The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1938
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VOLUME XXXV—NO. -IS. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER r» urwrvreAHr „„.,,*,„,,. *^~m ¥ f f^/ Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Vnllcy leader Blylhevllle Daily News ^!.. NEWSPAPE . R _° F N ° IlTHEA f r **KMMB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI TIIKSDAY, SINGLE COPIES FIVIj CENTS Negroes Admit Marie Leader Arrested Al Caruthersville; Crawfordsville "Job" Also Admitted QSCEOLA. Ark., May 10. /Special lo the Courier News)— Less than '24 hours after safe crackers made (heir second rleh haul In as nmny week ends at rural stores In Mississippi county. Sheriff Hale Jackson announced the apprehension of Chester Lamar, 36. Willie Jackson. 32, ami Jolmnle Evans, 38, all negroes, who admitted the safe breaking burglaries In which $G7l , iti cash was taken. Little of the loot taken in the burglary of O. M. Hill's store at Mane Sunday night, in which $300 in cash as well as cigarettes valued at $30 were stolen, and the burglary of Roobin.s Brothers store at Joiner ihe night, ol May 1, in which $371 in cash as well as a number of checks a«d some merchandise were stolen was recovered. Burglary of a drug store at Crawfordsville, Ark.. last Thursday night was also admitted by the said. negro trio, It was Lamar, said to be one of the few We'll Bet It Shows Up In Political Ring MTn,Fj ROCK. May 10. <UPj — Oov. Curl K. Bailey wus guest oi honor «<, ;1J1 ••aijprodatlon" 'JmiU'r last i.iiibi 1,1 DID Marion llud but sometime \vi-nt wrong anil (lie governor's h:il dbuip- pea red diiriDjj the rvculug. As a result the chief e.vri-iilivi' made a "bare header tour of the state today cm-owe to l>iu- golt wliere lie .speaks (his m>n- ing. WILE! OUt 10 PlflNS Pour Arrestod, Two Fined As Diin<:« Hall'Law Is Invoked e Burglaries Announcement 1-ate Today At Pig«o( [expected; TO pnnnr p I II w w t_ UWlk UnAmencan Acti v i t i e s Would Be Rasis of Congressional Inquiry WASHINGTON. May 10 (UP) — Tlie house niles committee today reported favorably a resolution for a house suecial committee to investigate Nazi. Fascist, Communist and olher unnmerlcan activities. The action followed a warning bv Chairman Samuel Wlcksteln (Dem' N. v.,) of the house Immigration expert negro safe breakers in tlie I committee, that opening of the country, was arrested at Caruthers- 1 German-American bund's Cnmp ""' ...... --•-.. ville. Mo., last night and returned 1^ jail here after Jackson and tvnns. his accomplices, had already been taken into custody at a negro boarding on tiie Lee Wilson company plantation at Eradalc yes- U't-diiy afternoon. .iVo" preliminary hearing had been set for Uie negroes today while Sheriff. Jackson • anU:>j>F. Reln- miller. chief deputy here, 'continued (heir Investigations today, believing , that ihey might link tlie negro trio with ether safe breaking jobs in ()ii.s section. I-aninr, who admitted having' served live years in a Michigan penitentiary for safe breaking, had Leen tiiken into custody on suspicion by Caruthersville officers • They liait jailed him when he paid lur gasoline for his automobile in pennies and also had exchanged a number of quarters for currency Chid al Police E. A. Rice of Bly- llieville. who had been Informed Hint a larue number of pennies and 'matters had been taken In the Mane burglary, also received in- luunatlon ol the "pickup" at Ca- rnlhersvllle and notified Sherifi Jackson «-lio, with Reinmillcr went to Caruthersville and returned Lamar here. He was heading toward St. Louis when jailed, officers said. 