The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1934
Page 3
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.TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1934 BLXtiiltVUJJ. CODBEB K1WS Claims Kinship to Abraham Lincoln famous Harvard Star Can Always Give Youngsters Pointers on Kicking NEW YORK -Ih- calls himself a fcoilnll inifsloiiaiy. ihis briahl- eyed. red-cheeked individual who • >carcely luuk.s his -10 years. His name is Charley Brickley— yes, the I r.:iuic chap who booted five field ; goals for Harvard against Yale I 'way back yonder in n ixTfonn- I ance that never has been ap- : proachcd. llricklcy genuinely is distressed ' youni: America plays foot- ' bull p/actically \\ithuut the drop- • kick. ' ' | "When teams don't place-kick I l!u-y try to rush or pass their w.iv ' to extra points when a playei coutd drop-kick with less elfort ami consequently more assurance " lie said. : "So I devote a.s mucn lime as possible to leaching youngsters the ; tecliniijue of (lie drop-kick. Hj really IK simple. All a boy has to I do is perfect timing while follow- j He looVe hk> Atiralmm Lincoln, doesn't lie! But lu aildttlou to a. striking re- 6 e m I) 1 a nee , Charles Roscoe Miles also claims klmlilp wllli Hie martyred President. Found living In an abandoned bug near the Hudson rlrer v In New York, Miles, when BIIIII- moned to answer a charge of build- In *, without a. permit, revealed he waa a lecond cousin o( "lion- eel Ab«." PAGE TERSB Cannon "Fire" low- j 1C*--. posi- I I CU ins through in the correct - "KiOs come to me from all over. I Pail* . VlSlt TI S I toll nil of ihein thai if they or ^ ' ^' any of Uicir friends want to lenrn the Tight way to rtrup-kick. all they have to tio Ls come and see we." A Few Lessons—Then Fame! Hrickley resides in Bronxville, on the outskirts of New York. "We have a field nnd a pair of goal posts there." lie went on.; "And 1 work with a class of i youngsters every Sunday. Mosi I of them show up without any form of introduction. They usually Mick around for two or three Sundays! nnd disappear. The next thing I : riad is -that so-and-so kicked a 31-yard' field yoal lor Jones High School." Hrickley, who makes a living | Instructing business men how to! make their waist lines behave, remains an ardent fooiball fan, bul j insist. 1 ; that, the sport is cluttered with unnecessary rules. "They're not playim; as good a game as they did some time ago," . In 1 continued. "I'm not referring'- la Hie yunlity of play. The lech- nicnl side has been developed, ol course. What I mean is that the tame is .not. as entertaining as r. was. >; "It is not open enough/ I prefer the--way the professionals piay. They're playing as tiie colleges did along about 1821. You know, wllh Ihe goal posts on ihe field nnd with other strange rules since put in foice eliminated." Kirk a Goal andn Win a Prize Brieklcy's best, stunt in his missionary movement is contests for high school youngsters. "You bring them out when you offer priv.cs of some sort." he explained. "When they are- trying to win they'll study form and im. prove themselves to n remarkable degree." But yon. must be able to dropkick yourself 'to get hoys to follow you, the old Crimson luminary warned. "I walk np to a gathering of boys and am introduced as Charley Brickley. [he great drop-kicker. The kids look nsknnce. The name doesn't mean a thing to them. "So I slart drop-kicking. I kick 10. 20. 30. 