Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 20, 1938 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1938
Page 6
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AJ.TON gVENIIItt PAGE SIX Mrs. E. Johnstone, m 4 Days* Dies At Cincinnati, 0. Succumbs at Son's Home —Funeral to Be in Alton - Mrs. Elizabeth Johnstone, widow of Arthur H. Johnstone, died Sunday morning at the home of her son Lea Johnstone, In Nor. ^Cincinnati, Ohio. Mrs, Johnstone was taken 111 last Wedne«- day with acute eardltls. Earlier she suffered from an attack of went to address. In a home Johnstons had erected. .. Mrs. Johnstone, whose maiden She is surviv™ », her son, two ^KZ n d£"*™»*£ trolt, Mich.. ^ four g gr»ndd rTettvM WM a sister of Mr. Johnstone •Mrs. Johnstone was a long time member of First Presbyte-ur rhurch She was a member of Woman'" Christian Temperance Union, Order of Eastern Star, and Alton Woman's Council. The body will arrive In Alton th7s afternoon at 3 o'clock, and wm be taken to the Bauer and Hochn funeral home. Mrs. Mary Nickel Dies at Age 67 After an illness that began In January and had been serious for the last six weeks, Mrs. wary Nickel, 67, widow of Phillip Nickel, died Saturday at 530 p. m., at St. Joseph's Hospital. Mrs. Nickel had been a patient at the hospital prior to entering six weeks ago, but at that time had recovered guf"- 1 —"" '" ro turn to her noinc« *• • »v»*»^ —•»— her condition became critical and p. Keeney, president . fc?VWU*v — lodal on the — ...... ^ n SS°Fr&n served. Mrs. S*. *etert-,-,. Mrs. John St Petert^f Delmar avenue SUnd '£,non& gue.t Of honor J» me-mbered as Miss was showered will icrBi i*a»«>» —- -* aid St. Peters and ...----. ing Vollmer, refreshmentt served, i esto Dinner for Miss --. Miss Helen Wvo^sjttr honor at a buffet/" niriir given by Mrs. *...»»- ~. — elmann at her horn* on ;Secon itnlet in Roxana. «**"V'<fl«we« and candles were —-.- ^ table. After the dlnnw tn u. nature to MW the truest* attended ^ " a per Gertrude -----vice prMid«nti nor, irOm WWVWWWn.T-*"•••• "• "•» nraduated wtth ntt A, B. degree by Wrtterti Reserve UrtWertlty. Roz- t ipflCMUiBBU M».yvw»«»» vwniuiny, Mrtvto %u'Kg^Mi toft for his W " . • Sunday ernoontt 3 XVB*WCWv t»»*™*««wwMs »^ v» siinii Warner left for. Camp Mlnlwanca old and CAIC«I«»« • ».** - rptfby 6 fwmSV *a>ge blosS, «nd her Bowers **re calla lilies.. m ^ m wtt «.« ,„ was gowned in green over matching taffeta. Her werTjoama Hill tos« and yy B JiIlVA *W»w m**mi •••»••••• -•—•••• »i HIIW« foe Boys, neat.Shelby, Mich., and Edith Warner will leave this afternoon for the Camp for Girls at the tame address. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Hutchens and-children Of Kllgore, Texas, the visiting Mr. and Mrs. Irby Wlnkler and family Of 700 Alby street Hutchens and Mrs. Winkler are [brother and sister. - — i Annum «"«<- « MIM Emlly wlnkler ' daughter of Alton; John E. ^S^Berty Jane Graves, daugh- Mr> and Mrs. Irby Wlnkler of 700 Mrs. Edna O. Wllltt, Wood ™ t Mr m a Mrt.-Charles K. \ Mby street, a student at Washing- Thomas Bond, Staun- «'. ™ f Aberdeen avenue, i« vis-L_'«-,.,^u« shfc««i „» M,, M .»™ L. Noel, Bunker HU1. urav — .-..—. IQIIi JDW»*a***w -»• - • Marriage »<»»»«"|-Charles, Mo., to Will am - —— Savage, Alton, ^^eT^f 1 ^.!^-. %rpUTyounge rtt> da«ght.r of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Plvoda of Wood River, will become the bride of Francis C. Rockefeller of Trenton, Michigan, on July 8. blue delphinium. Brldennalds-were MM. Smith-Ash Nuptials Charles B. Smith andiMju. ..