The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 7
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BLYTIIEVILLB. (ARK.) CPU ll IKR NtOWS CLASSIFIED MIS 'lT»o ceuu t word lor Hist later Uoa and cue cent a word lor Men lUtMequint Insertion. No kdvmuement taken fur lea tlisii We. Count the worda md icad Use carto. Phone 306 FOR SALK I-'OH SALE-Cash or Trade—my equity in property at 103 West, Ash Si., priced at'si great deal below value. Dr. C. A. c/aldwcll, Laic, Ark. 23P-10-1G LAURA LOU AUTMOPOP"QASU ROMANCE* FOH SALK—Best bargain la town on Model A, 1920 l-'oril roadslci 1 with rumble seat, driven about GOOD mill's, in excellent condition in every way. Set 1 Morse and Kirs'.i. ncr. 7C-KH FOR HALE—Pure S'.oncville colta! seed. Plionc 017. I0p-ki5. FOR KENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street. Telephone 101 and 571. 1511. J TOR RENT—ti room Dougan. I'hor.e 331 house, 232 IGcktf FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 Kentucky. L'hone CS3. 4P-K11 FOH RENT—Front bed room, adjoining bath, privntc residence Phone 410W. 8C-K13 FOR liENT — Four room stucco house, modern COG North Filth St.. Mrs. F. P. Carter. P1-K11 FOB RENT—Rooms, free. 914 Hearn St. one week 8P-KH FOR RENT- Modern stucco resl dence 512 North First St., also four and five room houses. Dr J. A. Saliba, Phoue 410. 7C-K1 FOR RENT—Modern 4 room house 307 North Broadway. Phono 1S12-F4. 9P-K13 MI:<:I\ m;nr. TOIIAV AJvriillirr i-nlcr* llir llfr nl Ci:i.ll rlTt'JIKI.I.. 17. iihrn «hr Irnlni ihi- (atht-r ittir lins ALln|iuhri) ili-ai! it nllvL- nnd *M-ullli>-. Slit* Jrjik t-* lu'r iiii]irrlriillml* linnir In HiLltiinurc fur n Inmu. In \c\r York u!ln hrr fnlTivr, JOHN MITCUi:i.l, and licr nrl,H,or:illc il tKliAlllfr It III; nils. l:,-i pinlhrr. tJlviii-i-ru .Mllh-lirU ntiil rr- mnrrlt-il imil I* ncii\ :i tililniv- l»:l|irr iihulnci ri]flirr. In In tnvr \iiTfi llir plrl nnj lirfnrr It'JUlnu Ilnlrlijtori- fvJIu iii-unilm-il In lip tnfji] IM Ma lint?. Stir In Innetj In ^iiirEirii uvkM r:vi:i.v.\ rvn- Sftl.YX, lM-:iulirnl i\tdnw, lu Inlrn- diirr Mir i:lrl In > mini; |>rn]ilr. ?lr«. I'liracm* rmiHldrrH Oll.-i n mr.-inii in tvln Mlli'lit-ll'* nO'trllinm lint] ncrro*. Shr ln\-|ip* (br KlTl rt> IIIT I.nnji liilitui) trimo tur n «ri>l:-rn I. TOE) JIII1IIAV. liixHiirillnj: lint Mllli M drilii.,,1. rriml.-ul.m. I. nl- Irnllvr In <Vll:i nnJ Mr*. I'nr.iniiH <• lhi> niiilrh. XVbrn (h<- nllinr tiirit, Iriivi- l\-lln CDiUlniif. IIIT vl.h. I.ESI DHNC.1V. M>rlnll* l-r,:i:i- lti*'nl. InvTd-s tu'r In urirnLl II »0 [miiiln- [i:irlj. <'cll:i u:irrnt\1> <'>ITI|U-J< ill-mining [IIIL! I.x rr^t-ui-i] li> J..ri!:iu. llcr fihllu.r h.-nri nt fhr nnT:ilr nin) In.ilKiM ilif ^Erl illicit rrTnrn Eitiini'. 'I'flf Klllnr t<\t*- nlniv .Iiirilnn t-jilE^ mnl In n rn- ttt-r. «hr rrtLira-t In Nt-tv Vnrk lli-vt liny ;inil cccelven u trlvlilintu' -nil. so\\ co o\ WITH TIM: sionv cuAirnit xxv ;t\V/IIO is It?" Celia dciimiided '• caRcrly. S!:e ti c 1 il the Ficncli tek-plioiie close to licr car. The "ficnltaiiair at tlie oilier end o[ the line was a linller cx- plninlng Hint Miss l.isl Duncan wisiird to jpcaX to Miss Mitchell. A moment later Cella heard Llsi's &riy vnlce. "Tliat asked c|uc5lloii8. llo \vainoj to ktio^ tlto naiuo of thd young iiiau who liad eaveil licr. Cello, with blliiK easiness, told him. Klio hlncil Elio had Diet Jorilan at Evelyn rnrsona'. "Oil, yes? Well, 1 wouldn't slnnd i a lUtlo point of tltiiiictlo it 1 were drowiilnu!" ho salil dryly. Colin humlicd. Slid Miilulncd slie wabu'l reforrliiB lo EMlal vro- [irietles. lint tlioiishl Mitchell lulglit remember seeing Jo^ilnn. Her fntlier shook Ills lirail "Can't ray 1 ilo." lie said. '1'lieii bo \vrotc do>vn ttio name. "\\'elJ — I'll look alter this young man — " "lint I'm sure he wouldn't—I mean 1 don't ililnk lie'd arcrpi money or nnyUiint; like lluH!" sin- urntcstcd. .Mitchell put the meinuraiidnni l»ok hack Inlo liln pnchcl. "Never mind nliout Hint." ne satil. "Cella. 