40, maybe 50 goals in a row from 20 yards or so, nnd have them watching open-mouthed and ea»cr. It's all in showing them. You have to prove to them that you have Ihe goods." A Chip, of the Old Block Brickley's most apt pupil is his son. Charley Brickley. Jr.. familiarly known as Chickie. Fourteen years oid and wiry and bright- eyed like his father. Chickie has been kicking since he was six, and studies ihe technique with the air ":' an expert. L A while back on the Pacific Coast Charley and Ciiickie put on an exhibition between halves of a Shrine game. Both clicked past 00 TO, 80. 90. 100. from the 20-yard | the piano and plays lilting tunes for the "rhythmic exercises" — a series of routine kicks and bends which doubtless are elemental in anv course In classic dancing. Dismissal of the class brings a rush, for the showers (separate showers for each sex, in this building), and before you could say "Gymnosophlcal Association" there are pink bodies flashing in the big, tiled pool. Everyone knows how to swim, because the physical Instructor gives lessons. But there do not seem to be any swimming or diving stars, and anyway the clubs frown on anything that in the least smacks of exhibitionism. Nudist Camaraderie Clad for the street, the members usually go to a restaurant to- Student Program Is Commencement Plan At Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark. - A departure from the custom ol nn address by o guest, speaker followed by valedictory and salutatory addresses will mark the nninml commencement exerclM-s of Osceola high school, Suui. Oeo. Deere- has announced. What is known as a "vitalized" commencement, with tlic program conducted entirely by ihe graduates will be held in ihe High School auditorium ihe evening ol Mav 35. when the presentation of diplomas will be the only realure following the accustomed order of commencement exercises. The class will have no designated valedictorian or salutatorlan. Honor students, however, in the order named, are Mary Stewart Butler. Rebecca Nickol. Melvtn Lepldes and Mary Dlllard. Other members of the class, which Includes fourteen graduates, ' are Nora Pace, Malcolm Taylor. Blllle (Snelson, Marlon Margaret Rhoades. Rosa Lee Tucker, Ella Margaret Doyle. Terry Turner, Frank Chiles, "Jlint Coldwell and James lave. The annual concert nnd recital iy music pupils of Miss Catherine iHrwel! will be given the evening if May 16, the bacculaurcate ser- non will be delivered Sunday, May 20, and the senior play will be irescnlcd Tuesday evening. May Uisliou James Cannon, Jr.. was hi no muod for pleiiin-i wlieii, as iluiiva here, liu ljriin<llslii;il. .liii flick at catiieranii'ti on i-m^rKing Iroin a Washington, I), c., conri. l-'or, at Ms triul Mini- fi,r nll,'i;i d A shower was given for Ihe I/me conspiracy lo violate tlir; i.'iimipt eether, theater. and occasionally to a Several of the clubs have S-'iven parties and dances during the winter—affairs nt which all the proprieties of dress were observed. Doctors Boone and Huntington j calculate thai there will be at j lenst sixteen nudist camps in operation this summer within commuting distance of New York City. A few of ihe organizations i have two camps, for .summer memberships are expected to num- 1 ber in the thousands instead of hundreds. As for the rest of '.lie _ country-, nudist organizations wil i hn oneratlfig - in seventeen state.? [Rhode Island. Nebraska and Colorado are states new to nudism but last year there were clubs in Massachusetts, Virginia. New York New Jersey. Conecticut, Pennsylvania. Ohio, Michigan. Indiana Illinois, Maryland. California. South Carolina, Florida and Texas. One (if the world's grcalest tificr liunicr.