-- rlet E. Ash were married Saturday afternoon at 5:30o^oftk In the University City *-—*«<-« Church, University ' , street, have taken Mrs. ers, ers. rian Churcn, univciaivj ~.. •*•""•---; Rev. R. Calvin Dodson officiated, and Pascal E. Perkins and ™« Hazel Ash, sister of the were attendants. Miss Ash wore a navy Their gowils were Identical models in lace over satin, Mrs. Long's «»• ",„ pink and Mrs. East's In aqua. Long carried pink cornflow- and Mrs. East blue cornflow- Chester Long'served Mr. Culpas best man. The groomsman was WU- lla FoUowing "he ceremony there was a reception for relatives and a wua a. »«v * hom« of blue MISS Asn wuio » V"*'. .lu sheep crepe frock, fashioned with a finger tip cape, blue hat and slippers, and a shoulder corsage of gardenias. Her sister was attired In a costume of black and daughter of Mrs. LWUieriiMi **• Ash OI 1*-1«J Union street, and Is a graduate of Alton High School. She recently resigned her position with .. ? *,__ »» -D/tnn anH Drle- close friends at the the groom's parents, Mr. and Edwhi Gulp. MM. W. M. Jacoby assisted MM. Gulp to •"**"». . Mrs Out-of-town guests Included Mrs. Victor Thompson of CWcago, aunt *^ • whlte. The bride Is the Mrs. Catherine E. To Wed On Tue9da y Mis. Dorothy Dorsey, fiancee of m _ _... ....._ Miss Louise Means, teacner at Miss uoroiny «««^, "-•-Irving School for three years, will Harry Caughey of Iowa City, Iowa. . B .^_ u-u_ „» Tohn MHtsekl.,,0. aiiMt of honor at a party bedside. n become the bride of John MatseK WM guest 01 nono.- « - *-""' She was born In Alton Sept «. become ine Tues day morning. g i ve n at the home of Mr. and Mrs 1870, a daughter of the late Mr ofIRoaJJe,,N. J «^ ^ ac . , n at . | ea Jonnson o f Moro Sundaj i »«_. TI o n«ttTrmr. She had Jne weauniis vyiii v*. r u. . _j _./..on»arl with i 1870, a aaugmer 01 •..« .-™ h«H Thp weddlne will take place in St. E. G. Johnson 01 moiu • 3 """"' ^rs^-prsv, 81 ^ te?S* —• •"•• ".-"b-s J! Mr. HUU1 ««»- » *»'• «»*„.„.„ and v. brtd. Ill •LrUH «v- .h. •««»•. i Mr. Mataek and his Surviving Mrs. Nickel are three take up their residence children, a son, Harry Nickel, and Charles, Mo. two daughters, Mrs. Charles Ray I and Mrs. Harvey Deem, all of Alton. She also leaves a brother, George Dettmer of Bethalto, and a sister, Mrs. Cobus Penning, Alton; ---' one great- » m ments were servea mo »•«»<"", —-• St. L nd Mrs- H. E. Dorsey, parents of ss , . Mr. and Mrs. George Kabel and , wa, the Bethalto Order o| , Saturday 1 ave a party to Miss y Ql Z.OW Jit lll'i *»^ vtiv *»-»• i o~ • i 1015 East Slxt hstrcet. Bur- man, Okla. an, UKIB. i"<= « ,,!.,.«,« the home or wir. aim ""- ---• seven o'clock, at the Kane home, tne « Edwardsvllle Frl- Following dinner the guests^ ten F»g ^ received a pre- « ,1015 East sixt tatreet ur- man, lal will be in the family lot In City at seven o'clock, at the »"» dinner the gue cemetery, besides the grave oi ncr rouowins u.....^ »»• husband. The body Is at the resl- | n number, attended .1 ...u_» A f«lnn/1ft mnV fflll this I nav*f \r fflVPH ftt tHG husband.The body s a e res-n nume, dence where friends may call this party given at t 'j e f the fun- tr Club by Be dence where friends may call this pa rty given at ine ""'•»"* evening and until time of the fun- country Club by Beta Gamma --•i rt*..««*iati I ail/in Snrnrltv. ,.. B „ Cards provided entertain "~*~ _,;, VI «t U> ent tm the gUMtS Rainbow" Party for Bride-Klect _4__ Garden Club to Meet Alton Garden Club will __= J J lo V^n o'cWk entertaining in -» »• - on . Jeraeyvllle Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Zumwalt of nonor of Miss Vivian StriUmatier, Tuegday n , gnt Members a t -pim oimot Rnxnnn. arc nn-l,,,i,r,un marriaae to wmia 1 " "• L- ...amhia onrlv and v Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Zumwalt of nonor of Miss Vivian StriUmatter, L, uegday n i gh t. Members 217 Elm street, Roxanu, arc an- whose marriage to wnuam «• L asse mble early and nouncing the birth of a daughter Blprbaum will take place Thurs- Hlnrlchs' flov, „ . . . AH ««.«.«.«!«I UTntt. I . . t I *•"** a8s J» « Mn|> Hlnrlcng . flowers before nuuiiviiiK n*w «!***• »*•> " M..—» Saturday at Alton Memorial Hos- — — .