuckey. Jr (. lilt' tvii!it Holier Hit' RopnHh Cioup LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE RESOL'ON NO 14779 A RESOLUTION O tm vavqp ASO COUNCIL OF the city of Tucson, declar-so rrs intention TO IMPROVE BV The CONSTRUCTION OF STPEET LtGHTS IN CERTAIN PO'ONS OC F!FTH STREET, APPROVING ASSESSVENT D'S'P'CT DIAGRAM, DETERMINING THAT The PROPOSED WORK. OR IVPROVEVENT IS C V0RE THAN LOCAL OR ORDINARY PUBL'C BE NE C!T, AND DETERViNG THAT IMPROVEMENT B?NDS 3E ISSUED BY THE CITY OF TUCSON TO REf SENT The COSTS AND fXPENSES THRECC, UNCtR Tm PROVISIONS OF fTLE 48, Chapter 4, aR-clE 2, arZ0na REVISED STATUTES AND AMENDMENT'S AND SUPPLEMENTS THERETOSAD APPROVEMENT TO BE KNOAN AS THE -Fh STREET COUNTRY CLUB ROAD TO ALVERNO AAY DiS'RlCT LIGHTING IMPROVEMENT ", AL BE.NG WTHiN THE CTY OF ' TUCSON, AR ZONA. be rr RESOLVED Bv MAvqr AND COUNCJL s OF THE CTY OF TUCSON. AR'ON A: ,, iECTiON 1. That jxc cr convenience reduce one nxi n n fe"oo o me Vror ono Council Of f C o Tut to oroer the two! worn o be peftx'a d- 1. Txjt on FrfT see. Ccumry CKjC Rood to Atvemon wov, crft 5ee tpojetef or nete'swrv oooo-oncev C tn0"ej. Ail oe'dos. vooes, &rrtwom oro ocoys ii &e 05 on Cttv 00 Tucson Eno- 3-.on Pon Na F-M1. 2. TNJt o oer nc-oe'ot Such as mstng pi borrictjors ono :j cor'-oi be tnouoeo a part a mork provoec V T int precefng txrr roc am at snon an E-vrrnfl Dfvison Pjr, No. ' 3 m 0 corucfv arc tscoyyn hre-bore orovoeo Dr 0 cc-jCeo one lr$tojel o occrx ono o afevc as snon on Cv of Tjcvr1 E'er,9 C'v-w Par No f--0' ono rf1 otcoroonce Srr8 Scc-co-on ofo Sar-ooro Der, or'' 0re 0 e CtY E-- rgr X tf CV C C V 0 A'- ;ra yx: vee'ecr-ov ono tonoard c- ore o9 4t ar oecon o ooov 0N5 ana m-cr art occceO By Mcor one OwKt or ws noroierrt ana ant toecifarv mooe a port hereof. The foregoing worn $noH Herenoe", and for o reso-hitKns, orotnonce. notCM onJ coocts pertoning tnereta be reer'eo to os Ftftti Stree, Counry OuB Rood to Atvernon Way District L 101 ting tmorove ment. SECTION J. The Cttv Engineer of the ON of Tucson has mode ono orepored duo'cae oogrom$ of me propertv contomed itnm the ossessmen district ond to be assessed tor m costs ono eoenses of the work described m Secton l hereof, the t number of soid oot or diogrom be-ng F-s-oi. Sod dKjgram snows eocn seooroe lot, piece or parcel of tond, numbered consecytiveiv, oreo tn square feet ond the frontage m rtneo) fee of each of such tots,-peces or porces of tond to be assessed to cover the costs and expenses of sod worn, and tne reohve locotton of me some o sod worn or improvement. Sod d'ogrom are hebv aooroved ond adopted as me assesseme Oogrom for sod wort. The Cfty Ciert is hereby orected o ce-Mty uoon vokJ d'Ogrom me oct tot me 0 ogrom$ have been aooroved by me Mover and Council of Ctv o Tucson, ana me dote mereof, arc shai oeMver the some to the Superintendent of St--eev SECTON X Tne Mavor and Camx" of me Oty or Tucson hove aetermmed and oc so oroe' mo o portion of me acnx cos of i'-provemert arscrced he-en be borne ov me Cv o t-jcvjo SECTtON 4. The V0 C0r,tem07d war or Inxrove-ment, in me oonion of te Mavor ond Counc n of more than loco) or ordarv pubc bee, and me vd Mayor and Couc he-ec moe e cos's and expenses of sod worn or rforovee. mciO"g hx-oetoJ and pubxsn-'g cos crorgeot uoon a ostrt, and hereov oecore "o me s-icf sod Crfv of Tucson, bene eo bv SOO wort or imorove-ment ono to be assessed o oo e ccss od epeses thereof in prooorNjn o bee to be