The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEV1LLB. (ARK.) COUUIER NEWS ' Social Calendar • TUESDAY'S -EVENTS Mrs, C. E. Criggcr. Mrs. Russell Phillips, Mrs. Bernard Oooch and Mrs. .'Charles CrlggiM' having lea nt Hotel . Noble for Mrs. J. T. Phillips.... '• ; r Junior R. A.'s meeting First Baptist church, 4 p.m. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Eimbcains meeting First Baptist church)- 4 p.m. Elbjc study at Church of Christ meeting with Mrs. Aildlson Smith, -2:30 p. in. . •' ; .FRIDAY'S EVENTS Bulf-Robinsim wedding at Flrel Baptist church, .4:30, p. 1 -in. Mrl John Tyrone havnig Dulcli luncheon. Sandwiches Win Men lo Te< To Have Tea for Jlr?. jl; T.: I'liillip.s Mrs. -J.-.T. Phillips, who recently came; 1 ."back • home" after having resided:.In Chicago for n number of yeprs,. \yill be gue'sl of honor nt a tea -lo .be given by Mr. Plill- llps 1 iiiotiicr; Mrs.'C.' E. Crieper, )ii5 sister,, Mrs. Bernard Oooch, and his sislers-in-lmv,- Mis.. Dns- £ell Phillips 'nnd-' Mi's.. 'Charles Crigeer, V-Tue'Eday nftcriyodh. The ajfah>is to uo In the Rose room of the- Hotel Noble ;train •> until 6 o'clock. = * . • * Son Horn • • T . -.• A son was born Friday to Sir. and Mrs. W. 1. Meyers, of Holland, at the Hlylhet'lUc hosplltil. The baby has been named Ivan Tallcy. Bils of News Mostly Persona] Gra,dy Evans,.two year old .ion of Mr. ami Mrs. E. B. Evans o?' Cooler, Is recuperating at the Blytlieville luyiptlnl from Wood poisoning caused by slicking n nail into his fool. B H Le\y lias gone to St. Louis Ipi fttlefid ^tlK, funeral of 111"! brother In ')iw Huuncr-Low- enlmint f V) who died Saturday from ta 'hetiiti. piinunt He was jouied tiicrr 1 b\ his daughter, Mrs. Milton II ''Allcnberg of Memphis, who",went Up', several days 'ago. The late Mr'. Lowcnhaiipl, who was a brother of the late Mrs. Le\y of t(ns cits «ns widely known in .Sfe^libnis^ having ncun liead of tlic Moss & Lowenhaiipt Cigar, company, of 1C retail stores, which he 'founded 38 years ago nnd having] been prominent In the St,f i.puis "chamber of Commerce, ;lhp'... Missouri /Athletic Association.'and the. \Veslwood Country club/;,;; Spurgi;6n ipaltersbn. of Jackson, Miss., was'.' here for a brief slay (he last :-iit'. the week, cnroiite to Marlin.t-TeVin. . Mrs. , Jolm Page, formerly of lierc and now of Jackson, Miss., is recuperating "loll.owing a major operation. .Her sislcr, 'Mrs. Edwin Roblm6n, is still with her. Mrs. "iy. A. Affilck Is 111 having become sick In Memphis sevcra days ago because of the extreme heat. Clifford Joyner, of Union city Tenn., came over yejtcrday for Mrs. Joyner who lias been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J E Whitworth. ' •'• Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Barnett and children have returned to their home in. Cottonport, La., niter Aflernooti lea lakes on new delight when accompanied l,y small, iiivery sandwiches. On this ph.ttrr :m, such luscious Ills as ihr. ham s|;orlnm.-\n, anchovy Iwisl, devilled lolislsr rniiajir, and filet of ring canape. her- KY MAISY I-:. l)A(iUI<: NKA Service Stuff Writer Well well — here's u note on my desk-saying that In New York hotels and rrclaiuniil:; men actually are croiwlliif: women away from the tea' tables. I don't know wlielher or not it's true. However, i uo know u number of men who llnd- that a cup of tea hi the nfcuioon brings a rcstriil nnd refreshing pause hi busy day. The fresher the bread, Hie more dellcnle the sandwich." If yon slice fresh bread with' a' very sliarp HOT knife you can cut It thinly and evenly with very lil- .le Irouhle. ; Toasted