The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 8
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'PAGE RIGHT (AUK.) COUJUEU NEWS $4,000,000 Rockefeller Church Opened IN l)l Michigan Republican, Foe . of Mellon, Known as "Scab Millionaire". The second of a scries of thumbnail blojraphlcs of prom- incut Congressmen compiled by Hie editors of "Time, the Weekly N'eivs-inajaziiif," and iirlnlril by special permissionBorn: James ("Jim") Cnuztiif.. Chatham, Out.. Canada, AUK. 20. 1812. Start iji Life: Car-checker in the Michigan Central U. n. Ynuls of Detroit. Career: From his lather's small soap factory al Chatham he, SIR.?:! 18, jjilgrnlcd to Dclrflt. became Var- cliccker. then bill-clerk !or Hie M C. R. n. A. Y. Miilcomsen. coal- dealer, made- him his bookkeeper nl i75 a ihcn'.h. He married Margaret A. Manning of Detroit in 1898, who bore hltn one son, three {laughters. In 1003 Malcomssn helped Henry Tin 1 nntlim's most rosily religious cciilke, Ihe new $4,UOO,COI) Hlvrv- sidc Cluivcli in New York. Is plr- liircd al the rinlit as It :ippe:ued to the thcu i i:nds of woi.shipper:- wlm atien:!i'd ll'e opening servici-. Atovc Is Ihe Hcv. Dr. Harry Emerson Fusdick, fnmous jmlyr of t!.v ehurcli. John 13. Ford start 111;, motor company but.j j [: u s t .|ii,,f patron, wa.s In Km op? eshamcd of the venture, invested j ns the slrnclure was out-necl In l!ic under Couzcns' name. He too vested — $900 savings, $100 borrowed from nn aunt. Later Ford made .him ycneral malinger. ny 1914 lie ' was drawing n $150,000-a-year salary, large dividends. The same year he nrtvlsed, obtained Ford's $5-a-day mlulniiim ivncje. In inif> he quarreled willi Ford's pacifism, resigned, sold his original Sl.OOO Investment for n $30.000,000 check which for days he carried In hlsi pocket, nnbankcd, to show friends. A.; that time he was Detroit's first Strcol Railway Commission chairman. In 191C' he wns police commissioner, In 1919 mayor. He vigorously established municipal street. railways, longvlcw public building programs, traffic signal lights (first city). When In November. 1922, Michigan's Senator Triinmn Handy Nawbcrry resinned under censure for excessive campaign ex-' pendf.urcs, Mayor, Couzons was appointed .to the Senate vacancy. Elected for a six-year term in 1924. j public:. The building, Jusl completed, ir, of limestone trimmed wiih red. I-OW: III ll\ cxpiosivc ellort. But now with colder mornings. he is now the republican cc! stiller oil and less pliable motors, to succeed himself for another sis years. • In Conrrts?: He is known ns an independent voter, a violent parti- tan, a dogged lighter, the Senate's wealthiest member. He is most famed for his fiscal feud with Secretary ol the Treasury Andrew William Mellon. He did no: like the 1924 tax bill, wrote the Secretary so, was infuriated by n snippy reply from a Department subordinate. Ha put through a resolution to Investigate the Bureau of Internal Revenue. This Bureau re- talialed by reopening sn old Ins ca;o against him and all minority Ford stockriders who had sold hkc good pe: their shares. Tin Bureau charged irecled of it. the Scnaor owed the Government $10,000,000. He. vexed, cried sincerely: "I don't give a damn about the $10.000,000, but I don't want to loEe!"'He won his suit, donated his winnings to charity. He voted for: Farm Relict, the Navy's 15-Cruis.5r bill (1928), Tax Reduction, ' Reappcrlionmen;. the Jones ("Five As Ten") Law (1929), the Tariff (1930). He voted against: Farm Relief (1921), Carles Evans Hughes and John Johnston Parker for the U. S. Supreme Court (1930). He votes Dry, drinks wet. In appearance, large, well-built, aciive, he has while close-cut hair, . a square set jaw glittering blue eyes behind pince-nez glasfcs. He dresses -well, conservatively. His I voice Ls hoarse,-blnnlly eloquent In committee, but weak and flustered on the Senate floor. He smokes, swears profusely, Out-of Congress: He lives modestly on Woodland Drive, N. W., when In Washinijiou, drives a Ford ccupe to the Capitol or to Burning Tree Golf Club (average scor 100). Outside Dciroit he lovingly, bitterly maintains a falling .farm, j which he once olfered rent-Sice to anyone who could maka tt pay. He likes poker. Impartial senate observers rate him thus: a hard-headed, rough, ruggedly sincere and able legislator *~ho wants to be a regular Republican, but whose strong convictions ' oten carry him to the Insurgent ranks; a wealthy mnn who often votes against UK desires of Ihe , - wealthy, hence is called "the scab millionaire," who has been onlv slightly softened by eight years of Washington social life. we must Hive ourselves a li'.tl^ cxlra time before starling out. usual winter rule must be recalled, of warming up lhe motor for few minutes before putting work, if we care to