The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 1, 1934
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Served by the United /Vm THE DOMINANT NCTBPAI-RH OF NOKTIUA *,' ARKANSAS SrTfiO^,JtrT,™,, ^ ^ ^ *-^ ™ ^ HOME EDITION ANU 8OUTIIKA8T MISSOURI VOL. XXXI—NO. 38 Ulj'thcville 'Jaily NVws lilyllievllle Courier MlMlss 1 ' ''illcy I*[»!cr Illylhevllle Herald VTNKVIl.1,1-:, Tl'KSDAY. MAY 1, l'.W NEW Yi(K REDS ..8INC1J3 COPIES FJVE:GBNTS IN HUGE Bigger ;m<l l>rlt< r American Nudist Culls An; Promised BY I'AUI, HAItKISON awailln" trial on a charge of vlo- NKA Si-rviie Staff Correspondent lutinij ihe municipal code of de- NEW YORK, May 1.—The nud- ciney. i.".l movemeiiL Ls doing very well. it srcnis ihat one of the In fact, with a membership in- League's officials was Indiscreet crease of about -100 per cent over eiioii'-'h to admit a policeman and lasi yeur, il is outstripping ihe ex- policewoman ictolhed. you inuy In- Delations of nearly all its prac- sure) to one of the regular nwet- "Honr-rs. in,-s in a .stuffy little basement All Its.practitioners, that is. with uymna-iuni on upper Hioadway. the bare exceptions of .such en- The visitors ilood Visits U.S.; Once] Called Messiah i IMIIKX! Aclress Admits-Her: Identity ;il Me rid a, Yucatan MKUIDA, Yucatan. Mexico. May 1 (UP>—Mrs. Ludlow Otjdcn Smith, h'lm filed iiiit. fur divoice IK-IT yesterday, [ijlil the United Press '.oday that jhc was Kalhaiine Ihusiasts as tlie Rev. llsley Eioon.'. watched, with ;:ome amazement ] Hepburn, American motion picture Baptist minister, and the Hev. while men und women members Henry Strong lluminslon, Picsby- (uneloihed) went through a ser- tc-iian minister, who are the hijh ies of mi-mums calisthenics under of the intekiKc of muscular Frank j Maniscalo. Pretty .scon everybody These men have attained u dc-! dashed for the showers, huddled gree of leadei-ship among the un- un<ler ihem awhile, and then wenl clothed by-being managing edi- Ewimminic together in Ihe pool tor and editor, respectively, of the, The officers admitted that they priests (without, vestments) what they call "nutie culture.' 1 official piiblicaiion of the Inter- saw no vulgar action, lienrd no objectionable word. Hut the fact remained that the investigators had been admitted without ques- Tile name under which .she reg- ibtered at u hotel a week ajo is thai of Miss. Hepburn's husband, Philadelphia and New York insurance «nan. Mrs. Smith declined to add to her statement or in the divorce j court disclosure thai she was seeking divorce from the man, whom she manied at West Han- | ford. Conn.. In 1929 before lie was shot suddenly lo movie fame. lion, upon payment of a dollar "' am llct accustomed to dis- each. and thus the meeting was,' c "- ss ' 11 " '">' personal affairs with tcchnica'lv, a sort of nubile show. the nre.s.s," .she said. Her lawyer Intimidated that the | divorce was tought on grounds of Ihiurthorfox Nudism The other New York nudist groups now in existence are the "'compatibility. Papers in ihe case ™j American Gymno.-ophiea] Assocln-1 vvm ' " ot available, national Nudist Conference, coor- lion, the Hk-liland. N Y. Outdoor ?Jrj: - Sl "ltl> arrived here accom- dinating organization of all the Club. The Indoor Club. New York''" in!wl bv Miss Laura Harding, chits nnd camps in America. Doc- Sunshine League. Nude Culture Sllc llas spent mosl al her lime Buonc and Huiiliiigion also Club. Olympic Sun Ray League,' visUi "8 the nearby colorful ruins very un happen to be executives of the The fiiuibailieis and the Womi- Conference, and Die directors of laml Club. And there Is, actually a large nudist organization near a.girls' club which calls ifelf The Otis, Mass. , .Mcdcrn Nudies. This is The .Movement Grows Last summer there were only about four clubs in New York with ' bona fide memberships, a sclied- ; ule of indoor activities in the city, and rural camps where tlie woodbine and poison ivy Interwincth. i 1 At this writing there are eight New York clubs lisied in the di- if rectory of Ihe magazine, and two i' ' oilier group's! which are-not,-'listed. | ... ... „ ^ .,-..