'Ihey had been seeking him since tae arrest and purported confessions of Jackson and Evans. One of them said lie acted ns a lookout' during the burglaries while thai said he had driven Ihe old mode! car wllli Mississippi license Wales which the trio had used 1 I" their thefts. Coming Into this w-clton from Helena the trio ap- inTh, Y""' e Ple " ty of mo "ey| and loafed around negro boardini, gambling „,„, spcn ai£ freely., particularly Lamar who an! Pitrenlly divided but lion of his loot with BW-. Laniai-s home is"ln~Aflnn'ia" Seigfiled. on \veek with a parade of 100,000 would cause "bloody r!ol" Dlcksteln told the committee an Investigation not only would provide the basfs for a law to cancel Uie citizenship of bund arid other leaders/of foreign organizations of the type but would ferret out for arrest and conviction NaKl secret police suspected of crimes. Tlie resolution, introduced by Rep. Martin L. Dies (Dem., Tex.) would give Hie proposed seven member committee power of siib- peona and authority lo sit after congress adjourns. Local Hospitals Will Observe "Hospital Day" Blylliei'lllc's two hospitals observe National Hospital will Day Thursday by having "opjien house' throughout the day, It lounced today. Tlie Blythevllle hospital, which had more Uian 100 visitoi-s when It obse:ve(! the holiday last yeisr vlll have visitation hours throtigh- iut the day. A suecall demonstra- ion in the use of the X-r«y, a -ubject little understood by many 's to be given at three o'clock in the afternoon by M. A. Long, superintendent. Tlie new Walls hospital, tvhjch vas opened about a montli ago, -vlll have visiting hours throughout tlie day. It has been announced by Mrs, w. C. Wails superintendent. This will take Ihe place of n formal opening Inspects Feny Boat BY I'AT United I'rcis Correspondent NEWPORT. Ark.. May 10 (UP)- Oov. Cfirl E. nailcy made preliminary ai-ranjements this afternoon to carry out threats lo block pri- valely owned toil bridges at Powhatan ami DCS Are im:l establish ree fcn-les across the rivers nt thc.s-e points. Pawing through Newport todnv he chief executive said he planned to Insncct a ferry boat at Black Rock, about so n ,i, es - no| . thrast , here, with intentions of pnrehnshiK it and putting it Imo operallon nt Blaek Rock over (| lc D lack River »e«f I'mvhataii If il proiwl siiilablc Bailey indicated that similar ar- ransemcnls would be made at DCS Meanwhile political observers J continued to speculate ove, tile ^n. of .,. BaU .'J'..''«no«'«ln g hi Bland, and men, will e Rock newspaper- motor to H«olt for a At this event, according friends of the chief chief executive, announcement Bailey's ixilltical will be made. Some sources uoiir-. 1^ ."MI>.UI<: U Lnai Bane.,- would announce foi- reeler r^™"'!-«*''«'^^r that A drlvi' lo "iki Ulythpvllta of |n:l)!l = dunce Dulls- «m stnrlcd ves U'rday by local polke who iirrcsted Ilrailford ChlHood. Charles Corey. C.;i-.'ir Elliott iiml Allen Unn-on on' fhiii'Bfs of opcriilin.r dance hnlls, which is n violation ol tin- city' oiilliiiini-r No, L'(j.|. Cli'ilwnoil mid Corey were eiicli lined $25 In mil- nlvliml i-oHi-i today after havlng ! entered pleas ol not guilty to the diargi's. They were jjranlcil and bunds set at $50 each. Ro/ E. Nelson, city attorney, and tlie nltoi-neys for (he defendants In the cases against Burron nnd Elliott agreed thai their cases would lie continued until tlie decision 01 the draill court In the' appealed cases wide! them also. No statement rrgiu'dliig the? "drive" was forthcoming today from- official sources except that Mnyor Marion Williams said iwirnmls had been issued following receipt of 'certain reports" mid that the or- dlmin:e prohibiting operation of public dance halls within the city linltri would be slriclly enforced in the future. Any public place where "I Hie (luucirii! Is conducted