The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 10
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• t'AGE TK'N / CLYTIIEVILLEJARK.y COURIER NEWS Vjtamin B6 May Be Cancer Aid Its Ability to Form Xew Body Tissue Is •Studied by Scientists HOUSTON, Tex. (UP) — Two yoijug research workers at the Anderson Hospital for Cancer Re• search are-taking pan in the fight I agihnst -th c e>'mt killer with a study of how a vitamin works in forming new body tissue. Ijr. Fritz Schlenk, a hospital bio- chsjriist. and his assistant, Miss Aline Fisher, report an important discovery concerning how vitamlri BO''functions in protein synthesis, or more simply, how worn-out body cells are replaced by new grow in. Dr. Schienk .said science liutl understood only how three of the 12 ivnc'iVn vitamins worked in bo-i- ily." processes, but this recent discovery in Houston adds :i fourth along with vitamins lil, JJ2 anu liicptinic acid. The Anderson Hospital rescaiTh- ev.Y point out that their discovery is .' much more than one which merely will add to a knowledge of vitamins, because the growth of cells is linked directly with the study of the cause of cancer. '•If we want to control cancer growth," Ur. Schlenk said, "we mifst k'how erery detail about it.' Goal Still Far Off He said the goal was still far distant, but "we hO])e we have learned something here that win Ue^of value in th? fight." Dr. Schlenk. :n hi s experiments with vitamin E6, hopes to discover jus'l what makes cancerous tissue grow. That may be the. key to the eventual prevention and cure ol President Plans Summer Visits to Canada, Alaska ' -WASHINGTON, April 24. (UP) — W. L. MacKenzie King, the Canadian prime minister, said yesterday that President Truman will visit Canada, probably in June. ' Mr. Truman will 'visit Ottawa primarily, but MacKenzic Kins said there might be some small side trips during his slay. The Canadian leader talked with the President nearly 30 niln- ntcs today. Ho s aid a definite lime for Ihe visit would bo later, but that 11 now looked like som c lime in June. Mac-Kenzie King hns been visiting nt Virginia Beach. lie stopped off here for Ihree days before re- luming to Ottawa. The President will visit Prince- THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 1947 Blast-Born Baby the dispose. The Houston scientist said I lie biochemist regards u minor ijrowili a s a special growth which !.•; identical with the ('rowth of norm:,I tissue. But norinnl tissue grow-in is controlled by "ri-giilalori;" wiui- in thp body, whereas tumor gro\v!ii runs rampant when ihp "ITHHI.V tors" are nilssJui; or not functio-j- iwg properly. Dr. Schlenk was at work on cancer research before l(MO at the University of Stockholm In Sweden. He li:is been flurl.vniil vuu- mins at the Anderson Hospital M Houston for Ihc past Ihree years.! The yountf seienlist ventured t'.ie prediction (lint the conquest •)! cancer would approximuti? tlie colt of the first atomic bomb, or alioul $2,000,000.000. 'However, even il success <lo n s not come at once. Dr. Hddenk s.iul a.vast an\ovmt i>f knowledge never- woidd be arcumulauxl abont nutrition, immunity, hormones and metabolism. Doc Mis mall niul rs say that Richard llnlchinson. clnlit pounds, •lolin H Ifutchinson :il. SI. Jost>|)h riospilnl' irely nr . a result of the Texas City blast. The 2: b.'lby are doing fine. (NBA Tek-pholo.) war tl«ii\err<) to one month pre- 1-year-old mollier Brooks Trio, Bound for Afisca, Spends Week in New York City EDITOR'S NOTE: This I, ihe second or a series of report, written >y a former lilylhevillc woman, whose Lome- no w is in Mcln.mis ™ Hie r trip to Arncn >vher<- her husband will hunt big S; amc ,„ t) c is r.r^r' 1 " ls ^ ii * — -— --• - «y vnir.iMA WALTON DKOOKS I'.y Viil«iiii;i Wnlton Urook.s The ncrry llrnoks Trio enjoyed a smooth flight to NKW York city nbonrd the Fl»<;slii[> Mule Rock: Onv plniie cnrrlpcl nn Interpsllim array or |>nsscni;e!