-. Tllc Airiercan League for Physical orthodox. Sincere nudists frown on Culture, oldest of the nudist or- 1 any such frivolity of titling and ganizations. is not listed because are downright shocked at the idea it has all the members it wants, of sex segiesation in nakedness and because it. does not, desire any Everyone hopes that The Modern publicity. The Olympic League is Nudies may !« persuaded to merge not listed because lis managing with some established "socially director and physical director are balanced" group. r- Throughout, the winter eight oi the ten New York clubs have been holding regular weekly or- bi-weck- ly meetings in city svmnasumis NEW YORK. May 1 (UP)-Cot- "'"1 pools. They admit" Ihat any form of indoor nudism is a poor substitute for nakedness out of doors in the sun and wind. And (Continued on Page 1) New York Cotton ton closed steady. open high low close May IOCS IOCS 1053 1050 •'"ly ie«:! 103= 1070 1013 Ocl 1100 1101 1035 1091 I>e 1107 1112 1090 1101 •>"" 1115 11IC 1102 11011 March 1125 1128 1113 HIT Spots closed iniicl "t 1075 olf 20. and other tourist spots. Grandfather Rctcivcs Assurances on Smvt Trip Into Mcxifo j TUCSON. All/. M-,y 1 (DIM — •"HI- liobli-. I',. ,.,-;„„! daUBlll;] ililihi ivn or il-r r days ii|xm ie ]>:ivninn of si-.oiio' ransom >!-i'<-v. tin' t/nlti-.l I'li'.ss was Id- r,l!«|.,| ];y ;, ,•,.],;,!,;,. ,, mra , t() . '.!.': prillcr ai-ihiilc.-.. incliidhiy i.l fideial ilrjiuilmi'iil ol 111:11 • unit-: «,.„. M:.|X.I K |«I to f:iri:u!;ii- ni".'oti:itions. I'nnaJii' n (J |i|... it;,, grandfather. mi", a snreil n-mi ,|ic K \r\ was •i'fi' i.:id.l;.-in- held captive near Tiic::on, (lui-lii-; a s.-crel 30-hmir trip he made ir:'.o Mexico, llr United Press infuiiniuit slid. The lasitom moiH'y will 1,1- paid, i| uas ralil. in :i M-UTI leildexvous i!cio;s Ihe btird.-r In Hiinoia. One cuKlilii.ii of the pmiwiiul u"rce- imn v.-ns that tin- fcitlnapers be :'iKMnntei-d a iu;:|ien:,ion of all po- 3 OFFERED Activities of Trade Association Racketeers Are Revealed ....... WASHINGTON. May 1 (Ul')_ A hi|;h official of the national recovery administration said today thai upon three occasions he has been offered bribes if he rackets. in industrial organization SENflTE PTCf BILL New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 1 <UP>- ,, xr r, • I for more who nro'iiLvd to nnkn Couon futures closed on Ilie local! Measure Now Requires me rich 'if | would { „ "^ The official Dr. Wilson Compton. chief of (raile associations, told of the racketeers' ruteiiiptcd approacli. analyzed the character of .Adminislrator Hugh S. John- ion. and told business it must be good to escape a real battle with tlie M<A. Compiun j]ioke l>eforc the spring tmcctint; of American iradc assu- ,ciatio:i executives, preparatory lo | Ihe 0]:euinK lomoriow of the' annual convention of the United Stales Chamber of Commerce. "I have been on liiree separate occasions approached by men, evidently connected with some associations and obviously ambitious for ' ' exchange today with tosses exceeding 50 cents a bale after an[ unsettled session