The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOHTHKABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. .CXVII—XO. 274 Blytheville Courier, Blylhevllle Dally Net's, Blytlieville Herald. Mississippi Valley Loader. BLVTIIRVII.LH, ARKANSAS, Tl'KSDAY, FKBKUAHY », 19HI SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ' Speaks Tonight Given For Post Office iS BELIEF BILL OBJECT DF Hoovers Weil dec! 32 Years Expenditure of S85.00D fo:- a fcd- • ! eral building at Blythevlllc has . . ' . , .-,. _, j Ucen authorized, according lo a; Agnculim'al rinance Lorp- tcicgiani received today by "KM president Flays 01-a-IO;i Bill Wins Vic-!conie5Sva C snfnraon m newipa P °crraan:i to GJVC $25,000,000 As . I Q ' \ / • ' » I „!« ...nilVli _ ll 1/11 ill'II fill t Itn I . LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 3 (UP) — Tile lo:i? looked for horse racing I A (clcgrauhii inquiry by Ihcl ! Courier News fcv further particu-! lars had brought no answer at' press time this afternoon, and it j "Un-American." WASHINGTON. Feb. 3 (UP) — ..,«.. ,u.,s IUUM.U lur norse i ac m B j t k|im , n whe(hcr Ule author- President Hoover, meeting with UN, rtessnr.fl to legalize operation | |mUon mcans lhal on eavly start newspapermen today, spiritedlv at- of race traces and pr.ri-muluel ma-; m (hc , awa itcd structure is tacked the S25.000.000 appropriation chines in Arkansas was introduced, Jn s , |(t] • . f{ , r Rcd Cro ,,. re ,, cf (lnon wh(ch in the tower chamber of the general assembly today. Tlie 'measure was offered by representative Splnks. Crav.-ford- county, and was referred to tlie! committee on towns and cities- v.-ithcui discussion. A bimilar bill was passed by t'.ie last gc-i:era! assembly after bitter' drawn oiii fights in both houses., only to be vetoed by Governor i I'arncll following charges that the | measure was "railroaded" through j by lobbyists. Many New Bills . _ _ i for Red .. . Dispatches from Washington yes- • the senate and house are deartlock- terday lold of plans for immediate j ed. ' work, on a new post office building I H<- f.zia the proposal to use fed-' •it North Little Rock. ; rral funds lor food In the drouth ; stricken areas strike.-, at thc very I '' root of self government. | ; He made the statement after i Senator Watson, Republican, In- I diana. had discussed with him at j breakfast means of breaking the | ! legislative deadlock over thc ap-' 1 proprlatlon. and after having ! brought the matter before the cab-' •inet for discussion he appealed to| rciloivin^J^h^n of the j Attack OH . Local Privilege fh^^n'whHhre^; acierized "the American way." He urged local communities and slate governments to mobilize to minister to thc hungry .and cold horse racing bill business house moved swiftly. Twenty-four! being introduced, read and refer- ud to committees. The majority nf the measures were of minor importance, many being ourely of comity or sectional significance. Tax Ordinance Taken Under Advisement. Dr. Ira Landritli Urges.Bus- incss Men to-Feel Civic j Responsibility. ; A plea for the ellminalion from j "^ i American life of- prejudices and ! D| ._ Ir!1 r m ndrith. citizenship super I hatreds whether religious, rac!iil,;i, m , n[lcnt uf tlu international So- ;srctional or of iiny other kind. was. clc(y CnrW .| an Endeavor, is the .made before ihc Blylhr-viU., Mons; t 0 , 1|lc ]ji y , !lDVll | e , mloll , c! the Ilotf Noble this noon, d t , u r u F , , by Dr. Ira l-indrllh. wlilclv known ' I educator r.iul religious leader, wtio j is here lo nddrors 11 Christian En- \ Prejudice ami kindred Jealousies, j iiii-.iimessc.s and hatreds nrc hav- I ing a j)anilyv.i»e Inllueiice unon j Amtricau ]irn«rcs5, the speaker declared, appcaltni; for open-minded | ! aiul wartn-hoaitcd. co-u\xjraliou In i i the ssrvlcu of community and na-' ! lion. InlrrrMs Too Narrnn- Dr. Lnndritli deplored Chancellor J. M. Futrel! reserved ' through his decision in the action brought I "I do [ by Memphis bakeries to restrain j charged rl the nar- _. , . . • . L - - i jvj«. uiuiuMt. jn uik ua phases, do- The successful young engineer who war; just embarking on Ills ca- claring that one \ of ; the gv | reer and tlie pretty school teacher whom he married in Monterey,| sources ef .sot-la! and political, on Feb. 10, ' 1839, celebrate their wedding anniversary jrow outlook In oil its , ... rent | Ills] -- . ,. -Calif., on Feb. 10/1839, celebrate their wedding anniversary In the i ls to u = r ° lmi1 I'l the undivided at-. srssc ^iriv white»*» »*** ** ^ **«* .