1 hail a vrully un coiiilorlnUlc hall linnr Inst infill liefore I knew ynn were safe." Tliero was emotion In h!>? vok-n that surprised the ylrl. S!l(c!:e!l nut out a ItanC aiid took CelLi's. :in<l for a nioisieut there was uit- dcrstandlug sileuco between them. nit eyes. Slio was glad u'.io had written both ot tlicui Monday. She should have done eo earlier. Som» Now, ttiero ecemcd little lime lo write. » There was eo much else to do. Her precious mother! Cella thought of her mother going work, bending over her lo 4t| .MUST run upstairs ami dress." ' the girl said, rising. Slio was afraid to show how deeply she had liceu (ouclied. Before &l'.e reached Hie iloor Cella remembered Mil FOR RENT—Two room house on East Cherry. Phono 888 o r 450J. D-CK-TF FOI! RENT—5 rnom Stucco Bniig- alnw near Wvtheville Hospital, with balli. S22.50 per month. Ill R. VranMln St.. L. A. Waters, Phone Offlce 594. Phone residence 742W. Oo-kl'! 9P-K13 FOR RPNT—Front bed room. Gar- nfjc. 719 Chickasnwba. Phono CD5. OP-K14 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. '.Vashed and ironed by competent-'white"woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 - LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—On Oct. 1st., 1 bay mare .mule, weight about 8IW pounds. J. C. Ellis, New Liberty. 7P-KI4 TAKEN UP—Two larye horse nuiles, 1 black ai;d 1 bay. P. W. Lemons, Crusa farm, Clear Lake road. 10p-kl3. PEK3ONAL FURMTUHF, and PIANO repairing and refinishing. Work guar.inteccl. IM Railroad Street. Phone G05. OP-K.13 i you. Celia?" slic askwl. "l^vcivri told IMC you'd cone linine. I telephoned licr a few minutes ajo. Lisle:), how'ro you feeling today?" "Oh. I'm all right!" Surely. Colin iliounln in liursclf. B!IC must liovc said Hint a thousand limes in llio last 24 hours. "Fine! Honey, 1 want you have lunch will: me tomorrow. I'm yoinj; to drive In and i'il pick you up about 1:31). That 0. K.7" Cclia thought H wonlil be. U cheered licr Invnensely to think Llsl waniccl to lie (rienclly. She protuised to he- ready. "Tlial's settled ihea. Cy-by. hosey!" After Cclia put down ttie ictc- rliono bhu wundercil if her grand- iiiollier could object. It would he horrible to have to call off tlic en- gagemciit. She dccideil lo wait until her father arrived home before laonilanlng tlic luncheon parly. Hc.camc sjiorily alter four, aslt- lnS^trnnfeTlialcly for'his daughter. The girl was reading. "Homo again!" .Mitchell called as he entered the library. "Well. Celia. let's !ic:ir all about this unily ot yours." "Oil. father. I can't understand how it happened. One miniuo I was swimming alous and tlio nest tlio wave came- over mo and 1 thought I was sinkinc—" Mitchell pat down beside her, and the luncheon engagement. She told tier faltier about IL "That's all right." he said. "1 want you lo have plenty of young friends. I'll speak to your grandmother." She thanked him and went on out of the room. 