marked by a] cor.lhiiiatinn of yesterday's tiquida-1 lion. " I Agreement of 51 Per Cent of Creditors May July Ocl Dec Jan March o|)?n hiijli low 10fi3b — 1081 1DS3 10G9 1032 1098 1033 1103 1100 10<M Mil 1111 1102 1123 1123 1113 closr !053b I 1074 1039 I09S 1104 1117 Spots closed quiet at 1085. otr Closing Slock Prices NEW YORK. May 1 (Upl-Mar- kcls loday appeared to be adjusting to a more orthodox monetary policy on the part of Ihe administration. Stocks were irregularly lower. A. T. and T in 1-1 Anaconda Copper Ii tlilehem Slcel 30 1-2 Chrysler 4C Cities Service 3 Coca Cola 11!) 3-4 General American Tank 30 1-2 WASHINGTON". May 1 cUPi — The senate loday passed u bill designed to afford relief lo insolvent municipalities. The bill now i-oes tack lo Ihc house for considr-ralion of 'scnnlc changes which were written in with administration approval. These changes set up regulations for municipal bankruptcy proceedings more stringent than In the house measure. As passed by the sonr.te the bi'l requires approval of 51 Instead of 30 per c-nl of claim holders before « debt adjustment can be requested. H Is upon adoption of this mca- .. . Sllrp tlln t hopes for the rcadjii'l- 15 1-3 lilcm of bond obligations of Drain- them in some industry organization rackets which would clearly have involved a betrayal of Hie faith and Irusteeslnp without whirh no man has a risiht lo ac- "1>t a public office." he said. Guard Officers Will Inspect Local Company Col. Ifcbcr L. McAllstcr. com- inandms' officer of the 153rd Infantry. Arkansas National Ctiiard. anrt Capt. Harvey Shellon. U. S. Army, will bo here tonight on a tour of insjiectton of national guard in the regiment. units . Col. McAlister will inspect Company M. local guard unit, commanded by Capt. Wendell M. Phillips. Major Ivy W. Crawford of this city is attached to Col. Mc- Alistrr's ftaff. Col. McAlistcr re- 'ides al Conway and is president .k.M- Ik-- Nffi lUR HERE -L is ^liiiun heie mi !ii-[[iosa, as lie reacln.'il SIflTES Ml POL 'fcx Bykcr Believes Notorious Gunman Was In Strange Car Near River Rex Baker, operator of a snw- niill about nine miles southeast, of Bi'vthevilU-. told employes ;at ihc coimly com (house today ihat he firmly believed John Dlllinger, the nation's numlier one public enemy. and several of his -companions imsicti by his place late yesterday. P C r ' According to reports linker st>i' 111 lar Last LSSCn-jhe was accosted by two men a/i-i L M- c three women traveling in H rm- to Nippon jnvs n,,,, „, ,>,„ "., "... till to I LI I ^ 10 Foreign Minister .5 nni.mA.1 TOKYO • One nf the men had one bandat-etl. They asked him, the ^ ^ , i lll S"«'a.v. naker told them ii was ish ambassadors that Japan cannot remain "a m;:c- spectator" a third nation attempts lo ._. it.s o'.vn relations with China fo iclfish end.:, it wa.s revealed t«i!.iy. Hircta's e.\[;osiiion of Ihe jinr- pcsc behind his government's >a- ,icnchcd without going throiiL-li a | '.own aial lie told them it could. ...»>.. ,n.ii nv L(mt lu em H COlllCI. After the motorists had pa-sscd on Iheir car wa.s stopped .about a half mill- away for a few minutes. believed the men were cham;- car licenses. Daker is reported •Mnau, the foreign office .s|X)kis- man. Amau revealed Ihat Hlrota out-j linrd to ihe diplomats Japan's position r.s follows: 'Japan cannot ignore any action which threatens Ihe peace and order of China in any ner. Bcc'ause of her special eeo- praphical position in eastern Asia. Japan is the most divpiy 1.011- cr-rned nation In the nearc I'irl imicr of this sector of the worM." er might have Payday Paylcss for City Employes Today A "miyliw, 11 pay d-,y ULy employes liidiiy. l.o s. Dc.ucri, city I aid he tio]:ed to |j,. ifsnc checks ii mi.rri.x, drive hiv lUliTliun o city car 1:17 1, •. with III) wuriaiils lur 10 |K)llu> lo be M-ri'id liundred more me in l WLIS slated. dty pa.Moll is i - lo i, 'lin- .,1 i !