The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR (AHK.V COURIRK NEWS THE BLVTHEVILLE COUR1EK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUSHEB8 C. P.. DABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINE8, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Represent allvw: The liomaa P. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Sac Francisco. Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Bewpt Sunday. Entered as second clusa matter st the post oSice at Blj'thevUle, Arkansas, under act ot Congreu October 0, 1917. Served ty tne UnltM Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city ol Bly'-hcvll!e, lie per week or $6.60 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ot 60 mUes, $3.00 per year, $1.60 for six month], 86c Jor three montlis; oy mail in pcslal Times two to six, inclusive, M.50 per year, in zones ECVCO >rd elghl, $10,00 per year, payable In cdrar.c*. The Coun/y Farm Those impei'islinbie words of T'rcsi- • denl Hoover nbnut "fin ex|)oi'imcml, noble in motive," might appropriately bo applied lo .Mississippi cuiaily'.s new penal farm. Judge Harrison's plan is a splendid one if it works. If it doesn't it will he just one more burden on the taxpayers of the county. And let it be said here that there is no reason why it shouldn't work except the lU'knowlcdtfcd fact that such things are oflen dismal failures. . We arc, beginning to find out that fanning, even under the most favorable circumstances, is a business that cannot succeed without competent management. When men of cxi»ricncc, with their personal fortunes at stake and operating with men dependent upon the product of their labor for their livelihood, fail, it is obvious that success at farming is not easy, it will not be easier when operations are in charge of a man employed on a salary, whose job is perhaps more dependent upon the political fates than upon the results he achieves, and who has under him the misfits of the community, men for the most piu-t with neither' the experience nor ihe incentive to do a good job. The oiti convict lease system was a moral and economic failure. It may he said that whatever the outcome of the county owned farm plan it. cannot be worse than what \ve hail before. That is not strictly true. It could be just as bad morally end worse, for the taxpayers, financially. What it will be depends pretty much altogether upon the character of men the people of this county elect to the county judge's office, and the success these judges huve in. finding farm managers who are both humane and competent. Judga Harrison will make the right kind of a start. The farm is the major item in his program, and his administration will be largely judged by its success or failure. But he will not be in charge always, and it is up to the citizenship - of the comity to realize that a new responsibility has been assumed and that it is their business to help see that it is properly discharged. A Happy Illusion I'm still the KmptTor, former Kaiser Wilhelm H of Germany said the oilier dny. He was in uniform when he made \ the remark, find all the medals from the years when he had seen his .soldiers &> marching down broad roads lo victory were pinned across his chest. I'm still the Kmporor! No one pays much attention lo the 72-year-old monarch without a throns. The glory lliat wan Greece t'.nd the grandeur that WH Rome aren't any more extinct than the majesty that was the Kaiser's, It is him] fur men to realize that old orders change and give way lo the new. Napoleon, at Elba, planiU':! In some day lead bis troops to victory. Ceasfir always !:"d hopes that In 1 would conquer inure than the Gatils and ths Helvetian.'