The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1966 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1966
Page 12
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Pag« Twelve - Blytheville (Ark.) Courier KCTTC - Friday, Junt 10, tHESE CARS MUST GO! Visit our used cor lot and cheek ever th« cleanest selection of used cars anywhere. Some have air ^conditioner and fully equipped. For your kind of deal on a New '66 PONTIAC or a Good Will Used Car see one of our courteous talesmen. Pontiae is on the Move upward. •64 PONTIAC Catalina 4 door H.T., power steering and brakes, factory air conditioner, automatic trans., radio and heater, white COAQC sidewall tires, one owner y&U v V '60 MERCEDES-BENZ 4 door sedan, radio and heater, standard trans., white sidewall tires, sun roof, real clean '63 JEEP 6 cylinder Pickup, wrench on front, 4 wheel drive, good condition '63 PONTIAC Star Chief 4 door sedan, power steering and brakes, automatic trans., radio and heater, real clean .. -'63 PONTIAC Bonneville 2 door H.T., power steering and brakes, automatic trans., radio and heater, _ivhite sidewall tires, one < i owner clean '64 PONTIAC Catalina 4 door sedan, power steering and brakes, •automatic trans, new white side'"wall tires, clean car, ready to go at only ... '61 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 4 door sedan, radio and heater, COQC white sidewall tires $039 : /64 CORVAIR Monza 2 door, radio "and heater, white sidewall tires. 4 ?speed trans., real nice $895 $1895 $1895 '63 PONTIAC Bonneville 4 door .Vista, automatic trans., power steering and brakes, factory air conditioner, radio and heater, white sidewall tires, real clean < car $1995 '66 PONTIAC Ventura 4 door H.T., automatic trans., power steering and brakes, factory air conditioner, red with black vinyl top < $3695 $1095 '64 TEMPEST 4 door sedan, 6 cylinder, automatic trans., lowjnile- age, radio and heater, ~ ~ while sidewall tires ... $1595 Many More Models To Choose From! See One of These Men Today: * Sonny Duncan * Bill Sullivan * Lloyd Koontz * Dale Sharp, BAFB Chickasaw Pontiae Co. 5th & Walnut Ph. PO 3-6817 Sewing Machine Close Out One Automatic 7IP7AP 9Cams > push Button Reverse 115 00 One Fully Automatic, Built-in Cams, Round Bobbin, Forward & Reverse Controls, Auto. Button Holer, 19K •-Auto. Blindstitcher Only 103 One Manual ZIGZAG Auto. Btittonholer Forw. & Reverse Control .95 00 20ne 36" Deluxe ELEC, RANGE One Used "Crosby" REFRIGERATOR Runs Used Automatic WASHERS •One 30" Gas DA HPT Freight jmHIlUC Damage ... 199 95 •in oo Good lU A J 95 ,. As Low As i*T 140°° Oklahoma} 203 W. Main OPEN TILL 8 PM THURS. PO 3-6805 Continued From Proceeding Page 4 new 10 and 12 wide rnobl! homes at a big discount. Mathl Trailer Sales S. Hwy. 61. 6-10 ck t Camping tent-trailer, sleeps e Ke new. $325.00. LE 2-8781. 6-10 pR 6-1 .; "Good until 15th of June, $5 tradi 'V|n value on batteries. PO 3-9111. If j 6-10 ck 6-15 •i; Air cond't; 15,000 B.T.U., used las Simnmer only. Like new. S95. LE 2 .•J466. 6-10 pk 6-13 f LR & kitchen furniture, almosl jllBW. LE 2-8600. 