-!, Ihe immensely rich Kuttan of -luhoro, in Malaysia, is sbuwa licre with his Scottish wife, Ihi: former Helen Wilson, as iliey arrived in Kan Francisco fnr an nxlcmli-il American tour. Tlie sultan crossed the ocean several yc.irs apo to win her aflcr a Kiel n<:i|iiahil»Dic in the MrienU Shadv Lan- Club Will Give Party at School , - The J. H. D. club of Shady Lane imet at the of Mrs. J. W | Faueht Monday night. The president. Miss Vivian Dixon. presided at the business meeting. Miss ! Alma Brittian. secretary, called the roll arid each member answer[ Pd by telling what she would give | to be U'cd as a prize nt the bingo rartv which the club plans to have on Friday night at New Liberty. Definite plans for'the parly were made and committees for planning Ihe booths, fortune telling and of her entertainment, buviug and advertising, were appointed. "Attitude", she stated that Die aim of education and Hie must Important thing in education Is attlltidcs and ciuplinslml open mlndrdiii'ss, ilependablliiy and eun- Mdcratlon of otlurs. Tlie sum of $2:> wns rah.d by jleathers pieseiit lo nld Annie ii. Currie, Jeannes .'iupiTvt.scr. in yu-- Inj I" Wnshhrlcn. I) c. t u ; ,i-i und Ihe NuUiinid LMnlin-mv on'. <!il(U '"-'•li'itl. in this l-'iinilanieiuuls In tin l-Mm-.iiuui i cllv *'«>«!uy nkhl. with day nnd of Neva's, lo [.<• lu-ld by Ha-' l ' v " li "" ^''^MUILS luday uiu! Wi d- Sveri'tnry lit t!ie Int.ilnr. HumM '""'j'"*"' L. Ickc.s, May C J In M.iv IL' ••'"'• (1 "' The "Dixie Ihninuni/ris" (,! l! ' 1|:l uf "' Numutr Nine fine M-VIT il \i, • ,1 j W '" TI ' U Ul :elrellO!is. jl'uinrr. Presbylerlal Auxiliary Meets at Caruthersville OAHUTHKHSVILI.R, Mo, — The foilieili nnnual meeting of the Wo- iri 1 !-'- Auxiliary of the I'oiosl I:* :'UThi], which compilsi-s nbout lineli'i-ii iiuxiliiirles in Hi.. I'otusl '.]:! CiiKhcU ls*pr-si- l're.,byuilal. and Mrs Uelti-lijn und Mrs 1'aul bblli ul tills cliy, me Summon Jurors for OSCEOLA, Ark., May Ifl'.s di-pulles this week montni; juiui;, who | l-aitiiuiKlmi •'''". i.iniin:: up ' M ""-. Uiil'. Wiil he nu-inbx-is of the exeiut!\v Dr. L. T. NV\vl:ii![|, uf Kurea, and .1. S. !>ui(i<, dim-iuj- of .Hli^liills educnllon, uf IxjiilAllle, Osceota Civil Court Ky - lv " 1 s) "'" k lhls ''V'-nhr*. Tills "' delation from ihe (Ji|.hunai!e. ihildu-n lo loiiin-i-ii yi-ar.s ol Jire.s-n! aiul i;m- u the civil'term of Clicuii Comi i.'i''"" '''"" ^ y j_ convene heie Mny V3. < r . ",.".' 7." FoiiowhiB UK- HSI or |,--.:i Jm -..Charge Agams! Sinclair ois: J. J. Ilubburd. 11. \v Ui.i..,. \ r I M i 11 i onKion ihimpion. iiem-y .smu v \ Company Is IVol-rrossed _ M. limit. Hill Smeml. J. W. Ci'iii-l ! wrlulit. lAlbor While. Cian ia-e ! A <'h:uyr ol vicilatliu Kl:tl>. | Dell Clllb Will Hold Orlcsby. W. T. KaitiM-y. ,st,-ve "iinlnul laws Ly M-llin;; ^isnllui'| ni , »i v. • Knlph Jr., und L. K. Hiirwun:. all'. « hl(h cli(i "ot mn\ ihe ..-.;n\r\ OHOWCr lor fiCVf Kitchen 01 Oscccla: K. T. Hnllew, ! [•• .'H]|_ i: |:-ccil;c naiily lest r i|Uhe:nem -i i j llny-sley, W. A. Drantley, .i,.j.. r: I'^'lns! Kluclair Id llniiii; eoinpany j - Th- Hell Home Di'monslrntion i''lub will linye a kilehen shuwor l;ad l:ei-n lil:-d in W dmsdav afirnicim for the new '- IK-IC and hud Ir'i'ii •i-in.idiii; kitchen. liOjitniiy. The dis-; l>l:ms lor lids affair were uiati? 