The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEV1LLR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Society Calendar Wednesdiy Mrs'. Joe'.Vori Almen Is having the MJF. Wednesday Contract dub: The Delphian "is meeting at the Hotel Noble at 9 o'clock. The executive board of the Junior High School Parent-Teacher as- Eooiatlon is meeting at 3:30 o'clock. • Thursday • Mrs. Chester R. Nabors Is having the Aywon Bridge club. . Mrs. W. C. Hlgglnson Is hostess to the Young Ma tram Bridge club. Tlie Mid-Week Bridge club Is being entertained by Mrs. M. O, Usrey. Mrs. Joe Kleban Is entertaining the Jewish Ladies Aid society. Mrs. M, Fitzslrpmons Is having tlie Thursday Rook. club. .'•... Friday Miss Irene Crowder Is having the Night Bridge club- Mrs. M- Fttzsimmons is having a bridge party. The 'todies 'Bible, 1 class of the First Methodist church will meet ot the home of Mrs.. W. A. Stlck- mon at 7:30 o'clock. The Kappa Alpha Phi will have a dance at the Wonun's club. The American Legion Auxiliary Is meeting at the home ot Mrs. E. M. McCill with Mrs. L. .V. Wise also as hostess. SatmrtUr Mrs. Joe D. Halbach Is entertnin- !ng the \VSdnesday Bridge club. There will be a story hour at In? library at 10:30 o'clock. members of the St. Stephen Episcopal Guild who met with Mrs. A. Conway Monday afternoon. The women sewed during the brief bus; iness session. The hostess served dainty refreshments. • 4 • • Have Mission lesson, Mrs. E. Z. No'jvsom entertained the 13 members and two new members of lhc Second Baptist church Woman's Missionary union Monday afternoon. Tho Bth chapter of Mallhnw was read by Mrs. J..W. Marsh lor the devotional and Mrs. J. C. Harnlsh led in prayer. Mrs. Leslie Moore conducted tho mission lesson Committees Annoiu;(.:J, Thc appointment of commltllos Feb. 25, Mill be observed with n union meeting wltli the women of the Mcthortlst church in charge of the program, Reports from different groups showed the Mother Ross group leading In attendance with 12 present Including two new members, Mrs. F. S. Wlnfrcd and Mrs. J. \V. lierry. This group also !cd with dally Bible readings and was second in culls made In lh.2 p.isi month. The warship period was conduct- Bits of News .Mostly Personal. Mrs. John arable is ill at he; home on West Hearn strpet froi Influenza. . -. } '. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. WInfi'ed,, of MemphlF, have mcved to' .(his cits cd by Mrs. J. D. Smith and Mrs. W |icrc Mr. Winfrcd Is c'om'i'ecfac W. Eastburn who used the th?mc| wllh i llo Morils Packinu'comnniiv >.«r.,,.. ,!n. CmrL.i^ thn llnrt-rxil "..,,. ... . .. ° .1,..,.^ •After the Sowing, tho Harvest.' Thc presentation lender was Mrs. George W. Barham with "India" as tlie subject- Mrs. John C. Me- U-jir.;y Jr.. nttired in a costume of j India. iinpcr.'.ormlctl Dr. Mary I Long'lcn, a missionary to that They are residing ut the Hall residence on Chlckasfxwba avenue. Mra. George L. Muir, wlio ha teen 111, la now batter. - , Mrs. Marcus Evrard has relurii wl from 1'ariigould where she wa with her mother. Mrs. J. G. Me TIIC appointment oi commmioj | cou .,., ry . Alter having been In- „„"..„" ,'"",, ' """• , J ' ^' and report., of of.1ce« made up the I f'" , cy(1 •„.. , hc leader she cave a K ™ z c ' «''o died a week ago. