The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1949
Page 19
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THURSDAY, MAT H, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NIKETEEtf OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Dur Boarding House with Maj. Hoople SHH-H.' MOW WHEN I LET THIS CATFISH DOSMN HI& KKC POKE TK HORSE WITH i,; rs S.VVU^V. - BORW THIRTY VFARft TOO SOON 6GA.O.SV4AMI.' GO\ TO DO VllTH 11? 30ST AM6.WZS MW DR6AM/—A -zeec* PLUCKED A GlRPsPPB CL6ftM *J * CARD FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8EB He'H Solid, Anyway COON* <kLOMG \\HZ- LA6SO A.IO' HUI-ST AkllMWA— E6T ARE Salesman Wanted WANTED AT ONCE men to Mlpply consumers with evirytlay hmisrhnkk m-cessincs under our factory home )>1.UK Full time, Earnings bused on Sales. Osccola or Easl CraHille/.} county. Write HawlelRh'i Ucpt. AKK-2IV- T2JI. Memphis. Tenn. 5.5-j>k-6 .\Vantettr An experienced wlilskey £^\r*rna[i wilt) car, liberal draultiK ac- ^Vi'iiu and commission. Contact us at l-:r.{'.>2. George F. Porbcck DlslrllmlhiK Co.. Little Rock. s;S-ck-8 First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box GUI, Courier News. 4-22-ck-tf Southwest China Still Collector's Paradise KUNMING. China — l,1>) -Snulh- •*e*t. China w a coin collector's parnrtteG. There are more than 20 kinds or gold, silver and tin coins in clrrriation. Many long have been out. of circulation in their own countries. There nre U. S. 45 gold pieces, Fieuch Indochina .silver piastres, and Mexican gold dolliirs. Rusjeei from Trdia rmd Burma come In over the Burma road. ' Most common bs !.he Yutimm province half dollar, probably thn only hilf dollar in circulation in ^11 China. H originally was coined a.s R dollar, but for years 1', has beeii worth only n half dollar because of .i|s high tin content. % This tin dollar Is-next to nothing beyond Yunnan's borders, but tradesmen prefer It here over the inflated Chinese paper money. Hoaideo for years, it came back Into circulation after the war. In fact, merchants don't n'ke any kind of paper money — even the American dollar so precious in most commies of the world. The traveler bringing American dollars to till? remote corner of China may have them discounted as much as 50 per cent by wnry dealers. XXIX 'PHE storm was at our back, but the night would be cold and we'd luive a long walk if the car stopped. We hadn't seen another car on Ihe road for an hour, and after dark there would bt even fewer cars abroad. Likely no one would have Bas to spare if we did ring him down. The countryside was almost tcnanlless; what (ew houses there were were scattered miles apart on the sheep ranches. We pulled into Dupuycr cramped and Imne from muscles tense from pressing. Davis' garage wni locked. 1 squinted around hopelessly for some kind of hotel. Major got oil o( the car and stopped a boy rid- iiig up the street, on horseback 'This garage locked tor the day?' tie asked. "Probably so. I.ess you can fliir Ted. G;is shortage," he explained Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices With help from the boy, Major sighted the pool hall and, hitching up his trousers, made for Ted—w hoped. A few minutes later Major re appeared, followed shortly by man pulling on a leather jacke lie unlocked the pump and let us have a Uinkful, refusing to accep coupons for it, "Wish 1 coul aftord to Rive you the gas, too he said. "My boy's Hying with Hi Navy." "Got to make up time," Majo observed, as he pressed the throl tie to the floor. We hit 110. "Lo o 1 gas now and no worries." Coming olT the highway into town, we had the