The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 , 1939 Country's Isolation Makes Real Assislance [ : r o in Allies Very Doubtful , By BRUCE CATTON Courttr News Wastilnglon Correspondent WASHINGTON, Sept. 8.-Grei\t Britain aiul Prance face a strategic problem ot tremendous difficulty, ill the opinion of nrmy experts here. Going to the aid of Poland, they are up ngainsl a situation in which it Is almost, fmpcssible for them to supply that help swiftly or effectively. For the simple and inescapable Jact Is that Poland is tucked away where the English and French can't get at, it. .The biggest factor, as the army men here see It,-Is Hitler's non- negresslon treaty with Russia. That isolates Poland, makes Hitler's eastern, toil sate, and tremendously increases the difficult}' of applying a blockade. Yet n blockade, in the end, offers the best, way' — almost the only way — in which the British and, French can hope to bent Hitler H is believed. Meanwhile .Poland and Rumania are negotiating for reinforcement of the Polish-Rumanian treaty of mutual assistance upon which Poland counts to receive supplies and aid from Britain and France SIEGFRIED MNK TOUGH TO CRACK The Baltic at uro.soiil l s Impassable. Italy—right n;\v, anyway—Is neutral. The only place where Germany can bc v attacked is along her uostern bolder, where the famous Siegfried line 1ms been built. Current army estimates have II that n hastily entrenched line cnu be held by Irained men against three times their number; a line which Ims been elaborately fortified (as Ihc Siegfried lino bi« boon) cun be hi.'ld agiilnsl five or six times thB nunibPi 1 of defenders. Prance has the best, army In Europe—but breaking through me Gei-mnn line en the western front will be Incredibly cosily ami will take months, on the most favorable estimate. What the rival powers plan lo do with their nlr fleets Is, of course, unkir.wn here. American army men doubt that bombing of nml "" HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lew* r—< . . •/ VUJUO IjtAYJS BLlTnEVILLE. ftBK.Y COURIER NEW3 civilian for no centers uill continue—If other reason, they say simply because wars aren't won that way. H Is suggested (lint French and British bcmblng fleets nmy make the Essen munitions works and the Skoda works In Prague their chief objectives. If they can destroy (hose plants. Germany will he seriously crippled. Apart from those. 11 Is believed that railway centers will be lead- Ing objectives for both sides. Early reports from Poland indicate to army observers here that a prime »lm of Die German ah- farce has been to cripple Polish train service. WILL HITLER TUT TO CALL HALT? ^'You sec, lie imisl have Ihoujjht I was a poor marksman. Bates Elected Head Of Teachers Group CAR OTHERS VH,LE, ifo.. Sopl.7 SILBERNAGEL & COMPANY Little Hock - Pine UlufT - Fort Smith Jt is not believed that the Ger- inan army will have much difficulty in forcing its way to tlie Vistula river, as that is the first strong; defensive position met in fjieTi nn advance into Poland from the lrflv ii west. The supposition is that iM ne ' when, as, and if that objective Is loacher* n,,n ,.„.., reached, Hitler will call a halt and (cndwl the m^ i^' will suggest a peace conference. I other nL^,*! , ----- - •! uuici oniceiA elected were; . ° f UlC Asso. , , . ....oh L. Bates, principal of the Caruthersville high schcol, was elected president for year. E. E. Simpson, iiilcndenl., is the re- 250 guests nt- If Britain and Prance reject, any such overtures nnd continue Ihc war, it is believed thai the flde will have to be the! reliance. Although thL _.