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1031 D RIDGE ARTICLE NO. 122 BY WM. K. McKENNEV Secretary,- American Bridge If.itae Do not jeopardize a high card :hat| will provide a game-going • discard by playing it If there Is any danger that this card may te ruffed by tho opponents. Rather, grant your opponents the trick, as the declarer does in the following hand. WEST S-K-O. 3-2 H-K-76-2 WHO* S—tl-6 H-8 O-K.9-6-4-3 C-B-8-5-4-2 | play low from dummy, North would discard the three of dia- nonds and the declarer would rump with the five of spades. The declarer leads two rounds of rump—the ace and jack, picking 1)1 the opponents' trump and then eads a small diamond, winning u the dummy with the ace. A diamond Is returned, South wln- ilng with the queen, South returns a heart, dummy plays the EAST O-J-9'5 H-10-5 |. 7 . 5-2 , Ir-cmccd ijy the leader she gave n business mcc'.ing of the Woman s | Bhol . t tarK on t he work being done Missionary -octety o! the First i t^re. Mctliodl;t clmr-li Monday sifter- Mrs. J. M. Gillesple has returned from Dycrsburg, Tcnn., Hake Plans for Fie Supper. The 20 members ot the Lake Lake Street Methodist church Woman's Missionary society who met at tlie home of Mrs. D. B. LaSliot Monday afternoon made plans for a pie supper. This will be given Thursday night. . . »*•... Hive Easiness Mcttinj. , Members of the altar'-soclety of the Church of the Immaculate Conception met at thc rectory Monday afternoon for a-.brief business session. • •.. . '.•.'•;•• The collection of dues'and .reports of activities consumed the meeting period. Mrs. A. J. Ilaaga, president, was in charge.• • * Class His a . DlnrMTT. P»rty. • .The officers and .teacher of'the Beta Chi Sunday. school class of the First Presbyterian church were hostesses to other'members; of the * ~ 'class for a dmnMi'-party!- Monday evening given at the-home of (he teacher, Mrs. C. M. .Gray. The officers are: Mrs. Rives Allen, presi- . dent; Mrs. Lucy McAdams, vice president; Mrs. L. S. Briscce, scc- • . retary; Mrs.- Louis Greene, treasurer. . The flve tables .were attractively arranged with thc Valentine motll prominent in the table covers and napkins and the pace cards .^ were unique Valentine.favors. There was also a touch of red In tho appctlz- noon nt (he church. Tlie 35 members present were led In a devotional period by Mrs. A. C. Haley «ho read from tlie 35lh chapter of Isaiah. Reports of Mrs. P. D. Smith, local (reasurer, Mrs. E. D. Olden, superintendent of social service, Mrs. W. A. Stlckmon, superintendent of publicity, supplement reports by these circle chairmen: Mestiamcs M. O. Usrey, Charles F. Wood and J. E. Critz. These committee members were nnounced: Program, Mcsdames leorgc Hubbard, M. O. Usrey and 1. J. Browne; Sacrament, Mrs. W. U. Burns; Spiritual Cultivation, fesdamcs A. c. Haley, C. N. Ncnl nd O. c. Ganske; Membership, ' - W. M. Roland Uesdamcs B. A. Lynch, Taylor, Howard Proctor, •.. ', Ing two .course menu. Miss Margn- llarncll ami Mrs. I wlu '™ sll , c s P« n t six weeks, with B u duet •'India,''" dauijlHcr. Mrs. Cecil Lee, ami V. o. Miller sm>B Our India," willtcn by n wonmn in India lo thf tune of "America, Bcauliful." An unusual feature was the in * "• Lcc - s. FrcdSaii(letur ino- At S-7-4 . H-A.Q.J.9-4-3 D-fl-lO C-K-1M The llitlillug either unction or contract a'jinary radio program tuned In from India In which two Important stations. Mimgell and Pendra Roiul gave messages oi work being done- there. Mrs. E. M. Terry was in charge of thn "broadcasting." • A map talk, in which the work presented was sumarized, wns given by Mrs. George W. Barham. In tho social hour dainty refreshments were served with the I torcd to Memphis Sunday after- j others will overca .n- noon. They were'accompanied nc-'ins (rump, fast wo South would start the bidding with ono heart. At auction, will West's holding, some players prefer to diniule 10 . show partner support In the other major, vvlilla rcall with one no by Mrs. J. E. Bulord jr., of Rogers, Ark., who formerly lived litre and who is their guest for several days. , .. . ...