-.s. ,7in x Fnnlkcn- 'JOff, New York model. «-ii s on banrd with her bnby uncl hus]):in<l ri'Un-nlng fro,,, Dallas where she hnil modeled in a Kiishlou Show. ton university to act-eut an honorary ilegn'p in June and there hns been talk nroumt the White House of his making a quick trip to K:ins:u : Cily .voincliiDc next month. Later Mr. Tnimnn (old oii c iif his cullers he hoped to visit Alaska lute, this summer. i His culler \vas Don Carlos Urowncll of Scwanl, Alnsha. Who suid "the President hb'ijes to go lo Alaska Inle this .summer and see Sewarcl for himself." V<TB Maxwell, dress designer, liere'' " scv<!re Kl ' ny sllit alltl a £ 1C >' Mrs. liobart Ames., widow of the spoilsman, liobart Ames, K al across !h e aisle from Ucrry. The Annual Ameriean Peild Trials arc held annually nl Iheir hunting preserve at Grand Junction. Tenn. Tile night into onr Nation's C.ipl- lol is a itKxst S[jecti\cul!\r expei'i- i.'iiec. Tin! plnne flies low over Ar- liniUott Nulional Cemetary with it's Tomb lo Ihe Unknown Koldler and (lie stately Amphitheatre. Across the Potomac the plane ein architectural wonder. The Pentagon Building. The Capitol Dome. Washington's Monument, Je.l'fersol. Memorial. The White House, and Lincoln Memorial gleamed in the sun. Wiishinglon is the most beautiful city in the world. The skyline of New York greeted I HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH HEALTHX :We have a complete Hhc of health foods, cnnned vegetables, rruits and their Juices, along with other items. All under the HAPPY HOUR BRAND. Every ileiii sold on guarantee. The Happy Hour Brand asMircs . you of the best! NO SALT OR SUGAR ADDED I HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH HEALTHx :Light Bread, 2 loaves 25c : Sunshine Grahams, ] Ib 25c •Milk, Jack Sprat, tall can lOc •Honey, pure, strained, Gal. ... 3.15 t>og Food, Empire or Husky ... IQc rVinegor, Gallon 25c; Quart TOc :Baking Powder, C. Girl, 2 Sbs 25c -Potatoes, No. 1, catinq, Ib 4c Tea, Monarch, 1 Ib 86c Peanut Butter, quart 49c Sauer Kraut, 2 1-2 size, 3 for 25c Pimentoes, 2 1-2 size 52c Coconut, in cello, Ib 69c! 1-2 !b 35c Pepper, in cello, 6 oz 25c; 3 oz . 15c Spaghetti with Cheese, can .. 15c Spinach, No, 2 can IQc Mackerel, tall cans 19c Apple Sauce, No. 2 can, 2 for .. 25c Tangerine Juice, can lOc Sulphur, Borax or Copperas .... 5c Cigarettes, pack 21 c; Crfrn 1.99 Prince Albert Tobacco 10c lhs.1- 19 Post Corn Flakes, box 4c PURE-A-SNOW FLOUR With Coupons, 50 Ibs ... 3.99 Twenty-five Pounds (25) 1.99 Ten Pounds (10) 83c •Meal, white cream, 25 ibs . 1.38 iJunket Freezing Mix, 2 for ... 25c 'Grape Juice, Qt. 54c; Pt 29c K-O-For Roaches, Pt 50c Ant-Bait, kills ants, box 20c Paper Towel, rolls each 14c Napkins, 12x12 flat, 1000 99 C Onions, yellow, 3 Ibs lOc Carrot Juice, Happy Hour, con 23c Brooms, 5 string, each 89 C Miracle Whip, 8 oz 26c Effective April 25, 26 Dr. Legears Stock, Poultry Pov/der Toilet Tissue, while it lasts lOc Fruits ^nrid Vegetables, the Best Bab-O Grease Cutter 12c Spic & Span Powders 25c Bacon in the slab, Ib 55c Salt Meat, light, side. |b ...'... 35c Beef Stew f My-o-My, Ib 29c Cheese, American, San, Ib 45c l-ard, pure, bulk. Ib 3Q C HAPPY HOUR FOR QUALITY HAPPY HOUR FOOD * «* CT-noc FOOD 108 F.. Main St. Free Delivery STORE Phone 814 us as we circled New York one hour alter we h;ul taken off from Washington. We landed al Laguardia Feild. It required a very large limousine lo transport us to the Hotel JJarelay. The Maid of cotton had stayed here prior to her lake off overseas. We [lined at the Waldorf-Astoria ro.s-s the street before we went window shopping on famed Piflli Avenue. We spent our first day In New York nt The American Museum of Natural History where James 1. lark is director of Preparation and Installation. Mr. Clark has made numerous expeditions to Africa and to Indo-Clilna in pursuit of Big 3ame. He took us behind the scenes at the Museum lo see the Habitat Groups being created by artists who painted backgrounds in the animal and Bird niaramas whose forci>round.s svere natural settings. Thc Don Kings took us to dinner. Later we took a sky-view taxi down to Greenwich Village to El Chico where the permanent staff of United Nations Latin Americans gather to dance, sing and relax. Virginia dancx'd with a most nllriiclive untf Hollander. 