The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 3, 1949
Page 13
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' WEDNESDAY, 'AUGUST 8, 1949 BLTfTHEVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams WHY, THAT \!W WELL, EITHER BARN r,l PAINT THE HOUSE BRIKJ6S US Y BLACK OR STAY IW- 13 IW SIX RUCKS ) SIPE WHEN THOSE \ IN J WIKJDKAGS ARE HERE W GARAGE ,-fl WORKING ON THOSE L I -) OIL CHURNS.' I EG FORTY COLLARS WOKTH OF WOBK A MONTH RI6HT -•KB'*— V"*"^' '., "("''''I'.ji'u BOCMTHlgTY YEARS ICO SOON Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PAGE THIRTEEN ESAO.'M<KM lOeeos THIS BLESSED PEACE TO PORT- IPV A6AIN6T tKS WORLD'S 8USTLE AMD BICKERINGS,' HO\N HAPPY THE THOUSHT THAT 1 SCOCrt eiCMES/— UM/5TILL.A MILUOU DOLLAS6 6OVS MASJY CREATORfe COMFORTS A.FTER MY VACATION I YSAH.OfZ 1 COUAPglMS I'D vJOZRV A8OOT K. ORiFTtNS AWJWV IP H6 WASN'T AtfCHOCeD 8V F - <AJH£M iT'5 8 .LUCK IS AS MI6ALT.IME &ENDL6SS _ LL WAISTS IS PEACB AsSD A F£Vi SOCKS r SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM ft Guaranteed • Vou cao en JOT the w»nderfnl convenience and economy *l having soft water on your farm if you get » modem Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. SOL Highway (1 Phone Z4M Serv/ce - - - That's Our Motto! W« ipate ao etlort In providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service which mearu. extra convenience to you Keel (ret la can on us at an? lime Prompt de- Uvery service Phone 507 WOODS DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh 'Stock Guaranteed Best Prices • Kirby Drug Stores By Mildred Cram and Hanvood White THE SI'OHVi Mr*. ••!••* b • n«rrlalji w briber Hr», Kvrr«*K, w h • &»p« r«- • 11 j I* fler !•( lr»a» • T ii Mile wurfMrr brf nrc It brief M*. U r-rnf.y nr •<>!. Mr«. M*l<i«« in l«lk«-d one ftC iMra. A I »*ty rate • hr !• MHrr •«! j • tt-vt qurt^riir* will rt-iMki* alt»r «!»•» butuba m la In ib* •«( w«r. Mm. Kvrr- mom tmit-mdm I* b* 1 »•* »( ihwt. S« ib« wr-Bltby w!4»w h>M **ld Mil of h*r prwp«rl7 ••* bn»ickl >itwcl* "»n t»" !• •» • t OBI boM b •(lack. M Cih brr l« 1hr> .HarrbrMC jl*-ll«- r*x«, N t-iMii|»nnitiMi Viclar. • Fllt- Vlna kotinrban Hwd*. the ebaaf- r*-ur. M rm. MnloBr lrl*-» 1* ran lo (n whra >bc **k* •bitdl l^ kllft 7 «>f « icrrfblr TM tH be rrvl>» lfc»< hr km* n »••! m Wllev* whM Mr». VTRS. MALONE sucked in h« i '- 1 breath. The Marchese Della- L-asa listened as she asked: "Then isn't it cowardly to run awa7 like this?" He hesitated before answering. "H so," lie said at last, "then I am a coward. I am running iway because 1 have already seen .00 much of destruction. The pattern is familiar to me: an association of things that should remain apart, a disassociation of things that should remain together." He stood for a moment, his expression remote, irtscrtitable. Then, with a visible effort, he thrust aside what had absorbed him, and smiled. "Perhaps the members erf th« oarty are destined to survive," he ;.-™l, "together with a few others her* and there throughout the world. It may be our privilege to lake the first steps into Nirvana. Perhaps, when the catastrophe is over, we will know why it had to happen. Or perhaps we too will perish. We w.-ill find out soon 'You me;m it's going lo happen right away?" "Very soon." "Who found out nbout it?* He shook his head. "Science hns its sleuths," he said. "And secrets are for sate. I advise you to Jet it go at that. I have. Or perhap» H would be better if you were to disbelieve altogether what you have been told. Laugh tifi your sleeve. Do your work. Accept your salary. Enjoy the ride." He reached out suddenly and patted her shoulder. "Pleasant dreams," he said. "You will feel differently tomorrow." Mrs. Malone lay awake most of the night. Just before dawn, exhausted by futile questioning of herself, sh« fell asleep, • » • 'T'HE trailer was in motion when Mrs. Malone awoke. She drew back the curtains and looked out upon the facniliar desert. Her watch said that it was already 8:30. Hurriedly she dressed. In the kitchen she found the Marchese, preparing breakfast. He wore pyjamas made of cream-colored silk, a brown silk rohe and a muffler. His foot were thrust into leather sandals. He explained cheerfully that Mrs. Everson's temper was touchy in the morning. She wasn't fit for human companionship until after she had her coffee, lie alone could make K to suit her taste. It must be black, clear, piping hot. Neither perked, dripped nor boiled, but brought to the exact point of lift and froth, then stirred, set aside. Three tablespoon I uls to the cup— very strong indeed. 