illusion that w could wnlk faster lhan the 30 mile speed posted. Major compro mised on i>0. LODGER BiSTlHUH* If MA &»V*CI. INC. irned her ft wouldn't do any <id. "Tliis judge it touKh," 'ie id. "No fines. Just jail" "Call the Judge Advocate, Mul," Major said, before embarking i bis unwelcome ride. "No good," the policemon said. I'his man don'l fc»l with no tnnn with such resistance to truth. "Anil Major'i peatod. "Are you Koin^ Ui lull me you've been or aren't you?" If I'd said we'd been to Ihe moon and it really was made o( green be couldn't have been It vv;ts all so silly, I United. That laugh only served lo increase hm "Thai's ridiculous!" "Cod, bow 1 hate liars, 1 * Koto ii'!''.cred to himsi'lf, loo angry lo me. lie must have hi led liars mo re than he I o v ed K rod ex- Allen, (or lie picked up his ho>k aimed. "Its understood ihe Aimy ;»»d went to his room without under its own discipline," "Supreme Court don't under- .atid it." The policeman know lore than Major, and his knnwl- was riKhl. MHJOI- got three ays and he served them. hearing the program. He had to admit next day that Major was in jail all ri^ht, (or we gave L r - " ' iirn a thermos of codec and a b;i gf u I of sa nd wi chcs lo deliver; but he'll likeJy die believing we 1 i ud to b i in alxMrt VV/"E left Major at the Jail, dis- twice in Ihe same day to Glacier " consol;.tety thrown into a l>atk Moiitaiirnis simply didn't ank which contained only half carry on thai way. nough beds to go around. The letii/.cns already housed there ex- lained tbat they look turns stand- ng and acid that since he was new, he'd have to stand that ighL Drunks, speodcrs, and other AIA.IOR had been "out" lor 10 days and the incident was practically having a Ibere was petty law-breakers made up the 'door. cell congregation. One asked for Major Capncr. J asked who they were, "I'd rather not say," the xiy replied. "Just please let m* riedly to get to more important inn tiers. "Major's in jail." •'I asked you where you've been," Rob .said testily, appar- j enlly convinced I was stringing The patrolman who made the j him and not more concerned by irrcst rode a motorcycle with sidecar. He ordered Major into the little side -seat and told Molly she could follow along to the station house if she wanted to, but he my telling him Major was in jail than by my saying we'd been to Gliicier Park. "Glacier Park." "You're lying." 1 never knew a [ 9 Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFUS Mp.el Ilrniftis . . . Wear Ilianinnds ; \\\ All Work Guaranteed American steel mills protkiced afl,, r ]OO.OOD tons of Ingol slept in 1948. The fiRurc oi\ fin is tied steel was almost fcS.GOO.QOO tons. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slork Guaranleed Real Prices Kirby Drug Stores Save » Time • Mone.sft Labor Plant Sinkers ACID-DELINTED Cotton Seed L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Chcrr} & Kallrcmd Phone 4483 "Simp/e? Why I merely HINTED to the GfN- ERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION for a little loan and they let me have it!" Phone 888 C O m BtTMiMG k Birr TMEY ow "NtE souwr \ cur HILDA..' I've GOT ib WHICH WE Wat— :— J TME MAio WAS WHCM I 1IIIWK Of THAT DELIiiH MTILE MAID/ AMD i WWO UP WHII LIVER WORE .' no YOU EXPIGT A VALCT TO l.OOk MISS says Mom 5 relatives aio a cincn to pop In oi\ us after you're married—but I'll bet a quarter somo o( bis win the race for your olil room!" I'RISCILLA'S I'OP The Other l-iinl Hy AL VERM BE R WELL' SUES CERTAINLY GOT HER NERVE/ HAT SETTLES IT/ .OU'RE NtVER TO PLAV WITH LC.5TER AGAIN.' OH. WAV.DO, CM so ASHAMED; HE AND