. Wilhclm 11 thinks that he TUESDAY, FKllHUAKY X, SIDE GLANCES By George Clack is rcniciiibered in Berlin when the linden iri.s begin to bloom aion.T the avenues. Hcing forgotten isn't so bad, when you can wear a uniform and imagine you arc remembered. The former ruler ol' the German empire is dressing up and pretending exactly like children do. We Do No! Believe You Oppose 'Reorganization Around Ihc hotel lobbies these days Governor ParneH's plan to reorbiuilze the state uovein- meiil is Iwlns vviiiely discussed by wo'.slrt-b: lobbyists, office holders and legislators. The Inlk of Ihc opponents of [lie rcorgtiiiiKUioii ;il- wnys ijolnls out that the measure will never GO through "because the (oiks in the country me agains'. it". Now we do not know how you folks .stand on Hint legislation und that proposed vcorKiinlza- lion. We do know thai the average farmer is Interested in lower expenses for state yuvern- ment, more efficiency, less red tape and ilie fixing of responsibility for success or failure In tiny government. Timt Is exactly whal this plan has done atlcr a hns been adopted in other states. It will do the same thins for Arkansas. There Is no hope for very much efficiency, very much lowering of state expenses or increasing services to the [jcoplc under (ho PICG- cnt set-up. It is u question of whether we want lo try something thai has proven bcttvr in other states or go along the old way. Parncll can't be accused ot playing politics localise the plan will go into lorce after he goes out of plflce. The office holders who will lose Ihrlr in'.is by the reorganization say, "Oh well, the 111,111 may be all right bill it will never go through". There Is where (hey an- wrong. That plan will go through if you folks want it to go through. This is a. chance for Arkansas to step lo the front among the more progressive states of the Union in a sound program. We believe . you lolks alter a study o! the matter will want Arkansas to lake that step. Anyway \vc hope, you will Hurt out all you can about the plan and then write your senator ami representatives to vote for your best Interest in the matter. —Stanley Andrews in Arkansas Farmer. "(iood morning, ma'am, could I interest you in <i year's subscription lo the Country House and Garden?" ,[„ WASHINGTON ~ LETTER l,AXli:it'S BIRTH On Feb. a, 181J, Sydney I,an::r I an America:! music-Inn ;iml ' was born HI Mncon, Qn. After grndmUn r , . r icm horpe College, h= \sr\Td ;u tur.r ! Ihers for a yea; 1 before he :nl:!r.-:i ', the Confederate nnr.y at the cut- j break of Ilie Civil War. The Y/r. '< over, lie relume:! lo i:is home I., study and then practic? !.r>v v/l::; Ills father, i At this perloil hi? tv/a ci:i!nh::nv. liaEsl'Jiis, pi::''!v! inii'j'i:. ovr-r- mastored him. ar.d ho (ici-klucl f. x'.v? up law. ;;.> to nalthr.-j:" and obtained n ijiilii^ri •--. first flul? In (he Pcu'.r.dy Symphony cr- I cheilri!. His Iii?r.u7 ability v,i.; ' noticed when !v s;?.vc luiiwes u.i Knjlish !lt?:'.it'.!fc. He fermt'.l a hs'.niul H'.crarv frlendr-Mri '.viih ii'.yiu-! T.ivlcv. l:i 11)79 Lanbr V.-K n-.>;:.-,iiitc;l !-3cUirsi on EnulMi i:;r-.Y.:::re at Johns \ Hopkins University. He di-.'rt two i years later frnui consumption. Lanier stands in tlie 'fronl rank of the American |:cct; of the list quarter of the ID'.h c:suury. w- and Is \Ytrlcl's ."Mo-l I-':i- which so impressed the Japanese -r and clc.sci 1 or licucs ' ilelogatiGii lo the Lundun navjil con- He's .So Vahuble 'I'lul tiiL- fcrcnce lluiL it rcccnily s?nt Eoldic t'-'l Ilia: ! 1 chief EO'.rce Than!;:; e-.r: Mi 1 . Wccc*. ^.s. v ho' c; luck job:. o Ccngrcss N'ut Id Keltrc Him. ] Eddie's favorite for everyday wear BY HOIISKY i>UT(Jlli:i; ! however, is a pin presented "by thr N'KA Service Writer I'cnugiicse minister. WASHINGTON, I-Mb. 3.