««, ** ^ „ ^ ^^^^ ~ -ith lack, of human sym-jTtie old fanuly album pictures above show Mr. Hoover and Miss Wi private businesses. He urged more! a | Hrtiry cs ttiey ap|>earcd on their wedding day, while below they are ! attention by men to the bringing -shown In their latest photographs. .,'or telephone..companies, in citicsinoon. \ • of the'first and second classes: It : Judge Futrell • look, the "ruse tin-£-•-•" was referred to the committee on public service. Bankin? again LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 3 (UP— ', carloads --of •'-foodstuff - Icr: -1 drouth stricken areas of Arkansas house discussion when Represents- i te would hold the ordinance void live Butter, Independence county, and grant the restraining order. introduced a measure designed to regulate loans by banks and trust der advisement to study a num- .- ber ot references submitted by op- I were received by the Red Cross today and were added to the n; carloads arriving yesterday, according to Albert Evans, director of. drouth relief in this state. shared in the' posing counsel but indicated that -The ordinance \vas passed by the city council last summer to go Inta g[|jLeachyil!e n[p|pi fak Held Maia inColorado Stockholders o{ First National lake Step Necessary to Reopening. ' Stockholders of the First Nation_ ^ al bank yesterday ajiproved by up" of~ 'their 'children!" to their | unanimous vote the plan of thc'dl- churches. nnd to the civic nnd po- rectors to reduce the Institution's lillcnl welfare of Ilicli 1 communl- I capital stock from $150.000 to SlOO;-' ties, their stales, and the nation. I M3- as -a step preliminary to re- Thc so-called "youth 1 ' problem opening. Results-oft the meeting, is thiV'rMiilt.Mie 'Eairfr'of trtj-'-lack)'Rt.'otioe^to-Wasr-^-' of interest bV parents in the Irain-1 iiiEton and announcement of the ing oi their children. The appar-1 dale on which thc bank will rc- ent luwerinp of mora) standards open Is expected as soon as a reply Towns Along North Island Coast, Razed, Hundreds Reported Dead. .-, AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Feb. T i. (Wednesday) IUP>—The broad-, ly curved eastern coast of North Island which was rocked near Hawks bay by a devastating earthquake early Tuesday, was shaken again nt midnight by a new tremor which was felt with violence. The new tremor which occurred at intervals hampered the feverish work of rescue in thc slricken dis- . Irlcls nround Napier wlierc seml- I ollluial udvlccs reported 100 dead and Hrtltngs where 21 were kuowii killed and 100 others unofficially \ estimated dead, ; Tlie quake which caused a twist- • • ng or shifting ot certain untesfa regions along thc const, and was reported to hove raised the harbor floor at Napier 18 feet, wrecked most of thc business buildings at : Hastings nnd Napier. The first reports received hero. came from ships along the coast and by radio telephone. The dum- ' age at Napier v:as summarized as follows: • ' Towns Arc Razed ,- * Napier east coast town with a population of over 11,000 reported practically razed. Fire .followed earthquake . which . ruined .the ordinary-.water'supply, and flames..were-.fought by \yater pumped from the-sea. •'•'•" ' lives'.'feared great...* . companies to ofiic'.a]s of such in- effect this year. It provided" for a < al » umber of carloads contributed stlfftlons. S250 tax for salesmen for foreign i to Arkansas to date to 87. Most Farm Aid Bill Wins ' ' " By a vote of 71-13 the House yf s- The new offers, mcreased ure t?