The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1938
Page 5
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(ARK.)' COU1UBR NEWS PAGE F1V4 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per Iliio lor consecutive Insertions: One time per lino tOc Two times per line ;>er day ...08c llirce limes per lino per day ..06c 6ix times per line per day ,,..05c Month rate per Hue UOc Cards of Thanks 50c & V6c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for llirec or six rimes and sloped before e.xiiira- tlon will be charged lor the number of times Hie add appeared and adjustment of bill made All Classified Advertising copy Eubmllted by persons residing oiil- wlc of th cclty must be accompanied by cnsD. nates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes (lie one lime rate. No responsibility will )» taken lor more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Harry Jtailcy's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good I'rices FKKSH RIVER CatJFUh EXPERT AUTO REl'AIHH Poultry WE BUY POULTRY Highest Market Prices 1'aid. J. W. MOOHK 321 K. Hutu St. Room and Bourd Itooni and board. TO; Ash. phone 151. l^-ck-5-l'J For Sale ! Notice is hereby given I hat, the — — -Crunch o[ Christ has lllcd an up- •pllrntlon for n jwrmlt to erect :t one story frame building, 3D feel- REAL UAKUAIN — new nalioual H y "" Tll| S' f(?ct ' on 'i toliil cash register, terms $175. Rustic inn. U ami ,,,'., 12, of (tic Clyde Robinson ndrtl- - .!„., i- Blylliei'illc. Arkntims, In a-fk-li < u IK b J °" ~-. — .... ,'no 1200 block on „ ,.„„.. Nice, fiiioolli, llflil h OB s. 903 K. stvcel ' to be vised as chinch. 1'ev- Clierry Ki,, call ami. T-ck-K! '"" f< "' """ wclton of wild Imlltl- IriR will be IsMird nfler llilrly flays from (lie dtilc hereof unless pib- PLUMBING' FixLtircB. pipe, Jitllnjjji, nil talh- rooni accewoilcs, valves, electric water systems for fnvmers. water softener;), or any otlipr Item con- jietled will) plumbiiiR or healing. "Peje" The Plumber Unuce hall runt beer parlor on Highway GI. Doing good busl- ne.w. B. D. Cliitwood. l2-[>k-5-I2 For Rent Newly d«walc<l lunilslira uparl- incnt. lIlllitie^ nicnblicd. IIS yoiilli Uirkiwi Street. 8-pk-13 tuofey. i\piir(inrnt7 GK'J. 108 W. Ken- liousc, availuljle June I. -_ „ ..»,» ifc .»*^ ---p re. electric hot water. Garage operated by Floyd llargett Apply 1121 He:m>, Phone :I5U. if nn answer call TO. ti-ck-13 Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. 1'Iioncs 5-P-l & 878 Used Furniture WE BUY & SELL USED FURNITURE BUY NOW - - PAY NEXT FALL HUBBARD ^2nd Hand Furniture 'Next to GolT Hold 'J room unfurnished apurtmcul. Idf W. Walnut, Miss Elise Moore. 21-ck-lf. Nicelj si 280. Seed COW PEAS, CANK SEED SEED CORK, SOYBEANS Wholesulc & Retail W. 0. REEVES So. R.. R. at. Blylhcvilli', Ark. PJioJM! 55S & 5C2 Piano Tuning Pianos, tuned .and George Pord at Wado Co. Phono 155. Hardware I'scd Lawn nioivers S2.5Q up Uscit Oil took Sfovcs S2.SO up Used Bicycles 54.50 U ji All ill Fair Condition SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. nut, Call liedroin, 102. Comfortable front Ijcdruom. 