sandwiches nre' made ready to be toasted nl the last minute while Ilie" (en draws. Cucumber sandwiches must be made ut the last minute, but even ! llcvcr beater llirsc- can be prepared for speedy nsscmblhig. •roinnlo.: Baiuhviche.s, Ihrongh the center nnd .sprinkle wllli lemon juice and onion juice Put under broiler until (oaat is brown. Minced corned beef cotnblnci with horseradish Is another gooc combination. Finely chopped chicken ant celery, moistened with mnyon naise. nlwnys Is n favorite. Thinly sliced breast of chlckei between thin slices of biitterci white bread is one of (lie mos dc leetnble sandwiches. Chopped hard-cooked egg nnc shredded lettuce with mayonnaise Is (mother good mixture. licforc yon begin to make anj kind of sandwich you must creatr Ihc butter. Let it, stand In -< warm kitchen until softened bul not the least bit runny. Thei beat with n slotted spoon .., nmde with n'well-reasoned tomato jelly in place, of fresh tomiitocs, inn.v be made and stored for iin lour or longer. Tea after tennis matches is an old and ICVOXM custom. If you're to be hosier on sneh n'n occasion think about your men guests "" until light am creamy. This butter spreads like cream and becomes linn ngaln h Mrs J. I,: Williams enteitn'hicd alir.iil co (jiies-l!; at dinner Wednesday evening honoring Ihc birlhdny of Mr. Williams. Among the guests were several from For? rest city, Marfannn, Little flock not Springs and points In soiilh- cnst, Missouri. ";'•"'"' Mrs "• O. nalljrd of Wlehllii, Kans.. arrived Friday for a visit with his cousin Mrs. William Stewart, and f*m- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Qrlgs- by left Saturday for a visit with Mrs. Orlgsby's parents at Mur- Khnll, Ark. Mayor and Mrs. A. S. flcgers are spending a two weeks vacation in Florida. Mrs. F. A. White and Mrs.' B n. Bnillh Jr., left Saturday for -i 1 tiit with Ihelr sister, Mrs. L E ""wnltney, In Menu, Ark. Mrs. M. D. caswell and baby in returned Frldciy to Cireen- lle, Miss., after a week's visit i Mrs. Caswell's parents. Mr nd Mrs. B. n. Moore. Judge J. B. Parks of Fayetle- illc. Tenn.. returned to his home rlday after a visit with J. T. cstbn and family. He also vislt- (I the Rev. E. L. Cole who war ormcrly pastor at FHycttevllle. Mr. nnd Mrs. V. M. Ilorlon nd daughter, Cora Hogan, lef Saturday for Metropolis. 111., to llrnd the eighty-eighth birth!,iy celebration of their gitat randniothcr. Mrs. Nora Brown. Mrs. J. T. costn'n niid Mrs. W. I). Lynch drove to Memphis Friday lo'mecl Mrs. j. T. Mell- nry nnd Robert Allen of Fay- ettcvlllc, Tenn., who will he their gvssts for several days. Mr. and Mrs. John W. EdrlhR- on and son. William Bard 111.. left Sunday for a few days visit it McClcansboro. III. William Bard will remain over for several weeks with his aunt. Mrs. Val Campbell, and family. Mrs. Ed L. Qiitnn was homes'; to her bridge club nnd n few nests nt her home on Broadway Friday afternoon. High score club prize was won by Mrs. F. P.;'Jji- ccl>s. Guest prlxc was awarded Mrs. Wclby Young. Other guests ivcre Mrs. S. L. Gladish and .Mrs. w. C. Mason. Mrs. W. W. Prereltt and j wn- then Jr.. who" have been quite-ill the .nptlst hospital for- ten Ihc refrigerator during Hie chilling of the sandwich. Also with creamed butter yoi can make the various plqn'an butters that are so delicate be- Uveen thin slices of bread. Atl< minced parsley until the bntlc: Is a spending n two weeks vacation| Spread with when planning"." what you're to serve. -'Tlicrc lire Mine sandwiches!"''" 