The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY,_JULY 13, BLYTHEVILLE,JARK.) COURIER NEWS I o,000 I.ocomolivcs Sounc Salute T li r o u g h o u I Western Stales locomotives in and mound Dl.vtheviltc mldcd I voices lo Ihe mighty chorus ot 18,000 uiiln whistles scheduled lo l>e heard throughout the West, at 8 a. in. Oils morning KS a salute lo Second Annual "Railroad Week," which \vlll be observed from July 13 to 18. 15. n. Kstes chairman of the local "Rallroaii I Week" committee, announced plans for participation in "Railroad- Week" festivities. Also servln" on 1 this committee, which has charge-' of the direction of the wcrt:', ! acliviiics here, is John C. Cliapin '• agent for Hie Railway Express' Concurrent with the celebration [ ol "Railroad Week" here some 500 . oilier . cities and towns ; throughout the West, will hold. their indivldiial oteervances of' tins period, which has been set 1 aside to celebrate a V rar " 0 1 iichicvcmem unparalleled" in 'the one hundred your l.Lslory of the: "iron horse." i New s»iU streamlined $60,000,000 Set of Highway Links ii ITOIP Con'""e To Pare n l.oc;it l.iMuue PAGE THREE Life Savers Don't Need Fins --- ••— *..,,.,ii,i. u IKtllJS <3ot the West. Air-conditioned pas-' tenser eiinipment has liecome : commonplace on virtually every raid Neiv trains flash brilliant, challenges lo time as- they clip navel schedules between tormin- a's. All i,, „]!, it has been a vear | of achievement that more ihnu' juslifies "Railroad Week's" prime I purpose of idling the traveling! public (hat the railroads have come back with a bang. Being Jested fn Search j'oY Key To Rural Mous- ing Problem li.v HODNKV I)UT('iint WASHlNCiTON.-dne' 'ofihe Ro- splttarictii Administration's ctnse- 'y suardcil secrets, for raanv months has ibecn-'Uhe vfact tWt it. wns experimenting with uon- stritctlpn of houses out of earth Results of the experiments nave been , sufficiently eneourauinp however, to take away some of tlie bashfulnpss. Vrhcrc isn'b any publicity ballyhoo" 'about ' it yet but Administrator •..Hcxford.." G Tiigwcll has edne rlnwii" io 'lr,ok" at seven (arlhen houses bi-ili on a Mib:,iitinc£> homestead project near Birmingham, Ala. Through use r a[ - a "rainined earth," a mixture -of. sand (-invalid gravel pounded togcthfr within board forms until ;t. becomes virtually reck, Ri'siiUcj)ic:i' (initial.? think ihey may he Marting- somethiwj rcvolrtlormry in rural housing. . Sensitive lo criticism fol- low.s New Deal mistakes, and fearful of licinj accused of uuild- ini; "11111(1 hills" for rehabiiUali-d fainilifs. they still i{ mider- Rttcd lhal they're only cxijuri- incnting. nrt it's an old technique Vvl-.ii-h was known and then shelved perhaps because lumber and other building materials were so plentiful ami cheap in earlier .days. '1 tare's a niimned earth house here in Washington which In', been standing for 100 years, t'cst Sltiiuhl lie l.o\v 'flic hoitscs contain five rooms, ntcdcrnly cquiiipccl. wilh thick walls, bi<; windows, and concrete forndalious. The exterior ana iii- Icrior walls have smooth. Irrd sui'facos. Those who have inspected the structures say they provide the coolest type 01 ;,ous- If the experiments prove