The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 3, 1951
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1951 BLYTHEVtLLE, (ARK.V COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Douglas Should Resign, Rep Woodruff Asserts WASHINGTON, Sept. J. <AP) Rep. Roy O. Woodruff (R-Mlch) Yvonne Birlti Indictment Is Sought in Death Of -Little Girl CHICAGO, Sept. 3. m— Authorities will try to obtain a manslaughter indictment again George Fab- 9*> 1*. eighth grade pupil who admitted slaying 6-year-old Yvonne Biritz in a hobo jungle. Police said Fabian signed a statement yesterday in which he admitted crashing the girl's heart against some rocks in a vacant lot near the Cicero-Chicago border while playing airplane swing. He said it was an accident. In the game, he took the girl's ankle and wrists In his hands and swung her around in a circle. He denied »ny sex motive in the slaying. "On the last swing, her head hit the fireplace where the bums cook their food," his statement said. "It's made of old concrete slabs piled together . . . she hit so hard I dropped her, and she hit three or four more rocks," The youth, who i< tanned and muscular, said he then became frightened, hfd the child in the weeds, and ran hom». thinks Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas should resign. If doesn't, Woodruff said in a statement yesterday. President Truman should request his resignation. The congressman accused Douglas of words and acts which, he said, give "aid a'nd comfort to the foes of the United States and democracy." Woodruff pegged his attack to Interviews given by the jurist since his return from a mountain climbing expedition In Asia. He said: "Mr. Douglas 1 latest outburst—his statement In San Francisco that the United states should recognize Red China—is merely the latest demonstration of a code of conduct that is highly peculiar, to say the least, in a Supreme Court justice." Douglas told newsmen on the west coast that U.S. recognition of the Chinese Communist regime would serve to bring the Chinese "closer to the free world and thus weaken the ties they now have with Russia. "This is like saying that black is white," Woodruff said. "No man who Indulges In such incredibly warped reasoning Is nuallfied to sit on the Supreme Court." Some Republicans have viewed Douglas statement as a possible sigi that the administration may be softening I is attitude toward the Chinese Reds. Douglas Insisted, however, that the idea was entirely his. own. An! Senator Connally (D-Tex), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, objected strenuously when Senator Welker (R-Ida) In seeking to put the story of the San Francisco interview into the congressional record, referred to Dougas an "an administration spokesman." WARNTNO ORDER In the Chancery Court. Chicka- nawba District, Mississippi County, Arkinsa«.. Harry Taft Watson, Pit. vs. No. 11.187 Mabl« Jtnkin* Garlic .Watson, *''.-• 'A A ••-..*•• n, The defendant, Mable Jenkins "frlte Watson, is hereby warned to ipear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer lh» complaint of the plaintiff, Harry Taft Watson. Dated this 18 day of August, 1981 .Harvey Morris. Clerk By Ruth Magee, D.C. Gene Bradley, atty. for plft. C. T. Cooper, atty ad litem. 8;20-2T 3\: ft Warren Reply Is Expected Crime Committee To Get an Answer TALLAHASSEE. Kla., Sept. 3. M>) —Oov. Puller Warren is expected to come out soon with new verha blasts at the u. S. Senate Crime Committee which criticized him In its final report last week. ' At the end of a Statement Saturday in which he called committee Chairman O'Conor (D-Md) "the most unspeakable hypocrite in Maryland," Warren-said he would issue a "detailed reply" to the committee. That seemed to substantiate re ports that the Florida governor i working on a detailed summary o crime conditions in Maryland. Ten nessee, Wyoming and New Hamp shire, home states of four committee members. .Warren. hw not confirmed or denied these reports. Expense accounts submitted by his investigators show trips were made to those states. PRETTY "MRS." FROM BROOKLYN-Mrs. Blossom Kagan, wearer of Ihe crown, "Mrs. Brooklyn," and aspirant for the title, Mrs. New York City," Is talking over the prospects with her daughter, Cheryl, age 18 months. Alongside is the trophy to be awarded the winner of the "Mrs. America" contest at Asbury Pa"'*. N J. Painter, 2 Kidnapped Children Are Located lohnston Denies He Will Resign 'There'* No Friction With Wilton/ ESA Official States SPOKANE, Wash., Sept. 3, <flV- conorolc Stabilizer Eric A. Johnson, spending the kabor Day \veek- nd at his home here, lias denied eports from the nation's capital hat he would ask to resign his overnment post Oct. 24. 