The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1944
Page 3
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WKDN'BSJMY, DWK.M'BKK 27, JJM-I Draft Dodgers TryAIIIricks FBI Report Reveals 11,000 Convictions In Draft Cases WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 (irp>- The FBI has really shown Ulc iiu- Uons draft dodgers tluit. "crime toesm pay." The Fill lias just released a report, on how the authorities lmi»Iit n lesson to draft dollars, and to Vliow many. <J Since 10W, more than 11000 dodgers of Induction have hueu sentenced to prison terms tolalinu "'•ire than 28.COO years. More than that, the dodgers have paid for crimes j,i dollars nml cents. The FBI .says the fines collected could make at least one man a millionaire. The crime of dodt-lnu isn't confined to any OIK; class. Those In prison for v'olaiion of selective service rules were once city-slickers, country bumpkins, and men known as in-be! wctis. Tile dodgers caught by the FIJI l>"lted all the tricks in" the book. Take the case cf one man who liked civilian life in Texns. lie hart .six teeth removed by three different dentists within a period of three weeks. With missing teeth, he flunked the physical, but, was approved tor Jail induction, and for three years. Then there were two brothers iu Connecticut. Neither preferred the rigors of the Army. So,, they went for a boat ride, on a lake. They overturned the boat, and swnm to shore, unobserved. They thought it would be obvious they hart died. Naturally, the FBI couldn't find their bodies. But the G-men did lind the brother*. Ironically, they too failed the physical but were sentenced to prison. Rocket Attack On This Notion Seen In Future CHICAGO, Dec. 27. (UPl— Secretary of state StettiniiLs warns of what he mils "unspeakable disaster" within the next 10 to 20 years, disaster cause;! by rocket or robot bcmb \varfare. StettinUis says that only by mak- in; the Dumbarton Oaks pence proposals n living force can n future war be avoided. In an 'article prepared for the Kiwanis magazine Stctllnius describes tbe'disaster almost certain to befall America unless a workable- peace organization is established. He says many of our outstanding scientists pgroc that in the next 10 to 20 years deadly missiles, traveling .thousands of miles at "an incredible speed, may be perfected. If such weapons arc developed. Stetinius says, our oceans, industrial strength and manpower combined would not be able to prevent, a surprise aU.tck. The national school bus conservation program is saving about ^ 130 million School bus miles an' MU ally. COURIER NKWS Filipinos Call 'Em 'Monkey Men' Scientist Perfects Penicillin Spray To Treat Infected Lungs ' Corps P/iofo from NEA) !\Inj.