MIC-- rrssfnl, such houses ought to Ccmpliilon of the most 8 ii;:iiitii' highway (m:jec( yd undertaken, the c'on.Miiiciion ol the $UO,(iJO,00'J 'rii-Uoiv.ii^i UrldBc In New York City wllli Its .seventeen and one- balf miles of steel spans, approaches and connccliii!; lilsli- wnys. iitcnetiul for (he dedication of Prcsltleiit liooscvelt mid Scc- rclary ut the Interior Harold likes. Above you uet a bird's- eye view of tlm ingenious nini|i m Kandall Island, by willed traliic is sliuttU'd tn Manhattan ilcvver left), uronx (upper -left) and Queens (tower riant). LEFT: A motorisfs-eye view is this picture of the Manhattan approach to New York's jiiBinUic Trl-Borough bridge. Slrnlght ahead is the drawbridge across - the East River, one of Ihe series of spans that comprise (he : vast project linkl.-y; Mi\iilmUan, lironx and Queens. come, cheap." ,..TlHi. material thus far used has been, dug from the immecihie premises am! (lie idea is thai, local craftsmen can easily learn to construct, si-ch buildings. Officials aren't even gucssir," nt the, probable cost yet. The !!;st five i to be* -fihlshcd" will 6ost !>:•- twccn 52200 , and $2700 aulcca. • * Hiit'Tthatecovers . heavy costs ; "of experimentation and. when the technique is perfected, a rammed earth house might not cost more than half ns much. Careful records of cost arc being kept (o determine that point. The Editor's Letter Box Thanks (To the All \Vlin Helped editor:) Thanks can't realise what me to net limn could how nevtir IIIC>1 I it. mennt lo rxamlncd. 1 ' In words jus! do appreciate your clfoi'ts, .so I will just say. "thanks a million" and may Clod bless yon all. Airs. Hosa Grccr Slate Sanitarium. Ark. V. S. Itetrlevcs l!o.nt BOULDER CITY, Nev. (UP>The Avnbcsquc. n jiowev l:oat- sunk in -10 feet of water In Lake Mead, impounded by Boulder U.-ini, wns Mnnili in,i f""i ^" 'V" i rocovt ' rc<l recently by Albert .Irlll" 1 ^*""...^! C:lnc for Stranb. .federal life grarrt. with a ORDERS TAKEN FOB "BBRNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FREE Mrs. Leslie Hoouer M'-s. A. O. Haley 1100 Chickasawba I'ljone 192 // Wasn't HOT Yesterday Not if yon had a FRIGIDAIRE Electric Room Cooler Why toss about all night unable lo sleep'.' Why let Ihe heat reduce yoi-r Efficiency? When a rmaiDAIHE Electric R<;om Cooler can lie completely installed in your home for as litlle as $299 Convenient Terms E. B. Gee Sales Co. .hie. 1'houe (i7 their clforts in helping to eel my.children to the sanitarium for examinations and lo visit with me. Although I only got to be dlviiij '"butllt improvised from , L tin bucket ,'im! some siphon hose. by crjii- riin !'!!il liooi.icd her I' 1 "M- !,!n;i hud oniv a i" lwi> olilfli'lul limes' i\l. n-;l IOM II,,' ill op].hill 10 ,5tL'. '' : '"II ' wnii ;m ,. V i ri .fjur). fol- ! I' '.vt'tl ];v l-^inif.p Kit inn Launilry. ,\K. and IUHI- I'.i'iic HiniD). N\i-\Vn (,'!c : ineiv; in fourth nnd mill place ively. Olhi'is In the first, ten Mury I.ou Whltll,-, c;«c:i .•15r>; I'aulini- Ku:v-;cll, i; •IS<: lone Kricmi. ' Am> ' •4f-0; .lirnnllii Oriu ••'•H; iiiul Audlcy Hlvth Cola. ..1:14. Ferris Po.vk'r. lanuhy secimct uasciiiun. lias an average or .