- •:..',;•=_ Clarence Volmer'was a business visitor in Cap? Glrard'eaii • yea'ter- day. Mr. nnd Mrs. .VI. B. Tiuincr . have moved to the Harry W. Halms apartment on West Walnut strict. then Mrs. J. J. Daly and her mother,! to r ° ur spades. (ho spade suit at auction and Eas' and West would play the hand ai spades. At contract, the writer prefers with West's holding, to ovcrcal South's one heart with one no trump to show partner us gccd as an -original bid. North would pass, East would Jump to three spades and West would take the cotnract Jones returned Monday to Joncs- boro College after spending the week-end with their respective families in Osccola. Accompanying them was Floyd Chaflin, also a Jonesboro College student. Mrs. It. H. Jones has been confined to her home for the past two days with a light attack of influenza. Plan to Translate Maya Book MEXICO CITY. tUP)—The director of Archeology in the Department of Public Education will direct the Spanish translation of a book on Maya civilization edit- valuable king, and the ' three of e £>'. ll !f c ™ K °° l f. In5 '- ltll , t . er ' rilc clubs is discarded by 'declarer. book ls hasc " on thc Semitic ex- Declarer leads a small diamond, rufling in the dummy with the queen. ,ol. spades and returns a club,- winning in his own hand with (he- ace. The last diamond is trumped > with the king of spades In dummy and the declarer has two good trumps. By refusing to go up with thc king -of' hearts on (he second trick, thereby' preserving it for a needed discard, thc declarer has successfully made four odd at spades. (Copyright. 1931, NEA Service, Inc.) Qsceola Society—Personal ploratlons conducted in the State of Yucatan by the Instllute during the last two years. 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds, Headaches, I-'evei 666 SALVE Cures Baby's Coltl On your radio tonight . . . listen to Lorna i'antin, famous . nurr.eroloftist. She'il tell you how names and dates nitccc success in business, love or marrlufje. A real radio thrill. KMOX and entire Columbia network at 1:15 P. M. Central St.ind- ard Time. The I'lay February holidays remembered In j Mrs. N. Matiiews of Si Louis arc, Ihc cherry pie and coffee and the | h, Memphis for several days 'vlsi 1 . Smith's proper opening is valentine favors. !cbratrs filrthduy Mary Jcrephlne Ncwcomb, with Mrs. J. Levy. Green and U. S, Branson; Piib- iclty,. Mcstlames W. A. Silekmon, V. D. Henley, L. M. Burncttc and ; hnrlcs% Alford; Socln! Service, Mcsdames E. D. aillsn, H. N. Hill, T. E: Criggcr, c. S. Stevens nnd '. G. Sudbury; Flower. .Mesdames •I. O. Usrey, Lcndcnnle Fowler and W. M. Taylor; Parsonage. Mcs- dames A. M. Butt, Loy Welch. B. A: Lynch; Kitchen, Mesdomcs E. A. Goodrich, S. P. Marlln, T. J Crowder; r<:corattng, J. H. Elklns, J. S. fiisilt, A. M. R. Branson; Lo:a], Mcscitimcs H. M. Adklnson, H, A. Taylor, J. E. Crltz, F. D Smith, w. A. Stlckmon, J. D Rarksdr.k ami L. H. Moore; Visiting, Mcsdames W. W. Holliiistcr B. F. Brogdon, Sallle Hubler, J Jiiell Broqks and Emma Bunvcy. It' wns announced that for the program mecllng next Mondaj tl'.ese wouieV be hostesses ret Gray, assisted'Mrs. Qray, Mra Greene, and Mrs. McAdauis h serving. In the business session n nominating .committee of '.Mrs. R. C. Dent jr., Mrs. C. R. Babcock and Miss Era Wright was appointed to submit names at the next