The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1931 RI.YTHEVILLE.. (ARK.) COTJUIER NEWS PAGR THRKfc Planting Washington Tree Trw. Association Plans to : Honor Firsl President's 1 Birthday. i fly NEA Service ; WASHINGTON, D. c. — Arbor, Hay will soon be here and, ac-; cuding lo the American Tree As- , sedation, more trees will be plant- ; cd this season than ever before.' Although Arbor Day dec.™ 1 '. ; fall until March in some .stales. '• and as late as April and May In : Cillers, it will be observed in som; i places In- Pebruai-j 1 . This is be-1 cause thousands will plant trees in honor of Gtorrje Washington j this year, marking ?.hcad of time j the bicentennial cf his birth, which . Mis in 1032. Next year many more trees Le planted in tills connection, and • registered on Ihe national honor j ~v roll of the American Tree As^o-1 %^ datlon. These plan'.ed '.his y:a:' sip memory cf Washington will bx \ dedicated. ' Arbor Day is celebrated on dif- ffvent dates oil over the country. The majority of states celebrate this tree-plantinR festival in May. while those \vho do not celebrate during March or April plant their trees nl o date proclaimed by the govirno'r of (he slate. Any Day Is Arbor Day : It is being urged this year that not only on the official date of i Arbor Day. The American Tree in 'Trader Horn." Edwins. Booth as the "savage white sirl" also Is very good, as Is Olive CtoKtai (Mrs. Harry Carey), even though she is killed early In the flirt). Duncan He- naldo (onus the other half ol the romance with M*s Boolh. Just oil liend. I'.ovever. we would Rare Addison's Disease Is No Longer Invariably Fatal UV DR. MOKKIS FISHBKlN Association has prepared a pam- tf-ilet called "Bicentennial Tree Wanting Book," which explains in detail just the way to plant trees l^nn 1 and the car? to take of thc-m after [ | 1'clCiCl" they have taken root. It also explains how to register them as memorial trees. Colleges and schools throughout the country will play a Urge part In t!i= activities of Arbor Day this year and next, according to Chnrles Lathrop Pack, president of the aFsccIalion. "The bicentennial class in schools and colleges throughout i tiie country is asked to plant [ trees in honor of Gtorge Wash-] Ington, " lie says. "The class o!, '32 should have a tbiij part in this j program. College trees are nov." famous in hundreds of institution:;. There are the elms at Yale. The famous Oberlin Elm at Cterlin College under whicli the first house v. as erected nearly ^ a hundred years ago. and many 'others. The class of '32. which is the 'bicentennial .year, would always .have a rallying point on the campus if this plan is followed." PLintinj Already Tinder Way The association reports that already preparations for tree planting this year is under way in several sections. In Grand Rapids, Mich., a community forest is started, and the first unit of GOOD trees is already planted. Tills program is to extend over several vears ard will enlail roadside ^vaulirication through tree planting. F. G. Blair, superintendent ot education in Illinois, has sent the bicentennial tree planting call throughout Ihe state. Connecticut has its plan well under way ! Members of the Women's Club of St. Petersburg. F!a., plant a tree In honor of the bicentennial of George Washington's birth. Charles L-athiop Pack, president of the American Tree Association, Is shown say that the real uars of this pro Auction are the photographers, who proved themselves real aillsts at handling cameras under the utmost difficulties. Another picture which will nf- ford a good evening's entertainment but which ts as dllterent from "Trader Horn'.' as day Is from nigh: Ls "Ladles For Hire," a sophisticated comedy-drama featuring Betty Compson, This production contains all of the essentials of a lopnoteh picture —a good story, good cast and toad situation—but there arc several rather » p enk spots which keep It In the "farl" class. The story Is that of a father who hires a girl from the streets to lure his wayward son away from a gold-digger so that he will settle down and do something wort 1 ! while. The jlrl U highly successful In her venture but tn the end both father and son turn Bcnh'.st her. Belly Compson plays the woman of the streets and does a grand Job of It. Every move she makes throughout the film Is sincere and she makes one feel that she rc«Uy would like to live Just such an experience. John Darrow also dors .'well as the youth who Is ruining his life with Itquo.