The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 13
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^THURSDAY, APRIL 2-1. 19-17 FBI Recovers 21 Machine Guns Two Men Sought In Connection With Thefts from Planes BLYTHRVILLE (AUK.)' COUR1EU NEWS Waiting for Their Brides KtLIOTf OIl'V, Md.. April 2.\. VI *\^T- With one unn already in "CHI- "»' 1 : "1 Posted a lookout for iwr, others today alter a raid on a .ICO-aere e.siate here uncovered ^!1 Klolen government macliinc guns ii'icl a small cache of nmimmition. Tile niachine-cuns were the bulk «f 2, r i such weapons stolen from the Hush Field surplus Depot near AUKtisla, On., April M, Agent n. K. liruwn o( the Savannah F.U.I. office Announced. The PHI (i eclined to discuss possible motives behind the first pending tlie arrest of the two men .still »t lai'KC. Tlirv were identified as- John Carl |.;isenhiirdt. owner of the estate, and Edward liro'.uler, his alleged accomplice. P13! agents said Kis'enh.-irdt served us spcci-il representative lo Venezuela for 111.- U. S. nnuril of Keoiio- luic Warfare in \an. police said he had been Ih'liiK on the eilalc for some time until lii.s disappearance. The I him man allegedly implicated In I he thelt was identified ,is .). Mrridiih Russell, -j-1. vice president ot ran American Transport. Inc . and an Army Air l-'orces oificer during the war. nussell was arrested late yesterday us lie s'.eppc d from a plane at Pinlico. Md.. Aii- port. The FIJI sni<] lie had admit ted unloading tiie fjun.s when !hoj were delivered near lialtilnore. T!ro\vn said the guns •'undoubted- ly'' were flown lo Elllcoll. city in a former Army plane which had '^SM 1 bought at a sur|)lus .sale at l^S^ Field. The };un;i had Ijcen H ^ r l^lUl from war planes for separate sale. Twenty of the machine guns wcie of .50 caliber and the other was of -10 caliber. The raid also uncovered extra barrels an ( i other parts, a case of machine gun ammunition and a case of small arms ammunition. Two Policemen Killed in Battle in Philadelphia Luxora Pastor Accepts Pastorate in Michigan I.UXOttA. Ark.. Apr. 21. - The Rev. Kvcrett K. Jones has r"nr'cd «s pastor „[ die 1,11x01-11 Assembly ami sHrKomis at Cicniianlown llos- lil'iil saw |,| s condition wa s "poor." I '''tee mimed Hnllowelt as the yoiitli w i,o encased ofllrcis in a •• > •« • > i i. |J.>,» V ll"iujn?i; SHIK iULII Nl II- I'll It] if LU' I'111! llllnl L •! ed Uo l'j\ltadel|ihin |)alrolmen early )„ lain A, ,,,,,(, ' l ' al "' l ' k ' N - •':• U la v when they trie',, to arrest him , ^^ % Wn §™™"** H.illoucir.s mother (s Dr. Durolhy Keiu llalloivcl], n consullanl psv- i-liolORlM nt the I'hiludciplda Cicn- ei'iil Hospital ,, u( | (1 wcll-kiunui child wcitim. e.viierl, nl s rather Is Dr. Aided 1. llalUnvell. Professor ill anthroiMlocy at Nmlhwcsiern University. I ;iu.\. April 24, (UP) ! all-year-old son of a child psycliotnuls: shot and kill- it ' Mispcclcd auto tlii'lt. Tlif .su.--- 1! ct w.i.s hlimell critically woutidod the !jun battle. 'olie Four British men who m;mied R'.issinn women in Moscow durini; the war nre shown looking ;it pictures of liicir brides in a London newspaper ofl'ico. The wives me still mnronncd in Moscow, unable, so fiir. to yet visus lo rejoin their hnstramls. Lcll to riglit lire: !\ Henderson, K. Kenwood; J. IBulloirand a Mr. Hall. Natives living near the Orinoco river of South America eat mud. to the banks -•.^j .i^i.^iici (juvM) i<» uie uanKs f ( ,,. after a flood and roll the .sediment I "-•' | into small balls about the size of an onitiRe. These are. dried :>nd eaten in bowls of soup at their Father Returns to Rescue Children, All Die in Fire . s. c. AMU -4. <1V>) 'Firemen said today that Merrill ,1. Brown ran from hi;, binniiv; home to safety but the piteous cries of four of his children sent him buck to try a rescue. All five died in (he bla/.e. Brown was a 55-year-old for mcr Charleston Navy Yard em- ploye and a grandfather :is w.'ll as the Cat her of six. Those who died with him were Umv: daughters. Ernestine. 