oe'vec mere"0" s oescted as cci CONSUiS'ADOR MfO'S A DC TON Bioct 1 - South ftC feet of u Let 2 BuNEwL ADOTiON Boc 1 Lot 14 Boo 1 - Lot 7 vrouah 12 EL CONQUISTADOR ESTATES Bloc 1 Lots 1 through 6 Bioc 2 - Lots 1 thrown 13 EL ENCANTO ESTATES, INC - Lon 48 throug 60 - Lots tB2 ond "&3 EL MONTEvlOEO ESTATES Boc 8 - Los through 10 FACANTO PARK Bock 15 Lo I Boc 16 - Los 8 through 14 ENCANTO PLACE TOANHOMES Los 1 througn 78 Lot 7? - Common Aea PASEO D EL ENCANTO Lots 1 through 4 - CCTwnort Area A RiOGE $uBDviSON - Los 1 mrougn 4 SPEEDAAY v ADDmON Bocx 8 Aest 66 JO feet of Lot f Lots mrough 12 South i6 eet of Lot 1 Bocfc 9 Lots 7 mrough K) - Soum 167 feet of lcs M and 12 - East 278 eet of me Norm ti3 feet of Lot 11 La le ana SPEEDAA vH ADOfTfON RESUSOrvTSON - Lcs '3 mrougn '5 TAMARACK CNQOVIUVS U"S 1 thrrXOT' H Cc-"yjn Ee-et VG-VA hEOts AMENDED Bocft 2 - Los 5 through I Los 25 tojgn 36 .C3, StCHON t. TOWNSHT 14 SOUTH RANGE '4 EAST Tk ocron of ur4Jbdhvjed rd wm o dec1 o t? 30 ee "xre or ess s -g orh o and ooace o F-m See f'&m t east -e o v-fi -3 Heg Areoed o e west fcie of E-corc in ihe sou-wes aware' c sp 'vjr-west auarer A SuCOv-VrS One Or TSuCO-.'s gl OTV of fhf ooc-.e oesced prooev are e'eb frexoed. a ocar-cc-ed ore or occed oc r me above aescroeo property are nereov rcuoea Alf public sheets crd aHevs and atf pieces ord or porce's of land which mov have been heretofore acoweo bv me City of Tucson ana ore now ded caed to me public use as pubtic streets, oevs or dronogewov whch may be included in me above desenbed assessment district are hereby excluded from the assessment. For a more particular description of the property Contained in me above described assessment a strict, reference is hereby mooe to me Voos and Pas on record i the 0ce of me County Recorder of P-mo County. Arizona, cqpes of wr"ch ore on e in me Ote of the Oty E-g-neer of T-jcsoa Arizona and partcutr reerece is hereby rcooe to me Map of Conoutsooar He-gnts Aoc "oa Boon 6. Page 33. Bun-en Aaeit.on, 800 9, Page 1U; El Ccnauistooor Estates, Book 1 V Page 8?; El E-x:onto Estates, tnc Boo S. Page 35; Ei ,oteviaeo Estates, Boo 5, Page 75; E-kot'o Porx, Boon 8. Page 27; Eo'o Poce Townnomes, Boon 2V Page 16, aseo De Ei Enconta Boon 34, Page 6& Roge SutHyvis-on, Book 11. Poce 4o; Speedway view Aoaton, Book 3, Page it-; Sceecar v Aoc1--c ResubCi vision, B-?ot H, Page 'S. Tamarack Cooomtntut-s, Book 26. Page 32; Virgtn.a Hegt$ Amerced, Book 4, Page ond Vacs of pecans o SecHjn , Towny-,o 14 South, Range 14 East, G:to ona Son fever Base one VerH C-On, P-mo C0UtV, Af'KTa T for-oo cst-t is rtee'xrer rtvfC o as the "Assesse-it D-sct". SECON 5 Tr vavor one Counc hove oeermioed mot iroroveer1 boxs Shan oe ssuec o reoreset me cost one eoe"ses o sue wort or tmoroveent and note s neecv gven mat sue boros snas be issued unae'-me prov scs o Tf as, CNacer 4, rt 2, Ar.zono ev sea 5'o-es. ond oenc!es ord suocee,"s e-ea, in narnt o me C;v of Tucson, but paab o-v ou c a soeoai ud co-teoee e ("01 orxx yjr fs rom me assess-met o hev-ve oosors (S25 00 or over, re-) ng uoad at me act of e rxa me proc oat irsa-,es p be due c Deceioer 1 in eoc year. Sad bcGs sho bear ir-est a 0 rtje ch $rji no exceed ouree oece C4S) per arv ocv-ar on me frv aav of January arj jwy of each year Te DY has eVabkShee a revpfving tunc pursuant to Section 48-6,9, Ar :orb Revised Statutes. The City will moxe progress pavmets tc me condortor from me revoNirig fund upon me foK)w'g ttrs