-: Farmers In Southeast Part ,.. , of State Can Make U. S: • of the shipments came from points i , in Kphrnsita Idaho and Colorado, Loans IO DENVER, Feb. 3 (UP) —James i throughout the nation, he declared, j Is received. 1 ! is a not unnatural result of the 'Hie reduction In capital stock world war. "When killing was was agreed upon to make' up part ^baVand le'it was lit- ' of the A. E. Scott shortage not cav- ocan lt - Dwellings on cliff 3(W Ifeet high .f tumbled Into the-isea,-i-V:, ' .-",1 •Gc-neial hospital reported', buried in landslide." ••' : . Harbor . .bottom ; believed .-jalsed fl^%r'° !: ?S sri i?T~f**^ ' 'Ships fled to open sea to escape being stranded in suddenly decreas-- Ing water. . . . . : • ; ' The Veronica,, a naval, sloop, i was caught when the water rushed from. proijer." he asserted, "there . „. . __. - , _ , tie that could be effectively saldjcred by surety bond, and to per- Cleveland Hincha, 23, and uthcri Qgnllut ariy . 0 ti ier f on n of Immor- rait WTlting down of the bulldlivj Eugene Southard, 18, botli of, n | lty mA expressed the hope that and fixtures and other real eslate Leachville, Arx., were la'.la 11 here, mDllkllKi nwakc , u (lle horrors and accounts on the bank's books. The today the forirair charged wllh|- tlle evUs 0 , war ,„,„„ hjterna-! bank will reopen with S22.TOO In violation of the Mann act. • • I • - ocean bottom Reports along the coast said the . phenomena recorded at Napier was observed elsewhere. It was said tlie cena bottom, usu- fllly ; covered to a depth of 50 feet, bakeries while maintaining the tax on local bakeries, at the usual $35 , fee. The measure, sponsored by lo- Irrday passed the Agriculture Com- loans will be made, and that thojerlc-s. funds could be mads available with- ] in iO davs, after thc bill becomes g u j.j g;i } V/ashinptcn law. It also was explained that byj ""f- ' e «asniDglCn lo Prepare His Defense : ]; acting through this agency fr^r.i 6 1-2 to 10 times the amount r.p-. pr^urlate-1 would be available lor loans. Tiie bill sets up an .ipncuHir.-al Crcdil Board composed of the fov- cuior. auditor of stale and chair- mar, of the Highway Commission. It authorizes ihe board to issue '• aiartial. was expected coticon bcnJs no> to exceed Sl.503.-1 ioave Q::antico within WASHINGTON, F.:b. 3 (UP) — ', .'•Hjor Central Smeiiiey D. Butler,! who has beeij his civr. "jailer" at' the Qua-itlco. Va, mr.rine base since the navy department o-.'d.'T•.-0 him to face a general court today io ; day or so! The classification in which Missouri had been placed was allowed ' only SGOO to each individual loan while Arkansas was allowed $2.000. It was f.rgucd by members of southeast Missouri farm organizations that the proximity of southeast Missouri to Arkansas was an absolute indication of thc pamsncss of economic and agricultural ecu- j ditions of the two areas. Van. Horn, | Population, Sends Food assisted by several other promm- j „, - r>i i -ii : cnl I : nrfri^nrn n I FT II11 I M I IlL U 1 1L I I 11 I H I 111 .1 El I T I I U I ill ULU Ull I np - if-i-1 p TOIHIl IlL I II I I L I IlinlAI llt ' I I I 1 I I UUulli Ul LI I I UU I Ullll, .trs was rs- • . thing Imt their own huslsirss." | duccd from nine to seven mei'i- ; Dr. Uiidriili's talk, delivered in, bers, and thc following were re- vl7crous and stralsht-fonvard fash-: elected: Joe Isaacs, A. G Little T landslides. ion, received an enthusiastic i sponse from Ihe club. Two new members. Gordon C l J I arbondale, n i» \r n • I" ' Two new memuers. uornc rals Vanity Brings Jim wnght and Addisou smith, w- Harrell Back into - 1 "'-"• IL ' ;1 tollnj , s mc ;ha LiniD club J. N'lihan. C. S. Lemons, A. B. FairflchI, Z. n. Harrison, and G S. Wright. The annual organic- lion meeting of the board w: held later. 800 Receive Food From Red Cross at Cooler be The desire of John Anderson, now j Hold AUe.qed Slayer '.EsHmate $10,000 Loss COOTEB. Mo.