1 men like particularly. It yon Include several of these varieties on your trays. I'm sure the party will be a success, for women will like thctn, too. •Jliilie Xandniches Early You can make altcrnooii tea sandwiches curly the day—nt least I some varieties—If you store them in a lightly closed tin box and put them in the refrigerator. | Tho followlug recipes Imvc been' developed especially fc.r men. The - Ham SporlAnian Slice fresh bread very lliln. delicate green lo make par butter. Add anchovy past !i feiv drops of oiiton juice and lemon juice to make nncliovj butter. • Well-creamed butler, spreiii evenly over bread, prevents tlv bread from soaklnir' because th butter hardens nnd forms a moist ire proof coating. I _. them up and their 'parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.-A. fisher and Mr; and Mrs. H. E. Darnett. 'Mr and Mrs. J. B. Whitworth of Baton Rouge, La., have left for Dallas after spending a few (lavs here with relatives. Billy and Tom Peyton, of Mem- Phis, are guests ol their aunt, Mrs. Everett B. Gee. and,Mr. Gee for the summer. Mrs. C. R.''Bal;cock rind children nave gone to Shabbona, 111 to visit Mrs. Babcock's mother ' will also go to Manitowoc Wis ' ™: ,. n . vis 't with Mr. JUa'bcock's relatives before returning home Mr. Babcoek motored it Friday. _ Misses Mabel Jo wibon Mary Lyn and Peggy Jones, and Haimon Robinson, motored to Kennett. Mo.. Sunday accompanying Miss Marjorle Sue Poole who " lun 'f hcn 'e alter a visit with the Misses Jones. Mrs. Ray Jackson, who has . ceen at Hot Springs several weeks continues to be quite ill n,. r brother, j oha L. TJiurtnan. of Hcpklnsvilte. Ky., went clown vcs- terday to be with her Mrs C R Raw lings, of Mani!* naa been admitted <o the M"m- Phis Baptkt hospital Bobby.,Jean Ward, of Ba«sett »as the Memphis hc-spKal jesterctay. Mr. and Mrs. Claude H spent Suiirlaj in Memphis as trie gucits, of Mr and Mrs Burijs 11 Both;, white' and black pepper are made from the drltd berry of a climbing plant found, in tropical regions deviled ham, with mustard. Wheii wanted serve, place in hot oven under broiler until lightly browned. Anchovy Twist Slice bread very thin and cut, in obloucs. Ploce anchovies side by ride until bread is coveted. Holl and prcis edges l(u>eiiiprl with lightly moistened much as you brush the edge ol lower mist, of ;i pie before Shivering with Chills e'd ; Burning with Fever to; Sri re Relief for Malaria! the Oon'l try homemade rievvi.inglcd remedies! Take tliat good ol ; Glove's Ta:-lclfS3 Chill Tonic. Soon yo will bcyourfclf again, for Grove's T.lste lc:-r. Chill Tonic not only relieves Hi tocclhcr! symptoms of Malaria, but destroy; th '"--• ' ialccl ion itself. The ta5totcc5 quinine in Grove's Taste lc:-> Chill Tonic kills the Malarial infcc tioa in the Wood while Ihc icon it con 1.iins boildsuptlic blood to overcome tli ides are brown. effects of Ihc disease and foitify agains Devilled Lobster furllwr attack. The twofold effect is ab Mash lobster meat with n fork ' En ' llto| y "t«-->ary to the ovcicomirg o and mix with lemon juice am! iMr ™- Besidesbeingadependable rcm- tngllsli mustard. Arid minced "^ .'<T Jlihria, GMVC'S Tasteless Chill rorslcy if wanted and put, bc . • Tomcj:-also an excellent tonic of general . uniting on top crust. Place under liot biotler an<l toast nnel turn until nil lays, ware brought lioino 6'a(iir- Inv In a Kwift innbuliiiicc. Terry Mitchell and L. P. How- Icn ot Joiner, John P. Lnllit iind R. KniJth jr., !cft Kalurcfay cr a motor trip to Mexico City by way of Ihe new All-Amcriean luvuy Ihiit has recently been opened. They expect to be yom: about ten dnys. iJrilain Studies Army Proposal to Enlist Boys IONDON. i UP) — Creation of 'Hoy llatliiliyns." designed to' ensure a pro|XT flow of recruits for Uic arii).v, l).i.i been proposed in e HIHISO of Commons. The. Kocrrlary of War. n Coo|)rr. was asked If, in vlnw of Hie v.iilc-sprpa(l iinemployniriit -ind (he iihoitinjc or Killnfaclory recruits, lie would consider tills slici). »(! replied Ural a e for absorbing more into .