The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY 11, 193G BLYTlIliiVlLLR. (ARK.) COUKIM MOWS CE 11 ** day r.f July, IlKIU, »ml I'xpjivs o liimkii WHS 51 per cent, AmU-rsim CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dallj rale r>« Une for COUKCU- Busiuess Directory flve Insertions: One time 1*1 nno .... Tf.-u times per line per Month rate per. lino 60c Minimum cnarge BCo Ilirco times per line pa day . OOi Blx times per line per da; -. OSc Acts orrter«l lor tmce or sir Ihncs and stopped before expiration will l>e charged far tho Dumber of llmi's the nd appeared ftnd "•IJialmcnl of lli " made. ill oinssinco Aaverttstn? copy tubiiiilted by persons residing oul- cklc of tne city must l« nccoin- punleU by cush. Kates may be enilly computed from abov.T table Aovcrtusmg orcucil lor irregular insertions taki; the olio time rnte No icipum.n>;my will be Uki'U for more thun one Incorrect lu- icrtlon of any classified ad. We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans A few used ( fans for sale cheap ^::K|BarksdaleMfg.Co. i'or Sale PHONE 10 TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE OG-1 Keep Kooi With Llunlcr Klcclnc rans Hubbard Hdw. Co. Ship by .1. W. 1'AKKCIt TIII1CK LINK Dependable Daily Service to and From Memphis Keep Freight Money at Jliinic Call 127 80S) W. A ill St. | WAKNtN'fi OK I IKK Spci'ry cniuly Company, ot Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Is warned lo appeal 1 In tile , Municipal Court of (lie City of niylheville, Arkansas, ullhln Ihlily itnys anil answer the complain! filed ;i{;ulnst 11 by H. N. SvYt'arongi'n, doini; :is Central Collce Com- pnny. Dated this June 1 31, TOG. FRANK WU1TWOKTI!. ueicl 30tli day of Jinn-, 11137. KDWAHI) I'lill.l.ll'.S, .nun. revail tluU (lie !:nm income - ~ 1-H per com ijivalcr limn lor Hie ,, n . ' -"111 1 IH'lilld ill ISCIii. 'llil' Illciv:!:;*! I'lU KcVCIUte KlSOS i;iinoimlcd lo The turn i "Mil tiim:il Imni incrcaM 1 lot- llm( m'i : ~ Sliarply in Nebraska ,>,i :l v n « ( '<i -in P ',• «.,'i • I lll-'i'i'iiiirdiiii! liiNinii paymiMil-i Nrh. lUl') —NCl)r;».sl:;i, luiiti i in- icdoiiil novcinmenl lor .-Hilfeivd the wtirsl drought: l«itli years, the Incrca.H' In Kc- I.IQl'Olt I'KK.MIT Notice is lu'ivhy given thill tin 1 C'cinnilssioiu'r ol Rrvenuc ul the Slale ct Aihansas has i.wucd a permit to Kdwiml Pliillips io iiell and dispense vinoiin or Kplritumis llqnoi.s for IjrveraRp lit rctiiil on the premises dei.crihcd ns Cnmp MciiHiic Uquoi 1 Shop, niyllicvllli', Ark. This perinil is-'jued on the 1st in Us history diirini! 1SW4. is ileal-'; •J1-1-11-18J Mvi- now. ' - I It is shmvmi; a |:icalrr ilH-rca: c in iu-,riniltvmil inconx- than any ullier .st:Hi- in |lu- nation. Fijiuivs <HIK:K SKKVICK ON WASlllCl) -.-a ?rn*?r SWIM A I,!/DAY l ( '«i Klc - ]5c (!liit'a»-() Mill Pool Fryiny Sitx chickens. Mrs. WyUI- 01- EskrUlgv, 400 Y:irl>io Rtv.:l. WARDHOHK TRUNK. ABLE. Call 45. li K (\SON- •J-ck-l-t ailBhlly used FACTORY BOAT and late model Jolinson Sra Horse 12 ll. p. OUTBOARD MOTOR. Kcod shape, 5100 cash. Paul Bymm. • 9-ck-tl I'Oll BAMi by 0'iMicr. 