Phoenix Gazette from Phoenix, Arizona on March 31, 1965 · Page 57
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Phoenix Gazette from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 57

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1965
Page 57
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'HUMMEL SOTHEYSAY 'Sound Of Music' Is Happy film ::x: By LARRY HUMMEL *; >r Gazette Entertainment WHtef ;S1K!PLY STATED, "THE SOUND of Music" is a motion picture mastefpiece, superb in every respect, a film that offers enjoyment to moviegoers of all ages. It is the crowning athievement of motion picture musicals. /Although the musical will never rank among the greatest to come from Broadway, producer-director Robert Wise has fashioned a film of sheer delight from the final collaboration of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. It is a happy show and as such will probably reap some scorn from the so-called sophisticates who look With disdain upon anything that is suitable for the entire family. They will attempt to deprecate it by calling it sugarcoated, sentimental and full of sweetness and light. Indeed, "Sound of Music" is all these things, and a great deal more. But sentiment and sweetness are not vices and it is no sin to enjoy a film that abounds ' with happiness. THE MAGICAL JULIE Andrews is the most enchanting screen leading lady to come along in years and she delivers a warm and wonderful performance. As the delightful postii- lantCMaria, who leaves her convent to assume a position as governess to a household of seven children, she Is completely charming. She possesses a disarming quality of simplicity that is at once endearing and captivating. It: is also nice to note that in this era of "ghost" singers in motion picture musicals, we have here a leading lady who needs no help in the vocal department. No ghost could render thelRodgers and Hammerstein score any lovelier than does Miss Andrews. Tfie production numbers in the film are without exception marvelous. Movie audiences, not given to applause under oofmal circumstances, will find themselves clapping after the sprightly "Do-Re-Mi" and they will be equally enthusiastic about the "Lonely Goatherd" number which is done at a puppet show. •fy RICHARD RODGERS gets additional screen credit as creator: of words and music of a pair of new tunes. Both are excellent and Miss Andrews gives a particularly delightful rendition of one of them, "I Have Confidence In Me." Christopher Plummer is properly stern as Captain von Trapp and; carries the role off well. Eleanor Parker and Richard Hoyden make strong contributions in other parts and a new face,* Charmain Carr as Liesl, is a welcome addition. Rise's cameras have recorded some of the most breathtakingly- beautiful scenes of the Austrian Alps ever put on film. The'-director's handling of the Todd-AO 70mm process, particularly in the aerially photographed sequences, gives an almost three-dimensional effect. * 'EVERYTHING considered, "Sound of Music" is a gem of a motion picture which should create long lines leading to the Vista box office. It'is a film of distinction and this writer recommends that you 'see it. .W66NESDAY, MARCH 31, I96S Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer head cast of motion picture "Sound of Music." Music, Magic To Be Offered Abracadabra! A rabbit appears, a dove disappears, a woman floats 'in space. It'll all happen Friday and Saturday when the "Rabbits in our Hat" Magic Club presents :ree musical, magic shows in ;he Chris-Town Mall. The performances, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Friday, noon