(lie army was now consicleicd. and that he would bear tlic scheme In mind. Thlity-live Ilionsaiid rcerulls', are irniiircd In tlie present, year, and the army cannot gel liiom. /Ill air!;; of schemes arc being ccnsidciMl lo make army life moro altrnclivo, and ft is believed that one difTlculty Is that the minimum period of enlistment is seven yeiirs. Many men. it pointed out. would volunteer for tliroe years, bill are rclucltinl lo contiacl (or seven. To clianjc the seven-year enlistment period, hcwnver, wciutd strike a I Hie roots of tin- army's system of oversea-; I drafting. | H lakes monlh.s to train , a recruit u nd ns tlie drtiCtini; season is from (lie autumn to tlie spring a man who joined in this period probably would have lo wait at least a year before ho could leave for uversKis service. To obtain tiny value from short-service soldiers the druftms; season would have to lie extended over the whole year and (Ir.ift.s would linvc to te .will cversras and brought back every few weeks, a system which is re- enirlrd as impracticable. |{c',vcver. active consideration is bring i-'ivca to the recruiting of boys but .strict .secrecy is maintained rcgardinE the nalrrc of Ihe proposals. ERSKINE JOHNSON-GEORGE SCARBO De&uT AT 3 i stow HEIGHT, 6PEET» VJat>HTi6¥ POUNDS. ! HAlR.AW5EV£S jl-puic- pcMO CHAMP I.WTGIMOBAL SCORE", Oils AUBCI^.Gt— TO MONDAY, JULY 13, nis. When Sainis arrives home t. ni-jlit the <!o« win <i|- a(! hi s lices iuni-sox Into the Ijodrooni HKl return wllli horse slippers. I'licn lie will pick ij)> i\ package A cigarets and matches from :i nearby liiljlc and bring Ihem tr> niiiiK. Xlio don insists on blow- ins out Ihc lighted match after Hie cifnirct Is lighted. ' If Halni.s locks nt tile radio. ^riuce will match lo (he set and ,urn on a station. Usually lie turns on music, lint if Sainis shakes his . heud tile dog will maniprlate (lip dial until Sainis ncds that ii satisfactory program :ias l;een tuned in. } ilir? al;o turns on electric liglilr, helps Mrs. Haini.s bring l»er Hicceries home, and moic .hail once ha.s retrieved her pock- ctboofc from a .slon* rwmter when she fmvjol it. He chases cats only when the cat, is chasing n bird or chicken. "1 have made no esp''fi;il e/jort. lo tench him tricks." Kami ssaid. Prince usually watches what I do ami then imitates it." fftSI Untrained Dog; Displays Rare Understanding TOPFKA. Ka's. lUP) — Genrgc Sainis wonders what might Imvc '!cg. "Prince," had the dog been trained properly. Sainis says he did not spend minute- training the dog but Prince has picked up a number cf tricks merely by watching Sal- lourlcr Classified Ails Pay. Distnbutor Wanted! We olu?r nn energetic man exclusive sales rights in this territory and a splendid, quick profit opportunity with PAD- RFEZE-thc sensational new air conditioner that RIGHT NOW is sellini! by Ihe ll-oii- rands. FAniiEEZE is compact, cliicimt—it, cc-ols, washes'nml purifies air TOiislantly. Operates automatically. Ideal tor lic'incs, olfices. factories,' etc. Retail price. $12.95 p],| S fr<;ij : ])t. Dealers make 33 i-3'/ t , clislrib- ntor makes. I!) plus vt. If you have experience in calling on the retail trnrte, wire or write NOW tcr full details. Dc-mbu- ntraloi- sent C.O.D. for