6-9 dl) 6-11 fTTcullison water Boftner, good cond ItB 2-5233. 6-9 Dk 6-13 t We level, disc, sow or sod lawn areas, complets service. The Red ;»arn. 8-9 ck 7-0 : Bred gilts, $8! each. Call John ailddleton. Steele, Mo. 695-3196. t 6-9 -at 6-13 ,;;; 3SS9 Akla Portable taperccorder, ;1 track stereo - monoral. Two units. >1 dMfc seperate. Amplifiers can be ^iised Beparate for musica' Instru* >menu. Two microphones. Call FO •;*-lJ3« or see at 905 8. Parksldt. 6-8 pk 6-11 'A--muit this mo. 48*10 tr. Sa]e» tax ,pd. See at Tlnnln'a Tr. court, "Gos'nell, clou to Ease gate, LE 2- tM*.-,;- 6-8 pk «-!« 81 eentle. be kind, to that expen- <Uve carpet, clean it with Blut ^Lustre., Rent electric shampooer tl. iHUBBARD HARDWARE COMPANY. • 6-7 ck «-15 * -».•_ 1*&?° A Donut Shop for B," good buitneH, across from new murket. Termt Arranged It 3-SttS or PO 3-1530. • e ' 7 P* 7 -' PATIO FLARES .... riarM with iDMCt repel* A • wind resistant - burns S 'i • oalr Uc. roc RID BARN. M •* 74 GF.ESB $1.00 per head. Free delivery on 100 or more. Phone nlglit, TU 83509. day TU 8-4726. MADDEN'S GOOSE FARM, Kennett. Mo. 6-4 ck 7-4 Used Frlglaalre •awmetlc washers. Used Maytag wasbers. All strictly guaranteed. HALSELt, & WHJTB 307 W Main Dos houses, porch swings, bird houses, reas. George Narx, 201 N. 22nct St. FO 3-6738. 5-14 pic 6-14 Cull hens. 5Do. Halsell Egg Farm. PO 3-7960. 3-8 ck tf Blytheville Is A Buick Town! Blytheville Is A Rambler Town! Next time you drive downtown or take a ride .out in the country take a good look at the cars you pass — Did you ever see so many BUICKS AND RAMBLERS? Of course there is a reason-FIRST - They are fine automobiles! SECOND - The price is right!! THIRD - The best new car warranty in the business-backed up by the best service department in our history. FOURTH- Buick and Rambler are ECONOMY CHAMPS in their respective class and PERFORMANCE CHAMPS in their class!!! FIFTH - You'll find McWaters Motor Company an excel lent place to do business,, whether it is Sales, Service, Parts or any part of our growing organization. Come in and look us over—You'll be glad you did!!!! McWaters Motor Company "Where Satisfaction Is Standard Equipment" Broadway And Walnut Phone PO 3-4555 B.EGoodrich Service Specials! BRAKE ADJUSTMENT Adjust brafce Shoes, Test Brakes, Inspect Brake Linlngl, Inspect Hyd. System. 2 SHOCKS 5f«88 For 10 Guaranteed 1\ Month! or 24,000 Miles INSIALED FREE So Money Down—51.25 Wk. WHEEL ALIGNMENT Correct Caster, Camber, Toe-In CP> CQ Tor-Out, Center *• i| °° Steering. Adjust V Steering. Most Americans Cars ?7.50 with Air Cond. BRAKES RELINED Most $4 OSS Cars 10 No Money Down—? 1.25 Wk. We make piiotostatlc copies. Money loaned on diamonds. We buy old gold rings. O'Steen's Jewelry. 105 W. Main 3-8 ck tl WATER FUMPB Sales and uervicc ror Gould Dei Ing Lero and Modern Water softeners. Hubbard Hardware. 213 W Miia 10-4 ck tl Money ordera, City Drug. 7 days per week. 3-3 ck tl Used REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up HALSELL & WHITE 55 gal. steel garbage carrels Free delivery. PO 3-7161. 