and 3 p.m. Your Reading List Shows Y0ur 'Personality Type 7 EGBERT BACHARACH Psychologists claim a person's reading tastes give a clue to his" character: history — intelligent and d e c i s i v e; biography; — agressive, ambitious; ' * philosophy — in- t e 1 1 e c - t u a 1, emotion- st able; classics — studious but snob- current novels — super- unschol- ... Advice Not Taken: BACHARACH- W pantomime, ; : Marcel Mar ceau — but you ought to pep up Tydur act with some jokes and^maybe a song or two." Sign" in an art gallery featur- ing'yery modern art: "Imprison merit-to Anyone Caught Defacing 3he Paintingi." (Puzzlement £ How could they tell?) .. .'Celebri-Tip from Mimi Ben- ger for a great taste. Helpful Hints: A small sack containing para nuggets or crystals (moth repellent) will effectively prevent mildew ac- :umulations on shoes and doth- ng in golf lockers ... Put a ump of ground beef between ,wo plastic covers from coffee cans and squeeze together; makes perfect hamburger patties without touching the meai . If you use a clear glass vase to hold fresh cut flowers add a few drops of harmless vegetable coloring to help beau tify arrangement. -;NOW SEE HERE TAR: PHO: . ____ News, Newscope OOL: Cronkite Cowan 4:4! p.m. KOY: Weather, News 5:00 p.m. KOY: Father at Five RTAR: News, Weather KPHO: Newscope KOOL: News, Weather, R: News In 'Total Newscope 5:30 P.m. KOY: News KTAR: David Brlnkley KPHO: News, Newscope, Sports 5;« p.m. KOY: News, Sound KTAR: Beatty News «:00 p.m. News .R: News, til* P.r Ts Schei zellV You can make a delicious caramel - flavored cake topping by merely adding some crushed peanut brittle to whipped cream. GYPSIES SAY that a mole on ihe chin means that the person':has a very amiable disposition.. .. Famous Last Words: "Go" ahead and crack the egg, I'm'sure that's the one I hard- boiled" .,. Add, Redundancies: "Plan Ahead." (You can't plan behind!) . . . Beauty Hint: Cut ting* hair in layers will help il develop a natural wave or cur! ..,; Teenagers now naming their hai£ styles after the new dances - the-latest being the "La Bo- stelJa" (a Brigitte Bardot coif.) (Sudden Thought: I don't think J ever noticed Brigitte's hair! ...iBar Snooping: Try Creme de Menthe (V s ) and vodka (% on .the rocks for a refreshing before or after dinner drink. i Kitchen - Snooping:_Vary your | KPHor^ews, Parade o< grilled cheese sandwich by ad-JKooL! Reader, cling a touch of cranberry sauce .. .Adding a drop of red food coloring to beaten cream cheese gives you an unusual party-look snack, ... Give pork chops a . . .. new flavor by dipping them in ft**-*}** 18 " '$ red-wine before breading them K" . ,.:.'^ ^^'w wifi flour, eggs or crumbs ... Kie*-*fwrtnr »» Coak\ carrots in orange juices and §uga& and season with gin- BRIDGE CALENDAR TODAY—8 p.m. regular game, Scottsdale Bridge Club. TOMORROW—1 p.m. rookie's game, Bridge Center; 1 p.m regular game, Scottsdale Bridge Club; 8 p.m. regular game, Bridge Center. SHEILAH GRAHAM Mffzi Gaynor Tops In Vegas HOLLYWOOD Gaynof will receive more than $150,000 for her four Weeks at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, starting May 13. it just happens that Mitri is one of the three top tiraws in night clubs. The other two—: Sammy Davis Jr. and Harry Belafonte. "B u t," Mitzi told me, "I'd like to make SHEILAH more movies, I still consider motion pictures my primary business." "In my opinion," Mitzi said, "my club show is the best of its kind, so why should I do junky pictures? For so long now, the trend in Hollywood has been for the violent and down- jeat. But perhaps how, with the success of 'Mary Poppihs' and Sound of Music,' a