— . --------ay at Alton Memorial Hos- ( | ay ove ning The baby was born at 4:28 Tnc guc "" • IBD E8, |,iaj»J« — •-«- —uiu—a James Hull, Mrs. Elmer Childors A daughter was born Sunday and Mrs . Albert Marth were A daughter was oorn ouuuajr anc j jvi r s. AH nfternoon to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest awar ded prizes, beuker of Bethalto. The baby Colors of tne e . Colors of tne ra inbow were used oors o th(j party appo lntments, and re- Mrs. was born at 5:15 p Memorial Hospital. freshmcnts were served by u ...~-.-.- v- i irvnniliciiLo TT^.« •- , , Chllders, assisted by Miss Lenora Mr. and Mrs. Otto Brazier of „ n Mr. and Mrs. uuo nr»*ioi ul Koc h 209 McCasland avenue are parents M J....I.A.- »rl.» hnYiu U/flfl " Mrs. Chllders presented a purse to Mi'ss Strlttmatter, and within the o the bag was a note directing cenuy ieo*H«=« •»*•- r~ . the law firm of Pope and Drle meyer of East St. Louis. Mr. Smith, son of Thomas Smith of Boise City, Okla., Is in the engineering department of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. Mr. and Mrs. Smith will leave Victor inouipou" — —•——«> -• of the groom, and Mrs. «. •«. Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Brown of WWW'^**"* mother and uncle of the bride. Following the reception the young couple departed for a honeymoon trip to Rockaway Beach. 5E thel? return they will occupy the Jones home at 1717 Clawson street, until fall. t A DC rue vi* »»»•»•*»» i ™ — I itlng her cousin, Miss Shirley Anne Grosshelm, daughter of .Mr. and 1 - • M. Grosshelm, at her home ;• Walter Dlxon has returned rrom Chicago where she attended au «°t, —i- T-.-S.- - i the marriage of George M. «am- dence In FeWn, ID. __• f Lway and MISS Betty Dlxon. Miss Marjorie Jane Dempsey of » » , Johnilon O f 1009 Prospect street left this morning L^™"^^ lflft Monday for South for camp Mlnlwanca, Shelby, Mam sw ^ Mich,, to spend the summer sena, ^ ^ EUzabetn Theodore Simpson of E "t Alton «^ ^ AU(m was admitted to Alton M« mo ' ftl ' M r--and Mrs. Pavld Sparks left Hospital Sunday evening for sur- mor ni ng jt 0 r Whltefleld, N..H., gery this morning. where Mr. Sparks will spend a * A. G. Burnett ••pen.the week- ^ Mrt Spark8 wU i remain end with his family in ehautauqua. ^ e , ummer . Miss Ruth Humm of Bethalto ^ rton wft today to enter entered Alton Memorial Hospital Northwe stera University, in Chica- Sunday evening for surgical treat- ^ where he ^ wm continue^ ment this morning- , on; his degree of Master -of^sou- Mr and Mrs, J. D. Warner and gtudle g for the summer, working Mr and Mrs.''Torrence Johnson cat i on . ,„.'.„ and infant daughter, were guests Lleut . WaUe r Johler of Kemper at the home of Mr. and.Mrs. H.Unitary Academy, Boonville,Mo, * Sattgast in Godfrey, Warner, Md M » johler have gone to CM- former resident of Alton, to a cago , to: attend a Visual Education luiiimi »»»™ i .. . «T? i i- iu~ intorait or Kemoer. Alby street, a-stuaeni at wasnmg- ton University School of Nursing, entered upon a four weeks' vacation today and plans to come to Alton the last of the week. During this week Miss Wlnkler will undergo an tonsllectomy operation In St. Louis. . . Mr. and MM. Roy Blankenshlp and family of Springfield spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. a lumsvA »».•-•«--!-- • brother of Mrs. Sattgast ment at CAKO> w. VIMMIU «» »•»«*— — School, in the interest of Kemper, — • • Chicago for a week teni at OU •ivovv** «. ~T^-r- ; Miss Mary Ann-Heubener spent the week-end at. Brighton with "Mrfc'lietha Youngberg of. Brighton and Shirley Anne Duval daughter of Dr..and Mrs, Ardaln Duval of Godfrey,'underwent ton- uuvoi « ..