'There was a letter from Cella's mother nest morning. It wai not the (irst UIQ girl had received from .Mrs. Rogers since arriving lu I\ T cw York. Inn comlus at this particular lime, its effect was profound. Celia was at her dressing 10 table tailly polishing her nails hot days. Was she really well? A wave of revulsion swept over tho girl 03 slio UioiiRlit of Margaret Ho^era' long loll anil privations nncl ilie luxury w-ith which shn iK-r^olf was siirroiitnleil. • Finally she foliled tlio letter and |ii!l It under n pllo of llu^eilo In a drawer of the dressing table. Us! was late. Il was nearly uvo n'rlni'li wliou slie ilrtive up to llic Mitr!Lcll EKUIIO nnil smmdcil tho 1'ieiicli horn ul her fan\x. Colin liurrlid nin ol [ho house to slop llic uproai- liefnre It readied liur ^raiiiiniullier's eais. "Hullo!" I.IKI uridicd licr nrlglil- ly. "Am I laic? K's lliu precious u-ciinc. Hod IlKlils nil Ilie way! i swear, eriibsluy the bridge—" She hahlilci) on aa Cella stcpiicil Inlo the car. Then lliey circled the squiire am! headed lip-town. l.isl was loulttiia iiartlcnlarly well lu a grccu anil wtilto printed frock and Email gi'cen hat that seemed lo minimize- her freckles, "How's my hat?" slio demanded, "It's Kale's, anil she'll have 47 eat t!i if sho knew 1 hod It. llavo I ot It on right?" Cella said tho liat looked very ,-ell. "We're going to " the tlier girl salil, naming n small, aslitonablo restaurant. "Dicky's o meet us llicro. It's all right, lie knows I'm alwavg late." "Who's Dicky?" Cella asked. [ ISI grinned. "Tlio plot thick- L ' ens." Bho said. "Haven't had Ime lo explain why I really called rou yciteiiliiy. Dicky's rny Big Thrill. He's an nclor—oh, a gooil one. too! Going to open in a won- Ho had not but lie was going to alk to (ho director lliat afternoon. Cells sat buck and listened. Kin (hougl-.t HID nliracHou between Usl mid this firlr-hatred Dk-ky curious. A vision ot Tod Jordan's dark gt-od looks roso In her memory. "13ut Cella!" Llal turned laugh- Ing. "1 fortol to tell you Dicky's name! Imi'i a Lis- PAGE SEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE iBy Alien* Votl MAPAM HAS GO^IE OUT" 9 -~- --filea PREPARE: ME A S-fACK <SF GOLDEN BROWM PA/U CAKES —/W A FAsHER CF BAca^i .1 .PAT<^ WKV MRS. KOQPCS IS * * OAMr;. ou-f, OM ACCOUMY OB- wriicH when Martha knocked on the door and gave her the letter. The girl greeted tile familiar lanilwriliiis. with dclisht. Then she ran to the cluilso lougnc, sank down and tore, opcu th» envelope "My darling child," was the sal illation. Cclia read oil flulckly Tlicro was lit.lic news. Mrs. Hog ers wrote that she was feeling \vel and very busy. It was tiio vaca tiou season anS two ot the Otters at Margot's were away. -Margaret Itogers said that Bar if y had come to ECO her. He was irking hard. " "I hope you are very liappi with your new friends." the last para graph read, "hut remember, abov all else, to take earn ot yourself Write soon. Oh, my darling, bos I love you. Your Mother." After the girl had tlnislici reading ll she Eal for a long titm looking down at the letter. I brought hack shaiply everything li the life she bail left. Mother, liar uey— slio saw them through differ derful slioj; nest month. But you ECO I can't have him out at the house or meet him at the club because of Kale, fivery time a niau ( liko sees Kate they forget me like that!" Lisl's lingers snapped "She eoes after them on purpose Kale's mean as the dickens tha way. Ask her little