girl can smile again on screen and not be thought old-fashioned." MtTZi HAS been offered a picture with Dick Van Dyke, but t will not be made before the tnd of 1966, and that's a long wait for a girl who considers lerself in the movie business. She's one of the biggest talents n it. So I hope some smart woducer comes up with a script for this year. Vince Edwards, notorious for leaving his money at the race iracks, has found another way to get rid of the big salary he gets for his "Ben Casey" role on television. Some chums who are regulars in the Saturday- night-and-Sunday-morning card game tell me that every time Vince starts losing, he raises the ante and loses more. Moon dust may be sprayed toward the earth when a meteor smacks into a lunar mountain. How to beat the 7 year itch.,. the 10. the 1-5... the 25. t •• the 50. Take a free lesson. tonight, tomorrow night, or the night after that- or any three nights you choose. PHOENIX 800 NORTH 1st ST. AL 8-6421 Get out of that rut you're in... give life a whirl! Go dancing tonight... FREE at Arthur Murray. Now is the time to break loose and join the lively set! Learn all the exciting dances... learn them at Arthur Murray. Take advantage of the "Three Free Lessons" offer. For information, call or visit ARTHUR MURRAY .FRANCHISED STUDIO Le».*.M..V.. Lawless, Licensees SCOTTSDALE 7124 E. THOMAS RD. 946-4241 .Come In Today or Call for Complimentary Dance Lesson, RADIO TIMETABLE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31 3:00 p.m. KOY: Record Matinee KTAR: News,Rose Room KPHO: News, Music KOOt: News, Cowan 3:39 p.m. COY: News CTAR: Frank Blair :OY: Big Show COOL: Personal Closeup, Cowan 4:00 p.m. KTAR: News, Music KPHO: News, Music KOOL: News, Cowan KOY: Big Show 4:1$ p.m. KTAR: Chet Hunlley 4:30 p.m. TAR: Emphasis, Sports ,PHO: News', Newscope KOOL: News. KOY: Chris _ KTAR: 3-Star News KPHO: Commentary „ , KOOL:-Lowell Thomas, Sports i:JO p.m. KOY: Sports KTAR: Heart-to-Heert KPHO: Sports, World Tomorrow KOOL: Close-ups In Sport) 7:00 p.m. KOY: Morgan KTAR: News, _ Rotary Forum KPHO: Mining Camp News KOOL: World Tonight, News, Sports 7:M p.m. KTAR: Toscaninl KOY: tiM P.m. KTAR: News, County Corner KOY: Jack Williams KPHO: Parade of Bands KOOL: News, Reynolds »:00 p.m. KOY: News KOOL: News, Reynold* KTAR: News, Music KPHO: Parade of Bands »:li p.m, Top of the Desk KOY: fiW p.m. omedy Time KOY: Co KTAR: Dance Time 10:00 p.m. KOY: News, Record Room KOOL; News, Reynolds KPHO: Fulton Lewis, Jr. 10:30 P.m. KPHO: Sports, Parade of Bands 11:00 P.m. KOY: News, Record Room KTAR: News, Dance Time KPHO: Parade of Band* KOOL: News, Music 13:00 Mldnliht KOY: News, Capps. Corner KOOL: Sign THURSDAY, APRIL 1 5:90 a.m. KOY: News, CSPPS Corner KTAR: News, County Farm Agent KPHO: Spanish KOY! Rise ''n Shine KOYi RLs*. ,,.- rw5porter KOOL: sign On Farm & Ranch Roundup KOY* News ' KTAR: News, Weather, Music mi fer p * KOY: Rise*'-', 1 Shine KTAR: Weather Vane KOOL: Lew £nfprcement KOY: News'Alfe ll 'n Shine KTAR: World New* Rle/'ftsttne, Weather KPH O: News, Newscope KOOL: CBS News, Jackson STATION KOY-ABC }» KTAR-NBC <20 KUEQ 7* .... !« KRII-TPP # ... KHeP-R«»»t9V» Key? KRUX-T9P « .. KXIV KPOTwTo? « KHATT-WeilirB KALP KYHB ..UW 7t» ».m. R: sports : Morning Headline! 