monthly meeting' for the election ol officers. Reports showed that the needy family "adopted 1 ' for.the class was being .well.cared for. and that this activity will be continued Indefl- Mcsdamcs w. A. Sttckmon, R. p Paddison, A. M. Bull, Horace T Gulp, L. M. Biirnettc, Virgil Greene Eugene blckenson, M.. Joulz, J. H Elktns and E. A. Goodrich. Mrs. C. N. Neal dismissed the meeting with prayer. • * • Circles Meet. Circles or the Woman's Mission ary union of (he First Baptrs church held weekly meetings Mon day afternoon. In the first grouj .1 which met nt Hie church, tlier were nine members and one vlsi tor present. f>frs. Tom W. Jack son, Mrs. Pleas Sccoy nnd Mrs. E E. Alexander took part in the dc voUonal and Mrs. WaKor Bisho conducted a short business sessio before Miss Cordelia Wilhite le the mission study. The eight members an done v Itor in circle 2 also met at th church with Mrs. Tom Howard 1 charge of the devotional, merous.other activities for others. .Plans were-made for a sewing party next Wednesday when mem-" bers.will'be guests of Mrs. Hubert Potter for all day when the new curtains for the class room will be made. Included' in those present was a guest, Mis. J. E. Buford of Rogers, Ark, houseguest of Mrs. Fred Sandefur. - from the Cth chanter of Luke. Mr Executive Board Mcds. Plans, for. the meetings Alvln Huffman made a short and Mrs. Ivy Crawford taught IV. mission study on "Gospel Triumpl in Argentina." Mrs. Chester R. Nsibors was hos. ess to circle 3 which had five men ters in attendance. The Mth chai ter of John was rend by .Mrs. Sam Hall for (lie devotional and Mrs. John Buchana.. c.I who is five years old yesterday, had number of her friends In lo play Ith her In (he afternoon. the | nco of hearts, dummy would play miner in ine rvHernoon Memphis Baptist hospital. They enjoyed the gifts brought M d » ic honored hostess and later I ..,,,„.„ „„„„ nrn ,.,,^' ? Father J. J. Thompson who Is > ;l!e deuce, North tlie eight spot at the St. Bernard hospital ol! allrt East ' thc declarer, false-cards Jonesboro following a serious op- ! n " 1 ' tne ten ' but Stnu " wo " ld cratlon, Is slowly improving. "~ '"' " "" """*" "' Richard Beall Is a patient at thc come right on wilh the queen O f hearts. Before playing to this ulck from dummy l!ie declarer v-,' must, stop and count up his hand. He has aheady lost n heart—he Driver Grove *..i. HHU j«iii». oti_u Ajtu oi Lfyvtts' i ' . - v r, burg, Tcnn., visited friends in Os-U.»mc. but if by any chance Jiforth , is out of hearts and should rutf the king, the. declarer would still ceola Sunnday. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Delaney have Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Phillips ani loved to Bis Late. Mrs, Maude Springer and Mrs. Jertha Block were guests of Mrs. lyrtlc Knight, Tuesday. Mr. mill Mrs. Charles Springer, Ir. anrt Mrs. Albert Hisskins and ir. nnU Mrs. Densrl Howard were luesls pf Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Shan- Miss Winnie Phillip motored ID Newbern, Tcnn.. Sunday They ft -r llBVC to Io5c a liialnond aud a . cl " u atl11 could not go gnmc. There- the : much-needed king of hearts, but Mrs. Eli Myers led [he Bible study lesson at the meeting o! the Methodist Woman's Missionary society this afternoon. Parts on the program wc-re taken by Mrs. W. L. Sc- gars, Mrs. H. A. Behrens, Mrs. W. B. Flanningan, Mrs. C. M. Harwell and Mrs. J. W. Edrlngton. Seventeen members were present. Mrs. J. C. Young was hostess to thc Christian Workers nt her home this afternoon. Following a short business session