sister If you want to learn all. I fished up till: ex;uso ot lunching with you ao could get into town without a row Anyhow, I didn't Hiiuk you' mind—" It was impossible to bold rescnl mcnt against L1;L The man who rose wben the; entered '(ho foyer ot the rcslauraii was not, to Celia's way ot think iug, "a love." Ho was too hlom too conscious ot Ills regular foa ttires, and too eager to talk abou himself. A Mailer led them to u come table which had been rescrvci Lisi fell Into eager convcrsatio about how rehearsals wero goliii, and whether Dickoy hail euccccdc in (citing his part enlarged. tell, lie's Ulclninl liramloii Carntli- crs on ilio ihcatcr progi : nm«. lie- memhcr Uial! Last sprlns Dleliy was playing in "Klinlcra Ucepers" when I met lilm." "H was n good part," Carullicrs IJUl In. Ho cxglalned to Cclla that lio played Juvoilllo roles npd. pro fcsrntl iJiiima IhoiiKli lio had Bp- cared In musical comedies. Tho luncheon WHS appotlzlnr;. Hl.i devoted herself to tho reamcil sivcclhrcad and salad and t il-o others talk. It mis intcr- •llns t" hear this familiar gossip t t.lm Etage. Romeiiow eho Iind iperiu,] ,1,1 aclor lo Ire a moro lamni-ous person than Illclinrd raiiclon Cnrulticra. At 3:311 they left the rcsUuirnnt. Hcky was (o report at ihe iheater t four. They all clhubed Into the oupo ami l.| 8 | drove lownrrt ISrond- '«y. C\'Ha dared not ailmll it wa« or first slew of that famous tlior- ughfaro. N llio afternoon sun slio (nought A tlio gical electric Blgua looked Iclcous and the street Imil n cheap, Ismal air. It was very hot. Cinl- us lonklng men nml women passed, ftrutlici-d Iclt lliom In front of » heater which to Cella wns ono of he ugliest. All llio way (o Grammercy I'ark si chattered ot tho young man's attractions. "You know." she said Impiilslvc- 7. "I like you, Cella. 1 know I could dejicad on you. Vou'ro ou he level! Cclla replied that sho lilted Ltsl :oo. It was agreed tlioy should moot again soon. The next diiy was dreary but on Saturday Mrs. Milchell nml Cclla drovo to WcstcliBter In attend a society fair for tlio benefit of charts'- . : ?£Glla wag not itilcrcslcd until sli'e visited llio fnrluiio teller's tent. Her gramhnollicT, by an odd (juiik of characlcr, had tho greatest ffiltli In'.seers. • "Ask her to read your future!" Mrs. iMItehell urged and tho girl went into llio brlghlly feslooncd bower. Sho offered her palm to tlic aticd CAr\i COLD MU<5t4 PoT OT" CQT- , Ari ^- I-IM-M, I WILL "TAK6 "BREAKFA.S-T llepe IM M^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WOHT1I THINKING OVRU By Martin "Can you seo aciytlilnt; there?" Cclia as S\IK ?at ilown. The old woman studied llio tiaud several moinenls. "Sweelhearts" elio muttered. "Two of Ikcm. Ono handsome! I see—" Th« gypsy's sharp eyes darted upward and her voico roso "I ECO —Danger!" (To lie Continued) New Cotton STRAYED— From my place 1'romisc Laud, t-.vo light grey niare mules. Weight about 1.000 NEW YORK. Oc-t. 10 (UP)—Cotton cla=cd steady. Opun llish Low Close iOct. (old) 1017 aMoct dvnv) 1005 1015 1003 1015 I0!7 1022 1040 IJOtinds each. Mrs. Li!tlie r Gaines. OC-K13 T-TCONE STEAKS THE WIST IN TOWN 50e. Good Coffee TOM'S CAFE 103 N. Second St. Vhone 17 Dec icld) Dec (new) Jan (old) Jan (new) Mar ..... May ..... July 1025 1021 1138 1032 1052 1&72 10-14 -1030 1076 1093. ]003 1522 1C21 1032 1052 1071 1039 1050 1050 1070 1088 I03U 1107 1038 HOG Kpols quiet at 1030, up 10. New Orleans Cotton