Is n "dance hall" within (he meaning of the crimiinux* passed some ll or M >';•"•:> iifio. M.iyor Wllliums said. All- DJllohil suld dint cnloicemcnl i oKlliMiio' iui|;ht. also iilfnct ilaiuvs i-oiHiui-ted at various hotels tb.'H (he matter would be bronchi l« llii' iitU'iillon of Uie city comi- "I lunlyjlil. G'hltwood's place Is oil tlic Vurlsro road, Corel's is i\t his west Ash slivfl beer parlor and Uie iwo operaU'd by Elliott and Uurron me on South Division .street. Officers declined (o say whether there would be nny more arrests made of restaurant and hold own- NLICT 01 LEUUE City Council Will Meet At Seven O'clock Tonight ers, where dancing Is but snhl that owners pcnntllnd, who allowed iiuncnu were violating (|,c law. whether or not Ihey charucxl for the privilege of dunclng. , W. c. DoWnson «•»•; fined $10 on a charge of violation of the overdraft law. Dpml of $75 was set for nppral lo circuit court, A charge of reckless driving, lodged against .1. J. llnieell.. was dismissed by the slute. Dies When Flames Destroy 'Spain Bottoms" House Tills Morning 'Blythevllle's fire record was shattered on Its 42nd day who* The lilydirvlllo city council will I meet lu regular monthly session jut (he city hall at seven o'clock Ijiht, Muyoi- Mailcn Wllllainn aulil hnlny. Mnyor Williams said Unit, only routine matters would come before Ilio coiiiu'll tonlelit but from oth- Sll'iv<«; Tfi OKtnin Rr»prwrni-' Cr Ii0urrcs ll w " s Indlcnlcil Uiul Jlll\CS JO UOtflin KCCOglU- .coiili-oursliU mutters might be in- lion Tor Italy's Conquest iK(nt "Uo tonight's session, Of Fjluopia a By ('lilted 1'rcss Tlie rumble of war In china nnd Spain moimled today ns Qrcat Britain sought lo maneuver the League of Millions Into le<{iillxln'j her new policy ot keeping Europe's peace by realistic diplomacy. Even as lirltlsli sUitcstnim iirjued uiHjrlly nt Geneva the greiilcsl Japanese offensive of the China wnr (•ot underway in nn effort to strike n knockout blow. Fighting was nnr- llciilarly Inleusu in the Sucliow arcfl, where 800.000 Chinese were coining lo n death grip with the encircling Invaders and far lo the I j n "»" ™iiii>]i i™^,]' south at Amoy. where Japanese | M^*? nd " U "E^,»™ nuval forces and airplanes, launched nt an csllm(U(;( , lol, of ^Mo The from carriers, began a surprise at- loss m!t par(llUly m ^°^ y ™ tHinmco. Tho Ihcatcr was owned by Tom Ford while the hardware-furniture business was owned by O. Y. Dili- ton. The building was tho property BIE m ii Hardware Stove and Theater Burn At Estimated Loss of $35,000 tack. Outcome of the Suchow In which Chinese ngnln were rto- nendlng heavily on isucrlllu ladies, may dccldo Ihe fate of the great Chinese defense lino along tho HECTOR Ark Mav pirfl Mrly loday' OIP)- n bulld- of inn Taylor, of Little Hock. Interests, In State a little negro burned in „ girl was l.hLs fataili Bo " oms -" Venable. ^"^r-^^ssts the latter course. y One high constitutional united officer in an "off s record",statementthai hewou, announce for governor v iioT moment's hesitation should Ballnv ap. a smaU por- the other ne- When arrested at E\-adale J«ck- soii had In his possession opium and other drugs allegedly taken from the safe of the Crawfordsville drug store. Officers were consicrably surprised when Ihey discovered certain clues that led them to suspect the trio as there arc few known negro safe breakers listed in police files. The Joiner "Job" was described as a "kncb knocking" Job and the Marie burglary was termed a "rip job." Both safes were opened in a "professional" manner, officers :i greed. Approximately 10 other negroes, ^aid to have associated with the easy spending- Lamar and his companions during tlie three weeks or month they have been in the roHniv were taken Into custody by officers for questioning in the be- lter lhat further criminal activities "f the trio might be revealed. Minister Wins Whisky, But He's Not Present prrrspfELD. Mass. <UP> — A bottle of straight rye whisky was the prize won by the Rev. H. Lawrence Snow in a drawing al the annual banquet of the Pitfcjfteld's Sportsmen's club. He was disqualified, however, for leaving Hie hall beforn the prize Dinners were drawn. Judge's Falhcr Fined PAINESVILLE. O. (OP)-C. P. Baker, whose son—Charles P. Bakar, Jr.