'There's not a word of (ruth in I." Johnston said, "of course I'm oing to resign eventually, but it s absolutely Incorrect to say that ny dale has been mentioned." Ocl. 24 is the date when his nine- month leave of absence from the presidency of the Motion Picture Association of America will ex>ire. Commenting on possible ex- enslon of the approaching date, said, -we'll discuss that when we come to it." He confirmed reports that he ilans to visit Europe next monlh. 'm going to Europe to study the mpact of America's rearmament >n the spending o( European couii- ries and the effect on their rearmament on the spending of European countries and the affect on llieir rearmament, programs," h« said. 'I'll study the affect of their in- "latlonary pressures on inflation in :his country." He emphatically denied reports from Washington of friction be- ween Mobilization Director Charles S. Wilson and himself. "There has been the closest of cooperation between us," he said. KNOXVILLE, Term.. Sept. <3. W> —Pennsylvania authorities were expected here today to pick up a 55-year-old housepainter and the two children he is charged with kidnapping. The trio was taken into custody yesterday after getting off a Washington-to-Knoxville train at nearby Strawberry Plains. Highway Patrol Dpi. Martin Brown said Albert G. Miller and the two children—John Qrigsby, 11, and his sister, Mary Helen, five- were picked up at the home of Joe McOhee, Identified as a relative of Miller's The painter had 28 cents in his pockets when he was arrested. Brown said Milter was being held at the request of Newtown Heights, P»., police on a kidnapping war- rant sworn out by the children 1 ! parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Grigsby The parents said they last saw the youngsters Friday afternoon. When he was taken Into custody Miller told Brown "that woman stole them (the children) from m when they were about this big.' He referred to them as "my babies.' but officers were unable to pry a connected story from him. Delaware County, Pa., authoritle sent out an alarm Friday after i railroad conductor said he saw tin man and two children in » phila delphia railroad station with ticket for Knoxvllle. Miller's arrest yesterday came af t«r police received an anonymous telephone call from someone In th Strawberry Plains area. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chirki- «iwb» District, MiHlMippi County, Arkinsa*. Margaret Neal, Pt*. vs. Ho. 11,785 Johnny Neal, Dft. The defendant Johnny Neal is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Margaret Meal. Dated thin IT day of August. 1951. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Ruth Ma gee, D. C. T. Cooper, atty. for ptf. E. Bradley, attorney >d "11 tern. 8120-27-BJ3-10 NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Tfour Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Ph. 58 Father of Four Under Treatment SANTA BARBARA. Calif., Sept 3. (AP)—A lather of four was under treatment in a. hospital .today for njuries he received in a collision t sea which took the lives of two f his children. He is John K. Seaborn, a commer- al fisherman and former owner of factory in Alameda, Calif. The tragedy occurred early Sun- ay in the darkness near offshore ,nacapa Island. A lumber freight- r rammed Into Seaborn's 40-foot xrat, shattering it. His children ohn Jr., 14. and Joann 16, were rapped below. Last Times Today "ON THE RIVERIA" Danny Kaye Gene Tierney Tuesday rr 14 HOURS Paul Douglas tf Wednesday & Thursday "REFORMER AND THE REDHEAD" Dick Powell June Ailyson U.S.toSpend $1 Billion on Atom By Next July, Rep. Mahon Says WASHINGTON. Sept. ». </P> — Rep. Mahon (D-Tex) said yesterday that the United States plans to spend »! ,000,000.000 before next July on guided missiles, some of which he said "will carry the atomic warhead." Mahon, chairman of the House military appropriations subcommittee, made this statement during a broadcast (Texas Quality Network). He told a reporter after the broadcast It was the first put-lie,disclosure of a round figure for the overall missile program for Army, Navy and Air Force. In the broadcast, Mahon said "we are moving toward the use of atomic artillery." but he cautioned against any belief that such weapons are now ready for use. Mahon's committee held closed hearings on the (56,000,000,000 military appropriation bill now pending COTTON BOLL North of Blythevillc on Highway 61 Last Times Tonite M-G-M [HKentl "TheGreat. <*,* TECHNICOLOR _ MAKto"""" ANN LANZA BLYTH DOHOTHT IWM1U KlRSTEN-NOVOTNA Plus 2 Cartoons Kiddies Free Tuesday and Wednesday Tf/£ FIGHTING Plus 2 Cartoons — Kiddies FREE Oongresc. Rice Diet Helps Treat Diabetics DURHAM. N.C.