13. 1-3 ck U For Sale—Colored Prooerry Brick house. 6 rms. A bath, 57,800 $800 down. $60 mo. 2116 Roberts St. PO 3-9073 or PO 3-3309. 5-13 pk 1-13 For Sale or R»nt S'x3a' Liberty Tr. Sell for SS.OOO or rent $40 mo. LE 2-8129. 6-3 pk 6-11 Gro. new SIOCK s; rixcures, store aldg. with flpts. Good location. Sell- Ing because or sickness. See to appreciate. Parktmrst Gro. PO 3-7310. 5-24 pk 6-25 Storo -iiilldlng, 316 E. Msln. 35'x 90' For lease or sale. PO 3-3483. 2-21 ok tf 330 N. Broadway—Phone PO 3-8116 "PLENTY FREE PARKING" By Owner . 3 bdrm brick. Shields across Irom Air Base. New wel] driven last week. Small aquity &: assume notes. LS 2-8385. 6-8 pit 6-16 2-bdrm. Ige. home, garage & utl. rm. only 5 yrs. old - large lot -near Gosnell. $5500. LE 2-5404. 6-6 pk 7-7 3 bdrms, 1^ baths, laundry room, rtbl. carport, built-in, large store room. S300 equity pymts. SSfi mo. PO 3-8033 119 Pecan. Thompson Addition 6-4 pk 6-12 Help Wanted, Male w*^f^**s***-^n*+*w~*j*-~*^***s* Wanted Immediately Welders . . . construction workers men to work in steel fabricating plant. Must be able to lay out steel and fit up jig; be willing to work out of town. Applicants must be able to read blue prints; be high school graduates or the equivalent. Welders must have their own hood and tools. All high school graduates will be considered if they qualify. Mississippi Valley Industrial Services Osceola, Ark. Frank L. Quinton Construction Superintendent Must have experience in erection of prefabricated metal buildings; be able to handle crews and set up forms for concrete. Applicants must have own tools. Apply in person to Trailer. 1965 Rocket, 10<c50, 2 Br. small down &. take up pymts. PO 3-9319 after 5 p.m. 6-2 pk 7-3 1964 2 Bdrm. trailer 10x50. small equity, assume pymts. PI 7-8571. 5-30 pfc 6-31 1 For Sale Real Estate By Owner: 827 Mayfafr near park and school. Assume loan $300 down notes S72.I5. Sacrifice $900 equity for quick sale, PO 3-1553. 6-10 pk 6-14 '59 Amer. House Trailer. 50x10. Air condt, & carpet, LE 2-5745, 5-23 pk 6-24 Two miniature French Foodies. AKC registered. LE 2-5928 4-11 pk <-12 Over 50 .-stereo 8 track tapes In stock $5,9S to J9.95. complete Stereo sets for any make or model car. Ford Air Conditioners Installed for S250 and $275. Phillip Ford. Ph. PO 3-4453, 300 N. Broadway. 9-21 ek «-22 New 50 HP Ski-Rig w/elec. Btarter »nd trailer, 1966 model $1395.00. Mew Aluminum 14 ft. fishing boat, trailer, and 6 HP Johnson, 66 model, $439.00. •Jew 14 R. Fiberglass Ski-Rig & trailer w/used 40 HP Johnson elea. 1950. Vsed 90 HP Ski-Rig $1793.00. Died 75 HP SU-Rtg »995.00. Used 45 HP Ski-Rig $695.00. Used 35 HP Ski-Rig $595.00. New 190 HP I&board-Outboard In itock New 110 HP loboud-Outboud IB lock few 100 HP Outboard la stock, few 80 HP Outboard in etock. New power mowers Irom $39.95. New Aluminum pickup truck COT- ern $199.00. few 8V- 't. Deluxe camper $1195.00. !Hd 19fi« Chevrolet 3/4 ton Pickup or sale. Boit Sceedometen, Byrum Hardware * Seed lit E. Main St. Phone PO 3-4404 or 3-3520 free parklnf In rear,. 