the missionary lesson from tlie text, 'Training for Service," was led by Mrs. H. O. Hensen. Thirteen members' were present. Tic Baptist Woman's Missionary Union met this afternoon at the home of Mrs. M. L. Suinners for the regular mission study lesson. . c Mesdames J. E. Birchfield, .E. A. Teaford and Marshall Trussell. Ly- inau Sheddan and Rev. C. E. Welch attended the meeting of the Mississippi County Baptist Workers , .. nccompanied by J. W. Adams win! Iorc - llc must " ol spent the day rit Dycrsburg : much-needed king Mr. nhd Mrs. O. G. Caudlll an-1 should play ima11 trpm dumm y- son. Garrnrd, accompanied by Mks erantlng his opponents ihe heart Cordelia Wilhite.-.were visitors In Memphis during "the, week-end. for supper Thursday. Mrs. Myrtle Knight was the dln- icr guest of Mrs. Maude Springer, Vcdnesciay. Frank Snckrl&r spent Thursday ii| s a \ m t, M r s~ William light with Charles Springer. ' trick.. North uotild signal diamonds by discarding tlie nine, -and : the declarer would follow with, the thti month^oJ .the .women in th; First Presbyterian church occupied the attention, of ; tht : executive board !church.'Mrs. Thcodo. vujiii um-tiiiiKl,! <j._ .[.(I Dr'HO 1 * Mrs. E. r. liiomeycr taught the mission lesson. A letter was read from >D-s. T. n. King, chairman, who recently moved lo Fli.u, Mich. • Circle 4, v:!t:i eight, members present, had its meetintr «t thc Albert Hall of .Calumet w»s the guest of Charlcft Springer, Friday light- Mr, and Mrs. A. J. Wicker cn- .crlaincd a few of their friends vith a danc,; Friday night. Charles Springer and Troy Big- .min spent [Saturday night with Henry nnd Thonins Gaines. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ben Knight linve moved lo Cnlumet lo make ttieir :uture home. Leon Hall had as his guest Saturday night, Albert Hall of Cahi- met. Dorothy Matthews of Lone Oak visited Bessie Brock over tlie week ond. Sallic Righam spent Saturday with Lavern HasMns. Mrs. Mary Lucius and children wore Dell visitors Saturday night and Sunday. Mr. Bromley of Recce was a vis- lior In this vlclnity^ThmsUay. Frank Sackrlder visited friends in 'Osccola Saturday night. Mr' and Mrs. Zcb Galnes were guests of Mr. anrt Mrs. Dock Bigham, Saturday night. Charles Springer visited Hugh Williams who is ill at Hlylhcvillc Hospital. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Meadows ami Mrs. Martha Boles, visited Mr. ;,ml Mrs. Dave Pice of Ofceola, Salur- F. E. Belt has returned, from a I-"" "V "' " oura lulloft *'"' ".' month's visit. In Hot Springs. While "vp - of hearts: _ •• - ,.• .i -.,.. there he was called to St Gene- , 1So " !l wplli[i 5tlU try Jo forc vlevc. Mo., because of the death of IJ,^"" 1 ?..!. "T" , by , lMdiI1 F "I I the Jack. Again the declarer should re Uijan rcaci Monday afternoon. Reports ot officers and;.Cause secretaries .were also given. The circles -\rlll meet next week, .the — — the -i fourth Monday,- the Auxiliary will' -church the first chapter of John aiid Mrs. . Alfred S .Harwell taught the m | s . sion study after Mrs, H. U Chambers and Mrs. Herman Walpalc had ottered prayers. Mrs. Herman Wai- of the Intc Judge William Bantz. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Foley tin-J daughter, Margaret, wlio have moved lierc from Memphis, have taken n Ward apartment at 1034 West Walnut street. E. K. Mason is attending to business in Little Rock Jov several days. I. llosemhai, o! St. Louis, is a visitor 'in thc city for a few days. Paul Hosenthal.