515 W Walnut, en]) 3D I. as-cl:-tf furnished bedroom. Inner- mattress. Mi£s Hull. i)lion' 18-ck-t Personal Kirby's Active Liver PiU Arouse Sluggish Livers Relieves blllouBnenB, conatlpat'on an icadftchcs. Active Liver PiJfa pet i •f»I c«u»6 o( jour ilng Bate you ,'e«l liko s oer our «jBtem of inrplnft Doiioni ictire User I'llls. Uanrie.ii, ^old >l ill Klrbj r>rn|f store.. WK AUli NOW SHOWING OUK NEW 11)38 AUTO SEAT COVERS New Styles >t ratlenis New Loiv 1'riw-s $1.95 up lixpert Installation at No Kxtra Cost A COMPLKTE STOCK FOR A!,[, MAKB CA»S WE URGE YOU COME TO Headquarters ]''»)• Auto Seal Covers Ui'forc You Rn\'. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. lest Is llled as provided by law. Uiilcd Hits Ajirll 18, 1MI) JOK OARNBV. City Engineer. )8-'20-25-27-May 'J-l-O-ll. AHlioush Iho i.tviilo-siilloio Is only aliout 10 miles iiljgve Hie ciulli, and less us wo travel toward the IH'Ics, nu «ir|)lnne nwsL Iruvcl i\ much longer vunlc to ic.ich il. WASH & GUKASK §1.00 W :i s I), Circasr, ]' o 11 •, > t a nil Waxed $5.UU II. II. SCHMUCK "K.v,o'' Hlatlon IMaln and Division Bulgarian Buttermilk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy 50c YAKI) DIRT Sand & Gravel L'tume 700 FOWLER DRUG CO YOUK PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Main & 1st I'huiic 111 Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETKIST8 Over Joo Isnacs' Btor» "WE MARE 'EM SHE" Phone HO SCREEN WORK AT A HAVING ((('Pairing- * Nciv .Si'iTcns MADE TOR A1J, I'Uni'OSKS Barksdale Mfg. Co. 1'liuiic i'J ic 1,1110 or ELECTRICAL Kixtiires & Appliaiu't'.s Kxpcrl Wiving WALPOLE'S "'I'lic <'iinijilf(e Klcctilrat Stoic" 110 Sn. 2)nl I'liiim- :IM Now LocatcU at 101 NorUi Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprlclw Cnlcalators—Repairing—l'art»—Kllibonj Ali mak« at Hcbullt Tj-pcirrltcrs, Adding Machlnn ant ABLEY 001' SEED We have on hand for tale or Undo, for oliw products, Heufut -Laredo, DcJstu, MummoUi Brown, Wilson and Virginia Urown. l'cus-\viitjw and Now Era. I/ospcdczu — Korean. Col- 'flii Secn-D. p. L. u-A mid Blonpvlllc 4-A. Will sell for cash in 1 trade \\lih you for olbpr kinds of brans or coUon teed. L. R, Matthews Gin Co. TfJ. ll.K-3, Yurbro. ArkuiiMi Cotton, C'utlon 8«d A Coal CRESCENT Right Club The Home HOTJ'IT H/MtltKOIK K1.KCTKIC COOKIil) 8THAKS I''KIK!> CHICK KN. Music By George Ford's 'MII-Kfi|iicst" Hum) Cuvcf Cliarjc 2w. HIT iicrsoii For Reservations Call Holland 17 11- \V. Cl Holland, Mo. A Colonial MORIZONTAt 1,8 The worn »n who ecwed ihc Ant Amcrlcnn flag 10 Amatory. 12 To undress wholly, 13 To depart, 14 Sound o( Innulry. 15 Morlndln dye. 16 Company. 17 Win's. 18 Norlh Cnrollno, ' 20Pi«poj|tton.. 41 Credit. 22 Concealed. <8Slopl 23 To imikc lace. *9 To merit. 2S Maple shrub. SIKorn) of "a." 27 Stlnslcss 52 Wind of ihc wild bee. , pampas. 31 Chain of 55 You and r, rocks In water '^6 And. M CiirliiK fdl 51 Tboso who the sick. repeal, .is DMlnguished W Tw acoom- 3T Cirnln. I'lisli. .ISOnrdcil lool. 81 Slw was n 39 Ciolt tcnchcr, W SouthMsl. 41 nlngwcrm. 4,1 Ciisle. •l, r iT<i fall in drops. firsl flog. VERTICAL 1 To subsist. 2 Hence, '3 Also, 4 Slrccl. 