—is a municipal court judge, was given K ticket for parking overtime. He paid the $2 fine and waived a hearing, eliminating the necessity of appearing in court before his son. iU T€LL YOU BY BOB t BURNS I still hate to buy clothes in the city where there's so many stores and there's so much competition tliot the salesmen will tell you that you look pretty in prc t near anything Jusl to get you to buy it. In a little town where they haven't got but one store, the salesman can afford to give you an honest opin- n. It's like tlie time down home when n lady went In and picked ?, °" e ° r thcm "ew style hats that he ladies are wearln' now nnd proprietor said. "All right lady. Do you want me to wrap the hat oubt t ] lot », "°'' v a "y course olii than that of reelection. Ill-emeu, who Imd answered only one false alarm in a mouth am! a half, were called at 10:05 o'clock to extinguish a Maze which swept the "double which was lennjit" slopped house but before it »mpany,ng Wm on the to r co, e's of « letter which he sent to Rev enue Commissioner z •wtrucllng t,, m t n operated nt the expense o revenue department. Explaining that the n: and he speciriea that such travel would be aut ^ ized "on work orders" only. 1'nrk Cotton NEW YORKTway 10 (UP)-Cotton closed steady. Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar open high low close 8G6 869 858 858n 871 876 867 867 874 87C 870 876 880 87T 878 882 83C 874 874 870 874 87511 880 880 Spots closed steady at 867. nn- Orleans* Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 10 (UP)_ c «^ n J* lres closed one and two „.,„,. today on a stcady open high i ow close points higher markel. spread to close-by buildings slight scorching of the adjolnln dwellings was the only other (Mm- age. Jean Evelyn Scott, who was almost three years old, was sleep- Ins; In tlie lioiisc alone when her mother, Minnie Lee Scott, went lo her work nt the U. w. Mulllns residence. Tlie woman's brother was left to watch the child but left the house fire after asking tlie tenants In the other side to watch her until he returned They could not be reached for a neighbors said he hortlv before the statement. Origin of the Some advanced Ire the 'ho child awakened nlaying with malclics. lieved that she was Is unknown. theory that and begai Others be- yet asleep as her Series of Meeiings Will Be Held Thursday To Discuss Methods i?oven meetings ot farmers will -. - --. be lielfl^throiiBhout north Missis- seized^ Importjmt.. positions behind Lunhal railroad, guarding the roule "V,«, 7m 1™ , \ , . to Hnnkow the rnnltnl Tl,o nw» I . Plr< > ««•''Pmcnt W03 SCIlthCre from Plggolt to aid the local de- imrlment In proventlng the flames to Hankow, the capital. The new scene of battle at Amoy raised another (limit of n JanniiesD clnsh with tho vast Drltlsh centred al Uoiifjtong China, In Spain loyalist troops, defend- In* tlie road to Valencia,' rallied under leadership of Canadian vol- untecrs and wore, reported to have ^ . county Thursday when H. w! 