- „„ will he leaky because of Russia's ; - Iff dshlp t; and Mrs. Susli secretary. W, H. superintendent, ivai the executive committee ' , ViCC Sister, the fiicl thai, she ctm expect some imports from Russia and southeastern Europe, Germany's position is considered extremely bad in regard to foodstuffs and other raw materials. The fact that food-ration cards were rescrted to before hostilities had even begun Is taken. as a sign of n highly shaky posilion. In .the end, it Is /ell, n blockade will win. Bill that "end" might be n long 'v. ay off. Before it. is reached, Europe may settle down into a condition that' is neither war nor peace—n cold, relatively bloodless economic struggle in which the military struggle is a stalemate and in which each side matches its resources against the other on the economic trout. the Bouth- Cleaning the windshield before the' wiper is turned on will remove hard particles which might otherwise scratch the glass. Miss Pauline Myers, Dcering; Joe Parks, Braggadocio; Carl Hughes, Cooler; Miss Minnie Monaii, Canady; Mrs. Maggie Dtnmvant, Chapel; Elmer Neiman, Bragg city; W. A. Carter, steelc; J. T. Epper"•" Holland, and Mrs. Gladys week from c. p. nioker, president of (he Pemlscot Ginning nnd Mercantile Company, of Stccle nud was for $30,00, Mr. Helm snid All money collected by (he Missouri- Illinois Cotton council will go to the National Cotton Council Mi- Helm staled, which was formed in an effort to increase Hie uses and consumption of American collon here and abroad, All sums collected Ihrough this medium will be used for chemical research nnd merchandising surveys Into new and untried fields for uses of collon, Mr. Helm said. Officers of the Missouri-Illinois Cotton Council are: Mr. Helm compress representative, Cnrilth- ersville, chairman; dins. B. Baker, Shiners representative, Kcimctl! vice chairman; p. B. Burliness, crushers representative. Sikcslon, vice chairman; Hoy W. Harper,' attorney, Cimithcrsvillc, vice chair-' man; Ed p. Coleman, collon merchant, Sikcston,, 'secretary; nnd Drciv Vardell, producer representative. Kemietl, tretsurer. «m, nuimiiu, ana Mrs. Gladys _ _ ^^. ..*_.-, Fisher, HRyward. Alternates nnmcd ' • 'COURTS were: Miss Ruth Burlison, Wardell; Mrs. Ruth Dunham, Caruthers- 1 ville; Stephen Pool, Concord;' Miss ! Mrs - E(1 » a Mnc Stephens hns TERMINIX TERMINATES •^ TERMITES ' ^JJIWCE-MEMPHIS^ ATTENTION, All Ex-Service Men Of ih c Fifth District You are ii.viled to a cliickon dinner at the American Legion Hut Sunday, Sept. 10th Speaker of ihc day, E. C. 'Took' Ga things Everything Free! Vera McArthur, Cottonwood Point; Mrs. Dora Turner, Pascola; E. E. Simpson, Hayti; Jumes Cassidy Cooler; Miss Irene Bentley, Deering; nnd Truman M. Mayfield, Concord. [ i(i«|l] The pj-ijicipal address of -Die meeting was given by Dr. W. P. Bearing, president of the Oakland City College, Oakland City, Ind., who spoke on "Youth nnd Responsibility of .the Teacher in Directing Youth", other speakers included Dr. W. H. Aufrano, Kennett, district, health officer; Mrs. Blanche Griffith and Hny T. Evans, of the Slate Department; Marcus Grant president of the District, Teachers Association; and Everett Kcilhls, assistant, secretary of Teachers Association. the Missouri, Illinois Cotton Council Acts CARtJTKERSVILLE, Mo., Sept. 7. —N. W. Helm, of this city, chairman of the Missouri-Illinois Cotton Council and head of the Southeast Missouri Compress of this city, said yesterday that an intensive campaign to obtain further pledges to the council was being put underway this week. He stated that 67 cotUn producer.? of the territory, including warehouse men, oil mill men, ginners, buyers and crushers, had signified their desire to become members of the council. The first check was 1 received this PHONE 205 FOR YOUR POULTRY Nice, fat hens and fryers & other poultry at all times. I'VE DRESS AND DELIVER FREE! STICKLER-GOOD.WIN CO. 40fi E; Main THE PERFECT PEN FOR THE STUDENT— .AND EVERrCHE Sat. Only THIS CERTIFICATE IS WORTH $4.41 FILU'D'F'O'UNTAW " *° ° no of our Ccnu!ne $5.00 NO-SAC VACUUM- ",-(.r t I r * *, . . -..