9-12 Ik «-I2 By Owner 3 fadrm, carport, fenced yd. Buy equity S300, $72.12 mo. 395 Summit, PO 3-7130. 6-10 pk 6-18 3 Br home on beautiful corner lot. 4'.;,% 25-year mortgage nearly 1/3 paid off. Pay low reasonable equity and assume loan. 1200 Cherry. PO 3-1559. 6-10 pk 6-18 Ston building full of u>cd furni- ut*. tiutp, PO a-JJM. Hi pk «-!» FOR SALE ILLINOIS . 3 BR BRICK, CARPORT. STORAGE, FENCED TAKD, BUY EQUITY AND ASSUME PAYMENTS OP $89.63. BUT IT (JDICK- IiY. 31« EASTWOOD - 3 BR BRICK, ONLY $750 EQUITY. CENTRAL HEAT, CARPORT AND STORAGE 716 E. WALNUT - 2 BR WITH L&D COMBINATION, BUY EQUITY AND TAKE OVER LOAN. PAYMENTS $73.86. 3 BR & DEN SPLIT LEVEL, FENCED YARD AND ATTACHED OAR- AGE. PAYMENTS »I07, BUT EQUITY AND ASSUME LOAN. 1004 HARDIN - 3 BR, IAD COMBINATION, LABGE LOT AND ATTACHED OARAGE. FENCED. BUT EQUITY AND ASSUME LOAN. PAY- MENT8 fllT.OO, MaxLoganRealtor »h. PO 3-2053 Harold R. Knop, Suleiman Nlt« PO 3-4233 Milton Snow, Snlesmftn Witt FO 3-U13 M*kl-U Mississippi Valley Industrial Services Osceola, Ark. Frank L. Quinton FOR SALE Nlre 3 bdrm. & den 1 & V4 bricK, cen. air & located on corner If • Home only 5 yrs old & on exel. cond. Can handle on loan assumption or refinance, 100% GI. Vacant. 3 bdrm. brlclt locatefl within 1 bile. grade school. Pymts. only $82 per month. Purchase small equity & assume loan. 3 bdrm <b dea, l&i,& baths, only % blocX from grade school. Purchase equity and assume loan with pymts. $f)S. PO 2-2259. 0*1 pic 6-8 filon, 4 bdrm. 2 oaths, cen. air., built-fn r"ne, oven and dishwasher. Carpet- Ing and many other extra features. Well located. Buy equity and assume loan. $130 per month. Call for appointment, KEMP WHISENHUNT Realtor Ph. PO 3^4460 Joe Whisenhunt. Salesman Nttfl Ph. PO 3-7660 K«mp Whlaenhunt, Jr., Saleiman NIU Ph. PO 3-8225 Bill Haney, Salesman N1U Ph. PO 3-7809 0-1 clc tf See us for a real nice lakefront home or a weekend cabin from Also choice ]ake front building lots. Several business opportunities. PO 2-3561. ALLBEIGHT REAL ESTATE, Heber Springs, Arkansas. 6-9 ck 6-12 2 bdrm. brick home, 3 yrs. old, panelled den, very large living room. $500 equity. }98 mo. 220 Eastwood. PO 3-8664. 6-9 pk 6-12 BY OWNER 1104 Ward Lane Fairview Heights near park and school, 3 Br air cond. home with built-in range and oven. Chain link fence, antenna. Assume loan with $650 notes $82. PO 3-1553. 6-8 pit 6-16 By Owner . . . Two story - 8 rm- 3 brirm, 2 baths. Near City limits of Steele on black top road, 1.2 4.75% loan, II ml. Irom Ely. 314695-4852. 6-8 pk 4-16 3 bedroom & 2 full baths, central heating & air conditioned with built-in range & double oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer & dryer. Garage A; carport. Plenty of storage rooms, closets. Additional 2 bedrms. upstairs. All this located on lot iOC' x 150' with large shade trees Including 5 pecan A: well proportioned shrubbery. Price $18,500 by owner. Located at 319 Missouri, Steele, Missouri. Phone 695-3336. 6-4 pk 6-12 For Sal* Cars & Trucks '57 Rambler, New engine, good tires, good body & paint. PO 3-8461. 