'S4 Chevrolet, Sedan, dish only. r dl Liimciiitc. £c 1:13 Good Used Trucks 183'1-VC. I 1 .; Ion Iriicl: 1834 Chevrolet l!-i ton tniuk 1A3 Internalional l'-j ton truck & trailer 10^5 International I'.L ton truck A; trailer V- ton tnlu-matiimal t'ick Up TERMS Delta Implements, Inc. 50 Day bced corn. Golden Glow. S2.00 per bushel. J. M. Crockett. Gteclc Autu Company, Inc., Stcclc, Mo. 2-p-d-W \vi: HIJV IIIDKS ft ALL KINDS MUTALS We Sell Coal. Woo<l and KindliiiB Ciivc Us a Trial atxl He Satisfied BlytheviSle Fuel Co. 118 S. Railroad SI. Now located Hi 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON Kim'AUlXS, Propvlufor All niaktu 01 reUulU Typewriters, Ai!.H;if; Macnlnci culalors—Repairing—1'nrLs—Klbbom I'HONK 7110 • Stiporior Dial & iMiniitjf Cn. And we liamllc nil l.cinliii^ I'.rand of Dich (ir:uli> Coal— liii'ai 11,-ail. liiilllanl, I'Miihlii'cllu, etc. 1'olalu lii-J;u-l(ci-s Appear t, Uul. lUPt. will, ilu- potulo .-.ti hii;h us . I lie hl-j:ictchi|; or |ii)ln(oes 1ms hi-come a nra Held fur rmiu'sim. . WHJMNG AT I1KST I'HICKH 1'liOMPT SHKV1CK Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'llONK 10 here, ivporl «n iniUMially larj!L- disappearance ol I0l)-p»unil sacks ot tijiiuK from (iioir iriicks. i-l'otric cinivnt In eatlnij. Tho common household malcli li> tin KiiRllsh Invention! of 100 years apo. RADIO REPAIRING A Complete f,|ii«i O f Tulita • ml l'«rl> HUBHARD TlltK 4 HATTWJY CO. HEAR! HEAR! If you linvc; n biiriM ussociii'tioii ccrtilicalc of liny kind on your lovoil onw wlii'ii tlioy puss iiway, we will lu'copl it al. full valiur on Die fiineriil, (iroviiled you buy us miicli iis ?50 or niuru in COBB FUNERAL HOME I'HONU 2(i ONE STOP SKUVICE STATION •rOK YOUK CONVliNIKNCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND MJIJKICATION WVSK PUUUY In charge of Sorvice Dcjinrlmcnl. )<. II. JOHNSON in charge i»f liody Dupm-linenl. — HATTKIIV SlillVICH — ItADIATOIt HIU'AIU — 1101) V M'OJtK, — I'KNIIIJK WOKK — (ll.ASX INSTAU.Ul) —AUTO PAKTS W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES OUR BOARDING HOUSE Dance Every Night At .he Silver Moon 'b Kewly netntidclrd Good Music Most delightful Might tween Memphis aiul St. I/iuis. ro« SALE 5 room house, Intli. large lot. Across from liigli and grade schools. Cheapest taxes In town. Could be made into npartmtnL 800 Chicltasawba. tin ,tf Good Uarbecue IS. 13 A1 LEY, Me I'. Get (he IjeneliL of summer prices. . nil up NOW My Coal Is Hlack But I Treat. You White LOCAL HAULING JOHN' BUCHANAN— I'llONE Keal Estate. For Sale or Kent I 1 ', Aerc ground & u 0011 house on N. Franklin. J. W. Alley. 2-pk-9 Mill. VKTKHAN! Here is a chance to invest your bonus money wisely. GOOD 53-acre tann near .Si. IrOiiis. CHEAP. TERMS. T. !•'. Elder, Care Bell Cafe, West Mcmp'iis. Ark. For Siilo "r Trade—My home at 919 Vr. t.laln. 13ari;ain. Mrs. S. S. Sternbere. Call B81. Eggs. Poultry Ulcocl tested. Barred Hocks. White Racks. Reds. Leuhorns, etc., 100- Ed.1,0. I'rcpaid: live delivery. Ozark Hatchery, Westphalia, Mo. Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry ail E. Main Agents Wanted ACJENTS WANTED Sell Blue Dulse Mountain Mineral for hi.