•.._: tl.1. mnrntni of relatives In Alton, and Wood River. MrV and MM! W. G. Chrtot^; of Weehawken, N. J., and their daughter, Miss Martla Elizabeth, aUl* Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Chiles. daughter, Dorothy Jean, of Peoi spent the week-end with >».», Chiles' mother, Mrs. S. D. Me- Kenney, at her home, 1515 Jersey street Mrs. Mildred Benn and son, Norman, of Chicago have arrived in Alton for a visit of three weeki with Mr. artd Mrs. Ray E. Glatt at their residence, 607 Lawton street. Mrs. Benn is Mr. Glatt's mother. Stanley Tautkas returned to Detroit, Mich., yesterday after spending several days with Mrs. J. Hans. Mrs. Grover G. Rumley and children left-Saturday for Dallas, Texas, after a visit with relative* and friends. They were accompanied by Mrs. James H. DavU, who will visit In Dallas. White In Alton Mrs. Rumley was delightfully entertained. . Mr,. Harry Ebe of 717 Alby entertained friends from Granite City —^ DUVal oi \juu"«jt VI.—- , Miss Bredehoeft Wed. 8l iectomy operations this morning eleven o'clock Sunday morn- at . st . Joseph's Hospital. -- Congregation of the Eden Georg e E. Walter, enroute to on 8« B .... ...,., .H a Houston from .Toledo, stopped here - for a visit with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. " T - , w . "church wldnessed wedding ceremony w. Marie Bredehoen, to , Gouldlng of . . C. L. place. Mr. Gouldlng oi .^ucuu yiBv..*. ---Walter has been: transferred from theToledo 'office of Owens-ninois Glass Co. to the Houston plant. He will be joined at Houston later by Mrs. Walter. Nevins-Dodge Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Dodge.^of j 1822 Evergreen avenue, are nouncing the Dorothy, smillax ^ ^ ^ „»{,„ s lde of the altar. A either sme^ ^ draped Icross the entire front of the choir « Mf Fanter (E lbert) the or- QaUKllioif AT*I»O ••-*•- j. i arrived Sunday to spend six weeks with Mr. Christy's mother, Mrs. John Christy, and Mrs. L. F. Newton, 6075 Cabanne place, St. Miss Martha Lynn Connole, East St. Louis attorney, former president of the Illinois Federation of Business and Profeslonal Women s Clubs, will sail from New_ York, July 2, for Europe. With Miss Lena Madesln Phillips, New York City, Miss Connole will attend the convention of the .International Federation of Business and Profes- over the week-end. • Miss Leila Springman, daughter of Mr. and MM. F. L. Springman of 2312 Mound street, has entered Washington University, St. Louts, io stud? for her Master's Degree Mis. Springman was graduated from Washington University three years. MTB. «cu-»v-— of Jetseyvllle ^v«i. J = h ^|&:^^» »r. ...u Mrs George Williams of Peorla spent the week-and with Dr. and Mrs. D. M. Roberts, and last evening attended the Municipal Opera In St. Louis. r,ng R Ceremony jiieumi^ **»••••••—— — - i present. . Mr. and Mrs. Nevins will be_at| home after July 1 net with "Be- Aioha Kappa Lambda fraternity. He obtained his Master Degree from Northwestern University and will shortly receive his Dostor Degree in mathematics. The ou -of- and at -emony^ayed Connole will ..-•- ---- --home of her father, the late Anthony Connole of Carrollton, 111. Miss Eleanor G. Warner, history teacher in the Alton High School, left Friday for .Boulder, Colo., where she will pursue courses ta her chosen field at the University of Colorado. Church Events An entertainment given last 1 Wednesday at Trinity ^uUierw Church will be "peated tonight at 8 o'clock. Persons holding tickets for last Wednesday's entertainment may use them tonlght *w persons assembled for last week! program than could be acconuno- dated, so plans were made to repeat the entertainment. Woman's Foreign Missionary Society will meet at the Fim Methodist Church Wednesday at avenue. _»— Miss liCvi A Bride i me u"«>^ $,?