'he insurgent ailvaiice, Hues which Robertson, specialist on grasshop- wcro meeting vigorous rcslstanqo per and cut worm control, Is to In- 011 '•he Mediterranean coastal roads. struct farmers how , to mix and' But. while Ihe ngliting Intensified ' ' scatter die poison being used to' on l "o IwlUenclds It also ivii's re- control the Insects which am nc *' Kl dramatically in Ihe halls of sweeping over tills section. i ll 'e long dormant Leasuo ot " The nrst of (heso win bo held at! tlons 8:30 o'clock In the inonilng al W. j E. Ifagau's fnrm between 40 auit 8 and Huffman. At 10 o'clocck, farmers living near Jimmle Smother- Employs HUli Pressure Tacllcs Britain, backexl by France, employed hljh nressure ttictlcs In an effort lo sell Die new "realistic" man's farm, two miles cast of Bly-1 11GCICO vollcv to th ? council. In lucvllle- (Welch place) on Highway i cfTect ' Ula Dl ' lllsl > "sited the league 18. will mcot (here. Leslie Mooro'g' ~ wl " cl ' vlr(l " 1 "y '""' been sliclvcd fnrm is to be tho scene of a meeting at 12 o'clock when farmers liv- fng in tlie section four miles west of BJylhcvlIle on Highway 18 ore Included. The E. A. Stncy farm, one and a half miles west of Den on Highway 18, is to be Hie meeting Place al 1:30 o'clock, Al three o'clock, farmers llvlne near FrM ~ Fleeman's farm, one mite cant of "°™'* W ™ '° be Brccled wllh tt Manila, will meet there At; 4-39' I™"! 8 rtcm ™ slra tl°'i hi whidi army _,.,__, . "«-*-f i-'lt-iC. /tt 1.,J(| Ififi/«!•<; will trlvn ^ili« ll,n M-,-,1 ~~ for the present as a peace Instrument—to lonore past, policy find nrovldo n lefal urntext for recognition of the Italian conquest of Kthlopla. Such recognition Is tlie kev to Britain's new friendship wtli Italv. In Berlin Adolf Hitler, returnlnt; from his week state visit to o'clock farmers are asked Vo m«i when the flames started, body, burned severely, was found between her bed and a window os If she had awakened and attempted to get out of the building. Mississippi County Youths Join Navy Two more Mississippi C ounK voulhs have enlisted In the Unlt-d States navy. Raymond p Grlsr»s of Bassclt, and Orltmder H. MOSS! of Driver, liavc enlisted for service 'n Panama. Stock Prices NEW YORK, May 10. (UP>- Slocks declined today after thrw. days of advance. Trading was ac- Ive early but turned quiet on the lecllnc. Losses ranged from frac- May Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar 885 885 890 895 889 890 890 896 881 883 886 882 885 886 a ixilnt. 13.1 894 8D4 Chicaao Wheat May July May July open 80 3-8 78 1-4 81 low close 78 8-8 77 3-4 77 3-4 Chicago Corn open 57 6-8 53 9-3 high 67 3-4 58 3-4 low close 57 1-2 58 1-3 57 5-8 58 5-8 to more than Anaconda Cop. fifsoc, D. O. . P-eth. Steel .. Boeln<r Air ... Chrysler . ... Cities Serv. .. Coca Cola ... Oen. Elec. .,. Gen. Molr. ... Int. Harvest '.'.'.'.'.'. 58 1-i Montgomery Ward. ..'..'.] 321-2 Packard Phillips Pet. 28 5-8 5 1-2 48 253-4 44 7-8 10 1-2 133 35 1-8 . .. Y. Central ........ 13 3-3 at If. C. Dew's farm, one half mile west of Lcaclivllle. The final meeting will be held at six o'clock at the farm of F. I. Noe, three miles south of Ciirml. Grasshoppers are doing much damage here and . the extension agents are attempting to have all farmers learn the correct methods of controlling them, it was announced today by D. S. Ltintrin county agent, » Wm , """' " lc NBd military salule. Porclin office sources reuortcd that Hitler and Fascist Premier Benlto Mussolini airced thnt a four power frle'idshln treaty with Prance and Britain must give Germany a free hand [or expansion In central Europe. At Paris the French government asked Poland whether she would fl'ht with Germany or France in event of a clash over the Naji nunr- from spreading. Tho MIIZB wns discovered by Prank Powell about 4:30 a. m. u.s, mm Remove Americans In :'Gily Bombarded By Japanese Planes, Ships HONG KONG, May 10. (fjpj— A United Stales, warship satlod for Amoy tonight to evacuate