—Tils local chap- i ter of the Red Cross is now aiding 1 1S5 families in this vicinity and feeding approximately eight, hundred people by issuing weekly 'Red »« • i— TI i oren people oy issuing TCECKI in Marion fsrc JorJay! Cross blanks to each family. CC3 ar.d at au intcrrst rale not to. to come tare and prepare his de- cxctert six per cent. Bonds arc toi-ense. , , be retired over a period of' 101 Major General Ben H. Fuller,., " years. An additional property tax] commandant of tho marine corps, , of one-hail mill U( levied by the. has Indicated his v,-illingness to bill, to remain in force untitlfirant General Butler a Vave of „„_,,„ 'the bends have been rciirert I absrnt-,- until the trial at the Phil- muml > To make the plan effective at I a "° 1ph ' : ' navy ysni ' Feb "'=""y '6- cnce SI.900.00Q wculd be appropriat-1 . ~ ~ ; ed from any moneys en hand in I JJitCT FlVC VlCtliT' S thc Highway Department funds.! r> 5 i M 1 r> 'v,~"Vr 1'rccceds of the bond sale will goj . Bctiy at Maple GrOVC ^^ ,, nTommns , lle snrament • 10 reimburse Ihe Highway Deparl- ' . stances sarrounaing ine snipment. ; t]la( . th( , Classt n c ation wculi bs rient. ' , The body ol James Mp.stersori.! ^•""P 15 lrom ' l er ' '* • • changed at once. 03. victim of a fire which gutted... "When the quesUon^ot ^helping ! Accorrting - (0 Van Horrii thc , c le- Firsi Record Attempt — --- -- - - ij ,, . , , .... j--. *u ,. /H.4.UHI1IH; LU vmi nuin, »i»-- ***"- • his one-room house Sunday night,I the distressed In thc drouth area; {roni , h? sccreU . ot ^.\ I was buried at Maple Grove coins-' was mentioned at a meeting of his | cuUure assur , d thtm ll)at ,, ]c mat . W . lo i a lodge at Havan.i. Tyson was ar- > a '»"J'« "«<» fr ° m "^ ^iHaVhlrrSffi^c^-^S " '' ... ... , ... „,..,„! was shot with a pist-l butllrown Harrcll's addr:ss. which ShcrifT ; ma | n t n i ns he had W. Shaver had been seeking' nncl , avs | le Wi , iS only a shot;un drunk and did B ^, , __ B ,--..j^....t« ... i -*. -- ...w jj il l ,1 l.ji^l"^ LI1 ^ iliiUL ^UH.tlLItJtlLl.l^....-., •- IIUU^UJO III. '..I.: u...... v CamnbeM Fail'jre tcr >' lhis «-o-" in ?- Arran 3 ;menU : post, we deeded that our limited, (cr was £ct(lcd and , hal tllc di .I since Harrell was indicted by the . not rrca u-my (Hails oi the shoot' ' " ' " i were in chiree cf the Cobb Under- finances would not permit of muj-i, V | s ,. onal of r ices wou]d ^ notified j grand Jury last fall, was!- ; •:,-,-•. DAYTOMA BEACH PI- F^v- i I lBlt '"'- company. help, ^ conceived Ihe idea that it, ^ ' In " t h e "cvenrthatloans have; ed to tho Mississippi county sher- • TRCre wcrc no witnesses (UP)--C°piVin Malco'nr c\mobeU ' Rolative. oi ihe deceased had not might be possible to circulat? | alr . B5d ^ n ma ' d „„ tne D35 .. s; iff by prison officials. Sunday night, ki ,i;ng. It was reported. i_°,'.>, „!:.„„:„ ,°-"V C i m ? tlc , I teen located by officers this aft- among the farmers and eccumu- i nf SR ^ ns , mavimnm. it is nrob-! Sheriff Shaver returned from ' to thei , . , Howcver a ?,! rs . Cariies nt late a carload of potatoes. We ob- bl * th , nd ditional loan can '.trip to Tampa. Fla., and with him , , Pl . r , , < > **"*** thc C * b " m ' i talned from fiv ° to flftCe " EaCkS * hrf on "he ^ me oition w« Jim HaTreH. ! Lake Street Church English auto racer, in the first oi- ! ficial run he has mde since corn-i j b hcl . cd thc Ins here to attempt a yv auto-. pany , atn ^ - niobl-0 spo2d rccOtO, toddjr drove • *\j-r ^TB^^^r^o'i whoni slip his "Bluebird 2i;d" at lfn..w miles j [ 0 '^ ti!e ':..>: ' of the deceased llv- Ranged "for" trucks to haul Ihe pa per hour. i X l , lcnr joncsoore-. : tatoes to thc railroad. — I * on he me poition - •«•£ & «•: of the • lateral Justifies It. Jim HareH. *«<* •» Campbell made the dpTii run i'i one minute End 24 seconds for th: ! n ]• n T average speed of more ttnn three • "oiice Rf COVCt I WO miles per minute. Conditions wore against great speed. He indicated he would mike no . further attempt to break the record ' streets u. ..,« *.-., —— , ..