1.706= Jimius Brutus Booth, American * l>orn.. J.S. locks -For diplomat who can ire victorious at next navfll conference . . ... | B.-OH-II. John Cotkeriin. C'niy D.nis j' 1 " 11 l;1 ''''< "ol prowil. "Jirl DiiMiin. S. K. ICvans, J lk . iliiv.s' j '""• elia- md llonnle I'otl.s. all of l.iism-a; i"'-"""''!'"' Ktl Itfnl. A. J. l.aiidriini. ti c i l :l '" (t:l ^ ^ Lone Oak News, Oak community kitchen with 48 ''radices Act, li women present. Mrs. Bnlord Young 1'lniself referred In :is ;ave the address of welcome. Af- "arroxantly wraps Hie nil er singing there were readings by '''* ^""ch •Itmil lihn und says Mrs. Fred Walker, Mrs. Chrrcnce i '' ' io a8 ' ukaw.' " e lia J'.IKI heard who o[ Davis and Mrs. Ora Brooks. Mrs. .nwrence Powell and Mrs. Mattie Huey told of the meeting at the club house. Plans were made to Fifty Negro Teachers at Quarterly Session ilkei Hudson, s. A. lici;cmdd. und llll -' tf; > 1 yi-sli-rdiiy W H. Finshier nil of Wilson• dm ]ii:i'iid:iluin of ;hu iiiOMCiiliiii; McFa!rld|:e. Biisscll: 11. E. ^ius;L•^•. i l " n;i '- v Terry Mitchell. Cico. iusley. M" i . . _ Alternates are II. I'. Dunavanl. | Big Party Next Friday i Reiser; R. II. Wllmulh ami E s | __ ' VVlldy Klowilh; Cieu. l»yle. O.sce- j CAnUTIIKRHVlI.I.E. "' ; V> "' Sln!Ul : ""' J: "' J; Oro; '- s - >'-»i'd ««:U and mi-, ul a merlin-; W':dn?s:lay nller- iil-:[-i:(,n attended by 2-1 members. Mr:;. ;l.oii'4 ijave ,\ d inonMialio;! In the innniii;; Dl mi'.'dnd. J Mis. C. II. i3owns was appoitilcd ' iniblli'ity chairman. num. Joiner. the ],ii! Mo. — Ilm«ill form! Remodels Home Yarlro Club Will Meet Wednesday Afternoon ! iimln line on the American i The residence of Mrs. Lily fiisk, ! 1.1-Kinn ciMiiily-»lde Woild War • •''• ^00 W. Kentucky, is lielng ix>- .M-lernns parly menu at the NV».V ! imideh-d Inly tv;o Ihrec-room :Leiik;n Park Friduy niylit. ?.~i "Chefs" ,1. M. Ctok ami V i.luhnson stale lhal Uii.s will be Thi: Yarlrn Home l>imiri:-::a- supplemented hy pl-kle.-;, slims, liiiin club will nr/it Wi-d.-u-Mlay l/n-d. ami 30 or -10 caws of beer— . ,. ,, ------ - - - —— ••••- .'tunr- [.ricij-i:on, 'i o'clojk, a! the ne. 1 . '-iicnu/h "cats" and "drink';" for and Mrs. Herman McLeod. presi- trrly session of the ne B ,o leach-j eauni.v, kitchen, u,-vnlly ,-,„„- ul»,,l SOO <u -coil "l',-Ms the num- i:ouii-: r !ctrd. .| :( -.- expected to attend. A (iiiill hn->' been complr- screen the kitchen next week. Refreshments were srved by Mrs. , Lawrence Powell. Mrs. Jim Fields; Fifty teachers attended ihe In addition in icarraiigeiiuMit, ic i!|>:ntmcms are being redecor- «t on ihi! liurilm 1 mill outside. dent. The first playing cards Iwerc de- cr.s' association of : ly here Saturday. Miss Fiazel Sample. teacher signed by an insane man. in an . i In- city hK'h .school.' was ihe prill- j for the 'benefit asylum. . cipal speaker. I'n lier addrr&s on I u|tii;.meiil. in I ihe which Is to be :,'ild of the kitihin I by Kvery World Win- Veteran In Ihis r:uunly. us will as tho«e at L'iV Madrid :md r.