*£"*£Sm£ »'"-"'• ?,"TiSeri»"""S, a »' v «sssavsfe"* -- matron of honor and I both of i Tower Hill; Mrs. Anna Illff Hoopeston, 111., and Mr. J. J. Bredehoeft * r , •%»_ «*nn/lfath. ton, ., an . . . Jr., of Concordia, %o., grandfath- ., er of the bride. «,mpanied by her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Painter, and their son, Bil y. Mr. Painter will return to Chllllcothe emor w«.».c. League will gN an ice cream social on the lawn of the Trinity Lutheran Church, Wescott and Central avenue, Wednesday evening. D Class No. 4, of which Mrs. S. v. Class No. . ent wm „« evening'at 7:30 o'clock at Street Baptist Church. of a daughter. The born Sunday at 9:36 p Alton Memorial Hospital. Announcement is being made of the birth of a son this morning at 5:40 o'clock at Alton Memorial Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nickens of 2001 Clawson avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Rhodes of 608 Halloran avenue, Wood River, are announcing the birth of a daughter at St. Joseph's Hospital. The baby was born Sunday morning at 2 o'clock. Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Ehlert of 809 Logan street are parents of a daughter, born at 9 o'clock this morning In St. Joseph's Hospital. The baby Is the second child and first daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Ehlert. The baby weighed eight pounds at birth. - Boy Taken III Ivan Lee. the 7-year-old son of Mrs. Anna Lewellen of Monroe City, Mo., who with hla mother is here for a visit, was taken violently 111 Saturday evening, suffering convulsions which for a time caused relatives great concern ' Hr was reported much 1m- nrovad Sunday, following a doc- tort attention Mrs. Lewellen is ttolOli he"iltoter. Mrs. Jart Peri at 8 Wwt Fifth street, and rlW bein vtoltlng In the ,Dow area. *X . •.;!& ' ^"' —ri" 4jr fWWpn - • Union and tne oag wua a »»«».~ «•- — bride-to-be to "travel to the end of the rainbow". At the end of a "rainbow" Miss Strlttmatter found gifts of a personal nature from her friends at the party. Reception In St. Louis Mr. and Mrs. A. Rubensteln, Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel Gould, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rich, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ollan Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Wiseman Mr- and Mrs. Jack Wiseman and Mrs. Phoebe Goldberg, of Wood River, attended a reception given by Mr. and Mrs George Schoen, in St. Louis Sunday The reception was arranged In observance of Mr. and Mrs. Schoen's ^enty-flfth wedding anniversary honor of Mr. and Mrs. At Carlton College Reunion E. L. Galnes of Hawthorne Place attended a reunion of his c ass of Carlton College, In Farmlngton Mo., Sunday, and appeared on the program as a speaker. Mr. Galnes also met with members,of a choir which he directed during his College days, and entertained with a vocal selection. Mr. Gaines was accompanied to Farmlngton by his son, Robert, and his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson Mrs. Thompson served as Mr. Games, piano accompanist. Surprised on Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reinhardt were surprised Saturday night In honor of their sixteenth wedding anniversary, and were Presented with gifts, Including a wedding cake baked by Mrs. Clarence Schmttt and Mrs. Harold Parks The party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Graves at 3518 Aberdeen avenue, and was attended by members of a club and a few other friends of Mr. and Mrs. Reinhardt. Agnes . rollton was bridesmaid. oT Charles rouion won u....-~—— • Lev! and Hllbert Plegge of Bethalto were Mr. Klopmeier's at- Constance Bruegeman play . - _. « H J .4111. tendants. _ IVllSS ho ent ered _ . MISS Dieuc«v««.-i •the church upon the arm of her father, and who was given to marriage by him, wore a gown of white net with a bouffant skirt ending "n a circular train. The double fully and gown a Miss Constance Bruegemo- v ^j of net gathered ed the wedding marches, anddur- , tne sWrt gave "•----. Ing the ceremony "O Perfect . t egque co lonlal style. The full Love''. After the guests were as- P nad a square neck and short sembled Miss Alice Hoemm sang f d s i eeve s. Her fingertip and ferns banked altar. Levl wore a bridal gown VB u ey in a shower. ite lace, fashioned along Tne matron of 1 nrincess lines, and the skirt char treuse net pvei «."