7*30 • pi KOY: News, Play Favorites KTAR: News KPHO: News/ Newscope L: Ne / KOOL: News, Jackson KPHO: World ThTs Morning : Mo R: N T rn'lns Reporter ews, The Money KOY KTAR KPHO: News, Newscope KOOL; News, Jackson, KOY: , Digest! Vouse Call Paul Hughes, Wall KPHO: Overseas Desk, Sports KOOL: Morning Report, Jackson KOY: Ja.clf'w'llUam's KOY: Harvey? Don' Allen, Sports KTAR: News, Music ; PHO: .News, Market Report KOOL: Local News KTAR: St»°n8ar8 < 'schoo > l KPHO: News, Gardner KOOL: News, Arthur Godfrey T me KOY: Breakfast Club KTAR: Women's 'flews KTAR: '* *' m ' KOY: News, Swap*, Sell KTAR: Che/ Hun'tTeV KOOL: Dear Abby, L*t'i Talk ^to Lucy ' ..' . KOOL: News, Klrby's Corner KPHO: Fujlon tewls Jr. KOOL: Dateline KOY: Weather KTA^: Ed U |tor's rV Desk KPHO: Agriculture, KOOL: In Hollywood, Musi 1I:4J p.m. ,r ene F KfaWW^ 1 KTAR: ArTe'ne KPHO; - ' rancis ark»t Report t's Doing KOY: MuslV 00 P ' mi ISft§! fe £8% Rflom KOOL: News, Music , 1*10 p.m. hica * .. KOOL: Chicago Cubs vs. Giants KOY: New's" P ' W ' KTAR: Nancy Dlckerson KOY: Record* Matinee KTAR: News, Rose, Room r KOOL: Personal Closeup „ ' ., 4:00 P.m. KOY: Big Show. KTAR: News, Music KPHO: News. Music KOOL: News, Cowan 4l3Q p n) KTAR: Emphasis, Sport* KOOL: Cronkite, Cowan Open KOY: We« r, P New? KOY: Father af'Fivt KTAR: News, Weather KPHO: Newscope KOOL: News, Weather, Cowan KTAR: NeWln Pl ?9tal KPHO: Newscope K8FM-FM-M.5 MC: • FM STATIONS' IPHO: 'News, Newscope, a.m. • t p.m. cast; night. » r <iiit ¥•••• J p.m. to ml - 96.9 MC: «:'30 «W4 MC, <:30 a.m. to midnight. KfVl-FM --'•••an. M/dn^h D !&$* ' &; ffeV ^ »b m y }fc ' lurf^fcw* K. ?o cW e.m. •re. pro- Candlelight DINING and DANCINS ... Got a Special Day In Your Life? Come See Us! FREDDIE DAVIS and His Orchestra Nightly Except Sunday Famous Green Gables FILET MIGNON Served from 5 p.m. Da//y ( BANQUET FACILITIES (jjfretm 0 CALL CR 9-5525 FOR RESERVATIONS 24th St. at E. Thomas Rd. JOB OPPORTUNITIES There are openings by tlie thousands coming up in Business Processing Systems & Com* puter programming Careers, PLEASANT A New CONDITIONS Revolutionary ftlGlifcK Industry Is Now EARNINGS Offering Experienced EXECUTIVE POSITIONS People A Most Rewarding Career Once They Are Trained IP YOU WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE—TRAIN AT THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 1100 N. Central, Phoenix • 258-7727 I want information about your school NAME ,, ADDRESS i PHONE CITY CJ) Dick Lee Is Outdoors Authority 6 ft. Stereo Bench Complete with: • Kenwood: AM-FM stereo -Amp. • Garrard AT 60 Changer • Shuns N3D Cartridge • 2 - 12" Oaktron or Jensen Speakers with built in 4" tweeters • Finished in black, trimmed in gold . ONLY 398 BUDGET TERMS Cabinet only MAKE BING'S HEADQUARTERS FOR BUDGET PRICED STEREO FURNITURE AND COMPONENTS MODERN • DANISH • SPANISH • EARLY AMERICAN • PROVINCIAL FURNITURE CO. UNFINISHED OR FINISHED 4536 N. 7th STREET PHONE 266-2583 HRS. 9 TO 5:30 - Thurs. 'HI 9 ALL FURNITURE AVAILABLE UNFINISHED OR FINISHED CALL FOR BROCHURE New Chevy custom camper a pickup specially equipped for camper service! Just add a camper body and head for the hills! This new pickup comes equipped for new vacation fun with heavy-duty rear shock absorbers and auxiliary springs, oversize 7.50 x 16 tires, front stabilizer bar, a pair of big side mirrors, radio and de luxe heater, tinted windshield, full-depth foam seat plus many other comfort and appearance appointments, Check into Chevy's big choice of all kinds of pickups at your Chevrolet dealer's! Telephone your Chevrolet deafer about any type of truck • ftt •*»¥!»»•'!# Chevrolet Qegler* in Phoenix BROWN & HOEYE MOTOR CO, 64 fast Main Street, Mesa — WO 4-8701 RUDOLPH CHEVROLET, INC, 4QQ £. Adams — AL 8-«ll COURTESY CHEVROLET East Camelbjck - CR 9-3232 SANDS MOTOR COMPANY 54|? N.W. Grand Ave-, ©lendale'-r,Yf 7-2791 FLETCHER JONES-PHOENIX 750 Grand Avs. — AL 8-6811 MADISON CHEVROLET, ING. 7224 E. McDowell, SeoHsdaU — 947-3535

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