The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVJLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 10, 1030 SEES TOR DOT LDULIIILE They Dedicate Noire Dame's New Stadium BRUSHING UP SPORTS Looking Football Prospects at Big University Are Up This Year. BY CHESTER L. SMITH . NEA Service Special Writer Not since dour Percy Han^lilon • line down froni New England to •ansplam a bil of lik Hiuvard .logic on Mornlngcldc Heights. 1ms Columbia University viewed 11.1 •otball prospects with such coin- 'acent elation ns is evident this : -.'ar. f Haughlon's untimely drath nt ix, me when it apjicarcd lie had • -ached 1)13 end of the rockiest ' :rt of -the road, was followed by span of years hi which It seemed '• e Lions inlgiu crash through at ', ' ly moment under Charley Crow- j /, who held command until tin [ • Ke of the 1929 season. But Iliey 'iver quite succeeded, so this year ids a new hand, nt liclm—Lou : tile, whose recent Georgetown • -vons have been no oue'r gravy. Little learned his football nt Leo- 'nster, Mass.; hiyh school, at '-./arccsttr Academy and at Pennsyl- i .nla, where he was tin All-Amcri- • • tnckle In 1310 and 1919, service srseas with th? army keeping rn away in the interiiii. Around '.-• anklin they still talk nboul the : im enthusiasm with which he '• :nt about the routine business of ' 'eking and tackling, a charaettT- '• ic which he au|>?ars to be nble ; - give to his teams In -generous ' -nntitles. After leaving Penn. mile entered ! -e hard, unconipro]nising school of ;..ofcssional football. He coached : id played with the Buffalo All- tnerlcans and the Frankford Yel'..'x Jackets until the fnll of 1D25 •icn Georgetown hired him back. I : .to collegiate society. Although he has always had' a :' :sire to return some day to hts . ma mater as coach, Liltle rcfiis: •' an offer from the QOaker last ." II in favor of Columbia. Some say <c was because he caved political in- igue in the athlelic machinery at ' .illndelphin, but whalevcr il was, 1 -e Lions are jubilant ovor winning ; m. If the Georgetown elevens tinder " ittle are indicative of what he will :.y at Columbia, a rousing revival in be expected on the Heights be:Jre long. In five campaigns, his Harris won 37, lost eight and lied ,nrce games. His offense scored 1427 points, only Southern Calif- :rnia bettering that mark. Thjir ' pponenls, mcimwhllci tallied 112 mints, nnd in matter- cf defense he Catholics were topped by 1111. =iois alone. Althougii he does not copy it to my degree of exactness, Little employs a style suggestive of the Glenn Warner school. From the double wing back formation, lie sends his spinners, reverses, cross bucks and sweeps at. his opponents. Annual Football Classic of Northeast Arkansas Gels Underway. BRILL 6VING BOH/STROM The first of the capacity nuwds! eleven, or elevens, while Navy thin ] into prominence in the 1029 sen- In Ihe "hou*e that Rockiv built" i Ia " is "'I™ 10 '! ! » better condition I son. John Byng at end and Ilcb ,.,",, „ ,, , ! to nioel tumiis tliu caliber of Notre'" is expocled Saturday. On, 11. whr:i: n . (]nc rrtlKelon _ ohlo SMc nn(i Nnvy Bill Ingrnm pilots his batti? cruisers into Noire Damn's new staillum to meet the "I'l^htliu Irish." Dedication exercises will inaih the oinciul opening ol the r.c\v \ilayiiiR field v;lierc Rockn? may continue lo rule tliu 1 world. Noire Dame has her usual strong joined the elite of baseball uv' raising his balling nveniyc to .303 ' The Cal Is Out None of. the Cardinals, not even! Southern Methodist. Advance urc- : dictions, as usual, favor Hie Rock-; ue clan, but, Ingvaiu may bccouii 1 .