-Gcn. Archibald V. Ar• nold, nbovc. commnncls. the ; lough U. S. 7th Division troops , on I.cylc Island in the Philipi pines. His division trapped and ', reduced elements of the J;ipa- i ncsc 26lh Division near Ormoc ! ;ind continued lo sweep inland. By'KI'SIE KIN'AKl) NKA SlalT Corrcspondciit COLD SPRING HARBOR. N. Y - "Arc you all right?" The woman's voice over the telephone was tense. On the answer to her question hung the fate of a penicillin experiment which might ailcct all niBiiklnd. Put her concern was for a vouii" colleague, who alone at nighl In a deserted laboratory was self-strapped Into an oxygen-mask, pumping penicillin for the lirst linie into human lungs lo put his experiment lo (be crucial test. He was 31-ycnr- ol(! Vernon Bryson, research scientist of tlie Long Island Bioloj-icii! Laboratory, who one night last June pullet! a successful experiment from his test tubes which may chnlk up another triumph for the wonder drug. Proof of its great promise is thai his method for inhaling penicillin is in expermienlal use in the Hunl- ington long rslund Hospital, and in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York's Columbia- Presbyterian Medical Center. Promising to be a more effective cure for pulmonary diseases, the new method of administering the yellow magic is to have patients drag it into their limes in n mist of fine particles. This gets bigger doses more directly to infected lung areas. COLLEAGUES HEW In developing the method, Bry- J-.on..liad.,|lie help o!..\v;a colleagues. One; whose telephone cnll on that eventful summer night, climaxed a six 'months' experiment is Eva Sansome. British mycologist of the neighboring Carnegie Institute of Genetics. The other is Sidney Laskin, a fellow staff member of Bryson's at the Long Island Biotog'i- cal Laboratory, where the two young men arc engaged in wartime psy- siological research of a confidential nature. "If we hadn't hit upon the method of harnessing the new penicillin to an existing technique of inhala- tional therapy, someone else would have," says Bryson, Ph.D. son of Columbia University's famed Dr. Lyman Bryson, a young man who has been at home in a science lab since the lest tubes at San Diego (Cal) High first caught his fancy. EXPLAINS FORMULA Although painfully modest on the subject of his accomplishment, Bryson, who is youthful looking, dark-eyed and diffident, did explain in the manner of a science teacher explaining a simple formula the big problem which he and his two colleagues were up against. "That," he said, after ushering me into his evergreen-framed white cottage overlooking Long Island Sound, "was lo sec if penicillin could be, made into a mist and inhaled without destroying the potency of the drug." While Dr. Bryson explained how the penicillin mist was tested out on mice and rabbits to prove Hint it would penetrate into the lung's, his four stairstep-size children romped back and forth from the chintz-bright living room where ilieir pop talked, to the kitchen where their lively blonde mother kept busy cooking their dinner. "The niicc." Bryson said, "were marched into glass chambers nnd exposed to a penicillin mist. Later, when their lung lobes were ground up, penicillin was found to Atoning an oxygen lliilsk-uclnili/er, Vernon Bryson, scii-ntil, drnmn- slnilcs the (Inngci-niis experiment which provided the crucial test of bis penicillni .S[iray. be present." This was the evidence be nnd'his colleagues had set out to get. Additional proof obtained was penicillin recovered in the urine of experimental rabbits. The new treatment, he explained, is simply applied with a nebulizer —first cousin to an atomi/.er. Placed directly in the patient's mouth, the penicillin mist is drawti by slow Intakes of breath into the lungs while clocked seconds tick. • 'IIIEATMKNTK SUCCEED I The man who helped' lo develop the, method insists that the advantage of it over penicillin injected into muscles or veins can be evaluated only after the medical evidence is collected. But that evidence is piling up. Although not a word could be drag- Bed out of Bryson about these clinical results, it is known that the lirst palicnt treated—n discharged marine whose lung disease of long standing was affecting his brain—Is recovering from n lunc operation which the new trcntincnt made possible. Fifty per cent improvement is claimed in the case of n woman suffering from chronic bronehle- tasis—characterized by coughed up spiilum in vast amounts and at freifiicnt intervals. Temperatures Atlanta 57 .jo Augusta CD 30 Birmingham 17 4(i Charleston . 53 .|n Charlotte .'57 33 ClintUinooga .. ; 43 39 Chicago .. .'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'." 17 s Cincinnati 2G n Denver .^ 15 Detroit ' m 7 Jacksonville 75 53 Kansas city ?_:t 21 Macon 11 45 Tallahassee 73 o!) Memphis ', ;tu yi Miami 72 CO 1 Montgomery 02 Sf) New Orleans .70 58 New York 44 |fj San Antonio -12 33 Savannah 14 -VI Tampa (jO 5fl Washington 47 21 Dallas 3o 30 Houston go Jackson 49 41 Liltlc Rock :H :io Shrcveiiort, ' .19 35 R*»4 Counet Where Nazi 'Slaves' Were Killed, Cremated '" ' ' w»nl Arta erun ^^," ,u!"'l'. le .. ° leln L'. v « Cli.mnc.v where is out- Marrittf/e Licenses ,.e licenses issued through the local uftlce of the eounly court clerk In UK> period bs>l\vei>n'l)cc C nnd Zi include tlie followini;: Itlch- ard McCain and Miss Deny j o Alton, Ijoth of lllythevlllc; Jo'o Woodrow Osborne of Manila, and Miss Al. Stewart of Deljind, Fla.; Duanc Charles Link of St. Louis, iitul Miss Lena Albcila Moore uf Hr:iK(j City. M O .; Jmiu's Cheslor if l''ulton, Ky., ,i ln | Miss Mary Albcila Hands of Cluirleslon. MO. ' Neil K Henry mid Miss Twllla Mae lirewer. Iwlli of (Jnrml Ml • Delhert M. nicks ,, m | Wiss mi}> lllankenshlp. bolh of Manila; Moriiini llolloway and Miss Mai Al- vlc Cliambers, bolh of DyersliurM, •I'onn.; ijobci-l I,. Uniiniiii mm MI^ Sl-.ellii> Mne Je.sler, bolh »f Hlylln.. ville: Hilly 1'red Johnson of Slkes- lon, Mo., nnd Miss Ncoma Mnri;nrol- KC of Him, Mid,.; Shnh A. Khali of New York, mid Miss I-'iin- Huth Coimell of Greenville Trim.; Curtis K. Foster of /•<i». if ... --•••*•""• ^'i vinvi-r ^">, Ky,; lluiiiimn T. Johnson 1111,1 Miss Marlon Kercheval, both of falkeston. MO.; Ki'nilk Stni.lelon and Mrs. Myrllo Marie lluiiiillon, bolh ' Metropolis, 111.; Inward A, l.n- kins mid Miss Marie a. Mnlker W'lh of Kt. Umls; Itayiuond Wiird at Dyi-rsbtii-B, IVnn., and Miss Katherlne l.tims uf Newhcrn. Henry Shannon l.ucus and Miss June lioherlson, Ixilh of Now'»). 