-lnd to intend. '1'lie Cmiriir \r\vs will pay 'I'l-n Cents (lOr.) each fur i-rmpletf ffl|ili"i nf tin- Ccuir- i(r News, A]ir;i in, I9SI. O ROUND and FIRM and FULLY PACKED that's why you'll find Luckies do nof dry ouf New Libertit News Bigger and Better Nudist Colonies Are In Prospect (Continued from Paec 1) yet. without benefit of ultraviolet rays, some 300 men and 200 j 'he Nazarene of Blvthcville. preach- The "aster Rev. Eunha D. Beaslcv. of the Fir<;| Church of the neigh- ribbon. They were in borhood of 108 when the loams ictiirncd. The youngster thrived on tile marathon idea, lie probably could have pone on for another 50 Chickie is a junior high school student in Ilronxvillc. His clad hopes to send him to Exeter From there maybe Harvard nnd then perhaps a new set of amazing t drop-kickins; records hy another 111 irk ley. , wotuen continue to assemble, strip "'"' exei ' cisc toselher. Except for the aforementioned Olympians, xs has suffered •lone of the police interference because the r.celings are strictly private, at- cd here Sundnv afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Enojrson and Mr. and Mr.s. Lo?an Perkins sr>ent Sunday with Mr and Mrs. Will Wheat at Blythevillc. lft "o Rov Williams, son of Mr. „. .... _______ .............. , . tended only by members and thor- ! ?n <| Mrs Elmer Williams, has been oiighly-investigatcd visitors inlcr- seriously ill but is now belter. :slcd in the movement Exclusive Quarters ResidenUs of the Park Vendome. a large nnrt rather exclusive apartment development on the wcsl side of mid-Manhatlan. probably would 'x 1 smpri«[l, though, if they knew Driver Grove Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jewel nf E! Louis and Mr. and Mrs. n-remnn Hisey of Lone Oak were pi'rsts Sunday of Mr. nnd Mrs. Charley Hrork. Mi .->nd Mrs. c. F. Spriivci nmi children, nnrt Mr. and Mrs guests of s Springer Mr. an;i Mrs. Troy Dieham aic Karl Slianevfcll were Mr. and Mrs. Cliar the parents of. an torn April 28. ' 8 pound son. Mrs. J. W. Barnes lias gone lo ntpky. Trim., lo spend a few days with relatives, iiichaid Hall of Calumet, was rhe of liussell Springer Saturday night. Wayne Oford cut his head badlv and It was necessary to take several stitches. . Mrs. Carl Denton is II! at her home. Mrs. J. H.- Rogers, who has been ttuile ill. is now better. Naked people stand chat unconcernedly; the gymnasium arfd swimming pool ' •n the building were being leased for a couple of hours each even- 1 inc to organl7alions of unclad fad- ' •Jisls. Each of these meetings follows an almost identical program. Men and women undress In separate rooms, then gather in the t;yiiiii3fiuiii. about and then lake warming-up exercises with medicine halls and Indian r-'.iibs. When lime comes for starting the group exercises, members space themselves as In any ordinary gymnasium class. The physical director (nil of them are capable professionals), faces the class. mirtc. and directs the callslhenics calculated lo tune up sagging muscles. Pretty soon a naked young woman takes Iwr place at Pays for a Beautyrest Mattress t Hubbard Furniture Co. I.tickics use the mililcsttolwccos— for J^iickicsiisconly llicclcmi ecuti l rleaves —and these are the mildest leavcs.They taste better. Then science |i];iys ils part in nuking these choice tuluccos truly kind to your throat. "Il'sloaMc*.!"—for throat protection. These mellow, line- tastiny tobaccos arc cut into loni^, silky, full-lioclied shreds and fully piiikfil into every Lucky— so round, so firm, free from loose ends. That's why l.uckies "keep in condition"— why you'll find that Luckies do not dry out, mi imptirlant point.lo every unnktr. You see, ulways in all-ways — Luckies are kind to your throat. Only the Center Leaves—these are the Mildest Leaves

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