LESTER PLA.VED HOOKY TODAY.' I KNOW! LESTER'S MOTHER TOLD ME ALREADY; Terms of the Trentv I I!y MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE at the back answered it. YOU'VE TRIED TO BUY POMDS HOUSE. YOU'VE , SEARCHED IT FROM CELIAR TO ROOFTREE. WHATS THE NEXT MOVE, F06? IF ( WAS ABSOLUTELY " FIND OUT WHAT THE TROUBLE RUM THING. WHAT? y FRANKLY, ^ THEY THAT CHANNEL BLIGHTER) BASCOM. IOV6R.1 WERE SEEN (NOCKING ME DOWN / I'M GETTING \ BY THE KHO CHASING THAT S SICK OF IT. / TOWN FELIOW INTO THE A WHAT'S IF All 8BIDGE... RIVER, j-^^. ABOUT? __^. THAT'S RIGHT. IS AMD BRING THEM IM FOR QUESTIONING... ESPECIALLY SURE THAT WHAT I'M AFTER WAS IN THERE, I'D SET A TORCH TO THE PIACE ROSSUW 1 filthy, matted hair showed around lie edges of their caps; their Navy peaeoals were gray with rinst and dirt, and their rough speak to Father. "Come quick. It's for yim. By LRSME TURNER- l*he bo\ pl 5 chin trembled. He bit his lip before he answered. When HOLD IT. GIG! YOU'RE COMING \ WWTft WITH ME FIRST! I'M GONN& SEE WlNUTE, 10UDONT FORGET ftOMN /MISTER! THM AN ALCOHOLIC CAH'T/ WOU& ONE! 1W PEftO SERIOU QUITTING 11115 TIME. Bill 1 MEE-D 1I1IS TO,..IO HEtPME BLEEP. THEM III HURR.V TO 1HD MOTEL |JO. IHANK&r 5HORLTV. 1'UE GOT A RIG 10MOPRCW! he si)okc. il was with ONE JIG5ER BRfcWDY... MICUIV SK1MPV PRINK, PW. ftFTEE 15 DOTS WTHOtir DROP: PUtL U CHAIE, GIG. We wwr SEEM you W WEKS, M' 1H' ren't you "going to let me in? Spying Molly peering jor's shoulder, George said, " 'Lo, Mom," and sent her into hyslericm. (To I<« Con U nued) FARMERS Uy FUKU HARMAN DUGS BUNNY I 1 TOUO HiM IF HE DiONT QUIT U6WIN' TH' PA.PER REXCH, I'D REPORT HIM... V. T. HAM UN So They're Buck \VELL.SVELL; HELLO WELCOME BACK TO TH& TWENTIETH CENTUE.Y.' AH. 1 MOO RIGHT O THE NOSE: NOW IY.I. CUT IN THE MWER1NL1ZATION CHAMBER.' STUDEBAKER By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AO AtVN. \'0 VOOVi 1 . X.OOK Two begrimed individuals stood Molly told Major not to worry, I there expectantly. The? were ,br,t she'd relnrn immediately | young and dirty. Their faces were with his overnight kit. The booe [ black as with coal dust; shocks of ind calcfiUs which greeted this remark caused Major to tell her "larshly not lo bother. A drunk picked a body lou.te. ofT his chest and crushed tt he- Iween his fingernails. Molly shrieked and I led her out of tbe block, drove her home, and put her to bed. Rob heard me coming downstairs just as he was tuning in on Fred Allen. "Where you been?" he asked. "Glacier Park,'' I answered hur- COTTON Chemically dclinted cotton scnl terminate quicker, plant and plow the same week, deduce chopping expense and produce more cotton p*r acr«, STATE CKKTIFIKI) VARIETIES AVAILABLE II. ft P. L. No. 11. per 50 J,h. Ha* J10.UO I), ft P. L. Nn. ITi. 1'er 50 Lb. Kag... 10.00 Stoncville 2 B. l*er 5U Lb. Bag 10.00 Stoneville 2 C, Per 50 Lb. Bar l °- oa Kowden 41-B, Per W Lb. Ban 10.00 Half & Half (Hihrcrl), Per :'»0 Lb. Ban 10.00 Coker's 100 Will Resisttint. Per 50 Lb. Bay 10.00 Paala, Per 50 Lb. Empire, Per SO Lb. Raj; 10-00 Come In and place Tour order or Ret four supply today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phonr 8f>6 Blylheville, Ark. Phont 857 Br*nchrs: Lesrhville, Ark.. Hornrrsvillc, .Me. and Scnsth. Mo. CARS AND TRUCKS ARE BETTER I91S SUuleljaker Land Cruiser 19-17 SUidcbakcr Land Cruiser 1!)17 Chevrolet Two Door ISM I r'ord Two Door 1 0 10 Chevrolet Two Door 19)7 SUidcbakcr Ton-nnrl-a-half Dodge Ton-ami-a-half Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash ''"one 888 •STUDIBAKER

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