1C. Jeanette. 17 and Verticil, 21; and a ton. \'/. C. Brown four. COTTON SEED FOR SALE / D P & L 14, Delinted and Treated High Germination Only a Few Tons on Hand Blytheville Dclinting Corp. So. 2nd St. Across from Armory of God Chinch to accept (he l«n-1 tornlc in Marslnill Midi. The Hei 1 . Mr. Jones hus iwen the pas- j lor here for (lie past itve years "lid under his leadership a new Church Inilldlni; has bc'in ereeled j "ml hvo Jioii.ves and Idt.s have heeu i purclia.wd. Also a Sunday School! I bus hus Ijcrii ptircliniml for «so I in the country. The u«v, Mr.| Jniie.s lias also l^-cn uetlve hi either I departments ( ,f the deiHuuinalion. lie hits served a.s dtrec'in' of Hie yoiini: peoples division clulsl Am- bii.ssador.s. lie and ills tamlly lell to.lav for llielr new home In Mlchl-jnn. Largest and most cxpnlislve II) briny hulldliiK tu the wm|d Is the Hi-nry ot Cmijuess. Its oilalnal sl was $7,000,01)0. PACK THIRTEEN BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS Phones 28CO—SCO Pfen Your Own TJ^ EMPER Buitt Kitchen with... JC^ITCHEN UNITS provide a completely finished and painted one pioco cabjnel base with work lop, splash tack and sink with fittings, delivered lo you in one package. Wall cabinets are packed separately. Both bases and wall cabinets are easily installed. One of our standard units will fit your plans and make it possible for you lo have a CUSTOM .BUILT KITCHEN without the expense of custom built planning.^Ejght sizes from 0'/ z ft. io 3 ft. in length. ^ Come In and See Our Complete Line of Sinks and Cabinets Made By Kemper—All Sizes Down Payment With 36 Months to Pay If you are remodeling or rebuilding, let us hhlp you plan your kirr.hcn. Do it one piece at u time, or as a complete unit. APPLIANCE COMPANY YOUR G.F. STORE IN BLYTHEVILLE DO YOU KNOW? That your grocer is selling PURASNOW E '.?.'. pn'ccs today? Based on today's wheat market your PURASNOW would cost at least $2.40 per barrel more than you arc paying HOW & WHY Is This Possible? GENERAL MILLS, Inc )«-<.,• UK- past (!() (in y s uic I,. K. ASHCUAFT CO.. PUHASNOW 'j ' >nre W r l)C , CRl ' Se th ° y 1IU(1 J ' lo " r 1 ">" ltwl '"•'' lius lieou ]mssc(l on to you U conlriiel.s have l. lia been ;i' limited (Iim; 'Phis siiviii;.; is ;t on 101) HJK. uuv I'U . mndc concer.sions llial cnnhk- v.n I-'LOUK M!. '„ ymn- cxluuislc<l G (ow'li't rcxl, K n»ctT l«, N o UAI t , .— 1™- vn. i i 4 ° C PL>1> Mlshcl l>crol - u >'< 11 ' «• days•• bargain pncas regularly. DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEED VALUABLE COUPONS IN EVERY SACK PACKED IN FINE QUALITY CAMBRIC BAGS A PRODUCT OF GENERAL MILLS, INC. Don't Wait — Buy PURASNOW Today At Any of These (Juicers And Save at Least 10% •L tii Blyiheville, Ark. Carter's Grocery Crtickusaw Grocery Barney Cozart Grocery Brown Grocery E. L. Davis Grocery Ebcrdt's Gateway Grocery Fred Faughr Gaincs Grocery & Market Happy Hour Grocery & Market Cecil Lowe Dogwood Grocery III'!) Tllylhcvillo Aycock's Grocery Kl-'l) »lyllicvfllc Whittle & Caldwcll Kfl) lUylln-vilh- Ramey's Grocery 111 I) Klyllicvillc S. E. Whittle Itri) Hl.vtlicvillc George's Grocery 3,ii\MJ-a Renfro Grocery Itr» Wilson T. M. Daniels Wilson Golden Lake Store i:ri> Wilson Wallace Milter Joiner Cotton's Grocery K riser R. Dean KM) Kci.scr Reggie Scnter Itftl Kriscr Wellingham Grocery KFI) Osrcohi Barber Grocery l.'Ki) Osrcol.i A. L. Richardson V;lHirn Clyde Stover DeoriiiK, ,Mo. Gobfer Mercantile Co. Gobbler. Mo. Cooper & Lester Omlcr, ,Mo. Joe Cohoon Jim Binklcy 111 I) llnll.iilll. ,M|>. W. D. Nichols It I'll Ilollanil, .11... Noble Eddington . nri) n»iiiinii, AI«. Temple's Grocery Itl l> lloll.ind i\In Hugh Holt I!FI> C:initlier.sville. Mo. Newton Strawn Holland, .Mo. . . Carroll Grocery Itri) CiirudiiTsvlIlL-, Mo. Waller Grocery HFI> (':irnllicr»villr, Alo. J. H. Thompson Coltotiwoiiil 1'iiinl, Mo. Maplcwood Grocery III l> Stenlr, Mo. G. E. West HI'I) Stcrle. ,11 o. T. N. Shcrrell liniKcailorio, si u , R. H. Green Huffman, Arlt. Perry Brothers HtilTniaTi, Ark. John Buckncr IInfTm:iii Ucnil, Ark. Forrest Grocery !M:inil:i, Ark. L. K. Horncr ^liinil.i, Art. Jolliff Brothers >Miinil:i, Arl<. , Lovelace Grocery i Hl'l) Alnnila, Ark. i, D. V. Wicker '' KV\\ iMnniln. Art. ',. Frank Isaac (•• I!!-'l> Manila, Ark. '; Brewer Bros. ty HFI> Slaiiila, Ark. I/Rowland Grocery 'y KFI) Slanilii, Ark. |Ed Mitchell K KFI> Manila, Ark. p Ed ward Dunkin M <'arroll Corner |W. E. Potter Vf Dell, Aril. ^Lcwis Grocery KFI) Del!, Ark. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO., Distributors Listen to hymns of nil churches al 10:15 a. in. each \vcek day morning- KLCN — 900 on Your Dial MAIN OFFICE- -NORTH TENTH Phone 3I5J Come To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY With Those Dirty Clothes O|H'n 7 n. m. r>:.'!() p. ni. lm-s<l:i.v and Thiii-.sday Nislils Open Till 9 323 North 2nd St. Dr. Jack Webb , Physician & Surgeon Announces the Opening of His Office Lynch Building Hlyllicvilli', Ark. 1''<>r the Central rrai'lke of Office Hume 21.'!! Kcsidciico 2fi;i5 GATEWOODGROCERY J Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arc 7 Crown Kinscy Schenloy Philadelphia Throe Feathers Hill& Hill Old Taylor Four Roses 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 2,65 2.65 2.65 2.65 265 2.75 4,35 2.85: .Sill 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 Bccr per Cuso $3.35 1 1: fC9- 17. 9c; , . Ethyl 19.9c,^ Cigarettes per'c&rton $1.55 | >*& SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED EARLY MATURING . . Koumlatiuii Slcu-k — Dirnct Uccunl. lest proved yields :l lo aero mid .sl;m<!s up |j(.'iu>i- than J^tlsoy. BlytheviSle Soybean Corp 1 .' tlilllillfmv..*. _-. _ ^ Vruin Breeder nio'rd ijuslicls put- 1H()« \V. Mllill IMiinic S5B-857. REFRIGERATION— 24 Hour— REFRIGERATION Sales Service Repairs AIR CONDITIONING VIV. AUK AIlI.i: TO <)FF!;i! YOU (!IIAI.Il'll'.l) KNGINKKUINtj IN SAI.ICH, KKI'AIUS AND Hlif W;i]k-ln boxes, llevcruKc. <.'i)nk'rs, Display (Juscii, Air Coll- dliliinlni; Wiills anil uscil l;[.-fdscnilliMi i:iitii|inicn( of nil Muds. 715 W. Ash— A. H. Johnson— Phono 2188 or Poolc Motor Co., Stcole, Mo., Phone 49 CHIROPRACTOR "Health Is your greatest asset. Chiropractic is tlic surest road to Itaillli. An liivcstinonl In n Cliirnpraclic I!c:illli Service will add to your wealth o[ licsillli." Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Neurocalomctcr Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist lilylhcvillc, Ark. BOATS FOR SALE Made in Blytheville by MIKE MERONEY CYPRESS and PLYWOOD The ideal l>n:iL for Ihr llisr I»ikc arc;i. llanriinadr, slurrty construction—only Hie bcsl malcriuls nrc used hi these boats. Sec them NOW! Nn\v mi Display at The Blytheville Motor Company Today's Water For Tomorrow's Pep If you fed rundown, if your system seems slug- Risli. drink the celebrated Mountain Viilley Mineral Wiuer—it is :\ natural nid for faulty assimllntinn snul elimination. Mountain Valley Assists the kidneys, stomach and blander to function uroporly. Pure- tasting . . . not u hxxaUVL 1 . Call or Write Today for Free Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main anil Division Rlylhcvltlc, Ark.

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