- cd on for a surprise or two durini; . the season, and It might come in [lie ol Oct. 11.'s outstanding tiickfield i threat is I.ouis Kirn, (be kicker. ! passer anil Ijall-totcv who sprang Gabty Slvert, ki\nv until u few a«o that Charley was chrlsljne:! Magnus Ott Gelbert. youth's proud fallier spilled the 'bc.m< v.hcn he blew Inlo St. Ljiiis t : watch his son perform In the 5;- ilcs. And Gabby was the first I'.' say "Hello, there. Maggie!" You couldn't expect kids to call! him Magnus, nnd they didn'l. Kr j wns ''Muggle" until he look mat- • Icrs into hts own hands aflcr ru-. terlng higli school. From thai time he has been Clisirley. until (lip veal truth leaked out the :illi- , er day. Henceforth, "MaRi;!e" may! appear fronncnlly in ronne:(lo'i! with Ihe young Cardinal hem. The fnns wlio have Rilil evnlrdly over Hie sensational youn'? i infleldei' had no way of knmuiiK •, tliat Cliarley plaved tlirou^li tin 1 series with n badly pulled t;ndor In his right kg. Charley's pl.iv didn't show it: the A'n probnblv generously Interspersed with parses. | don'l believe it. But Trainer Dar They call him a driver, and often i weaver wrnpprd. slrupped anil tan- it has been said he leaves too much -•> o( rljj t>c.wcf 01^ tl-vc ai||:nma;4fi field, but no one' denies that he gets results and Is immensely popular with the boys under him. On both of which Columbia is willing to pay off. 1)11) YOU KNOW THAT— Per.n has only lo' b?al Kitrc Dair^ la ^c through the season imbi.i'.cn an:l get th? Rani Bowl ari'.ismiifiit for New'4 Day, 'Us sal:l . . . Yep. tha',':- all . . . With Gc:;? McKvor on tin 1 s:il-'iiif ; ". with a twi?t^:l V:nc\ 'l:Min:.;r? .-iliil ' tep" cf kiK^kin; oil the Southern CcnfcrtT.-e title . . . The Vo!s have !;:; ::ilj' thiTL 1 g.imt.i In tivs yeirs . . . When Oregon iroEf,":! S!. Mary's gral liii" ii'.c Ian ycir. It wa -, Pu o:ily tciich- dowii sc:i't:l ai;.iln-,t Slip Madl- li.i!i\ In-Js . . . £D:ncb3:ly with a (bil 1 I;;- Li'uuysU re]i-v".:% (In 1 , only 27 p;r rti:'. t:f \\K Trojan -^uc]idu\\] ; ; of 19' 1 !) were s?o:'e:i v!:i Ir 1 ^ a'r rculr . . . asu! ti5 j:er cent of |.!:: :-.-oit-s n-siill.'O from nmninj with Cie b.ill . . Jimmy l'h:l:i:<. lulu :i m>™, \KK when Ji'iiklti'i. h's bnt- It;-, L;il hi-; st-ir Inlfli.ick, was riiir:! incllplhU 1 Ihn -I'h::- day -'cnuse rif discrepancies in !• T>* /%W7V^ AUUKS AND ed that leg from IV.e lih> lo Ih knee every afternoon of llio serir.-- One reason advanced for Cluir- ley's brillinnl perfarnmncp in Ilic rcrles was that he ospccts lo bi' majrie<l soon. If suc'i Is the case, the youth probably figured th« $1700 difTcrcnce botueon tho winner's and loser's share conl.l I:? juil lo good usage by Mr nnd Mrs. M-i-;- nus Olt Gelbert. 'Hie Golden llurni-.iiu 1 , C'oauli ('hiK'iio G^K :UK| a' biu sijuad cjt hu.'ky gridders fr:;in Joju'sl lllKll. ljlX'[-2L<cl IllUl 1DWI1 llli', liril- MIM^ fnr [lit' all-jinportan! dash •AUli tin. 1 fJliicka.-awri 'f lilyUii-- villc tills ufti'j-ii'.'^ii. [nilicu!iuns were tills morniii'; Ilia! dispil.? n inliii'L'llanrous as>D:uncut ol injiiiit'.s a.s rL-]>'.|-t'i'd in Llie Jonu.'.baio press thut dipt. Vi-iiion CuviiiHfn. :lie ::li|)]irry little spm!.--r cf the Hunicanc. woul-j ii'iid lii': mates Into action tills ull- (.".i;". n 'Hie Ilin-rkant'.s :;lu:-k's LOnsjdn'uljli; higher with C,'uv- inj'.'.on in the game Ilian out. and ; -i l wiiliont n doubt inli'iid: have CVIMV bil ul his strength, or inilcnllnl, tins aCcmoon, Quit'.- a number cf Jonuiborn fniv ULVLd this nicnilng and : v:itli .liiiicsboro .sport writers ex- pi.i>Md I'jnlidcncu in l!ie Hurri- canc's cliiincc.s frr a Irlumpli this •if;enii:^n. The.' influx of visitr.j-.s from the Craigliead loiinly ci ib L l xpt'f:lrd to rise shru'ply between ii-.r.n. and (j;imc tlnv.'. A lionfiti-, s]:CL'Cl]inaXin(j and {^cn- ;-r;:\ pep meeting war; pulled off nt Haley Field niyhi followed bv a mo'.or car parade through t!'.'; bii.sine.