-;h. blood ]irrssiire. kidney, bladder ar.d stomach troubles. Mor.ths trealment — One Dollar. The Ore Tone Co.. HiinUville. Alabama. 6p k!3 For Bent Utoic for lease. Dest block on Main. Nice show windows. Rca- roi^tjle rent. Thomas Land Co. ll-ck-18 I<"icc 8 room house. IT.irosc. small basement. S'JO. Apply 421 S. Gcconti. I'lionc 207. IC-p-k-M 7 rsoin house. 3nn N. Ninth. .1. T. Alford. Phone 8C5-W B-ck-14 Newly decorated APARTMENT en Kciitucky Ave. Ci'.ll 761. Ik l:tf 3 rtxini nJRNISIIED ap.irlment. garage. 603 W. Main. Phone 612. G-p-k-13 Fur. ApaitincnL in Shane Duplex at. 11M Wcsl Ash. Call 197 o: ST. . 23-ck-tf At. li:!2 W. Main. Ten Room flour.c. to one iwrly, or will divide into . Cr.ll 3\'2 or S05-J. 30-ck-lf l\vo J, II. Smarl. 5 room KinnisHctl Aparlnicnts. Cheap. E. M. Kitun, 113 Chirk.i- sawbn. 2:1-ck-!f Pcrsoiml ~AUtO~LOANS Cash Aiivaiiccrl — Cmiflrtonllal I'AYMKNTR HtSIIUCKD N T o co-r.igncrs. Jns 1 ^ ririiig car and "egistralion card nlon?. . . U. W. MULLINS. Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-^03 E. MAIN Mrs .1". J. Davis—Spencer Coreetierc Call .121-W for appointments WANTED —AU. KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to fa Ion Aluminum, Iftc Ib. nrass, 2o to 4Mie Ib. Copper ",Virt, 4c to Sc Ib. Radiators, 4!£c ib. HIDES & FUKS WOU'" AKIAN PHONE 176 it Dealer PHONli 888 With Mnjor Hoopk- GOOD JUMPIW'J ouwe BUGS/ \ TH MUS I AM ABOUT TO IN APTOCAv, THERE SPECIES \VHOSE OP WIMQ EQUAL A. SPARROW-—-S3AX) THE BOER WAR, : TMEt THAT SERVED A"S WE Al/SO Tl-\EM TO '\3ALLOOK\S AMP "SEKiT THEVA -\vAOS ! HO\V (POE-SA VELL GIT EM i ' MOKJ if ..— i"*l?3C DV NEA StFl\.Cr : .. i ^-^> T.ji'i.^Rro.u. s. TAT nrr. ) WOUVO V ? DID OSi OUR. U\_' FEROY ,. C— h:''j :^M WASH TUH!« 1936 I'ATTKHNS I MIGUTA KNOWM IT. THESES MIS. DARN POLICE ) CAR. I'LL HAVE TO GEr KiD OF THAT, TOO. J HEARRMO THERE! THAT'LL HOLD VOL) TILL I'VE FINISHED WITH JOE PICKET. ATTEMP TO vou LATER; Barber Shops I10I/TS BAIiDEIl SHOF 101 South 2nd St. HAIRCUT 2<>c, SHAVE lljc Bath—Close B p.m.—Shlnn \Vaiitcd To Buy B. Wilson, 118 S. Broadway. O-pk-14 I'KKCKUJS AND I US IT'O AT LKAS Position Wanted ( . KIWDOFA Morcyw / AJJD1HAT SURE IS A PRETIY L COLOR! THIS MOSTA BEETSJ CM ICE FORA MOSTTH....ITS PLEMTY COLD! OSSIE, HERE'S SOME SVE OUGHTA CHPtSTEM OUR BOAT! EV/EM THq jr HAS A K'AME ; V/E OUGHfA CO TWRU A CEREMONY BEFORE WE TAKE IT ; SUPPOSE T^ERES LEFT TUDO....TIEA RlBBOM NECK- AKI' (SMASH ME AGAIKIST V* ('-'"^ "TUCT E3/-*i/|l and l!ookkrn|ier wants posltluu. OF STRAV.'B!£RR(' SODA POP! V<E'VE Q-JT TO DO THIS THIWG ACCORDING Tt> HOYLtl.' 1315 W. Main, Call 335-W. ^ THE BOW!. Always in the Maiket for SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Hlylhcvillc Iron & Mclal Co. Wall Paper SALE Call J. B. Clunc At Totn Jackson's Service Btatlnn I njlish makers of domestic h;iihs now ;irc icquired to con- ccnlrritn inotlel. In w^tcr vra'stsgc,. There nrc !W8 'diffefrnl. types of bath in use at 1 present, ranging from miniature ' I'honc 4?5 shimming pcols" to hlp-balh;

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