and conditions: Payment .o be on a monthly bas-s At me end Of each month, me COrtrrjcor will SuCm't o City Of Tucson "Estimate for Pavment" form tor me wort, compieted. ess 10S. retention. The final pavment (arc pavment of of retentions) to me contractor shait be mooe from me revohymg fund Sue payment shall be opproximoeiv fifteen oas ctter completion of the wort and occeotonce by me Otv. The contractor shati not be reouired to moe cash conecion. The Citv shad moke me cash co-iect-on as the contractor s assignee SEC T'Cn 6. W ptons ore specificaTiorfs ord me estimate ore hereby ooproved one oocced as me oxai p'ons and soecficat'ons otk) est mate for Fifth Seet, Country Cub Rood to Aivernon Aav District Lignting (moroven-nt. SECTiON 7. The owners of property within me Assessfent D'S'r-ct mo fiie wer prress ogo-nst constructing tre wort or oO'ectcns oga.-.s the ee of me Assessment DEstrict. Soo protests or obectcns snofl be f-eo w rn me Cttv Cert r h-s oce. 255 vvest A an--eoa Tucson, A--irona 85701. Sokj proest, or oc-ec o-s must be f-ed 15 Oovs ater me tost puo- co-on o this resov oa or wrnrn 15 aavs aer me con-o o postir of me Noces o the Proposed frnorovements. whenever dce is oe-. StCT-ON 8 TSe Otv Eg-neer i he-ebv OLor!?ed to fm in onv Crs ore to hnjuc orv rr-vjr ccectons recessory to comote me Dor$ and me speci'-co- t0--S OrC Crroct OOCume SEv.T,CN 9 tt, because a pexg or meotrtea r-n-gcr-on ccnce-'vg o-y oe or nxre oorce-s suo-ect to assessment, cy and Counci one te w -ng b'er rece-,e a w n oco o s booc course sc -g oenog or neo-eec gaton ceates o vt-j-atsn w-e bencs ctt be ssued oq-tist ceran prce or pcrces, te Mavor or Co-"c mo men oer mo e cornjc y ctytroct be moc to ecmoe h-o me aco-cace cac soe or on of me wDrt wNh w bene mrce' or cxrers n oues'ca Te f-Q of a ce-coe one request xj no Donas be ssued 000 -sf any porce) oursuant to Section 45-5 A Ari:ono Revses S'fatytes, rrGy is aeemed to be threatened titot-on. Section 10. Trese tmprovernents snofl be mode and proceed-ngs merfrn sNai te taken, t p.."-.-. dent of V'-eets of the Oty of Tucson sr-a' co. notices of such improve-nent to be po$te as r3J--' 3 by tow, one m such not-ces shot! reer to m-s reso tion of intention ond shaii cause 0 copy of this Res -lution to be published five (5) times in The A' rr j Dc-iy Sor, a aoiiy newsDocer puDshed era crc.-loted m me City of Tucson and hereby oes'groec t t the purpose. PASSED, ADOTcr) flD APPROVED Cv Vcr, anaCDuncii of the City of Tucson, Arizona, Novemc- ' ATTEST- s Donai L DeVent Otv ClER I hereby ceify the fpreeo:ng Resou o -I422v was ouw oossea ora ooccted bv -e '.'a. -one Council ot me C'ty of T jcson at 0 mee 0 on No-emoer 2, Io7, ana that a ouorum was rese Thereat. s Donotd L. Cev- CTy C-. Pufr'snedr Nnveber 5, 6, 7, 9, H 10f7 The Ai-o-na Co Sar NOT'CE re- Vnority Busies? Ene--Dr se D-ecorv The CiV Cf TjcSCn s V -or y BwS-e5S E-pr Program no noer De ser 'vj me v rc D"' -nor w ft be uooc -vj me eis' -g ovectors f --Minority BjS-ess ErerT se Program has s.. : mooe ovo-oDe o me 9 -v: - - new r-r DuSness DT -yj o no c T M--yy BoV Enterprise Program w nr pe t.x:c y ev.-ing oe-venr o a new or-o -or -h ut3ces c-"-each SuCseooent Torrti-g Ty c-r-i orv-- tng or cc cr'ecor should i" ec- e-scc - -us--vj ft arc c f-e V -r v B-.s -es Enerpr P- QrO O 7'-53 OT a new pr Tt-out. Pjcx'snec Nc-.emee- 9, "o, The Anjono Dov Stan Tucson 0

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