'I'onn. Charles 0. lirockiiinn mid Mrs Ida 1'olls, bolh of I'uluskl, III •' Jniiics lj. Monroe of Ht. lj Miss Lefla O. Johnson of Marine Wll- nelte. Pa, and Mi.vs ll.iius of lilylhcvllle. llcnjainiu Franklin Cirmil mid Miss Kdltli lloW>s. Ijiilli of Cape Oinirdeini, Mo.; TMurphy William Scut and Miss Mary Mao Gray, both "f Dyersburi;, Tenn.; Marry Kiujciie Mich and Mrs, I,\dia M:iy Xelfler Ill-Ill of Koseclare. III.; •rni(iiiul|;e E. Oowan iiiul Miss Maxim, McCarroll both of .Steele,\Mo.; l.ouis 1,. Chk- holm and Miss Dorothy Kirby both of Itlpley. Tenn.; Rlcliard Smith of Padueah, Ky., and Miss Mickey Lcc of tJnden. Tenn.; James W. Sawyers n[ lilytheville. and Miss Cieor- Uia Pauline Cornelius of Memphis. Clay Arlen I'iekeus and Miss rtn- nlbellc Abbill, both of lilytiierille; Klmcr and Miss Om I.evcnia O(;lcs. lx)lh o; M'lii-dcll, Mo.; Leo Uaiiicl of Popliir Ulnff. Mo.' mid Miss Evelyn Hopkins o! Hlyllievllle: Dchnar Floyd l.amber and Miss Inu Mac llolliiiKsworlh, both of. Por- lai;cville, Mo.; John M. Fan- of Uis Angeles, Calif., and Miss Prances Freeman of lilytlrcvllle: Harold K. Dulllnglon of I'ort Smith, Ark., and Miss Shirley Kli/abclh Palise of Gulc.s. Tonu.; Cicuri;i! Hcnson and Mrs. Ollie liceves. both of Wnyiies- boro. Tenn. Jntiic.s N. Smothermon and Miss Ruth Lindscy, liolli of Ulythevllle; Ernest W. Sigmoii and Miss lionlta Bond Downer, both of Dell; Samuel AI ford McCants and Mrs. Em Mown Owens, both of flails, Tenn,; , , , Jessie Lee Dickerson nnd Mrs, Lillle , V. Brov,'ii. both of East Pruirie. Mo.; Alvlu Troy Hlaylock of Hector, Ark., and Miss Dimple Mnyflolil of IhilV- man. Ark.; H/ra Hall of Dyer. Tonn., and Mrs. Hura Allison of Trenlcm. Tenn.; Alex Adams and Miss Goldie Lois Manes, Imtli ol Monette, Ark. Leonard E. Powers of lilythev mid Miss Charlotte H. Branch New I.xmdon, Conn, Hubert F. .Sawyers and Miss Mary Louise Rylec, both or niylbevillc Amos Edward Loness and Mrs. lint tie Louise I'ayne, both of St Louis John Clark Spror III of St. laiil and Miss Mtllicent Virginia Pitt m " ~ F Mo. \\'i . nnd Mrs. Clerisa Rii/ley, both Dyersbiirg, 'I'enn.; K. L Walts and Mrs. Mattie E. Shepherd, both of BlytUccille; .foliii Ksen of fall niv- er, Mass .. and Miss Emma Coo " y "" ° r I'nullne Hm-neKI of ' . and City, 111.: William li. Slewart' ,,,,d Ml« Myrlee Dowen, bolh of o n in Mo ; .lames William Maker and Miss Wanda Mm- Roberts. Urtli of j,u>k- iun, Mo,; Vt-rnon Komicth Itoach mid Miss Jerl rtiell,,, | xi ih ,,f S t l«iils; Percy T. Dldce ,,f Nushvllli-' it-nii and Mrs. Dolly U, |(KI K e «1 Oklahoma city, okia.; Morris J lopper and Mrs. Mynic K, Co i Ul , bolh of Piidtiaih. Ky. James 1'hlllp ilerry of Mountain View. Ark., nml Miss Mnry Lucllle 1 of Anna, 111.; Calvin M Uy- cns nnd Miss Uorls •ri.uriiioncl, l.oth o! Dycrsburi!. Tenn.; John J. ixiitun nnd Mrs, Mary Hmllh, lj»(|i ,,f m y . Ihevllle; Olln Ih-yce Duller of Itlves Mo., and Miss MallU- Novalj'ii Lan- cnster of Soimnvlllc, Tenn.; Hleven' Nuluniii Johns of Illytliovllle, and Miss Kli/jibcth liranlley of Sandle, On.; Will n. King ,,, U | M | SS Hi-iilah Malheny. Iwth of lilytlu-- vlllc; Marshall OCOIBC Mshiini-s of Wacclcll, Mo., nnd Miss Kdllli Mm- Munis ol Caraway, Ark.; Chc.slcr iVidlnco IKK) Miss Lucille Williams, mill of Cnrutlu.