-.., - eslnhlkhcd by thc late H. O. D. I been recovered by city police. Both population that can equal our con- Eeagrsves in 1929. today. '""*' "'"" »'•»"•«""'.H «-Vi«n fmmj .tributlon." i der were Indicted by the grand Jury : ,. comrjam . Applicants have already bern last fall for the altejcd robcery of; s]x gullday 5chool rooms nrc ia \ ^ a ^^ Jor VMrs an "C----^l--:l^^^ur^^ =s call Damage was est- Ule strecls and in ditches in rain Imatert lo total upwards of 510,000. i nn(I ™ QW w't»°ut enough to eat, . land that they were mads to work" H UT L P'i C '" Bardens and truck lots for indl- QlO Last Kites for | vlduals. Mr. Pritchard dees nnt dc J. A, Tnschner Tomorrov/' n f r that ^ ? e i >endenta » ork ln *. ne „ . , , ! uals. but says they were not asked Funerarservlces will be held for | to work ,„ the 5nOK and ho bs . J A. Taschiwr. 56, at the Church I lioves they are reHivln , , ;iffl .. lellt ol the Immaculate Conception atj foodt inasmuch as a family of five Wednesday mornm?.; rccelvM something over two dollars per we-3k. Though Sev. E. O. Steph- escn, local represenSctive of the Red Cross, refuses to discuss tha matter, it is authoritatlvelv repart- In'.errr.ent will be made at Elm- ?r!inni Rnnrm :vvcotl "melerj'. F:incral plans are School nooms ;ln c!iargc of the Cobb Under;:ik . mildly ers. by headquart- .cars were abandoned whsn found, -tributlon, ' One. a Dodge, was the properly: In the letter Mr. Jeffers explains; j of a Mr. Tarn, contractor, and a '. that besides ih« carload of potn drouth committee of which R. Irl Jones Is chairman. Ross Beavers WW Make Race {or o..; rcoivis might -»- . ^ -•--.- pcd for carrying the S.mdny 1 . p rom 28 Turkish rri scliool program. IcrtTl, when the church was er;cted th; '. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Fair ..hut ccolcr tonight. fair. and some- Wednesday W*r,« ??:«/, A {«- V\,*U |0i a Mr. Tani, coiiuacwr. am a. mn oesiaes in= cauuaa vi po?«-1 PARIS. (UP)-Willlain S. tno.| basement was left unfinished. Sine? j_TK." hiii«Vf »» rtirvuhi-i rnn ! According to the offldal weather KCSro rmea lor inett : Chevrolet recovered belonged to a j IMS his little community has also I American tr«fflc expert, has wrl:-| Rcss Beavers, city treasurer for-that time thc congrcg-.Uon ^ar L,..,", °?:., 0st .r. , I ,'[ 1(r ,J ,"'' T.?., i observer, Charles Phillips, the mln- j:>.niii? B-rr*. ncpro. was fined '-Mr. Hatfleld, according to M. G. sent S2C6 In cash to Red Cros; te :i the traffic authorities of Par the past two years, today made for- grown until more class rooms are, „„." ° ^^g Vrom 23 wllows"here ' Imum temperature here yislerday S10 0:1 a cr.arec_oi pe;.t larceny by Goodwin, chief of police. . headquarters at St. Louis. : declaring that traffic control in nul announcement of his candidacy needed. '. :ic Rev. W. J. L«lwy is: 1^9,; tneir brc . It5 bearini pia- wa s 35 degrees and the maximum police. Nral Gescll. owner of a local! 'Paris, London ar.d Berlin Is muc'i • for a second term. Mr. Beavers : '' ' ' !wholesale and retail gas and oil, NEENAH. wis. (UP)-Rat poison;more efficient than In any city in gained the ofHce by a 'substantial; •Fudp W. D. Gravette !'.: mornin?. in . . Johnnie wnj convicted ot _steal- , company, reported his automobile j is being dirtributcd free here by the United States. Eno is credited ! majority in the 1929 election, nnd I .vm; meat_[iom the nmrsct of; stolen from an uptown parking [the city following- an invasion of with organizing Paris' one-way j has at present no opposition for his iblc - Clarence, sauncitrs •store. (parking space las', night. jthc rodents into stores and homes. | traffic and installing signal lights, second term. | Or cards' rror.our'clnu them guilty of 68 degrees, clear. On the same day cri^" arains! 'tlv >tate a year ago the minimum tempera' ' A building material foat resem- They i:pro' hinged at dawn. Tb« lure was 33 degrees and the maxi- iblcs marble Is being made at New bodies will swing in public unUi mum 52 degrees, cloudy with an rleans from river and lake sand, tomorrow. I inch and a-hnlf of rainfall;

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