—</P>—Dr. Wollec Kcmpner ot Duke University, found, er of (he famed rice diet treatment for hfgh blood pressure, told physicians here that the diet also helpt sufferers who have diabetes. Dr. Kempner satd he studied M patients who had diabetes fe eos- binatton with hypertension and kidney disease and found that: "The rice diet is not only well tolerated by these patient/;, but in a significant number of patients it lowers the blood sugar level and the insulin requirements." The Duke doctor addressed physicians here, under the ausplcies or the American Hospital. Dr. Kempner began treating high blood pressure with the rice diet 10 years ago. Last Spring he reported that more than 1,200 of 1800 benefit." tS TBAO1C PICNIC—The drowning o( Raymond Plsttcji brought festivities to an end at a picnic near Folsom, Calif. The boy's father, Alex (lower right), collapsed when the doctor (at left with cigarette) pronounced the boy dead. Bending over just above the father it Rev. Virgil Good who recovered the body from the American River. Fire Chief Ted Walden (second from left) look* on. (AP Wirephoto). Student, life at Brown university, Providence, R.I., Is regulated by & chapel bell, which was hung in University Hall In 1791. Truman Makes Misleading Statement On Foreign Aid Cuts, Wherry Says WASHINGTON, Sept. 3. (AP) — I in the pending foreign aid bill would ?"!!!?.". .. 1 i l , 1 u"". 1 )5, s « e -^:?^ff. d ''Dually complete the Job of re- Soviets Take All, Yugoslavs Say BELGRADE (AP)—The Yugoslavs claim that the Russians have "taking ways". The Soviet penchant for acquiring other people's property was lampooned here recently In a cartoon in one of Yugoslav humorist publications. It showed a swimmer emerging starJc-naked from the ocean surf to be met on the beach by an astonished friend. "Why, comrade." Inquired the friend, "what has happened? You are naked. Where Is your bathing suit?" It was stolen," replied the swlm- fer. "The Hottentots took it from me." "The Hottentots," exclaimed the friend, "but there are no Hottentots here." "Quiet," chushed the swimmer, "the Russians may hear you." by Senator Wherry (R-Neb) of making "misleading" statements about congressional cuts in foreign aid. Referring In a. radio broadcast (ABC) yesterday to Mr. Truman's comments at his news conference last week, Wherry, Republican Senate leader, said: He told reporters It was a pity overturn the whole applecart when success is In sight in bring- ng about European recovery and building up the Atlantic Pact forces. "That statement of the President was misleading." Wherry said the truth Is that "If .he Communist hordes should strike Western Europe within the year, at ;he rate Western Europe is reartn- ng, the Reds would sweep into the English channel in a matter of weeks.' He added: "To give the American people the impression that the funds carried Job arming Western Europe is not be- ng frank." Chicken House Panic NORTH BAY, Ont. <AP) _ A chicken hawk which swooped down on a farm near here killed 29 chickens, ^without touchirjg them. The chickens crowded 'intb'a corner of their coop trying'to escape the invader/and were smothered to death Last Times Today 'THAT'S MY BOY" Martin '& Lewis Playsrounds tor the Kiddie* Free Kiddie Car Rides Kids Under 12 FREE with Parents Shop Starts 7:15 p.m. Ph""« 4732 No Mosquitoes—No Bugs Last Times Tonite RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday "BIG CARNIVAL" Kirk Douglas Jon Sterling Warner News & Shorts Wed.-Thuri. 'IMITATION OF LIFE" Claudette Colbert^ Also News & Shorts —Plus— JAMES MASON Rosamund JOHN • Pamela KELLINO 2 Color Cartoons OPEN AGAIN ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS Blytheville's leading fasihon shops, having been closed on Wednesday afternoons during the summer months, will again be open on Wednesday afternoons beginning this Wednesday.. You're cordially invited to drop in and see the wonderful fashions in fall merchandise. The Accessory Shop New York Store Whitskt's & Whitskt's' LaBelle Shop Berry's Ladies Toggery sirrui WILTCI Dim mar GRANGER-PIBGEOM-NIVEN-KEWTON Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:0* Sit.-Sun. 1:00 Always a Double Featur* JOHN WAYN •Dear Wife - " » t ~1 . <- . 5- -v ' * \ \ I *' *V^""\ \ /; ;, 1r T_ . • ' '-, \ ,jt. *•— v'' "f ' «. J Reel Wheatley Song Short

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