-r.svllle, Mo. Hurley Gilbert TIIOIKBS and Miss" Catherine Jane llrlles, bnth of Turrell, Ark.; Carmcllo II. Vnulloi of St. Umls, and Miss Alum Lucille Tackelt of Cape Ciinirdejin. Mo • Jmnes Hubert Sla^s of Wayne.s- l)oro, Tenn., and Miss Helen Haddock of Lllbmirn. Mo.; laiils Thus Atieiiinthey and Miss Cora .lean Tonmbs, bolh of Little Kock; James U .llenson and Mtss Delia I-'nuder- bntk, both of Cooler, Mo.; Itobert Minsliall Hanks and Miss Virginia I'ricluird, Ixith of Illyllie- vllle; J. 13. Waldo and Miss Murel McClnli), both of Lu.vora, Ark. 1 scph Sla B li> of llraiiB City. Mo., mid Miss Ruth McGce of Colllirs- wnnil. Tenn.; IJenlon I«e Wade mul Miss Patricia Bernicc- Vnnyhiin. both of Osceola; Tony Dalton of Ila/el Ky.. and Miss Kslcllu Miller of Farmlnyton, Ky.; Hex Leo Maples PAGE TI1HEE HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Story Of Courage And Drama In The Polish Underground Soiiu-lhlii|i diffc'iiiu aim uini.siinl- ly excllliu; |u i hi- "nnw-ll-ciin-lx'- KiUf field l.s .),„, Hinski's .. H , my of a Kecivt Stall-" (M.iunlilon Min'lln: S:D. A llcntriuint in ilu- I'ullsli Army, Karski ami h[., unit were driven pell-null Ijiul, n.mi the (i t .r- timii Ijorder when Hull Taken pilsuncr by ih, c.-'i-iipcd, relumed lo \v fomiil his way Into ilu tlu- UndiTKromul. T'or Imir ycais hi- M-I son ill Urn' brtwivn and i]iilirn v iiiitliDili!. llclal i-uiirii-c 1<, ||;,' mcnl In l.iiii.l.ui His i-; ( -u|H-ti Irom (he Cli-.slii|,v> mul (inU-als; al their hands triin.-iiriid iiiiylhlni; In be fnimd III a Hollywui-d spy llnlllcr; Ilic iKlnil.vtuic ot (lie iniiii'duiu- will! the iii'iir-iiieloih-iiiiiulic. Ill-; n-lus'il there k no ciicli Ihlni; as the "av- I'l-aiN'," "typical" CM Joe, and Mr. Aimers fliuiiiii's .should do much O'wurd miikluu the a I real „„ the Nu novrflsl, taking ns Ills Ihemc iiic advcnluics ,,r iltlnl nrlslocrats " world'of liu nl ri-uiilleV, could bet tin- story llertlta llardliiB It'll in "Lost, "•Watty." (liolibs-Merrlll W.W. In tin- last of her fiisclnnl >HK writ's on tin, HabsburKs, sli. pirscniji witi) color, (iriimn, and hn i»»r Mil- i-.\|»>rl(-(i(Ts of (he famll "I Aicluliikc l/'tipolil Hnlvulor o Ails! i la, nephew of Hie Kmpcro 1-riuiK J(isc[))i. Ten rliildn-n were bun) lo Arch .hikcandilH- Archduchess, Infant, ome ,, J.v <lls!;»lse l( 1 ,r )11! ., ! , n nd i , , m( , huiiiur, Inn li''ioi:;nt aii { [ f;dth liiriii the keynote i-[ this rniiaikarilc hook, which caimoi help bin tiv- ate itn-p lulinlra', ii'ii juitl symiiathv for a gallant pi-(i|:le. "Many A Wiilchlul John MiiMin itiown (lie I Ni"lil," by ( wliillle.M'y i; :it<uli>s of :^ by Itself. lirer 'who In dlnary liii|>|H-ntnii.s were destined I (illow them. The story hculns will hi- en,! of World War I. t.ltll I'ran/. Joseph reliiras from the rip "i-nii.s Hoys' Ai-iulomy of sielli M:ilmln:i lo rind his fnnilly Ii iildlni'. A moll WHS miirchlni; , m i,| , fallu-r's ensile; tlie Iliibshuri's wer ,'"'I':",'? ""' l»»'l«l- immedliil - m:hl was liiipcraiive, and carry "It ji-wHs, .scrap.-, O f footl, am ""ii'ly n clianiu- of etolhlni;, Ihe niiiili- their eve-mini csvnp,. ( 0 Spah >ii< rrlcstc and a .slcamer whlcl KIIS ordered by wireless to tun wi-K will) Die fugitives. IlapplK the captain was earryln B contra il. Is siib-MirliRv wrltin;:. rariviil- liiB with keen pci,r|illmi Hie at- iiiosplii-ri-. |hi> .shirr drama of |b,- show John Musim Hinwn or any other I'l-pnUi',- ever ivvli.