-» fomed a short train. She wore aL long the same toes as the »„». was in peach colored chUfon. Both an' ar ™ ^"ged ^th delphinium, young women wore head dresses roses w^^ Q ^ Idegmata8 wore gowns of white, and carried ^SSL^SSna net over taffeta made Mrs. Levl's flowers were "™" »* 0 , lke 0,0 matron of honor, cliff roses, and Miss carmooyn iw« ^^ na tural leghorn hati Talisman roses. r . C M tf ed were trimmed in the two colors. Mr. and Mrs. Klopmeler received mere j chartreuse aijo They ngratulatlon, _ from Bedding | ca^.^ wm bou _ quet8 of^Merlcan ALTON UUNDRY'S REINFORCED CONCRETE STORAGE VAULT SAFE STORAGE ^ AIA WINTER GARMENTS! WOOLEN SNOW and WOOLEN JACKETS ----~r«^ WOOLEN SKIRTS and DRESSES WOOLEN RED CLOTHIW 1 FUR and FUR-TRIMMED CLOTH COATS-OVER an* Belle street ana «n nuiim "' „ 7 ^ ._,i Schocn's son. Sidney * Schoen, and his fiancee. Miss Margion Kraut, of St. Louis. Shell Club Dance Wood River Shell Club gave * dancing party Friday nigh at tho Chain of Rocks Country Club, ami more than 300 Shell employesland their guests were In aUendence. Hal Havlrd's orchestra played. The dance was one of a series of social events being sponsored by the club. B.P.W.C. Meeting Alton Business and Professional Women's Club will have Its month^meeting Tuesday at 6S15 o'clocU, at ™he Young Women's Christian Association. Reports on a ^ state convention, held at Roch Island In May, will be given'by delegates. emnarai. .. Pinochle was played until mia night, when a buffet supper was 8e john Bowers, Louis Wilson, Clarence Schmltt, Otto Sanders, Mrs. M. C. Wilkey, Mrs. Clyde Herrln, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Walter Rels were awarded prizes, Mrs, MoDow's Pupils' -p--Mrs. R. H. McDow will present her pupils In annual recital Tuesday night at eight o'clock, In the dub rooms of the Young Women's Christian Association. Friends Interested are Invited to attend. "Mothers'* To ColUnsvtlle DeMolay Mothers of Alton w m be guestS of DeMolay Mothers in CoHlnsvlJle Wednesday at two o'clock. The local group will leave Franklin Masonic Temple at one o'clock, making the trip In a bus, congratulations ww» "— -'-- -.rried arm bouquets oi ««»»«»» guests on the church lawn, and camw ^ ^ d j ph mium. • . • _....»• nf honor at a """r r ._!...._ „* «h» hridp then nt honor at later were K uw " i * nunw* ^» reception at the homo of the bride. Close relatives attended the re*•" .. - —i«.--«,e, and were served dinner. . Mr. and Mrs. Klopmeler wm side in a nevv home on^Route ' 0, near of ' the bride then >,_ble ring ceremony, the ceremony a wed- wnfast was held In the Rod Tea Room In Belle- he couple left on their the same afternoon trldge Company. Phi Tans' National ConventtjW Nation* convention of W* *• Omega Sorority wW be h-' Hotel Jfaffesson. 8t. wuis, oe , . Saturday and Sunday, and mo* ?nSTm.mber, of the local chap- No crowded closets! No worry! Your elotlies will be ; >ee«re in our specially eonsrruqted storage vault. Sife! Convenient! Economical! Moth-Proof! Fire-Proof! Thcft-Proof! The coit it wall! avf*yw4» was graduated from the Kawarosvule High School, aft* S'whlch she attended MaoMurray ^»ltoge at JacHsonvllle and MilU- dn University at Decatur. While ^*MmiWn »he was prominent In niiwlcal attalrs and was a member S>Sota TatTand Sigma Alpha lota fr*Srn(tles. Mr. Cannon was grad- W ftom the University of Illl; nQlTw hew he W8B B member of PHONE 179 Bonded MessengeTwUl Call ** mente to be Stored — And Deliver Them When Wt»nted-No Charge! - WARNING •- AJion Au TO KIUL MOTH EGGS jj t for«'Hom« Stor»g«

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