>:Vfl oilu-.i, . synl-tnontlily. Adopts Conference Report Embracing Higher Income Levies WASHINGTON, Mnv 1 <UI'> — 'Ihe house ndoptcd today the con- riirnee rr-norl on the $417.000.000 rax. revision bill despite heated Republican objections ihut Ihc romiiroinlsc measure, calling for 169000.000 more In new revenues !han the original house drafl, would retard recovery. Adoption of the report cleurjd the way Inr final conu'ressloAd action on the bill, designed orlg- imtllv to close loopholes in ihe tax .structure but now broadened, to mpira higher taxes on linger' In comes. Senate approval of the report i expected. Marcus Evrard Is New Lions Club President Marcus Evrard. local attorney, was eleetetl president of the Lions club loday In the regular luncheon iheetim; at the Hotel Noble. Other ollicers nanled were: W. J. Wundcrlich. first vice president; James H. Bell, second vice . president: W. J. Pollard. Ihlrtl ylcc president: Crawford Greene, secretary: Herman Rimer. Lion Tamer; FrcrJ GIllnjAii and Chester Cald- wcll. directors. .). J. Oaly Is the leiiriii!; president. Plans wore announced for the beautifying of the court house park which is to IK called "Mahan Park" in honor of the hue T. J. Mahan. This park was "adopted 1 bv Hawaii's Fairest Voted Lei Queen Il'n a regal smile Hint Mks I.ynctla Amoy flaalie.i liere. us she .lias been voted Icl IIUCCTI of lloaohilu, L'nlverdliy cf flax-ail sluilcnlH nw:inllii(; her tho bouor of Uii fairest daughter ot U« tihiiila- the Lions club several years """ hut lilile has been done to improve It until the past week when the club and the local chap„ ter of Ihe U. D. c. have made •_ extensive plnns. A boulder Is bc- u 10 uciieve uan- '"B P ; xoed there by the U. D. C.. mistaken at the '" '"enmry of CoufetlL-ralc veter- S! Would-Be Suicide Removed From , Ledge of Her Apartment Window ST. LOUIS, May Grace Thomasson widely known St. who many times Three Fined $50 Each for Carrying Weapons One white man. Ira Nichols, nnd two negroes, Jim Roger? ami Hicks White, were lined S50 each on charges of carrying concealed weapons in municipal cour! yc.;- tcrday afternoon. Paul Jordan was fined $50 on a charge of n ic-.^ser criminal for the nolorioiis Dillinser. Baker however Is firm in his conviction Hint he actually saw the bad man and declares he had only finished reading press dispatches of Dillinger's escapades and seen his picture before the car drove up. former Insull Company Head Attempts Suicide ^ - county. J. Louis ,. i Cherry will landscajie the park with FERA labor under the supervision of L. E. Tull. Delegates to Ihe stale convention meeting in Texarknna May 13 and H are: W. J. Wunderlich. Max Ii. Reid. Jeff Roland and James II Hell. Altei nates are: Fred Flceman, II. J. Dodson. CHICAGO. 1 IUUI— W. C. age District 17 and many other] of Arkansas Stale Teachers col- drainage and Icvcc districts now rest. Enactment of the measure, it is believed, would cnaWe bondholders f.ivoritu the cash settle- General Electric 21 1-2 nle " 1 Plan made possible by an General Motors 36 1-2 ! R - r - C. loan to force acceptance (k c Plan upon those wlm are Internalicnal Harvester Middlewest Utilities ... Montgomery Ward w York Ccntial 39 1-4 277-8 30 1-2 School Aid Funds for Six Districts Approved blocking it Six more Mississippi county school districts have been approv- ,v» . Ul * VA-IHIHI ju i-z e , .