--...-%. ,u,^ ^j^.ww MV-JMW »M*-\JVlm 'S'blc Ink Supply. Yog sec the ink. Universal siic for ladies, men, bors and girl: 'he Pen With a Life-Time Guarantee, ZIP—ONLY ONE PUUU AND IT'S FULL This Pen Will Be $5.00 After Sjlc Also ^l.SO Pencils to Match Above Pens, 29o KIR3Y DRUG CO. 2nd and Main filed suit in chancery court ngainst, Leo Stephens, asking for a divorce OH the ground of Indignities. Percy A. Wriglit is lirr nltoriiey. Marlha Caiii|)bcll r chnrged with disturbing the peace, will be Irlwl iu Municipal Couit tomorrow, Hie case having been coiitiniied from today. A warrant wns issued for Roy Payne, charged with driving while under the influence of liquor, but, the case wns not heard today. Three men were fined on charges of public drunkenness. Scotland I'roud of Water Usi! EDINBURGH. (UP)—Afore ivu- ter pei- liend of painilatidh is used in Scotland than in England, declared Col. John Colville, Secretary for Scotland, in ft recent speech. "Not only will this fuel give our neighbors to the south some Wen of our cleanliness; it will answer libel nbont our national beverage," he said. Scnsiilional Reports 0! Possible Miller' Over- Ilirow touch U. S, ny Riiuor. OATTON Ooarlor K CW , Wjjlilnstgn Oorrcsilodili'n WASHINGTON. 8<>)>t. 8,-^msn- llonnl vcDoiis from the "iiiKier- pvound inovcuirnl" In Oerinnnj linvv uren roiiclilnn her.., uuveil- l mid linposslblo to vi'illy. Hint moveim-nt wllliln the Helch ii cvcrlhuw Adolf HHli;r Is now wcti eiioiifjli orgniita'd so Unit loliowors "f tlio inovciuciit In Clpvinany linvc sent io their Auii'i'lcmi contuct; those predlt'ilons; 1. Thai the wiir will be slrrt ?. Thau Hider «11I be out before Clnlstmns. ^ Tlmt neither or the two men ho imiiicd us Ills siievcssors—Hor- timnii Ciocriiii; mid HutUil|)li Hess —will succocd him. •>. Tlint "responsible eliMiuints' I" Cicrinniiy will until powev urn make peace du a lwsi s C | roKalir lug l)iiir/.)g and .solvhij; Hit! coirldo problem ivllhoiit slrniigllinj: Polniul 5. Tlwt Hclnrliili llimnilw, dl'S Iniw head. Is fur from Kympitthcti lo littler, mill Is "the innn t wntch" In Germimy ttxlny. Tliesc rcnorts come here fron inside Germnny to n nilher my.s terlous, hlshly-.scci'Cl jirwip cnllliij Itself the Intmwtloiuil U'ague fo Truth In Qcrmnny. This cnjanta tion claims to have membership Ii England, Prniice, Toland. the Scnn (llnavlnn emmlrles. HelBluin, Itol land, nud (lie United Slates. I hns nn office in New York, nddres. unknown. As long ngo ns lust April. It \vn: kiicwn. nud this coiTcsponden wrote, that, (his organization cliilm ed lo be active in disseinlnntliii, niitl-Illtler propaganda In Germany Tt is regarded as non-Comiminlst and primarily as u pence fjroMp nctinif on the theory that Hie bcs u-iiy to peace la Europe Is (o (.e 1 Hitler removed from power. TAKES NO HANU IN ANTl-IllTl.KIi I'LOTS It emphasizes that it Ims no taken any active pnii iu definite lilots against Hitler, but slmpb in proiiagfliidl?.lii(! within Hie Reid Rgulnst his regime. The reports of the iJO.sslbllHy ol active revolt simply come lo then, from contacts within Oci'iiiuuy It* o«n activities linvc heen limited to fomenting general "whls- lierlng campaigns" nnil radio broadens!. 1 ,- ngnlnst the Nazi reglnu wllliln Gcnutuiy. Some of H.S broadens!. 