-s section of the city. B. H. S. sULdi'nt.s are cnlliU3lastically lup )o:1ing their : quad. It wa-. anticipaied Hits afternoon that Gels' Hurricane would un!?as!i its bewildering aerial attack taily in Hie gnmft in an effort to ?ct ihe jump of the Mancn and While Joncsborn npp.i:Vntly bs- Hu\e.s Ilia', if Hie Huvriciuie i;el 10 -cnre llu? first touchtlov/n thai the Hurricane forward wall will 'Cc able oilier clash with Jonctboro golfci- to it0 p !lie charges of Pete Craii? will iiiobiibly round out the touriiii- [i,,. aii-cmte fullback of Uv; Chicks. ment season for the locals. Bill Mcrnweatlier of Paiagould, Read Courier News want ads former Hendrlx CTllcBC liiminnry. Eovvstroni nt tackle arc veteritns of two seasons of line play. l-'ullo-.viiix his usual custom. Rockne Mails nn eleven or shock Iroop- crs, after which he Inserts hi: scoring eleven. Carldco, Savokl: Brill, and Mulllns, veteran hall- caiTicrs o! the 1929 national championship eleven, may b? counter iiinonij ihe ccorlng players, or lir.-; stringers, 'JIMMY5TERRIFIC HOME RW BLAS INTHE FIFTh I I handle the referee's whistle B the lilt and Bob Mehrle of CanKhcrsvillr. ex-Univri>.ily of Missairi and Hig Six conta-eiK 1 .-! s'.ar. will act ss umpire. COKN AT KANSAS 11. University of Kansas Is expecting . a successful tennis .season next spring with Wilbur "Junior" Cotn. eigh'.h ranking player li- the country, as the backbone n" the team. Four other Jaylia.vl: veterans will aid him. Read Gunner News -Want NEW- Head Courier Nc'v. r . Want Ails. Golf Tourney With Charleston Per'-•»!)!"! The Rnlf learn '•< the u'v"-"v'l!e cntinlry club win no! iiivadt- Cliiivleptcn. Mo. Sunday for r\ s'rhe<!nl"d in 1 -rrltib lournmiirnl, Die tcnrnoy liuv.- been |M:,tpcned until Snndav. Dot. isili ncc-iJin^ lo Everelt n. Gee nf ihe lllyitie- vilb club. 'Ihe Uliailrsltn louniey nnd an- STILL CLEAN-STILL CLEAR- STILL GOLDEN PLUS A LONGER-LASTING "CRACK-PROOF"BODY B 1 The Hall of Fame Who's Who in Baseball for 1930 contains no record 'of him—but the 1931 edition will. The publications that compile records, unusual feats . and review major league baseba! seasons will have a spot reserved ir. the future for young Magnus Ott Gelbert, the shorlstopplng kid. .When Billy Soutlvworth. mother bird of the Cardinal flock, gathered Jill and flew south In the spring of 1929, Magnus Ott Gelbert, now' known slrictly as Charley Gelbert. made the hop. too. Billy had cm- ployed the youth as shortstop on his Rochester team. He fancied that young Charley cocld flop hU wings in true Cardinal style. . The season ol 1929 had been under way only a few weeks when youthful Charley Gelbert became a regular on the Cardinal infield. He ascended to the regular berth almost entirely on Soulhworlh's Judgment. The Cord boss let out all other candidates lor the post-1 tlon and told Charley to go to il He Made the Grade During the two years as n major leaguer, young Gelbert has been classed as a fair fielder, but lacking In batting punch. In 1929 he played'146 games for the Cards, go', 134 hits for 188 total bases, hit three home runs, stole eight bases and hung up a betting average of .261. He ranked 10th in the list of 16 shortstops who played in more than 10 games, compiling a fielding record of .947. Only Jackson of th:: Giants and Maranville of the Braves accepted more chances than the Cardinal rookie. There was a decided improvement in Qelbert's play during the 1930 season, but so was there with iickson, Maranville, Wright an6 Enjlfch,. and the young Cardinal, • wit almost entirely overlooked by critics and fans alike. He delivered 15« Wts this year, came throngr. with another trio of home runs and Layirighens '"" and you 1 !! like its remits There'8 no finer food ;inpv p licrc for greater egg |in>c)urlicm than Qiinkcr Ful'-O-I'cp Kyg Mash. It is<ii»in;; gn-al tiling for thousands of surrrssfnlpoiillryiiK'ii—it will ilo the same for you. Just give il n fuir trinl with your flock. Your laying hens HUe the contents of Quaker FUL-O-PEP EQG MASH Pure, fresh oatmral, and other i;rai» products, to which ;irc. added just ihe right amount of aiiirmi! protein, cod IUIT meal, molasses nnd other valuable ingredients, combined to produce a feed Unit fjivcs yon more eggs for less money. Start now—you'll iiul regret il. Browne & Billings Co., Inc. lilythcvillo, Ark. 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