Americans, endangered by a. tcr rifle Japanese aerial nnd navn bombardment of the Island por off tho 'east coast of China. United- Stales naval authorise. dispatched tho ship in response t an appeal by rndlo for assistance from the United consul at flinoy. Tho consul Indicated tlin the city had been bombarded throughout the day. A private wire to a shipping firm from a ship in the port sale that a large section of tlie cit "Is going up In smoke." Chinese reports snld that It Japanese planes dropped more than 200 bombs while a dozen warships shelled the port. Tho Chinese reported that p largo fire had starteii in Hie city which hns a population of nearly One Hundred Trapped Underground When Blasts Occur Early Today CHESTERFIELD, England, M»y 10. (UP)—Seventy miners were klllod today in explosions which wrecked the Markham colliery- of tho stavcly coal nnd Iron coin' puny and trapped moro than 100 workers • underground. The first blnst, at 6:45 s.rn.;-,was followed by another at 8 ajn. Throughout the day rescue workers sent tip body after body, many of them burned by the explosions, Tlie shafts were filled with deadly cnrbon monoxide. Lute today the death toll wa» fixed at 10. Many others were In hospitals Injuries. Buiferlna from, serloua Seven Flyers Killed LONDON, Mny 10. (UP)—Seven • flyere were killed today in three Royal Air Force crashes. ' Thrco died at the Wyton airdrome, two others six miles south- caiit of Qodinanchester and two at Uie Hemswcll airdrome. Warns Against Speeding On Fair Grounds Drives Visitors to Walker park who mo- 'cst the park and violate laws are to ba ill-rested if recent .practices arc continued, It was announced today after several law-breaking oplsoJcs occurred Sunday. The circle drlva. was used as a race track by two cars yesterday AlUraooh, another car was-driven' over the center.around where patting Is prohibited, iiiid Hie recently planted"-flower'bed-by tho majn exhibit biillcilnj was over run by a cyclist, J. Jfell Brooks, secretary of the hoard of directors of the Mississippi'county fair association, announced, There aro )a\vs making perjotu liable for. arrest and punishable by flue If they molest the park and it Is said that If has been decided to take this course If thesa actions continue, the fair • board secretary said. 150.000 through persons. Civilians ran the streets in panic 37 1-8 33 3-4 Hadlo ; ] 6 j. 8 Schenly Dist Simmons . . STocony Vac. Std, Oil N. J. Texas U. S. Smell U. S. Steel 17 173-4 133-8 49 3-3 Corp 385-8 67 1-2 45 Miss Wary Mitchell Dies In Columbia OSCEOLA. Ark., May lO.-Funcr- al services were held yesterday in Columbia. Tenn., for Miss Mary Mitchell, who rifed from a heart attack In that city Sunday morning. Miss Mitchell was a sister of J. B. Mitchell of Joiner, and of the late J. 11. Mitchell, Osceola druggist She had frequently visited here nnd in Joiner, and several years ago was employed here. Columbia is the original home of the Mitchell family, and Miss Mitchell had gone there for a visit with a friend, Mrs. Mattie Holman. She fell dead Sunday mornln?. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Nfllchell and daughter Alma Terry, and Mrs. J. B. Mitchell and son, William Terry, left yesterday morning for Columbia lo attend the funeral. rel with tlie Czechs. Poland rccenlly H" f™* nn , u has followed the Nazi lead In pro- i sh . 0 , rt , lnterra 's. the shells and bombs crashed testln? treatment of tlie Polish minority In Czechoslovakia. Ga-den Club To Hold MembersliiD Drive Soon It was decided lo have the annual memborshlp drive lo begin 'ater in this week bv members of the BIythevillc Garden club who met at the city hall Monday night. A letter was prepared, which Is to be sent lo all organizations of the citv. which gives the post accom- nllshments nnd future plans for the club and asks the cooperation of civic and church groups in cleaning up ami beautifying Blytheville. Mrs. W. J. Pollard, vice president presided. 