-.fc .in St. Louis attending to business and visiting relatives. " . : Mr. nnd Mrs. Joe Van Aimen have as their guests this week Miss Christine Cole, of Newbcm, Tcnn. Ur. J. C. Bialne. ol Wellsville, Mo., Is attending to business interests here. Mrs. Jessie Hopgood has returned to Inr home in Sturgis, Ky., after spending six weeks wilh her daughter. Mrs. Charles Ncwcomb, and family.. Bernard Gooch spent Monday in Joncsboro where he attem!e;[ the district meeting of thc Firestone Riibtcr co. ' Jlr. and Mrs. Charlci Crigger jr.. and Mrs. C. E. Crigger sr., wei'C visitors in Memphis Saturday. Miss llallie Wilcoxson is expected to return tomorrow from Memphis nnrt Paragoulrt where siie has been visiting for ten days. Mr. and Mrs. Ncwbcrry Johnson, ot Steele, visited here last nlyht. Council at Luxora today. George Basil Segraves jr., v.'ho is attending school at Southwcsteri University, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G B. Segraves in Osceola. He was ac companied by Thad Leggett o Magnolia, Miss., who Is also Southwestern student.- >.•••>.' Andrew Florida, is seriously' i; with Influenza at his home here. Misses Lucille Welch and Louis These Bright Spots In FROCK Fashions $10 and Up Couched and Suffered All the Winter, Year After Year, He Savs "I had Bronchilis real bad and one of tlie usual remedies would ven relieve'my case, but I found he thing to stop it at hst and it s called Lin-O-Ninc Emulsion, inde by thc famous Kcrr Chemical people out of Eucalyptus, Irish Moss. Flaxsccd nnd otlior Ingre- Hospital Notes . Mrs. Annie Robertson was n visitor of Mrs. Maude Springer, Vrl- Jay. - I Rev. W. A. S'.rad.rr spent Satur- • d.\y nisht with Mr. H A. Uuvall. Mrs. Gallic McDearman. city, aiv H»v. \\llliamsuf Lone Oak mil • Bui Ilitlfman, Bragijadoclo. Mo. preach ril Driver Grove Sunday j were admitted as patients In the mornins at eleven o'clock. Thc following ntlcntlcd church | Blythcvllic hospitnl today. ten-Ices at Lone Oak. Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Enrl Sranoyfelt, Mr. and LAW I.IIIRAKV novni.cs DURHAM. (UP)—111 Hve month Mrs. H. D. Shiincyfelt. Charles (the Duke University law librar Springer. Ted Hrock, Waller Boles, ji, ns UC arly doubled—from 1^13!! l' and Grovcr Wisemnn. 22.42J volumes. A library ol 4000 Miss Irene Russell was the- din-| vo ] u . - .w have the next boar Business Women Have n SackriOer visited in Co, fHKN 1,KARNKD ABOUT SIMI'I.K HOJ1E UKMEDY and all sisns of the old trouble disappcartcr rishl in thc middle of ivlnlcr. and I've felt wonderful ever since." continued Mr. Lube. Thousands of men nnd women, old and young, say the same thin™ nbout this nice tasting, creamy snowy white emulsion which even the children say tastes like ice cream. One seems to not only get rid of the cold but the whole system is fortified nnd built up and appetit? and general health improves amazingly. Strengthened ngain thc system finds it easy to ward off fur and lost time from work. Ani druggist obtain n bottle of llcntb they print on the label. T'.ic j ther troubles and one's winter is doctors know about it and it sure I enjoyed without fears of sickness s good. U not only Ms'.cs good >ut it works wonders for Bronchi- is," writes Arthur Lubr. 4936 Michigan Aye., Kansas City, Mo. "Afler using a bottle of Lin-O?line I found such marvelous rc- ipf I sent away to Hie Kerr peo- Dle for several more and my cough Kcrr's Lin-O-Ninc Emulsion of Ills jobber for you, even it he hasn't It in stock, or just send 50c or Kerr Chemical Co., Brentwood, Md Kcrr ChemKj ICo., Brenlwood. Md. —Adv. Buy on Our Lay I Away Plan "Shades of night an: railing fast" . . . into the discard! For frockr, of the luw seiiscn arc £:»y, ce:- crful ones that arc simply r.wishinj! For spring ":ivacad'j" has left flic menu and inrancil fashion; in .