-iivil. '1'lie author \\:ii uln»ai<l Ciiiu- mandn- Kbit's ll:i|-sliip Am-usla, and It was his Job'to n-pon 'hup-' pimliiK.s over ilu- shin's public ad- drera system ID mm In-luw-dccfcs, us Oui- as REA Head 01 Clranltc City, 111., and Miss Constance Liiverctt of Allon, III.; Adrian Willard Brown and Miss Mar- Biierlte Hurt, both of Annn, 111 ;! ('he Jack Kdward llarmau ol Carr.sville'.' the Kj., and Miss Irene Cirlsjns of I'a-' all lu . diicuh. Ky., Robed U'e. Illley and O j Miss Dcruthy I,cc Adklns, bolh o f i MDlb.'i Russell, both of Mor- Mo.; James Nelson Ilraninn of (hi: iluy.'i iniillm; up la (!»! Innislrm." The Mis|j'.']>su uf tliw;,. [|rsl Ii: Normal" by Arllnir takes Its |tile of coiitjiir, I'ruiii Tliir ••*••••"** •'• in nun \n /iniiy H ".'.3 lull n", or 11 'i it Is IXHIH'- Manila, Ark.,- nml Miss ICntliryn limes translated. ••Sltuiitliin nn'riiml: Lmlonc Flecman of niylhcvlllo; Jo- all fonli-d up." Miller vn-, 'iil-ril b<- si-pli J. Ilcdlcy of Hulfalo, N. Y., and If.iJlywuod to ).T! «nnc honest b;icl-'- Mlss Doris L.SuiToncy of Adul. G:-..; snmml nialcrlal lor Ihc film v Is both of Blytbcviile; J. II. VVyric rn iMnnc °i ( -" nlrlll """» "i< ""-a,, ai the brahmin,.. 11,, COLUMBUS, p. (UP)-G«ccrnnr- MUV a (rainlnad ot hunu-slcl- "Jeeps" fhnml.r, 1 . , J ' L J"'schc'or Ohio _r,,w recruit,; who r.lo.d in av.' ( of t ought Him u S2= contribution 101 oiic-d.-iy "ivteran-, " tiass ihrotirl hi.-, recent uubernalorial campaign the flf,,,. Miiiir.'i of tr'insltlon lie "y I vt, James McCoy, stationed in llslcn'w! lij,i:rli;c,s id » ijlidcr ,.,-iinp. in- 1'residcnl Koiisevel'l bus cepted (he i-i'.'ili'iwiiion nf l Slulicry. ribnve. head of Hie Kiiriil Klei'li-llicjiiirxi Admini.',-- li-iilion Kbilieiy, iiccusini; bis snperior, Heeretiii-.v of Afji'icul- Unc Claude II, Wicliiird of "ille- Itiilly" displacing him us achml adinnilslrnlor of |{|<:A, sa id Iu iiuil "in order lo i-iniv this lli:lil in Ili SAVING I I I E I I B I I I I I I Prosperous Year For County Bank Mississippi Counfy Institution Reports On Tour's Business MtaicaaEBBiBaajKCB Ml <ntt du country W!T« art collKdnf WMM p«p«. that our fighdaf BMC fopet*tel]r m»tl critical They u« '^\ , ^% . r f 4 ' < '<? * */*V '*" ' -e\> ' w«Jdjr h«bJ{ of *rlng oU MwipAjwci, bom, »t»p- plnj«. Tliy an aoc boiioin^ ot M« Mediae it M malu or wrap TOO^OOt war ztdcla, \txd by on? urmJes. Do fftsr fitt ftloos witit th««« patriodc woes«a. G« your elub«, dvk and cfauck behind thJU £2oyem*o$. CoIUct WMM tura k la;;', tad help u. S.VICTOIY WASTi , Alk.. Dec. 27-At the nsl monthly mc ctln g of t], 0 , llrcc . tws of the Mh.sL W lp pl county Bunk Ciishler S. o. wckhtirl repor^d IP most praswrotis year lli tile lilslory of the tank, A tofil of $10- OW wnmmnsed (0 (|, c certified sur- I'His, which Is now SG5.000. $3000 Wiiu p;ilil to employees « s bonuses mid $IO.HOO was reserved for taxes' iinrt $2,200 reserved /or Federal DC-' SH-IIISUI'IMICI'. Tile persminul of |i,| s ), nnl , k . O. It. WDM. president, mill dlrcilor 1 Cicoi-KC U. Florida, vice president nnd director; R. fi, I.ockhnrl, executive vice president, cashier and dl- reelor; Alie llvcranl, dlrcclor- viv- Inii Scurloek, assistant rushler; Nora •, uiniiwr of i.uxom tellers window; A, A, cowiin, teller and bookkeeper; Mury Elkfiljoth Kal- qm i, MM' i ,"' n "f Mullock, liookfcecpt'r; !im | Hetty Kos.'