keep H in good running' -condition and if we cx- jject any food ros'ilts out of it Of course, rlirht. now. only a mln- ule or so Ls needed to warm up 1112 be begrudged or stinted, or onr haste will In the end be costly an:l troublesome. The engine, above nil. must, lie properly' warmed up before anything like gowl performance can be ex- The time is at hand also to prepare the motor for winter driving. If (he valves haven't, been ground for sonic lime, this should be clone. If the motor lacks power at all. it should be cleaned of ciirbon, lime:! up. timed properly and lightened. Cold vicnlhtr driving requires a heavier tuel mixture, which means setting the carburetor air and fuel intakes for (lint purpose. Thi should best, be lefl to a competent mechanic, for lhe carburetor Is a complicated and delicate instrument and rcnuires expert, treatment for such adjustment. At the same time, an ignition export can set ih? generator so that Us rale ol charge will be higher during lhe winter. With lhe lengthening clays and colder wcal':i- er. there is a greater drain on the battery for lighting and starling, and the higher generator charging rale Is needed to keii lhe b.ittery nt full capacity. Of extreme importance, also. Is preparation of Hie cooling syFlem for cold weather driving. "The radiator should te flushed thoroughly, so that all rust panicles are cleaned out of it. before a solution of ami-freeze and water is put In. In some parts of Ihe country It New Green Holland P&GC-White Octagon, 10 bars !n Cloth Bags I UKUUKCZIN, Hungary. (UP) T:>is cily is constructing IL ma- , m'clpa] crematory which will be liie j of its kind in Hungary. A ' charge of S3 per body will be inci:le i (or cremation. I I '- ' i Watermelons were unlive to li ! Q Standard OrC lUQiial., .'! for Li J Marshmelknvs ShoUvcil's I-Ox. I'kss. :\ I'or S B sasss, T SnaKhulli or f'C Earl 3 Junt- 2 Cans for Inlriuliiced into America until n['.!-r the time of Columbus. Ml? A I l ; ancv Crt-am MBAL 2-1 Lh. Sac i)a ' L ' (jtl '"' V- Nciodks, I'k-v.t) Ing in cold weather, and tlic grease PEACHES SI SS $1,49APPLES ^S i CVRI1P >!;il)le> Vcr M llUl M;ii<l. 12-0/. . PJ/ffW railc - v !>ac:k l/KlUN I No. ->y z Can, Ea. RITZ THEATER Wednesday and Thursday iiMiSKESEE E r nncy New I'acl No! 2 Can, Ka idc of Illinois 9(TC No. 2 Can, 2 for Ld l-ili'iy's, S- 1AC ()/. 6m, Ka 1U 4-qt. basket Concord Nice and Crisp Ifi'^ Conner. Vel. O1C fJCT ATIl^l? Knox - 1>hlin llllSci., Halves canil I «GL/\llllEi-o,- Acirtuhilcs MIIW Kviiporatccl, I'ct or 1AC MlLil Carnation Lar-e CanlU B. CANDY AH - 5C fro,- 10 C I RELLOGGS ^ 2K SS.25 C I OATS " : Wisconsin Good Comedy and Admwsion Jlatineo — lti-:;oc dmission Night — I!y ISltAKL KI.K1N Science Keillor, NKA Service 'radiator with a slnitlcr, If It hasn't Coming of cold mornings, with j any, and to add null-freeze to the fall and winter, reminds us that I water, lint whore it Is sill! !o we .shall have to brcnk 11 hnljit we ! warm for this, nt JeaM prepara- hnvi! ucqiilrnl during the warm : tion .should be made for any em";-- summer dnys. That Is starling jccncy. away in the mornlnj; with llie firs'. linn of lhe innloi. That was comparatively e.isy while the dnys were wnrcn, the oil In lhe crankcnsc Ilon-hif; easily Another feature of the aiitotno- liile which rccinlrc.s nitentlon at thl? time is the oiling and grousing. Lighter oil soon will have to be and Hie engine pliable to the first used, in order to prevent congcnl- in the itial will 1 heavy oil. It Is particularly Important that a heavy, b'.il flowing, oil be ascd ir ! the differential. Otherwise, it a vi'ork a channel in it. lhe cold would keep it In that firm shape, and it would be of no value nt all to (he moving parts' in Ibis section of Hie car. molor. Dul tlinl minute should nnl' Colorado Expects Heavy Migration of Ducks DENVER, Colo.. (Ut 1 ) — Thousands of migratory ducks will come [nlo Colorado 1 Ihis year from stales which suffered heavily from llw drouth, Roland O. I'arvin, ilate game and llsh commissioner be- This shorlagc naturally will drive the ducks to a place whcvc their food is more plentiful, in Ihe opinion of Piirviu. He cxpccls llicm in Colorado ns Ihis slate escaped the droughts. . : ; HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday All Talliintf 1'ictnres. RICHAHI) DIX In 'Shooting Straight' New Serial — LIGHTNING RXPRESS No. I and Comedy. Admission IMaliiuv mid \ighi* 10 and '>')c. TOhen "Wishing Won't CLASSIFIED WXI/ NOTICE Cotton Farmers Don't sell your cotton at these low prices—•We will loan you 9c on your 7-8 middling cotton SEE O.O.Hardawa; °- Ira Crawford Sb. 12'c|FRANKFtlRTE SKM 3K3SSUX AGE, Genuine Black Hawk We Don't Substitute 3 Pound Limit i!i , Tender K C, D. S. Plates Streaked

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