V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis) Will pick up and deliver freight ano r.icKaqcs anywhere. Special 'ales on carload lots. Local Phone 8M Memphis Phone 3-03: NEW ORLEANS, Oct- 10 (UP) — Cotton closed s'.eacly. Open High Low Close Ocl 1000 1010 950 1010 Dec 1020 104-1 1020 10-iO Jan 1030 1052 1030 10550 Mar 1047 1072 1047 1070 May 1070 1CJ1 1070 1090 July 10C3 1107 1083 1105 Si>cts stcnrly aL 1015, up 3. WERT He Makes 'Em Set! PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHTS FIVK-AND-TEN CENT STORE —Auto Parts— Why Pay JACKSON Main al 21st AUTO PARTS Call K Royal G Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tai, Bcc* keeping Systems Phone 52 ' togram B)dg. BlytiwjUIe, ; Ark IN THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHANCERY COURT (CH1CKA- SAWBA DISTRICT). American Duildini; and Loan Ass-">- cialion, and W. L. Dclony. as Trustee, I'laintiHs. vs. C. H. G.uner, et al, Defendants. WARNING oni>i:i: The (iefendant E. L. Gcrom:, as Trustee, is warned to appear in ih3s court within tliirty days from this t dale and answer the complaint of I the p!aiiHiHs. American Building and Loan Association, and \V. L. Delony, as Trustee. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the above court tills Olh day of October. (SEAL). W. W. HOLL1HETER. Clerk ol the Above Court. By Harvey Morris ,D. C. 1-17-24-31 The New York City 1'olicc Department leprcseuts a standing army of 19,000 men- WARNING OUDEIi ] CHANCERY COUHT, CHICKA-! SAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Jolm Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., ct :il, I'laintiir, No. 4837 vs. William B. Amberg, et al, Defendant. The defendant, William B. Amterg, Charlotte H. Amberg, SL. Cantlcy, State Finance Commissioner of the Slate of Missouri, in charge of the liquidation of Liberty Trust Company, at Kansas City, Missouri, are warned to appear within ihirty days in the court nnincd In tlic caption hereof and answer Use complaint, of the plaintiff, John Hancock Mu- Uial Life Insurance Company, el al. Dated Oct. 3. 19TO. W. W. HOLL.IPETGR. Clerk By Harvey Morris, n. C. Church & Oannaway, Attys. for plaiiitilf. E. M. Terry, 'Ally, ad lilem. 3 lt!.17-U- The United Stales is devoting alxiut liO |iur cent of its incrciiaut ship couslvuction to motor-drivi'ii v.-ssels. NOTICE Will) our recent , parlncrship (rilli Mr. Ceo Carney, we now have the best cquipprd independent sliop in (own. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwlrk Building "We know we know how" Reasonable RLACK CAT COKKKKSHOl'l'B OUK VKLMIUM in guods In suit your lastc and Hit* host workmanship. Vic deliver promptly. Yon pay fur wlial you set and s 'Cl what you pay for. niylhevillc I'pholstcry ,t Repair Shop J. H. Jenkins. Mgr Fhonc -1GO 117 S.'lst. SI. ]!y lilossei SAV! THIS CERTAIMLV IS LAYOUT.... Boyi.' VJOOLDKtT TUS KIDS 9ACR LlliS 71115....!IMS sots FREOKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS ~-/ESS'R...!TS THAT AH' "WE" f£uv.ovj Too LATE roa voo TO TKV , 'V-^ST TAV.6 depose itJ THE seccj£T CA^E TV AT I'LL SHOMJ To yxi SOOMO, \JJILU Z'H. 8RISAI-1DS1! IS vwrTH THIS KERfAiT....VoO CAN SET YcUR BocffS OU THAT.... OR ACROSS BEFORE A RIG U'lTLE THING l\ FELLOW Cf-VI NEVER GUE.5S V(H<\T WE. C^ DO UNTIL HC STE.PS ON TUE. Ct>H V)W_K TW£ C.V-CV)DS' S«ULL GCTS TO HITTING ON M-L. CIGHT C-fUNCtVJS.t MIGHT Bt NJLl. TO 'SOM5. .. OttM TKEH HICK V4AS DECIDE1D OM

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