—E.i'A.irJ • t'irit a Laborer Augustine Savoy probably is the | He was classed as a laborer wh?:i! in lh!s . t!me ol emergency Mr. j how to br; most famous opener and clever (if he first entered the department in •: vcr sits Ei| Piricly by and ler.ves | gctiicv. ete „„. dcors in the world. His par.icuiar j 1871. But his duties were varied ! ' to Geor K=- Mr. Hoover will go'fourth grade Arithmetic roiild to!! I door is that through whicii th: ; and 1881 found him an ns5ts;nm uo; ™ ln HlE ! or J' a3 t: "-c champion yci; ihai men are unemployed tc- (diplomats ot fureitn lands a:::i L'.:I-I me-icnser. You see, Eddie cam? of • . lic ' : npp '"?' Ol M tl!)1D - As "'-'cairc no en- hires them. Mo cue ei- Important persons enter 1:1 :,:<•'. 8":! stork. His father was a butlfr'. !" s : -''p' 1 ™'- of th e United SW.cs )>!r:~ tiieni bvcanse Ihe 'sci'ietnry of Hate anil ho :s :>3ian:l h:s mother was a maid in tiu valuable t:'.at Mr. Stimson is try-1 household of Secretary of Slat? V : ' The Editor's lament 'c^^>. . .. n that the employer Letter COX l!>::; the n:r.n o;;t o: .1 .. I lo be hired, ai:d lha'. s:v.:\: v v-'i'.i:;:, to buv. i".; for ISoinvi- s -:re, to I::iui how 16 :;i (To the editor:) — v.'rll here erou-i to.^c'Ji::-. "Wl;c-j: c:ic v.-ho voted for Mr.l fi, : -f.i ir states for such' j nuover. I thoiight that !:is c-x-1 ; io i-, to exist is ctupld. ; , pfi'iencs in Europe p'.irchance: h:ivo added brainless }!'.:! t'-e me i'.. imish'. fit him for statesmau-.-hip: stupid thin? of a!l i-, his ~a«'•••! of a constructive ordri-, But abs! | tier, that no one s:e:ns to knu-.v these groups to- ; A FChooi boy dcin-j, |:ui:ned a KeiitiL 1 . c::ni:ii!?s:oii ivpsrt en the qt:e~i!on. Tile Courier tUeni to i:r.o:-.e thj-CornmiMlcn form ci : maio a prcC'. oil' their inbor. No n> ino p:--,;;'.o Gavt-i'!ii!:enl. Every Caimiisslnu j :ra t:v can to made been;:'- M:e-ckc'.ion ti r.'e 1 i Stimson says this cl.l rolor=Jj Eddie's ia'.lici also sup-jrvi^d a: Wickerslirun spent Si,oo,COO to fii:U simple i.-ii.-c;! I'o-.ib-it -vc- -="ciil-< I man lui'i "an a«iirecu-.'.io:i of til? i ccrus of Mutters which s:rvcd an ' '' -..(.m-. -fa^inciied :u'L 01 r:u: lejus . al: Ihe "liii; aiEairs ' of halt a ccn- i g^'^)v fcri'lcc an:l it is doub:!cs> :or ihr.'. j liiry and more ago. Eddie recalls.! ~ K -*' icason that amb.\M.ulGrs and m:n- i including those at the WhlteHmisj. • —— i;-.ters ever l!ic wo;',;l. wlij'ciiio. And it was the elder Savoy win] served here, often rsr.J ;t-.'lr rr- i IJCisessed a certain mn'.-vcloin regards to Fddlc and have in :he p.i G t i clpe for eegnog which was later t: remembered him witii suth ^itts as : help Kdtlie in his ov.n caieer. i stickpins and hami.somc ibony o:. "On New Year's Day." Eddie sjy.-.! ivory cls.ire: cases «li:v.i !•.:•• "fathor ii^ed lo fo around [o ".is ilauglitcr now uses for iuii'ivms nu-. 1 .1 many as six DV eight fine hcm?:j Collier trinkets. '.;,.•.•! -nix eggncg. They pave him • i The last time the late Chief Ji:.-- S10 a bowl fm- the mi:;int;. ii v:.ia Ci!v Tlra "One good .turn deserves another," said tl\p girl in the window us she (lipped nnolher pancake. I lice Howard Tal: entered ••'•o Slnuson's offlce. he r.aiarkc::: ."> "There's Eddie Savoy, the Washlr.3- ;'''' tun UKimuriont." ! ^c "Kanlis" Hie Diiilcnul.s Eddie is tbs ona who -:its l!:: diplomats ci;l wl:2i'. they c:-.)-.vrt intJ the .(lipicni.ilic room. IJJIH ;:;i Ere- Wlien he go: o!u ;nid people aroiuu! tovn pensioned \ ''''« and sent him o:;e cr two bas- ^c..-' of Lo"d every we^k. ' H.i:l;» liiniself. u:ih the same re- LI;' •. hter became f:uuct:s us a:i • o|j : :i:;",- mixer. K; lir.s i'Df\i£.ed t'-i si:'.i :l:e rcciiie, but is golni; to These nre certainly Smctiley Butler. ;rylng times for General OUT OUR WAY By Williams ing tlie jei-relavy. Orcm.irily that it d:v,vn to the family. He :-ar | Is fairly simple, but Tli;i: : day is . il.iee children and fciir' grar.dchil- ! diplomatic day at the department 1:11:1. One son is :i^.:.".ant supai;.