7ie served in the Dutch Navy for six years. My press card made, it's debut at the New York AnIEiiuc.s Fair. When yonr correspondent presented the press card to the kindly man at the door, he replied. "Yes, dear. Come on In". It cost Virginia and Berry $1.00 each to get In. One morning was devoted to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Egypliau collection was or particular Interest to us since we plan to visit the Nile country. Tiie American Wing, Thc Hall of Armor. (he Kress Collection, the Greek Hall of statuary anc the Roman C'ou.i held fabulous pieces of tmliquily. The Ira Richards took »s to l»»ch at jack and Charlie's "21" Club. Here the socialites and celebrities gather. There were '.vires and farewell letters from Irlcnds wishing us Happy Landing and Good Hunting. Saturday night is a big night any where but in New York it is su|icr colossal. We dined nt the famed El Uomtcho. Our next rejxirt will lie from Ivon- don. Parisian Streets There are more tjuccrly named streets In Paris than in any other city or the world. These names The Street of the Bad Boys, Fishing Cat street, Lovely Leaves, Son- in-Lnw, Hot Cat, Little Mugs, and include such ns Ash Trays street, I! 'B )!ottlc street. Disastrous Habit The ruffled grouse's habit ol burying itself In a snowdrift, and spending Ihe night under the warm protecting blanket of snow, ollfn ends in disastef. A rain, followed by a t|iiick change of temperature, frequently seals the bird bciiealh the crust, and it Is unnblc to break out. Thi(k-Slumicd The .skin of a human behiK is i about 10 times thicker on the palms | of thc hands ami the .soles of the ) feel th:ui it is on the eyelids. for Haliua 1 Hearng TOMQRR&W-A tearing Aid ClipSc April 25th at thc Hotel Nohlc by R. J. Grotsch Consultation GJI hearing impairment problems cnJ inspection of instruments will be matla without obligation, BcHenes available for all hearing aids. Wearers of lieurtng aids of al! mckes rliould bring their Increments with (hem. Then they can bs compared wilh Aurex for such qualities as natural tone and faithful reproduction. During my slay, I will also devote much time to Ihose who have never worn a hearing aid. Free audiometric chart of your lieaiiny will be made without obligation. Hours oF Clinic: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. CITY SUPER MARKET 109 W. Main St. Phone 2663 Spare Stamp 11 Good for 10 Lbs. SUGAR 5 IBs. 43c Bush's BesJ- Pork N> 2 Can Beans 2 for 25c Mixed Dill PICKLES Pint lOc Pet or Carnation 6 Small or 3 Large MILK Only 37c Fresh Coimfry No. 2 Con Tomato Juice each IQc FRESH DRESSED HENS FRESH DRESSED FRYERS CITY SUPER MARKET 109 West Main St. Phone 2668 Own die one car that gives you BIG-CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST in all these features.. .in all these ways Yes, Ihis even bigger-looking, heHer-looMng Chevrolet for 1947 is gives you B.G-CAR QUAL.TY AT LOWEST COST, o s wi ,ne SS ^h" • It alone gives you the Big-Car performance ond tfependabr/ily of a Volve-in-Head Thrift- Master Engine—in a car Ihal ha* such -iir- pmingly low cost of upfceepl ' • II olons gives you the combined Big-Car comrorl ond jofery of the Knee-Aclion Rfdo and Positive- Action Hydrao!:: Brakes—in o car thol has such remarkably low OpercKng costs! Be wise! Place and keep your order wiih us for a new 1947 Chevrolet Own .he on. car thai gives you BIG-CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST in oil Ihese features, in all these ways! NEW 1947 CHEVROLET LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578

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