^ lo: lcnclwr unemployment aid Packard 4 3-4'OChool Superintendents -"" y w ' R ' Dyess> slnlc p - E iiuillinc. Dni*.Ain>,.» 17 7 R -- >-»«»*vmo Sharp. SC. former president of the Middlewfst Utilities company. Insull enterprise, was rushed to the county, hospital today after what PC-lice described as a suicide attempt. At the hospital attendants said he was expected to recover Polif Hlczal 'p^sessTon of ™™<™"> »« Sharp, who was . lini'or vvhile l,^'n| (ollml w™™™?* '» ''Is Hotel Brown was acquitted of a similar '?-'"' ''^. "™l!owcd a c ] liu . RC! , of fonnalriehyde. l.uther Gann and Grover c ".'. I ~ ady, principals In a lisl fight which State Motorcycle Officers CCCllrred In frnm nf Ihn i^l!,. h .11 i. . .. _ . cccurred In front of the clly h.ill Saturday were fined five dollars each for disturbing the peace. Omer Recce and Clarence McDermott. principals in another Saturday fight in ihe section, are yet lo face trial. Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds .... Standard of N. J. . Texas Co U. S. Steel U S. Smelting ... 18 1-2 44 1-4 47 1-4 1115 Will Hear Miss Lawson ctor. It has nounccd at Little Rock. The districts, with the they will receive. money No. Check Up On Auto Tags , . . . J. n.-ily and W. M. Williams. Utilities Will Accept Script on Monthly Bills niytheville Relief committee script Is as coed as cash In pay- 1 fUP>— Mrs Dlffenbach Louts woman has atlractec public ntlcntlon here, was miraculously saved from almost ccrlnti death today when firemen ual tcrcd In her apartment door am hauled her from a window ledge afier she hart tried to hurl herself 10 death. Hundreds of persons watched the rescue. To guard against the possibility she might lose a precarious irasp on the window ledge, firemen swiftly spread a net beneath her. Mrs. Diffcnbach was moaning when rescued and refused to make any statement. Her husband, known ns Bobby Roberts, a radio announcer, was In Ihe apartment when the firemen arrived. He told them that hib wife had been ill and In a fit of despondency leaped out of bed. declaring, "fin going to jump out the window." She locked the bath door and crawled onto the window ledge; he said. The fact thai Mrs. 'Jiffenbach didn'l fall was nttribulcd to her dressing gown catching on an awnlm; rod, firemen wiio rescued her said. bills, of rlrrtric and telephone it has teen announced by Ihe Arfcansu-MKsourl Power Co", .'lid the Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. Circulation of the script Is expected to take a rapid jump with •irrhal of the first of Hie month and bill |:.iying lime. Al present, according to R. 1,. Banister, (he iclief en:::miuee's secretary, approximately SS.OCfl worth of 'script circulation. squad of motorcycle officers "lamps which are Is In Sale ot the necessary to LINCOLN. Neb., May 1 ,„.. jAii article recommending sabotnce of war materials, published In the A W^.I.IM in ...UL^Iv,jne uiijueia] :....,>i*.i I>J,JLII iii-ee.ssary to out of she Little Rock oflice ol validate cacti transaction in which the. state revenue commissioner's script K used has produced S580 oillce arrived here yesterday and Inauguration in BIytheville of loday to check up on highway I'he scni:t plan for meeting the ar.d l:c,-nv law violations In this I emergency in the relief situation section. j has rcsiilt-d In inquiries from a ' ' ' ' Joncs- in. .. .ind adopted a modifica- an bpworth Herald Article «««>n. , nas res:ut-n in inqulrfes from lii- Am ' I Tllc ° nicr! '' i wcrc checking IV-1 number cf other towns. Jonc lirs American Legion anise plates, over-loaded truciH | boro and PAr.igould men have 1 and Improper lights on highw.i.A |vestl«nt:d I hi- local plan a; nrv ,.. t ,.. „. cul Ol uiyti-.oville today. Several I Paiago::ld li.i.