6-3 pk 6-11 1965 Buick, rully equipped. Call PO 3-9319 after 5 p.m. 6-2 pk 7-3 1957 Buick. 1125.00. PO 3-9434 alter 4 p.m. 5-7 pk 6-16 Help Wanted Female Receptionist — St. Louis Area. White, 21 to 35. Must be neat & very attractive. Answer phone and address mall. Living quarters ir desired. OH collect Stovesand Printing Co. 1441 Drayton Ave., St. Louis, Mo, 63119. Tel. phone 314- WO 1-9082. fi-9 pk 6-17 LADIES OP M1SSCO . . Avon Cos- etlcs needs 3 attractive mature women with car to handle well known guaranteed products In your community. Write Box 177, Jonesboro. Ark. 6-8 ck 6-11 Wht. lady to live In & care lor elderly couple $25 wk. Call 531-211f or 521-2227. Writs Rt. 2. Osceola Arlc. 6-7 pk 7- Take Your Car Where the Experts Are Front End & Brake Special Get your airfo safety-serviced '5.19 Most U.S. can (Plus P«rts» Add J2 lor torsion bars or •Ir conditioning Experienced waitress. Must appl In person. Rustic 'Inn. 5-21 clc tf Service station attendant, Aler in appearance. Age 27-15. no Sunda work. Hospital & life insurance Paid vacation. Must have exel lence references. Starting salary $7 k. ANDY'S SERVICE STATION ASH & 2ND ST. Same location 1 years. 6-10 ck 6-1 Administrative Manager - leadlni DUlldlng materials sales organlza tlon needs competent man for par time job, to handle requisitions •eports, accounts, claims, etc. Know ledge of bookkeeping necessary. Any ige. Ideal for semi-retired man. Cal PO 3-0671 lor details. 6-3 ck t 218 Walker . One 3 twdioom Brick, 2 baths. Lot 100 i 189, well landscaped. Maluolm Oreenwa;, PO 3-7070. 3-21 ck If 57 acrei land. SO R. W. or Highway 55 8. or StMU. Jraklni Farm »S-3«U. 4-3 ck U Whit* lota for sal*. Will arrange financing to build. TO 3.eooi or LO 1-JS44. Oiceola. J-3 pk 1-4 BY OWNER ,. New ft bdrm two story contemporary, larjre wooded ot, choice location, C. M. Smart. Jr.IO*H74. " 7-room noun, W250.00. Low down payment. Very met 3 BR, utcnen It family room. Buy equity. $87.85 mo. Largt spacloua norn* in Country Club Mldtlon shown by appt. only DAVID REAL ESTATE PO 1-31128 Lou UcCluer — HIM PO 3-711* Ban Godwin - HIM PO 3-8893 4-> ck tr Excellent opportunity for right man. Needed at once. Assistant manager for service station. Experience with local reference. Salary open To qualify you must have completed military obligation. Write JQX BA, Courier News. 6-8 ck tf No executive of our 62 year old firm yet. 40 Young aggressive Sales plans and world-famous GOODYEAR MAINTENANCE products are extremely profitable combination for right man in Blytheville area Write J. C. Byas, Consolidated Paint & Varnish, East Ohio Building Cleveland, Ohio. 6-6 clc 6-31 Beautiful 1 iptclom country home, 3 bdrm!t, with 2 full bathe., large den, screened In front porch, g»r- nge & fenced back yard. Located 2 miles north of Blytheville on full •ere of land. Buy equity and M- iiimt 5U% ™- '• ment only, FHA IOAD, By annolnt- " 3-4483. «-2 pk 7-3 By Owner: 3-bdrm. house. 