5 To submit. coin. Si'octiler viit. JUra. l?.nispnlc)ic(3. 62H^toiians doubt the Ihc slars to five points, Hint she IV Dlriclbtc. made Ihc 15 Fleshy. 2L The flat once' had — ~ j itrlp«y/ • 22 Pronoun; 24 Golf device, 1 2( Mongrel. 27 The patella, ' 28 August. 29 Common verb , SOBeseechcd, 32 Belnj. 34 Electrified' parliclc. 36 God of war. 41 Baking dish. 42 Medieval ' helmet, 13 Plncerlikc elaw. 44 Serrated tool. 46 Polynesian 'chestnut. SO To do again. 52 By. 53 Nominal- value, 54 Combining form for limit. 56 Type .standard. 57 Musical note. flflSirwt. 60 Upon. My Coal Is Black Bui I Treat You IVhito ICE r.OtVlL HAULINCi John Buchanan Blylhcvillf, Ark. Phone 107 Repairing LAWN MOWERS Shnrjicncd & Kcpaircil Bly. Machine Shop Ko. L'n<i. Plume 8U8 Slice Kepairing BY V. T. HAMLIN OO1Y,1 GOTTA IT T'VOU, THOSE WERE TH' BEST FISH I EVER ET/ C'MOM, PAL- BHEAK DOWW AN' SHOW US WO\W TO KETCH FISH LIKE THAT/ eeMEM8EC,60ys-WMEKl VUH S)T'ABI7E LET 'IM HAUL 17 TILL TH'ClNE GITS TIGHT. MOW jijs' WATCH ME AN' YOU'LL SCX3M SEE-- WHOOPEE/.'/ UUWBER WHAS5A MATTER HOW BEFORE WE'LL WE GOT GOTONE/PULL, ONIE: ——-^ MVficp/ V ^ iCci-eral copies of the Ulytlrevillr Courier dated Apvil 22. Will paj ICc per copy toi- :\ llmlled number Courier News OITicc. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY KDGAllMARTiN BOOTS IS MOMS WASH TUUBS BY ROY CRANK N ifpWO DA.Y6 UATER.WASH FINDS WS KIEWLV-PAIMTED " N16HT CLUB SPATTERED WITH TAR... f (SET OUTA HETRE, YOU ! CHISP.LF.R '.! I'LL NO" PAY AMOTHER FOR PROTECTION: HA-HA! .45'* BE61HWIW6 TO LEAW THW »T DOESN'T P TO MB.TUBSSJ'W \ I t'EPRESEMT DA *VTH THE NXWOW 1PATB10TIC OROE9 PER IVE STOOD EWQUGH, VOU DERM BAV1D1TS! GET OUT, DA SUPPRESSION OF BOW.S HURLER5. CAU6E RWLWAV HOLVSNWJKE! THERE GOES I'KKCKLES ANJ> HIS BY MERRILL ULOSSER '. I THINK THE PROM WILL BE A DULL AFFAIR UNI ESS WE STIR UP SOMETHING CHOICE ' Mow IF we COULD- OMC GET JUNE w^YWAM TO rORGCT SHE'S A IADY AMD TAKE POKES AT 5LfL . _ , <C VOULDNT WE'D HAVE ) DO THiMGS SOMEHHMO.' ) UKE THAT! WELL, f/)y ADVICE TO YOU FOLLOW "YOUR HUMCH, AMD QUIT..s, MOV/ WHAT I M&AW SHE WOULDW'T Quality Shoe Shop NEW SAMPLE SHOES Everything For Your Kliocs 1'hone J20 Free Delivery Aulo Pari Ford-Cftcvi-oJct-l'lyiui/tifli Cily Auto Parts Co. Next lo Bus Slaliun Wanted To Buy S25CO AVorth ul USKI) KUHNITUUB All Makes Uatlicii Repaired WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 \V. Main Tbone 15J WaJlpapcr KOOiM LO'I'.S wTvi-r.l' $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson LUMBER CO- Real Estate LICENSED W<;AL ESTATE HKOKEKS Wo Hit. larin «ud city 1'iojicrly. U you would be » buyer or u tcllgr, 1>CC T E R H Y "AIJSTHACT & REALTY CO. 213 w. Walnut "Britahi • v;;is uiso in l,iick our ]:«!(.<;,•' i!cc-Jiirc<l do Wilcui, !>ri,iH- Minister nl Eire. In » Uo-liom- siiccch before Hie Dai] Gircnnn \vliich approved, will) but cue (IlKcntlns voice, Ihc new imct of rrlcnd&Uip with Great Britain. Ho is, pictured above Ifaving )0 Don'iiiiis Street aftCf signing llic liisltfi-ic treaty Plionc C17 llic ancient j\»glo-lrisli feud.

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