-, adopted a module Mere to remain over a few days 'Ion of \\.: local system in ai but others v.cre to be suit on u>H'ii;!cavor to raise $10,000 for re Chicago Wheat ir county suix-rintendent of schools,! 01 war materials, published In the " l " oincrs v.cre to oe stnt on u>H-n;:cavor to ra:se sio.CK Rpworth Herald, today catised Ne- Corning, Jcr.esbero and other |x>lnti| '-'ef purposes 'braska American I^^ion nml na-''C' 1 - 1 !' it «as understood. llonal guard officials to demand' r . _, an explanation from the Method- ,. .„ , .. Tlnn LOminP to H May July oprn high low r'rse , . .. 79 3-4 80- 78 1-4 78 7-8 , a "'""cr at C:30 o'clock with] 79 7D 1-8 77 77 3-8, mc(? li»? to follow immediately.' Secures Gravel for Use on City Streets r ! Lounty Workers Union , The article which was obnoxious . u I 1 A i <i tO nOld Annual Meeting open May 4r> Principals and suneriutendenU;! (^Ilimnn Cnrn ? following schools are mem- o«fcoffo Lorn be rs nf lnc Broup: LcMllvil!( , Man . Hn. Dell. Blylhevllle. Yarbro, Ar- Mgh l( 4. r > 1-4 » MANILA.—Txvo carloatis of CWA gravel has been seemed by the to the service groups appeared in ihe national publication of the Eu- worth League, young Finn Coming to Help State Income Taxpayers Hurry I.. Finn of Little Rock, nnd state revenue collector, will spend' ,v, nr I ? wn n July 47 7-H 48 46 3-4 47 3-8; ton. llilwn< ' e - .11 uiw, ^ 1 1 - .«.nns tld n ' Osccol!1 ' Tllc cily i^uKii urague, young W. n. Moore, president, nnd state revenue collector, will spend' orpaninllon. under the Zc-^h O'Brien, secretary, have an- • Wednesday. Thursday and Friday . - siRnalurc of Winifred L. Chappell, nouncerl that the annual meclin* liew. to a.-.':*', those who have dif- e ty which will be used in gr.iv- secretary of the Methodist Pcdcra- or the County Workers Union will fleiilty in riguring their income cling ns many slreets as possible, itlon for Social Service. ibe held at 1:30 p. m. next Mon-ltax reixirts. This free service may A doctrine of conscientious, May 7. at the courthouse Theibe ob' at the auto license of- IJeclion and sabolai>i> of war onjaniratlon mcctins will be fice on tbi third floor of the court leilals was advocated. 'held at 7:M p. m, the same day. house. 'oiice and Troops Ihroughoul World on Guard Against Violence NEW YODK. May 1 (UP)—Th5 veafsl ma:s demonstrdtlon of iii'.uni'ls und sympalhl/ci'i in ^e'.v York's history suri;e.d over ower Manliattan today and press- el against ]i5\verful police llnei inirating the demonstrators from Ilircin of their traditional fou-i he Socialists. A May Day celebration as Blsan- Ic and coverln-j mnrs igiound than ny in recent years drew around 5,000 marchers and Ui ranks al- nictcd tens of Iliousnils of spcc- utois from the Battery to Union Square. The clilef problem of Commissioner O'Ryan's 9,000 pollctnien nn duty was (o prevent lines of SoclallMs and Caininuuhu from .lly Ui.itfil Tress May Day, Ui2 Inlernationnl labor holiday, was celebrated. through- cut America and n great part of TKtlcss world today with widespread disorder and threats of more -orlous disturbances at nightfall. Troopi and police mussed In the United .states as well as In alruost every country to cone with Communist threats of violence. One of the most serious events cccimed In Ntizj Germany whers Ccimnunlr.ts are severely repressed. Nevertheless malcontents succsethd . In setting afire