(Kill, out lui.s appciiivd In hut four Biimes. (Ji-sli! Illiickbinn. who |:articl!)iiicd in tlm-e names for Applcliaum. lins .50(1. 'Ihe various dcparlmenl leaders are: hils. K. Georges, uiul Luster. 13; doubles, llcmltmnn Ilccy. Ccca Cola. 2; triples. M:irlR I B J,.- harl, Nu-W.i. nnd I'aiilhic Urs- sell, Laundry, 2; home runs, Celia VVIi'llllc. Marl,, ijiUOiait. and Helen Luster, all of Nu-Wu, a; lolal liases. Mai ie lijU-hnrl, Nu- Wa, 21; runs, Iniogcne Smllli Nu-Wn, Kt. Slamey iviiw Sivlh Sadie Stiuney. Nu-Wa. won her With coinpelenl llfu eimrds on (he job, mull ihey are us much at home In the excepilonal iilclui sixth consecutive i;amn' by Iwnt- I"!! I-'iundry. Mary I.ou Whittle. Cw.1 C'ol.'i. recorded her fourth «llh an lfl-8 verdict over Appk 1 - baum. Laundry retained the cli'b bat- li»8 lead, in .spite of a slluht di 1 - (rease, wllli .»3L The others In tbeir order nrei Appli-bamu, .358; Nii-Wn Clenners, .31M, and Coca Cola. .308. Nu-Wa fuok the lead in runs wilh 87. Applebaura was to hits, and Nu-Wn has a three bus achantase In lolal base:;. 109 to' 108. Nu-Wa has seven home ri'Jis; Applebaum 5 doubles; Laundry u triples. The others hilling well Include: .•117; .111; Sena Trumblc. Cncn Coin, Adelaide Cowsert. Coca Coin Ulanclu- Morris. Appieuaiim, F.velyn McDanlel. Laundry. Alice Siillbn. Applebinim. ..ibl- Marie Islelmi-t, NII-WH Cleaners. .-ICO; Euln Whittle, AppklMiim, .31111; Kitlherhu- Norlliorn, kiun- di.v. .HHII; Uii'lllc Oldham. Ccca Cola. .:K;H; wilnm iBlehart. Nu- ;'"'; Steele and Cooler School Plans Announceti . Wa Cleaners. .3GH; Nndini! \vlllls. Nu-Wa Cleaners, .W>; "Hroiynle" Kln/ey ,C'oca Coin, .y.»; Ruby Lilies. Applclmum. .:!;«; ni>s»li' Ih'inplilll. Appli'lmuin. .333; iieu- (loimn Huey, Com Coin. .1(18; l,»- renc Wldner, Coca Cola. .31)11; liuvlnh Johnson, Uiundry. .3(JB. TRAVEUSE'CITY. Mich, (UP)- '1'hc tille of chAinplon crow shooter of i his section of Michigan was bestowed on Loo Liuigthorn. stiiu- pclico lroo]»r, as the result of a comes! slaycd by a Don «ml Siiorlsnicn's club. He killed 175 birds. VrEliLE, Mo.—Tiu> pain, M:i, nlewooil mid Mlcola schools ot the Sleole Consolidated dldrlct tl nil of (he neuro schools, coin- incnccd Ihclr slimmer sessions today. A number of other Kcliuils of the dlslrlct will open next Monday but the school at Steele Is not scheduled to open until August 3. Word was received here over the week end of the rmlgnntlon of Miss Uci'lah Mitchell, who had been iMiyagcd as commercial teacher and (jhls baskdbjil! co.icli' at Sleete high school. According lo an announcement by Jack Wimp, .superintendent ol Cooler Consolidated district!,' all wheels in Hint district, will open July 20 for a six weeks term. Two faculty places remain to be Illlcd. Miss Anna - Smith iias resigned us home economics teacher and? ijlrjs bnskelball coach and Ihcre is also a vacancy In the fifth and clxtli grades In ih c Cooler .school. Courier News classified Ads Pay The Morning AfterTaking\ Carfers Little Liver Pills/I NOTICE Privilege Taxes, Street Taxes, Automobile Taxes, Dog Taxes, and Inspection Fees are due antl payable for the period of July 1 to December 31, 1936. Your prompt attention will be appreciated. Ruth Blythe Cily Qcrk. 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