% very alluring green tlmt you will find oflcn in Whil- Eitt frocks. SkipiK-r blue, a "nanghticil tut nice" color that promises great things, urn! Bermuda pastels are other new shades that are taking thc place -o! dark winter colors. Gny, new prints cr^ quite projulncnl, tco! SUITS for Spring "Go home and tell your mother" what a clever little suit we have Tor jnu to take back to school, to work, or whatever it is you're going 1 back to . . . Suits liku these arc imlcspen&iMc for Spring . . . especially w U c n ihey arc as smart as thepc. Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 MlS ' Mtltl 10 §29.50 HATS thai say spring in every line . . Pert styles to ilc- lighl .my voman wlio Relieves hats may ma'xc or nl".r her future. Tilted brims, I a r£ e I; ri iii.s, small brims and no brims at all, tmt oil, what smartness! to ncll Sunday nltcrnoon. Prcfessional Women's club had [ dinner at the Goff Hotel last cvc- i Ha Rir | ..attacks ICO of Little Rock, who h?t returned! at the It _ was decided to have the district conference, recently postponed, during trie last week in March, the exact date to be announced lat- The guest of honor received an assortment of gifts. er. This conference will meet here with Mrs. Clarence Holder, district president, in charge of the two day program. Program Given On Imlh On text Monday the annual In- \ The Wonnn's mission v tertlatlonal Rcfatlons program will • •• - cf •V. Gosnrll 1.1 < Ila ""' i5 « l lhc children and late In the afternoon, deliciu'is refreshments were served alon a lovely birthday cake. be given In connection with thc .s at Iho horn? of Mr . .- — ----- — Public SpeaWg class when several I Monday r.ftcrno '-- * will take part on nn inter. csUns program, mons as Mrs. John C. Mclfoic-y "ir pres- °*wr?e I^nl. ' lidenl, conducted the iwi'ncis s"s- Unl.was isken up byjsion. Tlie World Day of Prayer, WeMbrook and Mrs. M. F,t?.s TRY THIS PUZZLE If , folk*, IK i HI- DiMribuUon nt MflMy Ibal' I wMl M ot you W . Yv* vrait wirnc Motiry and 1 ha%n it lor you. Come oa I" *»« I-M1 in Iho blank squ:irc spaces at Uio left with the numbers I to 11. so tint Hie total will t>o lo when adilctl In every ilireciinn—D[I nnd t!o\vn f t-ros^wrtys and diagonally» Xo nutnber can be n*ctl more than uncc. Money KcTmrds for All F.\rr>-PTic wbo UU« fnU arf- Lots Of Money— SOLVE THIS PUZZLE— Lots of Pun! E»eryb«4ty l!-ft tmnlf* anj ppls m lot of Inn irjln? them. Thl* one ijHI jrire y«u »« miitb Ian us any you bave c\rr IripJ. llo<.Jtlc*. Iti^lnf >"»" t i lp opportunity |o sliarr In IV lti s Honry Award* «t $1,>00. SIW, »"d 5*»0. iSl'ift, ctf. tliil tro lo 1m nwjc. Lt Uott octur in Vh# trflnrj- a'varJini:*. ao- atcre THE . wrr \a the clip out Ifcr aJ — anrt mall nt oner I*— ITX/JiK MAN, 15 Southern Farmer Kldg., MONTCJOMKUY, A1AHAMA $10.50 New: . —GLOVES —HOSIERY —LINGERIE —1'URSES SPRING COATS Have New Tricks Up Their Sleeves SIcevrs arc I>cins "I'ulTcil around" this scaion in .very rlKtrniini; manner, ntu\ t lie slccvrs Ihnnsclvcs arc all dccidrclly "out nt Uir elbows" . . . which is Just another way of saying Uiat sleeve Irratmcnts arc llic otihlaTiclin^ smart fa blii on features nf spring coals for 1931! Ami you'll fmil tlicsc advance cls of novelty ivool- CTIS a n d l«cc:ls most appcaliiijj for wear now* and Up Miss Whitsitt's Shop Yon Mwy i'nrcliaso Any Article On Our I«ty A way Plan.

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