- and a woman, namely. Margaret Livingston, who is just as good In the role of t modern siren as she was In. the days o! the old-fashioned vampires. The only trouble with Margaret was that, she didn't have enough to do. The rest of the cast, including Gilbert Emery, 'Ivan Lebcdeft end | Editor. Journal t ( (hr Ainfrlnm Medical • Association, and of Hvtvb, the Health Magazine Adufcon'sj disease is a comparatively rare condition. Sir Willinm osier was able lo collec'. the reports of only 17 cases In the United states. In thu condition there Is nl- dlscase Itself, It mny occur suddenly dun lo som? intcrcurrenl Infection which the p.Ulcnl Is mi- ubte to resist. Until quite recently tho disease wus considered Invariably fatal. For several years, however, workers thiouchout the world have nt- tcmpted lu discover the active principle of the R]:iml with a view of treatment, will SUIT the lives of effect of these extracts on the anl- patlems. I mals which Invariably died wllh- licie Ls another of t'.ic great discount's accomplished In Ihe field of medicine, such as are made oven- year, through the application ot scientific methods, involving the study of disease on animals umli Hie appllc-ailon of th? fruits ol .such discovery (o man. The extract would never have fcwn discovered imcl its potency could not. have been established unless the InvMlgators. liod been abli- lo remove Hie n<Jr?na) glimus from animals nnd then test, the out such treatment. v.ays a destructive change in the! to supplying It to pcaf.'.t suffering adienal solids, u, c small bodies' with Ihls disonter. he Just above the kidneys The chances arc due lo tuberculosis quite frequently, although there may be cancer or some other extraordinary condition atfecllng T!ie person who has this disease becomes weak and fatigued. Ills blood pressure falls someliines as low :« 60 millimeters of mercury, his hands and feet become cold, his temperature Ls subnormal, and lie gradually wears out Thus ilic mast Important, symptom Is the weakness from whtcl a person who is getting n propci amount of the secretion ol the adrenal glands does not sullcr. One of the exlraordinary symp toms ol this disease is the gradu al depositing of pigment In the face, bands and neck. The (ils- ease is usually progressive, and if death does not occur from the Almost simultaneously, workers In Princeton University and In the Unlver.Mty of Huirnlo :iavu developed an tictlvt' principle. Incidentally, liny were gulitrcl ill their clTorls by unslc researched rar- rled out by the noted physiologist Slewnrl nnd. Ills assnclalt's in the OFFICE: IK Western llfjcn cal school. University medi- active principle of Ihe ndrenal yinnit Is now culled covlln. since it comes from the corle:; of ihe gliuid. In one of the larp.e clinics ol tlva country, Doctors Vtowntrec and Urccn administered tin 1 ex- trad prepared by Ihe Princeton investigators lo six patients wlt'i this dlscusc. ThcEO paliuits showctl al once Increase. In weight ynd nppctile, so definite that Ihe investigators are inclined lo Ihlnk that Hie use of this extract I together with tha usual methods Builds Sturdy. Heali YOUR CHILD'S FUTURE 50 to K centt a diy uvid lyilcmitictlly with Invciloit S/nJkttt aiiurti colics* sdnntijci tot you: child. Ov« 60,000 plrcnhui«lhli37.y«tr-old(j[in. Alldur (olrf« "Ad«nUs«( (01 Your Child." 200,000 INVESTORS INVESTORS SYNDICATE FOUNDED 1894 477 SHRINE BUILDING MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE m 64414 In inset. "5 T , J T7 1 '! V lllll Daphne Pollard, also give good de- counts of "themselves. The opening scene bringing Miss Compson out of the fog and the closing scene whore she disappears Into It again are particularly eftec- 'tve. Gives Thrilling Entertainment Clear Lake Clear Lake schcool number I visited the Clear Lab* farm school Friday afternoon and defeated them in a spelling match. Miss Wjnnie -;. Turner. County "ihoo! surwrvlsor, visited, the school Friday afternoon. Miss Cora Lee Colemin was the eucst of the Womans Club here at their organisation meeting Wednesday. Little John Madison Haynes ia sick ihls week. . Mr. and Mrs. W .T. Lunsford and children visited Mr. and Mrs Mi-vcl Whltehead, Sunday. Little Edwin Lunsford, whose arm was broken about two weeks ago is Improving and he -will start to schosl again soon. Miss Luvtrlla Chllders, CurUs Ellis, Miss Ho2«l Hammond, and Traus Ellis were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Stalllngs,- Sunday. Mirs Pauline . Stalllngs spent Sunday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Allen Haynes. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar-Langley hate moved to this neighborhood.. • SUNSHINE MELLOWS Heat Purifies Harry Carey, left, Edwina Booth a nd Duncan Rcnaldo, stars of '•Tra.i- er Hern," arc pictured here. BY DAM TJFOM.AS NEA Service Writer HOLLYWOOD.—Savage beasts. paitly organized- thrash the Coii-;. • • savage rn3n . . . v,-hlti- men . necticut Federation of Women's i • • vl "'e E'rl • • . hardsmps . . Clubs. Hawaii, too, also sendsj Perils . heat . . Africa! word that It intends to plant trees' Thafs the s.ory cf in a big wav this year. I " mn - "rat of a series of junjU I there is some beautiful photography In Texas Mississippi Oklahoma, fllms l "at will be handed you with- I showing the interior of Africa. Florida Pennsylvania. Ohio. North I'» 'he next few months. And if Dakota Nebraska. Colorado. Kan- \ the others are as good as this fir.