- ' and lie Ls likely lo be iaiva with Ji : c-!:ib:it of cclored n-iiools, aimtho: ' of ssviTiil clliiloniais ol vary- a i:,':'.!ist. Hb dausiii'.r Is'a schoc: ; ing rank, all of whom arc O sec j teacher. ! Etimson separately. ! IhnrJlcs Tnr.iy r t -n i If a milliner arrives nc.:l an am- i l:'s Eddie wiio haiui.s th: 11:11 ;i I bassador comes later Ihe a:-.ibassi- dcr gets tV.c Krs- in!e:'v:..w wlfi r-JO— \~fs A Svlooe si&i-i o SEKis& — BUT if VORT^-,' «-/SARS . 3. USED 1" GO AU\_ DA 1 -/ vjiTi-ICuT EAT'J, AM' K1EAFT ~~f' OtPiTV\ , aE?>T "f' MAKE. AM' E-jef?'QOOl' EL'iE cc:u einissaries tv. a".i-s and otl'.e:- docmnems'in i The p-ini. abfilll !"..::i : .!so vastly en!nmcr;i :.:- i :s thr.t hs know.; th- : ., tl'e diploraato. Of cjiii..- Iwj t:v three am'j.r .-:ii::.: htcrs on his haiul.i a' . lime, lie I'.as t:i r;ivc in.-; jlie o:;e who has been '. W.ishiimlon, It is s.i::i r.c'.vi 1 iil'.'.d" a inis'.aki. [ I'.e rciuembrr? " CL'iur.c." says Ed.i:; my rcr b 1=. built r'.Cie t,i .•\-^e bent him. i!. that door with a i.- Stiiiibun lirMiise he • :. ; nks" it.! /on.Mary'.-, cllke. A:ul it's E:!-Jie ! Similarly, a minlf.L'r oui.-.inkD a !\vl:u t;:scr- the urn :-nrl H;I*F it b.ii'; ' chai-ge d'affaires cr .1 c :;mEe!b.-! •] . :r y |. ?: ; ;o ; . x .. i;-'i .•„, r or '[1^ j and chntiKs and c;;::-..-..i:.. r <: c'lii- .'(Trctiiy's K L .\V \\.u- I'eccir.iDil anil! lank scctctarics of i Unici:. The fi!..t li::ir tliey tried t3 :-.'.u ; !ct him o;i'. or tint, in dr'lcrcnco to •ulatirn j liis'..; of all ' p:!c!u-;l VOU-L'. •-.• ;nin- ' l-.iulcd: "T:,e lo Eddii- a!s ' nc.mirinc; n: ir.:i:i.-(cr from Ron- i is.-d :i do the- r.i:- . Tom M:us:i.i!! ! pre?i;lcnc:r;:. I!: "I keep t!io pleasure Mr. j l?Ct\ tO t'Npr.'.-s .: • jrroiin?. : Some c[ th^ tl-.eir vie I i;vac-.\.in a ?ia:y torn-,:r.-,w. 1,-vlh prc.u:l!v! :'d Mrs. C^lici- j '.'.:- nrrf jr:i:;im-. I :i:l'-:i? ! •' vili b.' relate:! • EVERY time you l.'eel like muttering- "There',-; noiiiin- new under the sun," take up your daily paper ;u:il mui through the advcrtiserntnts. Chances are, you'll J;ang\ your inind. Here's ;i ne\v \vrinidc in saniuiry pLimbiny . . . there's a ne\v kind oi etirpet that should iuivc been thought oi' lung- ago . . . here's a decidedly bai/jr v:ay ol' \vashing delicate I'abrica. These tilings cone< •m you huiijuaoly -they ai'i'eet CHURCH EXCUSES your life aiui the manner in which \-i-\\ \i\\- H. HI Sllikl.U- Mj- ' M> miL-rrslirt in : :r.:C t v. - c>!t! no: (i-i -;:KI 1 v.,-f r.rver ^o. my h?e \vi;:n or, Men:*.ii".'i'ilir: Mi.'.)'.(.r !•.-•:.!.- ?:u1 i-,,i- '.;'•:. ;-.' ir- >i > ""."^ in his lie; :i:l ii-' '-••-- v ir: i iv \. ::::ly '•t'.< • .'• '•?• '.^. : iircl irt ;.: \\:vi'h t«> «.:y f.; |!>-:ik':^ ily ,-•". (",. , i""i": : ''. (i".*c : . •;• in-\ii- ;>-.:; i-: r V..: .' ilV tt.^S . .; ; :v.:.nd ta ii..;i: Joe K«H \.r.Kl. 1 lold i)..: n'lisidrr- ;;: • i-vi- year:- C'ii:^ him t'j T . r- i- rioir-s .•:.--:. '-v:' v.ic , .'.r.^iio-- TilVi :.••'.:•. :n si'.'.ct c J i clim VVCli i:;\-t \V him U.T » . timi v, on i ar. ?\'o: she ri'Mi T tliry h.-.d ..r:-. Mother vrt-:.- think N:o;;-.e, I kur-x tl:al ." V.'l'.ni ! I.;-. him into th u-.:ciy : new things untie; arms \vi'J\ \\ ] \ic\ the advcrtiscirx new tomorrou-. 1 L.tesun. ^n;: : il'ioy reacli cui iU rcguiariy. . anci the d:iy ;; i -ometlung ...nd the day i ,:r\".,u;y ti'.mk U after that. Soriu-tiiing you imn 1: OHV- ' ice tv.ii 1 i::c>U)r Mrti'.cr a she hoped mincicc. li that -,iav .- iiicd to r.i fellow- \L-\ way the r.:.i {or ; tin; i:n!(H :tcr ;'

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