10. EAST ST. LOUIS. III., May (UP)—Hogs: 10.000. Top, 7.85. 170-230 Ibs., 7.75-7.80. HO-1SO Ibs,, 7,50-7.65. Bulk sows. 8.60-G.8S. Cattle: 2,700. Steers, 7.50-9.00. Slaughter steers, 6.M-9.50. Mixed yearlings & heifers, 7.008.40. Slaughter heifers, 6.00-8.75. Beef cows, 5.25-8,25. Cutters & low cutters, 4.00-5.00, Fina) Plans Made For Beckwith Lecture At the weekly luncheon meet- of the Lions club at the Ho- Under cover of the shelling the Japanese began attempts to land. They claimed to have put troops nshorc but admitted that they had met stiff resistance from the Chinese defenders. Before opening the attack the Japanese planes dropped leaflets on the town warning foreigners to evacuate and foreign ships to leave the harbor. Canada Urged to Seek British Heavy Industries O T T A W A (UP)—A suggestion that tho Canadian government should open negotiations Great Britain with a view with to establishing large scale Industries in Canada Is under consideration by government offlcals here. Peace Hero's Memorial Will Be Observed Here The Peaco Hero's Memorial service being planned by the Minls- .erln! Alliance for Memorial day IBS as its object the commemora- ion of heroes who lost their lives -lirlng times of peaco rather than n times of war. Exercises .win be held at one of .he cemeteries at which time flow-' :rs will be placed on ths graves of i mother who dtcd in childbirth, i policeman and fireman who were .illed In line of duty, a railroader, i laborer and any others who have ost their lives In the discharge of heir arduous but peaceful duties. It has already been proposed that .lie late Chief of Police M. G. Joodwln he among those honored. if the comra unity has any other suggestions as to who should have tribute paid them, they are asked .0 send the Suggestion to the Rev. .1. Lynn Wade, president of the Ministerial Alliance, First Methodist church, It was announced today. Economic Trends Found To Sel Divorce Ratio ST. LOUIS (UP) — The number of divorce suits filed during any given period Is a good Indicator of economic trends and business conditions, according to Sam Priest, Jerk of the St. Louis county clr- ;uit court. Priest said the record of divorce cases in the last 10 years shows hat the number of broken mar- lages varies with business condl- lons. "When economic conditions are ood," Priest said, "the number of Conservative, Toronto, urged Uie government to open W Nobie today, plans were com- wl h B Ita n andI nletect for Dr. Milton Beckwlth's'allsts for t lecture proiram to be held tonight at the clly hall auditorium at 8:00 o'clock. Proceeds from the affair will go ' has .club, which Is sponsoring the program. Dr. Beckwllh. of Beckwlth's allsts for the establishment of " J '—-'•' other Industries In Canada. A simple Invitation, MacNIcol said, would lead to the establishment of scores of heavy Industries here. British Industrialists, he believed, would welcome an opportunity to get out of the congested S °i Br !^n . so "?"* M ^ey years Rock, the and China." an war zone - - corresponding declino ot domestic difficulties." WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonight and Wednesday; slightly warmer la northwest portion Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Wednesday, not much change In temperature; lowest temperature tonight, 5S to 62. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was 77, minimum 44, cleir, according to Samuel P. Norria official weather observer.

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