!, bookkceiier. Ullniliiiillon of Indiisliial accidents iitnl lieiiltli hn/ards would iiive the circcl. of lu ldln t! Rn ,,,[(11- Umml iinuy .if iipproxluiiitely 000000 workers to huluslrlnl planls In the United Ktntcs, lu-cordini; to tho Wiir I'rodiielliin Board. Imnd and liiicl reasons of his own for IRIIOI-JIIB the order. Once iidnillted to Spain, life for he icliolc family, ucctislomed to vliiK thhijjs done for ihem bc- io n .slriiBijtc of doliiR for tlicin- selves. How w cll they look to it Is n trllmle !» thejii, mnkca you f ce l I hut exile W ns a wln,| Unit blew Rood, nnd furnishes most cnjoynble reading. Nuslalula for old Vienna Is (hern, eanuoL l )c denied, but "'fhc wnlly. did not no on forever; it faded softly, nnd wns lust " That the wiiltx ended wnn perhaps Just us well, for the dancers made llic'iiisolvcs new and urofiil lives In world which would rave dutintcd xser sonl.s. ' , , If A COLD MAKES 1 [BncnTHINQ HAI1D\ -' drotiu ta one hi 1 nostril strike rnst\ L lo iihrlnk main-1 tt r rum n . open 1 . uil nn.iiil rms.i-1 10 lll']|> brcntlm freer, I ' ' ".Of. Caution";' ! only 113 dlrott-l, , c<l. Hie, BDe. O|icn \ iitiiffy noun with \ I discovered an amazing way to . •cliintf vnltio out of the food you eat s your No. 1 health problem whether you 500 or 2,000 pounds yearly. To do thi-i, rclcntl'.l3 sny, you nrast HMD nil mli-miiUo supply of natural ;(omnch illccstlvo juices and rlcli. red- jlowl must be present. Improper diet, overwork, undue wor- les, colds. tti<i Hu or oilier Illness ottcn nipnlrs (lie stomach's tllpcstlvc func- .loiiRunt! rcthice:; the rctl-blood strciiGtll. A pciEon who is operating on only a 70 to 15',;, HcnUliy blood volume or n. itomnch rtlgcnlva capacity of only 50 0 CO'.f normal |j .lovcrcly handlenppcd. nMl^cstecl tootl jiours. causes gas . . illng ... hlls to siipjily the necessary »(ly energy...tissue repair...often resulting lu nervousness and lor.s of energy So with nmjilo stomnch digestive lulcej n,us ntcH, KEn-BLOon you should ii Joy Hint sense ot uv'.l-belngwtilch de- lotes physlcr.1 mr.css . . . jiionta! aterl- icr>s! II you nrc eulijcct to poor digestion or uspcct tlniclrnt rcft-u:ood as the cntlso f your IrouWc. yet have- no ormnl^ otniiiicatlon or local Infection, 8SS rojilc J:ifiy be Just you need as 16 s especially designed (1) to promote the [low ot VITAL DIGESTIVE JUICE3 In lie stomach nml (2) to build-up BtOOD TRENGT1I when deficient. These two' U:ina:tnnt results enable, ou to tnjos- tlic ;po;i you do cnt... to Tinkc use ot It ns N.iturc lutcnded. Thus ou may get nc\v vitality... pep.. be- ome r.nlmateU . . . more attractive! Build Sturdy Health ancf Help Amcn'cj Win 'hotiwinrls aria thonr.Ti:d=? of users havo estfftcd to tile bcneiiU S£S Tonic hn3 rought to them anct scientific researcil liows that It Ktts result—that's why so mny.s.i>-"S3STo.V,cbu5Jri; sturdy health —makes you feel like yourself again." At 'H. Jielps build STURDY HEALTH

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