S8.5S. CUBNOD-OKI.ANCEY ; Inc. 3916 Olii-c St., I>cpf. 116. St. l.nnis. IHo. Diamonds, when placed tr. pure oxygen, will brin at a Icmirtra- ture ol 8SO degrees centigrade. rin.i, n:ii,icATKSSKN LINK fihccscs for nil tastes Cold Meals of any kinrl Krull Juice & Ginger Ale FRESH YA'rtD EGGS-DAILY t'lOKAKirS GftO. & MEAT MARKET .Phone 613 —We Deliver Q i COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN! LastTime Today .R! twetn slices of buttered . brown bread. • - . Filet of Herring Cut thinly sltce<l bread bito llnger-il2C(! pieces. Put herriu? Plcasint to take and absolutely harnilt*. Safe lo give children. G;T. a bottle today at any drugstore. Now two si'jcj—see and $t. The SI rfzc contains 2| 2 times as much as the 50c size and gives you 25% more lor your money. MAtiLEY TOURS Wm. I,en Hotel, Meir. All Expense Tours to / ,• dich Sat, S230D Mrs, E. A. Teaford Otceola, Ark'. ^ .Phone 101 c Brnnd Wti Spray kills quicker, easier to uSf. b«cau;c it contains % more pydithrins. tnc impeiiant insccc-hilling ingredicnl, Ast for Beo Brand Spray by name. Highest Quality- New Lower Trice Kill Crawling Insects Bee Brfttid Insect Powder. Kilh ^a quicker in [sits. McCormick &c Co!; Ihc.> Eallimore, Md. /-. -- 1 more A P'ay oo. doth« n 'ime and summer. n« and c •cqiicntlr. "10/icy is la "ge i hem Children soil ihci r !>'• There. ' saving of irwter j n the /, clui •The rcqucnt, I>v.ii-s ha lOUt pil; lln S « ' and the. G action ivaji, lhin|jr jratntor b -"ily soiled ™«nis careful K. B. GKE SALI-S CO., INC 5th And M.iin Blylhevillc, Ark '.Mils THE M*mo DOHPAXT. HiTstJjtt- TcDlftlS 1S5S . kt*TON.! 'POPPY ' .vilh KochrjPo Hiiilson, J{ich- ird Cniiiiwell, Lynne Overman, Catharine Doticet ^ Rosalind Keith. raiamcinrl News & city, ".lolly Coburn nsic:il N'ov- Orchestra" Admission Matinee ICc ft Mo, plus 1 c "I a x Nis'U ICc & 35i-, Ic l TUESDAY $125.00 BANK NGHT' LOV^ WINS, and how! THREE WISE GUYS Robert YOUNG^BeilyFURHESS R»}K*fld WAIBURH • Thurston KAIL Bruce MBDT Admte'tan Matinee l(lc & 25c plu: Nljhl lOc >V 35r, If 1.15 Yeu can a'tniH Tuesday, resistor. Humid hive a (Imtirc to win Hauls Ocimsit willi- out being present Tuesiijy night. Tla-r.-t-M. 'Early Ri;gg!ts Ic U:d," vith Mary Bahnd. Arkansas Schools, Aged and Unemployables IN DANGER! Nyberg Amendment Would Close Schools and Leave Unfortunates Out In The Cold. Johnson Only Candidate To Fight It. IN lite general election Arkansas will vote u;i what is called the Nyberg Amendment. .Tf it passes, the next Legislature cannot reenacl the emergency sales lax, which expires in 1SI37. Without the.revenue from this lax, hundreds of schools will have lo close and aid to aged and nn- employablcs will come lo and end. The only other way is to increase assessments and raise taxes on rear estate, 1)0 YOU WANT EITHER OF THESE? THE EMERGENCY STILL EXISTS THE sales tax saved hundreds of schools that would have otherwise closed. It provided the only source of relief for our aged and unemnloy- ahles. But some of Ihe Arkansas leaders who were active in oblaining the passage of th» sales tax are fighting for (he Nyhcrg Amendment which if enacted wiil leave the legislature powerless to continue the K ood work. JOHNSON FAVORS A FLAT 1 PERCENT TAX Although. Sen.. JohnsotCsltmds as the<; lone defender against the Nyberg Amendment and the rcenacimenl of. ihc sales tax as necessary aid, he does favor a reduction of the sales tax to a flat ONE PERCENT. ' J, for GOVERNOR Docs not have a lengthy platform hut he is definitely FOR OUR SCHOOLS, OUR AGED, OUR'UNESlPLOYABLBS—ARBN'rYbU?'

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