1 : go liilo Germany from Europe-mi iwl onkide tlie lleich, some even from within Germany itself, via secret stations. The league, entirely a private ictlvlly of anonymous civilians relieves Hint the radio cninnnlgn aimed directly nt the German J )lo is ucinij Increasingly succcss- '"1, mill that, it reaches regularly a million Germans despite the elaborate and stringent precautions PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Besi Price* Kirby Drug Stores NE W BEAUTYV NEW HEATING , COMFORT WITH THIS 1939 DUO-THERM IMPERIAL FUEL OIL HEATER nPHIS low, racy Duo•*• Therm will be a Ixsauty spot in anyone's home—and it's as efficient as it is hand- somcl Here arc some of its great features: Polenlld Blai-Bolfld Born.t — the most c ffici c nt burner made IB iJrns cleanly, silently—from pilot light to full flame. Its perfect combustion gives you the utmost heat per dollar! Sp«lo) Wmlo-Sloppar-kceps heat from rushing up the chimney, sends more heat into the room. Saves oill Open Evenings Until-8.30 Co-ordTnoted Conrioli—insure correct draft settings and perfect combustion. And—the low rfo- JS/tfn of this healer keeps heat ' lower, gives warmer floors.' Perfect for fireplace installation. See this healer today] Models Jicat 1 to 6 rooms. Hardaway Appliance Co. .L W. ADAMS, Mgr. 5th & Main 1'hone 3S taken by C.estap.i n gn ,t., ntstilnsl. "fit Mm iwst two years UK> PAGE THBEB Ji din past uvo years UK> pco- ,;„, , ,)le have come to dlsllimiilsh be- llnl ! llw1 ' tween Gestapo nstnls who nr« working for Ihc regime and those who (ire working against It," save n League official, SAI'Kll TO HlJAlt "U Is lidded (hat it Is aclnully snler In Clerniany now to listen lo these "boalh-ugod" broadcusls than It ivas two years ago As nn llliislmllon of the wide •iiowlh of illoRal broadcast Ing, Iherc Is chin) u rra-nt siicech In' (Wili-li lllllpr wnrncd the CH'iinaii lirople iia(, (» n S ( OU (0 jypjj ))ro _ ginins nml declared that Nn'A imily illstrlrl lenders were the lino of dcfi'iist 1 agaiiusl SIIQ!I •traitors." Tills, (i is iissciled, was 'Irsl of nil an admission Una thu :>abll Is (jrowl)iR and secondly an Indirect ndinl«lou (hat Ihc cies- !apo Is not doluu Us Job projicrly Tlie U'nsue's source;; within nernsnny mill (hut n prime reason lor .ifiissollnl's inllnre tp ((gin h ils knowledge uwt an nnll-lllllcr coup Is in Ihe making, Jlnllim hilouiiaiils cf tht Ix-ngiie report (hat anll-ciernmn sent!. lent In Kaly Is niowtug rapidly— 1 least parlly U'cause of Mart In lorclnir n 3f German offloers IiUo responsi ble posilicns iu Hut llnllnn army, Incidentally, those Informnnh isscrt Unit upiviirds of it doxen 'of (hew Gcmian officers huve died mysteriously while on duty In Ituly, and timi n c ws of their deaths has teen suppressed. PouHdl! l";in on Fire KIA'lilA, o. (UP) _ Wddo wil- llams was so Interested In observing n foolbnl) fume he did not notice he uus on lire, until follow spcclnlors noltfleil him tlial Hit blanket wrapped around him wns smoking, nimilns eignr nshe.s Imd fallen Into U. 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Verified niitl :i|i- prnvccl for A.iV.A. payment In North Central District. L. R. Matthews Gin Co riionB U-r-2 Ynrlira Vmi Offlcr, Illylhevlllc, Ai-k. ROXY Adratalon »lw«j» Ifa & Zfe Mtflncct Fri.-Sat.-8un. Friday - Saturday Gold Mine in the Sky with GKNK AU'I'KY umt Smiley BiirneUe. Also curlonti * scrlnl "llnwk iif Hie Wilderness." Continuous sliow Saturday. Sunday-Monday BLOOD-CHILLING! THE MAN THfYCOUlB MOTHAK& A COIUMBU PICTURE Also I'ox News Si Coined)' E. 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Sumlay all d^y 16c «.V 36c Ldmis, Mond.if Mallnce lOc .t 26e \(hnis. Monday N'lght ICc Jt 3<ic

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