2237 Oarel/n. LC1-MM. 1-14 pk 1-14 Building material* talesman — Earn $10,000 and more a year, lead Ing company offers oportunlty for ambitious producer, plus full fringe benefit program. Age 20-50. High school education. Sales experience and knowledge of building materials highly desirable. Call PO 30671 lor Interview. 6-3 ck tf Lost * Found LOST — Ladles tan billfold In vicinity of Klrby's Drug. Please return papers, money can be kept. Call Mrs. Clarance Shockey In Lea- chvllle, Ark., Collect, «-8 pk 1-11 I am responsible only for those debts contracted by myself, Owen Metheny. 6-10 pk fl-11 Trade with W. 0. Davis Si. save with Mo K«sollne prices at Ark-Line Gulf Service station on Highway fll, No., at .atatellnn. •-10 ck <-!« I buy, tell and trade old coins. -IB DUMB, ro a-itu. (-u ck u Adjust brakes. Repack front wheel bearings, add beaks fluid, test brakes. Align front end, correct camber, caster, toe-in. Balance both front wheels. Includes new wheel weights. Make your car saferl PLENTY FREE PARKING 131 E. Main PO 3-8140 Chnin link fence Installed 85. per ft. Corner post i gates extra Robert Myers, PO 3-7243. 6-7 pk 7-8 J *; T PHOTO STTJDIOS HAS MOVED TO PLA3A SHOPPING CENTER. LOCATED IN MEACHAU'S JEWELRY STORE, PO 3-0508. 5-19 ck S-19 The Mississippi county traioh Mission needs ?oui surplus clothing bousebziJ Items. Hardware, furniture, etc. Fleaie call PO 3-8380 or irme to 410 E. ,J«ln 4-18 ck U LEDBETTERS DISCOUNT SHOES AIR BASE HIGHWAY 3-11 ck tl Situation War.»*d Ironing and child care wanted. P- 3-0827. 6-6 pk 7-7 Would like to tub • children prt vateiy. Have college degree. PO 3< 18(2. 6-8 pk 6-14 Babysitting In m; home PO 22764 5-13 pk «-14 Wantod to Buy Used car or truck 56 to 60 model. Must be sharp. LE 2-8196. 6-9 pk 7-10 Wheelcnair - aojustaon left Cal) after 7 p.m. PO 3-8100. 3-11 db tl WANTVD: UM9 tumrtUrt. HMMU & White. Ph. PO 3-WM or PO JOOtt Personal LOSE WEIGHT safely with Dtt- A-Dlet Tablets. Only 98C at Klrny. Drug. 6-9 pk 8-12 919 S. Lake St. Rooms for work- Ing girls. PO 3-6734. 6-7 pk 6-l» Bdrm., 121 E. Davis, pvt. ent. A bath. PO 3-0643. s-31 ck tf Bdrm. private entrance. Ill E. Davis. PO 3-4050. 5-9 ck tf WALLED-UP TREASURE LOVELL, Wyo (AP) - Ferrell Mangus recently purchased an old house for rental property. He started to remodel the old house and found about. $1,000 in silver dollars and other assorted coins plastered in the walls of the kitchen. Mangus said the coins were mostly dated between 1921 and 1923. The house had been moved from nearby Kane, Wyo., to Lovell about 18 years ago by a sheepherder, George Flesher, • who died 10 years ago. Most of Japan's export sale* of two • wheeled motorcycles ;o the United States and Great Sri tain. Receive PresneU Coortwj at Ml 8. Division, Oroc., * UM 8. Dlvli. on Shell Station 2-26 ck tl Sandy yard din, 13.50 load dt- ivered. PO 3-8493. 5-33 pk «-34 Privata Room* room for Ufht MuMkMplnt. PO 2-2807. •-« ck 6-12 Bedroom, C!OM in. Fvt. bath & •a*, to J-HM. *•? «K M Open 24 Hours A Day M&R BRACKIN CAFE 3RD & RAILROAD PO 3-9929 •ulMliW fnnmm OceapM 1w Hoonf Cleaners

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