and destroying the great "Singer Hall" In Atigs- otirc, 11 coup of violence compar- r-i5i;-Jorag«5-firing of Ihc Reichstag. In Austria extremists fired on a group of Italian motorcyclists en route to Vienna to take part in the May Day celebration. Guard Missouri llordtr In the United States national guardsmen palrolcd tlie Kansas- Mlisouri border to prevent a threatened Invasion of Missouri by disgruntled Kansas miners. Strong forces ot ix>'icc were marshalled In N:w York. Chicago and Boston al Communist annual demonstrations. Argentina was under a state of rlrge with a general holiday in r licet. Des-ite a vast mobilization of-.- lioops in Paris disorder broke out lh'-Me. Communists tried to erect street barricades and liold paradzs but were sternly put down by the police. Thousands of workers were out in factories. Elsewhere in House to Get Substitute for Senate Airmail Bill WASHINGTON. May 1 A substitute fov the airmail till, p.i-'red by the senate last Saturday, was approved today by the house posloillce commute.', calling lor one year contracts to carry mall and a five man commission lo study the entire aviation field and make recommendations to the next congress for permanent legis- .alion. Chairman James ^f. Mead of Ihe connniltce said he would ask for a special nile for the house to consider the measure as soon as possible. France parades were telc- lines cut. ar.d other nets of sabotage committed. Spain, under a stat; of alarm. had a national holiday. Apparently there was no more serious disorder than has been occiiriing almost dally recently because of unrest of labor and strikes. Rufsia held a vasl ' parade and military display In Moscow's Red Srniarc. mil naturally there was no disorder under the slrict Communist regime. Firing Disperses Marchers • HAVANA. Cuba. May 1 (UP) — Heavy firing broke out today during a parade of 25.000 May Day demonstrators, including women and childr.n. As llv- parade was passing from (UP)—!fraternity park to Crjital arena, Rev. A. C. Millar Nemed to Judicial Council ' \Vlnl-\Mayor C. \V. T.pion is aclliv; as JACKSON, Miss., May 1 (UP)— Hey. A. C. Millar ol UUIc i.j:it. Ark., and Rev. J. S. French, Birmingham, were elected clergy members of the new ni-.d powerful Judicial council of the Methodist Episcopal Church South by the general conference at noon today. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, wanner In west and central portions tonight. Wednesday cloudy and warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Wednesday, not much change in temperature. :o!dlers iwsted on the rooltoos owned fire over the heads of the parnders. who abandoned their banners and dispersed in terror. The reason for the shooting was not ascertained. So far as was known casualties comprised two wounded. Vlcrna Cmlrr Cuard VIENNA. Austria. May 1 (UP)— The national guard received instructions totiljht to maintain a 'tate of "high alarm" until further notice. The largest of several Socialist May Day meetings was raided by ilrplanes. Photographers as Customers Get Pictures PHILADELPHIA (UP)— Gerald Swone. president of the Oenc:il Electric company, called at tne offics of General Alicrbury, presi- , dent of the Pennsylvania Railroad here. Newspaper photogranhers asked for repeated pcs-:s. Finally Swopo grew tired of It. He started to walk away. "Siv." one of the photographers shouted, "do you know v,*e use Corral Electric Flashlight tulbs?" Swoyc grinned and cams back. 'Go right ahead." he said. "And be sure to tell the stockholders about this. 11

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