* I incidental scenes of African life : surrounding tnis story are powerful. . I There is the fight between.a lion . i and a zebra, a fight among several . ! lions- over their kill, the charge of rhinoceros, the giant elephants, "Trader ' hippopotimi ar.d i ther crocodile's. And Hariy Carey, who plays the title Head courier News Wuit. AfiJ. LUCKIES are always kind to your throat The advice of ya ur physician is: Keep out of doors, in the air, breathe deeply; take plenty of exercise in 'the mellow sunshine, and have a periodic check-up on the healih of jour t role, easily captures all acting licn- His Piles Healed After.,35 Years . ., i - . . Mr. John A. RabV;. Dallas City, II!.. was-entirely -healed- of- Piles end other Rectal.Trouble-after siij- ferinj for 35 years'. •:• He urges all sufferers to write. The .Thornton A: Minor Clinic, Suite 419, 926;McO«« St.. Kansas City, Mo.;.lor. a .new free copyrighted book which es- plains a mild, sure treatment for hemorrhoids ipilcs) and all forms of recta! diseases. Tljtn treatment hrs restored more than. 40,000 people to renewed health in the past 53 years. In writing for the book, there Is no cost or obligation. —Adv. Insurance Suit Recalls "Forty | later they returned, only to ;that they ha:l merely started i^.? j I work they though was entirely, ...J Ejahl" com l j:eteci - Additional scares Ind ;'- I '' ° | bn filmed in the studio. ThcusandF! 'i TERRE HAUTE. Ind. (UP)— OiS- like of the Aniwicj\i "doughboy" for the Frcne 1 ! railway cars, ''40 homes and ciclit ChevAiix" used during the World War is echoed in a war risk insurance case filed in Federal court here. Ernest E. Osborn is seekinj col- lectlcn nf a S10.COO wsr risk insurance policy on th? ccmp'.a^nt that he was. totally disabled when one of the tiny railway cars fell on him near Ponten, France in 1918. Osborn alleges lie was riding in one ot the cars when it jumped the track. All the soldiers piled out and tried to lift the car bacl: onto the track, but it slipped and fell on him. He contends he was totally and permanrntly disabled. o that it would nuke a : story. And sound had to be prop: erly synchronized. Twice studio cf- ficials were en Ihe verge of s;olv- | ing the entire production. But Van i Dyke persisted. i "The lesult is the amazin'g film • fefn by the public for the lin: -time ?.'. i;s wcvld prcm!?rc here ;;:: 1 ether nigiit. Tiie story is a r.impl? jone. depicting Ine search by two ]n-.en lor a white Birl v.lio v.-as kid! nnped from mother by the m- livcs while" just a baby. But Ihe Solon Wants Highway j i; Named Arnold Trail ij- • r AUGUSTA. Me. lUPl—Benedict 1 !", Arnold may have betrayed h's country, but there are those who would honor him for h!s patriotl: accomplishments before lie tv.ri-.ei traitor. State Representative Sterlin; is preparing a bill tcr introduction in the Legislature under which U. S. Route 201. from Brunswick lo tic Canadi.11' H"e, would be named Arnold Trali in honor of the Revolutionary general. '/ ^ncicnl Va^'e Turcliaseii I tELOIT, WIs. (UP)—A b'aci flj- \ L ' r ?d Greek vase men than 5,40) • ' "T5 old has torn purchase:! fcv Tl 'ieodore Lymnn Wright art hall here. AGAIN KONJOLA WINS "I luffcred v.-ilh itomach itou- Wo for ten ycair", exclaims Mr. Jomc.1 W. L-iYw-roncc, Indiar>-i- polis, Ir.d. "My liver was elinj- E«H ond 1 had dizzy *p*Ui. I van barijy cona'.ipatcJ. Koiijola rcalorcd myVic.iltli nflcr I spfnt hundred* of Jollars on other medicines. Kon;ola i» A real medjclne nnd I recommend it". Why Count ^ To Go to Sleep / T OO much work, too much worry. Tired but too nervous to sleep. Counting imaginary sheep, relaxing your muscles, making your mind a blank, all ng use. You'll feel "all in" tomorrow. Just dissolve a Dr. Miles' Effervescent Ntrvhie.Tablet in » half glass of water. Brink the clear sparkling beverage. Drift off into deep dreamless sleep ar.d get up in the mornln* refreshed in inind and body, and ready for the day's duti«« or pleasures. Dr. Miles' Nervine 13 now made in two forms—Liquid tnd Effervescent Tablet. Both are the same therapeutical!y. Get them at your drug store Large Packtg* |1.00 Everyone knows that sunshine mellows-that's why the "TOASTING process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos— the Cream of the Crop -THEN-"ITS TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING"-that extra, secret process — removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. "It's toasted" Your Throat Protection—against irritation — against CPU; Dance Orchc.-- fra, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening over N. B. C. net. tvorfct © IIJ1, Tk« Am.rlctn Tobicco Co., Mfro.

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