'How do you feel this morning?" he asked. Mrs. Malone had to admit she felt better. The familiar smell of coffee and frying bacon. The bright sunlight. The exhilarating sense of forward motion. Her own good health and balance. Al! of these factors served lo erase the terrors of the night before. Mrs. Malone was a woman who enjoyed happiness; she took no pleasure in trivial melancholy or in self-pity. She had known sorrow and had given away to griet, but not for long. Now she bounced from th* depths to the level o< familiar experience, catching hold of the ingenious devices men had contrived to save themselves lime and labor—the coils and pyrex containers and controlled explosions and water jets. "Shall I take th« tray i« Madam?" "H you like. Only doii't niik. conversation." 'No, sir." VIRS. EVERSON was sitting 1TJ Turk-fashion on her bed. She wore a nightgown so transparent that Mrs. Malone was embarrassed. In spite of the ventilators and whirring fans, the narrow room was full of cignret smoke. "Good morning, Madam." "Put the tray here beside me," Mrs. Everson said. Her eyes hovered hungrily over (he dishes. She lifted covers, turned back the folded napkin which enclosed two slices of hot toast. "You'v* forgotten the fruit juice." "The gentleman didn't say—" Mrs. Malone began. "I'm sorry. At once, Madam/' "See that it isn't too cold. And tell the gentleman, as you call him, to gel out o( the kitchen." (To Be Conli-uird) FOR SALE Concrete cnlverti. 12 Inch (a 48 inch, plain or reinforced Also Concrete Bnilding Bhirks cheaper than lumber for turns chicken houses, pomp nonse*. tenant Houses, tool sheds We deliver Call us fnr free estimate Phone 691 OSCEOLA TIL! & CULVERT CO. RENT A CAR Drive Anvwher* You Pleatt Simpson Oil Co. Phon« 937 THE GRAMS COMPANY r\i \LTOI\S HAIRY VETCH Early Shipment Expected Place your order now for your requirements, to insure your needs "fom firsl car. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phones 856-857 Real } - td Phone 521 h! > TH! \ll Phone 3075 In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support prices on your Soybeans, Corn, Wheat and other Grains. Our Bins are Government Approved, Gov- ernment Financed, 5 years (o pay For Full Particulars— Call or Com* In. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Elytheyille, Ark. Phones 856-857 •STUDEBAKER* IMPORTANT NEWS TRUCK OWNERS It has just been revealed in the waffdzine, Auln- molive News, that Sludebaker truck sales have Increased, more in the firsl 5 months of this year lhan any other manufacturer in the coun- Iry. When you huy a truck, keep in mind wha.( people al! over America are buying. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friemtly Stud«h*ker D««ler" Railronrt X- Ash |>hnn* up TUDEBAKERi FRKCKLBS AND HIS FIUENDS BY MEHHI1.L BLOSSEH Th« Crummy Crumueleers? WMo WA^4^^ DIGNITY OM A SATURDAY MIGHT / NOT CALL OURSELVES THE CRUMPETEER5 Mr. Jon«s, your daughter tells me that you didn't have a dime when you got married—is that right?" I'RISCIM.A'S l>01> BY AL VERMEER ' YIPES' \ / WHAT5 THAT V CLEANING THE Y' H<SH TOR GOODHES5, PRISCILLA.' SOU LOOK A FRIGHT. RUM DOWN AMD A"5V< DADDY TO CLEAN YOU UP TOR DUINERI NOTHING DOING.' WE DOE";) IT WITH KNIFE YOU'RE DOING, A, POP ? y \ DINNER/ 'I'ackv Is liillen liY AIICHABL O'fllAU.EY and UALI'H LANE GOOD CHOW. EH. TACKV? MEET SOME GOOD GUVS OUV ON T HADH'r HEARD YOU SAY _T THIS .WRUIN6 THAT YOU DISLIKED ALL WOMEN TACKY THOMAS, I'D GUESS YOU WERE IN LOVE WASH TUBBS I5V LESME TURNER IT WAS A LOlfELV EVEUIUG, GIG 1 , 1 SMAW'T WOEEV.WL- KORE ABOUT VpU BEING *E>IE TO KEEP VOLE FEET Ok) GCOUMD 1 . .. TOUB WHOtE MTITUDE TOWARD lift SEEWS CHWOEr). VOU'EE LESS SELF- CEUTBEED MOKEFUU LDOt, 3MJ...I LOVE MUCH !•« SAFE ONLV AS LOUS us T THEEEWUBRE, I KEEP YWKK1NG M IT... / GIG\ SORRV TC BE HONEST WITHVDu! . WORKING WITH OTHERS WHO I CAN STILL FAIL KNOW THE HOCTEOR OF B61WS I PROMISED TO CAUGHT IU ft SOUIRKEL CAGE \ HWE SOU CkU. THIS N11M&EK. THE MOMENT BUGS liUNNY STEP UP AN' TAKE A GANDER AT 1 EVES) SAW A 5NOW- C4PPEP MOUNTAIN OM TH' MOON/ VA DIP? IT, ELMER fj YES, IT'S GOTTA WATCH WHERE AIN'T AS STUPIP AS ELMER I FOUBFH DIMENSION CANT YOU RUN LE_ FIELD OF A MILES 0 k H §^£ C '^ C UTTLE \\OXDS ? V.ONMU<S EXPLAINS - - .. JC7N O^ H!5 TlMr £CHINE AS IT 15 NOW 2 FOLLOW T^H MOt^N'-B DOCKET THJe«j6H SPACE HOOTS AND IIEH I!V KDCAli MARTIN OVO Trtt CK\'*, , M\Ct VAYY 9LKV Blytlieville. Ark.

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